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Haunted Canada
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Any Canada stories, eerie stuff that happened to you

I'll start

>driving home from work
>I live in a secluded place so each time I had to drive from work
>winter time so its quite dark
>always drive through a secluded road in the woods
>its eerie as fuck but still comfy
>I mostly have my iPhone hooked up to my car stereo but this night I decided just to listen to some radio
>was changing the channel
>mostly shitty pop/rock songs and annoying as fuck commercials
>get to a station
>talk show
>decide to listen to this
>two talk show hosts talking about bringing in a woman for an interview
>she’s suppose to be a student talking about student issues
>the topic seemed pretty boring to me but whatever
>i say screw it gonna listen to it
>they get the girl on the show
>ask some standard questions
>I find out she’s from some town near Perth and studying History
>I found it strange that my car stereo did not recognise the radio station name
>shrug it off and just listen
>the girl had a really soft voice
>as if you would hear her apathy coming through the speakers
>the hosts we’re struggling to keep the interview interesting
>she also seemed to wonder off into some other ramblings
>then it started to get a bit odd


>the interview went something like
>Host: “So you knew from beginning that you were going to study history”
>girl: “..Yeah, pretty much. I know things. I can see them just forming you know…”
>Host: “How do you mean?”
>girl: “You know, you just seem to know I guess. Like…I knew that my father would leave my mother. I knew I’d get a sister with the new guy my mom would date and I knew I’m gonna die at 25. you know, sometimes you kinda feel this stuff..”
>at this point I was confused
>the fuck did she just say
>Host. “…you knew you were gonna die?”
>Girl. “Well yeah. I’ve had this feeling all my life”
>Host: “So, are you afraid?…You know, knowing.”
>Girl: “No.”
>Host: “Brave girl, Jim. Brave girl”
>the two hosts seemed to laugh it off
>Girl: “I’m not afraid. I was though”
>Host: “So, what changed your mind?”
>Girl: “Well…it happened.”
>Host: “How old are you, Gina?”
>Girl: “I’d be 26.”
>Host: “You would be?”
>Girl: “Yeah.”


>this was getting interesting
>Host: “So…you’re trying to tell me that you’re past your point of death?”
>girl: “Yeah.”
>Host: “But you’re here with us. How is this possible?”
>Girl: “I dunno. I can’t leave.”
>the hosts seemed to get a bit agitated as the guys started to make fun of her
>one of the hosts tries to put the interview back on track but the other guys kinda stops him
>goes on about how he wants to know more
>they argue for a bit but the guy just goes and asks
>host: “So Gina, how did you die?”
>girl: “My bf strangled me”.
>host: “Did you know this was gonna happen?”
>girl: “Yeah…like I said I’ve seen it. You feel it.”
>host jokes
>”Should’ve picked a better bf then.”
>the other dude: “don’t forget…now ex-bf”
>they laugh it off
>gets a bit awkward
>Host: “Gina, really? Are you telling me that you are dead? In front of us, dead?”
>girl: “Yes.”
>the other dude goes something about her being on drugs
>again all I hear is the host going
>”holy shit, she’s really fucking cold”
>I can hear full two seconds of radio silence before my car brakes down


>my car is completely fucked
>it just died
>I manage to stop it alongside of the road
>middle of nowhere, wooded area
>my phone is dead
>go out to check the engine
>must be a problem with the battery or something
>like an idiot stare at the engine
>I don’t know shit about engines
>decide to wait for anyone that might pass by
>take out a cigarette and just chill
>its cold but I like to be outside
>just hanging by the side of the car
>I can hear somebody coming
>not a car but footsteps
>and from the road I can see a figure
>its feminine
>its a mid twenties something girl
>she kinda nods and I nod back
>she asks “What happened?”
>me: “Dunno, car trouble. Phone’s dead. Can you call anyone?”
>she just looks at the car


>”What do you mean? Don’t you have a phone”
>She still is just looking at the car and replies
>we’re kinda in silence
>me: “So, like. Do you live here?”
>her: “Well I used to.”
>awkward silence
>at this point I felt like r9k
>talking to this chick just felt weird as fuck
>”Well I need to get home…rem…do you know if there’s a house near by or something.”
>I knew there was a small town but I’d take me like an hour an and a half of hiking
>I wanted to see my chances
>the girl is silent but finally speaks
>”Do you know whats it like to be hurt?”
>I’m like wtf
>”Do you know?”
>me: “yeah I guess…depends on what though.”
>silence again
>she continues
>”you know, I loved him and still do.”
>me: “…ok?”
>”So why did he do this?”
>me “Who?…did what?”
>at this point I couldn’t breathe
>I was literally suffocating
>I was panicking like a mad dog
>just running around trying to grasp air
>she fucking vanished
>I through myself on the ground
>didn’t know what else to do
>this went on for a bout half a minute before I could breathe clean air
>I was like wtf?
>was there for another 20 minutes before deciding to hitch to town
>lucky a truck stopped a couple of minutes later
>went home
>the fuck

le fin
Good album dude

GURL btw ;)
I live in Southern Ontario, this was a couple years ago.

> Be 16, walk everywhere because I never bothered getting a license
> Friend lives all the way down this major road that eventually leads into the countryside where she sorta lives
> She invites me to some forest party in the back of her house
> I’m a bit indifferent to the woods
> Just get a weird off feeling whenever I’m in it
> Don’t like partying either but I have nothing better to do
> I have no friends lel
> Anyways, I say alright and tell her I plan on leaving at 4 PM
> My town isn’t one for crime so I’m not too freaked by walking at dark
> It’s already snowing by the time I leave
> The heavy thick kind that’s going to be a pain once it builds up
> Prepared anyways and I start making my way towards the main road
> Cars are speeding by like a blur and die out into the darkness as streetlights disappear
> Probably just turning into housing areas
> Streetlights are disappearing as I walk to now
> The joy of redneck suburbia
> Have my phone on to check my GPS for her house
> 20 more minutes
> Fuck Ontario for being so damn cold
> Dead silent, soft crunching of fallen snow and my breath is all that exists now
> Not even fucking wind, just slow snowfall


>It is now 5:00 PM which is weird, usually takes me only 40 minutes to get there
> I can’t see anything anymore but my eyes have adjusted enough to see a bit of the road ahead of me and the fields on my left and right
> The treelines are darker than the sky
> I only notice this because I always thought it was pretty
> As I’m staring off I start hearing this weird ringing
> It’s really loud, too loud for it to be my ears popping
> If you’ve seen the Shining it’s like that
> Maybe it’s a car?
> I start looking around
> Mfw I’m an idiot the snow is blurring my vision there’s really no point
> Snows falling faster as I start walking faster
> It’s just a freaky sound and the Shining scared me a lot alright
> I check my phone as I make a sort of half jog
> What the fuck?
> Battery 10%
> Mfw I’m an idiot x2 I’ve been using mobile data the entire time
> Almost there but it’s 6 PM now
> I’ve barely moved from my last spot
> Did I go the wrong way?
> As I try to reason with myself a train sounds itself
> I am near Peterborough I mean so it’s whatever
> The ringing heightens however afterwards
> What is going on?
> I stop to calm myself down, heart racing and I feel like crying like a little bitch
> Why is this scaring me so much?
> Hear rumbling behind me, sounds like the train on tracks
> It hoots it’s horn as if to warn me it’s coming
> Louder and louder it goes

Nice taste in music, op

> About to literally throw up my heart it’s hammering so hard
> Oh god Oh god
> A huge gush of wind blows past me as the train screams one last time
> Covering my ears it’s so fucking unimaginably loud
> Feels like the world is spinning around me as the scream fades to an echo
> The ringing in my ears is only matched by the screeching sound of the train’s breaks
> Crying, I start running back where I came, giving up completely
> Why did I go so far into the darkness?
> Adrenaline is pumping as I run I don’t notice I’m passing by houses
> “What?” I say out loud, stumbling to my knees
> I look at them and they’re the ones I saw as I walked towards my friends
> Thank you Flying Spaghetti Monster
> Check my phone
> 5% 5 PM
> What
> I look around and there it is, friends house
> The snow has stopped
> She’s asleep when I knock on the door
> “Anon where have you been? Why didn’t you come over yesterday?”
> What again
> “The party is today right?”
> “Anon it’s 5 AM”
> “Oh..okay.”

Fini my friends
Creepy awesome stories :) thanks.
I am almost 100% convinced that Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is on top of some sort of portal or a ley line point or something.

Between me and my own friends, over 20 yeasr growing up there there has been encounters with UFOs, Aliens, Dogmen, Vampires, Leprechauns, Ghosts, Shadow People, disembodied voices. Also, there are tunnels that were used during prohibition throughout the town, many that havent been excavated since that time.

No joke, Moose Jaw is a fucking odd little town.
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You and the other guy's stories have been immortalized in floppy disk format.
cool thanks lel?
you got raped by powerfull mechanic ayy's dick
Got one for you
>reading spoopy stories on /x/ has me itching for a scary adventure
>look around on the internet for anything in the area
>theres jackshit
Fuck ontario
We suck I know
Maybe, I don't like hearing the train anymore now so...

Train ptsd?
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