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black eyed kid
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OK /x/ I don't know what's happening to me so I'll just green text what happened to me about a week ago and you can tell me how to tackle this
>be me chilling in my room
>hear noise behind building(I live in an apartment block)
>peek out of window to see what's going on
>little girl in red frock/dress crying
>play vidya for 2hrs, take off headphones
>still hear girl crying
>decide to go and check why the kid has been crying for so long and why no one is helping
>go down, looks like nobody on the ground floor is home
>walk up to girl and ask her why she's crying
>she says nothing but keeps crying
>finally opened hey eyes and looks at me,(I should have mentioned she was sitting on the sidewalk and crying into her arms)
>her eyes are completely black!
>I'm lost, she says
>ask her how she got here, where her parents are etc
>has no idea
>kid looks really rich, I ignore the black eyes in hopes of getting monies!
>kid starts to cling to my shirt

I decided to call the cops and report this but for some reason my phone wouldn't work. This wasn't out of the ordinary as my service provider is shit.
>don't know what to do, can't take girl to my house cause don't want to get V&
>decide to do a parameter search with the girl
>circle around the building and the neighboring buildings
>girl doesn't recognize anything, still says she has no idea how she got here
>refuses to tell me her name
>only pulling at my elbow sleeve as we look around
>I decide to go back to the building
>when a child gets lost they are supposed to stay in one place
>take her back, its nearly night now
>ask kid if she's hungry, she says no
>still no one around
>take a picture of the girl with my phone to show people and ask if they know her, maybe spread on fb etc
>freak the fuck out
>the pic looked like the girl had holes, like black holes for eyes!
>ask her about her eyes, she says nothing
>take her to my house, she doesn't come in
>what's wrong?
>I can't come in if you don't ask me to, mommy says its bad manners!
>invite her in
>she comes in and sits down
>give her some water
>ask her to eat something, still doesn't want to
>decide to take her to the police station
>go to the station, its Closed!
>wtf? How can a police station be closed?
>take her back(I drove, the highways were dead empty, it wasn't out of the ordinary at this time for a small town like mine but something felt eerie today)

I decided to let her stay over for the night
It was obviously a pedo-bait set up by the FBI.
The entire night I had dreams of Daemons and such and woke up horrified.

>realize I can't move as I wake up
>only able to move my eyes
>look at the doorway
>fucking brat is peeking in
>her red dress is glowing from the corridor light
>pitch black eyes are at least a 100times blacker now
>she realizes i can't move
>comes over to my bed
>climbs on
>starts jumping on my bed like a kid
>starts cackling
>praying to every god in the book
>she starts to him some melody
>pass out from the fear

When I woke up she was nowhere to be seen
I even looked for her but couldn't find her in my home or the building.

No one had seen her and the pic I took of her wasn't on my phone anymore
Rest in memes
Fast forward to yesterday

>playing game again
>tired of it
>searched for any and all Intel on black eyed kids day and night and taking a break
>take headphones off to go get some water
>hear noise in the kitchen
>I ran to the kitchen to see if some bird had come in(this happens a lot, fucking pigeons!)
>FUCKING kid is standing there
>almost die from heart attack
>casually drinking water as if she owns the fuckingnplace
>the doors and windows were locked from the inside
>she obviously didn't have a key
>where the fuck did she come from?
>I came to thank you, I want to give you a gift. She says
>suddenly can't move or breath, she keeps walking closer
>takes my hand, bytes it
>hmm, she says
>takes her hand, opens my mouth and cuts her finger on my Janine
>I can taste her blood
>tastes like sand, yes SAND or ground glass or something like that
>pass out at this point
I don't know what to think of this /x/
I've never believed in these things, I don't know what happened
I checked with the police and they told me that the police station was open that day
I checked the missing persons list and no little girls were reported missing
I tried using a recovery tool to see if the image was still there but it wasn't
I even found the first pic I took in the store to test the phones camera when I bought it but I didn't find the pic I took of her

What do?

I don't think I've gone crazy, was this a prank? Or did I dream it all?
BTW I know I haven't gone crazy because my neighbor heard the girl singing that night too, he said he thought I got lucky so he didn't say anything
Pics of girl or it didn't happen
You have become bound with daemon as you invited her in she was able to stay in and is there still most likely with one eye exchanging blood is a powerful pact I'm afraid your soul might be lost for eternal damnation because of this. Not memtioning about symptoms to come afterwards you will start to see strange things really soon because you bare the mark of beast, you might be having vivid dreams and tripping balls but do not let it end you if you manage to withstand the change of life seek help within Vatican walls there is a secret organisation which will help you and could use your unique trait if you're willing to go around and hunt some fuckers. I'm dead serious I've seen too much shit in my life and heard many things.
call an exorcist
I have never heard of that secret organisation or anything much, but this guy probably knows what's up. My advice still stays: >>17233024
You should have never invited her in your home. I don't think moving to another place will help you.

If something asks you to invite them into your home. YOU DON'T!

That's a basic of /x/! or anything remotely paranormal.

Rest in memes.

(Or she might give you some daemon powers and that'd be cool!, report if you start spitting out brimstone or something like that)
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Lesson of this thread: don't invite little girls into your house.
this is why we don't have friends

You're prolly a tech savvy daemon, don't cha? ;9

Inviting a fucking black eyed kid in to your home. She is probably raping your astral asshole right now OP.
>I have never heard of that secret organisation
Show us the picture or it never happened.

(We already know it never happened.)

That sounds hot though
Do you/did you lurk /x/ prior to this all happening? if so, why the actual fuck would you invite her in.

Also, what was the atmosphere like when you first found her/were around her?

Lastly, have you experienced anything else off or strange since?
holy fuck the second i imagined this happening to me my computer flipped it's shit

never let your mental guard down /x/.
OP, why didn't you bang?
Listen to this guy. Get to the Vatican if you can. You will die on the way there or be stopped. Maybe try to convince a priest or man of God to go with you. If you talk to someone who runs a church and knows their shit their is a good chance they might fund your trip.
because small kid n shit?
a whole new level of RPing.
Picture of girl or didn't happen

A poorly done one, at most.
Hey guys, its op here. I saw a very vivid dream last night. It was about my childhood and me as a child playing with the girl, but she had green eyes in the dream.

I went to my cousin who's a psychiatrist and he told me that the girl probably was autistic and lost, she might have parents overseas or even staying with someone else and I think he's right.

Kids jump in beds all the time too, and she might have had an eye infection.

And he told me that children tend to not enter houses unless you tell them to, that is just normal.

Also to those saying I shouldn't have helped her, wtf is wrong with you? She was a little girl in danger how am I supposed to just ignore her?

As far as the blood thing goes, my cousin told me that I imagined it because there was no way the girl could have gotten in.

And she probably saw her parents looking for her from my window and bolted to them.

Also if you read my account you will find that the picture was gone and I even used a recovery software but couldn't find it, maybe it never got saved. I do have a shitty phone after all.
Doesn't seem like you are too very convinced of yourself, or what you just said

trying to find justification for those things you said happened, seems like you're grasping at straws

has anything else happened? anything out of the ordinary?
I invited her in because she was a little girl who was scared alone and lost and needed my help. That's what any responsible adult does.

And its not like she looked like a daemon with five horns or split tongue etc.

Also as I said the PIC wasn't in my phone when I checked, I even used a recovery tool but didn't find it. It probably never saved.

And I've been having really vivid dreams(I can't control these or know I'm dreaming but I can remember them after waking up) but nothing else except that.

I guess it was just me being paranoid. And as far as Vatican or exorcists go. I'm not paying some hack for doing absolutely nothing.
Nothing else has happened, I might just have been paranoid. Talking to my shrink cousin was enough to calm me down.
well if even half of the shit you said happened, thats definitely not normal, were you experiencing an extremely vivid dream? who knows.

But if everything is cool since, I don't know that I'd worry about it
Don't listen to these fags OP, even if she was some kind of hellspawn or demon, you did the right thing and she rewarded you for it. The mere fact that she didn't wreck your shit and eat your soul or something is proof that she didn't mean any harm.

Stop being a pussy and enjoy the gift the demon-loli gave you, even if you don't understand it.
Yea man, doing the right thing is more important. And abandoning a child in distress just because you are a pussy is just despicable.
Son of Man, holy fuck. You invited "something" into your place of living.

Do not.


just wanted to say ty
Thread replies: 43
Thread images: 2
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