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First Edition

Hello! This general is for anyone who wants to talk about

>their interpretation
>lucid dreaming
>sleep paralysis
>creepy dreams
>precognitive dreams
>astral projection/OBE

Some websites to help you out


I'll start off with mine. I don't remember much about the dream just that it was this laboratory in rpg maker with some guy named mack
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Is there any update on the dream recording machine the Japanese build? Like, has it improved?
Most websites I saw haven't updated from 2013 or 2009
There are two I won't ever completely forget. Both of them happened a long time, ago, so I can only offer a very thin retelling of them (most of the details have long since eroded away), and I never wrote them down, so I have no record of them besides my memory.

The first one happened, I think, in a dimly lit warehouse. It was with me and my mom, and this other man I didn't know. They were talking about something, and the scene instantly shifts to three boxes, with my mom and the dude standing on one box each. I remember them begging me to get on the third one, and I was crying. I think the dream ended after that (at least I don't remember anything else). I was pretty young when this one happened.

The second one was me and (I think) my whole family walking along a dark street. One of my brothers was walking along, and apparently notices this weird creature (I don't remember what it looked like to describe it). I look towards where it was pointing, and everyone seems terrified. Dream ended, after that.

I don't know what the fuck either of these mean.
That's interesting anon. were you stressed out or through some peril when you had these dreams?
I keep having repetitive dreams. For the last 5+ months its been the same set of dreams almost every night, they almost feel like they're trying to tell me something but its probably just from all the weed. They're pretty weird but Ive kinda grown to like them after having had them for so long.
by the time they get good, I wake up.
I get stressed pretty easy, so maybe. My mom left my dad from him being abusive, so I guess that could've influenced it? But that happened early enough that I don't really remember it. All I have to go on is stories my relatives tell me.
Have you been living a repetitive life or are the dreams trying to tell you something?
Well see that's the thing...
I honestly cant think of WHY they're repeating like this. Ive been smoking for over a year and these dreams have only come in the past months but for the last 6 years Ive lived a pretty repetitive life but Ive never had such vivid repetitive dreams, maybe a dream that would repeat at most 3 times over the course of a year but this is pretty odd. I don't know if they're trying to tell me something but I don't know what else it would be. I haven't done anything different or drastic in life recently and yet these dreams came out of no where for no reason.
Well I thought the stress thing could open up some doors to what they mean but I guess not
Well what are some of the dreams like? also free association helps some people figure out the meaning by meditating on the dream
The last dream I remember was a couple of nights ago.
I was the character in a survival horror video game based around a serial killer in a warehouse. Not much happened and it was almost like the dream had moved on. The whole time I was trying to keep this girl calm so I was talking about random topics. It gets a wee bit blurry from that point up until we're in a forest somehow and the killer is chasing us. I keep pushing the girl in front of me as it seems the only way to get her to run but I trip and try to scramble away. The killer catches up with me and chainsaws through my arm.
In the dream I didn't seem to be in pain but I felt the chainsaw go through my arm slowly. Bleeeeeeugh!
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>get sp all the time
>lets do something productive
>getting to pre hypogogic patterns/hallucinations without reading anything
>natural oneironaut
>reading up now, wild specifically
>doing reality checks and kerping a dream journal
>now that I'm thinking about and writing down my dreams I'm noticing they're quite disturbing
My dreams whenever I get hurt it's as bad if not more so in real life
I had a dream about my crush
Im walking along a lake side thats against a mountain and its really foggy out but I can see a small island in the middle of the lake. Ive had a dream where I start swimming toward the island but something starts rising out of the water and by the time I make it to the small island, a giant creature that lives under the water is staring at me. It decides not to hurt me and I think it could communicate telepathically.

Another dream is im in this tall castle thats in the middle of the ocean build on a tall steep rock. Sometimes in my dreams I explore the castle and I go into a small empty bedroom, and in the closet is a tunnel build into the back of the stone wall. When I go through theres a huge opening and its like ive been shrunk down. The trees are giant and the rocks are like hills. Sometimes theres a giant humanoid monster in the middle of the room that tries to kill me. Ive had a dream where ive climbed up the giant but fell off.

Another dream is im at an outdoor pool, the pool is extremely deep, 10 feet at the shallowest. Its really pretty, the water is always very blue and there are small rocks at the bottom of the pool and also fish and turtles. Near the back of the pool there is a large rock wall with a waterfall and off to the left of the waterfall in a huge arch, I sometimes climb the arch and it leads to hole in a weird bedroom, the bedroom leads to a dark long hallway with black metal decorations and red glowing candles and off to one side of the hallway there are these weird pods that dangle over a large drop off.

These are just some of them, I have probably at least 4 dreams a night and the dreams are random but a select few.
Like sometimes ill have one dream more than another but I never have /new/ dreams.
In all 3 dreams there is something blocking you with different intent. in dream 1 monster decides not to hurt you. In dream 2 the monster is to hurt you. In dream 3 there is not a monster but a waterfall with an archway but nevertheless blocking you. Also in these dreams you are trying to make it to a destination. Is there anything in real life that is blocking you from doing something you want to? You don't have to share it here just a way for you to figure it out
Anyone else have dreams consisting of extremely detailed massive environments you've never been to before? Every now and then I'll have a dream where I'm walking through some kind of town, travelling to different parts of a planet, or moving through space.
Well kind of but also not really. Im kind of in an odd place in life.
My mom is leaving my dad in a month and im going with her but were moving back to the state where I grew up. I need to do some things before I can have fun and travel and see the world like I want to. I didnt complete school so I need to do that and get a job.
I kind of feel stuck in life because I cant move out on my own yet but I really want to go out and make friends and go do fun things that young adults do.
I think that you should try to find a balance between work and fun. Go back to school and get a job but also socialize with the people at those places and make friendships. As school and work can be found as the thing blocking you and the thing you are going toward is fun
yeah, i like those. most of the time though i can tell where i am by the architecture. it's really neat though and those are some of my favorite dreams.

unrelated note:
>bro is a paranoid violent schizo
>always popping up in my dreams being violent and disturbing the peace
>always have to kill him

Maybe it was just an overactive imagination but I had a dream that I was apart of this squad of differently talented individuals who had different powers, I was a the same age in this said dream.

But anyways, one of my member's nearly got themselves killed and endangered the mission, I was pretty pissed at them even when we returned home, to vent out some frustration I stepped outside and breathed out cosmic energy the same way a dragon would breathe fire.

>Probably overactive imagination.
How can I make my dreams more vivid? I recall part of my dreams every single morning, they're generally down to earth but really vague visually (might be related to the fact that I've myopia irl), and it sorta bothers me when I dream of a cute girl but I can't see nor remember her face.

Also, I've realized after reading some dream interpretation/info websites that I never feel negative emotions in my dreams (and very rarely positive ones), meanwhile these sites state that negative emotions are very common when dreaming. Any reasons for that/conclusions to draw from it?
Most dream interpretation sites are usually generally vague as to appeal to everyone when it can be more accurate to think about what it means to you through meditation and free association

As for dreaming more vividly, do you keep a dream journal? Do you get at least 9 hours of sleep?
I had a strange dream last night. I was in a house I did not recognize. My little brother was asleep in his room and there was a weird stairway that led down into a underground area. I saw these weird undead creatures down there, so I ran. I can only assume my little brother was killed as I fled. I told my mother and my little sister and they wouldn't respond to me. I drove off and got my father and we came back with a shotgun and a revolver. He tried to call Mom but got no answer. We drove back and the house was pitch black. All of a sudden we entered a lit room. There were two of the creatures in what appeared to be a kitchen. My father shot one with a shotgun and it did nothing, he was then mauled to death. The other creature grabbed me and he appeared to be my grandfather. I tried to shoot the revolver but it wouldn't shoot. I started getting mauled by my grandfather but I felt no pain. I then realized it was a dream and woke up. Wtf is wrong with me /x/?
It doesn't sound as bad as one story I heard about sleep paralysis.
What was the story?
This one guy kept on seeing this creepy ugly witch in his dreams and sleep paralysis so he decided to only way to stop it was to have sex with it unwillingly
Wtf man. Well did it work?
I think it didn't and she came back twice until she left.
I keep having reoccuring dreams that I'm either shitting non stop or I'm in public and have to shit bad.

What does this mean?
Do you go to sleep wanting to shit?
Are you Indian?
And no

My moms been having the same thing too. Sometimes the shit somehow gets all over me in the dream. When I'm on the toilet and think I'm done shitting more comes out in the dream.
I don't keep a dream journal but I will keep one starting from tomorrow. I sleep around 8-9 hours during this time of the year.
I honestly don't know what could be the cause of that
Doing those should help notice and remember many dreams. Doing reality checks can help you become lucid and see a lot more details of the dream
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Thank you anon
Salright senpai just remember it takes a lot practice so it may not work at first but keep trying
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Hey guys, what would you suggest for a newfag on lucid dreaming? one year ago i almost succeeded but somehow i screwed up.

I remember watching to the sky in the dream
staring at the beautiful stars when someone interrupts me
Look back to the sky and notice a piece missing from the sky full of stars
then i tried to focus to do something else like noclip through wall

And thats when i woke up.

How can i succeed at lucid dreaming?
Normally when i used to try this i went to normally sleep and listened some guided meditations to relax from youtube.

What would you guys suggest?

>pic related, sky looked like that in the dream.
positive affirmations REALLY help. just say to yourself (in your head) that you will have a lucid dream tonight. just repeat those words over and over again for about 5-10 minutes before going to sleep. say them like you mean them too, don;t just say it to say it. sounds kind of dumb but it works. trust me, i'm an adult.
Lucid dreaming is boring as shit.
Whoop de do, I can do what I want!
No it gets boring. Its alot funner to see what your subconscious has in store for you that day. You dont like it? Just change it. You know you just went to sleep, so you know youre in a dream, just be like, fuck no this isnt happening, and the dream will reset to something else.
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Been having dreams where I look into a building (extraordinarily large) and there appears to be a lake or some massive body of water. From the water come a nearly infinite number of pillars jointing at 45° and connecting to (buttresses?). The building is atop a hill and the body of water somewhere between 50-100m below the surface on which I stand as I look into the structure. The structure itself appears rather epitaph/cathedral-like, but its function is not clear. This same dream is often preceded by a seemingly mundane walkabout.
The sketch is a very rough depiction of the structure and surrounding atmosphere
religiously related?
reminds me of a dream I had of a giant red dome I was in with mist covering the ground about 3ft high.
I've had a dream similar to this.

I was on a planet entirely made of water, with this massive slide around 7ft wide that went from the water all the way to the sun. These dead fish men would float to the surface and pile up on the slide, I assume the living ones lived in the water.

Maybe you had an astral projection OP.

I'm not very religious any longer. Was raised protestant, but have not wanted to return.
Did the "fish men" appear androgynous, or was gender identifiable?
I don't remember any big details, being 12 at the time. But I don't think they were, they looked mostly what I would assume to be male if I remember correctly. Then something sucked me down underwater and I woke up, it was pretty scary.
Yea, I would say they were androgynous.

Any large birds accompanying/preceding these "fish men"?
I don't think so. But that does seem somewhat familiar now that you mention it. I was too scared to look ar them during my dream state. But I remember the sky was blue and clear, and the sun was huge.
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The fish people looked a little like this, except they were less robotic, had webbing, and were green and slimy.
Once when really little, I dreamt of feet walking at the speed of 3 steps per second. Ever since then I've been nervous/scared whenever hearing an ominous beat of 3 per second
First time in /x/, guys. This happened to me a couple of nights ago and still gives me chills. Opinions are welcome

>at a exgf place
>we have a good relationship
>both in the same room
>separated beds
>i'm looking towards the wall, trying to sleep
>suddently I feel her coming to my bed
>"hi anon... move over a little for me"
>feel something strange and decide not to move
>"anon? do you want me to fap you?"
>feel her hand going down and grabbing my cock
>it felt fucking ethereal, like if she wasn't there
>"haha... you won't get hard this way"
>still looking at the wall
>Instinct tells me not to move but still
>i stretched my arm back to touch her
>nobody fucking there
>I start to think bullshit
>"is she dead and that's why i didn't really feel her?"
>in my sleepy brain it had sense because of the "won't get hard this way"
>raise my head
>finally hear she breathing, sleeping
>"shit, it was only a dream"
>go back to sleep, looking at the wall again
>suddenly a voice close to me
>"It took you too much so I went back to my bed"
>weird as fuck sensation
>i didn't move at all
>seconds passed
>"is that so?"
>then a fucking loud sound starts
>fucking CLOSE to my ear
>something like a beep and a scream
>gaining intensity
>more and more loud
>an insane chill goes through all my spine
>it doesn't stop till I woke up
>confused and scared as fuck
>exgf still sleeping in the other bed
>what the fuck was that?

mfw when my ex had told me she had notice some weird things in the house, like lights turning on and off alone and door opening sounds.

I still don't know if I dreamed it or...
Gotcha. The reson I ask about all of this is due to a dream my fiance had in which large birds attacked people, and then angelic fish/mermaids we taking people and making them into fish/mermaids. The ending of her dream brought her to a large, almost parking complex facility with a large lake Within the lake she said there were fish/mermaids, and that she had become one against her will.
I recently started looking over such things as OBE's and such of the sort right after my Third or Forth unintentional OBE

this was when I was having a dream of which I don't remember the context but I know it involved me along with some of my friends, but then it seemed to have cut off and I started to see white and it dimmed to see myself and I told myself to do something, which I can't remember, I told my friend all about it and he said I had a Out of Body Experience that lead into me Hypnotizing myself.

What do you think? was it something else?
I had a dream last night that I was assisting in the signing of a peace treaty between two waring ant hills. I had shrunk down to were they were about as big as my feet. I sat there and listened two them argue for a while. The older ants, of both sides, wanted peace because they had been fighting all their lives to build what they had now and wished for it to end but the younger ants wanted war because they never got a chance to fight. In the end they signed it but then I accidentally knocked over a box of cereal and they decided to go to war over it. Even the old dudes dropped everything and started screaming "War! It's war!" and running all over the place. I just walked out.
Ahh that sounds pretty noble. I don't think they were the same fish men your wife saw, they hardly had any sort of human traits.
Haven't been to /x/ in a while but what the hell, I'll regale you guys

So I'm a security guard at a condo, this more pertains to the part two of the dream but, just sayin.

>be babysitting young girl
>girl is the daughter of a resident of the building I work at
>takes place at a house in the woods rather than the condo
>I (if it was me... like I'm not sure if I was me in this part of the dream) chase the little girl outside to her treehouse
>mruder her in the treehouse
>fast-forward, I am now for sure me
>I am working a summer job as a security guard at a mine
>guard who relieves me is late when electrician shows up
>makes me take him into the mine to dick around with some lights or something
>lights start flickering, I turn and am met with this girl, smiling ear to ear with a slowly opening wound in her abdomen,
>as the wound opens she becomes more monstrous
>lunges at us, fade to black

I swear I saw her a few times that night in my dreams, to be clear the monster girl didnt look like the little girl murdered at the beginning but... it felt like it was her... I dunno. Hope it entertained you guys
When I was little I would have these 3 really scary re-occuring dreams.

I'd have one where I would be playing with my toy airplanes, then this voice would echo out of nowhere saying "do that airplane race again!" And when I said no, this force would suck me up to my guest room where this fucked up looking pink bird would twirl me around and tickle me.

I had another one where it would be night time, and I would be watching TV with my mom that showed this giant figure dreassed up as big bird just beating the shit out of this kid right in my pre school classroom. It would slam the kid into toy boxes breaking all kinds of shit until he died.

And another one where I would be vandalizing stuff thinking it was funny and laughing, I would hear this loud motor in the distance. And this person who was dressed in all purple would come my way at like 70 mph on a jet ski and snatch me, and I would feel that tickley feeling again.

My friend told me his nightmares would tickle him too when he was little. I hope we weren't molested.
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Thanks for keeping it going OP! You rock!
No problem, I saw it in one of the dream threads and knew it had to be done
any cool dreams last night /drm/?
I dreamed that Russia back in the 50's made rockets that successfully launched toxic waste to the moon. They got so good at it other nations paid them to launch their shit up at the moon.India tried to launch a rocket of waste only to have it back fired and spread fallout on a quarter of India.

America got jealous and boosted their tech to match Russia. They did and so an arms race of who can dump the most crap on the moon began in the 70's.

Soon the Brits joined in the moon business but wanted to mine it instead of dumping waste. So there are people working as waste management folks and miners forming colonies.The British are making more money than Russia. The ruskies contaminated their food and water with radioactive waste.

They mutated and ran amok the moon surface and killed the neighboring colonies. I finally enter the dream only to be captured by these guys and forced to be a sex slave.
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Ill try that tonight. Is there any good method to see if im in dream? Could the guided meditation i use help or distract me? I really want to get this to work. All the help is appreciated.

Well, i asked for help. not for opinions.
sup people

I got a weird problem with my lucid dreams,I can only do them "halfway"

What happens is that I realize that it's a dream,and then nothing happens and I just continue along

At best I can still go around freely and explore my dream but then I forget about the fact that it's dream

what do ?
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We are in a dream this very moment

I need to wake up
It has happened to me some times. You see this is a fundamental step. You are still under the dream's chains. You must give awe to yourself by awareness alone. Only then you'll wake up. Reality check and inhale. widen eyes. Excuse my English I'm not a native.
constantly reality checking will help. just remember to remind yourself you are dreaming by plugging your nose or trying to stick your finger through your palm.
Anyone else almost never dream? My dreams are always, on the rare occasion I have one (or at least remember it), just me doing dumb mundane shit with my family or ex girlfriend
start up a dream journal and eat some cheese/chocolate before you sleep if you really want to see some shit.
Where do you live? I'd love to move to a place where my local grocery store laces their produce and candy with LSD
I've had somewhat the same feelings, though most are just weird
and they're a lot easier to remember, even before you write them down

I was once in my hometown, just that it didn't look much like my hometown
there were houses built among a hillside, so if you stood in the centre you could see most of them
In the middle there was a normal apartment complex, with the top floor windows barricaded
me and a friend went in there, didn't find anything interesting, just some empty boxes, but the details were not something i'd seen before

mine have become more vivid in retrospect after i started journaling them

maybe there was some real-life sound that you heard at night, or early morning that you didn't understand
i guess it could be compared to a drill

not really sure what to make of it, just tell your gf, maybe you two can make a diary of weird shit that happens in there

don't know if it has any sort of meaning to it, but so long as you know it was actually you talking to yourself, it can't be anything malicious
and so long as you can't remember what you said, there's not much to make out of the dream at all

you want to act as a peacekeeper i guess, but you're afraid if too much responsibility was left on you, you'd fuck up and make things worse
just a guess
do you really not know about chocolate or cheese before sleeping? that shit will give you crazy dreams,
I used to have horribly vivid nightmares, mainly cause I was smoking pot for awhile and then stopped, so the dreams came back very strongly. I also struggle with anxiety so that's also been a factor for me.

Lately I've been having tons of dreams about Star Wars. Not surprising really, since the new one came out and I've been rewatching all the old ones, but in my dreams its like I'm watching a Star Wars movie but the plot is radically altered. Last night, for instance:

>Starts out like beginning of A New Hope
>Luke Skywalker on Tatooine and shit
>Suddenly all the characters go to this beach on Tatooine (It's a desert planet I know, but it's gotta have water somewhere, right?)
>Luke suddenly starts masturbating (I don't see his dick but its clear thats what he's doing)
>Leia is there so he's basically masturbating in front of his sister
>Wake up very confused

I have more if people wanna hear it.
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nothing special about this, you had a murderous dream and was later hunted by a monster girl, even if it's messed up i don't think it's anything special

I would guess you have some sort of trauma related to birds
Can you remember if the dreams lasted much longer after the tickling stuff?
It might just be a feeling some people sometimes feel when they are still dreaming, but about to wake up
to me that feeling is more like i'm under physical pressure on all sides of my body

see the top of my comment

I've had the same problem, can't say i've solved it as i still haven't had a proper successful dream, but i guess the first trick is to really grasp the fact that it's a dream, and then change something to your will

As the other guy said, dreamjournal
ever since i started writing one, the entries have slowly increased, not because i dream more often, but because i get a lot better at remembering them

weird shit, though i can't see how it's anything special, except the fact that you're basically dreaming about a guy jerking off
somewhat related: i have had some dreams about SW recently too, both focused on siths though
one was nothing special, two big siths fighting two short non-force guys, me helping out from the sideline
the other was Vader, Sheev, and Doku chasing me (a jedi here) and another jedi not seen, and only referred to as "the Day Jedi" down a bunch of corridors
Eventually the Day Jedi was killed, but i got away
I've been dreaming about some chick I know pretty much every other night for the past week. That mean anything or what?
could mean anything really. do the dreams have a common theme?
I don't think I have any trauma from birds, because the fat pink bird in my dream kind of looked like one I'd see from some commercialized sponsor on PBS.

The tickling would usually happen when the nightmare climaxed and I was about to wake up.
kek thx
Okay /x/ I don't often have dreams and when I do they are normally nightmares.

>Be me maybe 1-2 months ago
>Dreaming of just general bullshit
>End up up in my bedroom
>Watching video's and surfing the web

I have odd feeling sometimes about my house as if there is a presence of something I don't know what but I always get a feeling of something watching me.

>Leave my bedroom to get water
>My cat { Whiskers }
>Follows me to the kitchen
>I enter but she stays outside the kitchen

My house has a hallways leading to the kitchen to the right of the hallway there are the stairs leading up towards the upper floor.

Under the stairs is a small room that we often just dump our coats etc... Into but it also has a hole under the floor of the room that leads to under the house it's very dark is apparently just a big drop.

>Whiskers turns to look at the room under the stairs
>Starts walking closer to the room
>I'm meanwhile thinking this is strange as I pour water into a glass
>I get spooked and start joking with myself
>Saying out loud if anything comes out I'll kick its shit in
>The room under the stairs opens slightly enough to let Whiskers in
>At this moment I'm thinking oh please no

This all felt so real how Whiskers was behaving how I was behaving the kitchen and my house looked all so real normally my dreams are completely weird and are set in areas I'm not familiar with. Basically I'm saying this shit at the time felt so real.

>Whiskers strolls in and I think to myself what's she looking at.
>Then he comes out
>Tall. Slender. Boney figure wearing this one peice black cloth.
>His face was all white. Again very boney and skinny features.
>Hunched over with long arms holding Whiskers
>He had blue spiked hair
>Spiked teeth
>He just turned and laughed at me
>Although I'm terrified he had my cat

I've had my cat since I was a kid. Fucking love her. Would put my life in front of hers to save her.

>I grab a knife and run at him but I stop
>An immense fear takes over me as I'm next to him
>He looks at me and I at him
>I black out then wake up

Woke up next to Whiskers all was well fell asleep again. I hope my dream spooked you as it spooked me.

My mom had a dream where she was a cop and arrested Kevin Hart and kept being interrupted by people trying to get his autograph while she tried to bring him to holding.

Spoopy part. My mom was a librarian not a cop.
She isn't a fan of Kevin heart.

What could it mean?
Your mom is envious of Kevin Hart
Got one that's etched into my mind forever from when I was around 10 or so.
My parents, my sister and I are travelling along a road in our family car, a fairly beat-up red Toyota Corolla. The road stretches from horizon to horizon, straight as an arrow. On either side is a field of golden wheat. The sky is clear blue, with the sun straing overhead and not a cloud in sight.
Here's where it gets wierd.
I'm sitting behind my father who's driving. On my side of the road, out in the wheat, is what I can only describe as a shadowman. It looks like the silhouette of a hooded figure, with wispy tentacles in place of arms. It kept following the vehicle by teleporting aling as we drove, sometimes closer to the road, sometimes further out in the field, but allways on my side of the road. Its tendril-arms was the only part of it that moved, but they too moved in a jerky strobe-like fashion.
The jerky and disjointed movements of it still makes me feel uneasy when I think about it.
Had sleep paralysis again last night.
>Black figure (which is the end of my bed but in the dark looks like a head and hair)
>see a woman staring at me from the end of my bed
>try and wake myself up but keep pulling my eyes down and keep seeing this woman staring at me
>wake up
I can't recall any specific dream right now, but my dreams are all from weird, claustrophobic angles, always 1st person, too, but it's like I'm too short or too tall, I only see bits of body parts, closeups, just an arm sometimes, depends what I'm dreaming of, etc. and I never dream of dialogues, like, I know what people want to say without talking to them, I never hear anything on my dreams.
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shadow 3.gif
2 MB, 800x450
As the other guy said, it could mean anything
but since she's a reoccurring part of your dream, i guess she's something you think about a lot in your waking hours, other than that is uncertain

then i don't know what to make of the birds, could be you can't remember the trauma
as for the tickling, i stick to what i said in the other post
it's just because you were waking up

no prob. Don't know which was your reply, but keep in mind that it is only my take on it, and it could be wrong

you could try writing a little bit less contrived, and don't over-explain so that you have to put things in two comments
I'm sorry, i'm not trying to be a jerk, but i just couldn't finish that story. bad sentence structure, too many jokes, and too many pointless details

nothing spooky, nothing to explain

When kids are on road trips, it's very common for them to imagine something outside the car that can entertain them. many do the thing where they imagine a person, or animal running along the road, and it has to keep up with the car
could be your imagination took it a little further, and even to a place that scared you when you thought about it
Although, that's just my interpretation

apparently, a trick for snapping out of SP is to hold your breath
Also: Sleep paralysis story!

Woke up on my back, which I almost never do, and couldn't move. This was in the summer, and my curtains are a bit shit, so quite a lot of sunlight was filtering into my room. In my half-asleep state it looked like greyish mist was pouring in through the window.
Coincidentally, I had read about sleep paralysy just a day or two before this happened, so I knew exactly what was going on.
>Well this is intresting.
I try to lift my right arm, and for a few seconds nothing happen.
Then the paralysis stops, very suddenly and I manage to slap myself in the face as my arm starts working again.
I proceeded to laugh my ass off.
The unusual thing with this particular dream is how vivid it was. Everything was super bright, and the colors almost oversaturated. The fact that all of the details are still crystal clear in my mind almost 20 years later is also a bit strange. My memory is pretty sketchy in general, an even more so with dreams.
I dreamed this:
>Be 99 years old
>Be on germany, black leader
>Walk down the streets, watching all the ill people, some of them where talking about the sun, others talk about the acid.
>They didn't saw me.
>Still walking until someone calls me by this name
"Abkonao" (Or some shit like that)
>Black leader has 2 faces
>There was someting like the time square where people buy medicine.
>On the screen Black Leader appears
>He talks, everybody dies.
>Wakes up, blood on bed
>Not the period.
I go to sleep later but don't remember so much.
>Black leader
>My sides
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two days ago I dreamed this : Someone gifted me 3 animals, a miniature puma (mountain lion), a shaggy black shepherd dog, and a white short haired female cat (the other two were male) thing is , In my dream I was living normally, except the dog was always chained, the kitty always came when I called her, and purred and sometimes bit me and the tiny puma was just kind on the background. since the first time it got to the house it didn't appear again, but I knew it was there (as one knows sometimes while dreaming). thing is , as of the third or fourth in dream day, I started having nightmares and headaches (still, in dream) and I decided to investigate what caused it, so I stayed awake one of the nights. i finally found out it was a kind of vampire cat, but a very specific one , it was orange, one of those angora, fluffy ones, with a face like Tard (The No cat) except it had very long fangs, and , more curiously, it flew with bat wings (still orange) but, it flew leaving behind it its hindquarters and tail, that could move on their own and his torso let see some innards on it, it wasn't a clean cut or a stub. Once it tried to attack me but I did the sign of the cross against it (I don't know why, I'm not specially religious) and it flew away in fear.
That's about it.
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Two days ago I dreamed that I was on a trip, going here or there with friends. I don't remember much but the end, because my husband and I were in a sauna. The sauna had vapor that had ecstasy or mama I'm it. I remember feeling super high. I have never had any drugs but weed, low graduates and alcohol. I am pregnant right now and doctor said my dreams would get weird, and I've been having lots of travelling dreams like this. What do y'all think?
The drugged vapor is symbolic of your desire for excitement and adventure in your life. You've realized that much of your life is set in stone because you are entering Parenthood. This sauna experience could represent your inner desire for a less stable path(something new that you've never done before)
You are coming to grips with reality.
The three gifted animals are symbolic of the paths that you may choose to take in life.
You could be a) strong yet enslaved(comfortable but no freedom) b) happy but not strong. Submissive(the white cat) or c)the uncomfortable unknown path that leads to true freedom and fulfillment with the sacrifice of security(the mountain lion)

The orange cat is you telling yourself that you must be stronger if you are to choose the path of the mountain lion.
The signing of the cross shows that you are still not properly grounded and are more prone to being submissive in a fight or flight situation. To truly be like the mountain lion, to be truly happy, you must learn to fight your own battles and live fearlessly
Thanks, that makes sense :)
I've been having very vivid dreams for 2 weeks.
Holy shit Today: I'm a room with 5 bed, three men are sleeping on the other side, one bed next to mine with nobody in it, its night time. I wake up due to my phone,
Suddenly I have visions of my crush, at a convention with a fake pregnancy belly. In real life she doesn't know I exist.

This one is nice: There's a terrorist attack, masked men with ak-47's start shooting at people. The police arrive, but almost immediately. The police shoot and kill most of the attackers. This is set at night.

I'm walking home after watching this on TV, she (crush) seems to be upset with me. I say "C'mon at least talk to me!" and she turns around. Smiles, and says "I'll walk you to your house".
AT some point I've gotten rid of an ak47 in a river.
I had another; with her, I'm trying to hide behind something, I want her to think I'm not interested.

In reality I really do like her.
Had a dream recently that my mom told me she molested me, and then taunted me over it. Brushed it off and tried to go downstairs, but then when I turned the corner down there I was back upstairs and she taunted me again. Happened probably 2 or 3 more times. Then I finally got downstairs, my dad was down there, violently vomiting a milk-like substance. The actual vomiting sounds were very violent. Essentially broke down in tears asking my dad to help me wake up, and then I did.
The last cute girl in my dream looked like Aubrey Plaza, she was cute we were holding hands. I came off a bus, and there were children around. She looked like she was in love.

I'm trying to AP for the first time.

My method is simply, get comfy, focus on keeping my eyes still, wait until I am paralyzed, then exit.

I don't bother with keeping my thoughts away, but I still feel the heaviness and sensations of energy pulsing through me.

Should I silence my thoughts regardless?
I had a nightmare recently that was really wierd and kinda terrifying.
>be me
>Have celiac's, so can't eat regular Girlscout Cookies
>stop by a table by the road selling Girlscout Cookies because why not
>They have tons of new kinds for the first time in a long time
>They have cookie I can actually eat, so hyped
>buy a couple boxes in celebration
>go home and eat some, they're delish.
>Later that day
>Turns out the Cookies were cursed, just buying them is enough
> So now me and my brother and my dog are all cursed by the cookies
>Dog dies randomly from the curse
>Super sad, I loved him.
>Then, that night
>It's super dark, we're in just the living room, pitch black except the few beams of moonlight through the window in the front door.
>Brother is over by front door, I'm walking over there but I can't see, so holding my hand out in front of me so I don't hit stuff
>That's when
>I feel fur brush by hand lovingly It's my dog brushing his head against my hand so I can pet him
>this dog is now being reanimated by the curse
>is all stiff-legged, muzzle pointed forward
>pick up dog and carry it mouth-first towards brother, slowly.
>brother freaking out, doesn't want to get bitten by the dog
>For some reason I'm enjoying this
>I just want to see what happens if he gets bitten
>brother finally backed into corner, dog bites neck
>a chunk is taken out, but no blood. somehow reminds me of gummy bears
>brother suddenly chills out.
>brother starts reaching towards the dog. He wants to get bitten more
>I'm freaking out now, trying to keep the dog from damaging him any more
>Dog kills brother by passing the curse via bite
>eventually I just die from the curse
>wake up in spirit-afterlife thing with demons. (hell, maybe? IDK)
>Demons are doing this shit to someone else now, taking votes on what the curse does.
>I vote on what happens.
>It's like some kind of depraved gameshow
>wake up
>patchy sleep for the rest of the night.
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I had my first break up with my girlfriend of 11 years ( we started at 13 and I'm 25 now She was 16 and is now 27) the break up was in part because I ended up having really strong feelings for a close friend. We were apart for almost a year. We got back about 20 of December. I have stayed at her place to sleep sometimes but something terrible happened. One night a friend stayed over at my placebecause he didn't want to drive home and was late at night . he is a relatively new friend and doesn't know I sleep talk. Next day we had breakfast and he told me I said the name of my friend I fell in love with many times. I know I'm not over her , but I didn't knew that this much. Plus, I'm terrified to sleep at my GF's place to sleep.
I've had a reoccuring dream come and go since i was about 3 years old. i wont see it for like a year and then ill have a week where its all i dream about. Ill describe it and maybe someone can tell me if they've heard anything similar , or have had simmilar dreams themselves.

>black and white
>everything black except for a grey spec in the middle of my vision
>Sounds like being outside of a nightclub with a muffled bass beat inside
>spec suddenly flies towards me / i fly towards it
>spec is a cricket
>zoomed in right on its face
>Loud af "radio" static sound
>Fly back away into darkness where its just a spec
>muffled bass sound
>fly back into its face with the loud screeching static
>repeat all night

have a weird fear of crickets because of this

anyone have any ideas?
explained in another thread might aswell post it here too. There was this tall darkish figure, kinda hunched over standing under this tree at night. It had these darkish bony wings I guess, not fleshed out, no feathers but just bones I guess. Anyways it also had this skull that looked strange, was his face. It was shaped sorta like a deer skull I guess. The shoulder area was bulky but it's waist was thin. Anyways it was standing off in the distance, and he slowly turned its head to look at me, and once it's eye caught sight of me it made this shrieking noise. I got so spooked I woke up. I dreamt this last night
I keep having nuclear detonation dreams. All of them are like I'm actually there and can feel and hear everything going on around and can see my skin and organs literally melt off and can feel the excruciating pain. Same shit different setting; I have these dreams about 2-3 times a month, what could they mean (if anything)?
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How vivid you think a dream is, all depends on how well you can remember it, if this was one of your first dreams that really scared you, then i guess it makes sense
also, it kind'a seems to me as if you want me to say there's a supernatural explanation to it.
It may be, i don't know, i doubt it, but it may
But as long as you can't remember any interesting related stuff, there's little reason to worry

sounds fun, not everyone is able to stay so calm during SP
I had it once, and even though i already knew about SP, i didn't realize it until after i snapped out of it

might want to fix up on your english
none the less, where did the blood come from? did you have any open wounds?
sounds a little like 1984, but Big Brother has psychic powers
i'm guessing you fear the government

all i can think of is that you want to be a hero, and you want her to be your girl
nothing special

i guess you have some unresolved issue with your mom
not saying she molested you, but there's an episode where you felt weak still deep in your memory

Haven't managed to AP, but to me, my thoughts is often what keeps me awake, if i silence my thoughts i just fall asleep
oh my god I know exactly what you're talking about, I was about to post this, but it even makes more sense to post it now:
I was walking in a field, the grass was super green, the sky was super clear and blue, all colors were enhanced. I look to my right, and there's this shadowy figure that dashes towards me leaving a trail of smoke (Harry Potter movie-like effects) and I wake up sweaty with my heart racing

This happened like 8 years ago but I still remember it hyper-vivid
fuk /x/ ... how can i be so fucking beta ...
i was dreaming and i wake up in a dying party in my house some of my old friends were there and were carrying hot drunk naked girls to the master bedroom and i was there just making myself look as if i was still sleeping, then they start bumping the girls on me, laughing as they were carrying them and i was there just sleeping, they did this various times but i just look and tried to make myself look like i was to drunk or sleepy ... then evereryone stop laugh and his loocks turn judjing .. then i woke up ...
sorry for the bad english ...
Maybe someone can help me, I've had a problem all of my life of lucid dreaming. How is that a problem you ask? Well I've been doing it since I was a child and doing it unintentionally, not sure when it started, and it's reached the point that my dreams know I can lucid dream and most of the time they actively break the fourth wall and my lucid dreaming becomes a total whack job. Sometimes it's just fine and whatever is in my dream acknowledges my lucid skills and plays along, and other times not so much. Take for just now for example:
>have dream about bragging and fantasizing of seducing girl from HS as a plan to get all the girls in HS in bed
>in dream, I almost get caught but don't by her bf
>the scene of that happening plays out in my dream as a sort of monologue about how I didn't
>I know I'm dreaming so I slightly change it so I'm dressed nicely instead of the white T and sweatpants like I originally was
>this pisses off the dream that I'm always doing stuff like that even when the dream world is being kind with good dreams
>it begins to use darkness on me (the usual culprit for when I'm lucid dreaming and my mind doesn't like me changing too much or minmaxing)
>this means that I'm surrounded in pitch black darkness like a ocean and I begin my "sleep death"
>"sleep death" is a phenomenon wherein I try (or it just happens) to hold my breath in my dream to wake up/stop sleep paralysis but the problem is that I sort of micro wake up and have to breathe before falling back to sleep because if I don't then my heart starts beating like mad and I feel like my lungs will burst when I wake up
>this time it's different in that I try an old trick taught by my very superstitious mother who's pseudo Jehovah's Witness, by proclaiming Jehovah's name in the face of demonic presence or nightmares to prevent them, but it doesn't work
>However I kind voice tells me that if I give my life 100% to Jesus that the dream will stop
I think school and work are the things he's trying to get to and the obstacle blocking the path is his own procrastination or laziness.

It sounds like he wants to grow up and he knows going to school or working a job is a way to progress, but he's being blocked by nothing other than himself. As far as we know, there's nothing keeping him from getting an entry level job or going back to school. Probably just the weed mixed with laziness desu
Ummm well yesterday I had a dream that my mom, my sister and I were feeding off on a dead human body. WTF does this mean? I'm really scared.
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So I had a crazy dream last night. I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30 pm and in my dream I was waking up on my bed and bewildered because I didn’t remember falling asleep there. I remember this feeling of terror (one of my biggest fears is sleep walking please don’t ask why) and when I looked down at my wrist it looked like a bunch of sigils were tattoed on my wrist. I don’t remeber that all but I just remember this part of one. Anyone knows what it is?
today I had this strange dream where I was smoking a cigarrete, but like really hard, like every puff was done to the top
then the mailman brought a blue letter that looked like a bill or something
and then I woke up
I don't even smoke, any ideas?
anxious about coming message? or...some sort of government duties or figure? financial responsibility/
It there anywhere I can download the sound from the cd who goes the book?
Irl im a z grade facebook celeb
Stuck in LA
Had a dream a giant giant blue usaf spruce goose esque plane was talking off vertically then dipped down and exploded while i ducked

Then another sleep paralysis dream about being like assaulted and shoved down by an unseen assailant
Damn. I was almost certain.
Sigmund Freud should be able to help you interpret those dreams of yours.
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You know em ?
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A recurring dream in which I'm in a vehicle, but it's all from my POV so I can only see out the windshield. The dreamscapes change, different roads, always the same car. Always moving at a very fast speed until I start spinning out. I am paralysed in the driver's seat unable to brake and gradually the car decelerates and comes to a stop.

Dream analysists of /x/ what can this mean? I assume that figuring it out means it will stop but I'm at a loss. All of the typical readings (loss of control, fear of direction life is going in, not wanting to make the same mistake again but I keep repeating it), none of them are promoting me to think what my brain is trying to tell me.

Help please, I'm slowly going insane.
I just realized I was dreaming today.
I was in a car which started to go at a crazy speed.
I asked the driver to slow down but he didn't answer.
After a few secs I realized I was dreaming but I woke up
fuck it I'll share

since I was ~14 I had this recurring dream of an inner city home and from it's lot - a rainbow emerges.

I'm now 23 [spoiler]and living with my grandpa in an inner city home and I've finally found my creative out as a writer and since I started writing that dream hasn't recurred[/spoiler]

I dunno if it's pure coincidence or strange premonition or what but it's prerry neat all the same
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Past few days I've been having aggressive dreams revolving around my father.
First night was an interesting dream, some paranormal elements mixed into it
>with my friends in my friend's car
>they drive to my house to drop me off
>it's late at night, around 1-2 am
>live in coul-de-sac so have houses to the left, right, and front of me
>friend points out neighbors outside in the house in front of mine
>see that they begin approaching the car
>they look pitch black
>freak the fuck out, nope out of the car and into the house
>the shadow figures begin chasing me
>they pick up speed, make it into the house, basically shut the door in their faces
>run to the closet where I keep all my shit (currently visiting rn so no room)
>closet is turned into a small windowless room, go in and shut the door
>panick under the covers
>remember that parents are at home
>frantically run to parent's room, explain everything to my dad
>doesn't buy it, tells me i'm delusional and to go to sleep
>i get pissed beyond belief, hate being doubted even in waking life
>so I fucking kill him

Second one just happened and made me want to write this post
>in my grandmother's kitchen
>siblings and parents in grandma's living room
>among my aunts and uncles and grandmother
>mom and dad in the same room, they're divorced irl but i guess my brain didn't think shit of it
>i'm eating cereal or some shit in the kitchen, listening to the convos in the living room
>my dad starts talking and says something loudly, i believe he called my mom a bitch or a slut in front of everyone
>storm out of the kitchen and into his face
>blood boiling, inches away from his face
>Don't you ever talk to my
mother that way again, do you fucking hear me?
>aunts and uncles go apeshit, start acting like children witnessing a school fight
>adrenaline still pumping after I wake up

??? what does this shit mean, /x/? the obvious question is if I hate my father, which is no, not really.l
I want to badly be a hero. I also want her, but I know I should quit really.

The dreams also have paranormal aspects, I get woken by the phone, it seems to be possessed or it says I have to pay it.

One horror dream. were toys falling from the sky and at the top of street was a monster. There were kids playing outside at night.
i get 2 reoccurring dream the most.

>first type, walking around busy mall, then taking subway.
>Always scared shitless
>Demons or physical entities outside as i cruise inside the subway
>nobody seems scared or worried at all as they seem to be chasing the subway

type 2
>Nothing much, but i can either jump from roof to roof as im running away from people trying to hurt me
>feeling is surreal, i can feel my heart pounding heavily as i brace for impact
>sometimes im in flight, and i can feel the wind against my flesh,
>cant fly too high, but as high as most tree lines, again running away,
>I have to run fast as fuck in order to gain flight however, and not always 100% successful in my dream

any idea guys?
>Often times first dream has zombie like creature and it feels like left 4 dead, but i never fight, just run and hide. this reoccurs fairly often too
I consistently have apocalyptic dreams. From alien invasion to heaven - hell battles to nuclear fallout. As well as dreams that I'm on adventures as well.

no expert, but elaborate, i have similar shit even since i was a kid, from disease pandemic to shtf scenario,
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So I had a series of very strange dreams last night that are way more vivid and fucked up than I normally have.

>start driving to work
>enter a metropolitan area
>have to cross the lake (???)
>get to the crossing, it's literally ancient rotting log barges tied together into a bridge
>all along the left side of this crossing are sunken ships barely below the crystal clear water
>they look like normal ships but there's no hull
>just a skeletal structure with some kind of pale green, leathery material stretched out across the entire ship
>there's holes in it from where it's rotted through
>there's literally nothing inside the ships
>say "fuck this" and take the train

I absolutely hate submerged shipwrecks, or the general idea of huge objects lurking around in the ocean, so these leatherships really gave me the creeps.

We'll I've had plenty of dreams where I'm fighting aliens in a war environment. Sometimes we win sometimes we lose. Most times wake up before it's over. Had a couple where I had to choose between sides of heaven or hell in battle. And a couple where it's after a nuclear holocaust and trying to survive either by myself but mostly with a modest amount of people. Typically about 100 people walking around and trying to decide where to live.

And other dreams where I'm adventuring some pretty crazy environments that don't exist on this planet.

I've had these going on for about 5 years now.
Not my kind of people.
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The one I had after that was just as strange, but much more violent. I normally have trouble remembering any details of my dreams at all.

>hanging out in an abandoned cafe
>looks like a hurricane has just hit the whole town
>there's other people at a table with me
>they look like they could be straight out of Fallout
>mohawks, motorcycle leathers, war paint on some of them, and a general sense of aggressiveness
>they're gambling or playing some kind of game
>I'm watching
>notice have what looks like a bulky blue bicycle pump in my hands
>one of the chicks loses their bet
>compress the pump
>time literally jumps back a minute
>I help her win the bet, but everyone notices
>they realize (somehow?) that the item I have is totally a time machine, start grabbing for it
>fucking leg it
>skip through a montage of me hiding out in various wrecked houses and hideaways
>using this weird time machine bike pump to barely avoid getting caught
>eventually it's night, legging it through a forest
>small blue spheres start chasing me
>"they must be tracking me with these"
>throw them off by time-resetting in different directions
>lead the group of people chasing me towards a traintrack
>get behind a hill on the other side
>find an M60 machinegun
>it's my lucky day
>mow down the guys chasing me
>notice there's a nice, clean house lit up nearby
>go in, there's more of these raiders
>they're cooking dinner, chatting pretty happily
>pull out a large knife
>slit all their throats faster than they can react

Then my alarm went off. One of them didn't die and was trying to tell me something. I don't normally visit /x/, but I thought you guys would find this interesting.
damn that dream sounds like some meta holywood movie plot. what are these alien creatures that you fight like? invasive? evil? the physical appearance if you recall? seeing that you know the outcome and picking which side to fight for is rather strange for a dream, maybe its too much gaming/movie, maybe its anal projection,
I had four dreams that added up to a single story that preceded going psychotic. They're very important to me, but I don't really know what they mean, and probably never will, because while I did transcribe them, they're 80 pages long and I'm not a good writer.

I think that's just sleep paralysis
I don't think you can cure it
>I'm sorry teddy broselvelt
I'm guessing you really love that dog, and you may have some vicious thoughts or suppressed anger with your brother
not much more i could say, maybe that you could've cut it shorter

That's kind'a crappy
i guess you had a dream about it, which i guess means you think about her a lot
maybe try and focus your mind on your GF from now on when she slips into it
not sure how else i can help though

the sycle seems weird
is it related to any time of the year, maybe?
Or maybe the space of 3 years is just coincidence and you just saw something that reminded you of it after that time
as for the dream itself, i don't know what to make of it.
seems to play a bit more with sound and visual effects than most dreams do, the way you describe it
Don't know why though

was it humanshape except for the deerskull and bonewings?
Could sound a little like a wendigo, though not quite
I guess it's related to your fear of creatures you don't understand, and maybe the possibility of encountering something one day

seems like an open-and-shut case, you're very worried that humans may destroy themselves in your lifetime. It's something you think about a number of times

your mind is trying to challenge you to actually take action, rather than be a bystander

looks like something that may be used in one of those wiring maps (not sure what they're actually called)
i guess you're afraid of abduction, might even have some parallel to how ranchers mark their cattle? i dunno

I'm guessing after the part where you're paralyzed it doesn't take long until you wake up?
if so, i think that's just what that means
as i pointed out to a different anon, some people, myself included sometimes get a physical sensation when they're about to wake up
As for the dream, not much weird about it other than that, maybe you feel a need to travel the world and see those things you saw in the dream
having a dream about an uncontrollable car is pretty normal
probably comes from your anxiety for something to just fuck up while you're in a car
also, i'm guessing you don't have the driver's license

personally, i don't believe in premonitions, i gotta say it sounds like one
but you gotta remember, this is a dream you've had for 9 years
although it's reoccurring i doubt it's the exact same as when you were 14
my guessing is that your dream changed slowly over time, and then suddenly a lot when you moved in to that house, without you realizing it because your only records of the dream was in your memory

nothing special, don't think there's anything else i can say about that

from the first i guess you either feel that the average man don't pay attention to the world around them, or that you may just have a gift to notice/see things others don't/can't
second, and the one about l4d doesn't seem like anything special
I haven't dreamed in two weeks.
Licid dreaming, sleep paralysis has scientific basis. I do believe in dream interpretations. I had dreams i which i see places i have never been to before. I played it off as fiction of my dream, buy soon enough i end up in the place looking exactly how i dreamed it.
So something weird happened while is was trying to AP. I've been trying to AP for a few months, and I've gotten pretty close to leaving my body.
However, last night I was just crossing into the point where you get the face itch, and for some reason I could feel a sensation in forehead, where the third eye is located. It felt like my third eye was opening up, like something was pouring out of it. This feeling was intermingled by things flashing before my eyes. I can't remember what I saw, but I could see imaged flashing before my eyes. If I focused on them too much, they would go away, but when I relaxed I could see them as clear as day. Anyone know what this could have been?
And no I wasn't asleep, I was completely conscious of what I was doing and aware of the fact that I was lying in bed trying to AP.
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I had a pretty cool dream awhile ago. I'm not sure what the symbolism was, but there was a lot of it I guess?

I felt like I was an immortal sorcerer or something, apparently, and I was in a dimly lit large stone dining hall with rows of tables and chairs filled with people eating and being happy. For some reason I felt these were my friends, my family, all gathered here following me, hiding from something with me. The room had no windows and my guess is it was either underground or in a castle, with chandeliers and candles casting blue light across the black stony room and wooden tables. For some reason I was in a black cage at the right side of the hall, not sure why, but I was just chilling in there when stuff got really weird, suddenly my "enemies" had found me, and a large majority of my followers, the men and women sitting at the tables, suddenly bore a symbol on their throats. It was a circle with several intersecting lines through it, making it look like a wheel. It glowed blue and bright on their throats, emanated with power over them.

Suddenly everyone started to lose their shit and trying to attack me, rushing at me violently and at everyone unaffected. I just walked out of the cage and started trying to help them, I held my hand up to the symbol on one of them and charged it with energy until it growed brighter then burned off. I did this for as many people as I could, breaking the spell on them why they tried to tear at me and stab me, until eventually I cured everyone and then I don't really remember the rest.
I had the craziest dream last night that I had befriended someone that had just raped and murdered someone, I met them in a bar bar and they showed me the body. They decided to leave the body in the bar restroom, and I freaked out. When someone discovered it, they thought it was me who did it, and my first instinct was to run. People hunting me down for a crime I didn't commit. And then I woke up. Pretty crazy how real it seemed
A dream I had last night

>go so sleep in my sisters room cause comfy bed (she moved out a while ago)
>wake up in bed (this is where the dream starts)
>some British girls standing in my room
>she starts saying something but I forgot what she said
>I get up and walk down the hall to go piss
>get back in room
>start talking in British accent for some reason
> i say "You wanna do it?" To the girl
>she blushes and looks away "Yeah I do"
>she hands me a double pack of condoms (black package with weird white text on it)
>I take one out and put it on
>start fucking her
>couple minutes in I remember I can't feel pain in dreams
>pinch my cheek
>no pain, sorta realize I'm dreaming
>get excited
>wake up

First dream I've had in a long time that I can actually remember

Don't know if it means anything
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There's a pitch black tower in the middle of an otherwise empty desert. If you go in, there are stairs going up and down, but there seems to be no top or bottom floor. Anybody else have that dream? Does it mean anything to anyone?
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For anyone posting nightmares, be thankful that it always ended: "And then I woke up."

Now I gotta think about this post while I go to sleep
dream i had last night

>be at grandparents 16 acre property with their house and barn on it.
>standing in a field next to their house so im able to see barn and house
>i look up into the crystal clear blue sky and see a huge fucking jetliner
Imagine the bigass jetliner in GTA San Andreas at the airport, and times it by 10
>the jetliner turns and is now coming straight for me
>grandfather comes out of the barn and just watches it
>im trying to run away but there is an invisible wall blocking me
>im scooting across this wall while looking back and i see the jetliner is extremely close
>im trying my fucking hardest to run but i cant
this happens a lot in my dreams
>i stop and just accept that im going to die
>jetliner comes and crashes against the earth but doesnt make a dent in it
>it crashes into peices
>body, wings, cockpit, and tail
>cokcpit comes flying towards me
>i just stand and watch
>it stops and doesnt hit me
>i get on my phone and go on facebook
>facebook has new security system with colours and a weird colour wheel
>someone already set it up for me
>someone has changed my facebook password

then my alarm clock rang and i woke up
Endless walking up a spiral staircase? Stone style very old design.

Window on every floor and sometimes I talk to angels or what seems to be
Sounds about the same as mine. Not sure mine are angels, but I don't have a clear idea of what they are either so who knows. When I go down I don't remember any windows, but I don't remember it ever getting too dark to see either.
Don't worry buddy, one of these days it'll end differently
Can someone tell me what this means
>dream about an amusement park, rides change every night sometimes a haunted house
>this dream happens every night, not that spooky just don't know what this means
Perfect thread for me so let's get going

>Go on a hiking trip with some old classmates (I did a outdoor education course back in high school)
>4 day winter trip
>really fun
>anyways we end up at this pub for lunch on the way back home
>my friend asks me if he wants to split wings with me
>atm I realize that I had this dream at one point somewhere over a month ago

It happened one other time but I can't remember it at all

What does this mean?
Just a suggestion, but this should be in the OP of next thread

"Keep in mind that the first step to enhancing your dreams, such as lucid, astral, or better remember them, is to write a dream-journal.
No matter what your dream-topic is, a journal will help you"
>work in a hospital
>mother works in a different department
>few nights ago dream about being in the theatre and some older women calls me useless and worthless in Swedish (I'm British and don't actually know a word of Swedish)
>I pull a gun out and shoot her straight in the face
>walk to my mother and tell her I quit
>lead my mother to the body and tell her 'I made a mess'
>I see the horror and dread on her face, it was incredibly realistic
>I run away and go to a large house, some sort of party I think
>people find out I murdered a woman and are trying to get me
>I escape from the house with an extra gun, it's nighttime by now
>come morning, I'm running around an industrial estate trying to find a getaway car
>I try to enter a classic Porsche 911 but it has an alarm
>this man tries to grab me and I desperately try to shoot him... No bullets

I wake up.

I'm constantly having incredibly realistic dreams, but I'll kill somebody, or be attacked, or murdered, chased or something terri
posted it in the paranormal dream thread too but i really need a resolution

wife and i have both had the same dream goes something like this

>everything is normal, normal day visiting family
>all of a sudden, in a hallway
>has wallpaper on the sides, gets progressively more damaged the further down the hallway we go
>no doors, no windows, just a long hallway
>there's a smell, like rotting meat
>finally, a door
>open the door
>a room made of decaying flesh, with all of our dead ancestors sitting against the far wall, facing us
>they welcome us
at this point, i am feeling incredibly uneasy recounting this, my body is numb and i can barely feel to continue typing
>overwhelming urge to escape
>begin digging in the flesh covered walls
>the smell is unbearable
>our ancestors laugh
>suddenly a window
here's where the only difference occurs
>i escape to a field of snow, my wife escaped to a meadow in full bloom

its strange because a friend of ours became visibly disturbed and confessed to us she had the same dream as well, the difference being she escaped to a sunny meadow. for reference, i was born in winter, my wife in spring, and our friend in summer. we have yet to find a friend with the same dream that was born in the fall, but it is incredibly difficult to post this. i have posted it before, much to the same result. my body is entirely numb, there are tears welling up in my eyes. if any of you know what this dream means, please, for the love of christ help us.
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I guess your mind is just playing on that fear of yours
Why would you decide to kill a bunch of people that were just minding their own business? You didn't know they'd try and kill you
This seems like the dream of a very paranoid person

Sorry dude, but i doubt anyone's willing to read 80 pages of a random guy's dream
how about telling just the most important parts?

Also, if you're able to squeeze out 80 pages, you might want to consider rewriting it as a novel and have it published
at least consider it

I too have, in my dreams, been to many places that i haven't in reality, but i never found those places later
i think it may have been your confirmation bias, when something looked a little like it, you subconsciously altered your memory to look more like the real deal

the feeling you got in your forehead, i have also had, when trying to SP.
Somehow related to the body getting paralyzed when your mind isn't
Anyways, that there is basically sleep paralysis, just that you didn't have one of the more common horrifying SPs
Also, i know you're on /x/, where there are more people that believe in the "third eye" and such, but let's try and keep the language a little less evangelic, no offense.

You're afraid of becoming a victim i guess

doesn't mean much, other than that you might feel sexually frustrated
also, i'm guessing you could remember this one because you slept in a different bed than usual, so it was a nice change of pace
if you wanna learn to remember your dreams, write them down as soon as you wake up, make a journal, they are a lot easier to remember if you write them down ASAP
And of course if you don't quite open your eyes as soon as you wake up, just lay there and try and retell the dream to yourself
Lately I've been remembering my dreams and it seems like if I've missed something that day, eating, sitting in sunlight, affection etc. then that night's dream will include it.

Anybody have a similar experience?

The important parts?
> I killed a dragon who saved me from death and drank her blood
> I gained immense magical power
> I sent an entire world into oblivion because I hated the way they performed sacrifice
> I killed 80% of another world by vainly striving to improve it
> I was given a chance to reform and didn't take it
> I'm in this world now
Once I went of a pretty vivid dream.

I left everyone I knew back at home and went on a journey to the next state over (arizona to colorado.)

I've always wanted to go to colorado because i was born and raised in the desert and seeing the forest is almost a holy experience for me.

I spend my dream traveling across the city via public transportation soaking up the city culture (its like a really small old town with some new features like a few apartment buildings.)

At some point im driving my truck again and I start driving away from town to explore the forest on the outskirts of town. Its snowing.

I reach the outskirts of the snowy forest and see a slow and thick fog rolling through the snowy trees. j couldnt see through it but i was completely calm and at peace. I wanted to go into the forest so badly, but I did not want to get lost, so I turned back.

That was the highlight of my dream.

The rest of it, im pretty sure I found a small bar and grill and had a few beers then I woke up.

I was obsessed over this dream for about 2 days afterwards trying to find that peace again. I never have vivid dreams.
>be with family on a vacation in the top floor suite of a condo looking over the beach of some coastal carribean island
>me my family and some friends are partying drinking champagne dancing to loudass music having a good time
>look out towards the ocean
>a fucking massive tsunami is barrelling towards the condo.
>dwarfs the entire 15 story building.
>the dream always ends right as it smashes into the condo obliterates everything and kills all of us
This is a reaccuring dream that I have every once in a while
Can I ask a question, for anyone to answer.
What is happening to me?

I've been having constant dreams about an old, very old close best friend of mine for almost eleven years.

They are always the same, I dream about the version of him that I knew in middle school and elementary. I cared about him back then, but when I dreamt about him... I would feel things that confused me.
Not lust, nothing sexual. I felt... love for him.
Like I wanted him to be happy, I wanted his happiness so much that I would hurt myself to make it happen.
It hurt being away from him, I would wake up sobbing because the dream was over.
It confused me, I never felt that way while awake, but only in the dream would I feel such overwhelming need to be with him.

I hated it. I wanted to die, but I tried to shake myself out of it.
Every night, I would lose a little of my resistance to the dream. Every day, I would be more broken, more willing just to end it all.

I tried talking to him three times about the dreams, the first was to reestablish friendship which I seemed to purposefully sabotage.

The second was an attempt to tell him that I loved him when I was 24.

My last attempt was successful... I made it last November. I needed to sever my connection with him, to destroy the dream version of him with his real self, and move on.

I stopped dreaming about him. Now, I've been sleeping more often during my nights when I don't work. My dreams are chaotic, constantly trying to find someone in them, someone I love, but... I keep wanting to sleep more.

Yesterday, I had a hard time waking up... the dreams were layering themselves to keep me in them. Can anyone help me try to figure out what is going on? Did I do something wrong?
There are some bonds that shouldn't be broken. I think you and him were very close and being away from him threw you out of harmony. It's something that can be overcome, but it won't be overnight.

I pushed all of my friends out of my life about 5-6 years ago and haven't had a meaningful relationship with anybody else since. It hurt for a long time, but i have grown from the solitude into a different man than I was.

I have tried to mend fences, but I did not treat any of them very well in my day.

Life is a struggle of relationships, and sometimes it hurts. You will make it.
I'd say it seems you have yearnings for power
but i think the other thing i told you is more interesting to you
"Write a novel based on your dream, fill in the blanks with your waking mind where shit doesn't make sense"
I've been trying to get back into lucid dreaming. I used to be really interested, and I had a couple of them and a couple of sp experiences. They were all either through MILD or DILD. I had a spontaneous one a few weeks ago that resparked the interest. I used to try fild but couldn't get it to work. How exactly can I get fild and wild to work? Do I need to do the "wake back to bed" thing?
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So, guys, I posted this in other post and I was sent here, so, with the story, something really weird has been happening to me, EVERY FUCKING MORNING I wake up, I do my things, I take a shower, and when I'm leaving to go to classes or closing a door (it always happen when I’m closing a door) I wake up and realize I was just dreaming, last Monday it happened twice, it has been happening every day for two weeks now, sometimes I “wake up” in a place I don’t know or a place far away from where I’m really sleeping. Also, every time I go to sleep, even if I sleep only for thirty minutes, I have very lucid dreams, I don't know I'm dreaming, but they are very real, not realistic, but real, they FEEL REAL, just today I slept for 30 minutes and I dreamt about a stray black and white cat and fucking pigeons that when I touched them my hands turned into grey claws, I’m not fucking around guys, what the fuck is happening to me?
My dreams have been getting increasingly sexual the past couple of weeks. I feel at some point, if i have sleep paralysis, it'll end up being sexual too.

I dunno. It's kind of cool, but at the same time i can barley remember these dreams.
I would be a absolute wreck, closing and opening door every five minutes.
I need some help. Please read through this and answer the question. I'm going to be as vague as possible, but if anybody I know reads this, they'll definitely know exactly who I am, so I'd be completely screwed. Highly unlikely, though.

I know this girl who goes to school with me. Her family lives on the other side of the world. For reasons unknown to anybody, she just left suddenly during the summer to go be with her family. She was gone for 6+ months and had no contact with anybody at our school. She's a friend of mine, had romantic interest and some isolated incidents with her. But more than anything, she's a really great friend. I was able to confide in her to a great degree. So I was really sad that she was gone, told nobody why, and had no further contact with anybody.

Well, for the past couple weeks, I had been having very vivid dreams about her. Some romantic, some not explicitly romantic. All involved her being back from her long time away, not being some time in the past.

These dreams had a special sort of significance, though, because they were so vivid. Then, today, out of literally nowhere, she shows up. Back at our school from the other side of the world.

This isn't your average instance of dreaming about work and doing that the next day, or dreaming about talking to someone and then it happening. This is dreaming about a highly unlikely scenario that happened while I was still having these dreams - as I had one last night. What does it mean?
That's because after you get ready to leave your room, you accidentally hit the quick load key that takes you back to your previous autosave, which is right before you wake up. Assign the quick load keybind to a different key so you stop accidentally hitting it.

But seriously, though, I have had those dreams before. I've dreamed about getting ready for work, dreamed about being at work, dreamed about grinding in mmo's I've never played before, etc. I think if you're one of these people who does monotonous activity the same every time, and doesn't change up your routine very much, the dreams may develop if you're a vivid dreamer. Your case sounds worst, though. Your brain thinks in these neurological pathways, and it is used to and wants to use the same pathways that it is used to using. That's one of the reasons why people who think certain things or are depressed are the way they are, along with chemical imbalances. Your brain may just be running the same neurological pathways that it is used to running.

My advice would be to change up your morning routine. Maybe eat breakfast after you do your bathroom stuff if you do it before, or vice versa. Do pushups or other physical activity as soon as you get out of bed. Just something to give your brain something other than what it usually sees.

This doesn't sound like your only problem, as you sound like a very vivid dreamer, and it may be interrupting your sleep. You may need to see a doctor if it gets too bad, but I would try other avenues first. Try melatonin if you don't already use it. Start low and increase dose. It may smooth out your sleep cycle.
Laast monday was really weird, I "woke up" in my room and did stuff as usual, but then, when I "woke up" again I was in a farm I used to go to with my family when I was like 5, and then I started doing farm stuff, I went to fucking feed the chickens for fuck sake, I DON'T EVEN OWN CHICKENS! and then, as usual, when I opened the door to go back inside the house, I woke up for real... being completely honest with you, now I don't know if the things I do during the night (like going to the bathroom or stuff like that) are part of a dream or real (I don't live alone so I can't check if I was the one who used the bathroom or not, I live in a boarding home so if things change in the bathroom it may have been somebody else)
I would be careful with going to the bathroom in dreams. One time, when I was a kid, I went into the bathroom at my school and pissed in the urinal. Seconds later I found out that I wasn't at school, but sleeping in my bed, and now was covered in my own piss.

Now, whenever I walk into a bathroom in my dreams I just wake up because I'm subconsciously too afraid of pissing my bed if I'm in a dream.
I shit you not, I was scared shitless... quite literally, I didn't know if I had gone to the bathroom or if I had shat myself...
It happened again
I saw an episode of the Office in my dream and I just watched it today, again the dream was months ago but I get this feeling of remberance everytime it happens.

Someone has to know something, please!!!
What does it mean to not dream?

My partner says she's never had a dream while sleeping in her enitre life, and that all she sees while sleeping is black.

Not sure if she's fucking with me or if its a religious thing.
everyone dreams. people that "don't dream" simply have poor dream recall. you can google techniques for improving recall
I've got one. I suck at greentext so not going to do it. It was a short dream, around a minute to five minutes long. I was in my original family home with my parents. We were in the basement and there were wired symbols burnt into the walls. Not even satanic shit, like one I remember clearly was two dots and an outline of a person. My parents said "pet shop" then exclaiming about how they had to leave the house immediately, and wouldn't tell me why. Then I woke up.
>Be asleep
>Realize it's a dream(not really lucid dream just the realization)
>Go to my friend's house
>They are asleep
>Gag them and tie them down, then drag them to their basement
>Ungag them and begin to skin them
>They scream in agony but i don't give a shit
>Soon they are left without skin at all
>Start spreading salt all over them causing them to scream even more
>Get bored so i just kill them stabbing their face several times until there's only bloody mess left
[spoiler]I guess the dream me is really salty[/spoiler]
Last night I had a dream that me, my dad, and my brother were playing Monopoly with Animal Collective
>what would you suggest for a newfag on lucid dreaming?


Most effective techniques available.

... and all for free (just thought I'd mention that since people on /x/ have said before that it looks like "a scam" - not sure what kind of "scam" doesn't try to make money!).

Perhaps you should ask Childe Roland.
Anybody have any tips for not losing consciousness when doing wilds?
The other night I was laying in my bed with my kids, putting them to sleep, waiting for my wife to get home from work. Well I'm in and out of sleep. then next thing I know I'm in my daughters room both kids are awake asking me to close the blinds because they are scared. When I reach to pull the cord my whole body starts vibrating and I said to myself wait I just put the kids to bed...as I pulled the cord my body starts to vibrate really hard and it wakes me up.

This kind of freaked me out I had both kids sleep in bed with us that night. Wtf happened to me?
I've been having sleep paralysis every now and then for around 10 years, recently when I "wake up" I'm still in sleep paralysis and I "wake up" like 4 or 5 times before I truly wake up.

Anyone has an idea why this is happening?
Had a dream where i went to a big house to stay, wound up living there, then a big snake appeared in the living room and threw assault barf at me (imagine a kamehameha but barf and from its mouth) i dodged it barely because it moved to hit me and lasted a long time, then i was in a dark alleyway taking a piss

please explain
I had a dream where I flew over a large sea, but I thought of it as a roadway. I plunged deep into it, till I couldn't see anything. I heard 'strive to remember' then wake up. Boom. What's it mean?
Can someone tell me what this dream means. I still remember it even though it's been months.

>I start off at my highschool but it's like night time but people are still there
>I turn around and start running across the parking lot to a different building
>two people are following after me, the floor looks like it's been raining, the lights in the parking lot are on
>I get to the building, walk in and it's a hospital...I walk to the receptionist and ask her something but I can't make out what (it's like I telepathically talked to her)
>I nod to the two people that follow me and they stay in lobby
>I walk into this room, the moment I walk in I see my dead fiance and another man (her dad I believe) in a chair..she is in bed
>we look at each other and make eye contact
>after wards I sit in a chair and stare at the tv that her father is watching..I can't make out what I am seeing
>with my peripherals I can see my fiance fall out of bed (she now has no legs for some reason) and starts crawling towards me
>she climbs onto me and I never take my eyes off the tv
>she whispers "I know you're not really watching."
>I put my hands on her back and when I take them away my hands are full of this weird green ooze

Thta's when I wake up. I don't understand what it means but as you can tell it's very vivid.
The last dream i had was this black guy give me a pill that was supposed to take me to tbe city of light, but ended up being Viagra
It's been a while since I've done this but I'll give it a shot since your dream is unique.

You are subconsciously trying to avoid your fiance's death, either not fully accepting it or not feeling ready to move on. The lights shining on the wet floor while quickly changing scenery more or less mean there is light in change. The people that follow you in are there to accompany you and make sure you see, your subconscious is telling you not to avoid this.

When you walked into the room you only made eye contact once, not again. The reason you couldn't make out the tv was because the main purpose was to focus on her. Maybe you feel guilty because you didn't give her enough attention before or something else. It's apparent when she tried to grab your attention by crawling out of bed and onto you.

When she says that she knows you're not really watching it could mean a few different things that depend on the kind of relationship you two had and/or how she passed. It could mean that you didn't pay too much attention to her or there was something that made you want to avert your gaze from her but you couldn't focus on anything else. The green ooze could be the reason you were averting her gaze, like a sickness, disability, her attitude, or something she had.
Had a dream a couple days ago of being attacked by coyotes, saw two at work the night after. Several months ago the same thing happened, dream about getting attacked, see them the next night. Any ideas as to what's going on?
might have had a dream I was in the deep ocean. It was a little scary/little cool. Nothing happen, never saw anything except blue water above and dark water below.
>wake up in my bunk
>why am I on the carol marie?? (fishing vessel)
>go up to wheelhouse
>my dad is driving the boat
>holy shit the ocean is going fucking crazy right now
>see a gigantic swell start to approach
>"should we be worried about that dad?"
>"nah, son"
>huge swell starts to break on the bow of the boat
>brace for impact
>entire boat is submerged in the sea
>fish swimming by the window and shit
>slowly leaking water into boat
>"fuck dad what're we gonna do??"
>"chill, son"
>boat resurfaces moments later
>wake up in bunk, for real this time
>I'm on the unicorn (different fishing vessel)
>sea is going fucking crazy

I was pretty sure the dream meant I was going to die but here I am on shore and not dead
I feel you anon my uncle is a violent schizophrenic too..
Nothing spoopy, but when I'm dreaming I experience far more empathy when I'm awake. I actually see and understand things from other people's perspectives. When I'm awake I struggle to have any shred of empathy.
Do you live in the southern US, or hold any especially "conservative" views?

Do you go outsie on your own?
My two most recent dreams involve me unwillingly or being forced to commit a crime, and then the rest of the dream I am running around the city, changing clothes and basically being Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. In the first dream I find a friend who helps me steal a car and escape, in the second dream my older cousin finds me and teaches me how to live like a tramp. Very fun and exciting dreams, guns almost never work in my dreams but I was finally able to summon a gun and get it to work, something I have been trying to do for months.
I've been wondering this dream i've been having since i was like 10.

>Be me
>Chilling in some familiar place
>Suddenly i see my bro or my friend getting his ass whooped
>go help him out
Ususally they left me alone in the fight and pretend like nothing happened
>im doing my best to kick my enemy ass

Then i just can't hit him, like i would miss him with every punch. Or then i just manage to hit him but he just keeps laughing at me. He keeps taunting me that im weak or something like that.

And for some background info, i am a little aggressive, They kicked me out of the army because of my anger issues. But i have never been in a fight. And i would never fight unless i would be forced to do so.

So i were thinking that if i would defeat my enemy would it change me as well? Because i have never been so mad as i were in the dream. This makes me feel scared.
I had a dream early this morning of an intelligent being... he almost looked goblin like in the body but his head was flat and came to a point in the front like a beak. His head reminded me of a cubone as it looked like he was wearing the skull of another of his kind. But at one point, the skull was removed and he had nothing underneath but the bottom jaw. I can't get his image out of my head...
just seems like you have something to prove to yourself.
Huh pretty spot on actuslly.

She died of muscle dystrophy. I haventoved on and she passed away in 2010.

I was reallh good to her but at the end it was really strained. Last thing she said to me was i will always be an asshole
Lately my relationship with my mom had been pretty good but then I got really bad anxiety so I started eating sugar and drinking coffee to treat it then my mom started changing. She started saying "No" to things before she even knew the request. Witholding. She started talking to everyone how she's just gonna leave one day and she'll be missed. Just argumentative, surly and ill-tempered. Downright schizophrenic. Meanwhile I'm holding it together again. Has anyone heard about this, where the child gets better then the parent gets their symptoms? I think I read about it in a book about shamanism or whatever but to see it actually happen in front of my eyes is like wow.
Had a recurring dream when I was little and it always made me feel weird.

>At old house
>Middle of the night
>Guy that 'feels' like a burglar, he was dressed in black, wearing a mask of some sort
>He's on all fours and I'm 'riding' him
>Go from the hallway into the lounge

Always gave me the spooks and left me feeling unsettled. Never forgotten it.

One of only two recurring dreams I've ever had.
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It's been a long time since I had a dream I could remember when waking up. So if you will, a help with interpretation.

I'm living in Seattle and am given a job to deliver a box to Texas. I'm told to go with some people, the only one I could remember is an Asian girl (I briefly spoke to on the internets). I'm offered a red '68 Camaro or a red '70 El Camino(I don't even like Chevy too much). The Asian girl shows up in a brown '84 Bronco and it immediately crashes or blows up. the next scene in my dream I'm in the red Camaro with a friend I haven't seen in over 15 years, we're driving up onto the highway and I'm the on ramp going onto the Bay Bridge on the Oakland side in California heading to Texas. As soon as I'm the bridge I swerve to avoid a car in pieces, it looked crashed and destroyed. I woke up right then.

A package to Texas in the choice of two red cars? With destruction around me.
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There was a girl in Texas I was talking to for over three months every night for about 3-5 hours on the phone every night. The intensity the she pops up in my mind is quite regular and often. I'm not all stalker-ish about not talking to her anymore, I do miss her a lot and the chemistry in our conversation, lots of laughs and friendship. She just needed to date someone and I couldn't (and still) can't make it out to Texas.
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Y'all should watch Waking Life. It was kinda neat.
I have a recurring dream about a farm that I lived on as a child. It was a dairy farm, and I can remember the exact layout. I can never quite remember what happens in the dream, and I'm not sure that it's the same thing happening each time, even. I have had it 3 or 4 times, since high school, and I am now 22, going on 23. I haven't lived on the farm since Elementary school, and it's in another state.
I can tell you about dreams I remember vividly from back when I lived there, however. I recall one where I felt like I was falling/floating downward, but too fast. I fell through my bed and through my floor, down to the first floor dining room (Well, the doorway between the dining room and kitchen, as that's what my room was above) through THAT floor, and when I went through that floor I came out the top of my roof. I could feel the cold of the outside, and I'm pretty sure I was only there for a second or two, before I got scared and began to fall again. Back through my roof, and into my room. Through the top bunk on which my younger brother slept. But I stopped unnervingly fast before feather falling, literally moving back and forth like a feather, into the position on my bed in which I found myself when woke up, almost no transition of waking up.
There was another dream I had there when I was a child about jumping down the stairs. I always remember the stairs because they felt too long and I didn't know there was a closet at the top of them for the longest time because it disguised itself with the wall too well. My little brothers Winnie The Pooh Halloween costume was in that closet when I first noticed the door. Crazy what memories you find when you start telling a story. Anyway, I don't remember most of that dream, but I remember that when I jumped down the stairs, I glided down them too fast as if willing myself to be at the bottom already. I remember my eldest brother was in the dining room in that dream, but didn't want me to be there.
By farm I mean farmhouse. My family didn't work it, we just rented it I guess.
Anyway, I think they may have been early lucid dreams, as I have had some more legit ones after very minimal attempting, so maybe I'm just naturally prone to them or whatever. And I also have pretty terrifying sleep paralysis complete with hallucinations occasionally. Also usually at least once a night right as I begin to drift to sleep, a dream starting will like, shock me awake.
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>be me 15 at the time, 19 now
>be in dream
>don't know I'm dreaming
>be in my room, which is upstairs
>imagine typical teenagers messy room
>be on PC in dream
>feel like I hear something outside of my window
>move curtain (HISSSS! SUNLIGHT!!!)
>see body completely mutilated after being splashed by a truck (I live in a smaller village and trucks only rarely drove past my house)
>say in dream "well that solves that then!"
>brush it off and go back to PC
>can't remember more

>wake up
>find it extremely weird I was so apathetic to, from what I can remember, a very graphic and detailed gored body on the street outside my house
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>be in a dream
>can.not.go.through.anything.resembling.a.door/door frame

Fuck I just rembered it and it fucking frustrates me! What the fuck just lemme go to the next room!!!!!!!!
i keep having dreams about my ex-gf. it;s been like 4 years since we broke up. it's weird though because in dreams she is always insanely hot but in real life she was just average.
I had a dream last night that freaked the shit out of me

>on a bus riding to some nature-looking camp
>see mountain bikers riding on the hills to the side of the road
>arrive and enter a portable classroom
>suddenly everyone I arrived with is really somber, and sad almost
>we're handed these take-out boxes by someone to eat
>this someone just looks like a dark cloud that has a near humanoid shape
>we open the boxes and find two dead ravens in them
>everyone freaks out a bit but no words were said
>it was assumed we had to eat them so we all did
>people started crying as they were eating and I finished first
>I get up to leave and have the taste of ravens and it's bones in my mouth

I woke up with the same taste in my mouth and I became so disgusted I threw up. I've figured so far that it relates to some big changes that have been happening in my life (good changes) but beyond that i'm not entirely sure.
>sleeping on couch
>wake up to see lanky deer monster with a horrible growth on it's face
>It's observing my body and doesn't notice I'm awake
>very groggy can barely keep my eyes open
>struggling to move and reach ouch to the creature
>manage to get my hand to it's backside
>start fingering it's vag
>hoping I don't wake up
>wake up
>I'm fingering my blanket

Needed to tell someone, I still really want to grope more sleep paralysis monsters.
>be me, 16
>4 am
>falls asleep
>I'm a pilgrim boy
>my family consists of mother, father, and little sister
>everything outside is an lsd trip with flashing creepy pastas
>wakes up
>falls back to sleep
>mother has placed a blond lady gaga wig on me
>little sister is screaming
>parents say nothing and push us into a dark room
>sister ties me to the floor
>lsd trip is leaking into the room
>sister rapes me
>sister suddenly turns into the girl who danced in chandelier
>continues to cowgirl
>i am motionless
>the room is now full lsd trip
> sister rips off my dick
>wakes up
>goes back to sleep
>sleep paralysis
>the figure is the little sister
>tries to scream
>cant do shit

I woke up with a blood shot eye and a bloody nose the rape part replayed in my head all day
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I had a really odd one last night, it had 2 parts.
It was about Planet X
>be me
>really sick at my house
>school today
>stay home
>feel better and go to school
>normal day
>Free time, watch a video about Planet X because the discovery
>Video says planet X is closer to earth then the moon
>huge flash, look out window
>earth is being destroyed
>another flash

i woke up around midnight, a rash i had on the back of my head was keeping my awake. So I went to the bathroom to wash my hair and the itch stops, so i go back to sleep
Dream again:

>i was knocked out
>complete silence
>wake up
>nothing for miles around besides a desk
>look to the sky
>half day, half night
> moon was out and red like blood with a huge crack
>sun was dimming slowly
>look left and see Planet X

Planet X looked like earth, but was being destroyed, and had a face on it like the face on mars but looked sad.

>one glowing eye
>flickering red slowly.
>look for other life
>the others went into something similar to a Fallout vault, but had a square door
>bang on it
>someone opened the door, some people step out

>I told them what was happening and what Planet X was, everyone somehow knew everything.
>my foil hat friend told me that Planet X was a super weapon created by an extraterrestrial master race, who was trying to use the planet as a weapon to destroy earth, preventing humans from taking over the universe.

>super loud sound
>everything is shaded red
>everyone is incinerated
>wake up

Pic kinda related, a drawing i did in 2 minutes of what planet X looked like.
Are you trying to quit smoking?
>>be me in bed before sleeping
>>'playing' with some essence visualization and astral projection stuff
>>falls into semi-conscious state
>>feel that there is something 'probing' me
>>feel that it is not actually a bad thingy
>>we talk a little
>>It shows me that its not from this world/dimension, pretty weird abstract imagery/feeling
>>It tells me it can help me to project myself
>>the thing is not hostile and it is just probably just a dream, why not?
>>agree and suddenly feel the "pull" that I can usually reach with some effort.
>>Thing say that I'm strange, it should have been able to "lift me" on its own.
>>I say that we should try to do it together.
>>Space-dimension-fast-travel feeling (fucking awesome)
>>apparently in my college class and start talking about some science stuff
>>constants and units doesn't match with reality
>>realize that this is somewhat a dream and a different dimension at the same time
>>feel that this was a planted dream for me to have those realizations.
>>try to project/travel again and suceed
>>Space-dimension-fast-travel feeling (really, really awesome)
>>start jumping around just for the traveling feeling
>>cant remember much from the jumps. (except that in one I was semi-conscious again and could feel my bed and sheets)
>>at some point I decide to test this "power"
>>Hold onto a nail standing out of a stairway and try to jump while holding the nail (I remember feeling the nail in my hand, although it seemed to have no temperature, only substance)
>>Somewhat managed to do the jump but still standing on the same place
>>being at two places at the same time is mind taxing weird, but not painful
>>let go of the nail and the "dream" ends
>>still don't know what to make of it
Reminds me of one dream i had a while ago

I had to put a doll made of rags in a basket but some type of force wouldnt let me, i there was another basket but if i put it in that one i would die. If i didnt put it in a basket, i would die.
I woke up really mad and stayed like that for a while
So i dont know if this is lucid dreaming or astral projection/OBE. But, they always start the same way.

>be in bed, have to lie on my back for this to happen. Normally sleep on my side
>moment where I'm about to fall asleep, but realize it
>stay very still
>body starts to hum and vibrate
>be pulled by my ankles, upwards
>end up hanging by my feet from the ceiling
>looking down at the floor, theres always some kind of creature on the floor
>one time it was orcs
>the last time it was dogs
>I'm slowly lowered face first towards the floor
>normally the dogs/creatures are gnashing their teeth at me
>if I freak out, the experience ends
>if I manage to remain calm, then the OBE/lucid dreaming starts
>travel/float around/fly doing whatever I want
>banged emma watson one time, felt incredibly real
>traveled an ancient castle another time

So what is this?
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Not scary, but makes me think.
This is the earliest dream I remember

>be me
>in the woods with my friends
>were a group of super villains trying to stop the heros from reaching a tower that contains a key that could unlock a gateway to heaven
>Race the heros to the tower, while fighting them along the way
>my power is to shoot slime that slows them down and i can make anything i want out of slime
>we reach the tower first
>me and my friends are trying to hold off the super heros from entering
>my mom drives up to the tower
>says i need to come home
>have to go with her
>watch my friends get arrested by the heros
>i cant use my powers or my mom will know im evil (she thought i was a hero)

Im not sure what it meant but it still makes me think.
i've had a recurring dream for a long time now, im in my bed,when suddenly i wake up and see to my left two giant golden fish , they are triying to eat eachother , with little sucess, but then there comes a lizard (also yellow) and eats both , all this happens in a 12 galoon tank, in the dream i couldn't see any other detail of my room ,it felled like despite looking the same it wax somewhere different. the reptil and the 2 fish where the double of a normal one size, or maybe three times. Another one is an owl standed on a book , when suddendly a lighting comes down and i wake up ,,any idea of one or the two?
I just had a weird dream that i was inside an active volcano that's gonna erupt within a minute. I'm with someone and she helped me climbed out of it.

And something I'm worried about that there's a nuclear stuff nearby.
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Sup /x/. I don't usually come here, but I want to hear your opinion on this.
I had a dream last night about violently beating my dead grandfather, who I actually loved and took care of for the last years of his life.
What the fuck?
For a while I have been dreaming about seeing a huge cliff with piles of bricks next to it, I have been seeing the image in several dreams but when I approached the cliff I woke up instantly. So yesterday I was dreaming and I was in middle of a field and in a hurry, so I stole a car that was parked there.I drove to the cliff again but this time I did not wake up, but managed to start climbing the bricks and soon realized that Im not supposed to climb the cliff but rather go around it. It was possible to move around the cliff by stepping onto the bricks but I was very high in air as I climbed and as I approached the side of cliff that could not be seen in my dreams before, I woke up. What could the cliff or the "other" side of it mean?
i also keep a dream journal. my dreams are also quite desturbing.
have any of these dreams been lucid?
Gonna give it a read.

Thank you!! <3
Posted this in a separate thread without realizing this was here.

I have a few questions about lucid dreaming. Is what other people know in your dreams limited to what you know? Are there even other people in your dreams? Will my mind substitute wrong answers for questions I ask someone if I myself don't actually know the answers? Any answers appreciated.
>standing on top of a mountain with a large group of people
>i get the feeling i am in a tribe of some sort
>someone gets this bright idea to roll a fuck ton of rocks down the mountain to make a clearing to setup camp
>everyone starts rolling huge rocks down the mountain
>see trees falling down below
>everything settles and there is now a huge clearing
>we go down to investigate
>see hundreds of dead deer

i felt kind of bad for the deer but i knew it was easier than trying to hunt them. and it's not like they were going to go to waste either because our tribe was going to live off those deer for months.
>Is what other people know in your dreams limited to what you know?

depends on who you ask. some people believe when you dream you are hooked up the the collective conscience and other people believe that dreams take part solely inside your own brain.

>Are there even other people in your dreams?

doubtful. there really hasn't been any conclusive evidence to show that we can share dreams with other people. hypnosis on the other hand...

> Will my mind substitute wrong answers for questions I ask someone if I myself don't actually know the answers?

yes, it could. or it could just make a bunch of jibberish. some of the funniest moments in my lucid dreams are from asking dream characters tough questions. answers can be hilarious.
I meant to (you) you>>17268958
Guys can someone translate my dreams for me?
Made a thread, but posting this here sure seems more appropriate: Ok, so I consider myself a very sane person, but the last few weeks got me tired and frustrated over the expanding dream I had. I rarely dream, and if I do, its usually something that will be forgotten a few hours later. My usual dreams are pure chaos, but this shit was so fucking real:
>I'm in some kind of a simplistic hallway with semi-transparent red curtains everywhere, behind which people were sleeping on finely crafted leather couches.
>I've never seen these people in my life. All kinds of age, race and gender (as I woke up I tried to think over some of their faces, trying to peace them with ones I saw in the media or on the street, but nothing came up)
>The hallway seemed to be infinite as far as I could see.
>I approached a sleeping girl which seemed to be my age.Upon trying to wake her up, she jolted in fear, opening her eyes and screaming for a short while before succumbing back to sleep.
>I tried the same shit on several other people with no change in the effect - everyone was scared upon waking up and then going back to sleep.
>The hallway itself was pretty sterile and bleak, but it wasn't creepy or anything.
>Eventually I spotted two people who were no asleep. Both were males, but the more I try to remember their features, the cloudier my memory gets.
>All I remember is they approached me and I felt unease.
>My usual first response in such a situation was instinctive and as they came towards me, I remembering running towards one of them and tackling him.
>Then I wake up.
>10 nights in a row now, whenever I go to sleep I dream of this hallway. I wonder around and encounter these two guys, then wake up.

What the fuck is up with this shit?
This. I hate my brain.
They are usually remarkable chill. I don't know how.
it goes like this
>place is my old highschool
>me running through the corridors and hallways cuz a masked man with a knife is after me
>dont know how I started running
>it was lucid, I can feel myself running and I can feel exhaustion
>the fucking hallways were long
>shit masked man is fast and he is catching up too me
>get to the gates
>see no sign of masked man
>step out of school
>get stabbed in the back
>look behind me and fall cuz someone pounced on me
>flail and hit the mask he is wearing
>see his face, o shit, it's me
>I stabbed myself in the back
>wake up with backpains
guys wtf does this mean?
Do you like hurting people?
No. I enjoy combat sports and the occasional friendly brawl, but more for the competitive aspect than anything. And I would only spar/fight people who fight back and and at the same level or higher as me.
I have never hurt an animal, a harmless person or done anything even remotely sadistic.
I have had some crazy dreams right after people die. So maybe it's normal?
Someone a while ago had a dream like this but not a desert but on a cliff in the middle of sea. He were all alone though and on the inside.
Seems like a somewhat normal dream to have.
>and and
*and are

He died a while ago.
Idk I use to see people that had passed away a lot. not recently though. And never anything like that. watch/read a lot of horror. probably all it is.
*watch/read a lot of horror?
Nah, I can't handle spooks so I stay away from shit like this. I only came to /x/ because I know you guys have threads about dreams.
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>be a few years ago
>in a lucid dream
>spawn in a rope
>make a lasso out of it
>throw the lasso at the moon
>it hooks on it perfectly
>tug on the rope
>moon comes crashing down to earth
i have some odd dreams every once in a while.

1.I'm looking at a painted portrait of me standing next to my mother who is wearing a wedding dress, staring at the picture makes me uneasy and i feel something oppressive until i eventually wake up.

2. i'm in the dirt, eventually i notice two sets of roots, one black, the other white. they reach and eventually wrap and grow around each other to make a single black and white tree.

3.i'm looking at a golden cylinder in the sky.
suddenly i'm inside it, the inside is also gold but it looks like i'm outside and you can see a horizon in the distance. it's very hard to stand and walk because the ground is undulating, separating, and reforming under my feet.
eventually i see two lions of opposite gender relaxing, i walk up to them and they are friendly.
after petting them for a bit the male lion opens his mouth.
it's full of maggots
and then i woke up.

so yeah most of my dreams are pretty mundane, but every once in a while i get some really crazy ones
You don't spell Mac with with a K you lying piece of shit. FAKE
A while back I read somewhere that even while you're lucid dreaming, you can still let your subconscious take control of the dream. Can anyone confirm or deny?
Sometimes. Maybe 1/4 of the time.
The dreams are too quick for me to really do anything, by the time I start realizing im dreaming and gain control my dream changes.
can confirm.
had this dream a few nights ago

i was in the dream with the perspective of a player some sort of survival horror game, i was stuck in a boarded up, dim room on the upper story of a building. a girl was with me, her screen name was "hermione", and she was explaining to me how our run was doing very badly and that if we wanted to have a chance, we would need to reset her game

i responded with, okay, sure, that's fair, tell me how to do it. she pulled a laptop and she did some sort of username reset process for the both of us

and then she walked over to the window of the building, and told me to jump out, because now we were going to have to die. i got irritated, told her: hey, i've got relationships and things to do, i don't want to do that. because, i knew that if i jumped, i would lose all of the memories on my current run, and that i had i had a few real memories that i didn't want to lose

she shrugged and told me that it was my loss, and then she jumped off, i saw her skull crack open, she died almost instantly

after that, some shambling mutant zombie-type enemies ran into the room and lunged for me. i stepped onto the ledge of the window, and shimmied out onto the outer edge of the building

one of them jumped out and grabbed my shoulder, bit off a chunk of my hand. i thought: jeez fuck fine, and then let myself fall to the pavement below

despite feeling a crunch and something warm leaking from my head, i survived the fall. i crawled over to the road, found a curb, and then smashed the side of my skull against it until i blacked out

i respawned in the same room i was in before, the girl wasn't there, and in a moments, instead of zombies, two sketchy-looking men in suits appeared and told me they had something for me to do

i think that they were members of a yakuza and then i had to do zany errands for them in that run, like taking pictures of restaurants they wanted to eat at. there wasn't a single zombie
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fucking kek'd
I'm not really sure if my tangent adds anything to the thread, but...

A couple of years ago, I was talking to a friend about lucid dreaming and what made it so interesting compared to normal dreaming. After discussion, he said that it sounds like I naturally lucid dream, because I'm always aware I'm dreaming and am in control of my actions while dreaming.

That being said, I've never felt the need to go flying or anything like that. It's more like I'm dropped into a situation and I'm like "oh cool, this is what we're doing today. I'm going to a bar/getting married/going skydiving. Okay." And then I approach the situation in my dream the same way I would in real life. If I didn't want to go skiing, I'd stay at the lodge and chill. If I wanted to talk to those two chicks at the bar I would.

I'm still not really certain if that's considered lucid dreaming though. The concept of dreaming v. lucid dreaming is weird to me. Isn't everyone able to control themselves in a dream at least a little bit? I mean, how could you even walk around without somehow forcing yourself to go one direction or another?
I have two types of nights for lucid dreaming: red nights and green nights.

Green nights are as you would expect: green means go. Everything is comfy and good and I can attempt to lucid dream.

Red nights are different. Red nights are where I have to be absolutely careful NOT to try lucid dreaming just incase I succeed. The problem is that I can't get mental images out of my mind like faces looking through cracks in my walls or -things- walking around behind me. These mental images, if I was foolish enough to try to induce a lucid dream, would fold directly over into the dream and I would effectively be living that nightmare scenario out.
Red nights also are nights where my dreams are horrific and uncomfortable. I have had this problem my whole life and as you would expect I have gotten used to it. I no longer am scared by my dreams - sometimes I am shocked, but I never have fear. Of course, when I am awake I am very afraid. It doesn't help I sleep in a basement and hear it chewing behind me every night (I sleep backwards in bed so I don't have to see it).

Anyway, does anyone have any tips for not falling asleep so quickly during WILDs?
Not going to try to interpret, I don't know enough about you.

That said, are you going to sleep expecting to have another dream like this? If you are, it probably doesn't help.

Those dreams can be a fucking pain in the ass. Had the same problem a few years back.

Try learning to reality check as a part of your morning routine. Other than that, setting two alarms helped me. Give yourself about 15-20 mins between them. No need to wake up until the second one, it just lets you know you were dreaming. If you still worry, a third one 5 mins later always worked.
Do you feel that you lost something because of the time you spent caring for him?
Was he someone you looked up to, who you feel you have to somehow live up to?
Is something stopping you from moving on or are other people not moving on and allowing you to live your life?
>get sp all the time
>always popping up in my dreams being violent and disturbing the peace
>both in the same room
>I (if it was me... like I'm not sure if I was me in this part of the dream) chase the little girl outside to her treehouse
>Leia is there so he's basically masturbating in front of his sister
>Leave my bedroom to get water
>Spiked teeth
>wake up
>Black leader has 2 faces
>Turns out the Cookies were cursed, just buying them is enough
>fly back into its face with the loud screeching static
>However I kind voice tells me that if I give my life 100% to Jesus that the dream will stop
>run to the closet where I keep all my shit (currently visiting rn so no room)
>I have to run fast as fuck in order to gain flight however, and not always 100% successful in my dream
>say "fuck this" and take the train
>time literally jumps back a minute
>start fucking her
>cokcpit comes flying towards me
>my friend asks me if he wants to split wings with me
>this man tries to grab me and I desperately try to shoot him... No bullets
>suddenly a window
> I'm in this world now
>the dream always ends right as it smashes into the condo obliterates everything and kills all of us
>Get bored so i just kill them stabbing their face several times until there's only bloody mess left
>I put my hands on her back and when I take them away my hands are full of this weird green ooze
>"chill, son"
>im doing my best to kick my enemy ass
>Go from the hallway into the lounge
>can't remember more
>I get up to leave and have the taste of ravens and it's bones in my mouth
>I'm fingering my blanket
>sister suddenly turns into the girl who danced in chandelier
>half day, half night
>try to project/travel again and suceed
>be in bed, have to lie on my back for this to happen. Normally sleep on my side
>in the woods with my friends
>someone gets this bright idea to roll a fuck ton of rocks down the mountain to make a clearing to setup camp
>The hallway seemed to be infinite as far as I could see.
>Do you feel that you lost something because of the time you spent caring for him?
No. Caring for the ones you love is only natural.
>Was he someone you looked up to, who you feel you have to somehow live up to?
I admired his peaceful nature, but I wouldn't say I want to be quite like him.
>Is something stopping you from moving on or are other people not moving on and allowing you to live your life?
I think everyone's moved on, aside from my grandmother, but I don't see her very often. Shit, I should call her. I usually call her every Saturday to check up on her, but I had some tech issues this weekend and forgot. Thanks for reminding me.
I lived out one of my precognitive dreams today. Nothing wonderful other than the fact that it was given to me to see it before it happened. I was sitting at my counter, cutting cheese, listening to a station that I never listened to before and thinking thoughts of a tenor I've never thought when I first had the dream.
Do you have any other strange dreams besides that of your grandfather? Any reoccurring themes, scenes, or objects/things?
I got occasional nightmares, like being attacked by a giant earwig, being stuck in a crumbling building and so on - but no recurring themes other than, well, danger.
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best i can say is that you really should go see the forest, even if just as a vacation thing
the thing that the forest was filled with fog it probably because you don't know what the forests are really like.
why this dream was more vivid, i can't tell, maybe because you wanted it to be

you're afraid of traveling to someplace else, maybe you had some trauma when you were on vacation, or maybe the concept of being in a foreign place just scares you with no other reason

maybe you feel guilty for something you did that made you feel as if you messed his life up
i can't say why you're having this dream, but i think you made the right choice in getting in touch with him again.
i also think you need to reconsider those three conversations you had with him
since you don't have the dreams anymore, they probably had some sort of effect on you

as with most other things related to dreams, the first step is to write a dream journal
seeing as you've done these things before it shouldn't be too hard now, unless you're on some meds or drugs you weren't on then that might change the chemistry in your brain

write a sleep journal
the reason they're sexual might be because you're sexually frustrated, or feel a longing for someone to be with

the dreams were vivid because you wanted them to be. when someone experiences a dream as vivid it is because they remember them well
as for her showing up, i want to say is a coincidence. if you kept having them constantly, then sooner or later you'd stop, or she'd come back while you were having them. It's like flipping a coin over and over again, and then making a special note about it when you sooner or later get heads four times in a row
also, get in touch with her, your dreams is evidence of how much you've missed her

have her write a dream journal
if she insists she won't have anything to write, it's because she's too used to the thought that she can't dream
Congrats, you're in love. Now act on it before you miss your chance, or you will regret it.
File: ukRCP5u.jpg (19 KB, 540x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 540x370
I'm guessing the dream was a lot longer than that, but you can't remember anything more, maybe you feel there's something your "original family" is hiding from you
And what do you mean by "original family"? did you only spend part of your childhood with your birthparents?

if you knew it was a dream you should probably know this yourself, but maybe you decided to try and experience the act of torture/murder because you knew it was a dream and couldn't affect the real world

Doesn't seem to be anything special/weird about that, nor do you seem to have any questions. why do you come to this thread?

Don't know what wilds are, but as with many other things, first step is to write a dream journal, so you'll remember your dreams better

probably just your mind experimenting with how you'd react to your children being afraid of the dark

not during sleep paralysis, but i have had dreams where i wake up several times, only i can remember was when i woke up from my first dream in a radiostation, later had a conversation with some people and the faded away, then woke up in my own bed, but there were kids in my room, throw my things around, i woke up again
I've heard that most people have several dreams over one night, but they usually remembered as one dream, maybe when the dreams are very different our minds have to give us a logical start to the new one by waking us up even if we don't wake up
did that make sense or was it just rambling?

you feel like you want to experience something extra ordinary, but you couldn't think of how you'd solve that situation, so your dream just shifted into the alleyway pissing
also, most times when one pisses in dreams, you do that in reality too, did you wet your bed that night?
apparently that signifies feeling vulnerable

my guess is that there was more to the dream, and you had realized it was a dream, and tried "striving to remember" it but failed
I have a handful of dreams that I can connect to a time in my life and remember well.

The oldest known dream I have is a strange one. I was about 8 years old when I had it. It started with me being completely naked at the playground by my house. No one else was there but me. For some reason, every time I moved, I'd take a lunge and I'd thrust 20-40 feet in the air and fall back down slowly and keep doing this as movement. Totally naked, mind you, an 8 year old kid, literally fucking moon-hopping around the local park. No idea why that happened. It ended when I made my way to the back of the park, where trees usually are, but in the dream a huge elegant fountain garnished with shimmering objects stood and made tenure.

A second dream I had was 3-4 years ago at age 18 or so. It was me running from a huge grizzly bear in a forest of tall trees in the winter. I ran and ran until I couldn't see it behind me anymore until it appeared in front of me out of no where. It pounced onto me and I remember it trying to bite my face, but I blocked its jaws with my forearms, which became extremely bloodied. That's all I remember.

I had a series of dreams each consecutive night around the time I experienced the worst break up of my life. She lost her parents when she was young, and our relationship was sabotaged by trust issues. Anyway, the dream...

The dream was me in an unknown house in a suburb, presumably her old house in Michigan before she moved where I met her later in life. I made my way around the house to see a couple holding an infant in their arms among house guests they were entertaining. I made my way up to the couple and had conversation. They abruptly insisted I should hold their child. I turned the offer down reluctantly, and eventually figured out that the baby was my ex girl, and that I was transfixed in a different time far in the past.

Fast forward in the same dream, or perhaps a different one where they inexplicably melded into one another. So I'm inside this HUGE Harry Potter-esque castle, fucking tremendous. I realize I'm apparently staying the night at the parents of my ex girlfriends house (castle). No idea how it turned into a castle. But anyway, I make my way up to where I'm supposed to sleep for the night, and it's this massive room, perhaps 100x100 feet with a 50 foot ceiling, and a bed placed in the corner by a window that sees to rain and darkness. Upon falling asleep in the bed, I begin dreaming in my own dream (meta, i kno rite ^.^). Essentially, I end up hearing footsteps and murmurings of a girl speaking 40 different things at once. The sounds get closer and become known to be coming from a room adjacent to the bed I was in. The sounds ended up being my ex haunting me some shit. Was a fucked up dream, kind of silly to have had that looking back, but at the time it was pretty unreal.
File: 010.jpg (330 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sorry if I'm late to the party, but I've been having weird dreams these past few days that have convinced me that dreams sometimes heed warnings/signs about upcoming events.

A little bit of backstory - I've been struggling with an alcoholic father my entire life, mother left him for that very reason, but he got remarried a few years back.

>last few days back at home for break
>father has been drinking more than lately
>always arguing and yelling or some shit at night
>every night I dream about him
>one dream involved me confronting him and telling him a bunch of shit
>another dream involved him having a drunken rant while I had friends over, making me feel embarrassed and angry
>another dream involved me destroying his room
>always wake up with a sense of dread

Anyway, last night on the drive back to my university, my mother told me she dreamed about my father for the first time since they got divorced years ago.

>In the dream, my mother is standing in doorway
>my father is on the phone with someone, calling them sweet names and flirting
>father notices mom and he lowers his head like a dog
>my mother tells him, "you better not fuck this up again, because she [referring to my step-mom] will leave and you'll get sick and die alone because no one will love you sick."
>my father mimics her and laughs

Today, my sister texted me saying she found my stepmother walking on the street, crying. She said my stepmother was leaving my father.
Does /x/ believe dreams can be premonitions? Or is it just a coincidence?
I've had the same dream since my middle school years, and I'd love some opinions. Id green text but it'd be difficult.

Dream always starts out in a very foggy, but very lush and green place, almost like a beautiful maze.I walk for some time before coming upon a somewhat larg koi pond. All around it the grass is lush and freshly cut, dewy. There a statues as well, very Grecian but all are decaying, arms missing ect.
The koi pond has stepping stone and I am unafraid to walk on them, but they are very slippery and I always fall in when I a tempt to jump from stone to stone.
The koi pond is fathoms deep suddenly, filled with gigantic catfish and fat, bloated goldfish. I am very afraid, terrify and I am scrambling to get back on land but cannot, the grass and stones are too dewy, I slip back in each time. I am always scared the catfish will eat me, but none of the gains even notice me.. like I'm not there at all but I feel like if I don't get out they'll eat me.
I wake up scared to death, somtimes sweating a storm. Asked somone to read into my dream before but they just said the catfish means somone isn't who I think they are?? But the setting is so serene and beutiful..
I never post here, but I'm glad this thread exists!

I've had hella lucid dreams, gonna go through the thread and read about some interesting ones hopefully!

Weirdest thing I've ever done is tell people in my lucid dream that they're in my dream. Reaction could be anything. Sometimes they say "yeah, duh dumbass" hella sarcastic, sometimes they have a full psychotic break, usually disturbing enough to wake me up...

also, flying is the shit.
i've had dreams that were exactly what happened, frame by frame, down to the words in my head, later in life. they are less frequent now and i havent had one of those dreams in years, but the moments where the dream and reality converge click and its like a zooming de ja vu experience
The only dreams i ever have are horrible nightmares. i cannot remember a time where i have had a pleasant dream. it's always these distorted and unfamiliar landscapes and unfamiliar people, always with a sense of dread

wat duz dis mean
Dreams can oftentimes detail events that could take place. I've had it happen before. It won't happen in the same order or detail but the theme will.
Hey guys,

I've got a question but first the story. I'm on mobile so no greentext sorry.

My grandfather passed away just before Christmas 2years ago.
Between 4months after and up to last week.
He seems to drop in and out of my dreams.
I am an experienced lucid dreamer.
I'm not sure how but whilst in most dreams that I remember there's a few that I don't take control over.
In the first couple of dreams I've had of him he wouldn't speak to me he'd just be there.
Now he's starting to have conversations with me.
Nothing crazy but he's saying things to me I've never heard him say to me before.
He's also trying to motivate me on current hurdles in my life.

Is it possible his spirit is contacting me through dreams?

Thanks in advance for replies.

Well they're right about the catfish. I'll try my best to interpret the whole thing for you.

You essentially walk through an emotional labyrinth. The beauty is calming and serene to show that there shouldn't be anything to fear. The koi pond that you reach could symbolize a friendship or relationship(family wise, romantic, or even with your inner self)

When you try to step across the stones over the water, you are trying to stay above your feelings or emotions, but the stones remind you that it is easy to fall in. When you do fall, however, you become afraid. You are falling into your inner self or an emotional pit.

The goldfish around you symbolize that there is something to learn here while the catfish show that things aren't exactly how they seem, perhaps about yourself or others. The fish don't notice or seem to mind you, yet you have the immense fear that you will be eaten. When you try to climb out you are unable to because this is something you must face or understand.

Is there something you're hiding from others or suppressing?

I can't say this for certain but I have the feeling that this dream is mostly about yourself. You might not be true to yourself, or you are afraid of expressing your true self to others or family.

When you are walking on the stones without fear and taking leaps, you are essentially being brave to the world but one misstep and you are reminded that who you show isn't really who you are.

Your inner self is being stifled and your subconscious is telling you that you need to face, accept, or embrace that part of yourself. If you don't then that part of you could wither away inside like the statues you saw in the beginning.

All that being said, I might way off and the dream could be about someone close to you that might not be the perfect image you thought they would be.
Other peoples dreams are boring.

I only care about sharing my dreams because i am an interesting person.
I make a strange dream and wanna have some meaning of it. So if somes can help ^^
I'm white living in asia from many years already ( Korea/japan/china/malaysia)
Dream :
I'm in a city with an asian girl with short hair, and in my memory we are kind of teenager. and we need to go to the top of a building because reasons (some safety place or something). But she didn't want we go quickly, and after a will she say we must wait her father.
The dude come, go with us. and suddenly many things interrupt me to follow them. But I know which building is it, so after dealing with the shits blocking me, I'm following others wanna go to the top. when I arrive, I'm searching and can't see her. ask to anyone, some people said me the first ones arrived saw her kissing her father, and embarassed they left.
after that my dream become strange and I can't remember shit.

But when I woke up, I felt really strange and concerned about it, all day long.
I don't have any clue why. If someone know the meaning of the dream, tll me please.
I know many people don't believe in dreams meaning, me either, so why I feel so concerned about it.

Thank you in advance.
I remember gorging myself on golden goose eggs in a dream, what does it mean?
What are the best supplements to increase dream recall?

I know about Calea Zacatechichi, is there anything cheaper with similar effects?
Only ones I know are
5-htp - expensive
california poppy extract
valerian - apparently is easy to grow yourself and you can therefore take as much as you want
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People, feel free to respond to my replies to your comments

viagra might just be you having morning wood, it happens several times in the middle of the night
otherwise the dream might be your own version of the start of Matrix

most dreams about being underwater are nightmares, as it's easily connected to our fear of drowning, are you sure you were underwater?
might just mean you really like the ocean

I think i also had a dream once where i was in a boat that was completely submerged, but then floated up again. can't remember more though
anyways, the dream probably means that you feel your dad is able to get you out of nearly any situation
as for it being premonition, i'd rather say it was playing on your fear that you might sink and drown

I think i've had that feeling when dreaming too
When you're dreaming, everything is happening in your mind, so subconsciously, you kind of know why other people in the dream do the things they do
but you don't have that ability in the real world, so you have to work to understand other people

Haven't seen The Fugitive, but i'll give it a try
so you summoned a gun? you mean it was a lucid dream?
Why a gun would be more difficult to summon than any other object, i can only guess and say they're complex machines, and not just a simple tool. Have you tried summoning other machines? like a car or a computer?
You might put yourself in that sort of situation because you want a more exciting life, you want an urban adventure
Had a cool dream I fell in love all over again with this girl I dated. Which is amazing because I felt like shit and had a headache all day.
I woke up with sleep paralysis, but I saw a blue rat crawling in front of my face, and black hair creeping in the sides of my vision before being able to wake up. What does it mean?
Anyone else here have precognitive dreams that always come true? Not talking about ones that last for 10 seconds and happen a few days or a couple of weeks later, but ones that feel long and involve huge life events 6 months or so later?
cool bro'
Thanks for attempting this; by all means, please continue...
You should probably make a new thread, though
I have a lot of dreams about killing other people that I know. It is always by either strangling the person to death or slitting their throat. I wake up once I kill the person in the dream and I am not scared or anything, but I am really hot, if not sweating when I wake up. If I try and go back to sleep right away, I will restart the killing scene in my dream so I have to stay awake for a half hour or so and try and clear my mind before I am able to finish off the night of sleep.

Does this happen to anyone else? Am I fucked in the head?
not sure what to make of it, maybe you were just trying to think of something very alien and unnatural

sounds like your mom is lonely, frustrated and feel like she's not appreciated
You also weren't very clear on this being a dream or real
anyways, i have never heard of those symptom things, but it could easily be placebo or confirmation bias i guess

seems weird that such an innocent event would make you feel unsettled, my guess is there's more to the dream , but you can't remember the rest
I'll give you the advise i give most, start writing a dream journal. Sooner or later you'll have the dream again, and you might remember it better.
even write it down the second and third time, so you can compare it better
I've also got the impression that most recurring dreams are memories, so this might be some scary memory from your childhood

kind of funny
As for what it means, i'm sorry but i'm stuck. Maybe you for some reason expected to see a dead body, or maybe you thought there was nothing to do about it

So you can't ever walk through doors?
That's strange. If that's the only recurring theme in your dreams it's even stranger
only thing i can say is that if you managed to go Lucid, you'd probably be able to do so at your own will.
Start by making a dream Journal

you remember her better looking that she really was.
Maybe it means you miss the connection you used to have with her.

your sister fucking you was probably during your paralysed state, seeing as you were tied down and couldn't move
you were basically having a dream as you were slowly waking up, i've had those loads of times
as for the rape, don't think it meant anything else than just being SP

and these are unpleasant dreams?
Maybe you're afraid you'll enjoy the feeling of killing someone, that doesn't mean you will enjoy it, it just means you think you might
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as i always say, write a dream journal
it could be a lot of different things, maybe you just have a very active imagination, or maybe you have some deep trauma/issues, really hard to say

If you're not mature enough to care about other people, don't expect others to care about you

If there's a meaning to it (though i don't think there has to) it's probably about you feeling like you're wasting your money on food, or something

nothing, really

never, and it'd be more convincing if you gave examples, though i would say it's probably confirmation bias and altered memories

I think i'll do so when i wake up in the morning, I think i'll also change the OP a bit
got some input on things to add on it?
But when i do make a new thread, feel free to do some yourself, there's only so much one man can do, and it's not like i've studied this subject or anything, so the best i can do is make guesses
>are they unpleasant
I get a weird, uncomfortable feeling when I wake up

>Maybe you're afraid you'll enjoy the feeling of killing someone
This is really really true. Never thought the dreams would be due to that.
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rough outcast.jpg
118 KB, 1068x560
This is what i was thinking to have the next OP as
Any thoughts on it?

Also, i am not the OP of this thread, i just thought it desperately needed more people to answers stuff
I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time a few nights ago. It was really creepy. I didn't have any visual hallucinations, but I heard a weird crinkling noise beside my left ear and had the feeling that someone was leaning over me.

The paralysis was the worst part. After a few minutes it was over. I stuck my arms out into the dark around me to give myself reassurance that it was only sleep paralysis. Let's hope I don't get it again, or that it's more interesting if I do.
I've been keeping a dream journal. Most of the stuff is pretty boring besides weird imagery. Wet concrete and mold and rust appear in my dreams a lot.

Before I started writing them down I used to have a lot of sex dreams. They usually involved multiple partners and were generally great.

My last dream was about my ex. IRL she suffers from mental illness and we had a very messy breakup-reunion-breakup cycle at the end of our relationship. In the dream we reconciled in a gross-looking garden (think of your grandparents' friend's garden that hasn't been tended since the late 90's). We forgave each other for what happened and wanted to spend time together again. Dream ended. I woke up. I felt sad because even if we started talking again I doubt it would help her she's still in-and-out of treatment.
I have a recurring dream character.
He's a gigantic guy wearing a tattered brown hooded robe with a thick rope as a belt, and the shadow from the hood always covers his face. Frequently he just appears there but nobody in the dream has a reaction to him, he never does anything, he just stands there, aside from one time he looked at me. He also stands slumped over as if he's tired or something. His hands are huge and he is lightly tanned
Anyone else have experiences with this guy or someone or something like it?
i beat the fuck out of taurus demon last night in my dream. i found out he was weak to water so i dragged his ass in a river and made him swim with me for a bit. then i climbed a mountain with him on my back and through him off the mountain.
>know I'm dreaming
>duel ghost of Hitler with knife
>go into space station
>clear the place of skeletons
>about to get medal of honor
>hear beeping
>wake up

fuck i need to deal with real life
Since a couple month I have these strange post cognitive dreams. I'm watching a scene from the few of a person, I can't move or do anything in those dreams. They are crime scenes all the time and I wake up when the person who I am watching from dies...
I could find most of the scenes or atleast the murders after some searching in only databases. They are always in the past and at places I never was. One time even in a language I don't speak...
Does anyone know something about it?
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Have been dreaming since i was six.
Im falling from a building, dad i also falling, there is a clown laughing on the top, not sure why he is there.
What does it mean
File: abandonedmall.jpg (365 KB, 1600x1101) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Settings of my dreams are usually very vast and seemingly empty. Does this mean anything?
File: image.jpg (181 KB, 732x669) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I had one that was really weird last night

>be me
>thanks giving
>huge festival outside
>my grandma left some food she was supposed to bring to festival at home
>only a few blocks away, i go get it
>at house
>remember everything i read about dimension jumping
>try it
>it works, im in a different dimension
>walls in house went from red to green
>ugly green, want to try again
>new dimension
>no festival in this dimension, everything happens st home
>want to go to festival
>try to go back to original dimension
>end up in the past
>i fucking time traveled into a new one
>become too good
>dimension hop without trying
>time becomes distorted
>start hopping into new universes on accident
>nothing is the same
>cant control myself
>i think have gone between every fabric of time and space
>wake up

Really interesting to me.
This dream was a while ago but it stuck with me.

I had a dream about Purgatory or Limbo. Well first off everything is gray or a dull color. A angel or kind of like a parole officer like figure tells you how long you have to stay and the reason why then disappears. Its a large city kind of like a china town with lots of large shacks. You don't have any genitals because there is no pleasure. The time goes by very slowly and you have the option to ask grim reaper like figure to take you to hell if you can't wait out the time. I saw someone looking so depressed and asked to just go to hell and he was 90 years into a 110 year sentence. You basically have to grind it out and live in boredom and everything is dull. No enjoyment at all. Its like you have no feelings or very little feelings. Like your gray and dull inside.

Woke up sweating and made me consider not being tempted into doing somethings.
New thread at: >>17281884

New thread at: >>17281884
Damn dude. Thank you so much that's so thought out and nice. Saving that text you hit me in the gut
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