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I'm going to dig up bad old (buried...
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I'm going to dig up bad old (buried and unreconciled) memories, to test my psychological durability.

Does anyone know anything about a woman with orange eyes? Especially one that visits you in dreams, and hallucinations / panic attacks? She appeared in many forms. Some were blank and impossible to meaningfully read, some tried to entice me, some appeared motherly. Some younger, some older, some outright hostile.

I roughly decided it was likely a byproduct of my psyche at the time, and that she was a part of me. But I'd like to hear some interpretations. I suspected she was there to tamper with my mind, or she wanted something. I felt her reach through my body, and it felt as though something was trying to force its way into my head. The unsettling aspect was feeling as though part of it was already within, trying to will open the gates from the inside.

I dreamed of a woman with orange irises once.
...but I don't remember a thing. I probably wouldn't have remembered if it wasn't for this.

Her gaze was unsettling in that it felt like she was not human, but not threatening nor aggressive in any way, just different I suppose.
>but not threatening nor aggressive in any way
This is her characterizing feature. No discernible... connection. Whatever her intent is can't be judged clearly.

The strangest thing that happened was in a dream. I came home and immediately became quite tired. It was around dusk. I went and layed down on my bed. Stretched my arm up in the air and held it there, then seemingly immediately fell asleep.

I was paralyzed, lying down in a field. It seemed foggy beyond a certain distance. She was standing some distance back, relative to my feet. Wearing late 50's office / secretarial clothing and something covering her face. Out from behind her feet an infant stumbles out. It's carrying something. As it approaches I realize it's a large knife. It gets to my side and stops, and looks at me.

Then I wake up. My arm is still in the air, held there rigidly, and I feel a bit disoriented. Then the typical things start to happen. I see vertical lines falling down my visual fields. Like drips from the ceiling. Lose he ability to properly track context, time sense goes. Feel like something is walking right behind me. Stops when I stop. Moves when I move. Just watches.

Then panic, and something is trying to get into my head.
lol. tell us more.
top spoops.
The other incidents aren't really so interesting, or descript. Dreams where I was watching her through a television (an old CRT). She's just staring at me, I couldn't look away, so I just closed my eyes. Only my eyelids didn't "work". I closed them but could still see.

She was standing in the corner during a sleep paralysis thing. Given that my legs were being eaten by a creature with large square teeth at foot of my bed, and flashes of pictures and text were everywhere else, she was hardly in the foreground.

I could feeling when she was around. It felt like she had far too many limbs, and I often felt hundreds of hands all over me, reaching through me, into me, etc.

I don't remember when she stopped appearing, it was in my mid teens. I do know I got real drunk and I came to realize I knew where "it was". So I wandered out into the woods, to find "it". I thought it might be her in some true or pure form. Last thing I remember I was a few miles from my house and it was getting dark. I jumped over a stone wall into a field with an apple tree, then passed out. Next thing I know I'm waking up on my bathroom floor, and it's still dusk. How.

Is there any folklore or mythology that resembles any of this? Her height changes as well.
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Don't worry, that was just Serana.
This woman should probably see a doctor. Might be jaundice.
I should also add, this began ~8. though things weren't really normal beforehand.

Only the iris is orange. Rest of the skin isn't affected either.

Not even sure she has a liver.
I remember her.

I visited her house.

It was around when I learned to lucid dream. One night, I came to dream that I was in front of a small bridge (maybe 5 meters long), made out of wood. The sort of bridge you'd find over tiny but deep creeks. Anyway.

As cliche as it sounds, it was foggy. Really foggy, but nothing I wouldn't expect IRL. To the right (about 20 degrees from where I stood), there was the silhouette of a small manor. Entering left of the view was someone dragging three people in potato bags.

Of course, since it's a dream, I decided to enter the manor. By the back door. It was old, dilapidated. I go up the stairs to the second floor. There was no smell - and by that, I mean it _actively smelled nothing_. Did not even smell like air.

I look around for a while. There isn't much in any of the rooms. A bed here, a wardrobe there. Nothing significant except for the lack of any light fixtures that would explain the chalky, pale but clear light that permeated the whole place - but y'know dream, so I moved on.

I eventually open the hatch (one of those combined hatch-ladder things) to the attic. I climb up. Up there, I see eight people - all of them looked around eight years old, with the oldest ones being at most fourteen (I was fourteen myself at the time). They were all boud and gagged.

So of course I untie them. We start making our way downstairs - I feel like I knew that whoever brought them there knew I freed them. So we used the rooms to hide, all secretive-style. We went down to the main floor through a laundry dumbwaiter (yes all eight of us fit in there, again, dream logic), and left by the backdoor as well. All nine of us ran back towards the bridge - but I stopped right before crossing the bridge, and looked back.

There she was. Clear as day - like a tunnel was carved out of the fog so I could look at her.

Severely jaundiced eyes. Skin the color of dried new concrete. (cont in other post)
(cont.) Hair jet-black, straight, down to her shoulder blades. She was noticeably clean, but wore some sort of seemingly somewhat ragged grey gown. It was clean as well, though. As mentioned, she had a visage with several emotions: in it, I could read the scorn of a disappointed mother, the anger of someone who had a plan go wrong, and... something else. Malice doesn't begin to cut it. Like she was hellbent on killing /everyone/. Like this realm was a punishment for crimes past.

I crossed the bridge, and woke up in a sleep paralysis so intense that after that one I feared SP only once, for a somewhat similar dream (sleep paralysis is now simply relaxing to me). I then stayed awake until the sun rose.

But yeah. I remember that woman. Her eyes looked like they were made out of topaz, inset in an ill sclera. I'm not convinced that she can't alter her appearance, one of the children mentioned that she looked comforting before she captured her. I'll post updates if I remember any precisions.
Very interesting. As I said, she often tried to entice me. Whether emotionally or with a vague lustful tint (on my own part). Sometimes she appeared motherly.

I'm uncertain what would have happened if I was drawn in by such things. Had the feeling she wanted something. Maybe she desired to plant something, maybe to take. Maybe she wanted my body. I don't know. I also have a history of vivid dreams.

I ultimately came to lean towards that she was a manifestation of some part of my psyche. Another smaller part of me thinks I killed her, or consumed her. Been a strange life.


I saw her in person...

...her eyes burn as hard as your sins burned others!

Quite a hypnotizing beauty!
Possible that you killed her. I think I remember a group of people with whom I shared this (over a web-based radio scanner, no less), who reported what I reported and said they wanted to end her. You might have been picked up in the dream world and helped, if it happened.
I don't know. My approach has been just to avoid bothering to think too deeply, or at all, about it. It makes me uneasy. But nonetheless there was a lot of strange stuff happening at the time, and this is a fairly large chunk of my early life I've just left to sit there, unaddressed. It's almost like a sense of amnesia, and when you couple that with memory clusters I can feel and know exist, but am entirely blocked from accessing, it becomes inflated.

If she was a part of me, I wonder what she was. The uneasiness stems from wondering if "is" might be more accurate. She always felt like a drastically superior force, much more powerful than I. But, if I don't think about it, it seems to cease to be a thing and to no ill effect. It's not like I don't have other things and people kicking around inside my head anyway.

She is you once you've taken feminine hormones and regular cock in the future where it is accepted.

Accept her spirit into you! We all know you want to!
My personality nets out to fairly masculine. Any part of me, or person I've been that I deliberately stripped out, tends to be female though. Or I'm predisposed to make them that way.

They're also usually pretty attractive. I'm not even sure if you can call that narcissism... it's more like character design.

pretty sure she isn't me, she's too short like the rapper
Kind of reminds me of my imaginary friend when I was little.

I use to spend tons of time alone as a kid who's parents worked. I imagined a mother that I didn't have and I clearly remember the orange eyes. She would sit there and watch me play with legos and give me approving looks as I built things.

It's crazy that you mention this now. I'd had forgotten about her until I read this thread. She didn't appear evil or full of malice, but like you said a motherly figure. She used to scowl at me every time i was toted off with my parents to church like she didn't approve of me leaving.

I'm curious, how old are you?
Also, I was alone most of the time as well. Parents divorced, etc. Even when people were around, I was still more or less on my own.
Okay, I'm 30.

Nothing age related at least.
My imaginary friend was with me from 92-93 to about 2 years after give or take.

Likely a confidence on this, but strange none the less.
What geographical area? Nothing too specific, just general will do. I'm in the Northeast United States.
Same with me, but like I said imaginary friend.
But now I think of it I can't ever remember her speaking to me.
Like I remember talking to her and having conversations, but there was no words spoken. I remember facial expressions and gestures.
I couldn't tell you if she did speak, but I remember talking to her.

Hope that helps friend. It's been from a long time ago for me. Hours upon hours alone in a house can cause your mind to wander.


Curious, was your family religious?

Mine was, and I remember changing religions, and places of worship.
They were RLDS then one day they drug me to some other church.
By the time I could decide for myself not to go anymore we had changed three times.
ellia, shes one of my familys "ghosts" from the ye olden days. she follows various branches of the family to and from the old home place we settled in the 1740's in the poconos.

she doesnt understand fear like we do, its more of a fear of the family dying out and her being stuck here alone.

i dont think she can pick up on a lot of stuff because i have this sneaking suspicion that being without a body for a few hundred years will make you either insane or give you a really nasty case of sensory deprivation.
Well what do i know, i usually hate threads like this but i actually did dream of a woman with orange irises. It was in a park and i was walking around amd then i turned around and there she was. I immediately heared this loud high pitched scream/shriek and then i started backing out backwards, facing her. She was following me and i knew she wanted to get me, but she didnt speed up, she just slowly approached me. I started screaming and woke uo screaming amd sweating. My first ever night twrror

The woman had no legs, she floated about in mid air. She seemed to have a ghostly dress on that just dragged on the floor, it was white. She has a ghastly white face and rotten hair and reeeeeaaaly bright orange irises.
visited me this morning. came on here saw this immediately. will continue if want to know what happened. first time ive seen her.
She only appeared to me visually in dreams, or in brief flashes while awake. Longer flashes if tired. Otherwise I just felt her presence occasionally.

She never spoke to me either. More or less a complete absence of any kind of communication actually, as I'm thinking about it. I don't think any of her body language or actions were intended to tell me anything. Could have been I was just blind to it.

I'd been having nightmares and actual hallucinations for quite a while at that point. I'd set up stuffed animals as watches, but they would turn on me in my dreams. I also saw a stuffed animal, while I was awake in the dark, get up, climb out of a large toy box (wooden confectionary shipping box), and walk towards the bed. Then it would seem to dematerialize, and start the loop again. The only thing that stopped it was my mother's dog coming up (only time she ever did that), then going downstairs and getting my mother. It was a very... novel time in general.

Either way. Mentally I framed her as ambiguous and very possibly a threat. I don't know if that was true, as I mentioned above I'd often feel like something was trying to get into my head by force.

My upbringing was more or less secular. Only source of religion was from my grandmother, but it was minimal and I think she had stopped caring in some regard.
Fair enough friend, it was something I thought of.
The more I piece things together the less connections were made.
I'd just guess for me it was the over active imagination of an 8 year old while home alone for hours on end.
Yeah, I think that was a large part of it for me as well. All I really knew how to be was alone, and I felt alone when I was with other people as well. There was probably a fair degree of anger / fear as well, at the time. Though worth noting is in my teens, figuring out I had numerous potent food allergies, and removing them from my diet, reduced a fair bit of my odd mental states I'd pass in and out of. That was likely a contributing factor.

Thanks for sharing Anon. It's curious we both generated the same sort of thing. Maybe. I'm apt to try to break things down mechanistically, but who really knows. Might have been a being we both encountered.
I am both right now, frightened and intrigued by this entity.

"The woman had no legs, she floated about in mid air. She seemed to have a ghostly dress on that just dragged on the floor, it was white. She has a ghastly white face and rotten hair and reeeeeaaaly bright orange irises."

This description hit it right on the head mostly. since no one replied ill just tell you what happened.

I was sleeping, so would first say this was most likely a dream. There are two seperate occasions i would like to share because they are recent and happened within couple days.

First experience I was awoken in my room by something grabbing my ankles and pulled out of bed by an unseen force. or was trying very hard to pull me out. i am a lucid dreamer so i tried to whipe my surroundings to something different. as i did this i awoke lying in my bed nothing around.

Second, was this morning at around 6 am. In my room again, this is where i saw her. I awoke in my room; look at foot of my bed and see her. grey dress, raggy looking clothes. She seems hunchback but she was definitely floating. she had a creepiest smirk on her face as she stared at my wide eyed. those eyes were on fire. i would describe it as orange, flame colored. but the orange was the only color i saw in the dream. the image keeps giving me the chills as i recollect it. she goes to my window and pulls back the curtain and looks out it. im terrified at this point. i started to say "jesus" and my "are father" and i woke up in my room and she was gone.

this enitity did want something. or she just wanted to scare the fuck out of me. all in all i take these as dreams(not real). i do however believe there is some real aspects to them.

have more thoughts if anyone lurkin.
to start im a male who stated above saw this entity for the first time this morning. as it is fresh in my head. i want you guys to ask me questions about it to help me bring up anything ive forgetten already.

To start off i am a activite lucid dreamer and had run in with entities in my sleep/ in the astral realm for astral projecting.
I'm the OP. You more or less described the only form of her I ever saw while fully awake, except I couldn't see her head. It's a kind of paradoxical thing to look at. She's most certainly standing, but there's something off. As though her body isn't bearing any weight, so she seemed to be floating.

She was extremely tall in this instance. I wasn't quite asleep, and I opened my eyes to see a tall shape standing in the corner. All she did was wave her left arm in a regular motion, in front of the door, over and over. Didn't move. Didn't change posture. Just waved her arm in front of the door, slow sweeping motions.

I thought I might simply be seeing things. The light was dim, and I tend to see things in the dark anyway. Perhaps there was a light source outside. The moon. Shadows. No, it appeared solid. I just stared and stayed absolutely still. Eventually I laid back slowly, and my vision began to eclipse with clouds of colors (happens in the dark, sometimes). Then she faded.

Had the dreams later. Came to think they were connected. Spent the next... 10 years staring at that corner as I was falling asleep.
i also forgot to mention that her arms were very thin. she might have been waving at me even. Do you believe we know this entity or being? is she sucking energy from us? is she lonely as we are and wants a friend?

I will continue to believe it was a dream. But my certained hightened consciousness in dreams like these where i dont have control over the dream(like when i lucid dream) only can push myself awake through will or by praying in this instance when i met her.

OP thank you for writing this thread. i dont believe in concindences. I am a new fag who usually doesnt post. but the resemblence between what i experenced hours ago and too see this thread, it honestly frightened me when i saw this thread.

I will definitely go into this state again.
I can;t believe how outdated that game already looks.
It looked outdated on release.
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