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Hey /X/ i wanted to ask somthing that i have...
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Hey /X/ i wanted to ask somthing that i have no idea about. So basiclly my friend claims he can see demons in peoples eyes and claims under the right circumstances he can see demons and spirits that have attacments to people. He also claimed that he looked in the mirror a few weeks back and saw black smoke pouring out from his eyes. I think he has a mental disorder but he wont listen to me. If this happend to be true what does any of this mean. Im scepticle but try to convince me this could be real.
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>Im scepticle
Didnt answer anything thanks man
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Scepticle reminded me of this
Your friend is a teen that is imagining things and interpreting the imagined images as real so that he can convince himself he's more impressive than he really is.
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is he able to tell that those things he sees arent actually happening. does he know that its just a form of his imagination? is he telling you the story accurately, or is he interpreting it because he wont think you will understand. perhaps he is lying.

whatever the truth is about demons, visions, and smoke, if we focus on what we can be sure of, we should be able to make progress.

we will assume that he is not lying, or interpreting it as a vision. we will assume that he actually sees something, and he either recognises that it might not be real, or he knows it is just a more vivid daydream.

smoke comes from his eyes. does he know if its good or bad for him? does he know why? does it scare him, does it have him doing anything because of it? when you see smoke, its usually just smoke, you dont pay attention to the colour, so the colour has meaning. black can be evil, or just mysterious, it can be low temperature cool and calm (consider a black car) its probably either evil or mysterious. smoke comes from his eyes, and while he paid attention to the colour, he didnt mention anything about fire, so we could well assume that there was no fire involved. i would guess the smoke has something to do with his ability to see things. what else can we tell about the smoke? does it indicate anything else? does it come and go at the same time as his ability, does it mean something is happening? is it causing a problem? could you remove the smoke or reduce it? would this affect his ability? perhaps we dont need to pay too much attention to the smoke

what are these demons/spirits, what do they do? can you learn anything from seeing them? do they indicate that the person does bad things? do they do bad things to the person? can you do anything about it? it would kinda suck if all it was, was that he saw a spirit that does nothing, has no effect, indicates nothing, and is largely uncontrollable. then it would be like the daydream version of a picture of a demon. if he is going to avoid considering its a serious mental problem and go to see a psychologist as most everyone would recommend, then the next step is to find a way for him to protect himself and others from the beings. of course, we dont have any indication yet that they have an effect, so protection might not be needed. of course, there would be many remedies from different schools of thought, and different schools may warn that other spells may only cause problems, christianity would warn this, so to find a spell or such that would be guaranteed to be safe, you need to remove all possible bad things from it. if you find a charm or sigil, you could use it while praying for god to protect him, and allowing god to empower it, if god wants/needs to, while protecting it from being powered by bad forces. then, if the device or spell works, it wont have any bad effects from it, as if god is against the magic, he will not use it, the spell/charm wont have any effect and it wont really be magic.

even if he thinks it is real, it is important that he sees a psychologist. seeing visions like these probably will cause mental problems like anxiety, depression and antisocial or socially avoidant behaviour, the psychologist will help him work out what parts are real and what parts arent.
Woo, a psychosis thread.
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