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>(I know, I abandoned the last thread, sorry about that - I've been busy.)

Welcome to the Paranormal Healing General!

In this thread you can ask and / or give distant healings from / to each others!

Every style is welcome: Reiki, Quantum Touch, pranic healing, Taoist techniques, etc...

>no fights
>be nice
>aggressive religious and fedora tipping posts will be ignored

inb4 "why is this thread on /x/":

/x/ is the paranormal board of 4chan.

>paranormal (ˌpærəˈnɔːməl)

>1. (Psychology) beyond normal explanation
>2. (Alternative Belief Systems) beyond normal explanation

>3. (Psychology) the paranormal paranormal happenings generally
>4. (Alternative Belief Systems) the paranormal paranormal happenings generally

P.S.: I'm a Quantum Touch practitioner and an ex-Reiki user.

If you want a distant healing session, you can ask me anytime!

Also this is my address:

You can contact me anytime.
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>About Quantum Touch

They have their own Youtube channel with a lot of interesting videos, so you can check this thing out if you want.

>How to ask for healing?

Just post a request, that's enough.
I don't need your name, address or whatever - your post is a perfect focal point.

>How does this healing work?

Everything vibrates, resonates - even your body.
When I "heal" you, I focus my positive attention to you (kinda), so your body can heal itself quicker.

But there are many healing methods, QT is just one of them.
Anyone can heal Anons in this thread - Reiki or Qi Gong practitioners, etc...

Any help would be much appreciated!
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A few tutorials:

>Neiye, a Taoist meditation:

>Reiki self-attunement (not a traditional method, but it worked for me):

>Quantum Touch Youtube channel:
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About Unconditional Love:

I believe there's a level of reality that connects us all - everyone and everything, from the most complicated living beings to the simplest and smallest grain of sand.

I call this (Unconditional) Love.
But there are so many names of this "something": God, Tao, and maybe there are scientific theories about it, too.

Some Anons said that I shouldn't call it Love, because this can cause misunderstandings, and while they're absolutely right, I thought it's a good idea to tell You about this belief.

Also the technique I use (Quantum Touch) experiments with this "emotion" that we call love and they found it easy to help other people's self-healing with a focused positive intent.

Anyway: I won't call it Love, but I think... well, I think it IS Love. :P
I believe mankind is special, because we understand the inter-connectedness of this world and when we feel whole, happy and healthy we, in fact, feel this Love; it empowers us.
Are there any things that you prefer working with?
Something like, infections are more easy vs. cancer, but cancer has a higher emotional factor, or etc.

Anyway, I have an earache I'm putting off going to the doctor for, and it'd be nice to at least kickstart my body's healing of it.
For the love, thing, I'd possibly distinguish your "love" from the other versions of "love".
Use the greek words, for instance: Eros, Philia, Ludus, Agape, Pragma, and Philautia.

Where you'd be advocating for the unconditional form of love, agape.

I know someone who could use some self-acceptance, or philautia, but that involves a whole mess of things beyond good vibes.

I'll be honest with you: while I have my theories and experiences, I still have no idea what this type of healing can do or how it exactly works.

But I know distant healing works better for me.
I guess it's because I don't observe the process directly.
Also I can be more... detached, I think.

And of course, I'll send the vibes. :)


It's agape.

Thank you!

Another Anon said that this is not "Love", but harmony and balance.
I guess he's right (if we don't use the agape version).
I could use some healing too. Got a lil cold. :)
I hurt my right wrist like a year ago, thought it was better until today when I put pressure on it, almost blacked out from the pain. Could use any healing and tender lovin you could send my way. Thank ya kindly.
I'm soooooo tired of this block.

I want to remove my blindfold but I don't know how.
Thread replies: 10
Thread images: 4
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