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Government Encouraged Suicides
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Anyone ever looked into the alarmingly frequent "cyber-crime" suicides?

I'm looking specifically at four right now:

1. Aaron Swartz - Co-founder of Reddit, killed himself January 11, 2013 after being indicted (bullied) by the feds for illegally downloading JSTOR articles.

2. Jonathan James - First American juvenile incarcerated for cyber-crime at age 16 after he stole software and user info from NASA and the DOD. Interesting however, is the fact that James didn't kill himself for another eight years, after police raided his home again looking for connections to a hack that targeted department chain TJX. Police recovered evidence that James was depressed and owned a firearm (which they left in his custody). The only data linking James to the TJX hack were the initials J.J., an alias used by a member of the group which hacked TJX. James shot himself on May 18, 2008, the note he left behind states he thought he was going to be prosecuted for crimes he had nothing to do with.

3. Ian Murdock - Died just a few weeks ago on Dec 28th, 2015. He had an altercation with police, apparently they raided his home for reasons which are not clear. Ian claimed in a tweet it was for "knowing on his neighbor's door" (probably an auto correct for knocking). Ian was beaten up by police and sent to the hospital. He was subsequently charged with assaulting the officer who had assaulted him. Ian posted on twitter that he was going to commit suicide on the morning of Dec 28th, but retracted this statement later in the day. Official details of his death have not been released.

4. Lance Moore - This one's a little difficult to piece together, as there's almost no info on Moore's death. I had to dig for hours to even come up with his last name. Allegedly, Moore was an AT&T contractor who uploaded a bunch of private files to fileape, which were then obtained and published by lolzsec. Lance died before his case went to trial, sometime in 2011.
yeah, that is how goverments do their busyness
Now, my theory isn't that the Feds were directly involved in these four deaths, but rather that they have gotten quite good at encouraging suicide in individuals who are problematic to the status quo.

Is there any record of the FBI doing this before?

Yes. Absolutely.

In 2011, the Daily Telegraph published an article titled "Ernest Hemingway 'driven to suicide over FBI surveillance'".

Hemingway was believed to be a communist sympathizer and was under surveillance by the feds. His close friends thought he was being paranoid/losing his mind when he talked about being followed and claimed his home was being watched.

Turns out it was true. The government harassed Hemingway, who they knew to be mentally unstable, until he took his own life.

I mean, it seems like they're really good at this. REALLY good. Like, there's a psy-ops training manual floating around somewhere with the title "how to encourage suicide in troublesome individuals".
Considering the many people they were not able to harrass to death, they are not very good at it.

I think you should reconsider that they don't to it on purpose, but simply take it into account and don't care very much. People killing themselves because they are under surveillance is pretty common everywhere.
Cybercrime perps are the types who are extremely reliant on their online personas. Destroy the online persona and the physical death seems natural to them.

It's no surprise this strikes a chord with Tripfag types
>Government Encouraged Suicides

Not giving a shit is encouraging suicide? No, it's is similar to smoking, the shit kills you eventually, but if there's money to be made on it in the meantime profit$$ it is.

Revealing savage aspects of corporations doesn't do anything if the product is something we're highly dependent on.

Now if you have anxiety issues and cannot deal with the prolonged repercussions of your actions leading to suicide that's all on you.
These people feared humiliation. Weak.
The key is for enough people to be troublesome that the world gets better.
Does troublesome have an alternative meaning or
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