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Let's talk about weird memories
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Hey /p

I haven't lurked here in years.. Didn't seem like much has changed. Anyways why not talk about some weird shit that's happened to you that you can not explain.

One of my early childhood memories that always weirds me out is I remember going to Laughlin NV to go eat at some buffet.. I think it was Flamingo Casino but I could be wrong.

Anyways when we arrived we parked in one of those huge parking garages. I remember running ahead to the stairs of the garage and heading down them pretty quick. All a sudden I lost my footing and started to fall forward. In that moment everything seemed to freeze. I could see myself falling and breaking my neck and dieing. My life flashed before my eyes and I almost felt at peace..

But then out of nowhere someone grabbed me from under my arms. I felt them holding me in.the air and then setting me down. Then a woman whispered in my ear saying “watch your step”. I turned around to see who she was but there was no one there. Just a flight of steps. I then walked up a bit to see where my family was. They had not even reached the stairs yet. I sat there frozen waiting for them and when they reached me they said it looked like I had seen a ghost. They didn't think to much of it and we continued on our way to the buffet.

To this day.. Probably 20 years later it still boggles my mind. Wtf happened..
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>Female voice = demonic. There are no female angels nor are there any females in Heaven.

You are one of many that have been "saved" and will be used for when the antichrists come into the world to bear witness of it. It's a small but pretty powerful event, as you were falling, and they made sure you fell, you were given a vision and all of this happened in less than a second.

The Grand Plan and Final Deception of Lucifer (preview)

Illuminati - 666 signs - Darkness is coming.

Descent of the Stars

My personal testimony.

The Bible way to Heaven. Salvation is simple.

The breath of Life: Setting the captives free

Exposing the heresy of Lordship salvation.

Faith without works is dead – James 2 EXPLAINED

Can you lose your salvation? - Short answer: No.

Is the King James Bible the only preserved Word of God? Short answer: Yes.

Alien Abductions stop by calling out to Jesus.




Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Hosts, the whole earth is full of His glory.
This, also let me add a personal belief. In that moment you had a choice as a sentient soul (whether you remember or not) and you chose to turn your back on God in exchange for safety and a return to your life. Basically speaking your soul is damned.

you guys are cunts

>you didn't fall down the stairs and die so now you're going to hell

can someone remind me again why i'm not a christian yet?
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What are you talking about? I never said that guy was damned... nor do I agree with the guy that posted that stuff above. Nobody is damned while they are alive, you get blotted out of the book of life when you die in your sins.. Salvation is simple, pic related.
yeah, you only said it was a demon that saved him so he could bear witness to the coming of the antichrist. sorry about that. going to convert, right now.
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Yeah, the entire world will be fooled. There will be people, like OP that will bear witness to these beings and they will confirm "yes it was one of us that saved you, we have watched over humanity for thousands of years" etc etc. Bunch of nonsense.

But hey man, if you want to be ignorant about it, go ahead.
I have a weird memory that I can't place. I'm on some beach in some place I can't recognize. It's kinda boggy with saw grass or something growing everywhere and the sky is a sort of pinkish purple. There's someone behind me sitting in a chair drinking something but I don't remember what he looks like. He's teaching me how to catch crabs by tieing a string to a stick, putting the stick in the ground and throwing the string out. I actually catch one and he throws it in a cooler with some he caught. I don't remember how I got there or how I left. Other than that instance I've never fished for crab. Is that a real method?
I was on a bicycle with some friends 3 on the same, very stupid, and we went down a hill when we were about the end i fell (i was in the back) and hit the ground with the back of my head, i saw it from behind the bicycle and a second later i opened my eyes and i was ok getting up. All of my friends remember it.
It was about 13 years ago.
quantum immortality.

In another time line you died, your mom cried and ate until she bloated up to land whale size and your dad hanged himself.

Watch your step mate.
OP back sorry got busy.

Funny enough I have another strange story. I wouldn't say this is paranormal but still strange. So years later when I was 16 I worked at a Taco Bell about a mile from my house.

One day I walked to work to get my check and took it to the closest bank to cash it. Then proceeded home. Between the bank and home was kind of a poor neighborhood. Government homes and such. Well as I'm walking back I see this Mexican guy wearing a poncho and he's fumbling his hands around in pocket of the poncho. He also was giving me this intense stair like he was pissed. So here I am with a bunch of money in my pocket a brick wall to my left and a barbwire fence to my right on the other side of the street and some pissed off gangster looking dude headed straight for me.

I keep trying to avoid eye contact but he's clearly looking right at me and he keeps fumbling something in his damn pocket. I start to feel real nervous like is this guy gona stab me and steal my money or what.. Part of me wanted to turn and run the other way but then again I thought maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me and I'm being a paranoid asshole.

Anyways so finally we get within a couple feet of each other and just as I hold my breath to walk by him his hand pulls out of his pocket and grabs my shoulder. I see his other hand pulling a object out of his poncho that clearly has a flat top on it. I think man I'm about to get killed. Life flashes before my eyes and all that stuff.

Then it turns out the object I think is a gun is a small bible. He holds it up to me and asks if I am saved and I say yes and he yells amen and walks away.

I'm not sure if I was saved before that.. But it did feel like I was after that.
...and here he is again.
Looks like you got reverse Satanic trips of deception. You are just trying to think he is damned. If you are serious you are fucked. So a little kid doesn't want to fall down the stairs, and somehow God with everything else on his plate says, you know what? Fuck that kid, he was young and let a demon grab him cause he was scared, he should burn eternally. Glad to know it.
I had just come back from a trip in Mexico with my parents. I was a child, really young. We were the only car on this road when we saw green lights above the car flying in the opposite direction. My father stopped the car and commented on how they looked like green lasers "like in Star Wars". We all got out and watched them for I don't know how long.

My parents swear this never happened and as a kid I never questioned it. I don't remember what happened after we got out of the car and honestly even if nothing happened I wouldn't remember anyway, my memory is shit as it is and I was really young. What scares me is that my parents don't remember it.
I remember my babysitters house being terrifying, and having a tiny hall, and I mean narrow, so narrow that I could barely fit down it when I was a toddler, but normal height, and maybe 15 to 20 feet long. I hated it, although I'm sure the memory is wrong.
Another time, around the same age my mom was taking me to see a doctor, not sure what kind, and I was nervous. It was a fairly normal building from what I remember. The receptionist, seeing I was nervous asked if I'd like to see the bears room, to make me feel better. She took me to what seemed to be a messy playroom with a couch, but when I walked in I was horrified, and remember seeing some big creature in the corner staring at me with malevolence. She said that the bear must not be home right then, and I think something about leaving lest he find me, and be mad at me, or maybe she even mentioned getting eaten, but I don't think so. I am in my mind 30s though, and adults back then we're a lot less more likely to fuck with you, at least from what I can see of today's parents.
I have a strange memory from around age 5, my mom had gone out of town and left my high school aged cousins to watch me, they of course used this as an excuse to put me to bed early and then get drunk with friends.

I remember waking up in the middle of the night and looking out my bed room door and seeing them across the hall in my moms room. They looked at me and said "Don't worry he's our friend, but you need to come over here."

I remember looking down the hall and seeing the figure of a human, but it had to definite features, instead it was like a swilling mass, almost looked like a thunderstorm, inside a human figure.

The memory ends when my foot hits the hallway as I tried to run to my cousins.
>Female voice = demonic. There are no female angels nor are there any females in Heaven.

wait, so do all women go to hell when they die? or purgatory? or does their soul just evaporate
probably guardian angel or a heavenly saint.
or, to be non-spiritual, maybe someone from an alternate dimension crossed planes of existence. MAYBE, in some fucked up way, you just witnessed one of those times where another dimensions crosses ours for a split second. Maybe in that dimension, your mother was right behind you and saved you. Who the fuck knows.

don't forget, some of your saints are women, so you guys saying "this was a demon" are fucking retarded on your own level.

im not sure if its goes under "memory" but when i was 13-17 i had dreams that were, well basically the future, the events were short like 2-5 seconds long but i could feel everything i would feel at that moment the only weird thing is i didnt understand why i would do some things or have that line of thought in my head as i could also feel my thought lines, so quite often when i woke up i passed them as just weird realistic dreams, i would not remember it instantly but when i saw the same thing happen as in my dream i would remember it all, how i woke up and what i thought then about that dream, mostly when the moments happend i was in shock and didnt do or think of much i just was in a state of shock its weird because the reason i was in that state in my dreams was because i remembered that i saw that moment in my dream fucking paradoxes, anyway i havent dreamt of these things anymore im 19 but i still get these recall moments even now, one thing to note as to why i had these dreams was because heavy stress( none of that shit with fitting in ect i was worried about my grades and if id finish the school i went real dark in my head doe no suicidal shit just plain deep depression and stress) its the only thing that i could think of as the cause, right now i kinda want to get "it" back since its really really dull ive gone as far as trying to recreate the stress and depression but to no avail it seems that ive stopped worrying about stuff.
forgot to post my own story, but here goes.

So I'm a canada-fag, and my family used to go on a LOT of camping trips. They were something that my family did EVERY YEAR. And if we missed a year's camping trip, we would either camp out longer the next year or we would rent a cottage or trailer. In fact, for a short time when I was I think 3-10 we had stopped going on camping trips and used my grandparents' trailer/cottage thing (2 trailers stuck together to form a cottage), this is cuz we were almost stuck in a tornado when I was really young and me and my brother almost died.


I'm 18 and it's summer break, my dad is like "let's go to camp arrowhead." My mom couldn't go but my bro and me were like "yea." I had heard that there was natives who used to live on that land, then it was a logging community, then after that it became a camp ground when it was made a national park. I took some pot along cuz I figured I would commune with nature and maybe I'd have some sort of spirit quest given that there might be native spirits or some shit.

When we first went there I remember it was kinda spoopy, there was always a low hanging mist in the morning but I knew that it was probably just subconscious association that made me feel that way. we went hiking and I pretended to have a rock in my shoe and hit dat pipe and it was cool. but at the top of the mountain/hill thing overlooking the camp I got this weird feeling something wasn't right and wanted to go back. My dad and brother were like "ok, we're gonna keep going," cuz there was an abandoned cabin that they were trying to get to. The cabin had caved in back when it was a logging camp and some people had died.

later that day, I was playing guitar waiting for them to get back and I started feeling weird so I went to the lake to skip stones and chill out. I kept hearing bird calls but there were no birds and no people around me, but I figured they were high up in the trees.

I get back to the camp site and then I notice that my dad and bro are back, but my dad is acting weird. Not so weird that my brother notices, but I notice it. He's really absent minded, he trails off in his speech, and he's looking around a lot. I remember it being like that evening, he was just general;ly distracted by shit that wasn't there, like he was lost in thought or something; or even trying to make sense of shit that he couldn't comprehend or describe to us.

We're all sitting around a camp fire that night telling stories and by that time, I had already tried telling my dad he's acting goofy but I was still an angsty teen kinda, so I was like "dad wtf, you're acting so weird" and just kinda being a shit, so my dad just ignored me or seemed to ignore me. Then he says "let's get a picture of us sitting around the fire." I was thinking "that's a little weird, it's pretty fucking dark out," but keep my cool cuz I figure the campfire will make up for that and it would be nice to show gran and gramps when we get back.

My dad sets down his digital camera, I have it next to me actually, its an Olympus model no. D-595 ZOOM. He had set it to have a timer. He walks back to his seat, squats to sit, then pauses. He's just stooped there, with his ass hanging over the seat and looking straight into the fire for no reason. I get freaked out and say "DAD, sit down!" and he does, then the camera goes off. The weird thing about the camera going off was the flash flashed like 5 times and it had never done that before.

Whatever had happened to my dad that night, the flash woke him out of it and he suddenly seemed energetic, fast thinking, wacky, like the dad I know and love to this day. But there was something else in the picture. There were only 3 of us around the fire that night, but as this picture will show, there are 4 of us in the picture.

You are looking at a scan of the original print of the picture. I do not have the original file, it's lost. Freaky tho.
There are no female entities created by God. Meaning, if you hear a female spirit, it is demonic or lying. A spirit sent by God cannot lie. God does not send dead human women, to save people and stuff. Read the Bible.
guardian angel. saints are heavenly figures who are reborn as angels, some of them were women.
demons are malicious and only harm humans, they are attached to the belief that mankind is below them, just as the Devil is. why would a demon save a human?
I experience something similar to what you've described. Rarely and randomly, il have a dream anywhere from.5-5seconds long. Then at some point in life i go through something exactly as it was in the dream. And i get this deja vu feeling although its the first time ive experienced the action in real life
When I was around 6-8, I experienced an entire day twice.
I only realized when I suddenly shifted from eating lunch to being in my bed.
Freaked me out for weeks afterwards.
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Dude, the same shit happened to me as well. Dreams lasting between 2-5 seconds in the first person of me found random shit like sitting down or reaching something or walking somewhere. Years later I end up doing the exact same things in the exact same places as my dreams, fucking weird. Last time it happened was a few months ago, I'm 20 btw
Maybe your dad was standing when the picture was just started to get taken and then he sat? The lens might of stay open longer because it was trying to get light in.
Happen to me also
Same, also know a friend that claims this.

Why do you have to ruin every thread? Leave us alone.

That was the most incoherent post I've ever read in my life.
I remember when I was like 10 or 11 someone phoned my house and left a message about an event in my city and the guy ended the message by saying "Were excited to see you Anon" and to this day I have no idea what the fuck it was. My mom thinks I put my number and name on a website but I don't think I'd ever be that stupid. Freaks me out to this day.
Last month I was on a road trip, and while I was driving through Louisiana, I looked out my window and saw a place I had visited before in a dream. I could remember the dream and everything. I'd never been to Louisiana before, and the place I saw wasn't particularly special or interesting...
Stuff like that happens to me on occasion, but that was the first time I knew for sure I hadn't visited the location before.
Seconding this. The shutter speed was probably set low to compensate for the darkness, and the flash might have gone off more than once because of that (no point in having one bright flash if you're gonna have four more seconds of darkness).
You just reminded me if something

>be 5 or around that age
>step grandma hands me the phone and says its my dad frank
>never really talk to my real dad before, maybe once a year
>hi dad.
>hey, anon are you alone? I need to take to you, make sure no one is around. Go into the bathroom
>what? Why? (i remember feeling really uneasy)
>i dont want her to hear us, are you alone now?
>(i lied because i was kinda scare, my step grandma was in the same room looking at me) yes..what wrong..
>im coming to get you. Pack your things i will be there to get you anon. Wait outside.
>i dont say anything... My grandpma must of sense something was wrong and grab the phone away from me. She yell at him asking who he was "who are you? No you aint frank. Who are you? Dont fucking call here again" she hangs up the phone and ask me what he say and i told her.
>later that day sitting in the living room l, listening my step grandma telling my step mom what happen. She ended up calling my dad asking what the hell.
>turns out it wasnt my dad, he didnt even know my phone number nor did my mom
>i even log into aol to IM my brother asking if dad call me, he say he was with dad all day helping him with work..

Idk how that stranger knew my name and my grandma name.
Idk, this isn't really spoopy but eh.
I was around 3-4 at the time, I had a phone because my parents were divorced and my mum liked to call me of a night and morning. I knew basic features (it was a basic phone, I was a smart little kid) like pressing 321 then 1 would play any voicemails I had. One night I was camping with my older step brother who would have been abit older than 5. We were camping in my dads yard, fairly big property for where we lived, around half an acre. Bro and I just went into the tent, we tried going on 1997 Internet, which on my shitty Nokia was barely anything. We ended up going through all the functions of this piece of shit when I checked my voicemail, from what I remember it was war zone noises, gunshots, an explosion, someone yelled something, a few more gunshots and it stopped. I told my dad but he said it was probably just kids. I remember it crystal fucking clear though, apart fro what they yelled. It felt like I was there, like I was the dude.
>inb4 Rp, I've been meaning to post it for months but I always forget to
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I have incredibly lucid memories of seeing a tree stand up and turn around when I was a kid riding my bike down a trail in the woods in rural central illinois

it didn't look like any of the other trees at all, it didn't have leaves, and it really didn't even have limbs either I mean, really looking back on it the only thing that really even made it look like a tree at all was the pose it was in and the skin definitely being a greyish bark

it didn't seem to see me or anything and it moved super slow, it was almost like it was kneeling and then stood up proper to just turn a little bit and then squat back down, but that was enough for like 10 year old me to fuck off back to the barn and never go back down that trail again since
When i was 8 i began to see people stalking me and still am. Why? They say im part of a cult. Satanic or something.

Whem i was 16 i began to start being creative with drawing. I drew things that happened in real life in my life and real events. Suchs as meteors, new car, new wife.

At age 20.im starting to feel more awakened. Everytime i go outside i feel im being watched. Not by my stalkers but in the sky. I feel like im part of the system for black saturn. I feel im trapped in a room.were im giving my energy to the otherside of the dome.

President Abraham lincoln theory predicted his death in his dream.

I predicted mines through a car accident after having my life sort out with a wife and wealth.
>Is the King James Bible the only preserved Word of God
woah look at this fuckin dingle berry
youre basically calling out the christian version of isis.

fyi king james bible is not the only preserved bible, nor should the teachings in it be taken with any less than a grain of salt.
When I was a kid, don't remember what age exactly, but pre grade 6 for sure. I was coming out of my school and going to walk home, which was literally 5 houses away. An old Pontiac was parked out front with two men in it, they told me they were there to pick me up, so I got in. The next thing I remember, I was in the basement of an old house we had moved from the year before, and the people who were currently living there were freaked as shit to find me in their basement. Took me upstairs called the cops and I got home. I told my story and no one pressed charges and no one at the school had seen me get into a car or anything. This was the mid 80s so kids just kinda left after school, no guards and shit, small town. I don't really have a time frame but I couldn't have been missing for more than an hour or so, no way I could have walked to our old place in that time. My parents were worried and school was on alert for a while but nothing ever happened again and things went back to normal. I told my fiance a few years ago because I wasn't even sure if it had even happened at all or just a dream. She told me to ask my parents so I did. They say I took off to our old house after school one day, my granny said we moved from that house because I kept waking up in the basement screaming, and once they found me screaming in the root cellar sub basement in the middle of the night while the door locked from the outside it was time to move. I don't remember any of that.
But just because it sounds like a female voice to a man doesn't mean it is not an angel.
In elementary school my PE teacher would give out birthday spankings (light) and a pinch to grow an inch and a poke not to smoke on kids butts.

This only popped back up into my head this was a thing about a year ago. To my surprise that teacher still works there. I feel like I should say something...

Thankfully I was born in August.

This is a weird memory to me.
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