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I'm wondering how it is to see a guy...
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I'm wondering how it is to see a guy dying at your feets.

Any experiences, /x ?
Hey windowsphonebro. I don't think anyone here has experienced that. Simultaneously, it would be very self incriminating to talk about such a thing
Don't know about feet. Worked with the actively dying before in nursing homes. Often felt like a relief when they passed.
roommate o.d.'d in front of me. just face planted. boom dead
I've watched someone die. I don't really feel comfortable divulging the details, but it changes you. You think about it everyday.
was she pretty?
Watched my mom die. Does that count?
Firefighter here had a medical call a couple months ago for a female that cracked her head on concreate and when we got there her head was busted open badly. The paramedics took a minute to get thier so we had to work her, but by the time they got there she wasnt responding and she lost a fuck ton of blood. Im pretty sure she didnt make it.
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>be 16 year old sophomore in high school while also taking community college classes on Saturdays
>one class from 9am to 11am
>break from 11am to noon
>next class at 12:10pm
>during break, myself and a few friends go to Taco Bell
>I drive '98 mustang
>friend 1, Turan, rich Muslim kid drives Dodge Neon SRT-4 turbo etc.
>friend 2, Paushman, another Muslim drives Nissan 240SX
>friend 3, Jesse, poor Mexican no car
>all of us at Taco Bell
>Turan and Paushman arguing about who would win in race
>me and Jesse don't think much of it and be first to leave back to school 1.5mile away
>I drop off Jesse in northeast parking lot of campus
>my class is closer to southeast parking lot so I go there
>looking for parking spot
>see Turan pull up in his Dodge
>I roll down window ask what's up
>he frantically tells me Paushman rolled his car and we have to go back immediately

No please.
I had a guy die at my "feets" I didn't kill him if that's what you were hoping, edgelord. It was a femoral bleedout after getting hit from a car and I actually tried to save his life with CPR until I saw the pool forming under him. It was a bummer.

Same here, found a buddy who relapsed.
yes faggot
When I was 17 I had some dude break into my house. I he attacked me when he realized somebody was home and I got him in a rear naked joke and ended up killing him.
The legal process was kinda shit I got off since they classified it as self defense but I had to go to counciling for a while though i'm pretty sure cause I was still a minor.
It's not a good feeling at all. He probably had a family and all that but I also don't particularly feel bad.
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>Turan insists we go back in my car
>don't think anything of it
>him and his girlfriend hop in my car and we go back to scene of crash
>see Paushman's car upside down on southbound side of street
>from Taco Bell to school is northbound so he must've crossed lanes to oncoming traffic
>park down street and run to Paushman and his girlfriend sitting on sidewalk with minimal injuries
>no broken bones just a few cuts
>I notice someone laying about 40-50 feet away
>unconscious man fucked up pretty badly
>head gushing blood
>tree branch impaled through his side torso
>me being first aid certified
>"fuck yeah, chance to save a life"
>drag him onto flat ground and prep for CPR
>realize as I pump his chest he squirts blood from side wound/tree branch
>stop and just hold him until EMTs show up
>they show up and pronounce him dead 5min later
>tell me I did the right thing and there wasn't much else I could do
>afterwards parents ask if I need counseling, therapy, etc.
>didn't affect me much
>only thing that made me feel was when I found out who the guy who died was.
>guy lived alone in Phoenix, AZ
>took jobs here and there to send money back to his family in St. Louis
>this day he was flipping a sign for an apartment complex on the sidewalk
>wrong place, wrong time
>guy was just trying to make money for his wife and daughters back home
>ends up getting hit by a flipping car coming at him because of some idiot teenagers racing
>Turan gets sentenced to 2 years for manslaughter but only does 10months
>Paushman gets sentenced 7 years for manslaughter and racing, still in prison
Ive seen a man die from a puncture to his bowel it was life changing, dealt with some PTSD from it for awhile.

This is correct, very very correct.
There's no objective ground in this hypothetical, anon. You made an, I'm sorry, overly general question and so you can get no meaningful answer.

I mean, this barely scratches the surface, but is the person a friend you tried to save or an enemy you wanted to kill?

You have to think before you speak, so to speak, and you haven't.
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Just posted this in greentext, but I fucking hate that format so redo.

Anyway, when i was like 16 I saw a concert on Harriet Island in St. Paul, MN. After the show we were all walking back across the bridge to the parking area. Out of nowhere, the guy right in front of me stops, looks over the side of the bridge for a second, then just fuckin swan dives right off that bitch. Watch as this man, who was alive only seconds ago, hits the fence and the sidewalk down below. And yeah, it was a fucking mess.

It kinda fucked with me for like a couple weeks afterwards, but now it's not something that I really ever think about. Pic related.
I've seen people die right in front of me once.
>be a long time ago
>riding in car with friends going to make a bonfire
>one lane road, water on both sides in the middle of nowhere, CA bay area.
>see big commotion ahead.
> stop and get out of car to check it out
>it's a car wreck. Jeep overturned over the side
>driver was drunk. Big football player looking guy.
>he's freaking the fuck out. Son is trapped in his seat belt in the upside down jeep in the water.
>they pull out his father. Big fat dude.
> they do CPR. Spits up water but dies right in front of me.
>they finally pull out the little boy. He's about five.
>limp as a noodle and grey skin. He's dead already.
> driver is crying his eyes out, he just killed his father and son by driving drunk.
Won't ever forget seeing that.
Drugs are bad.
Drugs can be OK but don't fucking drive on them. Especially with people you care about with you. Dude was a retard for that but he killed his own family.
Shock, mostly, which is a weird and pretty unique feeling. This is followed by weeks, maybe months, of guilt. I went over and over in my head what I should have done that might have saved them.

In my experience, it doesn't help to be surrounded by meth heads running around and screaming like idiots while you try to save the guy.

>implying the guy didn't die accidentally
One of the guys I saw die died from electrocution while working on electrical shit under his house, I didn't even get questioned.
Giving mouth to mouth to a dying person, blue, covered in flem and shit and piss (and blood) is fucking awful.

>mfw my brothers first words when I try to talk about it are "you know mouth to mouth doesn't work, right?"
>mfw my brother's a goddamn psychopath
>mfw no face
that honestly sounds hot as fuck
Some guy had a heat attack right in front of me. Tried to help, he did not make it.
Why should that change me? I knew before that death comes for us all, it is the one promise that not gets broken.
He was a fat disgusting white trash dude, actually. Had a split second where I sorta thought "am I really gonna do this?" but come on, I wasn't just gonna watch him die and do nothing. I didn't really care about the gross, was mostly concerned about catching something.
Im sadistic enough to still find that vaguely hot, pity it wasnt a sheila though

Fuck, that's sad.
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