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This might be a stupid question but I might...
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This might be a stupid question but I might as well try.

I'm trying to de-mystify the tarot. I childishly expect the cards to 'do' something instead of just realising they're images and don't really do anything.

It feels like I'm childishly playing with an ornament thinking it's a toy.

Do you have any advice for me?
Keep doing whatever you're doing, magic isn't really that magical.
also learn to wipe your ass with the cards
anal and fecal magic has been used by our ancestors to form an intimate relationship with their magical tools
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You are in luck, My Friend. I can and will de-mystify Tarot for you.

The Tarot is a dense collection of layered symbols. Every card is packed with them individually, they can be ordered or randomized as a deck, they are placed in complex patterns when dealt AND the whole thing can be inverted.

But, My Friend let us remember that ultimately we are entities. A reader and the read. The adept reader can use its understanding of the symbols to analyze and manipulate the read whether to simply tell her what she wants to hear or...
They are a way to talk to your inner child. The visual you, that is deeply intertwined with your life.
Are you fucking stupid?
It started as a card game, and many games have branched off from it and are still played and the people playing said games have absolutely no delusion that it's some mystical practice. The mysticism of the card's use didn't show up until CENTURIES after its origin, and even then you can use almost any prettily drawn card deck for that shit and interpret it however you want. The only reason tarot got so fucked by mysticism is that it was extremely complex and descriptive, making it easier to tie symbolism and allegory to the shit. I don't doubt it's legitimacy as a practice, but don't treat it like that's the only thing it exists for. It's a fucking deck of cards, the ability to use them for whatever purpose comes from the person using them.
This florid, vague faggot is half right.
>be me
>find an old tarot deck in the attic
>looks nice, I like the pictures
>put it on my desk
>friend comes to visit
>notices the deck
>much wow, tell me the future
>don't know shit about tarot
>he insists
>draw few cards
>don't know what the fuck they mean
>stay cool
>i'm kinda good at rhetorics
>tell him some general, random shit using pretty words
>"haha, you sound serious. we'll see then"
>time passes
>we talk to each other often, but he doesn't mention anything
>one day he's like "gawd, it happened"
>I'm like what
>he says that things I mentioned happend. not literally, but he sees the analogy
>ask him bout details
>basically he believed me so hard
>thought about my "prophecy" almost every day
>he really liked it and kinda wanted it to happen
>connect the dots
>burn the deck and start to meditate
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Your question is like asking how to de-sportify soccer. It doesnt make any sense.

It is how it is, even if you dont believe in ''fortune telling'' does not change it.

In fact there are books about Tarot that treat the practice as a psychological tool and THAT IS OK.


Read one of those books, i recommend Hollistic Tarot by Benebell Well. Hope it helps


You have a point... kinda.

Believing in magic or not, Tarot or any tool for divination is just a tool and just that. No matter which approach you want to give it (''magic or scientific'')

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>Self-fulfilling prophecy

Its not always like that tough.

>Be Me
>Firs day doing in readings on /div/
> One femanon ask if she should go back with her ex
>Cards talk about a baby causing the initial break up
>Turns out she had a baby (and aborted) with her ex

Maybe i was just ''cold reading''? unaware of that? i heard that shit happens

>Be me that day
>Ask for a reading myself
>Reader anon describes my workplace exactly as it is, no ''analogies''

Start creeping out a bit, ill try reading for another anon

>Anon ask for a general
>Cards tell me about an up coming travel and people he will leave behind
>Turns out he was moving next month and was sad for a friend (or gf? cant remember)

Being practicing tarot ever since.
I have a question for you. Hit me up when you have a chance:
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