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books that changed your life
and a brief explination of why it should be read
entry-level, but opened my mind.
I had a thread and more follow on's from back in maybe 2009, That had heaps of pfd's I will try and find it in the archive.
I read it very young, and it filled me with a desire to learn more about my heritage and history. Also, it showed me that sacrifice was necessary to destroy evil sometimes, something that most modern texts don't say; now the good guy always wins.

Actually I couldn't be fucked and the links are more than likely out of date.
you dont understand the idea behind asking /x/ for their favorite book

it would gain a entierly different set of answers than going to a board comprised of people reading just any bullshit
The secret history of the world by jonathan black aka mark booth. I had a slight interest in alternate ideas and religeon and this book was like pandoras box.
The Satanic Bible.

Summary: stopped caring about pleasing everyone, cut parasitic people from my life, focused on making myself happy instead.

95% of it I had already thought of throughout my life. It just gave me that extra 5% of "wow I never thought about it like that before."
Beelzebubs Tales to His Grandson
Principia Discordia
Divine Comedy
Holy Bible
>and a brief explination of why it should be read

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I think he just wanted to list his favorite books, not help anyone!
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I actually have that lying around in my attic, but I've never gotten around to reading it. Is it strictly occult stuff, or?
symbol and the symbolic - lubicz

explains pictographs and esoteric/exoteric philosophy with an introduction to hidden history. it explains a bit about consciousness, super advanced ancient humans, language being a degradation of telepathic communication and is very well written. it's dense to the point you'll have to read some sentences over and over again, but it's very intelligently written.
Nah its part science part occult part history. I really liked the history bits, so eventually i bought all his books haha.

I'd recommend it some bits are abit wording but generally a good read.
Did it work?

Are you happy now, anon ?
48 laws of power and childhoods end (no not the shitty sci fi remake)
Jane eyre. It made me a faggot
pic related is all the retarded poop jokes and monsturdation that /x/ REALLY wants. extremely recommended. Very funny, has you laughing one page, then frozen in horror the next.
>two twenty somethings take a drug called Soy Sauce
>see crazy and stupid and horrifying ghosts and monsters and shit
>super funny
>really good
sequel is This Book is Full of Spiders
go read it, trust me.
oh, and they made a movie out of it, but it wasn't really like the book at all. I got to see one of the first screenings and there was a Q&A with the director after and I very politely asked why is sucked so hard.
The movie was pretty lame, just read it
The Foundation series by Isaac Asimov. It is a must read in my opinion
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A real eye opener

Must read

Zhuan Falun by Li Hongzhi

The most detailed book on qi gong, and the most popular practice world wide. If you're only going to read one book on the subject, this is the one.
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The Lost Book of Enki.

This book has had a great influence in my life because it tied together soo many loose ends.

Its the entire history of the Anunna gods of Mesopotamia of which all the worlds religions are based.
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You get to know so much about north korea and how horrible it really is there. It's also an very inspirational book. I cried atleast 10 times while reading the book.

>David Wong

>tao teh ching supplimented with the tao of pooh
-really calmed my turbulent ego as a kid. kinda gave me permission to give up on trying to change everything

>the dice man
-funny book, that examines the impetus behind making choices

>Theory of Knowledge by Pojman
-college textbook on epistemology, turned me into an aspiring nihilist

>The Myth of Sisyphus
-saved me from nihilism, led me to absurdity, and alfred carey and the pataphor, discordianism, and culture jamming shit

>Brave New World
-prophetic, and less cryptic than the bible or nostrodamus

>The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
-taught me how to properly organize a secret society

> The Peaceful Warrior
-helped me through a troubled time in my life
If you live in 1920s Germany maybe. Not even die-hard neo nazis can take any useful message out of it today, it's simply outdated.
Good, I'll avoid to get close to it.
Aid Hartha helped me be less depress. The intelligent investor made me independently wealthy
buddha... is that you??
are you reincarnated?
>the entire history of the Anunna gods of Mesopotamia of which all the worlds religions are based.
explanation or source?
The Bible - It's the Bible
Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man - Scared me straight
Infinite Jest - Modern life in a book
Blood Meridian - Shit's fucked up

Explanation: Its Panbabylonism

raja yoga is the way
Nope its not me. I dont post anymore
Here, now my trips right
>Liber Falxifer

Speak to my grandma at the expense of animals
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Prometheus Rising : to make sense out of everything that didn't in my life before and consider many things under a new eye. Also because of my interest in magic/occultism, learned that I didn't need to use these tricks to be satisfied.

The secret language of the symbols : Shit is interesting yo. Plus, understanding that he who rules the symbols, rules the world.

House of leaves : both unsettling and interesting, questions many concepts such as space/time and also a fun read

Any book on the Mudras : helpfull way to go through minor health problems, even better if you practise meditation/yoga
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I concur with this post.

>explains how science can become so advanced, it becomes magic to the uneducated
>uses religion to control a society as well as protect a society
>uses science to create trade between planets, creating advanced technology to have an upper hand in the solar system

Book is about a society of scientists, on both ends of the galaxy, trying to shorten the "galactic dark ages" that the human empire has brought upon itself. Pretty mind opening considering its a future version of all of our past influences and corruption. Science is badass.
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