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How do You Connect With Your Higher Self?
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You don't, there isn't one.
MUSHROOMS , DMT, weed edible
I thought she was worshiping a christmas tree at first.
This isn't 420chan.
"You don't, there isn't one." <-- all the more reason to contact it
Just contact yourself, when you see that the you is the higher you you will be the higher you, there is no higher you to talk to, just you

Ok,ok, basically you don't, you become it, getting rid of human drama from your mind and getting to know the natural you, if anyone says that drugs help, yeah, if they make you forget the human and focus on the sacred part of us yeah.
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This isn't reddit either, dumb nigger.
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The summoning ritual has been completed.
Why have you awoken me from my slumber, mortal?
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Nice try m8
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Nah m8. I can't be fucked looking for my secure trip, and I'm pretty sure it might be banned anyway.
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Hmm, test test.

no one fucking cares at all.
>There isn't one

Higher self is a self within oneself.
It must be created first.
Through this creation we come to experience ourselfes as Gods of our own world.
Thus it is called higher self.

There is none, yes. Not from birth.
Higher self can only be the product of creational work.

If you say there is none, then you either consciously tell a lie or you do not know yourself.
Which isn't surprising for /x/.
But actually, as an attendant of /blzb I have expected more than this.
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Hey, what's going on in this thread?
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I care, Anon, that's enough for me. <3

Hai cutie
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Okay /x/, help me out.

Some weird shit is going on lately.
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Maybe this will help
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What the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch?

What do you need help with, my child?
By doing what you know that you have to do.

Can we cuddle ?
So weird, I was gonna make a thread asking the same thing too today after a post I read last night.

Ive been meditating on/off for a couple of years, Ive felt my third-eye stimulated at some points, and have also felt a great sense of intuition.

I think the "higher" self may be the one that sees things without the many biases of one's own ego.

I also think that just meditating regularly will help connecting with this part of the self, as meditating seems to aid all spiritual endevors.

However, the post I read mentioned that you can 'ask your higher self questions, and receive answers'. This is what interested me. Would this be like praying? Is the divine really just the higher-self that awaits inside me?
Your higher self is not some external force to connect with, you are the higher self. The life is the journey whr we realise our higher self and it takes millions of incarnation sometimes to realise it. You dont connect with it you become a higher self and attain nirvana. The higher self is the aspect of god, the true child of his created in his image.
The reptars hijacked your oversoul and now you can't leave this reincarnation shithole unless you destroy the planetary net.
That's a lot of time
They can wait 40 or more years.
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It's more than just you. It is in EVERYTHING.
From stars to skies, from your friends, to your enemies, they are god. Nature created you with the processes of evolution. Starting with an asshole creature with a spermlike larval form transforming into hagfish, then other fish. These creatures existed after a long time in the sea, like season 5 is when the asshole creatures showed up. But These asshole creatures had a centralized nervous cluster, right. This cluster is what became the heart or hearts in the modern hagfish. So fish had assholes and hearts, but they needed to be able to see to avoid the badass sea scorpions and ammonites. (pokemon looking fucks, not semite ones) So fish evolved eyes and they got smarter, which was easy because their diet was almost exclusively arthropods (algae eaters high in HUFA acids) So the fish grew bony too, but some stayed slimy shit. Both lines become smart because they were predators, one became the ray finned fish that you typically think the others became like mudskippers.Then lizarbirds, then lizards became mammal.
This is the order and why you do it. Connect to your butthole, not your ego fisrt of all shithead, root chakra, then sexy chakra, then belly chakra, the thing that let us digest the shells of our prey. Then connect to your heart. The heart that let the first brave fish explore the shores of the virgin earth. Shortly after algaes started colonizing, and assuredly bacteria. They held their breath for this, and they hiccuped. After long, the throat was learned from protolizardbirds or dinosaurs. Expression is it's seat. Then the brain was borne from fish, but it subdivided as reptiles into closer to what we have. The lizards hold the third eye, but they fear the light from above and the shadows too. They fear the falcons of death, and so they don't climb the high reaches of the self.
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Thread replies: 30
Thread images: 15
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