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Hi /x/, I need your help
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Hi /x/, I need some help. Text's gonna be large, but for you guys would be worth the read. I must begin saying that I'm a 20 yo argentinean /b/fag (so sorry for any grammar mistakes), pretty sceptical of the things you guys post about (i.e. aliens, ghosts, demons, etc.) but what happend today has me troubled, and I think that you guys could lend me a hand to sort this out.

I woke up from the most vivid dream I've ever had, actually to this day I had never experienced such a thing. I was in what seemed to be a study, but from either medieval or renaissance times due to the decoration (but this is just my guess). I was sketching some kind of machine on a papyrus, but it was just like I knew what I was doing, yet I have absolutely no knowledge of engineering or desing and such things, I'm a med student. I was an old man, I remember my hands in the dreams were wrinckled and with the spots that old people have. The place was full of paintings that I have never seen before, pretty messy room by the way. A lot of scaled modeled stuff, like tiny machines. And last but not least, a man, probably in his twenties, painting.

The whole thing was like I WAS that man. Doing my thing with the sketches, I really knew what I was doing, but at the same time didn't; it was really confusing. So, the cherry that tops this story is the fact that the boy actually turns and calls me on me saying "Leonardo!" and some italian gibberish that I seemed to understand in the dream but I actually have no idea how to speak italian. He seemed to need help with his painting, so I said something to him in italian and pointed at the painting, like explaining him a technique or something, or at least that's what it felt like I was doing, that I somehow knew what I was doing.

Now, I repeat, I'm pretty sceptical about all this, but damn, that just felt so real. I always try to look for the logical explanations for extraordinary events but this is just beyond me. I'll continue.
Largá el faso, anon.
OP here.

I tried to see it from a neuroscientific point of view, with all the knowledge I have and some books on the subject, tried to find scientific journals about something similar and found nothing helpful. The only thing that even comes closer to this is the Assassin's Creed main story plot about genetic memories haha.

Now, I have some points that may favour the sort of "genetic heritage" with Da Vinci. I'm from an Italian family, actually there's a little town with my last name in Sicily. My great grandfather came to Argentina around the time of WWII. I do pretty good in my classes, not Da Vinci good, but pretty good still. Also have this easiness with musical instruments and have "absolute pitch" I think thats the translation for "oido absoluto". I can identify notes and reproduce them without any need for knowing chords before hand (this is not said by me, but by my guitar professor). I can draw really good for someone who never took drawing lessons (also been told by many people).

But even with all this, also looking at it from a genetic point of view, there's no way, in my opinion, I could "inherit" this abilities.

So thats why I come to you people, hope you can help with evidence or even testimonies about something like this. Research papers, anything could help me figure this out.

Maestro con todo respeto, rara vez me meto acá por me parece que flashean mucho. Trato siempre de tener una mirada objetiva, analítica y racional sobre los supuestos casos "sobrenaturales" pero esto realmente me supero. Siempre está la posibilidad de que sea una locura inconciente mía, mirandolo desde el punto de vista psicoanalítico.
So you just played assassin's creed.
OP here. Big fan of the games.
Hello op i too have akashic connections to leonardo. A lifetime like his and their influence are so vast that the following splinter in later incarnations will be more vast than just 1 person's coded memory, leo is activating in you because of the ascension times we're what you need to do is liberate the energy/info or whatever thats trying to come through , for me i had leo memory recall last year and i found what triggered then was watching the show attack on titans and meditating while listening to 'für elise' beethoven (not simultaneously),,, idk if these will help you but these were my triggers and also look at sacred geometry i recieved huge amounts of information through self deciphering them start with the circle - hexagon , then look up other souls like nicola tesla he was also another trigger for me and one i held similar connections with like those with leonardo
www. nature. com/news/fearful-memories-haunt-mouse-descendants-1.14272

perhaps look through your family history and see if you are descended from some such person?
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