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Whats wrong with worshipping sun??
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Whats wrong with worshipping sun??

>If we remove sun from our solar system then no life can survive.

>Every religion claims that their god created life on earth and we should worship them.

>What about that huge ball of fire that keeps us alive?

I feel bad for those pagans (My ancestors) they thanked Sun by worshipping it every single day. Too bad they are all gone now, only hindus are keeping this tradition alive in our modern times.
What about worshipping gravity? Without gravity no sun
What about worshiping timeXspace? Without them there would be no existence.
a new cult is born
Nothing wrong with that imo.
Dont stretch it.
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You could pick any force of nature to worship but the Sun is the source of life that keeps us alive most directly.
The sun is the only visible God
Make sense to adore him

Repeat this mantra

The sun and I are one

And you will have he energy of the sun for your help , do it in the morning's for at least 108 times and you will feel with great energy and enthusiasm all day long.
The sun is a reflection of our Most Holy Sun Absolute emanating theomertmalogos which we view as visible light due to our limited perception of reality.
what's the point? it's a big ball of burning plasma. you're worshipping of it will literally not do anything
strong fundamental interaction is even more direct
Do not worship the sun,worship God because he made everything,including the sun
Nothing. Worship the planets, the universe, mother nature.
>kali yuga
>people start preaching worshipping sun gods

Do you think mantra in English works??

I hv heard that only Sanskrit is effective. Is this true?
I don't get it.

What are you talking about?
Kali yuga is hindu concept ryt? Plz explain.
Kali Yuga is an age an aeon
No, wat about that Sun preaching thing.
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kerecseny fény.jpg
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Don't give a shit about gravity.. Without it everyone just be free in the infinite..
Everything just gone into chaocity..

Some religion.. The Sun is the Father and the Earth is the Mother..
They can't live without each other..
No One can live without them..

Especially a fulfilled life totally not..

The Moon have some spiritual way rather..
Think when we wanna evolve need it too..

When it wanna to put in some other religion like..
The Sun the Father-The Earth The Daughter (whynot)-The Moon The Holy Spirit

But in the archive have some interesting theme about Hindu culture too..
Any language is good
As long as you focus on it and say it whit awareness and emotion the mantra will work.
so at first in kali yuga there is 10,000 year golden age ( hindu and i guess monotheist religion) were people still believe in gods. then, most dharma is forgotten and people come back to wroshiping solar pagan gods. and then Kalki comes to defeat kali and next is the golden yuga where earth is ruled by gods

we are technically in the 5 thousandth or so year of the kali yuga, so it would only make sense that the sun worship begins.
I worship the sun as The Great Spirit. Anthropomorphic deities are the greatest lie
But... Ya know... Is the Sun powered by its worshippers...? Or not...?
You're probably right.. But you think in a human body does not have a Spirit?
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Imagine this like..
When a soul.. rather.. when a human.. rather.. when a living being...

Begining making free their inner fire.. then in a slowly way that soul is migrate to the s0urce..
The s0urce is analyze their feelings.. they begAn know him maybe.. her..
Then 0 is give the being some option.. it's depends a lot of thing how many.. what kind of..

A-FtER the soul is choose 1.. the 0 start the game..
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What do you think?
There is exit from the Matrix? :)
what about worshipping the 0 dimension.
Without zero there cant be a 1,2,3,or 4 or 12
Some do not sadly it is what we are here for but most have forgotten.
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When you should choose what to be destroyed.. your.. you.. or your.. home and all that what likes in that place.. what do you choose?

Please.. :)
With "humble"..
Share with me min or max 3 opinion..

A little power is into your hands at this moment..
Why the hell is /x/ so fucking retarded. Not every religion claims their gods created everything. Buddhism doesn't. Taoism doesn't.

You can't live without air, either. Why don't you worship the air you ridiculous shit burger? Why are you so hard up to worship anything? Fucking get it together, man.
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Oh God..
Why everyOne think the "Devil" or the "Hell" so "bad"..
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So 1 answer..
The clock is go around..
Never stop..

Appriciate that answer.
One point to Grifenblablabla..
Neo scape
That's the end of matrix
He scape the outer matrix
I don't want to scape, seems to be like is nothing outside and I prefer a good life here were I am imprisoned in a infinity land than being free in the nothingness, I am in prison whit all the important things to me , family and friends, what can I get outside that is not here?
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