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Hi /x/

When I was around 13 or 14 a friend of mine, her mom and I thought it would be fun to play with a oujia board that they "couldn't get rid of".

I was skeptical as the oracle read out the name "Psylo" and claimed he wanted to kill me. I simply left the board while they continued. (Not sure if they closed the connection or not, like I said I was young and stupid for playing with it without knowing the rules.

It seems that ever since then my life has been taking a negative spiral (alcohol, drugs, failing school).

Fast forward to me being 19. Get with a guy. An abandoned room in the house gives me a weird feeling (back bedroom). I would stay back there because it was his parents house and I wasn't supposed to be spending the night.

Anyway, felt it watching me at all times. Hated being back there. Was later told by boyfriend that his grandfather who lived there before said there was a "booger" in the house. The house becomes ours and we just shut the room off.

Years later, we move and the house is burned down. I'm the new house I feel the same type of presence, only it is in the living room and kitchen (where we spent most of our time). Eventually, life goes to shit. Boyfriend goes to jail for something he didn't do (was accused of 6 years prior, but all of a sudden indicted?). We end up losing the house and have to move back in with his parents

Now we have been here for about 4 years. Moved out for about 4 months but had to move back. I can feel the negativity here and it only seems to be getting worse.

I'm starting to think this "entity" has clung to me all these years and is slowly tearing me apart. All I feel is depression, anger or apathy in regards to everything.

Tl;dr is it possible a being attached to me when I was younger? Or am I just feeling different negative energies as I go through life? How can I stop this?
Quit being weak, now carry on.
Can you elaborate? Do you think I'm trying to find something to blame my problems on?
If your life turns to shit everytime it may be a demon's fault.
Psylo might be a clue. A suggest you to eat shrooms and summon him.
I have done shrooms and would never dare summon him. I've developed a fear of him (which probably fuels him assuming he exists). I guess what I need to know is, is there a way to confirm that something is attached to me? If there is, is there a way to get rid of it?
You wouldn't ask this question if nothing was attached to you. The biggest fear of the demons are to be unmasked. You now are aware of him and have his name.
There is several ways to get rid of it.
What solutions first pops up in your mind?
Cleansing. In the first house (the one that had been burned down) I had a room dedicated to magick. It was the only place I truly felt safe. My now husband says that acknowledging or believing that something is attached to me is what will make it happen so ice been quiet about it to him and trying to ignore it. I've cleansed rooms and houses but how to I go about cleansing myself (what I think would work to get rid of this negative energy). The house we live in currently (with his parents) has become more and more filled with hate for each other. I've burned sage while they were gone (they are Christian and would freak if they knew), but it feels like things have gotten worse.
>Do you think I'm trying to find something to blame my problems on?
Hive mind.
Fear stems from ignorance, and ignorance form lack of knowledge.
>fear stems from ignorance, and ignorance from lack of knowledge

What type of knowledge should I be seeking? Should I attempt to make contact and confront? Your replies are coming off very vague. No offense.
Demons are master of illusions, they are in front of you between your eyes and the world. The world you see and live in is distorded. You need to focus more even on mundane things. You need a charm to help your focus.
Do you have a job? How is your financial situation?
I recently got a job working with animals (my childhood dream being a vet so I was excited to get a job even if it was just at a pet store). I started in October. The first year we moved here, I got pregnant and spent the first two years of my child's life at home with her. I only work part time. We are able to pay bills (car payment, insurance, giving money to in laws to help with bills) but we can't save up to get out. My husband says he notices I am happier the days I work. How would I go about getting a charm to focus? Would it help me get rid of this influence?

I apologize if I come off as ignorant. I truly have no one else to discuss this with who would have even a slight understanding.
You have to craft your charm yourself. It can be a pendant or else. You have to do a ritual to bound it to you.
It's goal are to protect you from outer influences and to keep you focus on your goals.
To break the influences of demons you have to break your habits. Changing your life . Like your whole universe shifted a little.
Imagine being the center of the universe and slowly but certainly everything around you are atuned to your profound desire. And your charm will be the constant reminder that you are in charge here.
Also, what you say about demons distorting how we see things makes me believe this more. I -know- my in laws hate me and my husband. It's like the only one keeping everyone together is my 2 year old.
Apologies a work.
Knowledge of the divine and knowledge of yourself, see the divinity within you as temple of his endlessness Most High. Either that or find someone with said knowledge in such matters.
I think that knowing the divine works through me and that my body is a temple so to speak is what has kept me from complete possession. I refuse to allow any possession of my body or soul. It just seems to be more of an influence of my mind if that makes sense? So hard to describe. I used to not feel only hate and anger or negative emotions in general. I used to be kind, patient, understanding. And I have to fight to be positive at home.
I suggest you to do your best to leave this home and start from new.
Wish it from the bottom of your heart, remember that the world is how you want it to be.

Now for your anger you can start manipulating energies by visualisation.
Visualise your anger as a ball of res light in front of you and start turning it white. Changing an energy with a direction (anger) in a neutral pure energy. This pure energy you can turn it into motivation or love or anything else.
But to work with energies(emotions) you must think about and feel everything. Going out of your inner safe space.
गंड मे दंडा रे
Thanks lori
Every demon was an angel long ago..
Now in the world balance cirka dancing on a blade point..
When you can change your inner feelings negativ to positive the demon conform to you..
Use her..
Feel her power..
Don't try suppress.. that makes her stronger..
She wanna free with you..
Be her friend.. sister.. Don't leave to lead you too much.. Be the alfa with her.. show your proud and will to her..

Maybe talk in yourself.. think like she think.. feel like she feel.. understand her..
First she your enemy.. Tame her.. Then be your allies..

When you try to remove her from yourself she give you nothing more but emptiness..
Dance with her fire.. Learn from her desire..
Then share with us what you are capable..

Lucius insidus productus..
All I'm hearing is "you you you"

You'd think with this much control over yourself, you'd not be a bunch of fucking ninnys who think your legitimate emotional or mental stress is the work of a demon who's life fucking goal is to mess with some idiot who works at a pet co.

Come the Fuck on
So I'm guessing you've never disliked anyone? And if you did you told them flat out, why you dislike them and how they can fix it? Oh no you haven't because you're a normal human being. Yeah being family doesn't entitle you to being liked. Hell, being blood related hardly entitles you to that.

Ps. maybe they dislike you because you believe a fucking demon is pulling the strings whenever something goes wrong for you.
Na baans ki bansi na sone ka sariya
> believes "the world is how you want it to be"
> also believes that you must purchase a new house to escape the spooky demon following you around

You'd think if "the world is how you want it to be" you wouldn't be plagued by demons or spirits
Lol you can't be serious

And it's "alpha"
says the guy that didn't even read the thread :)
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Magyarul alfa.. seggfej..
Think about it :)
Op here. I'm not saying it's some demon who randomly picked me to fuck with. I'm saying that maybe I encountered one and it attached to me. More like a negative en
>implying I tell anyone about a demon or negative force plaguing me

No. In fact, I used to try to see the good in everyone. Yes, people would do things I didn't like, but I wouldn't let it bother me. Let them live their lives. Now, when something I don't like it makes me so angry. I will tell them "fuck you" or "what the fuck were you thinking?" I will respond aggressively rather than trying to understand the situation from their point of view.

I don't know why you are in this thread if it's not something you think could be possible.
Don't worry my friend all is well.
The "entity" is your own self destruction. Started at 13-14, the same age most people start to find themselves and succumb to their nature. Drugs and alcohol addiction imply a weak will. Same with failing school. The fear from the back bedroom is simply fear of being alone with your thoughts. As time went on you started to resent yourself and felt insecure with your relationships with people, including your boyfriend. The rooms you spend most of your time have a lot of your energy in them. You're causing your own torment.
Holy fucking shit I'm not joking, but I'm exactly the same way. However, my change I think is due to how shitty people are in this world, and instead of not letting it bother me. I rage at them.
Fight him, kill him.
Op here.

This makes a lot of sense. I did a reading last night and it mentioned my will and self-discipline is what will grant me success. Thanks to everyone who responded. It felt really good to get it off my chest and realize that it's something that -I- can control.

One poster mentioned moving asap and starting new and that is our plan. It's just a matter of saving up money to do so. Perhaps, income tax will be enough for what we need.

Again, thanks to all. Also, will be crafting a charm for focus as the need for focus also appeared in my reading.
Well if its following you you can always just try clensing yourself.
>Salt circle around yourself in the middle of an open room (where you feel the presence
>Gets some white sage smoking, yoi can smudge the room when your done
> have bowl of water in the circle with you.
Clear your mind and chant some latin phrases that you know to be correct basically telling the demon by name to go back to the void or where it came from according to your beliefs. Splash some water around the room but dont fuck up the circle. And then when you feel like the presence has left exit the circle and smudge the room.
you fucking pussies

Stand up for yourself.

I had a demon fully manifest because I wouldn't fuel him with fear.

I charged at him and felt my hands around his neck. I literally felt his form die in this plane.
I swear I have no idea how
You people believe that demons are powerful.. You are made in the image of God, start acting like it. Your will must be mighty weak and your belief in God must be even weaker. If some demon is actually able to affect you this much. Do not try to cleanse your house with pagan rituals. You are only fighting fire with fire and pushing yourself further away from the one thing that can save you. God.
This is some hilarious roleplay.
>muh pagun retualz!!
It doesn't work. Please tell me you don't actually practice those rituals
What do you do?
Also, I would like to point out that I never said in my original post that it was a demon. There is more to the paranormal than demons and angels. There are positive and negative energies. Spirits. I'm wondering why some of you are even on /x/.
When a human's will is weak, demons ARE powerful.
Even praying to god is a ritual, though a small one. It is still a way to channel your energy to make yourself feel better about something.
Great if we could help you even a little.
You know what to do but you can add a little boost.
Try a ritual for money, a mojo bag or a wish box. Basic witchcraft.
I do this when i need something and it never fail. Even the most precise wish.
yo diria que hay cosas que desconocemos, si exista o no los demonios, no lo se, si la oujia sea un portal a otra dimesion, no lo se, pero si en verdad existe yo te diría que vayas a una iglesia de la religión cristiana y pidas ayuda ya que esta religión es la que mas probable te diga que debes hacer, por lo tanto, es tu desicion a pesar de que mi respuesta te pares absurda o tonta pero mejor vale intentarlo a que seguir sufriendo, ya que tenemos una vida por delante y solo una oprtunidad para por que despues de la muerte solo existe olvido.
>I did a lot of drugs and alcohol and now my life is bad
>it's a ghost!
>I'm a girl btw

Go away.
>not reading thread
>no contribution

I hope you're already out.
exorcism, any major religion will do

most of their myths are nonsense but the fact so many people channel their energy into it makes it a spiritual force, it is like a giant tornado and they stay away from it or get the picture when it is directed towards them
I read the thread. Saying it's fucking bullshit is my contribution.
Ok. Thanks for your contribution, useless as it is.

I had quit drugs and alcohol after the first move (deeming that the obvious reason for my lack of success). And what does sex have to do with anything?

Also, if you had read the thread, you would have seen this >>17218231
In which, I realize that the ability to succeed and harbor positivity is within me, not negative spirits.

It is something I had heard about (negative energy attaching to people) and wanted opinions/solutions on my situation.

You might want to see a doctor mate.
"In the case of a malevolent influence, vibrate “Vinasa” (VEE-NAH-SAH) 9 times following the vibration of [the entity's] name backwards, letter by letter. If the name is unknown, then just vibrate the word “Vinasa” 9 times, and affirm “You are no more.” Vinasa is an ancient Sanskrit word of banishment and acts to destroy the unwanted energy and/or entity. This word is to destroy and should not be used for any other purpose."

Vibratory Formula: A method by which divine names and words are intoned forcefully and with authority in a "vibration." Properly performed, the vibration should be felt throughout the entire body and imagined to be vibrated throughout the universe.
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