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i have a story that i would like help on....
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i have a story that i would like help on. /x/ is the best place i know, other than a church. but no. just no.
old women keep coming up to me, asking if i go to or want to go to church. so i'm just asking if i am fucked over here. i'll try to go into as much detail as possible. Thanks.

>3 years ago
i was living in hostels, smoking legal. i stayed in a b&b before i went home, and smoked a lot of legal high. i was smoking and listening to music, and these blue people were there fucking around. i sat on the bed and started tripping... it felt like the room was floating, and if i opened the door it would just empty and white
across from me there was a long piece of wood used to open the window on the roof. it had a knot on it that looked like the all seeing eye
anyway, i started tripping and laid down. i hallucinated, and saw three things in a circle. there was pits of fire around us and we were looking over a rock table. i signed something on the table, but i don't remember what it said. i don't think it ever said anything. come to think of it, i don't remember signing it - i just wrote something.

after this, i laid down and heard something tell me i am about to die. i said no, let me do it. i grabbed the string that was given to me and was decapitated - i think it was from the piece of wood that was across the room.

>at home.
i loved going to leeds. i was in hostels, and we all smoked legal high. i began talking to the people in the hostel and helped them reach their potential. i had two favourites. a star/maybe an angel and a demon. the demon was fully evil. turned out to be a piece of shit. the star was nice, helped me in my times of need.
i like to think i am more gray. not good, not evil. i'll explain in cont.

Just go to church with the nice old ladies!

love going to Leeds. get so good at it, and love playing the demon games that were there
>always win
i got a pretty large following, they called me a god. i believed i was a god, too.

at home, guiding these people. get a following there, start being a cat. i still know i'm a god, but i have feline attributes - mainly sex tho

shit happens etc. i have some pretty big trips and play with fate. thought i was going to die maybe 4 times in this year, but never do.

>2 years ago
start talking to these demons more and more. fully in hell now. everything is horrible and it's pure torture, but stay strong
i had a dream where was on a bus (fucking hate busses. trains are the shit tho) and the demon looks back and yells. fire in it's eyes and shit and i scream.

i got deep in the cat thing. get a pet succubus that a fuck.
marry her and shit, break up, fuck demons as their pet. i get into gangbanging demons but get scared and leave it. there are still rape scares and shit but i figured out that i just need to mean 'no' and not get persuaded to not fuck them. feels good c:
i actually like fucking them, but i would rather keep my soul thanks.
no thanks, it all scares me to be fair

have own problems, but meet people and help them when they want to sell their soul. i think i've taken a few, and me and some people would manipulate people's daily lives for fun. when i was walking around leeds, shit would go my way. i mastered time, would know what time it was at any point, and would always be perfectly on time.
it was like it was fixed in my favour though.

>bit later
start helping people for real. i'm okay at it. get called an angel

at this point i've been
i'd collect these titles now for fun.

i start to settle down, get selfish. try to learn some things that will help me in my life. but it feels like i am selling my soul with each turn. it's gone a bit, but i really want my soul...

i can go into a lucid dream too where its all blue and outlines. i can choose what dream i want to be in at this point, or collaborate with my subconscious

i also had a dream where i chased a laser pen light, and came to three doors. i said i didn't want to go through them, and a nice voice said it's fine, come meet us whenever you would like.
any lurkers?

>i've found out my pet name is trixx
realize i'm a star. this is my true purpose

have i sold my soul, or did i just partake in some demon games etc. i think i have escaped the hell and i was actually happy for the first time in 3 years the other day. i had forgotten what the feeling was.

one of the demons told me i had to partake in this ritual. i said no, they kept pushing it on me. it almost happened when i was going to sleep but stopped it
i told them that if it happened, i would break the peace and dominate each faction, they stopped.
If it's a good church go check it out
Thread replies: 6
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