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The universe is held together by the four...
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The universe is held together by the four fundamental forces. Strong, weak, em, and gravity. All energetic interactions must use one of them to indirectly use another. I want strong force, I detonate a nuclear bomb. But what does a human do? So far as I see it, we use the electromagnetic force in that we apply tension or repulsion between atoms which constitute our tissue and an object. Essentially giving us the rigidity to apply mechanics to our forms. As well, we emit radiation and electrical currents. But how might a human go about exercising the metaphorical 'strong muscle'?

For EM, we are able to dabble in manipulation of our electrons, which drag along their nuclei. So there is a source of strong interaction. And background neutrinos as well as radioactive isotopes in you, so weak interaction is covered. And of course gravity, having mass.

The more I investigate things like chi, people say its just energy. Energy, not electricity per se. Not heat. Not light. Not plasma looking stuff. Just energy. How can a human being express this energy directly into whatever form you choose? How is pure energy stored? Further, why not forces besides electromagnetism? And do cells of any differentiation appear to have metabolic mechanisms to apply them? Can I trigger chain reactions?

Can humans manipulate the force bosons and what form through spoopy means?
If we could, there'd probably be repeatable experiments to prove this. It is an interesting though experiment though. I've often thought that psychokinesis would happen sorta like how we use our brains to move our muscles, except we use it to move things we're not directly connected to in an obvious way instead

As you probably know.. the Standard Model doesn't include gravity and never will. It's an incomplete model. We're missing something big. Our current models will be obsolete in a hundred years time.

The Copenhagen interpretation of the double-slit experiment is wrong, reality is not objective, it's subjective. Informational even. Our problem is, frankly, we haven't got the slightest fucking clue where to start on a non-objective model of reality. We're stuck with QM for the foreseeable future.

>Can humans manipulate the force bosons and what form through spoopy means?

Yes. We can manipulate electrons by merely looking at them. That's as fucking spoopy as it gets.

inb4 measurement problem
inb4 uncertainty principle
>looking at electrons changes them
Not knowing what the updated quantum delayed eraser double slit experiment implicates.

Also bump.
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>strong, weak, em, gravity.

Actually there are only 4 forces.


Nice try though with your pseudoscience.

Those two have combined into AeSSpace-Time
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Aether is not space time

0 is not 1.
Well, it kind of is, that's a different story. I don't have time to explain it right now.

>Error: You are temporarily blocked from posting for violating /x/ 1 - Off-Topic, Paranormal Only.
This block will expire in 14 minutes.

I'll reply when this is gone. I have no idea why it's even here. All of my posts are quality and on topic. This is the 2nd time today, and the 5th time my thread has been deleted.

I think it's the Illuminati. They don't want me to enlighten others. They fear me.

I must have said something I wasn't supposed to.

Tried reading into it...what *are* the implications?


I'd call you a troll but desu i haven't read in a while.
well, with assumptions like that, maybe the question you should really be asking is if there is even a need to be talking about such a topic in which there will be no definite answer, ever,
As an aspiring quantum physicist and chi energy enthusiast I may have some input of value. It's my understanding that ALL human movement is the result of the EM force. That is the use of the tiny electromagnets of our cells and atoms in order to perform work. The other forces have little to no use within our bodies.

I theorise that the way chi energy works is through the increasing of voltage within the human body. Higher voltage = stronger electromagnets. This is why monks can perform their amazing feats, the individual particles of their bodies are highly energised.

It is also my understanding that "chi energy" is not a physical energy as is electromagentism but rather a psychic energy which affects and can control the physical energy. The most obvious example of this is the simple fact that through the free-will of your consciousness you choose how to move your body.

So by increasing your chi, you are actually(also?) increasing the baseline voltage on which your physical body runs. Kundalini syndrome and other associated problems with chi energy can be likened to an electric circuit which takes far too high a voltage for it to handle, and so burns out and must be repaired. "Energy blockages" would be those areas of the body circuitry which have too high an electrical resistance, and are prone to producing heat and burning out.

I should note that there seems to be a fine line between the psychic chi energy and the physical electric energy in the body, and they seem to work in tandem, one affecting the other. Remember the wisdom of "mind body and spirit are interconnected, each one affecting the other two".

Hope some of this made sense.
...Everything is made of chao.
bampu desu
EM and gravity will be unified within the next 100 years. QM will die out and QFT will take over. Reality is made up of Fields, we know this, particles are a consequence of interaction. Einstein spent 30 years trying to create a theory, but atm we have no complete theory with which to progress so we're stuck with QM for now.

Our understanding of Physics is akin to dogs looking up at the moon.
Strong reporting in.

all you weak are fuckin pussies
you coward don't even affect my nigga the electron

Electromagnetic reporting in.
Motherfucker I'm gonna get a couple of empty shells and rob all of you
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This is an interesting subject.
Sadly, I have nothing to contribute at the moment, other than a short story about one time I was going to kiss my significant other and we had a bolt of electricity arc between our faces.

Keep the thread alive, fellas.
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