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Karin Waldegrave/Britt-Keighly
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She's still at it.

Posts from as recently as a month ago.

She's still writing about her lineage and murders in her family.
She is my inferior and also Prof.Tiina Ann Kirss older and even when young my inferior in skin, body, style, elegant slimbuild,unbirthed virginal fertility,and proper cheekbones, they merely had a plan to appropriatePaul Attemann bodily on my assets, libel me, and we are comparable physically, these people not to either, they are mad about him, with jealousy of me, FBI illegals and butch RCMP and police.And their behaviour is obscene, chasingme with even queer flashers and at close range. Not allowed. They are inter-racial also. Prof. Francine McKenzie is one of them, a fat, dumb, sagging,mannish illogical pervert.
The KCWK Case

Karin Steinberg (on her 1992 marriage certificate)
a.k.a Karin Britt Keighley (on her 2009 resumé)
a.k.a Karin Catherine Waldegrave Kell (she refers to herself as KCWK sometimes)

Hon. B. A., Trinity College, Univ. of Toronto
M. A., History, Univ. of Toronto
Teaching assistant at the Department of History, Univ. of Western Ontario

b. 13 Nov 1969, Estonia, immigrated to Canada.
m. 1 Aug 1992 to Peeter John Leppik.
No children.
div. abt 2006.

Peeter Leppik is CEO of Technograph, Inc., in Toronto, a company specializing in color screen printing onto 3D surfaces (including marine applications). He is also a decorated reserve officer in the Estonian Ground Forces. He was (and may still be) a member of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club (RCYC) in Toronto.

Karin's Facebook page was originally created under the name "Karin Britt Keighley" on or near March 7, 2010. The first few months are uneventful; she posts pictures and connects to old friends in Estonia.

It takes a sudden turn to the dark side on June 26, 2010, when she begins making accusations toward former colleages, particularly Prof. Francine McKenzie and her husband, Prof. Michael Szonyi. McKenzie and Keighley were both graduate students at U. of Toronto, working with Prof. Robert S. Bothwell. Keighley gave at least one lecture and worked as a G8 researcher (on ICT) while at U. of Toronto. (That's documented--not just her claims). At the U. of Western Ontario, McKenzie got her doctorate--Karin was dismissed.
The accusations grow increasingly far-fetched, as they are woven into an elaborate conspiracy story involving the KGB and MI6, her line of descent from European aristocracy, the assassination of her grandfather and abduction of her father. All of the living people that she mentions have been confirmed to be real; some are celebrities but many are people in her professional and social sphere, usually connected to the U. of Toronto in one way or another. The genealogy that she claims, however, is entirely incredible--as in, lacking any credibility whatsoever.

She claims to be married (in 2010) to Gordon Finlay (b. 1923), a WWII veteran and another member of the RCYC, who was previously married (in 1945) to Joan Fulton Purves. Joan died in 2003. Karin and Gordon have been neighbors in the same condo building for several years.

Her Facebook rants make no sense unless you read them in chronological order. Most people start at the end and decide that it's all gibberish or a text generator. It's not. It all makes sense, within the context of her delusional framework. It reads like a surrealist novel, although it's awfully repetitive. Her comments become increasingly angry and chaotic in 2011.

Karin is clearly suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. She has alienated most of her family and colleagues. Gordon's children and grandchildren are aware of the situation. Her posts in late May indicate that she had been visited by police and a social worker (which causes her to hurl vitriol at her step-granddaughters). It is quite likely that she was taken (finally) for psychiatric treatment on May 26th.
Oh, incidentally, there is a real Katharine Waldegrave, who is the actual granddaughter of the 12th Earl Waldegrave and whose father, Lord (William) Waldegrave was in Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet. She is, needless to say, an entirely different individual.

Investigators on other boards have made contact briefly with two people who knew her. One was an Estonian friend who last saw her about five years ago. The other was a former grad student who collaborated on a G8 research project with her. They both said more or less the same thing: that she was odd back when they knew her, and they were worried about her. Neither of them expressed any doubt that the Facebook page was her creation.

There are several clues that this is not an AI program. While she does free-associate words from time to time, the text always comes back to the central theme of her paranoid delusion. The words are not simply drawn from a statistical model. The text talks about real, living people (in libelous ways). Karin knows who they are, what they do and the relationships among them, apart from the roles she has given them in her delusional world. The conspiracy theory is a layer she has invented, on top of their actual identities.
It looks like people are taking care of her crazy ass! :) good!
She bases many of her conspiratorial linkages on puns and word-association. For example, she develops a hatred toward Annely Peebo, a popular mezzo-soprano from Estonia. Peebo is married to Raul Naarits, a deathcore singer from Jõhvi, Estonia. Karin seems to conflate him with Raul Narits (b. 1952), an Estonian jurist and Professor of Law at U. of Tartu. In addition, Karin appears to have no idea what "deathcore" is (she admits she doesn't know much about pop culture), punning it with "death corps", translates that to "Team-Todt" and then puns that with "Team-Taught", which she associates with her nemesis Francine McKenzie's role in the history department as "team-teacher" (prob. at U of Toronto). If anyone has created a semantic and ontological network that can construct that chain, then they have made a breakthrough that surpasses all the AI research of the last 50 years. On the other hand, these are lexical anomalies that are characteristic of patients with schizophrenia.

One thing about Karin's apparent condition that is inconsistent, or at least very unusual, is the combination of hypergraphia with paranoid schizophrenia. Hypergraphia is most commonly seen in patients with either epilepsy or bipolar disorder. It is not typical of schizophrenia.

TheCriminologist also made a great point about the use of the Internet:
"Most of those were actually memoirs, heavily edited and placed in an objective context.

The medium does make a difference. Because Karin defames so many living people (practically everyone she knows). her account could never have been published in a traditional print medium. She has used Facebook to self-publish, without regard for the law. "
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