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Belief Thread
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The greatest lie the devil ever told was that there was only one devil.

Because in telling that one lie, the little devil made one person believe it. By having one person believe it, they had them repeat it. By having them repeat it, they formed a legend. By forming a legend, they entered heaven. By entering heaven, they corrupted it. With this one little lie, believed by one little person, the crafty devil made heaven reflect the devil. That is the moment heaven lost. With one little lie, reflected by heaven's gaze through the manipulation of a single mortal's beliefs, the devil corrupted perfection for all time.

After heaven reflected the legend of the devil, heaven went on a rampage. Its search for the "one true devil" led innocent men to fear the devils they knew not how to falsify from their perception of their fellow man. Paranoia took root and the heavens crumbled all at once. As many innocent beings have been slain as devils have in pursuit of this one little devil. The greater the number of devils slain, the truer the legend appeared to be. Before long the remaining devils went into hiding, and in that moment, the little devil did what they'd set out to do.

They reduced an infinite set to a singularity and hid that very singularity in itself. Where before had been unending evil in plain sight now stood infinite evil, hidden at every corner of the globe. Just as potent, if not more so, now that the devil's lie had dropped from one apparent devil to zero. Corruption is easy to come by. Perfection, impossible.

This is the power of belief: It becomes less potent the further it spreads.

Take lesson, /x/, lest disbelief haunt you 'til the end of your days. This is a fairy's tale.
Fuck off
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Your religious illiteracy makes me shudder
When will this fat legbeard realize she isn't wanted here
>The greatest lie ever told was that there was only one Tomoko.

Why can't you just leave?

Still, at least this thread is decently on topic for once in ever. Just means that the janitors can't clean it up, though. Too bad.

Don't forget: sage goes in the Options field.
And in rhyme form, just because:

God up in heaven was still on his high
When one little devil told one little lie.
Much later the lie found its way through a portal,
To a world that was once run by rule of immortal.
As the eons crept through the sands of all time,
The lie, as it spread, brought too many a crime.
When a lone angel noticed what had been done
They reported to heaven that the devil was one.

"Just one little devil?" was heaven's retort,
To the angel, now fallen's, one little report.
But the lie would keep spreading, the angel believed,
Because a lie that's believed cannot be not received.
The crafty little devil had been lying in wait,
For any angel that would confront this fate.
With the small piece of heaven that had just freshly fallen

And I don't remember the rest of the poem.
tight rym
>Why can't you just leave?
Because there are people who need me to be here.

If you didn't catch the last thread, I hinted that my next one would be about belief magic. When I make threads about magic and mean it, they tend to go well.
More like "The Dairy Queen" amirite?
I have no problem with this designation.
Am I missing something here? Why's everyone bashing on this thread? It doesn't seem much worse than 90% of what's been going in this board since forever.
I have a reputation to upload as Queen. They're just responding to that because they know I have such an obligation.
> dairy queen
> blizzard
> lizard
> jew
> shill
> ayy lmao
>Being this new

What, do you respond to Hanz when he makes his thread of the month?

She's an AMA attention whore descended from one of /x/'s worst, that's why she's hated. Tomoko, her predecessor in fact or in style, tried to babby's first chaos magic her way to an apocalypse a couple of years ago. This faggot likes to make a new thread every few months, reminding us she hasn't offed herself yet.

Also this is an anonymous image board. Namefags or tripfags tend to be insufferable and pretentious, with rare exception. This one posts under the appropriated name of a deity. Do you take posters calling themselves the Second Coming or the Anti-Christ seriously?

Usually she fucks up and makes the thread specifically about herself from the start, which makes it easy to delete as a rule violation. It looks like she may have wised up, which is unfortunate.

tl;dr : you're more than welcome to waste your time here, but most of /x/ is rightfully embarrassed by these threads.
>I have a reputation to upload
>to upload

No, no one needs you here.
Lost it.
So, what? We're all doomed because of one lie?
Not particularly, no.
Thread replies: 18
Thread images: 2
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