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I haven't seen many of these so let's...
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I haven't seen many of these so let's start one
>Dream Thread
Post the last dream you had

>Be me
>Be at some college place with cast of Zoey 101
>Someone brings tobacco laced with some sort of drug
>Rolled in papers saying "Viper Vape", shaped like a cone
>Crystals all over the tobacco
>Smoke it
>Be me at war zone
>Chopper comes and picks me and crew up
>Has to refuel, go to shallow river
>See Viper Vape litter everywhere and some cigarettes of the brand I smoke half gone in the front of a random truck
>Be me in truck with some dude driving
>In canyon or something, doing a race I guess
>He's doing some sick wall rides
>Be me at home town
>Trying to get huge ass fucking pumpkin up a hill to my house
>Snow on ground
>Rolling pumpkin up the hill
>Gathers snow like a snowball when building a snowman
>Knock it on the ground and get snow off
>Half way up hill, go into some random house
>Looks like some old lady lives here
>I didn't see a cat but felt like she had some
>Didn't know why I was there so I left
>Be me in my bed in my dream
>Start doing some meditation shit
>Moving energy around my body and chakras and crap
>Focus on third eye
>Some thing bursts into my room
>All black, like wearing a tarp, but human shaped
>Runs up to me and grabs my head
>Can't see his face because tarp
>Wake up screaming "Ahhh... Stop... <Brother's Name>"

What're your guy's dreams?
>sounds like little tinkling. Like ice over tree branches.
>so dark really cold
>open eyes look around see childhood bed room
>everything is over propionated.
>jump.out of bed
>break ankle
>ignores this trying to find warmth
>limps towards hallway stumbling over horrible bloody toys
>screaming faces flash around yelling "such a pretty face such a pitty"
>trips into hallway slams face on wall
>rolls on to side looks over
>parents hanging from rafters
>blood is dripping out of their finger tips and is falling frozen to the floor.
>wake up freaked out as fuck.
>Be at a high school classroom
>Teacher is giving everyone a topic to do a research homework
>fall asleep
>Wake up, the classroom is empty, except for the teacher and me
>He says i must research about the 23 levels of hell
>Wake up for real
>Go do research just because
>Can't find anything
>Found a page about the 23th chant of Dante
>Its abouth Caiaphas, the high priest that caused the crucification os christ
>Also found many references to the number 23 when talking about hell
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>be part of a sort of ghostbuster/haunted house team
>setting up mobile HQ outside of house
>I'm holding a baby named little Thomas
>he's actually just a big fetus
>part of our setup includes cursed or haunted objects that we've collected over the years as they contain useful attributes or abilities that assist us in our work, either that or they're too dangerous to be left beyond our supervision
>crew setting up equipment, ask for help
>I put little Thomas on a wooden kitchen table
>forget that it's an object
>body seizes up like I'm being electrocuted as soon as little Thomas touches down
>crew all notice, everyone stay calm
>scuttling noises under the table, I know that it's a similar ghast as the ring girl
>"just focus on letting go of Thomas, she wants him on her table now"
>just focus, magnet release on my body, stumble back
>can see her scuttling back and forth under the table now
>fuck that, I'm not leaving little Thomas with her, he's just a fetus baby
>approach table with purpose
>muscles lock before I can reach the table
>she crawls out fast
>rushes towards me
>look death in the eye and scream fuck you
>wake up screaming, wife spooked
>my house on the edge of a forest
>misty for days, same as waking life
>suddenly aware that something in the woods is monitoring me
>it's a banshee or a witch
>full moon night arrives, know whatever will happen will happen tonight
>what do I even do
>no idea how to protect myself from a banshee
>sit on the porch scanning the foggy treeline
>she's coming
>what do I do
>raven perches on the rail in front of me
>holds out an arrow in its talons
>look down, there's a beating rabbit heart in my hand
>waste no time, grab the arrow and plunge it into the rabbit heart
>blood-curdling scream from the treeline
>thank you based Odin
>go to san francisco
>find a street where all the cars are made of legos
>my car is also legos
>keep driving
>get to golden gate bridge
>cross golden gate bridge to other side
>roller skate on some mountain roads
>fall off of mountain and die
>realize I'm dreaming
>time to get some flying in before I wake up
>jump and fly, flying up mountain face
>chanting words with weird trance-like focus, can't even look away from the trees in front of me or it will break concentration
>have that thought
>concentration breaks
>may-day may-day losing altitude
>fall into trees and hurt myself, wake up
I had a couple terrible dreams in the same night, I can't remember some of it but I'll post what I can.
>be me
>fighting with husband over something
>he has a gun and starts shooting me
>shoots me in the throat and the bullet comes out the back of my head
>he gets mad that I don't laugh at a joke because I'm too busy being dead
>I almost die but don't
>wake up (in the dream) and go to take a shower to wash blood and brains out of my hair
>get out and try to feel the missing part of my head
>it's healed but still concave, the skin is kinda loose and saggy
>he apologizes and we go driving around, I feel really weak
Second one coming in a moment, any interpretation of that though?
>be me in a barren field
>there's a really cute pudgy cat with stubby legs
>I decide I am it's mother now
>it starts to run off
>I catch up and it's on the ground convulsing
>it turns into a white pit bull
>slowly starts pulling in half, like another dog splitting from the back of it
>the back part is bloody
>I think it might be dead
>something starts coming from inside the front dog
>like a huge orb in its throat moving towards its mouth
>a big glass ball comes out of its mouth
>it's clear with little green stars inside
>dog is dead
>I take the glass ball and it's very cold
It was a weird night
Thread replies: 9
Thread images: 3
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