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Sleep paralysis
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Hello /x/. I suffer from sleep paralysis on occasions, had some pretty scary experiences but I feel lucky since I know most people have it worse than me. The most terrifying one I had was once I woke up parilyzed and made the idiotic decision to open my eyes, at that moment I saw a "silhouette" type shadowy figurestanding in the doorway of my bedroom looking at me, freaky shit, always keep my door closed since. However I would like to read your sleep paralysis stories.
I've had sleep paralysis twice in my life that I can remember. The first time wasn't scary enough to be worth mentioning, but the second time was pretty fuckin terrifying, I didn't know what it was at the time, so when I was paralyzed, I opened my eyes. All I could see was this vivid image of this woman, and everything was green, like in outlast. She started to scream as loudly as possible, and it made my entire body vibrate. Weird shit happens like that all the time, and up until recently I blamed that on ghosts like so many other things.
I only had sleep paralysis once and i'm happy that it never came back.

>open eyes
>dim lit room, but it was already morning so you could see shit
>gollum-like creature appears from door
>fucking long arms and claws and yellow eyes
>shit looked like creatures from wrong turn
>stops in the middle of my room
>right in front of my bed
>try to scream, but I can't
>try to move and almost break my arm by doing so
>seriously, it still hurt a few days after
>it stares at me
>walks under my table and vanishes

Felt like 20 Minutes as he stared at me but it probably wasn't even one.

Thank god I knew about sleep paralysis beforehand, but still scary as fuck. You dont realize what is happening at that moment.
I have recurring sleep paralysis episodes. I think it started when I was doing a bunch of sleep experiment shit last year, and probably didn't help that I was sleeping on a futon with a wooden beam that dug into my back, so I was constantly sleep deprived, even when I wasn't trying to be.

First time it happened:
>on skype with ex
>laying on back
>fall asleep
>coming out of a dream, paralysed
>hear a dog bark outside my window
>hear someone laugh on the other side of my bed
>try to move hands
>see my hands in front of my face
>hear my ex breathing
>hear myself trying to breath
>realize I snore when I sleep.
>wake up
>hands were at my sides the whole time

>later that night
>laying on my side facing the door
>see a man in front of my door
>someone is crouching next to my bed
>nope myself awake
I sat in the fetal fetal position against the corner of the room, on my bed for the rest of the night.

I have more stories that are a little more recent if anyone's interested. I haven't tried astral projection but I think I could do it.
Sleep paralysis=physical or astral projection, but you didnt work your energy enough. You have a good potential, work your meditation.

The vision you have is mostly visualization of your fears. fight them by accepting them, you will get stronger after this
No paralysis, but one of the worst nightmares I had as a kid, around at the age of 4-5, I dreamt that I was entombed under a completely white burial mound of sorts, with a red (blood) cross mark on it. I have no idea what made me freak out over it so much. This pic just spooked me to remember that stuff.
I've had sleep paralysis experiences a couple of times not really anything I was too bothered by, mostly conscious, can't move at all, and a dark figure sitting at the end of my bed or right next to me, no physical heebie jeebie shit this thing would just sit and stare at me. Only time I legitimately got scared was the one time I pretty much lost control of my airway,couldn't move and was basically suffocating on my self it wasn't a good time.
Yeah, I know. When I saw my hands in front of my face I should have tried to sit up, or imagined a rope above me and pulled on it. This was a couple of years ago. I still get paralysis if I am sleeping on my back. I think my diaphragm is shaped weird or some shit.

I've had auditory hallucinations where I was facing away from my door, and someone came in to my room, grabbed my head and my shoulder and started talking into my ear. I couldn't make out any words, or at least I couldn't remember them, but it felt very aggressive and I got really upset at the time. Didn't feel safe in my house for a couple of days.

Another one happened after my arm had fallen asleep and the fire alarm was going off cause my ex burned something, so I thought I was dying in a fire. Pretty gud shit.
Don't be a pussy it was just a nymph. A male one.
They get huge why was yours so small.
OH and they never disappear they just go invisible he is actually looking at you right now.
Nymphs are really good luck. You should attempt communication.
>tall sleepyhead anon
>new second-hand bed and matress to accommodate tall
>turn in with the hopes of a proper rejuvenating sleep
>sink awkwardly into the indentation of previous owner's slumbering body and close eyes
>pull comically under sized cover over myself
>sleep (?)
>start dreaming (?)
>still lying in a dark bedroom but I'm paralysed
>matress is respiring underneath me like a gigantic lung
>it's clinical and completely inorganic sounding
>try to move but can't
>feel something cold and dead grasp onto one of my exposed feet
>the respiration stops
>I can't breathe either
>wake up panic-stricken with no air in my lungs
>covers are on the floor
>windows have blown open
>got sleep paralysis
>open eyes
>dog sized spider on my wall
That was cool, super realistic too
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>being tricked by chemicals in your brain

we can all agree it's a scary experience but stop trying to make it supernatural you sad fucks
I have had Sleep paralysis around 15 times in my live and im only 21.Most just have a sense of dread and fear but i tend to get out of them by wiggle my toes and fingers till i can move.The most recent case was the most interesting.
I woke up and could not move which was normal but,a dark mist appeared over my bed and started to drag me across it about a third of the way across i managed to snap out of it and jump up.My bed is a California king size.
Ive had quite a few instances of sleep paralysis I thinks its at about 12 now.......thing is I never see anything ever no hag, no greys. no shadows I can just see my room and thats it although the fisrt 3-4 times it happened I legitemaly thought I was having a heart attack or a stroke as it felt like I was being shocked with electric seriously fucked me up thinoing I was about to die in bed with my door locked....... anyone else have the same experience of there being nothing in the room just ...waking up paralysed?
>try to wake up
>sometimes sleep with head under covers for comfy purposes
>feel like something extremely heavy is crawling on me
>can't be cat, since door is closed

Another one:

>about 5AM
>try to open eyes
>see ghostly white figure on top of me
>opens my legs
>I'm conscious enough to think "I can see you"
>proceedes to have sex with me

I sort of enjoy it and I feel like it was feeding off some negative energy so it never came back after that.

Sorry, I know that sounds extremely fake but I'm shit at greentexting my happenings. I've never really been afraid of sleep paralysis, I'm just used to it. It feeds on fear, remember. Just like nearly all bad things in this world. Don't let shills tell you otherwise.
Woa, I have a key just like that.

Just saying.
.I don't wanna talk about that shit man.that fucker tried to kill me.
i had sleep paralysis twice

first was ok i just opened my eyes when i realized i couldnt move i said to myself its cool you read about it and it went away in like 2 min

2nd time
>sitting at reception desk in hotel
>night shift
>last couple comes and i check them in
>only talking with the guy the woman is in the back
>she had dark long hair and pale skin
>kinda weird vibe from her?
>think nothing of it
>after they went to room i put 2 chairs together and tried to get some sleep
>open my eyes cant move
>i hear the doors on first floor are opening(its small hotel)
>thats where the couple was
>somehow i feel that the woman is doing this to me
>can move my eyes but the counter blocks the vied
>scared shitless
>i can hear her pacing
>now my fucking head starts nodding violently
>cant stop this
>at this point i was so scared i thought i will die
>after what felt like eternity paralysis went away
>jumped up but no1 was there and the doors were closed
>not going to sleep this shift
.You are a schizo.fag.

Its true.
shadow people
I've had it a few times, a lot lately because of stress and anxiety (I actually spent time in a psych ward 6 months ago.)
I've been talking a lot in my sleep, though not always during sleep paralysis.
One time I even screamed early in the morning and woke people up, no idea what I was dreaming of.
But the first sleep paralysis incident was fucking scary man, I must've been asleep or near asleep or some shit, I saw some girl at the end of my bed and I pulled the covers over my head and everything started shaking, and I was calling out for help, and then I woke up, and I'd said "help, help, help." In my sleep.
The other times it's simply waking up and being unable to move but feeling an intense fear, and one time I'm sure I heard a voice in the room next to me but I couldn't turn my head
Yes, and trying to move your head makes the vibrations worse. That shit is awful.

The spider phenomena is interesting, I've seen another anon mention the theory that they are astral creatures as real as animals in our dimension and they are part of "pure negativity". Sometimes people see these spiders as mechanical type critters when they wake up or are in sleep paralysis. I've heard of them being sighted by more than a few people.
I used to get sleep paralysis quite a bit, was never really spooky to me as I feel its just your brain semi-consciousness creating the 'being watched' feel and then creating the evidence to corroborate that, as your brain is wont to do. I remember getting sleep paralysis and opening my eyes once to find a horse lying on the floor by my bed, slowly stretching it's neck out to bite my hand, I tried my best to make a noise and sorta successfully made a weird gurgley grunty sound. This alerted the horse who then pulled back, startled, but once it realized that this was the extent of what I could do, it continued to go for my hand, watching me from the corner of its eye, in case. As normal though, as I gained more control and was able to move my hand, the horse vanished. But yeah, a fucking horse, so I probably would be in the 'Lucid dreaming is paranormal' camp if I had had that experience with anything other than a damn horse.
I had almost this exact experience, only the horse was all fucked up. It had no legs, so it had to wiggled its torso across the room towards my bed. The skin on its head was dessicated, and its lips were pulled tight so that its teeth were fully exposed.

Normally, I don't see anything, or at-most a shadow. It happens about once or twice per week, and when it happens, it almost always repeated several times in the same night. I find it happens more often when I fall asleep on my back, and when I'm having a caffeine or blood sugar crash. I always feel like something is coming towards me, and I need to move, but I rarely feel anything more precise than that. I'm usually terrified that I'm suffocating, and I can never breath deeply enough for how scared I am. My fiance has learned to hit me if she hears me struggling for breath, which usually takes me out of it.
>proceedes to have sex with me
did you at least orgasm?
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