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Any weird house experiences? Things that...
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Any weird house experiences? Things that would make you consider moving?
Something about not even having a picture of a real house for this thread...
Door slamming shut by itself and opening slowly, faded faces in the mirror. You know, just the usual.
I thought it looked cool, but you're right anon.
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I found this thread from the internet here. That is a pretty bad experience
There was a boiler run ghost in the basement of my uncle's house who used to fuck with my sleep
My uncle used to give me the struggle snuggle in my old house so I decided to move so it wouldn't be so weird when I did it to my nephew.
My uncle used to put a bed sheet over his head with the eye sockets cut out and moan "ooooooo" before poking me with his finger. The rule was I had to hide under the covers during this though...
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This was primarily my fault but whatever
>Be me
>Be 15
>Parents are divorced
>Hate father
>He hits me
>Want to go to moms house instead of the drunken shithole that is his house
>We go up to a lake twice over a summer, camp for a week each time, it's boring as shit
>I'd rather fucking kill myself then go up there for a week
> Devise a plan
>Braces are getting off in a week in a half
>The day before we go I tell my dad i'm getting my braces off the next day
>I said my mom will take care of me for the week
>She doesn't know about this plan at all
>The plan works, he believes my bullshit
>He drives me to my mom's I get a week of just my mom and me
>She's not there
>Call her and give her the game plan
>She hates my dad too, but she did not plan on this
>She will be gone for one week
>I'm hyped
>Fall asleep at 4:30, due to the mental exhaustion of being at my dad's the night before
>Because it was summer the front door was wide open
>Wake up
>Front door is closed
>Here whispering from downstairs
>Two people, footsteps
>Haul ASS to the upstairs (I was asleep in the family room on the couch)
> Dive for my room
>Grandpa had given me a pistol for my 15th birthday
>Load that shit as fast as possible
>Yell 'GET OUT OR YOUR GOING IN A BODY BAG" In the most 18 year old voice ever
>They haul ass

I eventually spotted two more. They all had guns as well, not just airsoft guns either, fucking guns that would shred me apart, I only told this to my cousin who watched over me the night after, I was pretty shaken up after that. 4 years later and I still sleep with that same gun right under my bed, just in case
>Door slamming shut by itself and opening slowly,
Happens a lot in my parents house. My mother also says she has seen my father or me in the house when she know we aren't there. Pretty weird shit.
in some south american countries, means that is your soul walking before you die
I think it looks cool
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dog eyes startled.jpg
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Holy shit man.
Learn some subtlety
Like this >>17199956
At my old house I would see weird writing on the walls when I woke up. They only appeared when my eyes were first adjusting.
That and family members staying over said they saw small child appear in the doorway and stare at them. They called out who's there and moved to turn the lights on, but it was gone.
The spoopy thing is its a hallway that leads straight into the room I was in. Only way out would be past me or a window in another room.
Other then the writing, I personally never saw anything else.
In the house we currently live in, we've had more or less spoopy experiences but not anything too serious. My dad and I live in the house with my aunt, her husband, her 7 y/o daughter and her 1 y/o son. We've lived together for 3 years, so we can recognize who's walking around the house by just hearing their footsteps. So one night, like back in August 2015, my dad got home from a really busy day. It was about 12 am. He has sort of routine where he changes into more comfortable clothing and watches TV for a while, then goes to get a drink of water and sleeps. At around 1 am, he turned off the TV and got up to turn the lights off when(keep in mind, the house was dead quiet, everyone was sleeping) he hears these footsteps. My dad freezes in place. Theyre loud, and quick, they sound like a kid running. They go from one end of the hallway, and all the way up to his door which is the last door in the hallway. And they stop right in front of the door. My dad is spooked, but he reassures himself with the thought that it's probably the little girl, so he opens the door and there is no one there. No one in the house stirs either, he seems to be the only one who heard this. The following week, the exact same thing happens, only he said that the footsteps sounded like they were trying to be quiet. He mentioned it more or less to my uncle, but never really full on discussed it. He hasn't heard anything since, or he hasn't told me yet. Something happened go me recently too, if anyone's interested.
I'd like to hear what happened to you. I have some stories of when my parents lived together without kids, I'll greentext them when I have some time
Thanks anon, btw it's not anything scary, just creepy. So, Friday night. Well, not night, it was 1am. I was supposed to be asleep, but I was using my phone. My dad and everyone else were sleeping, though, so the house was deadly quiet. I got sleepy around 2 am so I put my phone away and got into bed. I closed my eyes and was slowly falling asleep when the feeling just went away. I dunno how to describe it exactly, it was like I was just wide awake suddenly. And then I heard them. Taps on my door. Not one, not two, but five loud fucking taps on my door. They were really loud. Me, I've never experienced anything actually scary in my life, so I didn't really know what to do other than lie as still as possible and keep my ears open for another sound. I didn't know who it could be, because I didn't hear any footsteps coming to my door. I think like three minutes went by before I relaxed. Those three minutes, I felt like someone was there, behind my door, or something, I don't know, I just felt someone. I told one of my cousins and he said that since I watch too many scary movies, I was attracting "evil" spirits. I personally don't like telling people things like these because that's always their response, which to me is pretty dumb. Anywho I'd sure love to hear your experiences as well, anon, I'm positive they'll be scarier than any of mine.
Not quite mine but my parents', more so my dad. Before my siblings and I existed he and my mom lived in an old house in NJ. Some things were just... off about the place. Nothing particularly overt happened, but some things that were weird. Whenever he tells these stories, he says he was glad the minute they left.
>My dad and mom would often work at the same time and leave the house alone, then come back and wait for the other
>On one such evening, my dad had gotten home and was doing some work in an upstairs study room waiting for my mom
>He could always tell when she was home because he would hear the front door unlock (a regular lock AND a deadbolt), then the heavy front door closing
>He hears the lock, the deadbolt, and the door open and close
>Goes downstairs to greet my mom, ask how her day was
>No one's fucking there
>He looks through the house, finds nothing out of place
>Goes back to his study and nervously waits for my mom
>She gets back and all is well
what kinda of gun?
Thats one messed up family set up. Are your dad and auntie dating or something? Or are you guys just poor? Siblings should not be living together in their 50s. So wrong man. Sooo wrong.
A Laser gun
Another time
>My dad was sleeping in his and my mom's bed
>Don't remember if my mom was at work or still asleep, but either way she would not have been up and around the house
>Apparently my dad felt a presence hovering over him, kind of weighing down on him
>Almost like a shadow of a person leaning over him
>Weirdest part to me is, he says that he never felt any malicious intention, he never felt threatened by this
>Eventually the presence kind of faded back towards the doorway

Here's where things get weird
>On one of their tables, my parents had some blown glass decorations among them
>Particularly fragile was a small glass bird
>According to my dad, you could look at this thing wrong and it would break
>One day my parents found the bird sitting upright on the floor
>For it to have gotten there, it would have needed to be picked up, carried without breaking, and set just right on the ground to avoid breaking it
Neither of my parents would have had any reason to move the bird, and they lived alone.
Whenever there is bad and mad energy in the house between anyone inside I feel a few entities joining in spectate mode
Feels like they feed their combo bar with said energy
A few times I noticed a huge leap in the intensity of their presence
Almost felt like telepatic communication
Im sure i could feel what the message was
For a brief moment it felt like a conversation but in that moment one family member left the house and the presence instantly vanished ( doesnt matter who left, whenever tha cause of bad energy stops flowing, their presence vanishes instantly, dnd combobr8er)

Could all be my mind not accepting insecurity amd family member fight
But in sake of this thread, you could see it any way you want
I have mixed feelings about this, but the longer it lasts, the more i focus i feel weirdly secured and asure they are somekind of my slaves, or are loyal to my presence
Any opinion?
cubans moved in to my apt building
Actually we're just kinda poor, my parents are divorced, and my mom and my brother live with another one of my aunts.
When my parents divorced I did not want to live with dad becuase his gf was a bitch. I had to stay with mom who was living with uncle. My room was basement. I tried to sleep on couch because but my uncle didnt like it so FINE whatever I will sleep in basement. the sound grew louder each time. the knocking was internal. one night moms earplugs gave me a fright - it sounded like it screamed right into my ear. from the scrapes on my arm the door was american made and flimsy. moved in with dad and shenanigans stopped.
did you post a more detailed version of this on the true creepy stories board?
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Typical native.jpg
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I had a meth head native try to take my bike, arguing that it was his when I was 12.
Not me but my buddy's mum told him something fucked up
>When Buddy was 3 he had an imaginary friend
>was always talking and playing with him(lots of kids do this)
>Buddy's mom asks what this man looks like
>Buddy says the man is tall and is wearing a suit and glasses and is old
>"and he is standing right over there"
>3 year old buddy points to doorway
>nobody in doorway of course
>mom gets spooped and leaves room
>goes to basement and half of the roof tiles are on the floor
>they were the kind of roof tiles you see in offices (you can push them up and out of the sockets)
>thing is nobody in the house would have been tall enough to reach them without a broom or something
Apparently she would see other spoopy shit in the house, like shadow people and on a sidenote. Previous owner died there and was tall and wore glasses, died from cancer or someshit.
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My dad told me this story about how when he was in college he had these friends who lived off-campus that kept finding long black hair stuck in the shower drain of their apartment despite them all having short hair. Apparently one night a pizza guy came whose friend lived there once and he asked if they still found long black hairs in the drain. Creepy shit.
I spent a summer at my cousin's house when I was 9. She was a huge bitch and would always terrorize with me with ghost stories. Being an impressionable young kid, I began to believe that there were actually ghosts in the house. The worst shit that she pulled was convincing me that the ghosts lived in the attic. It just so happened that the access latch to the attic was in the guest room where I slept, specifically in the closet, so I would always fall asleep every single night staring apprehensively towards the foot of my bed in the direction of the closet.

I think it was a few weeks in when I started having dreams about the attic. There was a clothes rack against one of the walls that I would stare at, but then the scene would end pretty abruptly. After a while, I ended up going up to the clothes rack in one of the dreams and pulling some the clothes apart to reveal a door that was open a tiny crack. I remember panicking in the dream but then the scene changed to some other shit.

I couldn't get the door out of my mind after that nightmare though. When my cousin and I were home alone a few days later (aunt and uncle worked full time), I convinced her to go to the attic with me. Long story short, the attic looked fairly similar to my dreams, including the clothes rack against the wall. The only major difference was that there was a whole bunch of other shit like suitcases and cardboard boxes that hadn't been in my dream. I nervously approached the clothes rack, pulled it apart, and saw the door, after which I started screaming my fucking lungs out. I just stumbled back a little bit and told my cousin to get me the fuck out of there. Honestly I think I scared her much more than she ever scared me at that point, but I just wanted out.

I was convinced that was where the ghosts lived, but nothing ever came of it. We never went back in the attic and I ended up sleeping in another room for the last week. Never really every thought much about it since.
About a month ago a bunch of fucking creepy shit was happening to me. I work nights so when I'm not working I just chill at home throughout the night and sleep most days, started off with small shit

>I'd jog/run out of my room to the kitchen, and about 5 or 6 seconds after I'm out of my room (so like 20 feet away) the door would close behind me.
>My toilet flooded 3 times in a row when I and only I used it. Nothing wrong with it, it's been fine since and my roommates were using it just as much as me with no issue.
>Left my room and on my lainai the windowcovers (which are decently heavy, would take STRONG winds to move them) were VIOLENTLY shaking. It was only 1 of the covers, rest weren't moving whatsoever and it wasn't windy out
>My girl was in the kitchen and I was in my room, and there was a LOUD bang on glass. I thought she did it somehow, then she rushes into the room and says "holy fuck did you hear that?", seriously it sounded like a bird flew full speed into a window but there was no actual explanation.
>Last thing that was happening was ALMOST EVERY NIGHT I'd be awake by myself, everyone else would be asleep (it also wouldn't happen when I was with my girl) I'd hear a triple knocking on glass. Either from the sliding door to the lainai or the kitchen window which are relatively close. Seriously EVERY NIGHT for about a week it would happen atleast once with no physical explanation.

I looked up what a triple knock could symbolize, and there was 2 options. Either a malicious spirit mocking the holy trinity, OR it was an omen that someone close to me was going to die very soon. I got kinda spooked and just hoped it was the former and not the latter. About a week ago I found out on facebook that one of my best friends from my hometown died because of a drug overdose. Since then everything has stopped, it's pretty fucked. Was quite skeptical of all paranormal shit before this but yeah, too much of a coincidence for me.
33rd reply and got dub 33, damn man you got some fucked number shit goin on with 3 just wish I knew what it meant.
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