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An Acolyte's Journal
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I found a book on the side of the road by Nucleus Avenue in Columbia Falls. It claims to be the journal of someone who was a Acolyte of Calgary’s Gideon Keys. I say that in the strictest sense, because he/she was less interested in finding Keys and more True History research, at least from what I’ve read. I’ve thought about uploading the first couple of pages that I’ve read. It’s very intriguing, but I’m not sure if anyone is interested. I’ve only gotten through the first few pages, but I thought of /x/. I’ve typed out the first 2 entries, and they’re ready to be uploaded. Please let me know if any of you want to see it.
I enjoyed the original threads by Calganon, and would enjoy reading more about it.
Also, are you aware of http://gideonkeys.wikidot.com/start
I did see that. As soon as I found it, I decided to see if this was something that was already uploaded. As far as I can tell, it is entirely original, and I've seen no references to this particular Acolyte. I'm going to upload the first page in a minute (I will not change spelling mistakes, because I'm not sure if they mean anything).
The only reason that I write now is for an objective record to show me when I have gone too far. I am to deviate from seeking from this point on any objekts except that which will directly aid me. My focus is on discovery, and through this I may call myself an Acolyte, but I will not exist to help Initiates unless as before I shall benefit in a tangible way. My only eventuality is the unearthing and documentation of the place that The Key opens, and the lost history therein. This so I direct myself to; I must not waver from this path.
I like the fact that you would keep the spelling mistakes in.
Anyway you could post pics of the book or pages, artwork etc...
It could save time, and others could pick up on clues that would otherwise be missed.
I may do that eventually, or post all pictures in some kind of cloud storage. I don't know if that will be soon, but I'm lucky to have internet right now. There are a whole lot of these pages... do you think I should just upload some of them, or do you want all the little details?
Upload what you can.
OP why are you so concerned about whether or not anyone is interested? What do you think is going to happen if you "upload" the text and no-one is interested?
cloud storage would be good
At the moment, I'm really more interested in reading as much of it as you would like to share.
Thanks by the way, I really enjoy this subject.

just post it you wishy washy whiney faggot and stop milking it for attention, you unloved piece of social excrement.
I don't want to type thousands of lines of kind of illegible text if no one cares. Next page in a minute.
>Why we can't have nice things - the post

Polite sage
2nd July
First my entries into Stipulation, the following observations:
The Key does not, to my understanding, deviate from its task to open into the world of desolation and despair.
It is made of an unremarkable metal, but cannot seem to be broken.
I do not know except the bodies I have seen th
at indicate that The Key will cease functioning and itself destroy if removed from the door that has been opened while in the desolate Plain.
Finally, I know not if the History contained in the Plain is accurate or conforms to what else I’ve seen. I will proceed with caution before reading too much at random.

This day has seen my absence from Hre for about ten minutes. The location opened was the front door of my house. Inside was a faithful recreation, hollowed out and in severe disrepair as is the motif. My brief venture showed me nothing remarkable outside, but other destroyed husks, and a dark, sandy colored sky. That does not seem to ever change. Inside I saw what remained of furniture, a some books that for some reason remain despite the apparent age or damage. Some of these appear to be mine, others I’ve not seen before.
Keep it coming op.
Could we get any backstory on how you found the book.
How recent are the works within?
The book looks like ass, but it was literally in the grass by 486. It looks like it might be old, but who knows. It was definitely written by someone with crap handwriting. I'm visiting my grandpa up here, honestly I was just wandering. It's pretty, but not a very exciting place. By the way, here's the third entry. My connection is not doing well.

18th July
I availed myself of my collection of objekts to understand the nature of the connections that keep these places together. It is very unclear which world the Plain belongs to, although clearly not of New, Right, Left, or Mirror. I cannot risk staying for any length of time that is significant; the door creeps ever closer to shut every second it is not touched. The force at which it moves is curious. It is easily desisted by human touch, but a solid inorganic mass like concrete might as well be crumpled paper in mass.
Of note through my experimentation: The Overpass’s twin can be reached by presenting an offering of Old and New. It does not stay open, I think it will require the use of both gates at the same time.
29th July
The next step to understanding is to create a point of reference. Several locations have been opened, with similar results to previous attempts. I’ve opened the door at The Kingfisher, and left an Hourglass within on a burnt desk. I reopened the door to find the hourglass entirely missing at first, but then amoungst the debris, nearly hidden. It was shattered; it seemed to have been desecrated to the point that it is now unmistakable from the rest of this place. I tried again with a more expendable object, a rock, papaer, or jar. Around half of the time the object would appear as mentioned before, destroyed and blending in nicely; the other times the objects would vanish entirely, only to occasionally reappear with other objects when trying another. The only deviation was placing a single pear on the desk as before. It too vanished, but upon checking on another object it reappeared on the floor, appearing nearly fresh, but it had been partially eaten.
This next page was just about a goner. It looks like it got wet or something. This is what I was able to save, in it’s entirety:
...a vessel which I’...but first an expe...of the book...capa...I suspect, without substantial proof, that the gateways...spot, but rather to a separate t… which i… a… to be random.

I did the best I could with it. If my internet doesn’t hold out, I’ll be on again as soon as I can. I’ll keep typing in the meantime.
Did you find the book near the funky looking masonic lodge?
Prob not related, just thought it was kinda interesting.
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I would like to know more about Acolytes and Gideon's Key's. Would someone be so kindly as to fill me in about all of this?
Is this an ARG?
What are the gideon keys?
Follow the link in the third post.
There you'll find info.
There are about 150 short stories.
It's a great read, and op said he found a book relating to them.
Here's an example from the link,
002- On closing mirrors

Hey Sandy. We miss you down at the coven. Matt said you wanted me to write up the mirror thing.

-1/2 Cup Flour
-About an ounce of milkweed
-The wings of a monarch butterfly

Grind the ingredients together in a stone bowl until they form a fine powder. Pour the powder on the mirror you want to close and light it with a wooden match. The mixture closes about half a square foot of mirror. You'll have to use more for larger surfaces.

Matt said you wanted to know if it only works in Calgary. I don't know if it's the city itself, or just the elevation.
Sorry.-Jess P.
Here's another,
004-The Funeral Parlour

Most of the city’s funeral parlours belong to one company, but a handful of allegedly independent firms survive. In reality, all of the city’s funeral parlours are owned by big business in some way or other, including a small, somber brick building in the deep southeast. This particular funeral parlour has allegedly been closed for years, but lights can be seen in the windows at night, giving credence to the story that it’s haunted. It isn’t. What’s going on inside is far stranger.

In order to gain admittance, you will have to wear traditional funeral attire: black and subdued rather than anything flashy or informal. Bringing flowers is said to help. When you’re admitted, whatever you do, do not sign the book or you will find that the exit is barred for you. Instead, offer your condolences to the mourners, who seem to be a collection of people of all ages and races, most of whom are wearing old, worn suits or patched dresses.
The funeral repeats itself every night at eight. If you come at any other time, you will be required to wait in the main hall while the staff prepare. During the ceremony itself, never volunteer to speak and never view the body. Both would draw too much of the deceased’s attention. Instead listen with rapt attention to the eulogy, as it is a valued component of the secret history. Leave before the funeral is done, and just like in those old Greek stories: never eat anything anyone offers you.
bumping with another story from Calgary's Gideon Keys
007 - The Beach

There is a beach within the city. To find it, step into any elevator and go to the top floor. Press every button in ascending order, including the close and open door buttons. Instead of opening onto the next highest floor, the elevator will open into a small cottage. The door of the vacant cottage will open onto the beach. The beach is warm and apparently temperate, shockingly beautiful at every hour, but blood and some sticky black substance will colour the white sand in long streaks.

The beach is bordered on one side by an impossibly thick forest. Entering this will make your life forfeit. At sunset and sunrise, a group of men dressed in the traditional clothing of different religions (most prominently Ashkenazi Rabbis and Protestant Ministers) will emerge from this forest and search the beach in silence, sifting through the sand as penance for their lives of deception. These figures will be so taken with their work that they will refuse to talk to you, only muttering “searching… searching… must keep searching…” in their native tongue. Total darkness and proper sunlight burn these poor souls, so they must return to the forest.
Otherwise, you will be alone on the beach. The water stretches impossibly far, as far as the eye can see and further still. Wider and higher than the ocean, and far stiller, this water will soothe you as you gaze upon it. But never let it lull you to sleep outside of the cottage. The men in the forest may find what they're searching for within you.
OP here. Sorry for the delay, just got internet back. Going to try to upload another page shortly, but reading this book is leaving me with a splitting headache.
24th December
The hypothesis of time differences seems to be panning out. However, Living subjects could not be recovered in any manner, but a body of a deer or dog is sufficient to keep the gateway open as a crude physical block. The next course will be to remain within the Plain for a time to gather samples and begin reading of its history. I shall compare to my True History Knowledge.
Of note: creating a crude structure outside of the city can function as a gateway. My structure will function as a permanent outpost to keep my experiment from public eyes. It has been protected with The Fence.
Welcome back OP
I have to be honest, now that I've gotten through the whole book, it's a lot shorter than it first looked. Actually, it's just as long...but only the first bunch of pages actually have english on them. The rest have some weird drawings. More to come.
I'm intrigued by the drawings.
Will you be posting some of them?
Is objekts a hipster way to spell objects, like the magic variants?
Also why don't you get one of those apps that read text from pictures... Then upload to the wiki?
>got time and internet to type endless paragraphs
>no time or internet to quickly post pics
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Thread images: 2
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