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So I'm pretty new to Ouija Boards. As in I've only used them once. They've got me interested though. I really want to learn more about them.

>What are some good questions to ask?
>What are the rules of using the board (not just the basics)?
>Where is the most ideal place to use it?

Also, anything else Ouija Board related.
The constant stream of "I'm pretty new" posts really makes me wonder if people forget that the internet has literally everything the need to know already on it

I came to /x/ to see what you guys had to say. Obviously I could've searched all this shit up. Half of the articles aren't even reliable.
The ideal use is not at all, since they're a fucking toy that you've fallen prey to the mass marketing of.

You really want to communicate with weird things? Go read the Ars Goetia or something then

I honestly think this thing is fake as well, my girlfriend keeps insisting that it's real though. She wants to prove it to me.
It's a toy, it's fake. Do something that matters live sacrifices are much better.
It's not a toy, OP. Read pic related before proceeding.
>taking Crowley seriously
Oh right, I'm on /x/
>literally judging a book by its cover

Oh right, you're a moron.
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Sounds like he's judging it by the author, but you're obviously right he's dumb and not you lol
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I've had multiple experiences with the Ouija board and the only time anything bad happened was when my older brother tried it for the first time and he let go of the planchette before the spirit said goodbye. Heard some spooky shit while trying to fall asleep and once I actually was asleep I woke up in sleep paralysis and saw a tall dark silhouette standing over me at the edge of my bed. He sat down on my legs and I could feel his weight on my bed. Woke my ass up but my bed still was dipping down near my feet like something heavy was on the bed.

Tl;dr: Just make sure to say goodbye before letting go of the planchette or the spirit will be loose
Except that's not the author. Read much?
The thing to realize about ouija boards is that they can be cryptic to straight-forward. They present puzzles, keys, sigils, which must be analyzed on a more deep level if you truly wish to utilize it as a divination tool. A good way to think of the oujia board is like a fishing pool. The ability to tap potent rivers of communication depends upon the level of energetic connectivity users possess.
There are two sets of rules. The first set are common-place rules, in place as a general rule of thumb. These are designed for the lesser practiced diviner, who can unwittingly tap into unwanted energy flows or be unable to tap into deep waters. You read these in the many differing sites and locations for initial information. These are standards that suggest things like "close the session", "set up a protection ring", "don't do it by yourself". Think of them as surface suggestions. They are not definitive to any matter; these are things which you can completely discard and set up according to your religious needs.

The second set of rules are esoteric in meaning and orientation. Once you open up consistent windows, you will begin to displace common-rules for layers of symbolism to which you are attuned. These will turn into sorts of rituals which you undertake so you can maintain a given connection or open up to others. The rules to these practices are unique in orientation, that is, they belong explicitly to the group/selection/persons to whom it relates.
>ideal place
Anywhere. Literately. You can use it in more strange and special locations but, again, think of it as a fishing pole. Sure, you might be able to tap into stronger communication at a certain place but it'll be like the wind is wildly blowing. Without certain practice, users will only be able to touch certain layers.

I'd like to suggest that you begin to embark upon creating your own ouija board. The creation should be one which is deeply personalized. Any object can be used.
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