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true creepy stories
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let's get a true creepy stories thread going once again, since the last one was great.
i'll start
> be me a few years back
> 15
> there's a homeless guy lurking im the area me and my friends lived in
> he is called 'carneval' for god knows what reason
> go to a nearby shop near my house with some friends
> see carneval just standing in front of the store
> walk past him when i feel something touch my shoulder
> holyshit.jpg
> it's carneval's hand on my shoulder
> he starts to beg us for money, but all of my friends just laugh
> not me since i was scared shitless
> 10 min later we leave the store and he's still standing there as if he was waiting for us
> i pass him, this time with safe distance as he stares at me and smiles
> yellowteeth.gif
fast forward about 3 days
> it's sunday so i don't have school that day
> wake up about 9am
> decide to go to the same store for an enerydrink since i was planning to just play games all day
> as i'm approaching the front door of the shop i see something behind the other side of the shop
> guesswhoitis.mov
> it was carneval just smiling and looking at me with the "yay he actually came back" kind of face
> i just nope the fuck out of there straight home
> never been to that store again
> seen him around for a few times but just kept my distance

it doesn't seem so creepy but his facial expression just showed that he had bad intentions

pic not related
Bump for more
Bought a hunted pen on eBay.

Found it up my girls pooper with some thick ectoplasm around her anus area.

Explain it must be that dem ghost pen. Threw it away cuz she made. There goes my 3dalla

Creepiest story in this thread so far.
tree dalla fo a pen? das crezy dawg. you white boi be rollin in da papes
That's why It was hurting when I had to throw it g in the middle of the lake. I could have gotten me 3mc chickens
This is the most pathetic story i ever heard
Also underagedb& get out
>This is the most pathetic story i ever heard
>i guess you meant "that is the most pathetic stort i HAVE ever heard"
as i said, few years back witch in this case is 3 years back and if your mentally challenged brain knows a tad bit of math you would be able to understand that i'm 18.
the story is pathetic to you, who is probably well aged, but for a 15 year old boy back then, it was pretty scary.
also as i mentioned before, i made this thread just to hear more stories like this, since the last one got archived

how about you gtfo anon?
Not OP, but I'll throw mine into this thread too.

First post on /x/. Also OC.

>gather 3 bros, go camping up north near the Canadian border
>this is earlier this winter, it's fucking frigid outside
>figure camping would be a pleasant break after finals
>camp for 2 nights, nothing noteworthy happens, just get drunk and talk about shit
>3rd day, we look up layout of the place to find new areas to explore. Do some digging and find out that there's a fucking late 18th century graveyard
>deep in the middle of the woods
>one guy wants to be edgy and camp there that night, I come around to it because I see a story in it, other 2 guys much less enthusiastic
>get off highway, end up taking backroads for almost 30 minutes as we go deeper into the cold forest
>get there as sun sets it quickly goes from low visibility to absolute pitch, can't see hand in front of you inky blackness
>graveyard is extremely dispersed, maybe 30 graves spread over almost a square mile in an almost treeless clearing, embedded deep in a sea of trees
>most of the graves are so old that they have sunk into the ground, are shattered to pieces, or both
>at least 1/3rd of the graves are children 16 or younger, with several babies
>get an "off" vibe from the place; not scared or horrified, just uncomfortable. The other guys feel it too, even the hardcore skeptic
>set up camp on perimeter of graveyard, up against the wood for easy access to firewood/tinder
>drinking and bullshit continues
>we hear the slow approach of a car through the woods in the silence, see it pull up in front of the graveyard, see us, then turn around
>mind you this is deep in the middle of the fucking woods, like way out there. nearest town has a pop of like 2k and is 45 min away
>this happens a second time, with a different car
>we're unnerved, but whatever it's probably just some kids with the same idea of camping in the woods too
>I turn in early, exhausted

Witch is turn into "which". Hater spoted
>decide to give away all these old pants no >one can wear. Look up directions to
>homeless shelter. Drive forever into the >worse neighborhood. Find the shelter, three >old black guys talking shit to passing traffic.
>talk shit to me as I drive in. "you lost!", "you >in the wrong neighborhood".Fuck em, park, >grab my huge trashbag of clothes. Walk around to entrance. Homless jambere of thirty homless guys sitting indian style uking it up. Walk in, Tottaly shell shocked homeless guy sitting on bench. Give guy at counter bag, chat, leave. End up on permanent malling list.
>wake up shivering cold, 3:30am, witching hours
>mate next to me is awake and just staring silently upwards
>ask him whats up
>says he heard something, described it as whispering
>we sit in silence for a bit, about to go back to sleep
>hear a LOUD, mind shattering scream, sounds like a 12 year old girl
>scream literally echos twice into the forest
>we're both terrified, woke up one guy in other tent who starts freaking out
>we all get quiet, listen
>too pussy (and cold) to check it out
>I lie there in silence as sun goes up, afraid to sleep
>hear another car coming at around 6am
>see a FUCKING LIMO pull up to front of graveyard
>car is just idling there, they obviously see us, we're being watched
>I wake guys up, it's time to gtfo
>they all agree, we hustle
>they never approach, just watch us, and we just walk off thru woods to our cars
>later that day after breakfast, we see the same limo driving through this tiny hick town

To this day none of us have a clue what really happened, and kind of don't want to know either.
you probably woke up shivering cold since you were in a tent at winter time kek
Why nitpick something so irrelevant? Shivering jerkwad.
File: IMG_0541_cropped.jpg (946 KB, 3264x1712) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
946 KB, 3264x1712
guess I'll post this since I just did it like 20 minutes ago

>legendary "haunted baby graves" about 30 minutes away from me, out in the middle of nowhere
>supposedly people hear babies crying at night, and the guy who lives nearby isn't friendly to visitors
>google maps makes it look like it's in the middle of some innocent farmland
>go drive there
>as soon as I start getting within ~5 miles away, FOG, THICK DENSE FOG EVERYWHERE
>start to drive down the road it's on
>turns to gravel, car begins to slide
>no cell signal
>nobody around
>take pic related, turn around and leave

Didn't actually make it to the graveyard. I didn't find it to be very creepy, but it definitely would be at night.
you should go back and show pics
maybe tomorrow, sun already set here
will be waiting for pics in that case
bumping until then
There used to be mods
Posted this before.

>be little me
>asleep in comfy bed earlier one morning
>bed runs parallel to the door, which I keep open because, monsters
>and from bed, can see the top of the stairs
>wake up suddenly
>catch a glimpse of a dishevelled woman with dark messy hair slowly rounding the last step
>she looks every bit how you might imagine a witch to look
>body goes limp
>she look right at me and puts her fingers to her lips
>I pull my duvet over my head, crawl into a ball and put my fingers in my ears.
>stay like that until daylight, soaked in sweat and tears
>tell my mother in the morning I saw a 'ghost'
>she acts weird and insisted it was a dream.
>spend the next few years terrified of going to sleep

Years later, I found out it had been the ex-wife of my mother's partner, who had recently been released from a psychiatric ward. She'd broken in and confronted them in the bedroom with a knife.
This happened to me about a month ago
>Be me
>Just realized that my phone's memory storage had been decreased a lot suddenly
>Check if there any strange files or viruses
>Found one strange huge-ass size video file
>Played it
>Turns out, it was video of me when i was sleeping in my room.
>The duration's about 4 hours straight
>Watched it for 5 minutes and deleted completely after that.
>The video had strange atmosphere & kinda creepy
>I just afraid if something will pop up in the middle of video
>Of course i live alone, plus my room is always locked from the inside every time i'm sleeping
Until now i just think positively and keep telling myself that my phone was pressed by accident.

sorry for bad engrish
Holy shit, your further explanation of the event made your story even more frightening, even if it was fucking creepy by itself.

What did your mother and her partner do after that? Did they call the police or the hospital?
File: 1424760664467.jpg (50 KB, 408x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus fucking Christ. I also live alone and lock my room from the inside. Not fucking sleeping tonight.
fuck me that's weird.
There's a reason they call them smartphones

Was it just a video file while your phone layed flat or was someone holding it?
I got one that's probably shit

>Be me
>Can't sleep so I'm browsing my laptop in the living room, right next to a set of stairs
>Have a bunch of candles lit because I enjoy the smell
>Suddenly smell wood burning
>Turn to see how much of my shit is on fire
>Smell vanishes, near instantly
> Before my mind can process what just happened
> I see something rush down the stairs
>and when I say rush, I mean this thing was faster than a nigger running out on his kids
>and about a thousand times blacker
>Whatever it was, the few seconds I saw it, it looked like a shadow given life, slightly larger than anyone in the house
>Vanishes at the bottom of the stairs
>I shrug, and go back to wasting my life here

Have a few more experiences around this house if anyone gives a flying rats ass
Idk if this counts as spoopy but

>couple of days ago
>slept in all day
>wake up to sound of a text
>"Yo anon, can you sell me a dub?"
>check the time
>it's 3:57
>I reply "You're in luck,I'll weigh it out and be right over, you're a nice wake up call."
>Buyer replies
>"Haha yeah, hurry! don't wanna miss 4:20am or pm"
>I pull out my stash
>weigh the weed out
>2.5 exact
>throw in a little bit more
>grab my keys and a hat
>look at my phone before I head out
>8 text notifications
>"Anon?", "Did you pass out?", "Omfg anon you flake :(", "Sell it to me in the p.m. ?",etc,etc
>check the time
> it's 9:23am
Did i literally lose 5 hours while standing mostly upright?
You're answer is drugs you loser.
It's your you fucking mouth breather
File: Illus.jpg (42 KB, 603x474) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42 KB, 603x474
>Was it just a video file while your phone layed flat or was someone holding it?
Judging from the angle of the video, The phone was laid down, but it's supported by something. I assume it's supported by my pillow or my blanket (i hope).
The video is not focus on my face though, but still facing body.
Pic related is the illustration of the occurrence (i assume).

If the angle was from top (bird eye view) or someone was holding it, i'm pretty sure don't want to sleep in this room anymore.
Let me tell you about the 'Longmen' of Tawakoni, /x/.

>Live in East Texas, near Lake Tawakoni
>Most people think Texas is desert wastelands, and yippie-ki-yay schmucks
>Nope. Swamplands.
>Go out hunting with brother at dawn like we normally do
>See a half-naked man walking towards our camp about half a mile away
>Wave out to him
>He waves back
>His arm is extremely rigid, almost like he's keeping his entire limb straight as an iron rod
>Doesn't advance towards us
>Go back inside the tent to grab a breakfast bar
>Not any more than ten seconds or so
>Step back outside
>This fucker cleared three hundred yards in ten seconds without breaking a sweat
>Tell brother to get the gun
>He gets it
>Fires a warning shot
>This motherfuckers arms bend out like a fucking praying mantis
>Sprints off on all fours like some weird headcrab looking thing towards the swamps
>Load up in the truck with brother, leave everything and get
>Come back with our AR's and check the camp
>Not a damned thing touched
>Dead, eviscerated opossum left in a tree near the tent

That's it. I told this story before on /x/, and I still intend to put a bullet in the fuckers head someday. But uh, don't camp in East Texas. Shit's out there.
File: 1436159241569.jpg (6 KB, 197x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 197x206
2.8, for a dub?! Anon, that was the most terrifying part about your story.
Anon, if this is true, for some reason it gave me the creepiest fucking feeling. Holy shit. Did you get any kind of glimpse at a person driving any of the cars or anything? Maybe the limo when you were back in town?
God Dammit man, telling this story for you guys make me remember something.
I just realize that my phone also has pattern lock screen in it.
So i actually can't explain if the phone was pressed by accident, in the first place.

My god, it's so weird
Any other creepy experiences?
FUCK that
Nice dubs, but you got trolled bro.
Can you pin point the location of the cemetery in google maps
>Five years ago
>Living in Boston
>Working in retail so deal with a lot of people every day
>After a while recognize some usuals
>One in particular stood out
>A relatively normal looking guy but was quite awkward
>Nervous laughter and intense staring
>Working in retail, you develop an immunity to it
>Except I would sometimes see him staring at me through the window
>Wasn't sure if i was paranoid at first but started to feel like i was being watched
>Being the paranoid fuck that I am, i end up moving in with a fellow employee
>End up making so that i'm always with someone around nighttime
>Moved in there in feb, the weird guy stopped coming in on march 5th
>Will always remember that day, the man looked at me though the window with such anger and hatred that i knew i wasn't being paranoid
>Go to my car and check the backseat (something I had gotten accustomed to doing)
>See a printed piece of paper
>Flip it over
>Was a picture of me behind the wheel of my car wearing the outfit i wore to the interview for the retail job
>Never felt so terrified in my entire life
>Fucking scanning the parking lot like the terminator looking for sarah connor
>Go to cops and explain
>They ask me if I have any family out of town I can stay with
>Thank fuck I do
>Ended up getting a better job and staying here
I used to want to be famous when I was younger but fuck that man, celebs probably have to deal with that shit once a month.
> faster than a nigger running out on his kids
> and a thousand times blacker too

Holy shit, what a hearty chuckle my friend. 10/10
Story from last summer. I was on vacation and had lots of free time, so I was doing a lot of solo 4x4 and camping out in the remote Canadian Rockies.

>Wednesday afternoon
>Decide to drive out to the mountains and camp
>Nothing else to do on a week night, friends all working
>2 hours on the highway to get to mountains
>Another hour on service road to get to the old, steep logging trails I liked to explore
>Large mountains all around me, peaks and valleys in the distance, thick evergreen forest everywhere
>Absolutely loving it
>Starting to get dark though, gotta hurry and find a spot to set up
>Haven't seen a car since I got off the highway
>Very remote, middle of nowhere type wilderness
>No structures or cell service for ~100km
>Start head up a pretty steep trail, hoping to find a good lookout point to spend the night at
>Visibility low now as the sun sets
>Headlights bumping up and down as my truck groans up the trail
>Light beam is intermittently illuminating bushes, rocks, and other shapes, spreading long shadows in front of me
>Kinda tripping me out and playing with my imagination
>Start to get a nervous feeling
>Think I see something in the middle of the road ahead
>Headlights droop down into a washout before I can make out the shape
>Nervous feeling intensifies
>Emerge from washout, slow down to steady my headlights as they shine further ahead
>Sure enough, I spot a large dark figure approaching me on the road
>I recognize a large blue backpack and hiking poles
>Just some hiker coming down late

>I'm surprised to see someone out here on a week day - and hiking in the dark - but it is summer after all
>Roll window down as I approach him
>Older guy, grey hair and wrinkles, gear looks retro
>"Hey man, you alright out here this late? Got a camp nearby?"
>He kinda just looks at me and doesn't say anything
>Emotionless expression on his face, almost like he's staring through me
>Figure he's probably exhausted from a long hike and just catching his breath
>Awkward silence, so I continue talking
>"...You should turn on a flashlight, this trail is pretty steep and-- "
>He cut me off and blurts out "Not camping, heading back to town"
>His grainy voice sounded a bit annoyed
>I figure he must have a truck parked at the bottom, tucked away somewhere I couldn't see
>No big deal, he probably just wants to get off the mountain and hit the road
>"Ah, no problem. My odometer shows we're about 8km from the trailhead, won't take you too long to get back to your-- "
>He cuts me off again, "Catch a ride into town?"
>"A ride? What?"

>I had no intentions of turning around and driving 3 hours back into town with a stranger
>What the fuck is he doing out here on a Wednesday night hiking around in the dark, anyway?
>With no car and an impossible destination?
>I wasn't really sure what to do
>Starting to feel uneasy
>"Well, I was planning on finding a cliff to camp on tonight, and it's a bit late to be driving down in the dark..."
>I continued
>"...It looks like you have the gear for an overnight. Do you need water or anything? I have some extra here, and I could pick you up on my way back into town tomorrow..."
>The man just kept staring through me silently
>Something wasn't right with this situation
>I was getting nervous so I kept talking
>"...Tell ya what, if I don't find a good spot to camp in the next few kilometers, I'll turn around and come find you. This trail looks like a bust, anyway."
>At this point, the man just turned away from me and started descending down the trail again
>Didn't even acknowledge anything I had said
>What the fuck? Was I rude?
>Watch him disappear into the darkness in my side mirror
>Seriously creeped out feeling from that image
>Put my truck back in gear and try to forget about it
>Start crawling up the mountain again, driving a bit faster this time

>I drove for probably 10 more minutes before I had to stop
>There had been a large landslide and I couldn't continue any further
>That old dude could have fucking told me the trail was washed out
>Didn't really want to camp here, so close to my encounter with him...
>No views, either
>Sigh to myself, and decide fuck it --
>I've gotta turn around anyway, I'll just pick the guy up and go back to town
>I said I would, after all
>Can't exactly just drive passed him on my way back
>God damnit
>Do about a 20-point turn on the narrow trail and start heading back down
>Quickly reach the spot where I had talked to him, he shouldn't be too far ahead now
>Eyes peeled on the road ahead
>Headlights providing better illumination going down hill, good visibility
>No sign of him anywhere
>Keep driving, should have caught him a long time ago
>Reach the trail head, no sign of him or any vehicles around here
>I guess he hiked off trail and set up camp somewhere while I was turning around
>Only explanation
>Oh well
>Feel relieved I'm no longer obligated to pick him up
>Start heading back towards the highway on the main service road
>About 30 minutes of hard driving later, I get the idea that I could still salvage my night and camp
>I don't really want to drive all the way back home, and my cooler is packed for the night
>There's a decent spot I know of not too far ahead, along a trail a bit closer to the highway
>This spot is on the opposite side of the mountain I was just on
>Won't get to watch the sunrise from this side, but it will do for star gazing
>Fuck yeah

>Arrive at second trailhead
>Put truck in 4-low and grab first gear
>Begin ascending this trail towards my new camping spot
>It's pitch black out now
>Not a problem, much more familiar with this trail
>Activate high-beams and fog lamps for maximum illumination
>Drive a few kilometers, ascending pretty high now
>Nearing my location
>Headlights bouncing up and down on the trail
>Hitting rocks and bushes, spreading long shadows in front of me
>Think I see something in the road ahead of me
>A large shape moving
>Slow down and steady my headlights
>Large blue backpack
>Hiking poles
>Older man walking towards me
>Nope nope nope nope
>He can't be here
>I'm on the OTHER SIDE of a fucking mountain
>Took over an hour to get here IN A VEHICLE
>Can't turn around
>Trail is too narrow and winding to reverse down in the dark
>Transmission clunks as I upshift and step on it
>Swing around him as much as I can on the driver's side
>Narrow fucking trail, nearly hit him
>He's just standing there as I come up beside him
>His face is inches from mine, only separated by glass
>Don't make eye contact
>Don't make eye contact
>Try not to look at him
>I see movement in my peripheral vision
>He turns his head and stares at me as I drive passed him
>Just his head
>Staring at me
>As I ascend further up the trail, I can see him disappearing in my side mirror
>Looking over his shoulder at me in the faint glow of my taillights

>Ending greentext here

Anyway, at this point I was shitting bricks and just kept speeding along until I reached my camping spot, a couple kilometers away. My mind was racing. It had to be the same guy. Nobody else would be out there - on a fucking Wednesday in the middle of nowhere - hiking around in the dark. Not with the same exact outdated external-frame pack and hiking poles. Not without a flashlight. The same cold, draining stare. It was impossible, but I know it was him again, beyond any doubt.

I was completely on edge now. There was no way I would camp there. But at the same time, there was only one road in and out. I didn't exactly want to drive back down again and have another encounter. I stepped out of my truck for a moment, and opened the rear door of the cab. I had all my gear sitting back here, including my 12 gauge. I dug the pump-gun out as fast as I could, and threw some 00 buck into the tube. I fired a couple rounds into the dirt - as a warning, I guess - and got back into my truck. The shotgun would ride in my passenger seat as I sped back down the mountain. Not really sure why, in hindsight. Running him down with a 5000lb pickup was probably more effective than a clumsy shotgun, but it gave me a sense of security.

Fortunately, my ride down the trail was fast and uneventful. There was no sign of a hiker anywhere. No movement, nothing. I made it back to the trailhead, and not long after that I was back on the highway heading home.

Honestly, I have no fucking idea what happened that night. I don't do any drugs and I wasn't drinking. All I know, is that I had a full blown conversation with someone, and that same person reappeared to me on the other side of a mountain. Maybe all he wanted was a ride, but I'm glad I never found out for sure.

I don't camp out that way anymore.
I went to a similar location, it was a bridge purported to be one of the most haunted places nearby. We went around midnight. There was dense fog everywhere, and the road leading to the bridge was all dirt and gravel. As soon as we'd parked, the windows of the car fogged over. When we left the car, you could hear falling rocks and twigs from the river underfoot. Great atmosphere for spoops.
As we passed the limo while leaving (like 50m) the driver and passenger weren't there...but I definitely got the impression that at least one person was inside the limo, watching us from behind the tinted glass. They all obviously knew we were there. When we saw the limo later in the morning in town, I noticed the person in the passenger seat was an older woman, 40-50, thin, looked like a fucking meth addict, straight out of Winter's Bone type shit.

The other cars? I have no clue.

Honestly, I think we got really close to something we shouldn't have. I'm glad we just got out. I'm not the type to ask questions.

I spent 20 minutes hovering over the county we were in, couldn't find it. It's just some forgotten graveyard in the middle of the woods... Or so we thought.
>i still intend to put a bullet in the fuckers head someday.
Wow mayne chill
Do you remmenber the state and county
Lincoln county, Montana. Somewhere a ways north of Libby.
Fuck ive never cringed so hard
fuuckkk!! im also human and i sleep in a room

not gonna sleep tonight.
thanks for the late response!
Yeah sorry, fell asleep, sorry for late response

>Same damn staircase
>Fucking around with a shitty screw on flashlight
>this was either not long before or after the thing running down the stairs
>Can't remember which, but it doesn't matter
>it's a real weak flashlight, can barely light anything at all
>Shinning it around the roof and walls
>Looking at cobwebs and shit like how corners catch it and weird shit like that
>Turn it to the top of the stairs
>Heart skips a beat
>A pair of orangish yellow eyes, with a vage outline of a human head and hair at the top of it
>Like a person laying down right at the top of the stairs
>Stare at it for a goood, 5 to to 10 seconds
>Slowly screw the flashlight to off
>Turn around
>Walk the fuck out of the room
Now over the next few days, I convinced myself it was either my cat or dog
So, I tested it to be sure
and, well to be blunt as possible
My cats eyes, were two green, and small
and my dogs eyes, weren't orange enough
and were to small
the glow was like it came from a human, if we evolved eye glow

not to mention the outline
Don't know what the fuck it was, and I never saw or had seen anything like it before
it was just
Watching me for some reason

Which really puts all the times I've fapped in that room into perspective

Coming up with another one

Stories like this are why I come here, thx for sharing, anon.
> be me about 4 years ago
> live in a pretty decent house in a quiet neighbourhood close to downtown
> house is empty but me and my dog
> going out and about to close the door when i remember i don't have my keys
> left them in my bedroom
> oh well
> walking towards there with my dog in my side
> from the hallway i see my bed with the keys on top
> and also a extrange black figure, as if i had a really black shirt just laying there
> wtf that wasn't there before
> as i approach i begin to walk slowly so i can see the fuck is that
> standing in the threshold of my bedroom
> i'm sure that thing wasn't there
> put one foot inside the room
> fuck.jpg
> scared the shit out
> hurry towards bed
> get keys
> run to exit door
> get out
> left my dog inside
> sure he can kill the shit
> when i return few hours later, everything is lile always
> never slept comfortably again in that bed
>Be me working at burger joint
>Be excited to work the late shift manager says 'I can't spend all night here I've got a life' and leaves
>I say to other guy 'This will be just like a slumber party except we'll be sweaty and covered in grease'
>He just rolls his eyes and finds something for me to do which was taking out the trash so he tells me to do it
>Excited to take it out till I look outside and say 'You mean the one out there? Outside in the dark?'
>He asks if I'm scared so I man up and scream on my way out to throw it out then back
>Be me annoying my coworker so he tells me about this story that was all over the news
>It was about this guy who worked at a burger joint and he was cutting the patties when he cut off his own hand and replaced it with a rusty spatula and then got hit by a bus and at his funeral he was fired
>I start eating while he tells me the signs of when he returns
>Be me moping for a bit when the lights flicker on and off we get kinda freaked out when it wasn't either of us
>Then the phone rang but nobody answered for 2 or 3 times
>Be us sitting there at around 2 AM on a Tuesday when the bus stops in front of the burger place
>Be me saying 'Hey I didn't know the buses ran this late'
>Coworker replies with 'They don't'
>Be us staring and scared when a guy across the street walks to the door and opens the door
>Be us flipping the fuck out now and he comes up to us while we're pleading for our lives
>I come clean to my coworker about how I used his clarinet to unclog my toilet he just looked at me mad
>Be us looking while the guy comes out of the shadows and says 'Can I have a job application I brought my own spatula I called here earlier but I hung up 'cause I was nervous'
File: 1451738642497.jpg (78 KB, 398x503) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
this is a duo of short ones, that have to do with this doorless hall way leading to a bathroom

No 1:
>Be me
>Need to take a piss in the middle of the night
>I can see pretty well in the dark, so I don't turn the hallway light on
>turn on the bathroom light, because I don't want to end up pissing everywhere, since I'm not too drunk to care
>Now, this bathroom, has a mirror, a big old mirror right where the door is
>And as I start to close it, I see something weird
>Like I only caught a glimpse of it as the door swung shut but, it still made my heart jump
>It looked like a pale white face, can't remember if it had any hair, may not have saw it, but it doesn't matter
>I'm talking the horrible rape baby of a basement dwelling neck beard and ju-on the fucking grudge white
>Stare at the mirror, and take a bit longer than usual doing my business
Now just down the hall on top of this really big gun safe, are some duck decoys, so I decided I must've saw one of those and, let my imagination run with it but.
Once again, it didn't fit
it just didn't fucking fit
the decoys were not anywhere near the right color, at all
and they were too far away

Because I did a bit of looking and, well if I really saw the face there, it was peaking at me from outside of the hall, and if it was, it was either on the wall, or really tall because where I saw it peeking out...was a seven or eight feet off the ground.
now this is a real short one, like as fast as I am in bed short.

>Walking to bathroom again
>Dead of night, with a few lights on because I'm a shut in who prefers night to be dark
>Weird I know
>turn down into the hallway and
>A dog sized shadow just flashed past my vision
>Like a foot in front of me
>Nearly crap myself ten feet away from the bathroom
>Do my business and ask someone in the room over if they saw that shit try to eat my ass
>"Are you crazy anon?>
>Eh, who knows, go back to what I was doing before

Have another short one
Well firstly you made it clear to him that he wasn't capable of looking after himself and basically patronizing this old man, I know that wasn't your intention but old guys are really sensitive to being treated like that.
What harm could a OLD man do to you!! you shot your gun? you could of given him a heart attack, I'm sorry but you should be locked up this old man did absolutely nothing to you and you acted like a mad man.

>Be me, a couple years before those other ones, so underage and shit
>Don't have a car, so I have to stand in the rain waiting to be picked up from school
>passing back and forth between two of those portable class room trailer things
>No on around me or down the alley because it's fucking raining
>Currently just thinking about some dumb shit, probably about how much I wish I had a girlfriend
>still don't have one
>but seriously, I'm not doing shit but think and walk back and forth, getting more and more soaked as I go along
>When suddenly, a voice whispers to me
>A very feminine voice
>It says, words that have been branded into my mind
>"I can see you there, you know"
>I stop, and turn, looking around for who the hell just did that
>No one around me
>Alleyway empty, closest person is at least twenty feet away
>Yeah, fuck that shit
>Walk out a bit and wait to be picked up somewhere else

Also I had a few dreams while sleeping in class at that place, most of them had to do with the school, but these were some ass creepy dreams

where I woke up with all these little handprints in chalk on my shorts, and then woke up for real, confused as hell

Or when I was walking down the hallways and saw the bathroom door open on its own, and I got a feeling of dread when I walked by the same door later that day.

Also, I have another story, two in fact, both take place in the area around where my grandparent's lived, which was in the hills, surrounded by forest and shit
Now, this place is basically untouched by the dirty hands of modern man, a paradise for red necks in the heart of a very liberal state, but anyways

>Be me, late at night, can't sleep again
>Get a call from my dad
>Apparently my grandparents decided they wanted to move a couch in the middle of the night
>And so they needed our help
>What kind of man would I be if I didn't help my grandparents?
>So me and my dad meet up and drive up there, up the familiar roads
>Just talking about random bullshit
>Move the couch in, stay to chat for a few minutes, and then start to go home
>driving down this part of the road, that's right next to a bunch of dead, spindly trees
>Listening to the radio, when we round the corner and
>Oh, wonder what's that orange light that's glowing over there
>Dad fucking floors it, and speeds down the last bit of road to thew corner
>What the shit?
>turn to him as he's looking in the woods with his eyes wide open
>Yeaaaah, why, turn.
>it's about now I realize, there wasn't anything that could've reflected a light like that on the fence or trees on the curve
>and my dad got a better look at it
>It was a pair of eyes
>Standing eight feet up in the trees
>And by time we got up there and stopped
>Whatever it was, was gone like a nigger who needs to pay child support, because why not throw in some minor racism

So like I went back to my family's house, since I was too poor to move out and also, too lazy.

And I looked up what has eyes that glow like that, and the only answer I got was
which was weird, since I'm not in the part of the country there's supposedly in
Could've been a cougar, actually, now that I think about it...but still, it was creepy at the time, real fucking creepy.

Next story, next post
I've got a creeper...

now this happened when was really young sooo, take it with a grain of salt

>Be little me, in a car with my dad, older brother, and his hunting dog, a lab to be exact, pure bred
>Grandparents had just gotten one themselves, and well, we being a bunch of quasi rednecks decided, wouldn't it be neat if we bred them, to get even more dogs?
>So we were taking poochy to get his dick wet
>but that's all useless background shit, point is we were driving up to my grandparents' place, and it was getting dark
>I'd say it was just about sunset when IT HAPPENED
>Dramatic thunder.mp3
>A light rose up from the field to the right of our car, and flew over us
>Everyone losing their shit, dad starts speeding to keep up with it as it lazily floats over the fields to our left
>Can see it more clearly, it's in the shape of the bat signal, if drawn by a retard
>just kind of keeps up with us, following us along for about a minute
>But then as suddenly as it appeared, it sped off, almost looking like it turned on warp speed
>rest of the trip is boring as shit now

I have a few other stories I got from family, and one that only got creepy in hindsight

but I'll wait for some feed back, to make sure I'm not just shit posting at this point
>understanding greentext
Keep going fella.
>post story about being a scared faggot, scared of a hobo

do you see the point?
>i don't do any drugs

do not smoke nor drink alcohol or caffeine?
not saying that expains what you experienced, but don't lie
Nice dubs, but you got trolled bro.
FFS grandma
It could be a baby nigger. They start to rob very young.
I love you anon!
Sorry, left the thread for a bit

So anyways, here's something that's a bit unerving

>Me and my brother used to share a room, when we were young
>Now I had an overactive imagination, used to see all kinds of weird shit around my room
>So I was not surprised to see a mummified old man kind of goblin looking thing spider manning over my walls
>It was just one of my nightterrors that plagued me in my young years, almost forgot about it
>until, years later, I was talking to my brother, about various supernatural things we've seen, or just plain weird shit
>And he mentions, damn nearly exactly as I remembered it, seeing an old man/goblin peek out from this board that was right above my bed, and breath, heavily
>And my heart dropped, because I never told anyone about what I saw at night
>So to say a few bricks were shat would be an understatement

So yeah, that was something that happened, creeped the hell out of me for days, got the feeling I was being watched and the whole package.

Now, some stories my brother told me.
Of course he tends to smoke weed, so I'd take these stories with a bit of skepticism at least.

I know I do
>Be my bro, drove up into the woods where grandparents live
>there's a burnt out shack to the side, laying on a hill, beyond some fences and shit
> Sneak into it and smoke a bowl or two, and start to feel dread, like something doesn't want him to be there
>Finish up and get the fuck out
>Was probably just some paranoia, but who knows
Now this one is one my mother often told me,

>She had just moved in with my dad and was having trouble sleeping
>and she saw a white woman walk across the room, and by white I mean stereotypical ghost white
>And she assumes it was her grandmother making her safe, since it just sort of walk through the wall after she saw it
>never saw something like that again
alright pals, I'm gonna go back, wish me luck
Now those might be weak stories, especially the shack one, but I remember my mom, and my older brother saying that they heard me and my other siblings calling out for help or crying

When we're not around or even in the house before

Which is kind of unnerving, I'd say, mostly because my brother described my phantom voice as basically sounding like a whiny version of me.

Now here's a story I learned just this christmas

See it turned out, My grandmother isn't the sweetest thing on earth
As she paid a neighbor hood boy to murder my dad's dog when he was a little boy
Because it howled at the moon, every night
>Be my dad, his little mutt of a dog hasn't come home today
>Worried, but go to bed,
>However even at five years old, he's not scared of the woods
>Go out the next day, looking for dog
>walk into this field just out from beyond this little farm house that's still up there, now surrounded by old cars and crap
>Find dog tied up to a tree, with a rope collar, which it doesn't wear
>Realize what's going on, that his mom was trying to have his dog assassinated
>Bring dog bag, happy as a bean
>Asks my grandmother why the dog was out there
>She just claims that he got his collar caught on the tree, the collar which it didn't have until then
>Dad doesn't by that shit
>And the dog eventually just vanishes awhile later
>For some reason this story was hilarious as all hell

Sorry if it was supernatural, but I do find it creepy thinking about it, mostly since I like dogs.

Not many creepy stories about that place besides the "Bigfoot" and ufo, I mean the place is kind of creepy but I've been acclimated to it through my life

I don't have much other stories besides these ones, or at least any that are...oh wait, I just remembered one

Glad some people are enjoying these
Pathetic pothead trying to justify his stupid habit to himself and others detected.

>be me In a cabin, a rather modern one, with some of my family as a kind of short vacation
>Go outside? fuck that it isn't that wooded, just a little mountain town with desolate roads and crap...had a nice pizzeria though
>So I browse my laptop, as my family goes about their days, most of them leaving to go out
>Leaving me with my younger sisters
>they go to the lower part of the cabin and I keep browsing my laptop
>And then I realize how quite it has gotten
>Take headphones off and look around
>Hear one of their voices call out my name
>But they're not in the cabin
>think back to all the skin walky and flesh gaiter stories on this place
>Yeah nah, not getting my skin stolen
>Close laptop
>and calmly
>run the fuck outside?
>yeah, don't know why I thought it was a good idea either
>So I'm getting major bad vibes from the cabin
>So I walk down the driveway, pacing back and forth until the rest of my family comes back
>they're wondering why I'm walking around, pale as a ghost without any shoes
>Say nothing
>Turns out my sisters had decided to visit another cabin for some fucking reason
>Don't know if I was just hearing things or what
>I just know I heard my name, and nothing like Hey we're going out or, You wanna come?
> just my name shouted

Also another short one from my youth
that could just be a dream
>be little me, Driving with dad somewhere, raining
>getting kind of tired
>eh, the seats are comfy, close my eyes and lean back in the chair
>Suddenly something grabs my shoulder, roughly
>Turn back to see what it was
>See a pitch black hand, that looks kind of like a wall master or those sticky hand things retreating into the seats in the back
>Dad didn't see shit
> and I didn't fall asleep, as far as I know

And this one I am almost certain is just sleep paralysis, nearly positive in fact

>Have a dream, in my family's home, hunting a demon with my brother, and my cat...for some reason
>We know its in the bathroom, and scared shitless
>Cat opens door
>Brotherly love is not as strong as survival instinct
> We book it, and I trip on those god man fucking stairs
>So this is how I die then?
>demon pounces me
and I wake up
Feeling something riding me
force my eyes close as I swear to go I'm trying to push the thing off of me, feeling it slam me against the ground and push my forward, felt like I was struggling to push it off

And it stops after a minute or two
my hands weren't in the air
they were in my pants, at my side

So attempted demon rape? Or the logical my body was being a fucker and made me imagine it?

and that's about it
Unless you want to hear about shit I know isn't paranormal, but still gives me the heebie jeebies
Is it Boot Hill Cemetery anon
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>be me 10 years old

>play ding-dong ditch
>knocking on the door from the weird house where this tall skinny russian dude lives

>suddenly russian guy screams from the house "im gonnu chop yourr headse off!" not in a nice voice.
>scared to shit, go home with friends.

>play some nintendo ds, parrents were gone, babysitter was going to get some ciggarets

>suddenly we heard knocking on the window in our room, it was dark outside we couldn't see what it was

>what ever

>than someone knocked on the door, we thought it was the babysitter, but no one was there.

>getting back to play mario cart

>it knocks fucking again, now it's our babysitter, looks verry pale, doesn't say nothing, goes the the bathroom

>it's getting late we go to sleep

>the next morning one of our friends was gone


>we couldn't find him, the baby sitter neither, we searched at the playground and at the whole house, nothing.

>he was not at home, parrents of him got scared and called police

>he was the one showing the russian the finger

>getting home, we see my parrents car and suddenly hear screaming from my mom inside the house

>we run to my parrents, they are staring at the toilet

>dead babysitter just sat on the toilet, no blood nothing, just a pale death body looks like she got scared to death

>we checked the bathroom in the morning, looking for my friend nothing was there

>get back into our room, crying and screaming, see a weird print on our window in the form of an face

>after that our friend never got seen again
sheeit, sorry overread "true".
No, that doesn't sound right. This was somewhere east of Kootenai, but west of Lake Koocanusa.
Holy fuck same shit's happened to me before
>be 13
>have 1/2 mile long driveway, takes about 10 minutes to walk down for the school bus to pick me up
>bus comes to pick me up at 7:30, leave every day at 7:15
>monday morning
>same morning schedule, nothing important
>leave house for school at 7:15
>even check my watch as I walk out the door, as well says 7:15
>it's dark as fuck outside because I live in a valley and it's mid winter, sun doesn't come up until about 8:00
>round corner that leads to road where bus shows up
>blink as I round said corner
>notice it looks a bit brighter than I remembered
>what the fuck the sun is up
>look at watch
>it's almost fucking 9:30
>freak out, turn 360° and sprint the fuck home
>mom gets pissed considering school started an hour and 30 minutes ago
>drives me to school
>get grounded for 3 days, thought I was lying when I told her my story
>still doesn't believe me to this day.

Did I somehow manage to pass out standing up, WHILE WALKING, for 1 1/2 hours? Or are reality glitches real and just fucked me over?
You're fucked, Anon.

There's no other way to tell you, you're just fucked.
Alright, I just tried going back to that cemetery. Now I have a creepy story to tell.

I got chased by some shithead in a pickup truck, tailgating me at 10mph+ over the limit and flashing his high beams. Didn't even make it to the cemetery. Will try again tomorrow.
File: 1286300492616.jpg (15 KB, 375x417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well goddamn.
This is a story both me and my brother experienced, and on many occasions we have talked about it together and they're both completely identical, literally remember the same things, same sounds, .etc

And mentionably, our parents still do not believe us, but they remember us flipping shit and making them round the property with flashlights, so this is an experience 4 people can remember. You guys can ask questions about details I might accidentally leave out, but anyways here's pretty much the only thing I got related to being realistically spooky.

>be 8
>brother is 11
>sleep in same bedroom; on the second floor of our house, keep in mind
>sunday, school day tomorrow
>pitch black outside
>schedule to talk for about 10 minutes about random shit before falling asleep
>finish talking about random shit
>not really tired, just kinda lay there next to brother
>one of the 2 windows in front of our beds light up
>not like a flashlight, but like an orb fades into view of it
>3 knocks
>not like knocking with your knuckles, but like patting on a window with your palm
>orb fades out just slightly every time it knocked
>slowly fades into nothing
>me and brother freak out, parents rush into room, ask what the hell we're freaking out about
>we tell them what happened, they don't believe us but we're rich and live in the middle of nowhere, so they round the house to make sure no one's trying to break in
>they find literally nothing, even double checked the area under the 2 windows leading into our bedroom; nothing down there
>literally years later me and brother still perfectly recall the story, a week ago we talked about it and he explained it the same way I am now

I as well have a story from my parents and oldest brother that is very /x/ related, but I highly doubt you guys would believe it because it's literally indian burial ground-tier shit.

well damn dude at least you're okay
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Yep. I have no idea how I instigated that, I didn't even take a turn towards the "haunted" graves, I was driving down a pretty normal road.
Fuck you
someone sounds mad ;^(
oh fuck my bad wrong thread
Tell us more
There isn't much more to tell, honestly. I got followed by this dude for roughly 20-30 miles before losing him by turning on to a highway road.

I'm starting to wonder if he wasn't flashing his high beams and it may have just been the reflection of his lights on the bumpy road, but that doesn't explain why he would follow so closely and not pass.

It was pretty freaky while it was happening though.
>left dog inside
Fucking asshole
rip pupper, forever to be left with a shadownigger under his owner's bed
>Be 16 babysitting for a family friend
>Watching a 6 y/o nbd
>Easy 50 bucks just watch movies while the little girl plays with her toys in the same room
>Occasionally annoys me and I undulge and play pretend for five minutes to keep her happy
>Close to bedtime she starts to get upset
>Says that her imaginary friend "Misssus blueberry" said her mommy wasn't coming home
>Calm her down and get her to bed
>Go outside for a smoke
>Get a call that the dad will be home a little later than he thought
>Wife had anaphylactic reaction to something she ate
>Says she made it but barely
>Okayyy definitely creeped out at this point
>Go back inside and grab a bottled water
>Little girl comes back down from bed
>Asks me for my cigarettes
>"Ummm why little girl?"
>"Cause missus blueberry she liked Marlboros too."
>Mwf there is no way a 6 y/o knows about fucking cig brands , least not what a particular one may smell like

In an interesting turn of events shes like 13 now and gets violently made at people who smoke/smoking in general
No, you just slept in, dreamed of details and confused reality with your dream which consisted of your morning routine.
Not trying to be rude but reread the story m8.
The time changed while I was walking outside.
I never woke up at a late time, I literally ran back to my house, told my mom I need a ride to school, and got my ride with a side of a lecture.

And it's not like I imagined me running from my front door to my mom, because I was in a puffy ass coat the whole time, too (because mid winter, was like 25°F outside)
Well I for one enjoyed it.
Lol'd 8.8/10 m8 keep it up
File: 1455025254788.png (661 KB, 1024x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>TFW Live innadesert
>TFW No spooky innawoods shit
Maybe he just thinks you're cute. Ever considered giving him a pity fuck?
Which desert?
>Few days ago, night time
>Drove older sibling to grocery store
>I wait in the car until they're done shopping
>Parking lot for the most part is empty; around 4 or 5 cars
>Sibling comes out of the store, hops in the car
>Just as I changed gears and moved forward a bit, random guy appears out of nowhere by my left side
>Nearly goes in front of the car to stop me
>I stop and roll down the window a little bit
>He's a middle aged guy with a long black trench coat
>I can't see his hands/they were in his pockets
>He asks if he can get a ride to the pharmacy
>He points to the pharmacy which is literally across the street from the grocery store
>My sibling says "no"
>Guy says "okay. sorry for taking your time"
>I drive away
I kinda felt bad. I hope he didn't have an issue with his legs, but then again, he appeared out of nowhere, in the middle of a large parking lot. His hands in his trench coat pockets, wanting a ride to the pharmacy which is a 2 minute walk across the street. I don't know, man. It was pretty weird.
if he had issues with his legs, you'd think he'd have something to handle that. or, at the least, he'd explain that after popping up out of nowhere in front of your car. i think you and your sibling made the right call.
Hm, a lot of spooky truth in that last line that I'd never considered.
Please tell us the location of the cemetery. I like digging up historical info on lost graveyards.
>happend around Christmas
>go with my girlfriend to visit her family in Michigan for Christmas
>step out side around 1:30 am for a smoke and check out the full moon
>minding my own business, all of a sudden hear this fucking howl
>very deep gutter roll
>toss my smoke and run in the house like a little bitch

Now, I remember watching a cryptozoology documentary about something in Michigan. Drive back to Pennsylvania a couple days later do some research. It was a documentary on the Michigan Dogman. I grew up in Alaska and have always been outdoors fishing and hunting. I have heard a lot of coyotes and wolves. Idk what this was. I was also in the middle of nowhere, girlfriends grandparents live 45-60 minutes away from nearest town.
File: cutedog_0.jpg (88 KB, 620x826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Go on /b/
>see thread called "you zoz you lose"
Yeah. He wasn't carrying a cane. I thought about the temperature outside, which was a little chilly, but the guy had a heavy coat on, so I crossed that out.
Maybe he would've threatened us with a weapon, and tell us to drive to a different area?
that or try to hijack your car.
pssssh, liberals. amirite guys?
Hash-Slinging Slasher/10
Damn. Glad I dodged that one. If my sibling wasn't there with me, my naive ass probably would have let him in.
Thinking about it reminds me of another story
>Around 11 or 12 at the time
>Me, my younger sibling, and 5 or 6 of his friends were playing hockey in a driveway
>Random ass white van pulls up to the house
>mid-twenties/early thirties guy gets out of the van
>"Hey kids, I'm friends with [famous hockey player]. Wanna meet him?"
>We all give him the costanza look
>Several parents come out of their houses and head towards the van
>Guy hauls ass and speeds away
If I ever have kids, I'm moving away from this town
It's the Cash Singing Basher, idiot
File: 1452247987567.jpg (55 KB, 460x690) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 460x690
>be me parents got divorced dad's girlfriend is a cunt so I opt to stay with my mum.
>live with mum in my uncle's house
>house only has three rooms upstairs so I have to stay in the basement
>basement has a room and a bathroom inside the room there are is a huge closet
>closet was not a closet it was a second room where the water heater (or some type of heater) was
>everything was good in the winter the heater was on most of the time
>I used to fall asleep to sound of the heater running kinda like white noise
>springtime comes and the heater gets turned off cant sleep anymore
>start hearing noises come from the heater closet
>sounds like light knocking on metal
>start listening intently sounds like someone is tapping the heater from the inside
>keep on listening and start to see a pattern
>it only happens when I move or when Im drifting into sleep
>cant fall asleep stay awake listening to heater ghost till 2am
>finally get tired of that shit so I deicide to sleep in the couch upstairs
>knocking gets louder when I leave the room
>get the fuck out the basement
You encountered the ghost of a lost hiker. You could'a given him 'a ride into town' and ended his lost wandering. Instead you beta'd your way into damning him for eternity.
Ooh shit ellipses

anon was got.
Perhaps that graveyard is a known dogging spot?
>those cars were checking you out
>the scream was a barely legal girl reaching climax
For example, when a fan posted Jared Leto one of their severed ears.

>got upstairs felled asleep on couch almost immediately
>wake up next morning tell mom and uncle about loud obnoxious knocking
>they dont give a fuck
>kept sleeping on the couch for a couple of days
>mum says my uncle doesnt like me sleeoing on the couch everyday
>have argument over basement noises it only happens at night
>it only happens when im in the room
>after two more days of couch sleeping she buys me some ear plugs
>have another argument
>fuck it I'll sleep on the basement
>earplugs work cant heat shit so I start to fall asleep
>as I start drifting into sleep
>I hear clear as shit on my left ear a little kid say "helooooooooo"
>bolt the fuck up start looking around scared as shit
>my heart has decided my body is no longer a suitable habitat and is trying to exist through the nearest opening
>I try to pull my shit togheter take my earplugs off look around
>theres nothing around me everything is ok
>hope the fuck out of there the rooms door wasnt ready
> it probably thought I would ask permission or some shit
>busted through that shit like it was made of paper
>finally get upstairs everyone is up at this point on account of my "ear raping shrieks of terror"
>my mum tries to calm me down as I try to explain how I almost got molested by the heater room toddler
>my uncle is wrapping my arm for some reason
>the is a deep fucking gash on my fore arms I can see my muscles contracting and shit
>tha should probably hurt like a mother fucker
>so does my leg my left foot and my rigth leg
>got taken to the hospital got 14 stitches on my arm
>left toe was broken got a big fucking splinter on my leg
>after that I moved with my pops and his cunty gf and had to see a psychologist for a whie
>start job but hadn't moved yet
>driving about two hours round trip daily
>only about 35 miles one way but lots of windy backroads
>get off work one night at 11:30
>get some coffee in me and start home
>get to a stretch thats eight or nine miles of nothing
>come around turn and almost rear end a cop car
>actually there are two both county level police neither with emergency lights on
>see SUV type vehicle has blown through the guard rail and slammed into a massive tree
>no skid marks, car is crunched up, back driverside door is open, blood on inside of door and on back of vehicle
>cops ask me what im doing in that part of the county
>ask if i know anything bout car or who it belongs to
>looks like driver just wondered off
>say they didn't see anyone coming but someone had reported the car
>tell me to drive safe, not to stop for hichhikers, and report any "Large lumps in the road" when I got home
>drive like 20 mph for the next mile or so
>freaking out the whole time
>get to the point where there are houses again
>shitty rundown backwoods houses
>see man on one of these houses porches smoking
>start feeling really uneasy for some reason
>know i shouldn't but i slow down to get a better look at the guy
>guy is a bloody mangled mess puts cigarette back in mouth a gives me kind of a casual half wave
>hammer down on the gas get to a place with cell service and call the cops
>they tell me they will check it out
>little bit later ambulance and another cop car pass me heading towards where i saw guy

Still to this day thinking of how calm the guy looked and acted gives me chills
>be me
>the end
Damn, you got lucky. That nigga fucked you up
>What harm could a OLD man do to you
Someone post that pic of a skinwalker shitposting
Dianne Feinstein plz
File: 1439352888677.jpg (110 KB, 500x667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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gutter roll?
>lost time

aliums :)
thanks for sharing anon, I love "time disappeared/stopped/went back" stories
good story, read with pleasure
>anon got spooked by an old hippy
good one, got something more on that girl?
possibly the most haunted anon to date
keep them coming anon
fucking-A anon do you think anything followed you guys home?
>be 6 year old me in first grade
>there's a substitute teacher in her 50s with saggy boobs
>she would punish Brian and me over nothing like looking to the side instead of facing straight while in single file
>she would dig her nails into me and throw us up against the wall to make us stand in the corner
>she wouldn't stop until we cried
>she but Brian's penis one day
>saw on the Alex jones show last year that the children from MK ultra work as teachers in public schools to traumatized children and use their wooden teeth to bite children

Eventually I got old enough to figure out that she was conditioning is to not tell on her so she could molest us and we wouldn't tell. I'm the victim of CIA MK ultra hurt core. Also she totally hot arrested and sent to prison
if its an iphone then you can access the camera without unlocking
So you're story is literally
>A homeless guy asked me for money
>Then I saw him again in the place he always is and he recognised me

That is literally the worst story I have ever heard.
>I was 24
>had no home then, slept at different family's home when they let me
>like scary stories since I was a kid
>one night, get really drunk and sad because of my depression
>decide to leave society forever and become a hermit in the woods
>didn't think it could be bad
>get my two dogs
>head into woods behind my home
I live in rural area, not in a big city. There are tall hills behind my house with forests.
>not scared, because there is a lot of noise, like birds and water and my dogs walk next to me
>walk on and on and on, climb on top of a hill and down because it was funny
>sun starts set, it is the dusk
>less drunk, think about how I will sleep and how I will eat, and I am afraid because I read too much scary stories when I was a kid
>my dogs will protect me. They are loyel.
>find space under a pine and make bed with grass and leafs.
>one dog stays next to me, the other walks away
>he will maybe hunt and bring back some food when I wake up
>fall a sleep with empty belly, terrible feeling
>I wake up, it is the dark night now
>angry and scared because I wanted to sleep until sun rise
>dog next to me is asleep. Other dog is not back.
>think where is he? but he is maybe still hunting for me
>stay close to the other dog, try to fall asleep again
>the trees and grass are making noise
>I try to do not think about it, singing in my mind
>hear a little cry. It sounded like an animal.
>sit down, maybe my dog is back with some rabbit.
>i don't see anything, it's so dark
>wake up my dog next to me and walk toward noise
>I find nothing.
>I continue walking, with my dog following
>see moving in the corner of my eyes
>make lots of noise with my feet if it is a wild animal to make it leave
>hear another new cry, like time my old dog had babies
>walk toward noise again
>look behind me, my dog is not there, panic
>here a sound like a word a little far away
>get the cold shivers
>walk slowly back to camp, try to not scream
>I can't find it again
>find big rock, sit behind him and wait
>cover my ears
I fell asleep.
>I wake up and dog is biting me, it is still night
>stand up, dog starts to run
>run toward him because I trust animal instinct
>keep running for ten minutes
>walk quickly away, keep walking until sun rises more and it's morning
>other dog comes to us, he looks okay
>decide the adventure is over and follow first stream I find out of the forest
idiot probably meant guttural
File: 13003328767.jpg (32 KB, 409x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> transportation vehicle is actually the other way around
> driver is a woman
File: TR-npc-Gaenor.jpg (570 KB, 2049x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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<- Carneval
Learn to spell retard
>be 15, walking around mall with friends instead of going to school
>just hanging out and shit, start walking towards the door into the courtyard, which has entrances to all the other parts of the mall
>notice the amount of people other than us is getting low the more we walk on, don't say anything
>nearly to the door, literally no one but fucking us there
>we all get scared, decide we need to get the fuck out of there
>run out the door into courtyard, some guys in a car speeding around the courtyard in a jeep yelling shit
>hear something as the car gets closer
>out of nowhere we all hear
you had a stroke mate
can happen to children too, you got lucky
does not make it less creepy though, because that can happen to anyone at any time
Heh, "digging"
So who was flicking the lights on and off?

File: 1439268505216.jpg (24 KB, 276x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Story is a pile of shit. Sounds like you were 12 when it happened and are now 13.
Don't lose hope, there's weird shit in deserts too.
Jesus thats creepy
>american doors
If i try to run through my door, i would be knocked out for the next hours
>be me
>14 or 15 can't remember
>stayed home from school because i was sick
>mom is a studying nurse so she was out with her friend studying
>dad works at night so hes gone for work
>its like 8 or 9
>gets up to make myself some soup because sick
>sees some homeless guy outside the backdoor
>old ass house so locks are pure shit
>but cheap rent so whatever
>shrugs it off, we have a huge backyard with weird neighbors so maybe it was one of them drunk
>after making soup, heads back to couch
>checks the window just in case
>man came closer, obviously i caught him moving so he stopped
>machete in hand
>freaks the FUCK out
>picks up my phone and waves it like im gonna call the police
>guy glares and slowly trails off
>thank god i had my phone on me

That summer.
>was mowing the lawn
>feels the mower stop and make a loud noise
>checks and screams
>dad comes rushing out
>a huge tarp, with blankets and rope were in the back area of our yard
>sees a machete covered in stained blood near a pillow in the yard
>dad freaks out
>calls the police

They haven't found the guy, still live in this house, nothing has happened since but every danm time I look out the window, it freaks me out.
More stories about this?
File: Rockwood_asylum.jpg (116 KB, 693x918) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 693x918
>be me, 17, in highschool
>one of my classes is an elective video production course
>me and my best friends in the class get idea
>decide to go to the old lakeside mental institution and break in and film shit
>we go in broad daylight
>find a three story outbuilding with the door open (they still used the place to store files and shit)
>we go in and explore the first floor which is just one big empty room with stairs leading up to the second floor
>we examine the room and film for like 10 minutes
>suddenly, we hear an raspy moan echo from up-stairs
>we fucking book it and leave the property (we're lucky we didn't get caught in the building looking back on it now)
>never went back
>still terrified of the place
pic related, it's the place (main building, not the one we went in)
this happens to me LITERALLY every time i leave the house. maybe youre just racist.
Well, nothing to creepy has happened to me besides that, but I'll see what you guys think,

Yeah, maybe

But since I just happened to come back here

SO I'll try my best here with some more stories I have

this one is from this girl my brother knew
I can't remember it very well at all, but hey it's something, even if it is nothing

>Be girl, walking next to a train tunnel in the middle of the night
>See a kid run into the tunnel
>Seconds later, a train comes out of the tunnel
>like literally a second later, no way the kid could've made it out in time

Now this one isn't paranormal, but the local was sort of creepy

>Be little me, walking with my grampa on the hills around their house
>Have their dog and my brothers dog with us
>No guns despite this being Cougar and boar territory
>not to mention the herd of cow and buffalo someone keeps up their
>Anyways, we're walking for quite a few hours, because I wanted to see the remains of this boom town that used to be around their
>Of course, this place as I said early, is creepy to anyone who wasn't raised around it
>Abandoned cars and gold mines that look like open graves anywhere, it's an acquired taste to be sure
>Nothing actually happened when we were up there
>But by god was it the perfect location for spooks, and if I wasn't an honest man, I could EASILY make up at least five stories about it,
>These shitty stone fences on a hill that used to keep in sheep, that look like something would be hiding behind them
>The remains of a house that too me, looked too modern to be from the town, that appeared to have...exploded, debris and trash everywhere, it was just a foundation above a shitty stream...that was filled with what my young mind assumed was the rest of the house
>This little pond that was just surrounded by brambles and fed by a small, very small waterfall, that just had this feel around it, at the time I was in awe, but looking back on it, it looked spooky as all hell

File: 1374076487253.gif (27 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>be me
>be le redditor
>be me le telling le epic greentext stories
>be me acting like a fucking newfag
>be me getting called out for being a fucking newfag
>be me still typing "be me" like a fucking retard

Jesus fucking Christ. Just stop. All you have to do is stop typing "be me". That's all I'm fucking asking of you. Stop it.

Why do you even type that? Why? Why do we need clarification of the point of view in the story? Why would we assume the story was from the point of view of someone else? Why? When do stories ever start like that. Just fucking quit it holy fuck it's not hard to type a story up while simultaneously avoiding the word "be". I don't feel like I'm asking a lot here, right? It's not a huge request. Just stop typing "be me" at the start of every fucking story.

Does anyone else think that's okay? Would you start a regular story "Be me"?? No! Name one book that starts with "Be me". None of them do. Not fucking one of them.

If you're new to 4chan, LURK MORE. Stop copying what you saw on Reddit and learn the fucking customs of the board. Just fucking quit this newfag bullshit. I know you think 4chan is "le epic cool darknet website xDDDDDDD" but this shit has got to stop.
People on /x/ can't read for shit. Context clues mean nothing when you can't comprehend them.
But like I said, nothing creepy happened during the walk, gramps didn't get eaten by a skin walker, the dogs didn't run off and never come back, we didn't find any satanist shit or anything

But, I do have two more stories around the area, which probably were my eyes playing tricks on me, but hey, still spooked me a bit

>Be me, up at grandparents for some reason with a cousin on mine
>He's driving around this shitty buggy of his, and me being bored decided to hitch a ride
>Start racing around the back field near the barn, which is often now filled with goats
>And I...think I was telling him about /x/ skinwalkers for somereason because, well why not
>And after I do so, I scan the tree line, which is cut off from the field by a fense
>And vaguely see a white figure that looks like its standing upright
>Start to panic because my mind was on the subject and shout at my redneckish cousin to get us the fuck out
>He looks at me like I'm on drugs
>but he does so anyway, since I started to creep him out to trying to point it out
>Probably was just a goat, but hey better safe than sorry, and I don't want to get eaten by a no goat walker

Same field, but I was shooting at birds with my dad, and missing everything because I'm an absolutely terrible shot

>But anyways, we started to hear noises, like weird bird calls, which my dad, who has been a hunter in the area since he could walk, can't identify, which puts me on edge
>And I also started to smell, a kind of bloody smell, which probably was just from some dead animal, but the fact that I've read about skin walkers/fleshgaits/ bullshit so much just made me more antsy
>And then we started to hear a dog yelping, which could've been a coyote, but still it was just another thing that made it all the more creepy
>So basically I'm standing there, talking with dad about the bird making the most terrible sounding call I've ever heard, the dog yapping like crazy, and shit smelling like blood
>be dog
>chilling out laying around
>dreaming of a new bone and chasing cats and shit
>suddenly awakened by a bright light
>I remember the movie All Dogs Go to Heaven
>is this my time?
>I hope they have bacon in heaven
>open eyes
>it's just a boy shining a light in my eyes
>what the fuck mate?
>then I hear him mumble “not the same eye glow“
>fucking weirdo bro
>that's why I shit in the house
nice one
>My dad of course doesn't believe in any of that bullshit and just points out the logical
>Which I agree with since he knows the area better than the back of his hand, but at the back of my mind I start to wonder, what if it isn't
>we eventually pack up and leave, unskin walked and as healthy as we were when we started.

So that story to me is more unnerving than actually scary since, I knew what it all probably was, but still all of it together just out me on edge and freaked me out

Like from my experience, most inawood stories are probably people just freaking out, since I know how people who aren't used to walking around in dark forests get, they start to see things that aren't there at all. Like I took a friend of mine up there and he couldn't see shit and I could since I spend most my time in a dark room with only the glow of my laptop to guide me, every other minute he was jumping and saying he saw something or, heard something, but there wasn't shit

Like for example, I was out walking with my dad, looking for some boar one time, and I rested against a tree to wait for them

Crows flew over me, making a racket
and I noticed what Looked like something watching me in the woods
But I kept looking at it, since I had a gun and dad would be pissed if I just started running around screaming
And it turned out just to be bunch of branches that from where I was were positioned in just the right way to look like something scary

I mean I can see how easy it is too make up things in these situations, but I am an honest man, and the stories I've already told are the extent of my actual experiences and unless something creepy happens to me before this thread drops

I think I'm all out of true stories that actually happened to me
but I'm sure I'll end up getting more of them at some point

But I'm glad some of you enjoyed my ramblings for awhile

heh, that's actually pretty funny, and is probably one of the reason the dog doesn't like me so much
this is such a cliched and overreacting response, i had to check if it was pasta.
I got a few ones, being a fem I get stalked an harrassed by creeps every day in the city. Some times it gets really fucked up, here are those stories.

>be me, just moved downtown minneapolis, 18
>walk 2 miles to work every morning, lots of creeps and homeless drunk, some are passive or friendly, others are not.
>some old man yells something at me from across the street
>look over, he's making a dude jester, and then yells "hey ho, give me a cig!'
>I promptly tell him to suck a dick, keep walking
>get to work at my dad's bar, setting up for the day
>take a smoke break b4 shift, see ska creep staring me down across the lot
>tell co worker, he got my back, dude fucks off for rest of shift
>later, off work. Start walking home, mace in hand just in case-stop at corner store for coffee
>suddenly out the window, same shitbag staring me down

It was disgusting, he was licking his lips and looking at me like I was prey

>I've fucking had it with this shit
>go outside, scream 'fuck off, back the fuck off,etc'
>people start looking and he speed walks away.

Later that night-
>floor level apartment, shitty fucking place, building full of somalis and shit, but cheap 1 brim to myself
>11 pm, chilling watching netflix
>here a tap/some noise on the window over my bed
>I was frozen for a second in disbelief
>I fucking flip shit, I grab my phone scream "WTF" and immediately leave my apt, lock it, and go upstairs to a neighbor who was friendly.
>we go check it out outside, my window was fucking cracked, he tried to get in
>he's gone, but the bushes have been flattened.

Cops never showed, but after that I ended up moving to a friends house where a few ppl lived.
This was the first time I was actually 'stalked'

I have more in a second.
Here's another
And just for a bit of a background-I'm a small person, 5 foot nothing and under 100lbs, so I could easily be killed. Over time I've adopted a very aggressive reaction, because most creeps don't expect it coming from me, still it makes some of these interactions fucking terrifying.

Also, I dress weird, but very 'modest' for the most part. I like long skirts or velvet shit, but I don't really own any outfits that I could be mistaken for a hooker.

Anyways this one isn't as freaky, more of something that could have gone a lot worse

>be me and a friend at my old shitty place a few days b4 move
>she helped pack, we decided to drink, call older friend, he drops of booze for us.
>We decide to go for a walk, both pretty buzzed, friend wanted taco hell
>walking back from taco hell, pedi van with tinted window slowly drives past us
>window goes down like 4 inches, we hear "hey sexy come here"
>hand sticks out with wad of bills and waves cash at us
>friend tells them to fuck off
>we sprint down a path between to apartments to get away.
>10 minutes later we hear a fucking blood curdling scream coming from a woman followed by a gurgles 'help!'
>fucking HAUL ASS towards apartment.
>call cops and tell them what happened.

A week later I heard on the radio about a woman in my area who was abducted by a van. Pretty sure it was that, I feel awful I couldn't do anything about it. I'm sure the fucking shit cops never showed.
Dude was just trying to get away from the car and avoid getting a DUI and you led the cops right to him
>still live in this house
Fucking hell, anon, how old are you now?
I share your frustration man
I have a few stories

>be me
>washing my face in the bathroom
>door is open and the stairs are down the hall
>I hear the sound of footsteps coming up the (carpeted) stairs
I'd lived in the house for ten years and it had a distinct sound to it. Like a soft, padded thumping that grew slightly louder as the person came up the stairs.
>look over, nobody's there
>parents and brother are asleep
hey op why is the image you used look like a man giving gay oral?
>thread hidden
Love this story. Shit gave me the creeps.

Well, I could, but then how would I be able to taste your tears, anon?
>Paranormal =/= supernatural
Getting all this attention from a creepy is for the most part "not normal" and it "lacks explanation" therefore it's "paranormal"
Plus who the fuck cares it's creepy story you didn't have to read it.
Because of trips, I'll tell some more

>be me
>bedroom is on ground floor
>laying in bed one night
>see shadow at corner of window
>a dark figure keeps moving back and forth
>like he's pacing right outside my window
>scared shitless

Another time I looked over and saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes with red pupils like a cat's.
Why? also I'm not all of those. OP's story was just creepy. So was mine.
What the fuck did I just read.
Also, real people are more terrifying than any stupid monster creepy pasta. Go suck a dick anon.
the autism meter just broke, thanks fag now I have to buy a new one.
>doesn't have his own home
>sleeps at other people's houses
>owns two dogs

Fuck that shit senpai, I would have just quit life.
Was expecting the ending to be like "haha I was a odd kid".
But fuckin nope lmao.

This. Anyone who cannot care for themselves cannot care for an animal and should, therefor, not be allowed to own one.
top kek
Thanks for the stories anon, are you in norcal?
my view of America is getting worse
Shit anon you almost got raped & murdered.

I had a friend who had something similar to the van thing happen when she was a kid. The guy had money and candy and tried to get her into the van. scary shit.
>be me
>be reading your post
>be totally agreeing and am also sick of seeing greentexts start like that but
>be me
Yeah, actually.
Just because role-playing is a common thing on this board doesn't mean you're free to be absolutely autistic.
Ok heres a actual "paranormal" story.

This was at my cousin house, she grew up in a shit neighborhood with crappy parents. Her mom was an alcoholic, and her dad had a meth problem. My uncle was surprisingly smart despite his problem, but also a lazy fuck.

Anyways, so her parents were neglectful af, and would leave us (I was 3 or 4 and cousin1 was same, her older sister was 11 so she would watch us)

That house had something creepy going on in it, they to this day say it was haunted, and I have some accounts of weird shit from times I would sleep over.

>stayed over, uncle worker late, aunt out getting wasted somewhere.
>older cuz locked away in room, being a brat
>me and cousin 1 playing fort, set up killer fort that goes into closet with sheets over the closet doors and pinned to a circle of chairs
>decide that we want to play her nintendo across the room
>playing mario, drinking juice.
>suddenly, we here 3 huge thumps on her door.
>"go away cousin 2 you're not allowed in here"
>escalates to what sounds like a whole body slamming against door
>cousin goes over to door pissed, ready to yell at her sister
>as she opens the door, one of the ruling chairs FLIES across the room, with enough force to pull down the sheets and catching a few things of the dresser, breaking a glass and pulling the chair across the room.
>fucking chair runs over my foot
>Nobody was behind the door, cousin screams and leaves me there
>I run to her sisters room, cousin1 can't open door, it's locked.
>cousin 2 was sleeping, unlocked door and was pissed for waking her up
> im also human

Nice try, fleshgait
sorry for the shit grammar, my new computer auto corrects words for no reason
Congrats on your door, I'm glad you're proud that your door can knock you out.
Not very eventful, but here goes.

>be around 7
>playing in my room with my sister
>next thing I know I open my eyes and I'm in the show leaning up against the wall with all of my clothes on
>no recollection of going into the bathroom
>no idea why I got in the shower with my clothes on
>turned off the shower and went back to my room, confused as fuck
>sister still in there playing

To this day, I have no explanation to wtf that was all about.

Real people can be creepy, bt kind of annoying when it seems lil people are trying to get raped and killed. Maybe go to a place with less niggers?

Cant handle someone being allowed to defend themselves from swamp chimps while camping? I'm not quite sure why that would be a negative thing
being this new
Nobody 'tries to get raped or killed', you haven't obviously tried to pay for rent on your own and lived in a larger city, have you? I'm also guessing your not a woman, and have faced little to no sexual threats.

Btw the first story was a methed out looking white guy, I didn't see what color the van guy was. Both started in broad day light.

These things just happen, I actually go out of my way to avoid certain streets and wear ugly clothes to get left alone. What should I do? Lock myself in my apartment every day and never do anything? I like walks. None of these things would happen if I was a guy.

Also, I'm not the one who makes this happen, it's the creeps that prey on people who are out living their lives.

Really shitty troll. On the off chance you have a girl friend, or know any women who would not be embarrassed to be seen with you, maybe ask them about getting harassed, being short doesn't have a whole lot to do with it.

thread theme song albeit late
Read a similar story to this a while ago.
Because newfags hear that sexy mailman's voice on YouTube and want to throw their lives away when they still have the chance to do something with it

Not really creepy, just more like a testament to the fact that there is some powerful energy in places with emotional history.

>sometime in 2014
>geocaching with my bf
>next hide is in this tiny old-looking family cemetery
>tucked away on the edge of some woods, but seems to be well taken care of
>as soon as we walk through the gate, get an inexplicable feeling of hopelessness and grief
>after finding cache, was drawn to a series of smaller headstones
>it's a row of babies' graves, the dates showed that most of the babies didn't survive for more than a few days
>come across mother's grave, where another child is actually buried with her
>mother died Aug. 29, 1876, 4 days after giving birth, daughter died at 8 days old
>come across another grave
>it's the twin sister of the daughter that was buried with their mother, except she lived until 1970, making her the only child who survived infancy, but had to go through life with a deceased mother and twin sister, along with 4 deceased brothers
>couldn't fucking help it, the tears that had been welling up the entire time we had been in that little cemetery just came pouring out, and I couldn't even attempt to explain to bf why it was affecting me so much, so we left, but that feeling of sadness lasted for at least a few hours afterward
>fleshgaits figured out 4chan
I've definitely felt stuff like that before.
Nigga you ran through a door like Scooby-Doo and almost died? Crying
Requesting vocaroo
>be me
>chilling at home downstairs back in 2005 playing Silent Hill 2 on my PS2
>hear noise upstairs
>home alone
>continue playing
>swear to God I hear a fucking voice whisper I'm here over at the fucking doorway
>look over see shadow moving
>get freaked the fuck out
>Hear a voice whisper "I'm here" come over from the doorway
>so loud I fucking fall on the floor in shock
>look at doorway see a fucking shadow move towards kitchen.
>just nope the fuck out and leave house and go for a walk for a few hours
>come back and find my room fucked up despite me not being in there after waking up
Nothing has happened since then but I'm still fucking paranoid of being alone at home.
It happened twice BTW before I left.
what is the point of putting a picture in the first place?, i see a girl with a stapler is not relevant.
>door envy
This isn't paranormal, this is just empathy because you're a decent human being. Infant death is a fucking awful thing, losing ones parents or spouse is terrible, especially in the aftermath of childbirth which is supposed to be such a positive thing. Modern medicine has done wonders to make truly tragic shit like this a thing of the past.
I don't why but that pic always cracks me up.
>Modern medicine has done wonders to make truly tragic shit like this a thing of the past.
>a thing of the past.
Still happens every fucking day, sir.
>female who can't control her emotions starts balling her eyes out
>it was the ghosts you guise
>Be 11
>Great-grandmother passes away
>She stayed with my grandparents
>Her room was right next to the bathroom in their house
>About a month after her death I was with my mom at my grandparent's house
>I'm sitting in the living room only about 10 feet from the hallway leading to the bathroom and great-grandma's room
>Suddenly I hear the faucet running
>No one had gone in or out, no one was back there, and no one could have gone back there without passing me

Skip ahead about a year

>Staying the night with grandparents while my mom was out of state
>Great-grandma's room turned in to guest room, so I'm sleeping there
>As I'm dozing off I hear a humming, it sounds familiar
>My great-grandma and grandma always hummed some song from the 50's, never knew the name
>It was that tune
>Grandma was asleep and 2 rooms down anyway
>I freeze up for a moment and then run to the living room and sleep there the rest of the night
>Later realize that if it was my great-grandma it was no big deal, but it creeped me out

Another story

>Staying with a friend one night
>She was asleep
>Her door was cracked enough to see in to the hallway, a dim light from the living room was the only light
>At some point in the night I woke up and saw a shadow creeping through the hallway
>It was in the shape of my friend's mom except she was tip-toeing down the hallway
>Her back was arched unnaturally and her fingers seemed really long
>The shadow stopped right before the door and I heard a heavy breathing
>The shadow slowly sunk back in to the dark towards her parent's room
>I woke my friend up and told her, she only said, "Oh... It's okay" and went back to sleep
>Left early the next morning and never stayed with her again
Have you thought about getting a gun? Save up a few hundred bucks, get a little 9mm, practice with it and be ready to use it. I carry ever since a group of guys tried breaking into my apartment when I was living in a real shit part of town. Thing is, I was home and had a shotgun, they got the door open but never even made it inside once they saw me pointing a 12g at them. After that and my roommate getting robbed in the parking lot, I didn't feel safe and I'm not exactly a small or weak dude. Hell, I did five years as a marine infantryman, only got out like 2 years ago, and there is no way in hell I'd walk around unarmed in some areas where I live. Too many people get shot, stabbed or the shit beat out of them.

Seriously, if you're poor, get a gun. It's the only sure protection you'll have since cops won't give a fuck about you (as you've already experienced). If it's real bad, ask your parents for some cash to help get one. If they are anti-gun, lie to them about it if need be. It's honestly just a matter of time until you'll need it.
File: 1449032493719.jpg (28 KB, 720x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 720x720
>Last night
>Making some cereal
>Look up out of window in room next to kitchen see this angry face with red eyes. It slaps its hand on the glass and I can see it breathe against the glass.
>Lmao run to room fuck cereal hide under blankets
>Start hearing these clicks like a zebra but they're low
>Scraping and thumping
>Really highpitched screech
>Cry and inwardly piss myself
> Manage to sleep

I woke up and everyone in my house is so angry and snippy even I feel hateful. I can hear something breathing really close and whisper stuff in my ear. Sometimes slurping sounds.

I used to see shadow people a lot and ghosts but I tried blocking it out. Whats happening?
what night was it?
was the moon out of void?
maybe.. there was some ritual planned.
You fail to realize that the MSP has an equal amount of worthless white and black people who think rape is legal.
File: image.jpg (17 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw no one got op's joke
Holy shit anon! Way fucking scarier than a ghost
>faster than a nigger running out on his kids
sounds scary, anon
In a thread titled "True Creepy Stories" it seems appropriate.
Calm down, bro.
>very deep gutter roll
>gutter roll

Guttural is a fucking adjective. Not a noun.

You heard a guttural what? A guttural fart? Suddenly not scary anymore huh.

Learn to fucking English. The spelling doesn't bother me but the fact that you have no idea what the word you're trying to spell means does. Why fucking use a word you don't know?
>fuck cereal hide under blankets
>fuck cereal

No commas. You fucked a bowl of cereal? Mad spoopy.
File: 1447890380062.jpg (122 KB, 960x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a story about camping, and no, It's not some shitty Skinwalker story
>be me, 15
>camping with friends because only done it once before
>friend lives on farm so we camp out there
>set up camp and dick around for a few hours
>is winter, getting dark early so we decide to go in the tent
>tent has 3 rooms, each room is like a 'pod', apart from mine
>lay in camp beds and talk about girls and shit
>friends dad bursts into tent and says goodnight
>he goes
>still hear footsteps from outside, near left side of the tent where friend A's pod is set up
(I'm just gonna call him Lewis, and the other one Jordan from now, It's easier)
>Lewis calls to his dad to go away, nothing happens
>calls to him again, still nothing. Footsteps are still at the left side, but closer to where Lewis is sleeping
>*grabs pocket knife silently*
>Jordan saying it's a sheep, soon realizes that sheep aren't kept this far down
>hour goes past, everyone is kept awake by the footsteps, all in dead silence
>kept lantern on because we're not sleeping without it
>Lewis screams, Jordan and I shit our pants and ask why he screamed
>"I just felt something touch my head, like a sort of stroke or something"
>Jordan blames it on wind
>realizes pods are too far inside the tent for wind
>eventually, everyone goes to sleep but me
>I hear footsteps get heavier, but still surround the tent
>there's more than one of them
>falls asleep after an hour
>wakes up, check for footsteps in the mud outside
>footprints that look like human feet, but different somehow. I can barely describe it. It was small enough to be a childs footprint, but there was this strange outer rim, like the foost edges were lifting off the ground
>run back to farmhouse
>eat bacon and never talk about it again
Shitty story but oh well

>I was around 4 years old at the time
>It was around 6:30 but it was the >middle of winter so it was bitch black
> I'm playing around with my triceratops
>in the hallway outside my pitch black room
>Dad in Tv room watching sports
>Mom on girls night out
>Decide to throw my triceratops into my pitch black room
>After 15 seconds it fucking gets thrown back right at me
>Go to dad and watch TV with him
>tell him what happened
>Says it was probably my imagination
Later that night something fucking weirder happens
>It around 12:30 now
>I'm awoken by my triceratops toy from early being thrown at me
>look up and see a fucking two foot tall goblin motherfucker looking right at me
>starts telling me it wants to play
>4 year old me decides this is a good idea
>I start following this thing
>at the time I lived about 150 feet away from graveyard
>bitch tells me to go outside to the graveyard with him
>Even at 4 I realize this is a bad idea not because he's strange but because it's freezing
>tell him no
>says I'll regret it
>argue for awhile
>finally leaves and says I'm making a mistake
>immediately run to parents room
>tell them what happend
>say it was just a dream
>sleep with them for the night
>wake up
>the triceratops is on my bed
I never heard or saw this thing again and actually never had any scary experiences besides that
I've been thinking about recording myself at night but I don't think I could handle if something actually shows up or happen
>/x/phile finally captures concrete evidence of ghosts on his phone
> gonna be famous
> opens new doors for our understanding of the world
> literally changes everything
> nope jk deleted that shit before he watched it in case there was actually something there

Are you literally retarded? Do they hand out potato shaped football helmets on the short bus disguised as a firetruck that you ride to school? Please, please kill yourself so if something like this happens again that it'll happen to somebody who won't "2spoopy4me" themselves out of the history books.

I hope whatever took that video comes back and sodomizes you in your sleep with a fucking cinderblock and uploads the video to the internet, something you are apparently incapable of doing.

Tl;dr you're a gigantic fuckup and should be ashamed.
Anon's house confirmed for nignog infestation. I recommend you perform a cleansing by burning a bucket of KFC throughout the house while reciting the Miranda Rights.
You fucking blacked out and fell back asleep because it was 3:50 am you dumb fuck it happens to me all the time.
You were the chosen one
I don't. Smoking's for retards, I don't like (most) alcohol and only have an occasional iced tea because I enjoy the flavor. Problem?
>Which really puts all the times I've fapped in that room into perspective

Also at the sound of costing like a newfag I'm liking this auto-greentest thing 4chan's got going on, is this new?
This made me happy.
when i was a teenager, my folks lived in this house at the foot of this hill. not a very big one, but a generous slope that led up into the woods. i grew up unafraid of the woods, being that we were always around them, and i spent a lot of time exploring.

one time, i was out fucking around in there when i came across the man. he wasn't very close, but not too far off, either, maybe... i dunno, about 100 yards away? and he was just standing there.

i stopped and watched him, but didn't say anything. it looked like he was standing in a shadow, he was like a solid silhouette, if that makes sense, and wore some floppy looking fisherman-type hat. inb4 hatman - i hate that shit. he was very much a solid person, not a shadow, but any identifying features or clothing were just... dark.

the longer i stared at him, the more things seemed different in my peripheral vision. this part is hard to describe, but it's like the surrounding woods were changing. there were unfamiliar trailsopening up, trees seemed positioned differently, etc. it sounds stupid but these were "my" woods, i knew the area. it wasn't a gradual change or morph, it's like every time i snuck a glance away from the man, things were changed. it finally unnerved me enough to tear my eyes away from him and i turned in a circle and tried to figure out how i was gunna find my way out... when everything was normal again.

i turned back to say something to the man thing, but he was gone. it unnerved me enough after the fact that i left the woods. when i checked my cell, i discovered i'd lost about 45 minutes somehow in the moment i was staring at this guy.

i saw what i think was him only a couple times after that, when i was still in high school, but nothing like that ever happened again and it was always in the corner of my eye instead of seeing him dead-on. i never spent as much time in the woods after that.
>at my girlfriend's house
>get into awful argument
>"anon, it's getting late..."
>get my bike from her garage, and cycle home
>12am on a winter night
>cycle through 5 mile forest cycling path
>torch broken & phone's dead so no light
>decide to listen to walkman radio
>normal music, until i get to a grey zone
>basically, just static for a minute or two
>during this time, i notice a light behind me
>keep going, starting to get anxious
>look around, light's getting closer
>keep cycling, trying to go fast but bike's shit
>turn around again, light's gone
>"ty jesus"
>keep going, static sounds like it's picking something up
>light turns on about 15 metres away from me
>just as, creepy ambient music starts playing
>coming up to light, it's on a bridge
>light starts going away from me
>"shit what?"
>light stops, and I zoom towards it
>Eventually I crash my bike into a tree
>Light comes towards me
>I go unconscious after banging my head
>Wake up 10 mins later
>Can't find Walkman
>Keep cycling, pass sign I thought I passed
>"That's a bit weird"
>Eventually, see Walkman on the ground
>There's a cassette in the Walkman
>There wasn't one before
>Unlabeled, looks damaged.
About a week passes before I finally have the courage to listen to the weird tape I found.
>Put headphones in, and rewind to start.


life went to shit after that night.
>girlfriend broke up with me 2 days later.
>friends all abandoned me.
>lost my job.
>lost 2 months of education allowance.
>grades dipped.
>phone broke.

I have no idea what happened when I was out. I have no idea where the tape is from. I have no idea who or what the lights were.
I have no idea why, or even how, I was 1 mile behind where I crashed.

Nothing has ever been explained.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uVDIe9lGKg that's the song that came on the radio.
Not at all
File: 1451875330994.jpg (19 KB, 250x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, you're fucking neurotic. That's the problem.
> be me 10 years old
> still be 10 years old

I was actually enjoying this thread a lot. Then this faggot comes along with his not even scary made up bullshit story that sounds like an 8 year old imagined it.

GTFO ans never return.
File: 1451871018028.jpg (57 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 640x480
This story was as good as (pic related) would be as a movie
You overslept and dreamed you were going to school, then you woke up and decided to turn it into some asinine "glich in matriks lulz" story like a faggot tween.
Could just be a coincidence, wouldn't think about it too much dude was probably just late for something. Did you at least let him pass?

Sure they do. Besides the fact that crime reporting completely contradicts that statement. Besides, my point was if you don't live around a bunch of rape apes the likelihood of someone trying to rape you would dramatically decrease
Well you'll love it here at /x/ newfriend! Nothing here EVER changes! :D

Oh fugg that's spooky af
>be me parents got divorced dad's girlfriend is a cunt so I opt to stay with my mum.
> be me parents

Apparently anon is a walking incestuous time paradox. That or a clone.
Hunh, maybe the greys have a sense of humor
whatever it was, jokes on them.
i've got a bootlegged copy of Rio.

i do still walk down that path though, some nights. constantly with the sense of dread that comes from an experience like that. although I have always felt that there was something following me in those woods.
File: 1452539871018.jpg (35 KB, 529x769) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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comedy gold
next time invite it to your next fapping session my get a monster waifu
Kek that actually sounds reasonable
> wondered off
Good asshole deserves to get buttraped in prison.
He probably knows how to spell retard, Retard.
That scream you heard was a fox.
You type like you're 6
You absolutely can fall asleep standing up or walking. Or it could be some other kind of brain fart.
You are just so wrong on so many levels I don't even know where to begin...
"Bitch black" I dunno if that's a new meme I never noticed but I laughed so hard I woke my boyfriend up
Even if he caught something no one would believe it and say his friend or someone moved the phone around while he was sleeping
> shitty shit-tier shitposting is shitty
I don't know why she was driving a fucking limo but it sounds to me like you stumbled too close to a large-scale meth lab and they were trying to figure out whether or not to shoot you. That scream you heard was probably just a fox though, check it out on youtube, they sound just like a woman screaming in terror.
Have my babies you fabulous, hysterical faggot no homo
You put in a lot of work here; I hope you were remunerated!
I now have a strong urge to write a book that starts with "be me."
It wouldn't be any worse than
>call me Ishmael
>be me 7years ago
>we have 2 summer cottages in the Woods
>I'm alone in the other cottage than my parents
>watch horror movies
>Tv turns Off and back on
>Cant sleep, because of what just happened
>look out the window, its way too dark To even see More than half meter.
>lay down on the bed, turn on the reading lamp behind my bed and start reading Donald Duck
>Lamp switch Off suddenly
>mayby I just hit switch with the pillow
>Put the Light back on and turn around
>5min later... Lamp turns Off again
>Heart almost coming out of my chest
>I take my Phone and start pressing numbers
>number sounds very creepy (dont even know how To explain it)
>calling my parents...
>cant connect & signal loss
>feelsbadman.. Fear and tears
>take jacket and axe
>run throught the forest To my parents cottage.
>after I were inside the same cottage with my parents my mom was awake
>Moms Phone get message
>"1 missed call"
>mom asks "why are you calling To my Phone?"
>I reach my pocket But I dont have Phone
>Phone is in the other cottage
>mom get voice message by my phone
>"you r just looping" and the voice was like some 60yo man
>mom thinks that Im trolling
>next Day go back To cottage with my Sister To get my Phone
>cant find it.
>Never back To my summer cottage

Sry for bad emglish and super amateur greentexting. Just wanted To share this stupid experience with u
>takes the dogs out into unfamiliar woods and can't be bothered to keep track of
this is really shit tier behavior.
File: 1450759140101.jpg (69 KB, 335x485) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 335x485
I've got a sinkhole in the woods on my property that showed up half a year back. It's fairly wide, and the city employees described it as "bottomless", which is pretty fucking Lovecraftian. They couldn't fill it in apparently vis-a-vis it's bottomless nature so they just put up a chain-link around it.

How long till the pig-men show up and I'm transported to other planets to consort with Hindu death deities?
You should go spelunking.
This one sounds so shit-tier I'm hesitant to even post it, but it's one of only two things that have happened to me that I could describe as paranormal.

>>4 years ago, living in Wasshington DC
>midnight or so
>walking dog, good boy, pitbull, so scary looking but a total pussy
>unfamiliar area, had just moved in
>pretty well-lit and lots of apartments around
>see gas station with all lights on and people working
>really late but whatever
>get closer, all dudes in matching blue coveralls
>all cars from the 50s and 60s
>cool! I'm all about that shit
>approach, want to talk to them about cars and shit
>see cars up on the lifts, about 7 or 8 in the lot, fully working garage
>all the cars are stock. Absolutely stock, as in not modified, look original
>even better!
>one of the guys sees me approaching
>smiles at me totally friendly
>immediately and for seemingly no reason dog starts flipping the fuck out, barking jumping around on the leash like a fish on a pole
>ugh, fuck it, obviously this isn't happening, figure I'll come back later
>guy laughs, I smile and shrug, trying to get pooch to calm the fuck down, we wave goodbye
>dog acting fucky, keeps pulling in direction of home
>fine, cut walk short and go home
>next day after work, decide to check the place out in daytime
>Twilight Zone Music
>can't find the place
>keep searching, not knowing my *exact* route I walked, but it wasn't more than a few blocks
>only gas station is a Hess that looks nothing at all like the place and doesn't even have lifts
>paranormal? Maybe
>go looking again at night, this time without pupper
>know I'm going the route we walked
>about to round corner when I get a sharp, sudden fear in my gut
>every fiber of my being tells me not to go around that corner
>just couldn't bring myself to

Still searched in daylight and occasionally in early evening from my car. Never found anything but never could bring myself to take a late night walk that way again.
Not paranormal, but creepy and shows you what a fucking retard I am.

>be in college
>be moving into house in shitty part of town off campus with a whole lot of bros
>everyone else goes out, I stay behind to finish unloading my car
>late as fuck, dark alley behind house, nobody else around
>suddenly creepy toothless old guy with one eye entirely white appears behind me
>"hey... Hey kid"
>ugh, he's gonna ask for money
>real terse "what?" When I realize he won't take cold shoulder
>"you like shteak?" (steak said through toothless meth mouth)
>me brighten up, hungry, and a really really dumb shit
>"Yeah! I do!"
>he smiles, gives me the follow me gesture
>go with him down totally unlit alley thinking nothing of it
>white van
>he opens it and tells me to look inside
>I look
>fuckyeah.jpg STEAK!
>packages upon packages of steak
>buy easily $700 worth for $100
>house has steak for a whole year
>tell everyone the story when they get back
>first time it dawns on me that this was really creepy and dumb of me when I see how bros react

Apparently the guy was a meat deliverer selling off the extras his distributor gave him for backup in case of flaws/spoilage

Totally coulda ended up ass raped and murdered in a rape van for my stupidity. Instead I was rewarded with steak.

Sometimes life just does not teach you lessons you painfully need.
It's bawling you fucking mong.
Think your computer might have spooky grammar ghost
File: 1447878447945.jpg (7 KB, 250x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 250x202
Kek, if I had a mic I'd get on that. Seconding this request
File: but jimmy.gif (780 KB, 325x203) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
but jimmy.gif
780 KB, 325x203
File: Wednesday.gif (742 KB, 500x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Good Luck
>Czechled dem dubs
Most phone cameras are accessible. I believe are friend here was prob being watched by his govt. handlers.
Thats a pretty cool story desu senpai
Cut him some slack, he's only got his grade ten
>had no home
>woods behind my home
Why even bother reading this abortion of a roleplay any further
Never had any other paranormal experiences, still not sure what to make of this one.

>be me 5 years ago
>work at napa auto parts store
>all the employees hate doing inventory
>stay fucking late as shit counting pointless things
>people say that store is haunted
>don't believe in ghosts at all, think it's stupid
>they say that late at night you can hear somebody walking on racks
>racks have big parts hanging on them
>metal and pretty tall, you could stand on them maybe
>make very specific clanking noise when you touch them
>my turn to do inventory for first time (was new employee)
>there late as shit as usual
>hear weird noise, is definitely clanking noise that the racks make
>go to back where all the racks are
>dim lights
>scared as fuck now, can still hear clanking
>sounds just like somebody is on top of the racks walking around
>follow the sound, gotta find out what it is
>go to corner of the room where sound is coming from
>don't see anything
>totally relieved
>about to walk away, huge crash from corner, look over, nothing there
>leave store without finishing inventory

I went back there ~2 years ago, store was gone. Still no idea what it was.
This bro do it.
The OP always requires an image in order to post.
I have something about these weird siblings I used to know.

Some background: I had two brothers, Chris (8 years older) and Kenny (3 years older). We were from Louisiana, but we moved to New Zealand to stay with mom's mother after she divorced our father. I was only 4 at the time, so I don't remember much of him or the states. Anyway, these siblings.

>met them when I was about 6 or 7 years old
>they just moved here from South Africa
>our moms worked at the same community centre and they were pretty chummy
>both raging alcoholics so they got along well
>oldest one, Charlotte, was a year younger than me
>younger brother Maxie (Maximilian. Seriously.) was two years younger than her
>their dad worked crazy hours and was always on business trips, hardly ever around
>moms used to leave all five of us with my grandma while they were working (and out drinking) so we grew up together, kinda felt like we were cousins or something
>but these two kids were seriously fucked up
>Maxie was full-blown autistic, very low functioning
>mostly non-verbal
>just acted like a zombie most of the time
>lights are on but nobody's home
>Charlotte basically took care of him because their parents were always absent
>she did not act her age at all
>loved horror movies
>always got along better with my brother Kenny even though he was like 5 years older than her
>weirdly promiscuous for a kid
>had this incredibly unnerving stare sometimes, reminded me of the look my veteran uncle had when he talked about his Vietnam tour

>a few months after we met them, Chris asks why they left South Africa
>Charlotte stares at us for a bit
>chews her thumbnail
>"our cousins got set on fire"
>"cause they were white"
>"and daddy was worried we were next"
>chews nails
>"but me and Maxie were sad"
>stare stare
>"because no one let us see the bodies. I never saw a burned up body before"
This is where shit really went down.
>about a year later
>we're all hanging out at the community centre where mom works after school
>messing around, playing video games
>centre was old and run down, someone had punched a biggish hole in the wall a few days previously and it hadn't been repaired yet
>splintered beam still lying on the floor and everything
>centre cat is hanging around, being a bit of a nuisance
>probably hungry or something
>won't stop yowling
>Chris gets really pissed off
>"For the love of God, won't somebody shut that FUCKING cat up?"
>Charlotte immediately grabs the splintered beam and beats the cat over the head with it
>the cat is dead
>very dead in fact, because there are cat brains smeared on the beam
>Chris just laughs and tells her good job because he's an asshole
>Maxie just looks slightly less disinterested than usual at the sight of the dead cat and tries to pick it up until Charlotte stops him
>Kenny looks pretty shocked but does a good job of not freaking out
>"ok guys we have to hide this shit right now"
>we shove the body through the hole
>wash the broken beam and the floor so there's no longer blood and cat gore everywhere
>thank fuck there's no carpet
>leave the beam where it was
>carry on playing like nothing happened
>act real surprised when the body gets discovered a few days later
>adults decide it must have gotten through the hole on its own and hit its head and died
>we helped this girl cover up a murder
>brothers tell me to stop being such a pussy

They moved to another town a few years later and we never saw them again. I was glad because I was always a bit wary of Charlotte after the cat incident, but now that I think about it I feel sorry for her. It seemed like she had a really messed up childhood, and she had to look after her brother on top of that. I wonder how they're doing now.
You should hangout and talk to him. Buy a couple beers and he what he has to say. I love talking to the weird old crazies. They always good stories and knowledge about life
If this is true, can you take a picture of the tape?
I wouldn't worry about it.
i'll see if I can find the walkman. I've lost it in the months passing.
Also, the tape's nothing special, but I could probably record a video of it thru a speaker or something.
>overly emotional female detected
Texas has10 ecoregions you the wetland are concentrated Far East.
>wouldn't wait a split second longer to turn door knob
>wouldn't stay and confront 7 yr old demon
>literally beta'd your way into a psych ward
>could've learned the ways of the demon if you weren't such a bitch nigga.
I hope you get a DUI. Bitch. Nigga.
This. At least 1/3 of these anons make a green text out of their fucking shadows.
"so I could easily be killed"
>the weak should fear the strong
>all hese stories
>le be me XDDDD
4chan is dead.
>at the sound of costing
>sound of costing
You're trying a bit too hard, pal.
ayy lmao finally
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