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Tarot question
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Are there any tarot card readers/interpreters around that can help a brother out? Basically I had the weirdest spread ever. Regarding my job, I am desperate to move closer to home. I am seeing a girl but she's a bit crazy and has some serious issues and I don't know what to do about her - and I'm not sure how to interpret all this stuff.

So I asked the question "what's my next couple of months gonna be like", and got the following from a 'Celtic Cross':

the atmosphere surrounding the central issue. - Five of Swords

the obstacle that stands in your way - The World

your goal, or the best you can achieve without a dramatic change of priorities - Strength

the foundation on which the situation is based - King of Swords, reversed

a passing influence or something to be released - The Devil

an approaching influence or something to be embraced - Ace of Wands, reversed

your role or attitude - Seven of Swords, reversed

your environment and the people you are interacting with - The Lovers

your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. The Tower, reversed

the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course - Two of Cups (Love)

As you can see, pretty heavy themes there. If you can help I would really appreciate it but no worries if you got opinions on this anyway.
>What's my next couple of months gonna look like

You won't find out until the next couple of months amirite?

Transcend the reading, they are just cards / supernatural paranormal entities trying to get inside your mind through the reading.
Are you still here? I'll take a look at it in a second. I can't promise much but I do need some practice interpreting spreads so I'll see what I can come up with.

Uh... it does not seems that bad

I have a bit hard time interpreting because of the question, but for me it translate as something like this.

Right now (or when you did the reading) you where feeling some form of self defeat on this problem, either that or having arguments/discussions

Alternative, you might be doing all for the wrong reasons (For example, staying in a unhealthy relationship when everyone is telling you that is bad. Just for not hearing the ''i told you so'')
Overall the reading is somehow clear. This is a mental test for you, and i think the King of Swords is you.

Not gona lie, this is going to get worse before iot starts getting better, however IT WILL get better.

NOTE: You might get unexpected news, (Use a condom)
Nigga... Just ask them here >>17188783

Ok, one of the themes I see is of sort of like a victory achieved but kind of questionable as to whether it was the right thing to do. This with the 5 of swords and the reversed King of Swords (who I'm gonna take the other anon's idea and say he's you). The reversed ace of wands could represent the opportunity arising that maybe you should pass on.

With the 2 of cups as the last card, it's hard for me to interpret it any other way than that you and the girl do well together. Whatever happens with the rest of your life, the relationship seems like it will work.

I think the Devil gives a clue as to what's the problem with your ill-gotten victory. Giving into temptation, while the strength card suggests maybe it would be best if you mastered the animal impulses.

> the obstacle that stands in your way - The World

Too true lol

OP here

Yea I am still here

Pretty much, self defeat/my general attitude to all this is kind of awful - just January blues maybe but also that I don't trust this chick and I am not really sure what my feelings are.

was somewhat uncertain whether she is actually the 'devil' in the spread, and I should just look elsewhere/move on which I suppose is my question that has now arisen from this thread.

I figured the "world" had to do with the distance we live apart maybe (we're 40 mins away) but that doesn't seem much in the grand scheme of things but sort of wondered if it might involve something else with someone down the line who lives further away.
This reminds me of a spread I did for someone else. It was so obvious that this guy she was into was Bad News (TM) but it was kinda inevitable that she was gonna pursue him anyway, despite the warnings. It was kind of a train wreck but oh well.

Hey maybe if you really want to be together with her you have to look past the crazy, like not feed into it. Be like the strength card, keep calm and in control of the situation.

>World have to do with distance

Acording to ''the book'', That card has nothing to do with distance.

HOWEVER, is recommended (acording to some books) to give some personal meanings to the cards. For example, i treat cards with rivers in their pictures as cards talking about something in another country/state (distance), even tough it is not stated in the book.

Keep practicing, and you will get a personal and solid idea of your own cards.
Not OP but do you (or anyone else) have any other advice? I've been doing readings, mostly for myself, for a long time (infrequently though) and I want to get better at it and do them for other people more.

Yeah she is definitely bad news - I am not exactly pursuing her or anything. Someone wrote about wearing a condom and that 3 of wands thing makes sense! STI's and pregnancy and all that stuff is deffo a possibility.

ha ha. So the World has nothing to do with travel? I honestly think it has everything to do with it because my intention when I asked the question was kinda twofold regards getting a new job (which would be hundreds of miles away) and finding out if it was worth even pursuing this girl.
Personally, I interpret the world in this spread as being that "worldly" things might get in the way of or be affected by the girl. Like the distance, if she like steals from you or cheats on you, gets pregnant, gets an STI, interferes with your job, etc. I don't generally think of the world card as pertaining to "mundane" things like that, but I see it as like "everything is in its right place". So maybe you're not "supposed to" be with her but you can if you are willing to accept whatever consequences come with it. But that's just me. The World is in general a really good card, it's the last major arcana card so it's like, hey, journey's over, you made it. Like in that Drake song "started from the bottom now we here!" The World is like "we made it!" So for the world to be an obstacle, maybe it's like, there's something preventing you from achieving that or like something's just not "right". The whole vibe of his spread is like something's just "off".
They're a scam.

Are you really this dumb?

Yeah it's a really weird spread. The vibe of it is wrong to me. Discarding the devil? Embracing a disaster? Love, after something falls apart? I don't understand any of this shit. I am trying to get a new job, desperately, and need to work harder at that. And I have a date with another girl on Sunday. Maybe she's the one. Who knows.


Depends, man. I'd be the first to say that psychics and people that generally make a living off this stuff can be scam artists. But I had a dream about a car crash the night before I had a car crash - I am being 100% genuine, and it freaked me the fuck out and made me a believer. Have you NEVER had this weird sense that someone was thinking about you or something and the phones gone or whatever? Why are you on this board?
This. /thread.
Fuck psychics and this stupid bullshit.
Divination using the sacred TAROT is a blasphemous abomination. Please discontinue this practice and instead study the lessons contained therein especially in respect to Sexual Alchemy.

>pic related
Thread replies: 16
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