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I invoke a demon to make life shit to my...
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I invoke a demon to make life shit to my ex. I really did not believe it until he told me he had strange dreams, vomiting, headache, depression.
Outside his work found crosses drawn with blood.
I repented and stupidly wanted to reverse the "curse" and now I have the demon ...

How to get rid of a bastard like that?

They have had experiences invoking demons?
Did you know English before all this demon trouble?
confess and go to a church together to work it out civily
in front of a priest
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You speak German?

Can you tell me what bergenwerth means?
Are you fucking stupid? Defeat it in a fight or make a legitimate deal with it. Demons are amazing companions.
Accept Christ >>17190280
Why would you conjure a demon? That was pretty stupi, why not throw a hissy fit like a normal girl? Only Jesus has the power to get rid of demons, accept Christ, believe in him, repent from your evil ways and hopefully that does it if it still there, go to the pastor and tell him the situation, he will know what to do, thats the main reason why God established the church because he knew sooner or later someone would be crazy enough conjure a demon. Dont feel bad though, i tried it once too and i ended up getting possesed by a legion.
The demons are too difficult to keep and pet.
Is feed it with your soul and agony, they like that.
I search on google but all i find is shit about evangelic people conspirational as fuck, I really am not devoted to God, but...is the only way?


My language is not important uwu
> Demons are amazing companions.
What planet do you live on? Idk who told you that bs, but you have never been more wrong.
Well then, as karma dictates, you ignore my question, so I shall ignore yours

Good day, sir
That's sucks men.... Sorry for that.

Anyway.... i will go to the church more close of here. I need to confess more shit that i done..
How did you go about cursing your ex?
right who needs demons when you have regular old people who can be just as bad?

OP fucked up you shoulda just let him do his thing and then taken your lumps

Alright OP here are some tips on how to fix your problem.

Invoking demons is dangerous work because although they don't always want to fuck you in the ass, that doesn't mean there's no chance they will. Depending on which demon you called upon for aid will change how you deal with this situation.

First off if you could tell us the name of a demon, no matter how much it wont like it, that would be very helpful.

Okay so the first thing you should know is demons are being of negative energy. They aren't evil truly, just dwell on the, negative, aspects of the energy spectrum which is why we see them as evil.

One way you could try to slow his roll down is by focusing on positive energy. Google meditation techniques or things that bring pleasant memories. Demons do not like being so connected to these energies because it's the complete opposite of what they are.

Another thing you could try is dealing with angels. But this is maybe even more dangerous than demons.Since angels are so bent out on keeping balance, order, and positive energy flowing making pacts or relations with them can be beneficial if you want to stay connected to them for very long times. They are more vicious and adamant when it comes to dealing with those who cut off ties with them or ask for repeals on their contracts. This is a permanent solution for a maybe short term issue.

You can also ask the demon for forgiveness. The best way to do this is to offer him something and the chance to go after another person or the same on again. Demons long to be in this world and have physical forms, and even feed of of our plains neutral energy, so if you give them what they want usually they'll accept it. Giving them the opportunity to go after someone if it means more pressence in this world is a great gift or apology, but these will lead to more encounters with said demon most likely unless it no longer cares about it's relations with you.

Again more info would be much appreciated
the only good reason to invite in a demon is to get stronger by casting it out.
that said, there are much better ways.
anyway all you need to do is just stop believing in it basically.
you have to remember that you are a human, you are stronger than it by nature of existance.
you have power, you have form, you are made of pure energy.
it has none, it has none, it is as well, but a lesser energy, which is why it attempts to feed on you.

Thanks anon and Chancellor.

The demon dont want to tell me his name, maybe to protect himself. He only wants see me suffer, he likes it. He said me i had to pay the price with the same coin. At first I saw right but idk... im starting to like him by what i see. and a think he will continues and will continue accompanying me unless i do something to keep him away...
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consider this.png
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if he has no name, he has no claim.
he is nothing more than a voice.
the voice he is using is yours.
he has no right to it.
all demons are nothing more than manifestations of darker human emotions given a will and the ability to travel through perception.
also, "jesus saves"
casts out any demon easier.
enough so that i feel bad using it.
its not a matter of logic, if hes trying to talk to you about you calling him forth and whatnot.
you need the will to cast it out.
also, be a better person, dont call demons on people.
or dont, im on the third side, doesnt matter to me.
Man, just tell him to fuck off and dont give a fuck when it manifests, demons are attention whores. If you're too pussy for this, just throw salt into your house, laugh like a maniac and get some significant simbolisms fpr you. Remember, demons aren't physical entities, while they're manifesting in the physical realm, you're the boss
Good job OP, you just earned a one way ticket to hell.

Not even on my worst enemies would I do that.
stop pretending hell is real, and all demon shit will stop working.
all heavens are guaranteed.
whats the demons name?
Dude you can go all warlock on that shit!!
Like, summon some voidwalkers and voidterrors and you can just like conquer a third world country.

All hats off to you mate B \
OK Shlomo

Whatever you say.
HOW exactly did u do it anon?
Why don't you tell us?

If I were you I would worry what the price will be for these "services".
LoL op
mylar blankets ($3 from amazon) will block light/lazer/emf/magnets/radio/radiation/microwaves
air ionizer will lessen negative ions
earplugs or soundproofing will block sound weapons (low freq sound goes through walls tho so earplugs will not fully help)
god uses electricity to control people

water will disperse most of that shit also, so sit in a hot tub and take it ez
Invoked a demon and it turned out badly? That's weird. Usually, they are so much fun and everything is fine, (Sarcasm pointed out, because you're not bright enough to not invoke demons)
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