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Can we have an Australian thread?
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Can we have an Australian thread?
I just got back from the Kariong/Gosford Glyphs. Ask me anything.
what are they and why did you go, how long did you stay there
Just post the images you fucking fuck
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Stolen from Wikipedia "The Gosford glyphs are a group of approximately 300 alleged Egyptian hieroglyphs in an area known for its Aboriginal petroglyphs. They are carved into two parallel sandstone walls about 15 m (49 ft) long. They depict boats, chickens, dogs, owls, stick men, a dog's bone as well as two that appear to be the names of kings, one of them Khufu, the other uncertain. These names are given the same personal name and throne name. There is also a carving of the ancient Egyptian god Anubis." - There's more that I'll get to int he next post.
I spent around an hour at the Glyphs themselves and the surrounding area, we where looking for another section that was reported to be on top.

Hold on, I'm in Australia.
hmm neat.jpg
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this totally made me lose my shit, that aws good.
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According to Steven & Evan Strong the glyphs predate white settlement in Australia and tell the story of two Egyptian brothers who got shipwrecked here in Australia, one got bitten by a snake and was buried at the location where the story was carved. There is a janky little hole the ground where the tomb is meant to be but it is all filled in now.
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There has also been mention of some of the carvings being UFO's and telling of peladian interaction and genetic manipulation of mankind, but that like the glyphs themselves are bs kept alive by the local new age hippys and Steven himself.
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This place open to the public? I'd like to check it out sometime.
On a semi unrelated have you seen Australian skies documentry? Worth seeing?
It's honestly 30mins down a fire trail in Brisbane Waters national park, around 10 mins from woy woy.

I've seen Australien Skies, it's entertaining but I just can't take Damien's footage or personality seriously. But check it out, there's some good (and not so good) footage and it's at least a small insight into the Australian paranormal community.
Has anyone read any of Rex Gilroys work?
fuck, me too
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are the bears there nice?
>ask me anything

ay r u a fookn kangaroo m8?
Super spoopy shit.
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>dont vaccinate australia
its a different age we live in

black knight satellite [pepsi black knight]
coil array matress [google coil array]

if you add all the mental illness in america its about 150,000,000... almost half the population of 312 mill
>(theres about 30-50% for each disease that is unreported, so if you count t hat you get 150mill)
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can share fresh memes pl0x
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huh, never considered that. I've slept on the ground for several years now and since then almost all the demonic mental bullshit has left me. wonder if that's related somehow?
cool. 10/10 will try
i would toss that shit today. the way they work is the ease people into this shit. after a while u dont notice that you only slept 10 min of the night. better to just toss it today and get a water bed. im not sure how to stress that. not joking. gl aussie bros
Hey central coastie. I live in copa and I have some really good stories about the benseville and empire bay area please keep thread bumped
>be 7
>live in benseville
>live in oldest house in the suburb
>garage is Ben Davis' cottage
>he founded the area I guess
>anyway house is fucked beyond comprehension
>you never feel alone
>always feel like someones in the house with you
>look up hallway one night at dinner from the dining table and see an old lady walk past the hallway going into my little sisters room
>lose my shit
>Mum goes to check it out nothing

>be 8
>saying prayers before bed in my younger sisters room
>before we say prayers I tell my mum I got in trouble at school today
>dunno why I'd own up to being naughty
>open sisters closet
>see a man looking down at me
>shut door as quick as a clap of lightning
>shocked for a moment
>don't say anything and play it off as nothing

>house has two bathrooms
>second bathroom is weird
>definitely older than the other one
>it's next to my room
>whenever I was in there I didn't feel alone
>felt like someone else was in there with me
>especially someone in the mirror was looking at me or something
>be best friends with bro living up the road
>we ride our bikes all over benseville
>there's a lot of woodland and bush around it
>explore in it a bit
>didn't feel alone in there either
>always felt like something was surrounding us
>there was old toys and a broken surfboard littered through the woods
>friend bailed on me once in there
>one time we had another one of our friends with us and something was definitely coming closer to us and we bolted as hard as we fucking could
I think a bunyip lived in those forestlands desu

anyway this ones a more recent one

>be me
>be normie
>be also popular normie
>have lots of beach parties
>one party I'm heading home
>coming up to the couldersack where the stairs lead up to my street (beach access stairs)
>see an old man just standing in the middle of the couldersack
>proceed with caution
>a little tipsy and just ran 4 kilometers so I'm very tired
>not gonna win this one
>he doesn't even look at me
>says good evening to me
>say gday back
>start going up the stairs
>look behind me
>watch his head just turn to lock eyes with me and then his body follows before following me
>run up these stairs as fast as mark wahlberg runs down vietnamese
>get home
>covered in sweat
>strip of naked and calm down

thats all she wrote folks
The fuck is a cauldersack, normie?
I think he means cul-de-sac
Know any haunted buildings/places on the coast? I've heard stories about a haunted road around Norah head, but wondering more about the Gosford area
Dude i live in kariong holy shit lol. Theres a house in Casey Crescent that is haunted as fuck. Old guy in a suit walks around with a little white dog. Hope you enjoyed the central coast.
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