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Are hellhounds real? Have you ever encountered one? I think they just need some scooby snacks if u kno wat i mn
YES, in the dominican republic they call them "gallipotes" here, me and my mom both saw it, huge white or beige dog looking thing twice the size of a german sheperd, and walked like a cheetah whos prowling, had huge red eyes.
We had to put wards up, it worked but only on land, and only on the 'circle' i saw it again with piercing red eyes hiding behind a huge tree.

Also noteworthy, everytjme they came ALL our 7 dogs would go insane,and i mean barking for their fucking lives even my silent rotweilerwhos the type of "no bark but will sneak and bite your ass off" was barking like crazy

Even our badass cat whos survived a ton of cat fights, has killed 4 snakes and quite a few tarantulas was fucking terrified when we moved in, like he would scratch my hands so i wouldnt throw him outside, he would i believe thank my ass for letting him sleep inside, he's an ass though and would pee outside the box, anyway i know my cat and i never seen a face as terrified as his, when he'd get kicked for misbehaving he would sleep inside the garage of a neighbors house 3 houses over

when we first saw it it was like les than 15 feet away, it was in the patio balcony(forgive my derp, i forgot the word used for this) anyways the house is like 5 feet higher than the ground and so was the "balcony"

They are real, and i believe i know why they sorround my area... but ive dared not look into it
Also let me mention i WAS armed, and i did shoot it but i missed.. i think..., it just kept prowling away under the foliage. Also when i said i saw it again behind a tree it was outside the 'circle'

Also worth mentioning, that there are NO kind of exotic animals in this land, its in the carribean for those who dont know, we dont have any sort of animal that ive been able to compare it too..
This animal doesnt come from a cave, atleast i think... there are no mountains or ground caves anywhere nearby.

Im almost sure it comes from a weird tree stump, i used l rods to look for a water source for a well which was acurrate btw cus i got that well running, and well anyways i got curious and decided to look for whatever IT was and it led me to a creepy tree stump in my land.. i havent really dug near it.. im kinda scared, i hear hellhounds appear either from huge murders that went unsolved/huge injustices, or they are protecting some paranormal treasure...

What should i do...?
>it just kept prowling away under the foliage
By this i meant that it didnt even flinch or get scared or anything by the gunshot.
Samefag here.
Heres a video of a woman in the news claiming to have seen one and that it spit fire.
Its in spanish ill try to translate it here.
Fast forward to 1:28
"I went to my dauhters house to get one of those(points to flower) flowers, and when i came from over there, i see this dog about(makes obvious hand gesture) this size, i stayed amazed and say to myself, OH what a huge dog gaudio has(assuming it was on the first guys land when she saw it), and when i stayed standing there, this thing spat this(makes hand gesture from face and away from her) flame, and i got scared, i got nervous, i was gonna jump into a canal(huge water drain made so that when it rains, the water can go there and stop the area from flooding), and i believe some grabbed me and turned me away from the drain, i had the bag with the flower and i just left it there and ran for my life, someone screamed at me from behind about my dropped bag"
Bumping because im interested in other people who have encountered this
I had a very weird dog following me once to work some years ago. Not sure what it was.
Looked like a black or very dark brown german sheperd. Walked in a really weird way, to me seemed like his back legs were too long, so he did a small jump everytime he took a step. Had a really weird breathing sound too. Sounded like a drowned human sigh. Had a weird wound on his muzzle. Looked like it was mizzing part of it or something like that.
Dog followed me to my work, got inside the building and sat besides me all the time.
Not going into details, but had to take him outside since some people started complaining that I had a big dangerous dog in the building.
I spent a few minutes with him ouside, petting him until he got up and started following some girl that was crossing the street.
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> Yes
> No

If you see hellhounds it's either because you're being taken to the afterlife, are a criminal who escaped justice or the Gods need you.
Slightly relevant was an encounter with a Black Dog/Grim/Old Shuck.

Was driving one night with a housemate to go and get some takeaway.

> got food from restaurant
> climb in car to drive away
> I see a huge black shaggy dog standing on pavement with eyes shining, lifts head to stare at me

Not like any dog you actually see ever as anyone's pet. It looked like those dog drawings from a manuscript, like when you see those fairly crude drawings of the Beast of Gevaudan. Between waist and nipple height on me, and I am six foot two.

> ask Ross if he saw it
> he didnt't
> he missed the huge black dog

Anyway, got a phone call the next day saying Mum was in hospital, and she died (stroke related to heart condition) one week from the day I saw the dog.
Never thought about this before, but thinking about it now that >>17191402 mentioned it.
A few weeks after that dog story I almost got killed by a crackhead.

>Walking to friends house
>Stoner guy walks to me and puts his gun against my head
>Asks for money. Told him I didn't had any
>He tries to shot but gun didn't work when he pulled the trigger
>he seems confused
>I take the chance and ran like a motherfucker to my home.
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