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Sleep Paralysis
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Hey /x/, if anyone on this board has experienced sleep paralysis in their lives, I really want to here about your experiences. I've gone through sleep paralysis on 2 different occasions about 3 years ago. Please post your stories here.

>sleep paralysis thread
I have experienced it several times but I never saw any allucinations. Its just me struggling to move and breathe for some secconds.
I get sleep paralysis on average like err, once every two months. Though sometimes I get them like twice in a month, then I don't get any for the 3-4 months that follow, etc.

I've had them ever since I was 4. 90% of the time it's just that I'm aware I'm awake, but can't move and can't breathe.

Rarely I get paralysed and something is attacking me, but it happens occasionally. Most of the time I have a nightmare of something jumping behind and grabbing me from behind, then wake up and it's still on my back and I can't move + panic.

If any of you guys have more specific questions I can kinda try to answer them.
This was a bit of a minor example but
>wake up
>mouth is open, must've opened up at some point during my sleep
>can't close it, can't move
>wtf is happening
>suddenly, hear buzzing, a huge fucking swarm of mosquitos flies in from the other room
>i have a terrible phobia of mosquitos
>they swarm around my face, start flying into my mouth
>want to freak out and run, or scream, but cant
I thankfully snapped out of it before we entered full nightmare territory, but fuck that freaked me out for a good half hour or so.
>full nightmare territory
What's that?
When you wake up paralyzed on which side do you lay (back,stomach,side)?

I'm usually on my side. I think I have a couple of times on stomach, but never on back.
For me I have sleep paralysis in any sleeping position, but only when I sleep on a couch. If it's a bed I sleep like a baby in bear pajamas but if it's a couch I get paralyzed every time.
I've recently encountered this in a rehab that was based on the amount of people being in and out of the establishment, I knew it was wrong, but not at the time. Something was very wrong with this place and one day I could only see a yellowish tinge, I cried and screamed for helped, yet no one was there. No demon, or the like. When I awoke, I asked around to see if I had really been screaming. Everyone said no, so just a thought.
Its pretty easy to trigger them for me, i just have to sleep on my back.

One time though I had one when i was taking a nap (sleeping on the side) and i was looking around my room paralyzed, i heard something laugh and climbing onto my bed and stabbing me in the back(it was Chucky i think)

Also, every time i have a SP i always get an unbearable sharp pain in the middle of my spine
It happened only one time and... I know it´ll sound stupid and cliché but I saw "Hatman"
He was "foggy" almost like a mist with glowing red eyes (yeah cliché as fuck) and showed me a piece of paper and he was screaming so fucking loud and looked pissed off in his movement.
I was terrified by it and I heard a lot of fucking creepy soundfont similar to Metallic screeches and other random atrocious sounds.
It was probably one of the creepiest experience I've had.
The creepiest thing about it is that I didn't know about "hatman" stories before It hapenned.
I've had it several times in my life.

Here are the instances I remember:

--being about 6 or 7 and I awake to find that my legs can't move and after a while I cry enough to wake up my big brother in the next room
--older, probably 12 or 13 and I awake sleeping on my stomach, feel an intense negative entity is watching me, but I can't move or turn around, can't scream
--in my early 20s, wake up and see red hazy cloud hovering in my bedroom, can't move, realize it's sleep paralysis, enjoy the show
Had one a few months back. I can't remember the dream but I woke up and couldn't move. I saw two figure that I could best describe as two Humanities from Dark Souls. They just moved closer to me and I regained control just before they could reach me.

I've had sleep paralysis once. I toook about 45 sleeping pills in a failed attempt at taking my own life. One of the side effects of a benadryl overdose is hallucinations. My vision was that of a dark figure standing over me and talking to me about what he was going to do to me soon. I got the impression he was some sort of vampire. The one thing I really remember about the nightmare/vision/hallucination (outside of the figure and his voice) was how long it felt like it lasted. It just felt like an eternity of listening to whispers and threats and I couldn't move or end the dream.
only ever had it once, even then i'm not sure. was almost asleep, abruptly opened my eyes and couldnt move. Not sure if i felt any pressure anywhere, i always sleep on my side in a near-fetal position. either way, i remember some feeling of impending doom, so i closed my eyes and went to sleep.

was that sleep paralysis or something else?
Both times I was super stressed out and I fell asleep while pondering my misfortunes. The first time was the girl ghost from the grudge. She slithered under my blankets after a loud bang of b the door flying open. It felt like something punched me in the chest so hard I actually caught air. She stared at me making that terrible noise until I woke up screaming. The second time an 8 foot tall scarecrow like puppet with a barrel for a chest and a giant voodoo mask stared over me chanting with fire for eyes. That time was way cooler because I recognized what was happening and relaxed out of it.
I've had sleep paralysis twice. One of them wasn't a big deal I just couldn't move. But the other one literally scared me to death lol. I was casually just going to sleep when I started hearing voices behind me. I turned around and nothing was there. But when I turned around again to continue trying to sleep i started hearing the voices again. And i tried to turn around again but I just couldn't. Then everything just turned black. I couldn't talk or move or see. Thankfully it didn't last for more than a few minutes.
you literally died? how are you posting here then?

remove zombie
>The creepiest thing about it is that I didn't know about "hatman" stories before It hapenned.

Same thing here, man. I really don't get it. Creepiest experience for me too.
i get it if ive been on an alcohol binge for a few days or more. when i sober up and try and sleep without drinking i will usually have multiple episodes throughout the night.
when it first starting happening i would be so terrified of the nightmare world i was in i would use all of my strength to scream and shake myself out of it. it was so terrifying that i refused to sleep sober for many years. then one day i decided to wait it out and see what happens. even though it is unexplainably terrifying i now found it fascinating to see what horrors my mind can concoct.
all i can say is no 'sleeping' nightmare even comes close to the 'waking' nightmares of sleep paralysis.
Saw a 8 foot tall demonic looking thing

Basically looked like illidan from warcraft?

Can't remember how I felt. Was long ago
My experiences were actually really nice and comforting. I've had two. The first time I was laying on my side and I felt someone laying down to spoon me. I felt the breathing in my ear, it was really weird but nice. The second time I felt someone putting their hands on my cheeks.
Wow. You must have a clean conscience.

You are a good person.

Stay golden, Pony Boy.
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10/10 would ditch the matress
its really a coil array / coil matrix

actually i would burn it in the middle of fuckign town center and tell everyone its a satellite dish
google coil array its for parallel mri
>all of these metals conduct radio
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Best compliment I've ever received.
Sleeping on my left side, facing the the wall. I wake up, can't move, I hear loud whispers from behind me and I felt like as if someone was trying to snap my neck, it was very damn painful.
Used to happen to me all the time. Sort of became routine after a wile. The first several times you panic and try and wake up, which is useless. The more you squirm, the tighter the grip "It" has on you. But sooner or later you learn that if you get yourself fully asleep again, "It" looses that grip. And if you go lucid when you get back there, then your the one in control .
My experiences are:

On several occasions I've experienced shadow people. I had a tall hooded figure with red eyes press down on my mattress and hover over me. It rattled as it breathed and finally backed off, floating backwards and dissolving into a corner. The shadow people seem to like corners of rooms.

Short 3ft tall formless shadows dancing around my bed.

Silver orbs floating around, about the size of a baseball. They looked dead-ringer like the orbs in the movie Phantasm. They could also dissolve into the walls and ceiling.

A giant, shadowy spider in the corner of the ceiling. I remember this manifestation taunting and berating me. (Pic related)

I was awoken paralyzed once and had a voice, very gurgly and deep, rise from my chest, and in an almost possessive way, speaking through my vocal chords, saying, "Hellllp meeeee!" I was in absolute fear and felt utterly helpless.

I had a woman's voice whisper, "Wake up," into my ear. The most pleasant of any of the experiences.
I get sleep paralysis every now and again but this was the freakiest

>be dreaming
>walking down the middle of the street at night
>woods and power lines on either side of me, might be a service road
>very light outside, the kind when there's a full moon and your eyes adjust to the light even though its still night
>a woman's voice calls out in some indiscernible language from above me as i walk aimlessly down this road
>I repeat what she says and this goes on back and forth for I don't know how long
>eventually I wake up
>her voice continues though, angry that I'm not repeating after her
>realizing how ridiculous this is, I try to move but can't
>try to scream, can't

I dont remember anything after that, presumably I just fell back asleep. It was pretty spoopy at the time
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I've had three SP episodes worth remembering or taking note of.

Each one was vivid as hell; thought it was real each time even though I've been aware of my SP quirk since childhood. However, all my dreams are vivid and easily mistaken for reality; nightmares or not.

- First incident took place when I was sleeping by myself at my mothers house in what was my bed at the time. Woke up feeling scared and tense and could not move my body. Typical SP. A beast-like shadowy figure, the same figure I would come to know is my personal attacker for years, shuffled into the room through the door and proceeded to stare at me. This being my first incident is probably why I didn't make it; I woke up rather fast.

- Second incident was around a year later when I was sleeping with my girlfriend in an unfamiliar bed. This incident I remember being on my back. I woke up but unlike most SP episode woke up already being strangled. No uncanny tension or eerie walk-ins. I was being strangled by the same shadowy beast-like figure I previously encountered. I felt immense pressure on my entire body but a majority was on my neck. I felt like I was sinking into the sheets. I knew I was screaming but I was producing no sound. I used all of my energy and managed to grab my girlfriends face in a desperate attempt for help. I woke up crying.

- Most recent episode was 2015. It was the weekend and my dorm roommate usually left campus to see family. So I was sleeping alone again but was in a familliar and safe environment. This episodes the weirdest but not the scariest. I woke up having to pee; again I swear to god I thought I was awake it felt so real. I woke up to use the restroom but as I opened the door to the hallway I realized the dorm was pitch black. The dorm always had hall lights on. I immediately felt a dire need to shut the door. I slammed it shut but failed as our friendly neighborhood shadow monster thrusted his being at the door and I played a scary game of tug of war.
Regularly, especially if I sleep too much. Used to happen like everyday. No hallucinations though just can't move and difficulty to breathe
My experiences used to happen once or twice every 2-3 weeks.
Shadow people were the only malefic vision which seemed to be harmless to me and it was the most frequent one. Sometimes I spotted them near the bed and sometimes closer to my head. They always looked intrigued once I noticed one tilting its head 35o and then dissolving into the corner.The head resembled like that of a burrned match.

Of course,I had other sights as well. No idea how people in the board call him but it was something with a completely stoic voice and had slim figure like that of slenderman. Never could make out what he could say but I recall understanding the "s"'s in his words.It seemed devoid of all emotion and I couldn't tell if it was female or male.

Other was female. Opened my eyes and saw a female face. The eye sockets,the nose were not visible but you could tell that they were there.
That time was very very short,I didn't see her again but I recall whispers about randomest of things. (You have no feelings,why did you and also Yorick Mori(cheesy I know)

The visions stopped when I hit the age of 11
Comparing my experiences with other peoples....I feel glad.
Both times had intense feeling of vibration in head. First time, ended up sleeping with something after going through the hallucinations and buzzing. Never saw anything creepy. Second time was terrible and just a feeling of helplessness and nausea from vibrations. Didn't see anything creepy then either.
Oh Merlin no
Multiple sleep paralysis accounts/ real stories:
Had them a couple times. Worst one was this. Wake up and cant move or turn my head. See dead looking woman in dirty white dress and evil fucking face slowly slinking through the door. Cant move and realise Im fucked. She moves really slowly forward and then to the right side of my room and just stands there for 10-20 mins and then starts moving towards me. Im on my back in bed. She comes to the right side of the bed where my head is and then slowly moves her face in fronmt of mine until its almost touching me and then i woke up for real.

Another time i had it in a dream. I was in the woods and a pack of wolves came up and started ripping my flesh off and eating me. I couldnt move and didnt wake up until they ate my heart.
i've never had it, and im curious
how can i induce myself to have sleep paralysis?
The one time I had it, I had already researched it. I was lucid dreaming, and awoke suddenly, and thought 'shit, paralysis. So I just clenched my eyes closed and really focused on moving my little finger. I did, and it worked.

Interestingly, another time I lucid dreamed, I could sense a presence in the room with me outside the dream the entire time. Hard to explain. It wasn't full paralysis, but I swear I kept getting glimpses of an old hag in a black shawl patrolling the edges of my bed. Didn't see her at all when I awoke.
posting my experience i had on early 2015
>alone in parents' home, trying to sleep on my sister's room because my room was being renovated
>almost slept, mind woke up, body didn't
>realize i have sleep paralysis
>try to chill, can close eyes so try to sleep again
>slowly 3 black figures appeared on the room, they just there, watching
>that awful sensation of oppresion in the chest
>ignored them and tried to relax
>fell asleep
>woke up again but my body felt incredibly heavy
>dark images in my mind and feeling of impending doom
>decided to go sleep on my parents' bed, its comfier and warmer
>very slowly got up
>realize my right foot is cut and there's a lot of ants around the wound
>realize that i'm having a dream
>wake up again and go to my parents' room
>sleeping there until I hear noises on the far side of the house, by the entrance
>can't move, sleep paralysis again
>i hear doors opening and steps on the stairs
>dark figure enters the room
>i thought it was my brother, who lives nearly with his family
>can't move but tried to talk so I just could mumble with a raspy voice
>"hello bro"
>no answer as he just sat on the bed, looking somewhere
>"why dont you turn the tv" i said very slowly
>it was still quiet
>tried to regain control of my body because i started thinking it wasn't my brother, didn't feel threatened or anything tho, it felt like a very familiar person
>wake up and able to move again
>i was still on my sister's room
>biggest what the fuck I've ever had
sorry, about the redaction, english is not my primary language
I have a short one.
>be me, 12am browsing /x/
>tired af so it's bed time
>lie down, close eyes, all that jazz
>in dream my eyes are open
>aware I'm dreaming
>look around room, see something strange
>shadow runs across my headboard
>looks like a praying mantis/grasshopper/alien
>creature from a nightmare of mine
>screams through static
>try and force myself to get up, feel a buzzing
>lots of pressure can't breathe
>finally get up and nope the fuck out of my room

Spent the rest of that morning watching movies on Netflix.
I`ve had sleep paralysis ever since I started working the graveyard shift...IMO shitty sleeping habits will cause it, if I spend 2 days sleeping just 2 or 3 hours per day the third day I`ll have sleep paralysis.
I can sense when it is about to happen but when I try to move it is too late...the first 5 experiences where fucking creepy, my bed is facing the stairs so the first time I saw a kind of shadow crawling towards me, I put all my energy and focus in my arm so I could move it....now I know how to wake up easily and the trick is that if you try to sleep right after you will experience it again therefore I get up drink a full glass of water, stretch my body and that`s it...just dont panic.
When I was 8ish, I would always have dreams that people I knew died (the dream was just me finding out, I never saw the death). During this time, a couple nights a month, I'd wake up and wouldn't be able to move. I'd try to scream, and would only wheeze. Sometimes I'd see shadows moving around my bedroom. Sometimes it would seem like I layed there the whole night, but in the morning, I would wake up. So I could've been dreaming that, but it seemed very real and happened often.
The last time I had sleep paralysis I was laying on my stomach. The only thing I noticed was something weighing me down. It was as if someone put something on my back.
I had in this morning sleep paralysis its like you cant move and you have a floating feeling.
It falls under creepy wouldn't know if animals experience it.
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