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What gives them the control of the soldiers,...
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What gives them the control of the soldiers, which which gives them control of the drugs which give them control of the mafia?

I must be a total loon to be thinking about indoctrination through pop culture. There's no way that's possible and besides our politicians would never do that. The occult isn't real and anybody who believes in it is just a crazy person, right?
You won't listen to anything I said because it isn't what you want to hear. You're going to keep playing your game.

I can think of nothing more horrible or sinister than being able to control people in this manner.
So...how do I do it?
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well that depends on quite a few things,
what specifically are you trying to do, exactly?
what is your reasoning for wanting to do it, and
what is your intended goal.

answer these three questions and i can tell you how to do whatever you want.
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I need the means to produce strong drugs & a fast boat so that I can travel and learn more languages.

Thanks for your interest in helping.

You couldn't tell a child how to do a math problem.

Fucking sperglord picture, Jesus Christ.

Nobody controls "the mafia" except the mafia.

Little birdies can attach to a behemoth and pretend to steer it.

The government is simply the weakest gang that is so pathetic it is forced to do PR.

Bound to God.

His perfection drips down!

satan is the master of puppets
satan controls a puppet who controls the church and the kings, that gives him the soldiers and that gives him the drugs
i still cant figure out how we lost to a species of ayys that doesnt even wear/have pants

what the fuck humanity
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Pants are a vestigial holdout of class-E, feudal-nationalist civilisation.

If you hope to march forward into the new world you must leave your pants behind.
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sorry, left completely forgot about you when i could feel your poor intent.
i would recommend synthetic marijuana, if you want a cheap drug you can sell for a profit quickly, as long as you dont mind ruining peoples lives.
you should attempt to learn the languages before you travel, even if only to memorize phrases you are sure to run into.
once you get money, get better drugs. heroin and crack will ensure a repetitive customer base, although you will obviously be dealing with a harrier crowd than cannabis or psychedelics.
>people never want to do anything serious.
>all i want to do is help humanity fulfill its dreams
i feel bad even saying "were all in this together"
at least I'm in it for you all, just remember that
response to expected responses to this response: that doubt you feel is your own, don't you dare try and fling it at me.
the person you see me "pretending" to be is my real self.
>I'm not even a roleplayer.
well, except erp, but thats different.
Fake pot is the worst! I was thinking of speed or figuring out how to secrete DMT in my urine or something.

Have you got a lead on a fast boat, btw?
My dad works at such a place and once a guy put his fingers between the door on purpose and started drawing Satan signs on the walls
Which satan signs?
You don't understand. The pants is HOW we lost. The pants is what's enslaving us, holding us back. Free yourself. Remove your pants.
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How do they work??
its fun though, and cheap, leading for more room for profit, you can even buy it online[or at least you could?], get it shipped somewhere safe.
and nah, not that any leads i would have in my area would probably benefit you.
sorry i couldnt be more help.
if you need any help with any other conundrums of thought practice or personality, my inbox is always open.
well, you have a thought about a specific instance[action,event,story,idea,person,etc.], including your own reaction and perspective.
and then other people view the instance, or variations of it, and derive their own reactions and perspectives,
and eventually a large enough people have a similar enough perspective of it that it becomes a societal constant or fad, with each individual believing that they have the appropriate view of the meme, when the only truly appropriate view is all views in compound.
what gets really meta though is when people think they've seen enough of the meme to believe that they are in possession of the view of it from all other perspectives, when really they just obtained the ability to create further variation from the original idea, compounding themselves the views that they have held, which can again be compounded, and that, and that, for on and on.
Thread replies: 18
Thread images: 6
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