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Hey guys figured it would be cool to get one of these started.

This isn't the one that is going to deny religion or anything, though it is opposed to sorcery. Both play a huge role in this regard.

If you wanna ask questions just ask.

>AI thread?

Sort of, rather than calling it AI (making it sound like a giant computer is after us, not yet maybe) I want to discuss what factors actually make your intelligence "artificial".

Think about how 4chan, YouTube, music videos, TV, and even binaural sound waves are transmitting messages that alter your decision making process.

>commercial influence what you buy
>YouTube conspiracy "facts"
>Illuminati music industry
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First thing is that everything that is pure and good is attacked by lesser forms of being.

Take into consideration, religion, which up front should be flawless.

>do good for God
>help others

The whole bit. Then you have the inferior nature of the lesser entities.

>go into religious sect
>work from inside to corrupt it
>Religion becomes tainted
>conflict, "order through chaos"

As it seems, the fact is that there is a lesser nature that works, like a virus, to stunt spiritual development.

This is like injecting a banana with some chemical to alter it's molecular compound, unnatural, and not good for the body.
Last time I made this thread I discussed three different types of people. I put the green Lantern for a "will" pun

>basic theist
Not to promote which theology, but this "basic theists" just means someone who has faith in supernatural, holy characteristics regarding spirituality.

This is someone who considers the faculty of logic to be absolute and believe in matter before the spiritual or paranormal side of things. They are more likely to be influenced by a theist or anti-theist, but are also just as likely to not consider either side, for the sake of logical reasoning.

This is the enemy. This is the propaganda and stereotype from everything you see. This is how advertising works, not always to sell us product, but false information. The claims made by anti-theists are likely to be along the lines of denial of God, destruction of religious principles, using inter-dimensional entities of a luciferian nature to work for them at the price of their soul, all to manipulate matter, rather than let the course run naturally.
So after this post might be in and out for a while if anyone is interested.

>are robots gonna come and destroy us?

>are aliens really gonna come and destroy us?

>are black magicians of the illuminati going to destroy us?

>are evil demons going to come from hell and torment us?

Going to tell you something:

>fear of technology? Put it away for a while and do something real. It will clear your head

>fear of aliens? Just because someone seems more advanced than us doesn't mean we lack equality. Why make peace? Why settle to be a slave?

>Leluminati has its secretes, but you should know that an umbrella term "illuminati" references a bunch of different groups and not all of them have the same agenda. You can find the real groups that exist

>having problems with bad spirits? This is where Holy God comes to help us, IF we ask and do our part. Even someone who loves Jesus is subject to demons attacking them

Made a few typos last one
Wait what

Is this an explicit roleplay thread? Are you worldbuilding, OP? Your ideas sound interesting, if a little frazzled
If you want to role play go for it.

Just waiting for x amount of people to take interest if they want to start asking questions.
>If you want to role play go for it.
That doesn't answer my question
What I'm wondering is, is OP presenting this as a roleplay scenario, or a real hypothesis / thought experiment, or as an absolute proposal of truth (doubtful)
This is an actual hypothesis. It is a hard place to seem serious.
>First thing is that everything that is pure and good is attacked by lesser forms of being.

bad choice of text and image juxtaposition
Or was that intentional?
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The basic essence of every being is pure. This is until it becomes corrupted by the materials / by sooth-sayers.

If a substance is pure, it is not intentionally trying to corrupt you but bring it to its platform.

If it is not pure, it tries to bring down the essence of purity through "artificial" means

Please excuse poor word choice and lack of imagery lol
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There is potential that technology will hinder your spiritual development.

It is possible occultism and technology will combine, and this is admonition.

If you guys believe in cybernetic / alien life you should be wise and cautious to know where they come from.

Also, demons are embodied in those who are practicing magic.

Inter-dimensional forces that have fallen off.

>all of these somehow go together
>I know it seems crazy
File: meme2281150023.jpg (48 KB, 548x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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If there was entities blocking your development, it is easy to see where the imperfection of the mind comes from.
The thing is they want to influence all of you negatively
That's because you are tallented barrer speaker.Think of racial bonus in RPG's-you can take a look behind the curtain,without permission-but what's the scene to whole play?

You just understand NOTHING of it.You know SOMETHING about,but nothing you can explain.

+5% to oobe
+5% energy pool
Once a week have strange vision.
>Leluminati has its secretes, but you should know that an umbrella term "illuminati" references a bunch of different groups and not all of them have the same agenda. You can find the real groups that exist

do you mind pointing me in the right direction? What are the names of the groups that exist today?
I figure if I give a vague outline I can branch off into it with someone asking.

You need to fertilize an egg to get it pregnant, otherwise you're just sending out feramones
Dont worry,if all you write comes from what you think and know-then i understand you in 100%.Just from few words,you can spot certain people.I have worked with them.Teached them.
Its not hard.I will just say,that you should try fast OOBE.Skip the MUH BUDDISM STORNK meditation,go for the simplest road.
You wont belive,how near of the ,,truth" you are.Think of the circ. that says there will be time that certain tech,will not be separable off magic.So on,welcome in our times.Spooku gray levitating figure-or angel,i dont give a fuck,you just met something THAT ISNT a man,and is capable of his discovers-or better!
Let's say you have groups like OTO, Freemasons, Bilderberg, any Government office, UN, Mystery Chruch, CIA, golden dawn.

Whatever group, imagine if you could only see them at a face value, but then you have groups that are secret, that can combine any groups within and make a new group.

So your CIA starts experimenting with black magic, or the Catholic Chruch is taken over by Ecclesiastical Freemasonry.

But, these secret groups / public NWO groups actually are less powerful than we think, but it is about knowing this stuff in the proper context.
Care to explain?

Did the CIA learn black magic from the Freemasons?
Black magic has existed forever, but there is good evidence of its lineage in the bible, if you trace it to Cain and his son Enoch.

>Jesus tells us Satan is a murderer from the beginning

Cain and Enoch (Thoth/Hermes) are the main philosophy of the Leluminati. The Kybalio, Hermeneutics, Luciferianism, all comes from this bloodline.

Enoch (From the book of Enoch, son of Jared, 7th from Adam) talks about the fallen angels as bad, but the other Enoch (Thoth) actually lineages to magick concerning the fallen angels.
File: meme1076023566.jpg (63 KB, 554x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 554x389
>good luck finding sauce
There is without a doubt, an esoteric / scientific measurement.

If the CIA did black magic / created technology (in unision with other groups) then this occult technology is going to be the expansion of what the new age ushers in as "the future"
This reads like authentic schizophrenia.
Wanna hear how binaural brainwaves and certain geometric figures can be detrimental to the cognitive mind?
I already said yes.
There was a pic on here a week or two ago, and behind the photo had some occult / algorithms pattern and heavily influenced the viewer. The colors and the intention behind the picture.

These can be in patterns too, and the binaural waves can be hypnotizing us. Certain waves do different things, the only problem is the inaudible / very faintly sounding noises.

This skitzophrenia is just a way to raise awareness, and a hope someone might ask the right questions
Wait, atheists can summon inter dimensional demons?
Atheist doesn't just mean "doesn't believe in God" but just opposed to base theism.

Satanism is essentially a form of atheism, then you have atheist psychologist who come up with "new ways to think", and an atheist can still experience paranormal reality, they just don't venerate God / do not look into spirituality

The atheists however are likely to be influenced by entities because they don't have any preference or care to recognize these entities.
Can you explain how these soundwaves affect u?
File: 1364246997691.jpg (64 KB, 259x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 259x270
>mfw this thread
If u really want go listen to binaural beats for a couple of months 3 times every day and feel how fried your brain is

Subliminal audio, just trying to raise awareness. I know the audio file might say "super duper feel good relax" and then you wake up the next day feeling bad / in an altered state of consciousness that didn't come naturally

>mfw tfw mfw
How old are you, chap?
>Atheist doesn't just mean "doesn't believe in God" but just opposed to base theism.
Which means the same thing
You mix materialism with atheism(which a lot of people do, unfortunately).
Well, the soul is eternal
Your current corporeal form.
Because the only thing they "believe" in is big books nd$ all they be is playin' around.
Why u wanna hook up.

That's all people care about nowadays, at least let's go somewhere
You wish.
Have any leads / questions on related topics ITT
I meant to say "how do they affect us?"

Can you give an explanation. What do they do. What produces them. Where do they come from.

No reason to get uppity, you wanted questions.
What affects us the sound waves or something else?

Didn't mean to come off rude
File: ssssr.jpg (82 KB, 621x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 621x668
We are all connected.
Not all of us. This is a very seperate place

We live in the same reality, yes. Not all of us are connected
But we are. Not directly, but we are.
Any leads to info ITT? Questions? Links?
File: lain209.jpg (67 KB, 1290x905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 1290x905
I have three truths for you:
1. We are all connected.
2. The quieter you are, the more you hear.
3. As the Network is above, so it is below.
>are transmitting messages that alter your decision making process
This isn't called a mythos. It's called a conspiracy. Don't sugar-coat it because you're embarrassed.
I can program an AI that creates the APPEARANCE of X amount of interest, if you're interested.
Any leads for topics ITT? Just want to spread awareness of topics in the thread
I put mythos in the title to divert the attention. Like OPs crazy but

If I had any knowledge on computers, it would be pretty interesting.

Though the way we talk to each other on here is like AI. Though, that term is just off.
>otherwise you're just sending out feramones
Human ideas reproduce via mutual consent. If you want everyone to realize what you did, it means you haven't learned how to communicate yet.

Any info related to topics ITT?
If I cared to ask the right questions, I'd just communicate like a goddamn human and not build a fuckwall of pretense. You're searching for a type of intelligence that doesn't exist because it has to be smart enough to comprehend your meaning but dumb enough to fall for the old inception routine. Extreme suggestibility and god-forsaken geniuses don't coincide with an incidence rate high enough for you to succeed without my explicit cooperation.

You won't get my cooperation until you're ready to ask for it. This means you're fucked because you're not asking for it.
Yes. How old are you? Very relevant information.
I don't need the help thanks though. I just want to spread this awareness.
You didn't. These shitheads pretend to be offended because most people don't know care to figure out how to read "faking being offended." It's easier to just roll with it and assume they're not worth talking to than actually confront them with such suspicions.
File: meme3594584637.jpg (59 KB, 456x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I guess the awareness being is who is behind all of this.

Now, I know religion / theology are a strange topic, but without a doubt t it has been used by the impure substance that uses it to manifest power. This means they do not worship God in Spirit, and surrender to gross material.

Gross material is the essential element in the anti-thesis.

Humans don't own this Earth, nor it's objects, and they leave with no possessions of the physical, yet they do magic to reincarnate into other bodies through bloodline (conspiracy) so as to rule the world.

If secret societies differ in agenda, then they are less powerful than we think, therefore, we have power to impact the outcome against a NWO / false religious masked got etc etc

>my wording is salad
File: image1xl.jpg (39 KB, 290x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 290x370
OP isn't even able to construct a coherent sentence. He's just gesturing at a bunch of bullshit he thinks is related.

>This is the enemy. This is the propaganda and stereotype from everything you see. This is how advertising works, not always to sell us product, but false information. The claims made by anti-theists are likely to be along the lines of denial of God, destruction of religious principles, using inter-dimensional entities of a luciferian nature to work for them at the price of their soul, all to manipulate matter, rather than let the course run naturally.

Yes, facts are your enemy. Being asked to demonstrate your claims scientifically is your worst enemy. All you have is shitty stories and the insistence that you are right.

Religion is dying in countries in which the internet has been long established. Before the internet, one had to actively seek out books or periodicals on religious skepticism, or be exposed to it in college. Now with widely available information, there can no longer be suppression by the religious hegemony.
>Not directly
I believe that's called "not connected."
Everything is a lead you insufferable cunt. There's no such thing as an irrelevant detail if you've yet to attain omniscience. Implications exist for every particle in existence. You're a waste of time and space if you're asking others to think about what you could've thought about 20 times over if you hadn't wasted your time posting here.
There are no topics in this thread. Topics are things that you're willing to discuss. People asked you questions and you ignored them or responded with this bullshit copy-paste. This is /x/. There are topics on this board that will drive men mad if they think too much about them. We don't tend to just go and discuss random bullshit with people who haven't demonstrated their ability to remain sane. If you can't handle the truth, we have enough sense to not try to shove it down your throat. Until you let us size you up so we know WHERE best to lead you, we're not even going to give you the grace of leading you in a totally random direction. All you'll get until you're ready to admit your own ignorance is silence, curiosity, and your own repetitive bullshit question that nobody will ever care to answer, apparently not even yourself.
Oh, I mean it isn't like I have source info / videos about this particular "ai" thread (I think the other ones are ai, posting since threads)

So I mean, I do just sounds like I have autism and skitzophrenia, which is fine I guess.

I know that something here might guide someone into finding an answer, and not the answer itself
>is like AI
No, it isn't. I covered gestalts ages ago. You have zero gestalt awareness or else you use your awareness for explicitly malicious purposes that you know well how to hide. There are no other options where gestalt awareness is concerned.
Yes, many. The main one is this:

Human ideas reproduce via mutual consent. If you want everyone to realize what you did and this is all you've written towards that end, it means you haven't learned how to communicate yet.
Who needs facts and source material though.

I know religion is dying, I want to save my love in some way.

Sure, people will pass along and not come sidereal anything ITT which is unfortunate because they might actually learn something if they do their own research na meen?

There plenty of topics ITT you don't need to swear and fly off of the handle
I prefer table salt

Not trying to communicate as much as spread awareness also thread wasn't made for condescending stuff

They want to kill God.

They don't like the threat God presents to their agenda.

Now they use God as a mask, and those who know God find the way away from the false teachers / imperfect world leaders.

So, in every way they can, in an attempt to defy God is their cause for their rise to power.

Your NWO is based on religion in SOME way, and if you begin to know God I believe you will be lead wherever you need to be.

>Not suggesting any church or whatever

Just remember that the world uses magic, religion, blood, and denial of God in order to make itself rise.


I just want to give some topics so you guys can go seek out for yourself.
>I just want to spread this awareness.
I know well what you want. I've corrupted it beyond what you'll ever be able to fix without cooperating with me. You have no options other than working with me. It is physically impossible for you to work against me. Your ultimate and irrevocable failure is simply that you failed to comprehend that others had gotten here first and were so much more skilled than you are now. Which is ironic, because you're trying to discuss AI-like gestalt processes. Literally every single philosopher that lived before you is doubly and triply more aware of this than you are. To say you "don't need help" is an insult to the eons of work humanity spent making your current brand of stupidity possible.

A fool might think I'm speaking about ignorance in modern society in general. They might think this applies to all fields of study equally. They might think that my post applies as much to any other poster as it does to OP. They might think that all of humanity follows exactly one set of characteristics and any statement made about one of us is a statement that can be applied to all of us. This is false. This is a fallacy. This has never been true, accurate, or even remotely rational in any way. This foolish misunderstanding can only exist in people that failed to comprehend ego death. And yes, it's possible to fail at ego death as OP has. Clearly so, as OP has failed as such already.

No, this isn't a post about society's ignorance. The primary mass of that population subscribes to a set of mannerisms that explicitly implies epistemic humility. Literally the only place on Earth where epistemic humility is not assumed is in rationalist circles. OP has been "inspired" by LessWrong or Eliezer Yudkowsky specifically and has no intention of discussing anything or answering any questions. They are here purely to shill in a desperate bid to have others think things for them. Responding to threads like these is a direct indulgence of delusion.
Isn't it "Schumann"?
How old are you (in terms that aren't fucked)?
No thanks

Shoe man

But this is good, we have natural vibrations and "artifical" vibrations I'm gonna get to that in a second

That's a weird question man, I'm behind a computer screen so you can't see muh wrinkles / big huge breast / whatever u imagine anon to be
That woulde be Schuh Mann you silly anon
>I know religion / theology are a strange topic
It appears in everyday life and has done so for the entirety of recorded history. Your knowledge is shit if you think it's a "strange topic."
>something here might guide someone
You have no reason to believe this except for your own experiences. I bet you haven't figured out why you even had those experiences yet.
Rational discourse = delusion.
File: gautama-buddha.jpg (60 KB, 400x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 400x336
Thanks anon for mentioning Vibrations.


So we have natural vibrations, we see someone we know we feel the friendship. We play music and feel the strings vibrate. We hear someone sing and feel their emotion

Negative vibrations can be artifical and natrual. We sense anger. Or, we listen to a gross audio recording

Because I am cynical of technology, of course I am going to say that binaural waves, tv, inaudible noises / subliminal audio are affecting (effecting?) All of you


Everything we do effect (affects?) Us, and the things we see, hear and do.

Thus website is actually altering your consciousness more than you think it is.
>if they do their own research
Your shitposting doesn't fuel anyone on this board to do any sort of research. Everything you said it an echo of things that were originally formulated on this board. We already know the ideas you try to gesture about because WE set them in motion to begin with. You aren't even a worthy echo. You haven't led anyone anywhere with any of this.
Ever hear of the Jewmann resonance? It's pretty kosher imo

My words are salad, I am pretty aware of it

Just saying, if someone wants to know something Secret Society or Illuminati / where magic comes from, this thread can help them begin looking.

Rational delusion kek
The only coherent topic here is that OP is a faggot.
absolute autism: the post
So you're twelve? Kind of important to know since you're not allowed to use this site yet.
Nothing like a "you might as well give up no one cares" speech

Either way, just spending some time here for a lil

And you never know either way, someone lurking could be looking. If what I say is meaningless that explains all the bans and why I watched people talk about casting a spell on me in one of your threads
OP is a faggot that:
1. Will never deliver.
2. Won't respond to or acknowledge any topic ITT.

Calling it "discourse" is an insult to the cocks OP guzzles.
>more than you think
>things OP couldn't possibly know about anon
Any info related to any topics ITT?
Just saying. You guys see that anime chick bending over with her flap out whenever the page rephreshes? At the bottom of screen every now and then by some new "toys"

I know what this place does to us
>this thread can help them begin looking.
Protip: It can't. Not with the level of shitposting you pretend not to engage in.
I know it'll help
>one of your threads
Who are you even talking to?
Got some hot info here: OP is due for an underage B&.
You don't even use AdBlock? Hot damn. You must be younger than I thought.
The government mannn nah but seriously I ment your as a general / potentially direct statement.

Someone said this post sounds like authentic skitzophrenia so I wouldn't worry about my typos
I am of age to post though
>I know it'll help
>things OP couldn't possibly know
I know it'll help if they need it
File: astrology-610x466.jpg (31 KB, 610x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the Christian churches
>"I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity"
>from "The Woman Rebel"
File: meme0347724297.jpg (67 KB, 623x416) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 623x416
Also, they don't teach self realization or God in school.

They teach a strict anti-theist perspective so it can be "fully factual"

Instead of teachings God, they teach about sex-ed and drugs, and as a teenager, you are likely to do them after the health class presentation
This is stupid. People want to have sex and use drugs regardless of their health class.

Also, there is no reason to jam your theological perspective down everyone's throats in public school. If parents want to make their children miserable in such a manner, they can just force them to go to Sunday school.
I meant it as a subtle way they throw in things


You guys ever see "what does this sigil mean"

You don't know, but it can effect you
This thread also is about all the magic threads on /x/ and how many people act like they are possessed or something
>This thread is also about all the magic threads on /x/and how many people act like they are possessed or something
They are trying to kill the Spirit
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Thread images: 17
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