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I'm moving, things have gotten too weird...
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I'm moving, things have gotten too weird here, and I've finally found a place across town to get away from this place.
I'm sorry for not being on here and talking more, but I've been busy trying to get away from here.

Some crazy shit went down on the night of, and night after the blood moon.
howdy from Eastern Maine

I don't follow your tale at all but its neat that our little state has such a story
I really want this story to happen.
Ah shit man! You take care, followed you for a good while, looking forward to the tale when you ready to post
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looking forward to your tale Mainebro
bump for taxi guy
This has piqued my interests
Bumparino for spookarino
Mans gotsta be typing up, we all want you to be safe bro
You haven't died yet I missed you. See the Burger Baron around.
why cant they all just be chill fog people...
Love your work, man. Please continue when ready.
Swippity Swoopy, he's bringing on that spoopy
He better be i'm losing my boner
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Aww fuck yeahhhh
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Keeping this alive till Mainebro gets it done
Thinking of moving to Maine for the wilderness and guns. Should I do it or go out west to Utah or something
So I can start with the Bloodmoon Bullshit, Franklin's eye surgery, or the Orphan that goes Bump in the Night. They all feed into each other since that freaky shit with the bloodmoon.
>Franklin's eye surgery
This one please
hes dead lads
>Momma, the broad at their school still isn't letting me go inside.
>Back in September.
>I roll up to bring Franklin and his little brother (I think I was calling him Benji, so we'll go with that.) home.
>Momma is outside with them as usual.
>Momma waves to me as I pull up.
>Both boys are wearing blues brothers/MIB style sunglasses.
>"Hunting aliens?" I as getting out of the car.
>Momma shakes her head.
>"I'm afraid not, David. Franklin has had some sort of seeing complication, and Benji wanted to look cool too." She explains buckling them in.
>I explain what Momma said to me to Franklin'Franklin's mother.
>The next day Franklin isn't riding to school.
>This goes on for about a week.
>The next Monday he is waiting for me when I roll up to his house.
>He's wearing glasses, but his right eye is covered by gauze.
>No blood stains.
>His mom comes out with Benji and Franklin tells me that he saw the eye doctor.
>His mom explains that he had something in his eye and they had to remove it.
>"Is he going to be alright?" I ask.
>"Oh yeah! The school is in charge of monitoring his healing when he's not home." She explains.
>"You're not?" I ask.
>"Ohh no no no, I'm not a Doctor." She laughs waving me off.
>Momma is waiting outside.
>I drop the kids off and go about my day.
>When I come back to get them, Franklin is pointing to the sky and jumping up and down.
>When I get out he runs over to me.
>"David! Look! Look!" He shouts pointing at the sky.
>I look.
>"Uhh, yeah? That's cool.." I reply, playing pretend with him.
>"Isn't it pretty?" He asks.
>"Is what pretty?" I ask.
>It's about this time that I notice his gauze is gone, and apart from a black and purple ring around his upper eye lid, he looks normal.
>Until he looks right at me, and I see this red line through the middle of his pupil.
>"Oh! Hey! Are you okay?" I ask kneeling down and looking a little closer at the line.
>Momma puts her hand on my shoulder, it's like an iron vice crushing my muscles.
>I hold in a few words as she releases me.
>"It's time for them to go home David. No more playtime." She glares at me as she tugs Franklin by his jacket'jacket's hood and Benji by his left arm.
>On the ride home I keep looking back army Franklin as he lifts his glasses off of his face and looks at the sky.
>I ask his mother about it.
>"It was an invasive surgery from what I'm told. He's probably still healing. It's really sweet that you care so much." She explains between kisses to Franklin's forehead.
>Monday the 28th.
>The day of the blood moon.
>Franklin has been wired all weekend according to his mother.
>When I come to get him that morning, he's standing outside in just his underwear looking up at the sky.
>I call his mother, who comes running out of the house.
>"What the hell Franklin?!" She shouts scooping him up and taking him inside.
>Franklin, Benji, and their mother come out together, everyone holding hands.
>"I'm so sorry David. He's been hyped up all weekend about the moon. I didn't notice him strip down when he said he was going outside to wait for you."
>"Oh no, don't worry. I'm not bothered, but.. uh.. any idea why?" I ask lifting Franklin into the car.
>He's still fixated on the sky.
>He's still fixated on the sky.
>"He keeps saying that the moon is having babies." She says with a laugh.
>"Huh.." I reply, a bit nervous now, thinking back on all the stuff you guys have posted about him.
>"I think he saw all shooting star, and it came from the sky, so maybe that's where he's getting it." She says before kissing Benji'Benji's forehead and handing him a package of minimuffins.
>"Did you see a star fall?" I ask Franklin as I open his breakfast juice and hand it to him.
>"They're all going to fall David." He replies as he plays with the straw looking past me up at the sky.
>"The moon is having babies, and the babies are hungry." He adds before sipping on his juice and watching something move across the sky.
>I look at his mother.
>She shrugs. "TV maybe?"
>"Right, TV.." I shut the door and take them to school.
>Franklin finishes his juice and starts pretending that the juice box is a rocket.
>Benji is licking the chocolate off of his own fingers.
>Franklin drops the box.
>"Oh no. They're all dead." He skyays pointing at the box.
>"Who's dead?" I ask pulling into the parking lot leading to the school.
>"The astronaughts. They couldn't beat them." He says unbuckling himself as I come to a stop in front of the school.
>Momma interrupts me from asking who the astronaughts lost to.
>"A child's imagination is s terrible thing to waste, isn't that right David?" She asks glaring at me again.

Continued in Bloodmoon Bullshit.
bumping for mainebro
I love you, Mainebro.

Capp'd so far.
Here ya go David

And thanks >>17182383
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bump for David
Maine guy, where did you go
so when are you getting your tv show?
like xfiles but better because it's in maine
Thank you based OP
Been here since your 2nd thread. Love every story
Please post past threads. I am curious to know this story.
i would watch a Red-Green show version of the xfiles
Notice me maineguy
Y-you're s weird... it's not like I am creeped out or anything... Stupid Mainer.
I will ass rape you faggot!
Well that escalated quickly
do the bloodmoon, i actually remember that night
I think Maine is more wilderness and fishing with guns during hunting seasons.
But if I had to move to the US, It would probably be to Maine
>or Louisiana for top spoops
Bloodmoon Bullshit

>I nearly jump out of my skin as Momma leans right up to the window, having heard Franklin talking about astronaughts through the glass I guess.
>"Uh.." I reply, dumbfounded by the whole event.
>She gathers up the boys, and Franklin waves to me as they go into school.
>The day goes pretty normal.
>Franklin and Benji are asleep when Momma brings them out to go home.
>"Uh.. Are they okay?" I ask helping her buckle them in.
>"Yes, they played hard today." She replied warmly, for the first time EVER.
>"Oh, well good. They'll be rested up for the eclipse tonight." I said as I shut the door on the car.
>"It's going to be a memorable one." She replied patting my shoulder and then leaving me to go back inside.
>"Huh.. Doesn't seem like it's going to now.." I whisper to myself getting into the car.
>Franklin's Mother is waiting for us when I drive up to their house.
>I carried Benji in, and she carried Franklin.
>We laughed at how cute they look, and then I leave.

>At home, I'm thumbing through the Uncle Henry's 'Antique Car' section.
>My alarm goes off, indicating that I have about 20 minutes before the eclipse is supposed to begin.
>I bought a telescope just for this night, it's all set up on the deck outside.
>I get all set up, pointed, focused, all that jazz.
>It was a warm night so I put a sweatshirt on and sat on the porch swing waiting for the moon to start to change color.
>In the distance, maybe a couple thousand yards away, I can hear a crying noise.
>At first I'm thinking it's just the neighbors and their friends outside to see the eclipse too.
>But I don't hear any other noises.
>I go inside and turn my porch lights on.
>Nothing. The noise is beyond where the lights will reach.
>I shut them off and sit down on the swing again thinking it's just a weird animal noise that my brain thinks sounds like crying.
>But then I hear it..
>But then I hear it..
>A baby crying. Clearly. Waaa. Waaa. That I've shit myself and I can't get away from the smell cry that babies have when they're poopy and mad about it.
>I spill my coffee that I had brought with me when I came out onto the deck.
>"Oh fuck my life.." I growl to myself kicking the broken mug away from me as I step inside.
>I grap my headlamp, that dorky LED thing that you strap to your head if you're too lazy to carry a flash light.
>I step outside again, the crying stops as I head down the steps.
>"Hello?" I ask to the darkness shining my light down the road.
>It's a lake road, so, theres fuck nothing for lights on the road if it isn't a car.
>"Hello? Is that your baby?" I ask again stepping to the edge of my driveway.
>The crying starts again.
>"Hello?" I ask as I start down the road, grabbing a branch from the ditch as I go.
>I'm thinking that this is one of those creepy shit thing thats gets posted here on /x/ all the time.
>I'm ready. I have a big stick. No body will fuck with a guy who has a big stick right?
>The baby has gone into full meltdown now.
>Waaaahhh! Waaahhh! That cry when they're hungry, and they'll feast on your soul if you get too close. That kinda cry.
>It sounds like it's just ahead of me in the ditch.
>I throw the stick down thinking some half-cocked broad abandoned her baby in a ditch.
>I jump down into the muddy yuck next to the road and head toward the crying.
>I'm not getting any closer.
>I crouch down a little bit and shine the light across the surface of the ditch water. No baby.
>Great. All mud, no baby.
>I climb back up onto the road and I can still hear the crying, but it's coming from the woods beyond the ditch now.
>Alright, enough is enough.
>I go back to the cab and get my work cellphone. I call the local emergency dispatch and ask them to send an officer out because I can hear a baby crying in the woods.
>There's a long pause.
Holy fuck Dude,this is awesome.Keep up the good work!
>There's a long pause.
>I turn the speaker on and bring the phone over to the ditch where the crying is the loudest.
>"Alright Mr. Blankerberg, I have two State Troopers about 5 minutes north of you. They're on their way. Don't be a hero." And the dispatcher hangs up.
>"Don't be a hero?" I ask.
>I walk back to my driveway and wait for the police, listening to the baby breathlessly cry out.
>Two Trooper patrol cars come screaming down the road, lights, sirens. One goes further up the road and pulls across both lanes blocking traffic, and the other pulls across the road in front of my driveway.
>Two guys in each car.
>One guy from each car gets out and turns the strobe light on on his flash light and proceeds to stop traffic.
>The other guys both come over to me, and shine lights in my face.
>"Name. Current year. Occupation." One voice from beyond those bright lights asks me.
>"What? What the hell guys?" I ask raising a hand to block the light.
>From my right a hand grabs mine and spins me around so that I'm facing away from the officers.
>"Answer, or you're obstructing an investigation." A different voice growls.
>"Uh!" I couldn't think, I froze.
>"NAME! CURRENT YEAR! OCCUPATION!" The first voice shouts.
>"David Anon Blankerberg! Two-Thousand Fifteen! Taxi Driver!" I shout putting my hands up as though I were under arrest.
>"Where did you hear the screaming?" The second voice asks.
>I begin to speak, but the first voice jabs me in the side with his flash light.
>"Don't speak. Point." He orders shifting on the gravel of my driveway, like he's about to run.
>I point toward the woods.
>They both grow quiet, there's a weird electronic hum from the woods, and the crying starts again.
>"Stay here." The second voice orders as he runs off into the woods.
>The other guy who shifted on the gravel runs past me, into my back yard and into the woods from there.
>The other guy who shifted on the gravel runs past me, into my back yard and into the woods from there.
>I can hear them walking through the woods. The crackle of the leaves, the snapping of twigs.
>The crying intensifies.
>Their feet move quicker.
>The wind stops all at once.
>No noise.
>Nothing. I can't even hear the ringing in my ears that comes from all that loud music when I was a kid.
>Pure, deadly, silence.
>For some reason I look down, and my feet aren't touching the ground, but I can feel something against my feet that feels like the ground.
>I can feel my body resting on the ground. But my eyes are telling me that I'm floating upward.
>My arms go out to my sides as I feel my stomach turn, kind of like being on a Tilt-A-World at the Bangor State Fair.
>I fall over.
>But my eyes are telling me that I'm falling from a thousand feet in the sky.
>One minute I'm floating a few inches off of the ground, and then when I fall over, I'm falling from the clouds.
>I can feel the wind rushing around my ears, I can feel my hair flailing all around, my arms are flapping from the force of the wind passing by as I fall to my death.
>"FUUUUUUUUCCK!" I scream at the top of my lungs as I close my eyes.
>My face smacks into something. It feels hot, like I was hit by a stir fry fresh frying pan.
>I land on my butt, and I'm just sitting in my drive way.
>No time had passed, I just, fell over onto my butt.
>I can't catch my breath.
>"What the fuck? What the fuck? What the fuck?" I keep asking looking around, brushing my hand through the gravel of my driveway in disbelief.
>I stand up, and realize I had smacked my face off of the fender of the cab.
>I reach over to touch where my spit landed on the car, but it's bitterly cold to the touch. February cold.
>I draw my hand back and hiss in pain thinking it's a burn.
>But my finger tips are just cold.
>In my confusion, I had missed the Officers returning from the woods.
>In my confusion, I had missed the Officers returning from the woods.
>One of them goes right to his patrol car, carrying a balled up mess of blue and black silk sheets.
>He seems breathless.
>I can see him now, no flash lights in my face. He's a young guy, shaved head, all that jazz. His uniform is covered in mud, grass, and leaves, he's unshaven, sporting a three or four day growth.
>He keeps his back to me as he opens the trunk and lays the balled up sheets into the drunk.
>The other asshole with a flash light steps between me and the dirty cop.
>"Stay out of those woods, David. No matter what." He explains as he backs away to the car he arrived in, keeping the light in my eyes so I can't see his face.
>The guys stopping traffic jog back to the cars and they both leave.
>I call up the emergency dispatch and ask them what the fuck was going on.
>"Mr. Blankerberg, it's an open investigation, what we can tell you is that for the time being, please stay out of the woods, that is an active crime scene, any tampering will result in felony charges." And she hangs up.
>I sit back onto the hood of the car, which has returned to normal temperature.
>"What?" I ask looking around me, trying to figure out what just happened.
>I look up, and the eclipse has passed, I missed it.
>"Fuck my life.."
>I take my headlamp off and go inside.
>That night I have a terrible dream.
>I can see it like it was just a few seconds ago.
>I'm in my bed, pinned down by this black blobby shadow, with a stone white face, and tiny yellow eyes inside of big black eye sockets.
>This thing is holding my down, screaming breathlessly at me. No words, just screaming.
>I wake up in the morning in the cab. Just in my boxers, wrapped like a human burrito in a teenage mutant ninja turtle sleeping bag that I kept in the car for the boys if we ever ended up stranded.
>I thankfully didn't lock the door in my sleep walking.
Is your real name Thomas B.? Do you have a complex where you want to "save" little girls?
Keep it up OP

Loving this story
Any recent ones?
these are all from last year but I've apparently missed something in between
>I thankfully didn't lock the door in my sleep walking.
>I throw the sleeping bag over the couch and head for the shower.
>As I step into the door way of the shower, the door swings closed.
>I jump back before getting mashed in the toes.
>"No.. Fuck this, it's just the wind.." I complain forcing the door open.
>I push against the door, it feels like someone is pushing back.
>They let go all of a sudden and I stumble into the bathroom.
>I reach for the light and I can't find it.
>I turn toward where the light switch is, but I'm not in the bathroom anymore.
>I'm showered, dressed, and drinking coffee holding the Uncle Henry's again.
>I spit the coffee back into the mug and stand up.
>"Alright! Enough! What the fuck is this!?" I ask stomping on the floor of my kitchen, demanding answers from the walls it seems.
>I set the coffee mug down, and head for the door, I'm going to go somewhere else to think this over.
>I grab the door handle.
>No door handle.
>My hand smacks into the leg of a waitress.
>I'm sitting at the Long Horn Steakhouse in Bangor.
>She turns and glares at me.
>I'm stunned.
>"Uh.. I.. That was a mistake..?" I ask sitting back into the booth I'm apparently sitting in.
>She shakes her head.
>"Yeah, it was. Lets not make that mistake again, got it?" She asks with a 'fuck off, or I'll bite your dick off' tone.
>I nod and shrink down into the booth, trying to hide from whatever was happening.
>I go to lean on the table, hoping to just take a breath.
>I stumble forward in the shower, and slide a little in the soap.
>I'm breathing hard, like I've been running.
>It's night out, again.
>Then it hits me..
>I'm not getting wet.
>I look up at the shower head, steamy hot water is flowing out at me..
>But I'm not wet.
>I'm hyperventilating again. I grab my chest to try and calm myself down.
>I'm hyperventilating again. I grab my chest to try and calm myself down.
>I climb out of the shower, and sit down on the toilet.
>I'm wheezing like a world war 2 veteran.
>"What? What is happening..?" I can't rectify any of this in my head.
>I sneak into my own bed room.
>I grab a pillow, and hold it to my chest as I search the room for clues. Mold. A package of bath salts. Piles and piles of empty alcohol bottles.
>Nothing but dirty laundry and water bottles.
>I fall asleep.
>No dreams. Just sleep.
>I wake up the following day, in bed, in the fetal position.
>I lay there, almost breathless, waiting for some crazy shit to happen again.
>The next day. Nothing.
>y the third day, I rack it up to stress and an over active imagination seeing as how the car didn't have any extra miles on it, and none of my bank accounts showed a transaction from Longhorn.

I still haven't figured out why there were sheets out in the woods though.
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>this thread
Kennebec County checking in
What are the previous stories/backstory to this?
Is that all the stories or is there one more? I always love these.
there was the Orphan that goes Bump in the Night
unles... that was the crying baby?
Dave's told us quite many stories I believe. I'm on mobile now so I can't check my pasta folder, but I'm sure someone else has them saved
Cumberland County here. Any other Anons around this area?
>It was a warm night
fake and gay
You are fake and gay
it was not a warm night in maine that night
Look at this floridiot over here. It wasn't hot but it was fucking shorts weather.
Is there a collection of all the taxi stories I could read somewhere? An imgur album perhaps?
Is there a third story coming or did he merge 2 of them into one?
Oh I'm aware, I was just asking more along the lines of what this guy >>17184018
is asking.
I think I have the previous stories here in my folders. Want me to upload it?
>superior in nature compared to ME
>inferior in guns compared to ME
Please tell the next story!

You're seriously an /x/ legend. Thank you for all you do, and the amazing stories you graciously share with us.

Please come back more often. And please more stories. we cannot get enough!
yes pls
There you go.
Enjoy and you are welcome

Hey man, how are you doing and I hope that where you had moved now, there is less spooks. Also, how's Burger Baron?
This thread makes me feel like Maine is a small lame town and everyone is checking in like only the "cool guys" who dare to be on the "scary site" and the guy coming up with the bullshit story is like the main douche which anywhere else would be an autistic smelly kid just my thoughts...
Maine is a lot of tiny little towns, broken up by slightly larger "cities." and tons of wilderness. So the internet allows a ton more interaction between those who are decidedly not the "cool guys" in town. As for the Autistic smelly kid thing, you are on 4chan, so that's a given.
David, where did you go!?
>I grab a pillow, and hold it to my chest as I search the room for clues. Mold. A package of bath salts. Piles and piles of empty alcohol bottles.

>A package of bath salts

Mystery solved!
Where in Maine did all this happen?
That's what he was hoping for....
Only reason for me to visit USA, I guess, the Maine! Darn it's spoopy-doopy out there!
I recognize that typo. You're using the default keyboard on a Samsung phone, I bet. Try downloading SwiftKey from the play store for a much better experience.
the only thing more intense than our spookiness is our hatred for tourists.
posting in a mainebro thread
We're gonna kill and eat you.

Capp'd the rest.
>>The first three were the ones in my first post for clarity
stop being a pussy it was fucking cold that night
any crazy shit happen in Biddeford? lived there for years, nothing out of the ordinary happened
Im new to these threads can someone explain the significance of the whole moon is having babies and David being nervous about what was posted.
Cumberland County as well.
Never heard of the moon having babies until his story but everyone on /x/ said big stuff was gonna happen during the blood moon, just the usual random paranormal stuff.
When the blood leaves the woman's sanctum, the unfertilized egg leaves with it

Cherish it
pretty cryptic
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i'm from maine and live there now, and let me assure you: this MTG is 100% utterly and completely full of dogshit.
Yeah I think everyone is pretty much aware that these are just stories coming from a guy that is acting a persona.

Thanks for the insight though
Hello darkness my old friend
i love you pls tell us all your stories ur my hero
Yeah, I just assume this is a writer doing some kind of writing exercise and picked 4chan over making a blog.
One of my ancestors supposedly haunts Louisiana. Jean Lafitte.
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