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Stranger in dreams
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So /x/, have you guys ever had a dream about someone you've never met? I have had a recurring woman in my dream.
>Pic related is the closest thing I can liken her to
>The dream is always different, but she is the same
>we're always in a relationship of some degree, but never physical
>i made it a point to ask her name, and she told me gespane or gespana, can't remember now
Does this make any sense to anyone?
Same thing happened to me. I saw a girl in dreams for about 2 years. When I met her irl is when things got really crazy.
Bump for some interest.
I Have a similar experience.
>Recurring woman in my dreams.
>She always appears in them when I'm having a bad time.
>We act like we have been friends for a long time, so I never get to know her name, or any personal info on her.
>She actually has said a couple of times that she is my best friend.
>Doesn't look like anybody I knew.
>She always seem happy and flirty.
Sounds like a succubus
If it was a pure stranger and not the manifestation of your loneliness this could have been interesting OP.

I'm not good with people in dreams. Struggle to remember them. But for some reasons I have recuring places.
Lately I've been dreaming of a specific town I've never visited. I know it doesn't exist irl and that it's yet another manifestation of my subconsciouss but it's still funny to see how your mind organizes things in its own manner through the dream. For me it's almost always a matter of moving from a point A to a point B. For some people, it's a stranger interacting with them. Check for yourself. Take naps. Easier to remember the dream of a one hour nap.
Ive had similar experiences 4 times by now. Its not like Im feeling particulary lonely that day. Just randomly. Act like best friends, friendly and flirty and cute. Though the giel was different everytine and i never met any of them irl :/
My brain regularly generates me some sort of a boyfriend at night, though every time it's a different person. It's always some sort of tweenish romance though, that sort of overwhelming feeling that I would feel when I was younger.
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I see strangers faces in dreams all the time.
sometimes im partying with them, sometimes im just walking around like IRL and everyones faces are just generic until you focus in on one.
But i have a reoccurring dream at random stressful times in my life, the first time i think was around 2006 i was close to graduation. and its about a really vicious dog. its always the same kind, a mostly black with some golden/ brownish colored german shepard. the weird thing is, the dream never starts the same, one time i was in the woods doing.. well "in the woods" things, another a park, and the most recent at a mall i dont recognize. but the dreams always end the same. This dog will always just APPEAR out of the corner of my right eye, and everytime he shows up its like i travel to this other place. everything just snaps away and im left in this just barren land almost like a desert but without sand, almost feels like a red colored rock. theres a lightsource, but its not the sun, imagine a slightly dim streetlight a few feet above my head. and the dog is always hauling ass straight for me. and i do the same thing every time, turn and try to run away. and its always like im trying to wade my way through a pool filled with honey or something, i never get away and the dog always gets my right hand. I try to punch it in the face, kick it, beat it, scream for help everything and this dog just always tears into my hand and chews it all apart like rips the flesh off to the bone, and when i realize i dont have a hand anymore i wake up. typically sweating my balls off in a panic
> bit off topic but its all i got dream related
Jung calls her the Anima, or Unknown Woman. She represents the feminine aspect of your psyche, which men repress in early life.

When you're young, you need to stand up and be a man: get a job, a wife, children etc. As you get older the need to be so masculine declines (as do your testosterone levels.)

At this point, your more feminine tendencies (compassion, intuition, emotion etc.) re-assert themselves. Your unconscious psyche seeks to re-integrate these faculties, making you a more whole and balanced person. Jung calls the process "individuation."

This is a deep topic which Jung has written many books and papers about. Basically, your unconscious is telling you (through the dream-metaphor of the Unknown Woman) that it's time to develop the suppressed parts of your psyche.
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I usually only dream about girls I met

I have feelings for them in the dreams, but in real life they are nothing special
Saw a girl with multiple pupils in her eyes, she had lovely, curly light brown hair and chubby cheeks, she scaled the walls of New York's skyscrapers and her smile was the widest i'd ever seen.
I constantly dream of people I've never met.
Infact the vast majority of my dreams contain people I've never met.
Happened even today.
You haven't met them but it was probably a stranger on the street your subconscious registered.
I just had this dream but I can't make sense of it.
>I'm in my room
>There's a forgotten cage in the corner
>I think it's a pet that died that I forgot about and I feel bad for being so careless
>I go to throw out the contents in a trash bag
>I see 3 of these green glowing reptilian grub things (like in the pic but more reptilian)
>They're gathered together hissing at me in a spiral like configuration.
>I drop them into the bag, then tie the bag off swing it around and try to smash them to death.
>they grow brighter every time they make contact
>they whimper
>eventually I put all my force into killing them and they explode like walnuts filled with flashpowder
So do more gay stuff? Or what?
When you dream, the brain doesn't create faces out of the blue, maybe you've seen her when you were a child and don't even consciously remember it, in dreams it uses faces that you've seen in your life, magazines, movies, eye to eye etc, hope this will stop your delusions.
No, it's purely a psychological process. You need to figure out what faculties you've failed to develop, and work on them.

Personally, I've always been a cold bastard, and have tried (with limited success) to seek closer relationships. I've also tried to develop my intuition using tarot and other divination techniques. This was a lot more successful, much to my surprise ...
Nope you're not the only one. In almost every dream I have i meet this very pale girl with long ginger/red hair. She started to appear in my dreams when I was around 11 years old i think. Sometimes she can be like a psycho and sometimes she can be very nice. It's like two versions of her. One mean and one nice.
>the brain doesn't create faces out of the blue

Not OP, but actually it does. This is a classic characteristic of an Anima dream. She seems real, complete to the minutest detail. Yet she's purely a figment of the imagination/unconscious.

Jung argues that the unconscious has a life of its own, and is more than just a store of sensory impressions in waking life.
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