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Haunted by Demons
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Hey /x/ lately some weird things happened to me and other people around me.

I already managed to worry the local pastor with the stuff I told him.

So far I haven't found a reasonable explanation for all the stuff that happened, even so I read articles and books about that topics.

I am pretty pumped because of that stuff and would like to hear your advices or explanations if possible.
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Drop it on me, true blue paranormal lifer here what is your problems.
Well before we give you our opinions, you have to actually say what the hell is happening with you.
Before the events happened I haven't had that much believed in such stuff, so it was pretty weird at first.
Basically It started last Year when I felt some attendance. I got goosebumps when I felt that attendance and got some wierd feeling inside of me.

when i went outside at the evenings and watched the stars it was like someone was watching me.

So one night I said Goodnight into the area I thought the attendance was. Then it felt like it crawled around me like fog. I just thought I was juststressed and tired.

However, I still felt a strange attendance in the house from then on. Like someones watching me.

Some time later I woke up in the middle of the night. I have the exact moment in mind because I looked at the clock. Then I closed my eyes again and thought someones watching me from the end of my bed. Then I saw some dark creature (I would describe it as something like the girl in the PC. Game F.E.A.R). However I heard some undevinable voices in my ears and couldn't move. It felt like someones grabbing into my body. then after some moments it dissapeared.

The next morning, after laying in bed shocked for like 3 hours. I went into the kitchen, ate some cereals, then I felt the appearance again and the valve in the kitchen sink startet to drip faster and faster. And there was some weird pressure on my ears like i gt summoned and somethings getting near me, so I left the kitchen really fast. Got into my bedroom and felt it again.

Just left the house then for classes at university.

What would you say happened to me?
(There's more.. may write about the other stuff too if requested)
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Not necessarily demonic may be sentient.
Before anything ask yourself "am I repressing something" if you are it could be a poltergeist. It could be childhood trauma or even despising a boss.
If not that it could also be a spirit or worse case scenario a witch.
If the figure was black and you feel a pressure, similar to an inexplicable gravity Orr if the room or area you are in gets cold. It could be the worst case scenario and be a denizen of the darkness so if that is the case you have to tell it to gtfo with all the man balls you can muster. It knows your fears and will come for your dreams and even your family.
>don't let it
Did it contact you directly?
>> 17174792
When I thought about Demons, my computer turned on. I stand up from bed walking towards it and it turned off again. Or sometimes I hear voices talking to me from the distance during nights.

It also isn't the last thing that happened.

Like I got a call from a hidden number in the middle of the night while sleeping. At the same Time I dreamed and also someone called me in my dream and spoke to me in a unknown language, probably latin.

(I digitalized all music CD's from my mom to an SD Card so she was able to listen to them in her car, tried to delete all folders afterwards on my pc since she has a different taste in music. There was a single Folder which then needed administration rights to delete it which is weird, it was some prayer music in it.)

And like I said, I'm not the only one that experienced this stuff lately.
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>had a series encounters
>girlfriend told me an antique monkey toy I bought really creeped her out
>a year and a lot of demonic shit later
>burn the monkey and everything stops

could be similar?
>> 17174865
There is a story behind these monkeys.
It's an indian story. I got told it once and yeah he best thing is to burn it but my case seems to be different. (sadly).

I somehow managed to make the demons or bad forces disappear through a different way it seems, but I am a bit afraid what might happen next.

However I also met a girl on omegle once later last year, shortly before christmas.
the question was "when do you think the world will end".
She directly began the conversation with "hello my darling". And told me the wolrd already ended it just hasn't been destroyed yet. Then she somehow told me similar experiences I had.
Then when I came to some Psalms I often said lately she said she left the conversation.

That was some scary moment because I didn't told her about my experiences but hers seemed to have begun like mine and then got worse. With actoual people screaming at her while getting to bed and also with a "dark thing" appearing then and haunting her during the nights.
I was thinking the same. And not all demonic activity is evil. There are daemons around that are here to guide us. It's possible that this appearance is just trying to communicate with you. Have you noticed any negative effects while in its presence? Like, have you, or anyone around you been hurt?
>> 17174912

The girl I love and spend a lot of time with has talked with me independend to my experiences about all what happened to her lately, she couldn't knew about mine because I never talked about that with her.

She said that she gets sleepy around her house and somehow more angry.
She saw some person when falling asleep and also an appearance.
When she sleeps and open her eyes there's another person above her and stares at her.
Or grabs some body parts of her during the night.

She has nightmares and also some weird visions she didin't wanted to talk about so far. (just said they're really bad and she don't want to involve me knowing these)
(I also had some wierd and bad thoughs suddenly on my mind sometimes).

But all of that got better whe she stopped talking to me for a while? Also mine experiences have become less since then?
OP you have sleep paralysis. It happens when the chemical that stops your muscles from moving during sleep persists in your body after you wake up. Technically your brain is still in sleep mode and you can hallucinate, like a vivid dream. Look it up, sleep paralysis.
hey op. gl bro. i am haunted too. i put most of my data at \r\reptiliandata . gl
everything is mental. you're mentally retarded anon. take medication.
Sounds like paranoid schizophrenia.
It can't just be his brain, it has to be a fucking entity. My god you people are retarded.
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