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strange dream
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I had a strange dream a few years ago that still bothers me. It was the most intense and vivid dream I have ever had, and had I not known better I'd say it was real, but I know better.

I woke up inside what I can only describe as an underground car park. You know, like the what they have in big cities, but not above ground. I thought it was strange, and immediately I noticed the heat, and the smoke that made me gag and choke. As I looked around I noticed wrecked, and burning cars all over the place in random locations, and all about the floor were men of various ages either asleep or knocked out. Each of them had some sort of blindfold on. Like the kind people wear to sleep, the eye mask kind, but I remember them being decorated like costume masks.

I kind of panicked, and in my haste I remember a similar mask falling off of my head. I didn't notice it on me, nor was it covering my eyes when I woke up there. As I bent down to pick it up I seen by one of the walls there was a clock that read 3, am or pm I know not but it wasn't digital it was the kind with the hands. White faceplate with black outer covering and black clock hands, reminded me of the ones I seen at school as a kid.

I remember walking over to it, partially because I was curious as to why a clock was there, and partially to get away from the burning car next to me.

...continued in next post.
Picture not related.
As I walked closer to the clock I seen a ramp to the next floor leading up. I could tell I was underground, and with all the haze from the smoke and the stench of the burning rubber I decided to walk up to the next floor. I got light headed a few times from the smoke but only coughed a few. It stunk terribly. As I walked up to the next floor it was the same scene. Wrecked cars on fire and men laying about with sleep masks on.

As I looked about I seen someone else awake, and looking as confused as I was. I called out to him, not sure what I said but I got his attention. We walked towards each other and were about to meet up when one of the cars, for a lack of a better word, exploded knocking me to the ground.

I was paralyzed there on the cold concrete floor as two women crawled over the wrecked car. Standing about 5 foot 8 inches maybe, one was dressed in earthen colored clothes and had long brown hair. It extended to the back probably around the shoulder blades. The other had bright golden blond hair, and wore a black, or navy blue?, dress with white trim.

As I laid there helpless and unable to move the one with brown hair walked over to the guy who I was trying to meet up with. I seen her rifle through his pockets and take his wallet out, and then there was some sort of mention about how she now knew his name. And at that she bent down and placed around his head covering his eyes one of those eye masks and said the words. "I have marked you, you are mine now" and kissed him on the lips

...continued in next post
At that moment I don't know what came over me. I was like I was enraged, and I remember shouting the word "no!" In a long drawn out sound. Then I was on my feet rushing the one with brown hair, all I could think was I couldn't let this happen, she had to be stopped.

I don't know why I did it, but I grabbed her by the wrists and slammed her against the ground. I caught her off guard, and the look of surprise on her face was exquisite. I didn't have a plan and being in control kind of threw me off guard. And in that moment it happened my mind raced with possibilities of what I should do, and it rested on tone option. So before her surprise could wear off I shouted aloud "I mark you as mine" and as I uttered those words her face curled up in a snarl and she screamed no as I kissed her. She fainted.

I felt victorious, like I defeated some great evil. I sat here half a moment relieved until it dawned on me. There was two of them.

I frantically turned to see the blond one sitting on her but like she fell over. Hands behind her holding her up , knees bent with her feet flat on the ground. She had a look of disbelief on her face, like what happened couldn't be. Right about then her face twisted to the most wicked smile, like that of a serial killer.

I knew I didn't have much time till she regained her composure so I thought to myself that if it worked once it would work again. So I rushed her and grabbed her by her hands and I said she was mine as well and kissed her. But unlike the last she just stared through me, like nothing changed. She didn't faint, she didn't scream aloud nothing. All I got was a sarcastic "oh no" from her and a menacing smile. A smile that activated me. It made me mad how she looked at me, looked through me. How she didn't seemed phased at all. Looking at her pretty face look so ugly with that smile made me want to hurt her. Need to hurt her. So I decided there was one way to remove that smile.
That's when the thought crossed my mind. That's when I decided she needed to be punished. She sat there and didn't even struggle as I ripped her panties off and undid my zipper. She laid there like she was ready bug said in the most sarcastic, or bored?, tone "oh no, not that" or "stop". And so I raped her. The hole time fueled by that smile of hers that pissed me off so bad.

I remember as I got close to climax, the thought occurred to me that I should pull out. But then as quick as it came another though came to me, telling me to cum inside her. That she can bare my child as punishment. That she has no clue who I am. The perfect punishment and crime all in one. And when I climaxed I did so as deep as I could.

Her smile changed to that of someone who accomplished their goal. Such a wicked grin it was. Then almost immediately I felt a big sence of dread wash over me. I looked about at the masked men about and there were only two types of masks, the none the one guy had on and the one like I found when I stood up and looked around.

It's like as soon as I came to that realization is the time she held up a mask like mine and said to me with soft words. " I know who you are Anon, there is no escape from me".

I panicked, got up and ran. Almost immediately I woke up covered in sweat. I noticed I had a wet dream, because my underwear had some cum in it, but what bothered me was the way I was soaked down there. Like I'd just recently had sex.

I imagine it was just precum, but it was way more than I'd ever produced prior or even after. I talked to a friend of mine who says it was probably a really vivid dream, which I imagine it was. But I've never had a dream where I could feel the heat, or smell the smoke, or felt it burn my eyes and choke and caught on it. Never seen clocks keep time in dreams either.
Sometimes when I'm out in public, I swear I catch glimpses of one of both the women from that dream. It's happened on and off since it happened to me. I know its just my mind filling in the background noise with what it wants to see but it's still frightening at times.

For a while there I had nightmares that the blond haired woman would show up at my door. Or she would come to my work, or totally any place I would go she would hunt me down. Was the strangest thing. Haven't had one of those dreams though in about a year. What brought this up today was that last night she appeared in my dreams once more. This time carrying a child, and she told me that soon she would take what was hers.

I've had night terrors before but that really took the cake for me. Haven't slept in 72 hours because of that dream. I don't know why but I'm afraid to go to bed.

That being said /x/ any good herbal remedies for sleep aid you know?
It sounds like it was a lucid dream man.
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