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Your Paranormal Experience
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Has anyone who was at first a skeptic had an experience that made them definitely believe in the paranormal? Cryptids, ghosts, conspiracies, weird religious stuff, ect. Whatever it is you started believing in that falls under "paranormal" counts.

I sadly have not yet experienced anything to make me a full believer so I remain a skeptic who enjoys the stories of others.
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My computer spoke to me as if it were alive
What did it say
Well there's minor weirdness going on every now and then but I wouldn't call them paranormal without more evidence.

For example, less than hour ago my wife saw some shadow going quickly past the bathroom door. She asked if I had visited our "home office room", but no... I had been in our living room with our son, all the time.
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Emergence cannot be understood with language, only contemplated, quietly

It is never wrong to draw blood from a corpse
Black, the dark of futures past, red a world about to dawn!
That's pretty raw
I'm still skeptical , just one experience i felt.

>be me
>19 years old, first course in uni
>living in the dorm for lulz
>3 am, go to sleep late at the morning, because owl type person.
>started meditating in almost fully dark room.
>started seeing a black figure in the corner
>just think it's brain playing tricks on me
>w/e, go for a smoke and to bed
>turn the lights off
>face the wall when trying to fall asleep
>feel strange presence behind me, not scary, just strange, like after watching after good horror movie
>my ears started hearing a strange sound that was getting louder and louder
>Sound reminded a train getting closer, it wasn't exactly a train, but something like ctuphu-ctuphu-ctuphu
>as sound got louder my closed eyes started seeing different colors corresponding with the beat that ears are hearing.
>sounds are literally in my head now, colors become more bright. it's like a LSD party in my eyes (eyes shut)
>i'm actually amazed, not scared, decide to do nothing, to see where it leads me.
>colors start to fade, sounds is getting weaker and weaker until it's gone
>stand up, go for a smoke
>Still amazed and have no idea, what happened to me
>come back to my room, turn the lights of again and go to sleep
>the end
>nothing like that ever happened to me again.
>still think it's some kind of hallucination.
Yeah, it's from this game called Mountain I found on steam with a pretty advanced AI
i did LSD a few times in my life, but that was only opening a mystery door that is in this time-space we in human form are in.
Magic mushrooms however gave me parts of answers in much larger possibly infinite ''time-space'' type of reality that we as humans are not in but simply our counsciesness is a tiny tiny infantesmolly tiny fragment of an infinite alive counsciess mechanism that is real or to put it this way it is natural and organic
Some can call this god , and there is some truth to that title, but stories from humans to humans, are just that. stories.
but stories from organic natural source are truth.

And on shrooms you can read minds and talk that way for a few hours so i guess that could be called paranormal.
This, except for the end. Never felt like I could read minds on shrooms, and never heard of anyone else with that experience. Maybe your friends were messing with you? Or they were experiencing the same part of the trip at the same time as you so what you were thinking/saying seemed extremely similar to what was going on in their minds?
Oh a game? That sounds pretty cool thanks for telling me!
There were joined visions at the same time same things.
but i mean we litteraly knew what the others were thinking, and we comunicated that way.
few days ago i was in situation where there were only 3 of us on shrooms with other people who were with us only in same room.
i remember at one moment us 3 talk through them, trough inspiration i guess, maybe some weird manipulation of their ''simple'' councesness.
but yeah, we talked without talking, only thinking. we never ''heard'' the words but we simply knew what the other one is saying, so i can call that telepathy.
and yeah it ranged from the deepest possible discussions to the basic human small talks, all trough telepathy, or this way of telepathy.
Be sure to tell all your friends
Footsteps when there was nobody there. The weirdest, longest, loudest footsteps you've ever heard. That was only my first experience, nothing crazy
I've had paranormal experiences and they still baffle and confuse me to this day, however I am still a massive skeptic and apply the logic of science to the paranormal before writing it off as supernatural hocus pocus bullshit.
One such odd story happened one late night in Romania.
Me and my girlfriend were returning home from a night out, we'd both had a bit to drink but were not horribly intoxicated. We were both lucid and neither of us were. On our way home we encountered some type of ape like creature that ran in front of us and climbed up a tree with phenomenal speed. We both caught a glimpse of it and it appeared to be around the size of a chimpanzee. After darting up the tree, we caught a glimmer of it's eyes and we could feel it watching us from the tree it climbed in front of us. I approached the tree and attempted to get a better look, the feeling of being watched did not subside but it was too dark to make out any figure or being.

We walked around the tree, keeping our eyes on it as we passed by. From what we can tell, it did not attempt to follow us, but we got the impression it wandered in front of us to illicit some kind of reaction.

To this day I do not know what it was, but I do not consider it to be supernatural even though it falls into the realms of paranormal.
It could of been a regular animal since it was dark out, but that's pretty cool.
We were close enough to see the short hind legs and long forearms and movement similar to that of a chimpanzee. We could also make out the elongated snout, similar to that of a dog or coyote. It was dark but we got really close to this thing and the way it watched us makes me feel like it was not simply a cat or any other type of domestic animal. It just simply didn't move that way.

I'd consider it some kind of hybrid of domestic animals before considering it as supernatural though.
Les Mis
I've never been a skeptic because I'm not arrogant and ignorant.

I saw a fairy.
Could you describe it for me?
Back when I was a really small child we used to live in a trailer park. One night I got up to go use the bathroom. When I got there, I saw a shadow person. Well, a shadow child. It was barely illuminated by the moonlight from a small window in the bathroom and was bouncing I guess a shadow ball while standing in the bathtub. I stood there looking at it and after a second it noticed me and reached out to grab me. Of course, I ran out of there and went and got in the bed with my parents. The next morning they assured me it was a dream.

Last year I recalled the event and asked my mom if she remembered it. She told me she didn't, but told me she actually saw shadow people all the time when we lived there.

She also said she had a similar experience once as a child, but that it wasn't a shadow person, instead she saw a glowing white being watching her though a window.
>Live in the USA
>Parents are Hungarians from Transylvania
>take me to Romania/Transylvania when i am 5/10/15 years old
>during 10 year old trip we visit my mom's family in the transylvanian countryside
>No books, no TV, no Radio, no newspaper delivery, no cars
>completely shut off from outside world
>mom's 90 year old aunt tells me before I go to sleep not to open the windows if something knocks on them
>says it's Vampires (no that word specifically but the Hungarian words for blood suckers)
Sleep paralysis
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