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Sigils Invocation and Interest
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I am looking this morning for opinions, personal stories, and criticisms on my current project that I am considering undertaking. I have in my possession (not far out of reach of yours for google provided it interestingly, this digital age makes obtaining information so much easier) sigils of some entities. These entities are in charge of an array of items paranormal, supernatural, and ethereal.
Currently in a point in my life where I feel now may be the time to begin enlisting help of this nature.
when a response is received, more information will be divulged. Feel free to question me as well.
The first Image is one Sigil. Image Related.
To be completely honest, OP, I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. From what I gather from Google, "sigil" is Latin for "seal", but what would anyone want this that?

Pardon the autism.
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No autism.
Folder images are saved in is titled Seal
Why anyone would want as many answers.
perhaps this page will provide useful answers to your question. and hopefully spur further discussion.
ask again if prefer not to read.
Okay, so it seems to be for summoning. So I'm assuming that you provide original seals, right?
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ssgod goku.jpg
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to be frank Anon. I hope they are original. I had not even considered tampered or manipulated seals. However, my sources I deemed trustworthy. and there is always risk in tasks concerning subjects such as this.>>17167165
this image is a sigil I have used before. The only one I have used before. It worked but my memory is hazy as I decided it was a grand idea to incorporate the aid of a substance while participating in this ritual.
Hey brother, it's %1 anon from >>17165392

I don't know a whole ton about sigils, but when I was around 18 I did dabble in wicca. There were some different symbols and stuff involved in all of that. If you were interested I would say look into it. I grew away from over time, but looking back it was kinda empowering for a 18 year old kid.
i was around 19 when I experimented.
Was really interested in Astral Projection, and manipulating it for Physical Time Travel.
>>>lots of discussion with very few answers could be had here>>>

I am currently looking into it. would you check out a site and give me your opinion on legitimacy. looks a bit off to me.


Welcome to my deadish thread tho brother
Sometimes the deadish threads are where the most legitimate answers come from. You don't get 100 anons and 89 shitposters, just the 11 actually interested anons.
Astral projection is a really awesome topic, I've never been able to achieve it though. I've gone as far as to buy a binaural frequency track that was supposed to induce Astral while sleeping.
I have on the other hand been able to lucid dream, which was amazing all but one time, in which I had accidentally induced sleep paralysis, and saw a dead looking older woman only inches away from my face. She stayed in that position for what felt like the entire night. It was roughly only 20 minutes.
Also, aside from the horrifying backdrop with solid black text, that website seems to be legitimate.
I say legitimate objectively though, because it is telling a story that some people belive, and some people would laugh at. Similar to the Bible, or the Koran.
If you have faith in what you're reading on that site, then I would say you've got a green light on this one.
Wouldn't recommend working with entities t b h senpai
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chakra gif.gif
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why does this go against your recomendation anon?
I am very curious to know your answer, as I actually had a rather less than fully pleasant experience when I worked with the symbol in >>17167255
Although A lot of it has been lost to my recollection.>>17167436
Never had sleep paralysis. Lucid Dreaming is great from what I've experienced though. Have you flown??

The entities found on this site were of high intrigue. Although relative objective legitimacy is a concept I understand quite well. Grew up in a bible-reading house.
this also limits my fear of said entities thankfully, although a healthy respect is much needed.
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It is common sense that they will expect something in return? You can accomplish your goals by yourself and your own will.
All they request in exchange is YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL
is filename significant of this?
more information would be interesting
Looks like a happy guy with a bike helmet riding in 3-legged Marge Simpson's hair
They will request something in return. and yes, self will and perseverance are very important. However, with utilization of certain entities, the goals that are set are outside the limitations of humanity without other-dimensional assistance.

also, a soul is not the only bargaining chip. and it is also only as valuable as I know and trust it is.
haha it is the spirit Frutimere. Responsible for festivals and partys
Can you tell about your experience? I'm very interested. I have a couple of questions if you are willing to answer.
>What did you request?
>What did they want in return?
>How many times have you done this?
>Any negative experience?
>What was the process like?
>Who did you summon?
>Who was your best/worst experience?
I don't expect you to answer these but I'm very curious now and it would be awesome if you answered.
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Make sure you know what you're doing, be specific in your intent, do not waver, follow through, and be prepared to accept both what you planned for and what you did not.
Sometimes you make the seal in paper, sometimes on wood or metal, this arrangement required something more personal. Paimon followed through and I paid my debt.
I actually kind of like that. It looks badass.
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