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Dreams that come true?
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Does anyone else have dreams that then come true? It's like Deja Vu, but different; Deja Vu is just a trick of the mind, but you know that. You realize it. I've had it before; everyone has.

But then I sleep and I have these weird, semi-realistic dreams. Then anywhere between a few days to a few weeks later, they happen in real life and I can remember every detail of the dream and compare it.

Is this an actual thing?

I'm not RPing here either, like this shit actually happens. Is it some weird psychological thing or there a real explanation?
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Yeah... Just last night though and then I think it'll come true soon, I feel it, greentext time:
>be me walking through my house
>be doing normal shit (going on my bed, looking at tits at /b/
>stumble upon /x/
>see OP
>get instantly hard
>start ass fucking OP
I'm scared :(
I had a dream of my ex before she left me. Pissed off at me in the dream snd real life. I miss her badly.
I've had this my whole life and in the past few years its gotten to the point I know what people are about to say, because I remember it quickly enough.
This happens to me on a regular basis not too often that it's unnerving but often enough that i notice and i'm currently getting to the point where i can remember the dream before it happens like >>17166677 this anon, and sometimes(just because i like to see the world burn) i purposefully i don't allow the dream to come true by taking certain steps that would change the situation so that the dream can't come true. i mean it hurts like a bitch. But it's fun seeing how far i can take it.
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No experiences this sharp or profound.
However, this brings up interesting memories.
however to discuss them fully it would require talk of substances that aided in these instances, and I wish not to offend any anon here.
>>>Inb4 Psychotic Break>>>
>>>24 year old College Student with Job>>>
>>>be me when fairly normal albeit tinted with personal unique weirdness>>>

shall I divulge, would gladly accept feedback!
Something that really sparked my interest in divination, wyrd and orlog, and the shit that kind of "binds the world together" is a dream that I had.

Once upon a time, I had a dream that I was surrounded by giant spools/bobbins. Like, fuckers were ten, fifteen feet tall. It was kind of like a warehouse area, and an outside area. Stacked and stacked with the fuckers. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and telling my wife about it.

About a month, month and a half later I got a call from a staffing agency I was signed up with to come and do some clean-up at a wire rope company for about two or three days.

On the second day I was there, I was outside cleaning out some old lubricant barrels (for those who aren't used to an industrial environment, they keep that shit around in 50 gal barrels). I looked up and it was basically like being slapped in the fucking face by that dream. When I walked back inside the plant, it hit me even harder.

The true significance of all that? I overheard my boss-for-the-weekend talking to the plant manager about how he still had shit to do. The plant manager responded with "you've had a fucking month to get all of your stuff done, you knew this was happening."

I was brought in because a big wig from Sweden was coming to inspect the plant, so they needed someone to do all of the low-level cleanup that they didn't have time for. In other words, the point in time that he made the announcement that he was coming, is about the same time I had my dream.

Kind of freaked me the fuck out when I realized it all. And that would explain my unending obsession and interest in divination.
Try for a waifu...
sometimes i hear someone saying something and im 100% sure i dreamed it
whats even weirder is that i can't remember anything about it later
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Two of my girlfriends (my only real relationships) and one good friend appeared in my dreams before I met them. The first one was in my backyard with sunglasses on looking at me with a hand on her hip looking at me on my porch (in the dream). I don't think that scene ever repeated in my real life.
My second girlfriend was in a dream where me and my best friend were walking around downtown. She had blue hair in the dream and was walking with us. There's a chance she had blue hair at the time I had the dream (hadn't met her yet) but by the time I met her it was died blonde and the exact scene walking with my friend and her repeated in real life, probably a few months later.

The third was me and my friend sitting in the middle of city hall legs crossed talking and kissing and stuff. This happened in my dream, but my only clue that it was her was that she was from another country (she is actually) so yea.

AMazing stuff
Besides this, I get deja vu often
i have actually met with a girl i have seen in my dream so hell yes

my deja vu are always dreams. i thought that was how it works. i already know my wife is going to divorce me when she goes to visit her parents for a few months...
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Quite often, It's something that runs in my family.

It usually isn't too prophetic, but I can't tell you how many times my mom or my sister has predicted a birth, or I have predicted some kind of accident.

My brother is a skeptic, but even he's had some interesting "coincidences"
Pre Cognitive Dreams, surprisingly common among people.
I've experienced this many times. Had a lot of weird time related glitches in my life. I'm even convinced I've been dumped into another universe, where everything is the same except for the spelling of a few names and there's a couple of specific colors that people call something else; and yes i have been tested against all kinds of mental illness'

But anyways, IMO it's probably either because of the fact that your dreams have infinite amounts of material and concepts to use so some dreams hit closer to home than others.
But what I'd like to be true, is that the human race is reaching new peaks of self awareness and are constantly sending out healing, and positive thoughts in general, into the human hivemind. And it basically opens the third eye and your precognition n shit just becomes super good i guess. Even time itself is becoming easier to handle for most people.
If you're starting out a rough day, just ask whatever it is you believe in to make your day go by super fast, and suddenly you will find yourself at home with what feels like infinite amounts of time on your hands, and it works both ways.
where are you from?
This. And it will be completely stupid like I'm hearing part of a conversation again from other people. Usually it is not what I am doing, it's that I am reliving what has already happened and things I've already heard or seen. I can only sit motionless and think "I've dreamt this". I'd say it happens to me about 1-2 times a month.
Ive had plenty. Too many to even share. Where are you doc!
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I do the same exact thing. EXACTLY. even down to the frequency of it happening. that's so fucking weird.

I try to convince myself I'm just imagining it happening after the fact, like my brain fucking with me but I distinctly have these moments after I've had a glimpse of something where I worry if it's going to be something fucking terrible. it's usually just stupid shit but I know I'm actually seeing it before hand.

fucking weird
Lets say i lived a dream and in that dream there was a haliburton not halliburton. There was a grubmann not grummann. Soviet russia still existed. The soviet only had one option left and that was make the world worship it through religion. So they converted their top officials to Judaism. This is a dream nothing true. But damn scary.

THen i had a dream. About a detective with a mullett and another one with a toupe investigating a scene. And it happened in real life pretty scary. Then i had a dejavu. Of how i met one of my best friends. Over and over again but with a different person iver and iver again. It was creepy.
Me too.
Yeah. I do but it's very unsignificant things unfortunetly. I don't even realize until it happens like ''Oh shit I had a dream about this deja vu''. I've heard it's quite common though.
pretty interesting. the interesting webs of a dream and a reality spun from all we think.
I repeatedly had something like this going.
I dream of ppl and friends I haven't heard of in years and when I start my day I find they email or call me out of the blue. I also dreamed of situations that I happened to find myself in a few days later, people I meet and so on, even though these situations aren't completely clear but obstructed. Other than the thing with the friends that contacted me.
And btw I write down dreams and reflect on them in the morning, so I can exclude that this is just a delusion/fake memory that comes after I receive their message.
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Thread images: 6
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