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East coast thread
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Say a Mid west General /x/ thread any one have stories on the East coast or legends or know of any cool places to explore ? OC or not .

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I see Maine on that map, here you go. Definitely not my OC.
I miss Maine Taxi Guy

NE Florida reporting in
well, there's the New England Vampires which were the inspiration for Dracula.

The Bloody Pit, a haunted maintenance shaft and train tunnel (still in use so be careful lurking) in North Adams, Mass

the tunnels underneath the Danver's State Hospital are still around and supposedly the buildings have had consistent strange happenings.

Bridgewater Triangle

Bennington Triangle

October Mountain has had consistent bigfoot sightings since settlement basically.

Dana, Massachusetts would be cool for exploring. it is a disincorporated township cleared for the quabbin resevoir but the foundations and basements and some structures are still around.
I don't.
Born bred and Raised in vermont. It's weird, and with lots of history we have a ton of hauntings. I grew up in a house, and I have had a few experiences myself
If you guys want to hear them I can do some typing.
>inspiration for Dracula
na brah, stop making shit up
>basis for a character is the same as inspiration

"One 1896 New York World clipping even found its way into the papers of a London stage manager and aspiring novelist named Bram Stoker, whose theater company was touring the United States that same year. His gothic masterpiece, Dracula, was published in 1897. Some ... see Lena in the character of Lucy (her very name a tempting amalgam of “Lena” and “Mercy”), a consumptive-seeming teenage girl turned vampire, who is exhumed in one of the novel’s most memorable scenes. Fascinatingly, a medical doctor presides over Lucy’s disinterment, just as one oversaw Lena’s."

they were at least pretty clearly influential

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PA fag, I can think of a couple near here.

Centralia Mine Fire
Named as the biggest insipration for the town Silent Hill. Pretty spoopy at night, but fags ruined it with graffiti and vandalism. Haven't been there in years cause it's almost an automatic visit from a state trooper now.

Katy's Church
Didn't bother reading the article, but the story I heard was something about some bitch waiting for her husbando to come home from war and she hung herself on the tree outside the church. Went there in high school and it was easily the creepiest place I've been to. Again, vandalfags have ruined it, and a trip there will almost certainly lead to a possibly lengthy detainment by the local authorities.

Eastern State Pen
Allegedly was once a great UO spot and haunted as balls, never personally been, but now it's some cheesy halloween tour.

Sachs Bridge
Been a few times, never personally experienced anything paranormal.

Danville State Hospital
Still functioning Insane Asylum. Went to creep around at night once but got driven out pretty quickly. There are a couple of boarded up buildings (at least, they were still standing last time I was there, which was 09-10) where urban legend in town says doctors performed spoopy experiments on loony toons. Some oldfag once told me his one buddy and some others got inside of one of the buildings once in the 70s and got v& and he never saw him again, but he was a burnout so who knows
Tell us one.
Here's an interesting one from my state,OP. No one ever talks about it and I dont live close enough to it to investigate or anything.

Sorry fell asleep. Let's see.

Well there is the whole Bennington triangle thing. Strange shit happens constantly in that area. Creatures the size of busses stepping out in front of cars, or turning them over, shadow people stalking the woods. I heard one really old person say that there used to be a town where everyone went strange in the head and either left or died. Said that shadow people roam it close to twilight attacking anyone they see who is living. I went out to visit it once, there is evidence it was there, old basements and such, but I did stick around to test out if the shadow people thing was true. Supposedly the land is cursed though.
Didn't stick around.
Jerusalem's lot? Is that folklore the basis for the Steven King novel?
Steven king dislikes Vermont(ers), but he takes a lot of our stories yes.
Don't See why, Mainers are fucking weird.
Because stephen king is a hack. He takes previous stories and twists them to his own needs. The only original thing he has done is the Dark tower clusterfuck.

Oi Vermontfag. give us something creepier than some fucking holes in the ground.
Alright fine.

>Be in College
>Living in vermont
>Redundantly living in the middle of nowhere.
>Roleplaying group I participated in was on the other side of the mountains.
>routinely drive an hour to hang out with these chuckle fucks who never offered to let me stay over because Gender Differences.
>One night it's going on 3 by the time I get on the road.
>Middle of winter. Fucking pitch black out. New Moon.
>Tire breaks down, pull off just to the side near a cliff.
>19 year old geek female, can't lift a fucking tire. No cellphone, died, reception sucks anyway.
>Welp Guess I am walking.
> I was Dumb as shit as a kid.
> 20 minutes later, regretting all things, come upon a house. Spot it through the trees from it's glowing, figure it's got to have heat, and a phone.
>run down the road towards it, spot woman.
> "Sorry my car is ..." Look down at her fee
> woman is barefoot in -15 degree weather.
> Woman turns and is clearly see through. Sound of rattling glass and something like a creaking ship.
>run back to car and sit until a cop shows up.
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Hex House.jpg
280 KB, 1485x1600


rehmeyers hollow is a few miles from me. not as spooky these days since most of the roads are paved and theres houses everywhere. theres a book about it called "hex".

seven gates is kinda dumb. theres only one metal gate thing and no trail leading anywhere.

the old prison in the city is spooky as fuck though.
Oh yeah I heard of the seven gates. Not surprised though.

What's so spooky about the prison?
File: old york prison.jpg (41 KB, 600x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
old york prison.jpg
41 KB, 600x400

i lives two blocks away in my early 20's. sometimes can hear banging noises coming from the building. its said they use to execute people inside. just being near it at night makes my skin crawl.

few years ago someone tried to convince the city council to renovate it and make it a tourist attraction like they did with rehmeyers house. naturally they shot them down.
wrong video

>This Map
That's fucking Asheville on the map Charlotte is over a hundred miles east of there
hm... interesting.
Anyone else have a spooky experience?
Mainer here. My brother and I shared a repetitive dream for a week when we were younger because –from what I can tell– our sister was fucking with too many pentagram rituals. Still remember ever dreadful second.
Vermonter here: Do you want to talk about it?
Fuck I know that story. Something about a Shivering house?
>Be me
>Be 12
>Recently move from trash trailer to unfinished house father was building at the time
>fast forward
>Time for bed
>Wake up in old trailer
>In parents room
>nothing in the room; save for a unplugged television set upon a small foot table
>be aware of the corniness of such a thing
>look around
>nothing is changing
>nothing is moving
>oddly silent
>Slightly weirded out by density of silence
>Remember there's a door adjacent to tv stand
>open it
>utter blackness
>denser than the silence
>more pervasive
>starts to trickle into room
>try to slam door shut
>panic starts to set in
>push harder
>door is closed
>silence still there
>more acutely obtrusive now
>turn around
>television is on
>look at plug
>innocently unplugged
>only static
>can hear the white noise
>oddly calming
>sit in front of television
>TV shuts off
>hairs on back of my neck feel frigid
>stomach screaming
>TV turns back on
>static but no white noise
>can only watch in horror
>ruby colored talon of a finger extends from inside the television
>hooks onto the bottom of the screen
>fingernail outside
>mind numbing scream in my head
>can't move
>can't blink
>can't breath
>scuffle backwards in sitting position
>sharp ears emerge
>long, thin
>life clicks
>eyes are inside my soul
>fire inside my stomach
>flipped over and see door
>dig fingers into boardwork
>cannot pull myself
>right hand, middle fingernail breaks apart
>blood spurts toward door I can't access
>Index fingernail on left follows suit
>losing all traction
>bite floor
>presence behind me
>gravity gone
>momentum carries me to door
>feel gash on ankle
>look back
>I only feel fire
>hit door
>gravity comes back
>claw bloody doorknob
>wake up

The only difference between the dreams is that my brother saw a feminine figure. I saw masculine.
Also had a repetitive dream of killing my mother from the perspective of each of my brothers if interested.
plot twist: I have 5 brothers. It was not a fun time.
From Philly, best spot around was Byberry Psychiatric Hospital, got into it countless times when I was in high school. This was between 97-01. Really really wish they had go pros back then, not a lot of footage or even photos exist of it. I got a roll of 35mm film some place at my folks house that has pictures but i'm not sure where it's at.

We still got the Beury Building and it;s fucking awesome but it's getting more and more dangerous by the day. Last time I was there the stairwells were falling down and the little crows nest area was no longer assailable without climbing gear. Back in the late 00s I used to go up to the top of it at night and watch the city and drink a few beers
uh... Interested. Also dude.. what the fuck was your sister messing with?
Just FYI the now-closed Loring AFB (Limestone, Maine) had multiple UFO incidents in the 70s. Google should take you to those reports. Most of the rest of the Maine stuff (especially Aroostook county/North Woods areas) is perpetuated by locals who make a habit of spiking their morning joe with Allen's Coffee Brandy.

Source: grew up in Maine, been all over the damn place
I'd believe it. Like I said Mainers go weird from the lonesomeness. Either that or they leave.
he takes a lot of stories from a lot of places folklore, I'm not too surprised he combined Vermont's ghost town with vampires
NJer here, me and a few people went to Byberry 3 or 4 times back in 2005/06ish, right before they tore it down. Brought a friend down once to show him and there was nothing left. Spent hours just reading the miles of old graffiti in the underground hallways
That's a pretty big leap to make, man. Vampires in New England were probably the result of European folk belief carrying over to the New World and thriving under the severe morality- and supernatural worldview- of Puritan belief. Bram Stoker, the occultist that he was, was more likely inspired by the Balkan depiction of the vampire, given Dracula's similarity with respect to abilities.
Connecitcunt here, currently attending a college in Vermont that is supposedly one of the most haunted in the country. I'm planning on doing a little ghost hunting when the weather gets warmer.
Moved to Virginia recently need to look into spoopy things any suggestions?
DMV area has our shit Bunnyman/Goat man
The Bunny man that I just mentioned is Northern Virginia
Dang that's pretty far from where I moved.
Philadelphia has a bunch of cool abandoned places, notably the naval yard where the infamous Philadelphia Experiment partly took place in. Lots of abandoned high schools and electrical plants, hotels, and just houses filled with dope heads.
If your talking about UVM then yeah. Fucking loads of hauntings there. Between where I went to school and there you could ghost hunt for years.

My favorite is one of the halls has a coughing man. Like that's it, he eternally has a cold.
Oh and Mount Moriah cemetery; huge abandoned cemetery in SW philly, really fucking scary at night, more so than any cemetery I've been in.
I would love to see pictures if you have any.
I didn't snap any the times I went but I live close enough to it to probably get some next time. Google has some alright pictures up but nothing really captures the scale. Massive crypts with the city skyline in the background is a bizarre sight.
Anything cool in the central Florida area?
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Delaware fag reporting in.

Fort Delaware aka Pea Patch Island. Take the ferry out from Delaware City. Massive stone fort. Free to roam or take a tour. Technically a state park so you can go anywhere on it. (the night tour done by delaware paranormal is awesome. The night tour done by the fort guides is terrible)

Lots of reported ghost activity. Apparitions, shadow figures, cold spots, and voices.
Delaware again.
Fort Dupont. Again open to the public as it's a state park. Lots of concrete bunkers and tunnels to explore. To find the open ones you have to kind of trek off to the right through the clearing but they're there.

Apparitions in the windows of the old buildings, screaming, ghost ships, and footsteps.
Please do. I want to see more. I have googled it.
what part of CT?
Windham County
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The Philadelphia area is a gold mine of haunted stuff.

GA fag here, me and my senpai went to this place up in Hiawassee where there's supposed to be a legit haunted house. Chastain House or some shit like that. We did 3 investigations there and took all kinds of evidence and evps. I can post pics and try to upload EVPs tomorrow. For the most part there were just orbs and some shadows and stuff. our last investigation was conducted during halloween night.
one of the pics i had to pull off my fb because I don't have any of the pics on my desktop. The circle and shit is supposed to show the silhouette of a shadow man that we saw at the time but I guess you can't really see it
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West vaginan here, we have some pretty spoopy lore and some nice haunted places ask me anything
Has anyone heard of weird shit happening under lake Eligo, northern Vermont?
I've heard from a couple of drunk farmers that Lake Eligo is "bottomless". The story goes that someone once fell through the ice and drowned. The next spring, a dredging boat went to retrieve the body with a 300 foot dredging line. The lake is about 100 feet deep, like most glacial lakes in Vermont...and yet at one point, the dredging line was hanging completely taut and yet didn't reach the bottom. That's what sparked the rumor of there being a bottomless hole in Lake Eligo. The drunk farmer said that the hole is "south of the island". That's all I can remember.
Connecticut here. I've sat in the throne of the little people village in Middlebury a few years ago. this year should be the 7th.
Another Ga fag here. Plenty of happenings around Savannah. But i live slightly north. Around Georgia southern we have the packing house (not so sure it's haunted but definitely creepy as fuck) and ghost road. Ghost road is my personal favorite given the amount of experiences I've had there.
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