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Welcome to the Paranormal Healing General!

In this thread you can ask and / or give distant healings from / to each others!

Every style is welcome: Reiki, Quantum Touch, pranic healing, Taoist techniques, etc...

Also a creation of a more decent OP text is in progress (with tutorials and links).

Nothing is written in stone, even the thread's title can change - this General is basically a newborn.

One more thing:

>This thread is transforming into a healing thoughtform itself.

>We're constantly charging it with thoughts, attention, emotions, and - that's the important part - with healing.

>And this energy is becoming stronger and stronger with time... and also its power.

>So yeah, we're suddenly in a very exciting experiment here!
>We can help many anons with this unique opportunity.

>no fight
>no religious or fedora tipping nonsense
>be nice

inb4 "why is this thread on /x/":

/x/ is the paranormal board of 4chan.

>paranormal (ˌpærəˈnɔːməl)

>1. (Psychology) beyond normal explanation
>2. (Alternative Belief Systems) beyond normal explanation

>3. (Psychology) the paranormal paranormal happenings generally
>4. (Alternative Belief Systems) the paranormal paranormal happenings generally

P.S.: I'm a Quantum Touch practitioner and an ex-Reiki user.

If you want a distant healing session, you can ask me anytime!

Also this is my address:
[email protected]

You can contact me anytime.
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266 KB, 599x814

So here we go again: I'm back and ready to help your self-healing processes.

I'm working with Quantum Touch - they have their own Youtube channel with a lot of interesting videos, so you can check this thing out if you want.

>How to ask for healing?

Just post a request, that's enough.
I don't need your name, address or whatever - your post is a perfect focal point.

>How does this healing work?

Everything vibrates, resonates - even your body.
When I "heal" you, I focus my positive attention to you (kinda), so your body can heal itself quicker.

But there are many healing methods, QT is just one of them.
Anyone can heal Anons in this thread - Reiki or Qi Gong practitioners, etc...

Any help would be much appreciated!
Dude my bladder infection thing is SO MUCH BETTER today. I'm assuming you helped because I'd been trying energy healing on myself without much success. Thank you.
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Previously on /phg/: >>17133105

Thanks for all the wonderful healings and all the Love, Anons!
You've been pretty awesome in 2015! ;)

P.S.: I almost gave this thread the title "Hangover Edition".
I never have hangovers since I'm back and healing again, by the way. :)

2016 starts with good news! :D
I'm so happy, Anon!

I'll send more vibes, and you'll be even better. ;)
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Happy New Year!.jpg
147 KB, 757x757
>You've been pretty awesome in 2015! ;)
You, too!^^

new year = new thread \o/

Happy New Year, everyone!
Happy New Year Op

I need some healing, I haven't partied but I'm feeling my body achy, specially in the back
>new year = new thread \o/

Just to start a Healthy New Year. ;)


Ok, I'll send the vibes.
Think we should give Heron the title of Tripfag of the Year? Seeing as how The Splendid Vendor Xeno (winner: 2014) skipped town on us when I was sure he'd pull it off a second time, should we give it to Heron?!
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Posted here before about my back, had a really wonderful day with lots of energy the day after but it's been worse. At any rate I'm thankful for the healing that was sent, very thankful.

Happy New Years everyone, and I wish you all a painless year!
>Tripfag of the Year
if namefag is under it, why not?
Actually, it should just be Personality of the Year but then Heron loses out to Hanz...
then, can't we just make a new one for Heron?
I'm getting a cold.

I also want to be happy and satisfied with being alive.

If I could get help with either of these, that'd be amazing.

Happy New Year everyone!!
Tripfag: pending
Namefag: Heron
Personality: Hanz
I would love some aid in a broken heart and self-confidence....
we need others to agree and for Heron to accept it
Don't add to the tripfag's ego, no matter who it is. All tripfags are unworthy of attention beyond responses to posts. Making celebrities of a few makes more people want to be one, which causes them to proliferate. Tripfags have no place on /x/ really.
Ya'll are silly.
Bringing egotistical drama into a thread meant to be self less.

Who cares if someone that wants to help has their own ego?
Why does it matter if others are still being helped?
The premise of OP is basically a bunch of horseshit though, since "energy" can't do anything and isn't real. It's a concept in physics and it's use in Mesmeric type crap is a lie. There is no way a person can do anything with it. Misappropriation of traditional concepts like qi/ki/prana/qudra are disgusting. One should study the roots of the idea before one tries to misappropriate them for their own uses. Also, stick to a consistent narrative.
I understand that sentiment and don't really know the internet personality or history of this person.

I would just like people to help each other and the world and we all find wellness in our lives.
Ah I remember my aunt doing some healing/good vibes sending with her hands but no idea what the name of that is
Also if i could get some possitive energy id be grateful
It'd also be productive to explain in which ways there lies flaws.

Educate. Share.
Thanks for doing this anon! Had some bad luck happen to me recently and I want this new year to be a fresh, great year. May I has a heal?

Much obliged!
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3 MB, 5160x3168
You gets a heal, she gets a heal everybody in the audience gets an heal!!!
May I request depression relief? Thank you
Unblock the Superchakra, soul child.
File: jtzjtdf.jpg (159 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 900x900

You're next, Anon!


Sending as much Love as I can! ;)


Sure, you're next. :P


Of course, Anon.
Expect a lot of extra energy!


That's why we're here Anon, to help.
So yeah, sure! :D



1, I'll ignore trolling, shitposting, etc.
Anons are here to heal and to find peace, even if other Anons don't believe in alternative medicine.

Those people who make hateful posts obviously need Love and healing, and trolling are, in fact, the sign of their desperation, pain and suffering.
One day they'll also find happiness and light.

While I won't answer their posts, I'll send them Love, too! ;)

2, I use the "name" section only in this thread, and only because I started these threads.
Ego has nothing to do with it.
It's just an alias, after all.

Also I don't even "heal" anyone, just assist their self-healing.
What about BV from /div/?
Positive energy deposited
I really didn't know where to post this but what are the symptoms of demonic influence?

Lately I've been quite worried. Like I'll be looking at my close friend smiling, then suddenly something in me snaps straight after and I'll get really mad and these hateful thoughts flow through my mind. This hasn't really happened to me before, well not as intense. What's happening to me
I'd vote for him. He's largely responsible for starting /div/, he became one of /x/'s most respected readers in a few months, and he already trained multiple students. Also, that nigga is a fucking character, holy shit.
File: 2860345.jpg (87 KB, 604x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87 KB, 604x574
I would like to receive some healing energy.


Thanks. :)


While many Anons reported "evil entities", I believe it's more like unbalance / disharmony within your being.

You should try meditation or some simple relaxation technique.

I'll send vibes, that'll surely help.


You'll have it. :P
Happy New Year! blessed be everyone! :)
Please heal me, this year I'll need to be in perfect shape for the upcoming challenges
File: 1451147365225.png (620 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
620 KB, 1920x1080
Hey I could use some healing energy if anyone is willing to send some my way. I'll send what I can back but I am feeling rather weak

I have been scared shitless the past few days on the behalf of several entities that are probably just fine and I've been worrying for nothing but it's wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns.

Thank you to all.
sending some your way
I need healing 1090 health points
Thank you kindly anon
Happy new year everybody, I'd like some healing.
I don't feel physical pain but I'm just stupidly heartbroken over an rejection i got after confessing to the girl I've been in love for 10 years
Long time Kung Fuckboy here, recently getting really into Taoism and am currently working on memorizing the tao te ching. is there a resource on /x/ related taoism?

Thank you!


Sending the vibes, Anon!
You're gonna make it! ;)


I'll see what I can do.

But what are these entities?
I've never met such things.


You're very nice, thanks for the help!


Sending over 9000, just to be sure. :D


You're welcome.


Remember: you're the first in your life.
People can hurt you, but if you're in balance and have a healthy self-love and -worth, then you'll always be happy and powerful.

Also sending the vibes!


The Qi is strong with you, young Anon, but you're not a Taoist... yet.

Lao,tzu taught you well... but he never told you what happened to this text: http://thedaobums.com/topic/843-neiye/

It is impressive. Most impressive.

Jokes aside: read it. You'll love it.
It is the first (known) Taoist meditation!
I can use some healing here. Thanks mr. good guy.

You'll have your healing session, Anon.
Living in fear is killing my ability to be a real person. Advice help on this?
>Living in fear is killing my ability to be a real person. Advice help on this?

Meditation could always help me, even in the most desperate situations.

I know it's hard to practice (and that you don't believe that it could really help), but trsut me, it can save your sanity.

Fear will go away, because the lack of harmony causes it.
I have been tired lately, and I am trying to open my perceptions without sucess. Could you help me with that? Or do you have some advise to do it? Thank you

The easiest and fastest way is to ask for a healing session.
That'll speed up self-healing and repairs the connection between you and your world.

But there's a difficult but even better method: meditation.
That'll help you to find balance and harmony, and that is the best DIY method, ever.

Let's start with the first option, and then you'll decide to you try the second one or not. ;)
Ok, and how do we do that?
Happy new year everyone!

This is a nice post op. Usually im not into alternative stuff but my stomach gives me hell and I'd love some positive energy.

Please help me heal my stomach.
Many thanks
File: 1387144411198.jpg (758 KB, 1400x1980) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
758 KB, 1400x1980
I'm having a hard time defining them as anything other than metal giants right now, but sometimes one of them just shows up as this enormous deep blue light that makes me anxious. I'm not sure if I'm just projecting my own insecurities onto them or if they're actually anxious but it's gotten much better over the course of the night. So thank you very much for the energy, it seems to have helped.
not OP but sending some your way. Hope you feel better!
I do, thank you :)
I'm having some interesting chest pains that are making it hard to concentrate. Can someone please send some healing energy my way?

Thanks in advance.

Simple breathing meditation:

Or a more advanced and philosophical Taoist meditation:


Sending the vibes.


Hmm... interesting.
Why don't you try to work with positive "entities"?
Many religious and esoteric belief systems have angels, good spirits, etc - maybe you should try to contact one of them.

Also do you know the OM MANY PADME HUM mantra?
The Buddhists say it purifies / cleans all the levels of existence.
So basically it has very good "vibes" and I think it might help you against your "negative entities", whatever they are. ;)

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Om_mani_padme_hum

P.S.: You can use it as a mantra, but you can also listen to one of its versions on Youtube.


Thanks, Anon! :D


Good news! :P


If it gets worse, please see a doctor!

But, of course, you're next! ;)
I need a lot of healing. Depression, heartbreak, sickness, negativity, intrusive thoughts. Any help would be much appreciated.

Here's a "shorter" (hehh...) version of the mantra: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAK1dDqIMlM


Sure, I'll send the vibes. :)
Happy New Year anons

Sending some love vibes, may you all find the needed healing to keep growing.
Are you me? I'm wrecked out of my fucking mind and drinking since I woke up.
I like this person but he's an atheist, whilst I believe in energies.
What do?
We've been dating for a while
If anyone could find time out of their day to help me with this internal healing that'd be great.

My girlfriend broke up with me on New Years, and I won't lie but I feel like complete and utter shit.

I probably feel so gutted because I know she still loves me, and could tell she didn't want to. She's gone through a lot of shit and I have tendencies that annoy her, everything all together resulted in too much for her too handle.

Since this is the case I can't but help feel responsible that it's all my fault, and that I failed the person who loved me.
>Since this is the case I can't but help feel responsible that it's all my fault, and that I failed the person who loved me.
she would have wanted you to continue to love yourself.
It takes two hands to clap, so as they say

You didn't fail
Thank you for that, I think you're right.
Does anyone still do healings? I'm not sure if this is possible, but my depression has been eating me a lot lately. I'd really like to feel better, even if it's just for a while... Thank you :')
File: 1385443912612.jpg (178 KB, 900x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
178 KB, 900x600
Firstly, thank you for the healing.

Secondly, I don't believe them to be negative, but perhaps communicating on a frequency that is much closer to human than other frequencies. Like they share a lot of the same anxieties and fears that we do. I don't get the feeling that they're harmful or negative, but mostly scared for either their own safety or others, and it's transmitting across somehow.

Sending some your way. I hope you feel better.
A reminder that healing everyone is bad. Bad people deserve t suffer and they lie and say they are not bad people. Only those discerning good from bad should heal otherwise god will be remiss in blessing them. Amen
Rain falls on the just and unjust alike. But just for a laugh who are these bad people?
I had a bad run in with a person who tried to force me into occult teachings, but I wasn't ready at the time. When I returned after leaving, he said he had put a curse on me and that he removed it. I left his teachings again, in the same manner as before, and I believe he has cursed me again for a very long time.

Would someone be able to help me detect a curse, and then repel it?
I'm not, just a fellow human suffering in the void. I hope all of us needing healing will find some peace from kind healers, even if just for a moment. I hope you find peace too anon.

And thank you to heron and anyone else who is healing those of us in need
>blue light
Holy shit, I remember from when I was a kid that there was a green light shining from my window during the night.
It scared me, mostly because the blinds were down and it should have been impossible for light to pass.
But also the light itself had something scary about it.
I never saw what made the light, but since it only happened once I don't really care.

If this is the case maybe you could send them away?
If they don't want to cause harm to you and you don't want to cause harm to them, maybe they would agree to leaving?

Happy New Year Lathesis!
And thanks for the help! ;)


My fiancée unintentionally made a joke about esoteric stuff on our first date. ;)

Funny thing is, she has always been attracted to these things, intuitively.

So just be cool, if you're all right than what could be the problem?

Here's a little experiment:
1, Sit down, try to relax.
2, Focus on your breathing.
3, When you feel calm, begin to visualize her.
4, What do you feel? Love? Anger? Guilt? Try to analyze these feelings for a bit.
5, When you're ready: start to feel unconditional love towards her. Just feel it. No questions, no petty arguments, just overwhelming Love.
Try to ignore "personal" feelings. There should be only you and her in this universal love - but as equals!
Let this fantastic feeling connect you two, even if she doesn't know that (she'll feel it, trust me).

Something will happen.
Something good.

I don't promise you'll be together again, but your connection will heal (a bit, at least).
You'll see.

If you can send unconditional love, it can heal almost any relationship issues.
Problem is many of these problems are inside US, and not in the other party.
And that is why this technique is so important.

Sending the vibes now!


If this is the case, then the techniques we're using in these threads are the perfect way to find out what these entities want.

After all, love and harmonic vibrations are all about connections - between people, inanimate objects, "spirits" or anything, really.

So try to meditate and send love to these beings.
That should solve any communication problems. :P


I'll send you as much Love as I can.
God is Love.
We're all in God - and he loves all of us.
Only problem is: we don't let God / Love in our lives.

>who are these bad people?

There are no "bad" people, only unloving ones.
But yeah, they can hurt others and causing problems... usually for themselves.
File: elixir_1.jpg (954 KB, 1157x2222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
954 KB, 1157x2222
Could you help me to open my perception? I have been practicing some taoist techniques (mantak chia), but it doesnt worked jet. I can feel, but rarely hear nor see.

Well I don't really work with a system that believes in curses, but a healing sesion might help you.

So basically: you're next. :)


You're very kind, thank you!
Healing is, in fact, not a difficult thing - receiving (and asking) healing is the tough part.

You all heal yourselves, we "healers" are just here to assist you, awesome Anons! ;)

P.S.: Sorry for the separate posts!

Oh, Blessed Anon of the Divine Repeating Numbers, I can send you vibes, maybe that'll help open your perception. :)

But I heard Mantak Chia is not a very good way to practice Taoism.
I suggest to check some Taoist forums and sites (avoid religious ones!), also try to read as much classical texts as you can (Tao Te Ching, Neiye, etc).

Try to feel qi / Tao - other people might tell you what to do or how to meditate, but the Taoists of old believed in a natural "flow" of the Universe.
What do you think: who taught them, the first masters? :P
I think they should have their own masters but in other plane, all of we have.

Mantak Chia's is not a traditional taoism, they call it universal tao because the mixture of oriental philosofies, like yoga and tibetan.

I start in it because the book "the multi-orgasmic men", and I like it because I dont know many taoist book in spanish.

Changing subject, how can I know if there is something blocking my third eye? And how to remove it?

Thank you

Oh, ok, it was just my personal opinion.
I own a Mantak Chia book, and it turned out I also don't find it really helpful, but as you said, it's not even traditional Taoism.

Third eye problems? Hmm...
Many Quantum Touch practitioners work with chakras... but, unfortunately, I'm not one of them.
I also can't see energies, so I can't help you with this one.

But if there's some kind of block in you, I can give you a healing session, that might help to remove it.
I'm in need of healing energy, please send. Thank you
Not sure what post to respond to but I'm the anon just seeking healing for something I'm experiencing right now. Thank you if you can
I will appreciate your help, thank you. Can I know your name?
My help is more in the form of words, but hey.

I don't know what kind of relationship you had with your gf, but it's safe to say you loved her, right?

Well, acknowledge that love. She did the thing that's best for her right now. Yeah, it might suck. Yeah, you'll probably always remember her in some fashion. My father still has moments where he thinks about my mother, even though he married another woman after the divorce and had 2 more children. Life moves on, and I can attest that she's a much better fit for him, and he's genuinely happier overall.

That could be you one day, anon. You could find someone who's a better fit for you. She could find someone better. Or maybe you two will get back together. Don't hope for it, but I've seen it happen. Either way, regardless of what happens, you're not helping anyone by being down, alright?

Don't you want to be a man other people can lean on in times of distress? Then summon up the strength now, while it's only you that's depending on you. Grow to be strong, for others. This is just the next step on your journey. Press on. It gets easier with time.
I'd like to put in a request for a friend of mine. She's... her mind is going through some stuff.
She's the kind of girl who hurts, and who hasn't had anyone in her life to be able to offer any support, so she feels like she's all alone. Further compounding the issue is that she's now closing up even more than she was before.

I'm scared to reach out any further for fear of making things worse. Frightened animal and what not, hence the request.
Should I send you a mail?
I will love some kind of inner healing, to help me feel more confident and strong and achieve things. I know you can't do things for me, but maybe a general healing could help, does it?
File: hjrfgdfs.jpg (68 KB, 570x456) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
68 KB, 570x456

Ok. ;)


You're next, Anon.


You're very welcome.

>Can I know your name?

"It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our health!" :D


I'll send her Love, and you can also do that, see this >>17172173


Well, if there's something particular (and personal), you can send me a mail, but I can do a general healing session, just as you said.

It's not just about health, you see.
It's about "well-being" (in general).

So I'll send the vibes and we'll see, ok? ;)
Thank you
>So I'll send the vibes and we'll see, ok? ;
Thanks!! :)
My family and I live where the water and air are poisoned. I'd appreciate it if you spared us all a thought
I've got your back, Jack
Please heal me

You're welcome. :P


Oh, my!
Now that sounds pretty bad...

I'll send the vibes - maybe it'll cause the circumstances to change somehow.

Bringing harmony into your being is like cleaning up polluted water.
High vibrations mean clearer water - better health, more peaceful people, better living conditions, etc.


You're next, Anon!
Thread replies: 92
Thread images: 16
Thread DB ID: 364602

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