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Succubus thread.
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Succubus thread being remade since last one 404'd.
That game was great, completing lists of things to do caters to my autism.
>Previous threads
So... is there some risk, or are you guys in it for the kink?

I know this feel man. Fuck the Emerald quest for Hannah though.

Some risks if you don't have a contract.
Risky conditions:

>negative energy in and around you which can be preyed upon or amplified by a succubus
>>this may attract more negative entities and difficulties, illness, tragedies, etc.
>>you may attract negative succubus that doesn't have a problem with feeding on your negativity and raping you (sometimes against your knowledge)

>weak will power means succubus might be able to influence you
>>disengage you from social interactions/human romance and sexuality
>>disengage you from religion i.e. succubus tries to become your new goddess
>>lack of control over succubus feeding, succubus makes you horny for her all the time and drains you (most mundanes unconsciously have this in a form of porn/fap addiction)

>another miscellaneous risk is that it might try to attack your tulpas out of jealous or to consume their energy
>some tulpas dislike certain succubi for whatever reasons.

If you have strong will power and positive energy in abundance, you will be able to attract a positive succubus that exists to love, empower, and simply enjoy you. Even if you fall, it will pick you back up and propel you along your path. Some of them help to enhance areas of you life, and they are good for spiritual empowerment - meditating with a succubus give a fantastic feeling.
I summoned mine up to get rid of my depression. Worked like a charm.
Yeah man, one of their most common effects.

>how to know if summoning succubus works
> when you feel lust and joy
Out of curiousity. Pls summon hersiop and ask her what her opinion is of the people in the thread?
No thanks man. You can do it yourself if she's willing to show. I am not summoning another succubus any time soon.

When I do summon her, I'll ask her for her opinion on everyone here.

So when you mention disengage from religion or trying to be a new goddess, does that mean she will want to be pampered more? I wouldn't call myself atheist but I don't have a set in stone religion either.
Yes. Imagine a church with stained glass windows, rows and rows of pews, and a pulpit up front and a big statue behind, but instead of crosses, jews, and saints, imagine sexy succubus art, and statues of men having sex with succubi. And imagine a crowd (mostly single men, some couples) sitting in the sanctuary every Tuesday and Friday, wearing their succubusday's finest, and at the pulpit some feminist chick in a slutty dress reads the sermon from the Succubible "And he who taketh not a Succubus into his bed, but denieth Her and sayeth to Her 'keep ye out of my home and away from me' shall not know the True Love of our Goddess which is radiant and never ending, but he shall live in bitterness and loneliness for eternity."

Isn't it beautiful?
I disagree with Anton in that I think you do not need to be exhausted; if you stay up too late, you may not get enough sleep and may have trouble dreaming. But if you don't think it works when you're not tired, do what works.
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succubus guide.png
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Good guide that has a visualization and relaxation guide as well. No spooky-ooky chants, incantations, magic pentagrams on the floor, or prayers to hell, so if that gets you in the mood, go ahead and add it.
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Do not play with forces you do not understand.
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succubus trivia.png
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second half of
featuring 4d succubus fucking info
>very advanced; have not done ;_;
>(not that I know of anyways)
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succubus guide.jpg
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This guide features many props and elaborate steps. There is also self harm and less than "ethical" salt shenanigans.
Not really much value IMO, but this might be someone's cup of tea - For fans of Solomon (i.e. christfag tier ritual)

The idea of putting a succubus in a vessel is neat. It gives me a place to put her when I want her to be nearby, but not invoked or floating around where she might contact other people's energy.
What are the chances of a random wet dream being the caused by a succubus. I don't remember my dreams unless something later in the day reminds me.
I suppose it is possible.

Try to be certain that it's not this: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/bb/book_eight09.htm

If you feel positive after, and have increased spiritual strength & control, it may be something positive. Try to work on dream recall, keeping dream diary and meditating before and after sleepytime. If you can be lucid and in control of yourself during one of these dream encounters, and politely say "no," if it obeys you it may be a friendly. Negative entities will want to take your free will from you and will want you to forget. If you ever feel like it's a problem, do LBRP.


Montalk.net might have some info on protecting yourself from this problem too.
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This one has some pretty neat steps, basically like Anton's ritual 2.0.
This one also suggests spilling some sexual fluid before beginning. If you must be convinced that you must fap, at least put it to good use, eh? If it works, it probably does so better after you've saved it up over time and had a good diet with plenty of water.
This will probably be another helpful read for anyone worried about this type of problem.

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Obligatory Codex Succubus posts
I really don't know man...
I'll let anyone who tries this figure out for themselves.
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JoS method


"After your ritual, YOU MUST BE RELAXED AND OPEN, more than likely, your Demon will come to you when you are lying down and relaxed in bed. This will feel like electrifying energy and like kundalini, it feels exhilarating.

Now, for people that are new to this, to begin this and open up, just begin fantasizing about having intercourse with your Demon. Most Demons are very physically attractive as opposed to all of the trash written in the grimoires and the horror stories. Ask your Demon to show themselves to you. Relax, close your eyes and tune in. You should see an image of your Demon in your mind. Even if you can't, you can picture an ideal lover for an image your Demon can inhabit to start with.

When you begin to fantasize and do this a number of times, your Demon will feel this on the astral and enjoy it as well. You can masturbate yourself to orgasm in the beginning, until a full physical manifestation takes over. When you do this, your Demon will have an orgasm, as well. This will take time so be patient and persistent. The fantasies, done night after night will begin to get much more vivid and before you know it, you will feel your Demon and even see your Demon as you would another human being. Your Demon will work with you to open your psychic channels, as opposed to just plain fantasizing on your own."

Hey Orgo, is it weird that when I have sex it doesn't feel nearly as good as when I masturbate and chant Hersiop? Or is this a sign?
There are a few ways to answer this question.
Consider the possibility that you EXPECT something greater when you do the ritual to Hersi. A way to test this is to create a mental exercise especially designed to enhance the sex act. Make a sigil or something, go into trance, idk. Try to separate Hersi from the sex act so you can test this out.

If you genuinely cannot get the same feeling, then it may be the powers of Hersi enhancing your feeling.

There may be the slight possibility that you have a predisposition to allow Hersi to pleasure your more.

I think if it is a sign of anything, it is a sign that you can increase your desire to feel more pleasure from the various sex acts that you do. If you think Hersi is intentionally making your sex encounters dull for you, and if you think that is a problem, dismiss her.

No way would I let a brat like Hersiop interfere with my business.

Just a random sigil.?

I probably won't be able to get the same feeling but I honestly don't mind.If I feel better with her than my GF then I guess I'll just break up with her. Granted, it could be out of jealousy on Hersiop's part but I don't think she'd be the jealous type. I might be being beta here but whatever feels better is better after all lol.
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daily reminder that you may end like this when you summon a succubus
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But what exactly is it? Is a demon? I thought that whenever you're summoning something it'll end biting you in the ass if you're lucky, how is this any less of an incredibly stupid and dangerous idea?

So how did you get started in doing all of this? Were you bored one day and decided to do some rituals?
>blue board
>shitty unbirthing picture
>But what exactly is it? Is a demon?
Depends, what exactly is a demon?
post this whole set and any related on /d/ please
and then link us
The standard Bible version from Hell and Satan?
>drawing information on demons from the bible
That's like asking a republican what a democrat is. Or the other way around, same thing.
Try finding an unbiased source.
But I am a republican Anon, and demons are dangerous. Why wouldn't they be, I mean they're evil right?
>But I am a republican
>demons are dangerous
>they're evil
Says who?

You can't treat the opinion of two mortal enemies on each other as objective information. Of course they'll tell you the other side is evil.
>Just a random sigil.?
One encoded and charged with your intention. If it is unique and easy to remember, it is good.

RIP Anon
"As far as aliens are concerned, if you resonate with the predator-prey dynamic, you will be the prey that attracts the predator. That’s true in everyday life, where people with low self-esteem and lack of confidence may attract abusers and bullies. Well, same goes for the opportunistic types of aliens that look for people to toy with and feed on. When you sustain a deep seated fear of a situation, a kind of fear that gnaws at you and takes on a life of its own, that can cause that very situation to manifest. So being in a constant state of fear, paranoia, and jumpiness regarding aliens can actually bring about terrifying alien activities in your life. That’s the dark side of the Law of Attraction."

I was summoning various Goetia to sate my curiosity from 6 years ago, and one of the spirits that answered wanted to have sex with me, so I started to take these threads seriously. Since I felt stronger after the encounter, I thought it would be a helpful thing, and I have only encountered helpful spirits.

1. Pejorative term for a violent, deceitful, harmful spirit
2. A spirit serving Satan (often the Fallen Angels are called demons too).
Is evil?
Ok, so what do you think is a demon?
That's one way to think, another way is to say that people who aren't pissing their pants when dealing with supernatural entities are too foolish or ignorant to know what they're fucking dealing with.

I'm not going to summon anything so you don't have to worry about me :)
I wouldn't worry about anon, but just because you're not trying to summon won't mean nothing will ever show up. Always be aware.
How would you advice to get rid of it you know, just in case?

What should I be thinking of actually when bothered by the supernatural? I've always imagined it as kind of that movie paranormal activity.
You have autism lmao
A practice I do whenever I finish reading about spirits, aliums, people I don't like, etc.
>meditate, relax inhale
>exhale, close the chakras and withdraw all my energy into them
>inhale purification, exhale contamination
>inhale, imagine anyone I came in contact with, physically or otherwise, is connected to me by a cord
>exhale, cut them off and watch them fade away

For things like spirits and aliums, I imagine whatever text I was reading or whatever thought I had, and I kind crumple it up and toss it in a trash can/crematorium.

This saves me a great deal of energy by not sending it to everyone I think of, and it stops attracting negative beings to me.

Montalk mentions a combination of Law of Attraction and Law of Awareness.

Look those up on his site, and you might get good insights.

Also, LBRP is a helpful tool for keeping negativity away.
Keep chakras and aura active and clean and you're good to go.

>How do you deal with attrition?

"To counter this, if you can identify roughly what negative commands are shaping your attitude, you can create equal and opposite statements and use those as affirmations. I’ve also found it important to spend a few minutes everyday before getting up, doing what it takes to put yourself into a good and healthy mindset. This way you start the day on a mindset of your own choosing, rather than letting what happened during the night decide that. The way I see it, as long as I’m conscious and awake, I have the freewill to take control of my thoughts and my feelings. They may have the night, but I rule the day. And if my positive gains outdo negative influences, I win and they lose. I learned that if you can’t block them, you can still outmaneuver them by having more light than they can snuff out. That’s really what it comes down to."
Hey thanks man.
The first succubus guide I made. Contains bare bones of information, but easy to remember. Doesn't have much warning, but by no means is it inherently dangerous or safe. Spooky, sexy hell spirits or not, you can attract a favorable spirit using this.

>No binding ritual makes it easier to banish succubus
>Any succubus can answer which makes it a good gateway to succumancy, but if you want a particular one then you can focus in on that one
I can attest to that guide.
Also the best thing to do is make sure you get an ironclad contract going with them more than anything. They won't go against their word as long as it is set in stone at the get-go.
One of my favorite succubus rituals, edited for better understanding.

This has given me great results.
File: pbei_sexy_art_s11.jpg (40 KB, 310x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Yeah, making those kinds of affirmations and keeping an assertive composure when meeting your succubus will earn her respect and cut the work out for her. It usually works best to approach her from an equal, as you would with any romantic/sexual partner you want a long and healthy relationship with.
If a succubus is a being that is from another realm or whatever, how can a "contract" keep them in check?

What is stopping them from saying "fuck this contract I'll do what I want"?

Also is it possible for me and a QT succubus to play Mario Kart 8 online 2 player together?
It's a trust thing. It's not like you're stuck with them if they're being shitty with you. There are ways to get rid of em too.

More often than not they'll want to do what you want contract-wise to get what they want. It's a symbiotic sorta situation.

Also no.
But I have MK8 too. Who you main, bruh?
How do you establish a contract? Is it just putting your expectations and desires out there and waiting for positive feedback from the succubus?
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Peach because she is best girl.

Also couldn't a succubus just pretend they are your friend/buddy/lover and then when they gain your trust, just completely fuck you over?

I tried to contact the creators, but no luck

email or something?

So for sigils, should I just kind of free ball it, as in make something that feels natural? Also, is it normal when doing chakra exercises for your heart rate to increase?
Think of it like a wedding band. It keeps other mages from summoning her (but not quite because you're not married to her yet).
She can still burn your dinner, but since she wants to get it in, she'll do her best.

As for this obsession that many conjurers have with playing video games...
I suppose you can invoke your succubus and let it learn the art of video-gaming through you, but if it physically manifests, you're probably wasting your time making it play vidya; it's kind of like torture in my eyes - "I have summoned you, my sex spirit, but in order to please me you must place in at least the top 3 on Rainbow Road 150cc MUAHAHAHAHA."

I believe some conjurers are due to create/discover a new video game loving spirit that would better suit your need.

Something like that. Affirmations are key. "My succubus will only benefit me. My succubus will cause me to feel refreshed. My succubus will be obedient if there is ever a need to command her. My succubus will give head t.i.d., etc. And in return I allow the succubus safe abode in my home, rest in my bed, and access to my personal energy system as much as I see fit (insert mental representation here), and any stray energies that come into my presence or my aura."
There is certain to be one that likes this contract, and will come.

Succubi are pretty good at cleaning up the energy around you and finding energy sources. They can eat the spells of other magicians and take their energy, so a protective succubus is very good to have; protect her in return.

I'm pretty sure their email is listed in the google doc.

>So for sigils, should I just kind of free ball it
You should use a sigil that is easy to memorize and visualize, and easy to connect to your task at hand.
Stop giving out wrong information, you do not know what you're dealing with.
What's with newbs who happen to summon a positive entity with a dumb succubus spell being all like THEY'RE POSITIVE AND NICE AND I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT GUYS.
No, you fucking don't. Stop pretending you do. You have experience with one. Big woop. That doesn't mean shit.

Are you challenging my morals or my accuracy?

With what argument?

I am eager to hear your information.

>[X] I'm not a robot
Can you say the same, Imperial?
I don't know your morals, and I can only hope they are good, but if not, that'll be you screwing yourself so I can't say I care.
I wouldn't argue it, because I've learned that plenty of people will just say I'm wrong or nuts and leave it at that. If you really want, leave an e-mail and we can discuss it. I'm more than happy to share my knowledge, I'm just used to the knowledge that many people like to believe their own and avoid the rest.
If you have information that you are refusing to anonymously tell on /x/, or all places, what could possibly hold you back?

Are you still ensnared by your previous negative encounter? Is it afraid that it will be overcome if you speak about it publicly?

Even if you're the guy from three threads ago who fucked his succubus daughter, please tell me what is holding you back now?
I thought succubus' stole bits of your soul or some such?

Alternatively, doesn't convening with a demon or being from hell get you cast right the fuck out of heaven?

You know, assuming those two things exist.
No, I just know if I post many people will comment or ask questions understandably, and I don't feel like answering all of them or discussing it with many people, because I know if I state it publicly it'll start, and I'll be tempted to answer and debate and shoot shit, when I simply want to avoid it. So I'd rather just avoid the entire thing.
And this is the first time I've been on here in a good 6 months, but that guy who you say fucked his succubus daughter sounds like a piece of shit.
I am not afraid by that negative encounter, as when I speak publicly about this I get positive attention because I have my own information. Which is fine. I just know that spreading certain information to certain people can be dangerous, which isn't positive.
I will only use my work for positive resources, and even this is debatable.
basically tl:dr
I'd rather not be sucked into a bunch of debates and me answering questions to a huge spectacle, because I need to pick what is valuable to me, and this would be a sucking of resources, and I need to limit that. So I'll avoid getting sucked into that, thank you.
>who you say fucked his succubus daughter sounds like a piece of shit
Dude she raped him.
"I'm gonna suck daddy's dick! ^_^"
(maybe if he was dreaming that is pretty shitty, but I'm sure he thinks that he was not dreaming)

>spreading certain information to certain people can be dangerous
Of course. I have learned more ways of being more careful, like not posting how to curse people in the "how to curse people" thread.

email me: [email protected]
You said you were willing to discuss via email though, yes? I'd love to hear about your experience via this means if you're still willing.
[email protected]

please email me.
succubus are not real
File: 1423578537210.jpg (144 KB, 626x880) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>this thread
Jesus christ, guys, just get yourself a pocket pussy.
Hey Orgo, mind sharing another lesson in succubism? I remember last thread you said some things about crystals and ways to strengthen bonds.

>I'm pretty sure their email is listed in the google doc.

no luck, it's a scam or they just got bored
Yeah, I got you.

How to enhance the link between you and your succubus using crystals.
So, I've been a crystal fag for a few years (I had a small collection when I was like 8). I got into crystals for healing and spiritual uses three years ago and started up a collection. One of the uses for them I have found is carrying them around and holding them when working with your succubus. This crystal can be charged with the energy by you and your succubus, so that when you hold the stone in the future, you will be able to feel connected to your succubus, even when it is difficult to relax and focus on her. Humans can do this with each other (think knight tokens or wedding bands) but they often do so unconsciously and may use negative energy. I was told by a succubus that Tangerine Quartz is very good for this, and generally most succubus will like it. It is cheap enough and easy to find decent crystals.
File: 1423024692938.jpg (365 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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One of the things about that ritual that made me question it was the step to drink ENTIRE bottle of wine, then fap. Sorry, I can't do that :)
>yfw when you get trolled into wasting a whole bottle of perfume and a bottle of wine and Tasheliu didn't notice you
but according to that one anon who loves Hersiop, the list of succubi are as real as anything else that can get into your mind.

However I'm skeptical that there are camps of succubi living in Antarctica and the the Atacama waiting for someone to perform a particular set of symbolic actions just so they can have sex, get married, make babies, and ascend to heaven.
File: rotaryphone.jpg (3 KB, 106x91) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The communication I experience is usually inspired thought, telepathy, and Ouija sometimes.

Do these exercises.

When trying to hear the voice of your succubus, just keep talking to her. Try to lay in your back like you're trying to AP, and go into a trance.

I call this one the phone trance.
Imagine that there is a rotary dial phone in front of you (pic provided for 2000's kids). When you are feeling nice and relaxed, begin to dial the 10 digit phone number: 6666666666.
Then pick up the phone, put it to you ear, and imagine the sound of your voice saying "Hello".
Keep saying "Hello" with each breath until you hear it.

Why are you skeptical of it.?
I found once I started fapping to ebola chan my entire life turned to shit.
that gif actually made me jump
I am sure nothing bad could possibly happen from summoning a spirit.

I'm a guy that appeared in one of those other succubi threads saying "I can't do those rituals" and someone lend me a "quick ritual" in the simplest way ever. Well, I actually did it, but wasn't night, nor new moon...
> Didn't work at the time.
> Go to bed.
> Oh fuck, what have I done.
> Why is my body being pushed?
> What is that hand in my bed?
> Touches Hand.
> It stopped.
Well, it was kind of a neutral experience. Gotta summon Hersiop someday maybe.
Sent you guys an e-mail.
I read this thread (and the one >>15782700
linked) and after finishing that I was smiling thinking to myself that would be an interesting experiment.

Suddenly this Iron Maiden song (Can I play with Madness) popped into my head with the lyrics "You'll pay for this mischief in this world, or the next!"

That answered my question if I should even entertain this. No thanks. But a fascinating read.

Thanks anons for posting these. I enjoyed reading this.
So, everything in the ritual is kinda symbolic except drinking a bottle of wine, cumming, and going into trance after saying the name 42 times. Then a magical sex angel will appear because of your persistence, kiss you, and you open your eyes and enjoy.
There's only one indicator of success.
It doesn't even suggest you'll be aroused - you probably won't be if you drink a bottle and fap.
It suggests an astral-etheric entity comes rather than a physical one; the creator testimony is either exaggerated or that of a wizard.
I suppose it could be possible, but unlikely for everyone to have the same awesome results.

I never tried it, and I don't plan to because of how expensive it is and because of the requirement to fap.
It's not my style.
You also have to burn the jizzcloth with your succubus name. Anyone ever burned a fresh jizzcloth? Was it difficult to keep the jizzcloth on fire? How does it smell?

Thanks man
No one is obligated to do the "expensive" way. Don't believe? Just try the easiest way with zero costs. Even if they don't appear... shit will probably get real. Anyway, I believe that the Codex is probably the most eficient.
File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (98 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 1280x720
Ladies and Gentlemen. Behold. The "delete system 32" thread /x/ version.

Only this won't screw up your computer. It will screw up your life.

Enjoy bringing a demon down on you. While you are waiting for this hot succubus to appear why not do some ouija board and see if a powerful entity that takes over the board and curses you will appear. (I won't even mention his name as I don't want his attention)

Seriously. Don't fuck with things you know nothing about. A succubus is a demon that appears in an alluring form for you. Her true form would frighten you but don't worry, you will spend an eternity in hell with that succubus tormenting you for all time.
I don;t think your e-mail worked.
>>not trying to get succubus pussy
tell us what you know

whats the true form of a sucubus?
does he look like a bitch?
File: sweet dreams.jpg (17 KB, 200x279) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
sweet dreams.jpg
17 KB, 200x279
You are dealing with a malevolent spirit. One that does not like you. One that is a lot smarter then you are. One that will destroy you.

You really think some entity will want to have sex with you and give you pleasure with no negative consequences?

Enjoy as you spiral into madness, despair and suicide.
i don't know much about it. that's why i'm asking.
the other guy said something about positive and symbiotic succubuses doe - what about that?
File: 16976463[1].jpg (41 KB, 615x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Look what this guy said >>15789972

You do realize trolls try to get you to do dumb things. Delete your system 32 will destroy your computer.

Inviting a "succubus" into your life will destroy you. There ARE no free lunches. Everything in life has a cost.

Trolls know that neckbeards are lonely. So for lulz they try to get them to invite a demon into their lives. Make it sound like an ideal girlfriend. She will only take some of your energy and give you so much more.

You play with fire you burn your fingers. There are injunctions against calling on spirits in many religions. Not because they are killjoys that don't want you to have any fun but because those interactions will lead to despair and death.

You are lonely? You want a companion? Get a dog. You want a girlfriend? Improve yourself. Go to /fit/ and learn how to eat and exercise. By the time you have transformed yourself the silly notion of trying to find a ghost or spirit for companion will be replaced with live flesh and blood.
I'm getting a lot of caution here without the cautionary tale to go with it. Right now it's the equivalent of, "No don't buy/own a monkey. That's a terrible idea because."

I want personal stories. Give the dirt.
Most people on /x/ who have claimed to work with succubi have positive stories.
The others are either just making shit up, or genuinely had a bad experience, but that doesn't mean they didn't cause it by not knowing what they were getting into.

Personally? Every "E-BULL SPIRIT" i've ever worked with has helped me in some way.
The whole "BUT YOU'LL GO TO HELL" thing is pretty retarded since you know...Christianity is like, the only religion that believes in eternal punishment being given out so freely.

Take it as you will.

>thread about inccubi/succubi

Holy fuck.
I believe everyone partaking in this silly excuse of a shitpost thread is full of shit.

Spirits, demons, they are only manifestations of your delusional mind.

You guys should maybe slow down the the anti depressant pill coctail your psychiatrist is prescribing to you
>Spirits, demons, they are only manifestations of your delusional mind.
prove it. oh right, you're just a moron who doesnt know shit
Are you so threatened by what you don't know that you have to rationalize it as everyone is crazy but you?

Also, I had a psychological exam for a job interview.
I had a guy with a Ph-D tell me i'm normal. Where's your Ph-D?
and you're lying little shit who thinks you know better than anyone else.

how do I prove something nonexistent to be real?
I was going to take pills until I read into all the stories regarding SSRI antidepressants. Fuck that shit.
you don't know it isn't real and I don't know it is real. Saying it is or isn't real as if you know is blindly accepting something to be true or untrue based on things you've heard, even if it comes from a phd it can be fallible. You don't KNOW anything and I don't KNOW anything, we just think we do

Because you probably don't talk about inane crazy shit in real life?

Just admit that all this occult shit is only a fun hobby thing do and I won't honestly give a shit.
>Don't talk about crazy shit IRL
Actually, I do. Not to random people, but if anyone asks me, I tell them the truth about my beliefs.
And all of my friends are aware. Most of my family as well. I've even been asked for spiritual advice from Christians, just because I see things differently, and i'm not afraid to talk about it if I think you won't burn me at the stake.

>fun hobby thing
I don't dance around my house covered in goat's blood. But I meditate, do small rituals, pray, and commune with what I feel are spirits on a regular basis.
It's not like if you met me IRL i'd come off as weird. I'm not dressing in all black, and going around blabbering about my beliefs in public.
Even on /x/ i'm relatively quiet about it.
good, I have no reason to antagonize you for your honest answer but what irritates me when people seem to think they know something beyond human comprehension as they "open-minded" or some shit. I may sound bitter when I tell you this but I have never experienced something out of the ordinary and I don't I believe I ever will so I expect the same for everyone else because we are all human beings no one has any specials powers infested in them.
Have you ever sought something out of the ordinary? I'm not even talking spiritually now. Do you expect greatness of yourself? Do you expect yourself to succeed when you do things?
Does it ever bother you to do something and it be mediocre?

Be honest.
I can't believe people still summon succubi when this can happen.
Or do you guys maybe want this to happen?
No I do suffer from low self-esteem and I don't claim to be a happy person either. I'm bitter to the bone and many things I experience or do often result in sheer failure so i've come to the terms and accept my mediocrity. Sure I have hopes and plans like everybody else but nah I was never the person that wanted to be something special because of my self deprecating mentality which I don't have that much of anymore.

So what conclusion do I draw out of this? I don't think I'm special, I don't think anyone is special, and if somoene believes he is special then good for his self esteem I guees.
You're human. You have the ability to do anything you wish, spiritually, or physically if you want it bad enough.
Bitterness, hate, low self esteem? Those are all thinly veiled excuses for what is really laziness. And jealousy.
I think you see us all and assume we speak as if all the shit we've accomplished was easy. It wasn't. Nothing "just works" magically or physically at first. Unless you're damn lucky.
I spent most of my childhood crippled. Other anons had it even WORSE. But instead of saying "welp, this is me", we did something. And it probably failed for each of us, over and over. Until we finally did it. Be it magical, spiritual, or physical.
So I'll ask.

What would a god, demon, or spirit want with a person whom it saw telling itself it was a lost cause?
What magic would work for you if you gave up after a few tries, or just one?
What employer at a great job would hire you?

Is the issue YOU, or is it everything else. Don't take this the wrong way. I think all you need is a fire lit under your ass.

>Every "E-BULL SPIRIT" i've ever worked with has helped me in some way.
The whole "BUT YOU'LL GO TO HELL" thing is pretty retarded since you know...Christianity is like, the only religion that believes in eternal punishment being given out so freely.

Say some "druid" who thinks he knows everything regarding Christianity. God you are such a stupid, fucking fag. Go suck on Cernunnos dick bitch.
y u mad tho?
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>implying Christianity is the only religion that warns against spirits.

I understand you hate the fact that you were raised Catholic. I get it. You are now the Edge Lord of Darkness and know everything.

Black magic is being practiced widely in Asia, Africa, and South America. Spirits, on the other hand, are everywhere.

In Buddhism they practice a ritual called Tovil. This is done to drive away any one or several of the innumerable hosts of malevolent spirits, known as yakkhas, who are capable of bringing about pathological states of body and mind. Petas or departed spirits of the malevolent type, referred to as mala-yakku (mala = dead) or mala-peta, are also brought under the exorcist power of tovil.

For those who indulge in such dark arts, I wonder if they realize the karmic repercussions of their actions when they commission black magic to be cast on another person or they themselves do it. What a way to bind oneself to powers and beings they do not understand or can control.

So if you think summoning a demon will end up well for you...
Look at all the loosh spilled over this thread!

All the doom-sayers in this thread vibrating their negativity only serve to feed the "succubus" they fear.
Not that we make these threads to harvest negative energy or anything, but I can't stop you from experiencing your perspective of the paranormal.
I only wish to use my information here to positively charge your beliefs.
It's not required to drink a bottle, just gargol it in your mouth and use a washcloth to rub it over yourself. Herbal tea is a exceptional substitute
>You're human. You have the ability to do anything you wish, spiritually, or physically if you want it bad enough.

I choose to be a realist and that's about it, I simply refuse to believe in spirtuality because my perception comes only from my brain. To me religion or the occult I deem them as tricks, you do rituals, prayers to deceive your brain into thinking that we are infact have this zen like energy and we feel that a good spirit is guiding us. I don't deny the tremendous power religion holds, it motivates people, gives them strength to go through everday life but I simply refuse to believe that there exists a greater power that gives us this strenght. Motivation comes mostly how you program your brain,you either have negative or positive thoughts and some people like me mostly´have negative and the only thing you can about that is going to a psychologist or drink, or ending your life if you're into that kind of stuff.
>What would a god, demon, or spirit want with a person whom it saw telling itself it was a lost cause?
>What magic would work for you if you gave up after a few tries, or just one?

See again this is what I mean with this patronizing attitude, you are so sure about your abilities that nobody can ever prove you wrong. You're just being defensive because I'm trying to shake up your beliefs a little and I'm not jealous of you in anyway because I'm very certain of what you achieved in life you did it out of your free will and motiviation and I agree with you that I'm a lazy fuck, I need more than fire to get my ass going.
Repent, seek the truth that is Jesus Christ and accept Him as God and Saviour.
Succubus is never a good things because I have experienced it before.
How many orgasms does it take to mindbreak a succubus?
ah one....ah two....ah three....

(the world may never find out)
I'm just sure that you know what the problem is, and that you don't want to admit it.
I'm not trying to convince you of anything.
I'm just showing you WHY you're so turned off by the idea of it.

You even admit, it's you. It bothers you that i'm sure of myself because you know you are not sure of yourself. Which is fucked up bro. You need to give yourself some credit.

The thought I may have something that you do not, and that i'm sure I have it is what eats at you. And I'm not here to tell you, you CAN'T get as comfortable with yourself as me.

I deal with shit to man. I just don't say "I'm a realist" and give up.
Try being a fantasy-ist for a day. Or meditate. That's scientifically proven to work wonders for people like you.
And don't take this as patronizing, or mean. I'm just telling you what you should probably hear.
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I can really feel the bad vibes man.
I don't think I have made myself clear to you. I don't believe in ghosts, demons or spirits that wants to communicate with us and I have tried to explain my reasoning behind why I believe some people do. However I don't question the power of imagination it's a powerful tool that can help us do wonders. But man I'm not here to debate about who is right and wrong because there's been tons of discussions about this already. I just don't compromise in what I believe in so if you want to know what I'm sure about it's the things I mentioned above. But medition sounds like something that could work for me as I'm struggling to find relaxation
Just print this out or buy a copy of persona q with the 2nd tarot pack. Place it on an altar/nightstand/whatever. Write up terms of a contract and place it in front of the card. Place a candle next to the card and light it. Now chant, pls succubus, come (insert fetish here) 2 times.

Not the same guy, but... I feel like I'd do a LOT better if I had a goal or a focal point to put my energy toward, but I don't even know what I want to do. Physical, spiritual, mental... whatever activity we're talking about just gets stale after awhile. The only thing that's held a long-term appeal to me has been finding romance, and I haven't gotten much of anything out of that front.

Astral projecting, screwing around with spirits? Yeah it sounds awesome but how would you go about learning stuff like that when you can't even know those things exist? How would you even explore it?

Is he willing to manifest to me as a succubus? Because otherwise he can just GTFO.
Tell the story then.
Did Jesus suck ya dick?
i've spoken to god, he's an asshole.
Can't this danm flame stop already?! Fuck, this is a danm succubus thread, not a "believe or not" thread! Don't believe shit? Fine, you don't need to bother with this and go somewhere else. MAN, WHAT A BUNCH OF BORING GUYS ARGUING!
can a succubus look like a childhood friend or is that something else?
It has the power to look like your ideal woman - If your heart is fixated on her, the succubus will adopt her appearance. You lustful pervert.
it's not. that's why it's so weird. i even told her to fuck off after she told me that i called her a few nights ago because i got confused
Can one become permanently possessed by a Succubus?
Well, today is the day that I will start saving my seamen up and release it all on white piece of cloth on the 18th. Also, I'm not sure when I got this but I woke up with 2 marks on my neck could it have been Hersiop?
What happens next?
seems legit
I guess you are absorbed by her, or become a sex toy, or something.
Ask someone who summons them. Or, wait, maybe there is no one to ask anymore?
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So how are succubi born anyways?
Is there a way to become one?
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em htiw klaw erif
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