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Innawoods stories
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>innawoods stories where something unexplained/unexplainable happened that made you NOPE the fuck out of there
>innawoods close encounters with predatory animals or other animals behaving erratically
>camping/hunting trips gone bad
>exploration of the deep woods
>times you've been innawoods and felt like you were being watched, that you shouldn't be there, or that you weren't wanted there
>strange things happening at or around your cabin or innawoods house
>encounters with goatmen, skinwalkers, bigfoot, UFOs, rednecks, changelings, secret army innawoods operations, etc.
>general campfire ghost stories
Where is it?
>be me 11 years old
>go to forest with friend
>apparently its haunted
>stop 50 from the entrance
>shine torchlight at a nearby bush
>see red eyes and a growl coming from there
>look at friend, he looks at me
>run back so fast usain bolt wud be jelly
>its dark at night so can't see
>suddenly leg falls into ditch
>trip and fall face forward into mud or dogshit
>get up continue noping

Never went in there again
>be you
>be retarded
>flee screaming from raccoon
>grandma owns 80+ arces of land, mostly wooded
>grandpa dies and my grandmother has to sell
>decides to part off the land and sells a few plots
>the rest are still for sale but my brother and I can go there with her permission
>my brother takes from friends hunting
>discovers a trailcam in the woods on my grandma's property
>takes the trailcam and leaves a note "stay off our property, and thanks for the camera"

No cool pictures on the cam though. It was broken anyways and we could only get pictures from the SD card.
Happened this past summer, and recently

>beautiful day hiking well loved paths
>deep innawoods in a park nearby, thorn patch for more than a mile
>only one real path through the bush
>heading home and just out of thorns
>get weird vibe and turn to look back
>no sound but see a figure in all black including one of those flat brimmed caps
>continue on, heading home keeping eye on weirdo
>appears around every bend, no sound
>decide to climb tree and see where he/it goes
>figure looked like an adult male but I couldn't make out face
>passed beneath tree, make out silver circle on hat
>manthing looks around before heading back the way he came
And just today

>taking dog for a walk
>decide to chance north trail, haven't been in a while
>cross feild and reach fork in trail
>just before first bend of north trail stands figure
>all black, sweatshirt and pants
>it's fucking 13 degrees F out
>just standing there
>pup freaking out
>take south trail instead
>see figure behind me entire time
>disappears about half a mile into walk

By that time I had crossed from state park into county. The sense of foreboding was palpable. I've met hunters in the woods who have said they've seen whatever it is too, all sorts of weather and seasons.
>be me, taking a stroll innawoods
>be autistic, wear suit and hat everywhere I go
>be lost
>see anon
>I should ask if they know an easy way out
>autism kicks in, too shy to approach
>I'll just follow them, might take me to a road or something
>fuck, better try and retrace my steps
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Black Brim.png
97 KB, 1308x630
Is it okay that i saved your story? I find it kind of interesting. (pic related)
did the hunters mention anything else?
one of them must've tried to shoot it,
or at least told it to bugger off.
Do it up
They usually see it a ways off and give a shout. My neighbor who's in there almost as much as me has tried talking to it but whatever it is it's always just at the bend behind you on the trail. Everyone says it gets real quiet just before you see it, which is true from my experience since it comes from and disappears outta nowhere
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>be 10
>riding bike with mom and sis
>5km trip through the forest to the lake
>can't keep up after them, cause fat
>my glasses are broken, so i ride without them
>I see my mom only as red stain (her dress) like 200m in front of me.
>she stops, and turns left between trees
>no big deal she does this all the time, because she likes to pick up blueberries
>I decide to help her
>drive to the point, she turned left and do the same
>going deeper and deeper, still seeing my mom
>got nervus, shout after her
>no response
>suddenly I hear my sis talkig "wtf are you going idiot"
>she stands i exactly opposite direction I thought the road is
>look ahead again
>red dot is gone
>mfw, my mom was still on the road and send sis after my when she saw me entering the forest
File: 1322895637559.jpg (78 KB, 1000x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
78 KB, 1000x500
this is some serious shit

>Smoke weed a lot
>I give out court orders for a living
>Pretty sweet deal actually
>Last delivery for the day
>Sitting out persons house
>Smoking a dooby chillin when I hear some pops
>I look and in this dudes window is a dude getting shot
>Freak the fuck out
>Drive to buds house
>Decide they saw me and know who we are
>Go into the woods
>Smoking bros stash
>Hiding out and chillin
>Friends thinks he see's something
>We freeze
>He screams
>Freak the fuck out and run around the woods like madmen
>rally back at his car
>Injure n shit

Turns out Ted was trying to kill us the whole time. Ended up having an epic battle at a barn house and got some eggs after. It was a pretty crazy night
I've already seen the movie 50+ times, why u do this anon?

I'd love to see some of those pictures, if you still got 'em.
I just shared it because the thread was slow and I thought it was funny. We didn't get any good pictures, mostly grass, and two deer (and also the asshat that planted the camera, kek). He had it on a timer rather than motion capture, I think. The camera said it had video on it, but the controls were broken so we wouldn't get to it. I still have the camera and might do something with it in the future though.

The woods are nice, and I don't get that creepy vibe I do from some other woods from them most of the time, probably since I was raised there. There are plenty of streams though, and one time I came upon a deer carcass that was half in and half out of the water. The half that was out was picked clean, and the half the was in was still pristine. It was cool, yet creepy.

My other grandma had a similar sized plot of land, and while I wasn't too afraid of it when I was younger, I definitely got vibes from some of the paths, and have nightmares that take place there to this day.
>be a bush innawoods
>have fuckin berries on me or someshit
>see these stupid kids walking around
>telling stories about how they are them
>kids are fucking dumb these days
>who else would you be
>all of a sudden the kids run out of the forest shitting themselves
>kids today
>now a deer is eating my berries
>I hope you like fire shits, fuckin deer
>>now a deer is eating my berries
>>I hope you like fire shits, fuckin deer
serial killer nutjob trolling for possible victims, kill sites, dump sites?
Probably exactly what happened.
what the fuck do people smoke that makes 'em this paranoid. I never get paranoid when I smoke. Is that just me?
I'm 20 n been camping a lot since 7 (hippie parents). Most exciting shit I saw was owls, a bobcat n kittens, etc. I wanna see some spoopy shit God damnit.
I really liked to go out on walks all the time at night, something about it just feels so eery and exciting, occasionally I would head in to the woods, but I generally tried not to stray too far, if I heard any noises whatsoever I'd stop dead in my tracks and hide until I located the source of the sound and assessed whether it was dangerous or not, it's just something that's been engrained in me from when I used to hear stories of black bears in the area.

On one of my strolls I had decided to walk in to the forest, but I had decided to do it at the far end of the town, this wasn't one of the well mapped out, well traversed forests, there was barely anything here, but I dared myself to go in there to get a real spook. I basically just wandered around for a couple hours shitting my pants at every crack and snap, but eventually the fun stopped when I heard talking in the distance, in no joking sense I am literally autistic and will avoid interaction with people at any opportunity, so I hid and waited. Eventually, I saw two people walking along, one with a flashlight, one carrying the carcass of some large game (looked maybe the size of a deer in the relative darkness) which was extremely fucking weird because they were heading deeper in to the forest, not out of it, but I waited what must've been half a minute but felt like an hour until they passed far enough in to the brush and split out of there.

Not too long after I started walking I realized I hadn't heard any gunshots, neither of them were carrying bows or crossbows, and that deer didn't actually have any fur.

I don't go for midnight walks any more.
They say Vincent van Gogh used to do the same. Who knows, maybe you'll see his ghost at it sometime. In any case: more people do this than you might think. Make sure you find a private spot!
I didn't for years. Then it kinda began hitting me differently. I wasn't paranoid about other or outside things, though; more like nameless fear, or fear of dropping dead. It's really too bad, 'cause I used to enjoy smoking weed a lot.
Not completely "innawoods" but thought its worth sharing anyways.

I was present when this event happened but I don't really remember much of it.

When I was about 3 years old, we used to visit my family in this rancho (farm) in the middle of nowhere in mexico. Aside from a pretty shitty village nearby, there were nothing but woods and mountains. The farm where we were was really close to this forest that led up to these mountains. You could see the top of the mountain from inside the house. Anyways, there was this one time when we had been visiting and during the time one of my aunts had been suffering from these occasional panic attacks or seizures of some sort. They were really intense like a combination between a seizure and a asthma attack. At first they would happen about once or twice a week, but then they started happening every night. Not only that, but they would happen right at midnight. One thing that I do vividly remember was seeing my aunt during one of the attacks. They didn't seem like a natural at all. She looked like she was literally being choked by something. My parents weren't suppose to let me see that as a little kid but I'm pretty sure they forgot since they were busy tending my aunt. One night, my uncle Polin, my favorite uncle, noticed something during one of her attacks while he was looking out the window. He noticed that every time my aunt experienced these attacks, he could see in the very far distance a small little dot of light coming down the mountain. It wasn't like a magical light or anything, but more like a little flame. "Its witchcraft" he would say. At first no one believed him because he was always such a huge troll. Always playing pranks and when they were successful he would let out this hilarious troll laugh. But one night he brought the rest of my family to the window and they all saw it. cont.

The attacks continued for the next days, each night my uncle would observe the little light. This time he noticed the light had a sort of galloping motion to it as if it were a torch that some one was carrying on a horse coming down the mountain. The attacks continued, and the flame kept coming down the mountain every night at the same time. One morning, my dad, uncle and a nearby neighbor/friend decided that they would ride up to the mountains at midnight at the same time the stranges events occurred. It was around 11:00pm that night when they readied the horses that night and rode off into the woods. It would take them about an hour to reach the point where torch would come to before it disappeared. It was midnight and the group was approaching the point where the torch would be but all of a sudden, all of the horses just stopped. It was as if they had hit in invisible wall. They had to hop off the horses because they wouldn't keep still and kept neighing or whatever. When they got off the horses they began to hear this growling sound coming from the trees all around them. It growl wasn't just coming from one place but it seemed to come from every direction all at once. My uncle, dad and neighbor noped out of there and came back. The next they contacted a priest from the village to bless the house and take a look at my aunt and at the end of the week my aunt moved into the city with our other family in hopes that the attacks would stop. Thankfully, this worked and my aunt didn't really experience anything after that.

I'm not sure if they were ever able to figure out what it was or if someone had cursed my aunt but that's all the details from the story that I know based on what my family has told me. No one lives in that farm house anymore but we still own the land. No one has really gone there since they moved out.
>No one has really gone there since they moved out.
You know what to do, anon.
I hear the area is littered with cartel now. Not sure what's scarier cartel or invisible witch/ghost in the mountains
>me and buddy in the woods shooting new gun
>its zero dark 30
>miles and miles from any houses
>having a good time shooting in the dark
>start hearing this weird buzz/beeping sound
>wearing electronic earpro so turn volume up
>buddy didn't look like he heard anything so I just ignore it
>he freezes and looks at me
>dude wtf was that
>get the fuck out of there
>couple weeks later hear it again in a different part of the woods 30 miles away

We tell his dad what we heard and he said there's a species of vulture that flies up really high into the air then dive bombs into swarms of mosquitos balling them up and eatin them and it's wings make that sound.
Pretty retarded but it's very disconcerting when you're miles away from civilization and you hear really loud sounds.
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and then what happened
>80+ arces
>read: 80+ Arse's...
Were there crow feathers dangling outward on the back of hat? Was is like a miners hat or Amish?
>be tonight
>at work
>it's a 150 acre natural area
>shine flashlight into field
>goes 20 feet; beyond is straight up darkness
>wind that was nonexistant suddenly starts gusting hard from that direction
>360 and moonwalk away
your brothers a prick.
>Seeing that movie more than once
Iget paranoid about Poleece, not spoopies.
Were there any stories of redrums or missing persons in the local press around that time?
um...you know what not gonna say shit
File: gandalf020830a.jpg (21 KB, 560x268) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You son of a bitch you.
File: gandalf_526.jpg (25 KB, 720x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Can't tell if serious or not.
>walk outside
>see le skinspooper
>le nope indoors
>post on \x\
lat: 42° 7'1.51"N
long: 84°11'37.64"W

So there's this weird old bungalo in the woods. passed it every time on the way to my grandmas. just after the summer started, i got a camera. being the paranormal weeb i am, i decide to check it out....
>be 14
>hey mom i wanna take some pics at that weird little hut by the covered bridge
>ok be careful there's mosquitoes.
in hindsight....my mom is SO uptight i had no idea why she let me go up that hill in the woods to an abandoned bungalow hut.
>pull over the car
>tiny dirt path up the hill
>take pictures outside
>go in
>on my left is a staircase downstairs, in front of me is a table and a small room that looks to be a kitchen. that's all there is, its a tiny, tiny little hut of a house.
>being stupid curious piece of shit i decide to go down the stairs
>at the bottom of the stairs is a big red metal door
>notice a deep heavy stench
>me: wow it smells like something died in h-
>scraping sound from behind the door
>hightail it out of there up the stairs out the door down the hill in the car
>mom: what's wrong?
>don't want to tell her what happened so i can go back one day
>me: it smelled in there, nothing big

i was just thinking about this place so i pinned it down on google earth. i'm 18 now and my grandparents are probably going to move away from there soon. i want to go back. that experience scarred me for life but i'm so thirsty for truth that i want to go back. soon, I hope. whenever the next time we go to grandma's.

best pic i can find on google earth street view. still terrible.
Do it
not me but


it's real- look up drahner rd.
File: x_creepyshack.jpg (187 KB, 1036x793) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 1036x793
is this what you're talking about?
found the guy without camera
File: 1412008495243.gif (955 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
955 KB, 360x360
exactly what I was thinking kek
File: 1409451047506.gif (4 MB, 347x310) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 347x310
finally a good thread on this shitwhole of a board
Watch out for the serial killer.
Tip kek
>be me
> me and wife live near the edge of the woods
>we've been trying for a child for a while with no luck
>one day crazy woman who lived next door comes over and begins telling us about curses and shit
>tells us we can have a kid if we go in the woods and gather all this shit for a potion
>wtf wife belives her and she decides we should try it
>ingredients include
>cow as white as milk
>cape as red as blood
>hair as yellow as corn
>slipper as pure as cold
Ok dude I pulled up the old aerial images and this building doesn't seem to exist at all, I know it's there now, but when do you think it was built? 70s?
Never mind just searched the old topography maps and there's a dot there going back to at least 1949
Serial killer house?
>be 13 there is a spooky trail that is by me and my friend's houses
>go down it all the time acting tuff
>decide to go really far back
>stumble onto a hut made of branches
>there are gutted dogs all around it
>there are burnt crosses all around it
>there are jars stuffed with dead mice laying everywhere
>fuck this
>never come back
>be me, 7 yo
>i was in the vacation house of my grandparents along with my family
>house near the woods
>i hear my little sister calling me
>she sounds freaked out
>i go there, and on a high tree branch, there was a fucking monkey, an actual orangutan eating leaves
>i live in chile and there are no monkeys here
>we both got scared and gtfo there
>never talked about it with anyone, idk why
>be this past summer, going on a fishing trip with dad and 3 friends
>P, A, and J.
>We live in northern Indiana so we decide to go to Lake Patoka Marina
>Dad invites friend he always gets drunk with
>us cool younglings agree that once we get there, we will explore some woods
>get there around 5
>dad decides not to fish and gets drunk with his friend in a cabin they get for the night
>now we can leave
>dad doesnt mind that we take his truck, just says to come back before midnight
>usually dad wouldnt let me leave but hes getting drunk so its whatever
>drive around random roads, eventually get to road 231
>continue down road until we notice that it stops
>it stops but theres woods all around
>fuck yes.gif
>we decide to drive the truck a little bit into the woods and leave it there
>note that it was about sunset now
>we walk into the woods, ignoring that any monster or crackhead hillbillies will try to do anything to us
>walk for like 30 minutes
>definitely dark now, we had 2 flashlights and our phone flashlights, but it was pretty dark even with that
>come to this weird looking cut down tree, decide to smoke a blunt
>before we even roll it, we hear this knocking on trees near by
>wait to see if it happens again, but it doesnt
>just shake it off.taylorswift
>P eventually rolls shit blunt and he and J smoke it together
>continue walking and decide that we will continue until we reach Lake Patoka
>we keep walking until we hear the knocking again
>get spooked cause we believe someone is following us
>J yells out to come out
>immediately tell him to stfu because we dont want to fuck around with anyone
>Only protection he have is A's glock 17
>keep walking now aware that theres knocking on the trees more often now
>it keeps getting louder
>J constantly keeps looking back and saying random shit everytime there is a knock
>after a knock he says "bet you wont come out pussy"
>we stop after we hear something in the bushes and branches breaking
File: jew.jpg (58 KB, 720x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 720x540
>we literally stand there for like 5 minutes waiting for someone to come out
>could be raccoons or some shit so we walk slowly
>hear footsteps, then as if there was a dog running around
>at this point we are shitting bricks
>continue walking, speed walking that is
>we dont want to run incase whatever it is comes out of nowhere and just jumps us
>we actually think like normal human beings and stop and decide to go back instead
>P freaks his shit saying he doesnt want to go back with that thing back there
>convince him that it's a better shot than staying in the woods
>as soon as we are going to go back, we hear this laughter, this weird hyena sounding like laughter
>as soon as we hear this, we convince ourselves that it's some asshole fucking with us
>A walks with his gun out now, and the laughter just keeps going
>how big is this guy's laugh box?
>it continues and J eventually gets pissed and grabs a branch and throws it in the direction it is coming from
>laughing stops
>we realize that there is literally no noise in these woods, like no crickets, no birds, nothing
>J yelled out something like "leave us alone you dick, its not funny anymore"
>like 10 seconds later, we hear this loudass roar. like no joke it sounded like lion roar mixed with a elephant growl
>we finally decide to fucking run for it
>as we are all running they begin to leave me because im a fat shit
>yell at them to wait but they are scared as fuck and haul ass
>so much for gun protection
>they actually leave me behind but what they didnt know was that I had the key to the truck
>I stop for a bit to catch my breath and hear something running behind me
>it still sounds like a dog running
>For some reason I couldnt move, I just stood there as if I basically just accepted that whatever it was was going to just kill me
>I just stare and see this weird human like person on all fours running straight at me (pic sort of related)
>I couldnt move and couldnt speak, this thing was so fucking fast
>I get shoved and turn around and it's A
>he sees the thing coming and shit bricks and pulls me to run
>we run for about 5 minutes straight, literally n idea how my fatass did it but I did
>we just jogged and came across J and P
>we are all together now and we didnt hear the thing behind us anymore
>still not taking chances, we speed walk and eventually just jog back
>we hear the hyena laughter again, and we sprint like a bitch
>P runs back, we all yell at him and then try to catch up to him
>we actually had to push him down to stop him, and pick him up and run again
>the hyena laughter doesnt stop and it keeps getting louder
>we run and run but the damn woods dont seem to end, even though we werent really in deep deep woods
>the hyena laughter turns into a scream, and we hear the roar again
>but this time we even shit a bulldozer out because we heard the roar twice, and the laughter at the same time
>either this thing can make those noises at the same time or there is more than one out there
>we eventually get to a tree that was broken down, and when we turned we saw these glowing yellow eyes, like a raccoon or cat's when the light reflects, except we didnt flash our flashlights at it
>its just looking at us
>I flash the light at it and we finally see how these things look
>it WAS like a human, really skinny, skin seemed brown and slimy, it had like a small amount of hair on its head and back, and its arms seemed longer than the actual legs
> once again, back to running
>J yells at A to stop being a pussy and shoot that thing
>no need cause we reached the truck
>get in and spend like 2 minutes just looking for the keys
>freak out because I thought that I had dropped it, but found them in my back pocket for some reason
>we get in and once the lights turned on, the thing was there standing
>it was on its hind legs just standing, the arms just hanging with these ugly long fingers
File: spook.jpg (106 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 1920x1080
>it stood there sort of twitching P was telling me to run it over
>fuck that
>put it in reverse and keep going in reverse until we get to the road
> the thing was still standing there and we see another one come out
>the second one seemed larger, probably about 6ft tall and that fucker roarerd and pulled the other one
>I dont have time to turn this damn truck around
>the things run straight for us and I push my foot as far the pedal went on reverse
>I was going too damn fast in reverse I almost thought I was going to flip over somehow
>The things were on the road running towards us and never have we been so scared in our lives
>they eventually stop after about 30 seconds and we reach a little ranch
>finally turn truck around and go 90 until I get to Red Hills road
>keep going back screaming at each other about what just happened
>tell dad and he just laughs at it, and says we can go back tomorrow but he was drunk

We stayed up all night just talking about it, we were going to call the police but realized they would get mad at us for going into the woods, plus who is going to believe 4 stupidass college students and 2 of them being high. We actually do talk about it all the time and tell other people but no one believes us or care, so we just keep it to ourselves. After that day we never want to go back in the woods ever. Also, I had this nightmare about that thing and it actually spoke to me, it told if I liked it's suprise, and it just kept repeating it over and over again.
>take dog out late at night for late night shit
>live in city so no wooded area
>our backyard has a shitloads of trees that from a picture, it would seem like woods
>backyard leads into a dirty alley
>walking with dog in near the trees (we dont let him loose because he runs away and our backyard isnt fenced in)
>dog finds shitting place next to this mcdonalds bag that someone probably just threw in there
>dog shits, and I hear someone say "hey Sam, look here"
>get scared as shit because my dog's name is Sam
>"hey Sam, look"
>dog finishes shitting and just looks, moving its head sideways
>"Sammy just come here and look"
>I try to pull my dog back but he is one heavy fucker and he wouldnt want to move (hes a belgian malinois)
>"Just come here boy, come here"
>I pull back the dog as hard as I could, I know I was sort of choking him but I didnt want to be there anymore
>dog finally turns and runs with me
>turn around and see a old man come out running behind a tree holding a crowbar
>I shit bricks and get inside my house and lock the door, and call the cops
>no one was around by the time they got here

They didnt find anyone that night but like 3 weeks later my sister said she saw someone looking around our trashcan in the back and she called the police.
>mfw he got found
>mfw he was was staying in an abandon house 2 houses down from mine
>mfw they found dead squirrels and small dog bones
>mfw he tried to kill and probably eat my dog


Better than fleshgait tbh
Fucking clyde
File: 1260585284155.png (94 KB, 600x541) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be 19
>Father is a land broker
>Father buys new plot of land ~350 acres
>Brother and I tasked with cleaning up/repairing house for rent/sale
>House tucked away
>Start organizing stuff
>Find funny things at first.
>Old Confederate Flag, Jorts (Cut off jeans)
>Start to find bizarre things
>Hidden room in closet with blankets
>Mason Jar lids nailed to the ceiling
>Some jars remain screwed to the lids
>One has teeth in it.
>Outside in a shed tucked WAY back in the woods.
>Old horse barn
>Storage shed on the inside
>Childrens toys, blankets, plates and candles.
>Realize the pad lock for thge door was on the outside of the door.
>Think it might be some tard offspring dungeon
>find an old jewelry box detailed with sea shells
>Brother says "What's in it..?"
>Don't open.
>"This is how horror movies start"
>Wrap chain around it.
>Padlock it
>Throw it in the lake.

I'm no idiot.
File: image.jpg (233 KB, 592x727) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have a fetish for finding creepy shit in the woods. Is that bad?

Also I found this abandoned church in the middle of the woods last year
He he..
Did you get to kill Johnny Derp?
Nigga that's a school
In what state was that? My grandpa used to tell me that those fireballs where "brujas" and he used to see some in a rach called Las negritas near Aguascalientes,
The 1880s maps said it was a church m8
Holy shit anon, you have to go back
What do you mean?
Yeah. It looks too big almost, though. Huh.
I looks like 70's style housing to me when I went. Super funky. Either that, or it was ahead of it's time. Screenshot the topography map? That's neat.

In all honesty my "biggest" fear is that the floors will be unsturdy when I return. That place was in a real shit state even 4 years ago. HMMM i think i will go again anyways, not alone for sure.
Posted this story before but here we go
>Be me 3 years ago about 16 at the time
>Sleeping when suddenly I'm awakend by a blood curdling scream
>I bolt outta my bed rooms dark and run like a nigger with a stolen tv to the light switch
>Flip the light on nothings in my room look at the clock by My bed its 3:33 am
>I go outta my room and check around nothing outta place the whole time I'm shuffling against the wall and reaching for the light switch around corners cause I'm scared shitless
>Noones awake parents and grandpa are still asleep hear them snoring
>Still spooped
>go back to my room and watch tv tell 6am when my dad wakes up and does his morning routine so I can feel kinda safe and get some sleep
>Fast forward to the next night
>I'm reluctant to go to bed I'm still spooped
>Eventually fall asleep
>sleeping again and woken AGAIN by the same scream
>look at the clock its 3:33 again
>Go threw checking the house and seeing if everyone's still asleep
>Everythings okay so I go to bed and try to fall asleep go to sleep around 4
>Next night fall asleep rather fast not so spooped because nothing happened either night
>Here it goes again blood curdling scream at 3:33am
>fuck me again?
>I lay in bed for about 10 minutes and go back to bed because I knew nothing was going to happen just laided there and waited to double check
>Next night I don't give a fuck anymore nothing ever fucking happens
>go to sleep fast not a fuck was given
>3:33 on the dot again another blood curdling scream
>I rollover in my bed check the time and say "not tonight satan" and go back to bed
It stopped after that night Idk What it was or why it happened I never told anyone about it until recently because people would call me crazy
Ended up telling my mom she freaked out a bit and said some prayers in my room but it was still spooky
File: x_shack-1949.jpg (95 KB, 689x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sure thing. Creepy woods are my specialty.

Here is a 1949 USGS Topographical Map, showing the little dot that is your creepy place..

http://www.livestream.com/Horrorfix5 is about stuff in the woods!
>be 14
>pull over the car

you're full of shit hardyharhar
some parents let their kids practice driving on long stretches of lonely forest or country road
bears are in the woods, they eat ppl.
My dad used to let me drive when I was about 10. Even earlier than that he let me steer the wheel while he controlled the pedals. Its great experience for later on when you start driving on your own.
Its fairly common in rural areas for the youngins to be driving at 12.
I think in some areas there may even be a special license for it. Kind of like a farm use truck.
I will look into that and come back with sources if Ican , but it is not uncommon legal or not.
have you seen that road? its a a straight line in the mniddle of nowhere. pretty good place to practice
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Posted this on another but ill post again

>be me
>parents bought a house in B.C canada near the border
>property is 18 acres 3 of which is fenced in
>trailer and other building on property
> trailer only has one bedroom
> other building is 20 meters away from trailer and i have to go outside the fence in order to get to the front door (my front door leads right into the forrest
>one night playing vidya
> hear scratching
>at the door
>think is a racoon or something so i go kick the door
>it runs away
>l8r on we get sensor lights all around the building
>hear scratching
>notice sensor light went off
>some dark figure siting there, could bearly see the top of its head
> freak the fuck out and hide
>it leaves
>get dad
>he gets the dog and shotgun and look for it
>sleep on the couch in the trailer
>it happens a couple more times
>starting to think its my brother
> it allways happens at the same time so i wait and crouch at the door (window on door if you didnt know)
>sensor light
>jump up
>jesus fucking christ
>what i saw is burned into my fucking memory
>it looked like a gray alienbut smaller head and SLIGHTLY smaller eyes
>wide mouth
>long limbs
>on all fours
>i screamed and it ran away
>me and dad search for it
>now sleep with a gun in my room
>been told it was a skinwalker or wendigo
Posted this on another but ill post again
>be me, about 14
>durr hunting with my dad
>he set up this double seat ladder stand at the back of my uncle's property a couple of years prior for us to hunt out of
>have to go down this old logging road to reach the stand, which has been washed out and grown up, so its a pretty shitty ride
>can't go more than a quarter of the way on four-wheeler
>leave four-wheeler at the bottom of a hollow beside a creek
>the rest of the road is barely a road, but whatever
>it levels off at the top of the hill but its still really thick and its dark outside, so you can't see more than about 50 yards in any direction
>suddenly hear a "thud" somewhere off to my right
>expect to see a deer,but nothings there
>my dad keeps walking, and I don't want to get scolded for falling behind
>you win this time, mr durr
>take a few more steps
>snap my head to my left to see a rock the size of a soda can bounce off a tree and land in front of me
>rocks don't live in trees
>suddenly very fucking aware of how far away from my dad I am
>apparently he heard the noise too, because he starts telling my to stop kicking rocks as I catch up with him
>walk on his heels until we get to the stand
>usually end up asleep once we get up in the tree, but I'm wide awake now
>usually a shit ton of squirrels, woodpeckers, chipmunks, deer, etc. but today there is absolutely nothing moving
>on the walk out we have to climb over several branches in the road that weren't there on the walk in

We went back quite a few times after that, and I actually shot two young bucks out of that stand, but my dad's work schedule changed and he stopped being able to take me. When I got old enough to go by myself, I tried to find the stand again, but by then the road was even worse going down to the creek and nonexistent on the other side. You would always get this eerie feeling in that patch of woods. like you were being watched. I always expected to see something standing behind me when I turned around.
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>rocks don't live in trees
fucking kek
>Riding on Amtrak train from Eugene to Portland
>It's the middle of the night
>train going slower than usual for some reason
>still pretty fast
>watching the city lights out the window
>fucking love trains jesus fuck these things are awesome
>watching for half an hour when the train comes to a stop
>apparently something is blocking the path
>man sitting on a chair twenty feet away from the tracks in the middle of the night
>he gets up and stands for a minute
>he walks closer to the train
>he's heading right for my window or maybe the one next to me (we're in sleeping compartments)
>as he gets closer I can only make out that he's wearing a fedora-type hat and a trenchcoat
>hopefully he's just a redditor and will only try to convert me to atheism
>stops five feet away
>can't bring myself to look away for whatever reason
>staring back at him
>he tilts his head to the side like a dog
>lights go out for a few seconds in the car
>come back on and he's gone
>"not tonight satan"
> Kek
Right turn clyde
Happened to a buddy of mine a few years back. Haven't heard the story since the first few times he told all our friends back then, so I'll do my best

>My friend Ken and his friend Steve go hiking on a set of trails near Colgate/Ithaca NY
>some small trails, other trails are extensive, going deep into the woods
>two or three sweet, decent sized waterfalls along the trails
>Ken and Steve decide to take the deepest trails to the third waterfall
>get out there, right around the midway point, and they notice a smaller path, off the beaten trail
>they decide to check it out
>down towards the end of it, above the third waterfall, there's a slight ridge
>they can see something moving about up ahead on the ridge
>creep up and find a sort of clearing, with a big hole dug, some camera equipment set up and trash bags
>they find some other gear set up next to a tree
>off to the side was a pile of cigarette butts, like whoever had been there had been digging for days
>they decide its time to leave
>otw back to the main trail they come across a strange individual
>they had a sort of cryptic conversation, seemingly harmless but at the same time implying some sort of threat
>Ken told me at the time, but I've forgotten what he said that the man said
>the guy sort of followed them all the way back to their car
Sounds like your friends narrowly avoided being dismembered? Yikes that's weird.
>near my primary school there was this forest that we all called 'black death' because it looked spooky and we were kids
>one day decide to go there
>before even entering the forest we are greeted with the skeleton of a dead cow
>spooked but still enter anyway
>there's huts made out of sticks and logs inside
>we get more spooked
>shotgun shells on the ground
>decide to get the hell out
>see a dead crow that's been nailed to a trail by its wings
It was probably just the work of a bunch of chavs
>be inna Sierra Nevada woods
> 4 day camping trip nothing to strenuous
> me and 3 other friends just fishing camping having fun
>each night between 10:00pm and 12:00 hear train whistle
>everyone hears it
>each night it's a little closer
> last night the ground even shakes a bit from it
>we all kinda NOPE about it but figure a rail is close by
> when we get home we pull up a map of the area
> no train rails for 70 miles
Train whistles can travel by wind further than you think.
No not 70 miles far, over mountains and valleys. Also it was loud. Like stopped at a crossing loud
>be walking through the woods when I was 15 back in the mid-late 90's.
>huge ass forest stretching for fucking ever near my place.
>walk for an hour sightseeing.
>come to a bit of a clearing.
>everything looks kinda off about it the further I go.
>notice the grass looks like carpet.
>a big green carpet stretching out like some kind of fake grass.
>checking it out closer and the flowers growing from the shaggy carpet are fake too.
>walking further towards the trees and notice they look off.
>they aren't normal trees but fake looking trees made of smooth wooden polls like bed posts or some shit.
>low hanging branches are smooth wooden polls with fake leaves sticking off of them.
>fucking nothing feels real here, almost as if the entire area is one big living room made to look like a forest.
>even the sun looks and feels like a light fixture in the sky.
>explore for a bit scared and weirded out.
>it continues into the woods like this for as far as I can see.
>everything is fake like furniture mimicking nature.
>hear a hallow sound below me, like there was a wooden floor beneath the shaggy grass carpet.
>sounds like something or somethings moving around under the "forest floor".
>get the fuck out, looking over my shoulder paranoid as fuck.
>return there a week later in the same direction with my friend, cousin and cousins friend to look for the place again.
>can't fucking find it anywhere.

For years afterwards I didn't think about it and for a long time it felt like it was a distant memory like a dream but it happened. I don't know what the fuck that place was or what but it was the single weirdest thing to ever happen to me.
rough location of forest?
>find possible serial killer's den
>throw away potential evidence
>"I'm no idiot."

Undoubtedly a murder shack, that was probably a victim on the other side of that door, shoulda called the cops/opened the door.
Or it was the killer and he'd become a new skin lamp.
Nope, demon.
Fug man. Sent chills down my body
The thoughts of crazy motherfuckers can't always be guessed, but I'd wager that he was more after you than the dog (how fucking daft can you be to think that a guy is stalking your DOG). He stalked you enough to know that your dogs name was Sam/Sammy and tried to use it to lure you to him.

>mfw he tried to kill and probably eat my dog
No, you stupid fuck.

>>mfw they found dead squirrels and small dog bones
He probably ate them, you know... to fucking live. It might seem strange or just straight up crazy to people who have lived in the city all their life, but your food comes from animals. Yes, I said it... animals. If I lived in the forest I'd have to kill fucking squirrels n shit to live, horrible I know those poor squirrels omg (but really who the fuck cares).

Two things...
One: a homeless dude was surviving on small animals and you're just fucking stupid.

Two: a homeless dude was stalking you and you're just fucking stupid.
Or three: maybe you're the one who's a stupid motherfucker. Who says a crazy guy wouldn't be after the dog and want to eat it? Are you the expert? Or the crazy guy?
>anon gives reasonable evidence as to why the homeless man might've been after the story anon as opposed to his dog
>"lol no ur stoopid, hes krazy, he dusnt rashunalize hiz acshons becuz hes stoopid lololol"
I'm always shocked at how young Americans drive at. Here we can't drive till we're 18. I wouldn't feel safe knowing there are inexperienced babies driving around out there.
I'm the one who wrote the story, not him, it doesnt really matter what he was after because he is still in jail, or I hope so, and these small dogs werent like chihuahua small, they were like weiner dog/medium sized beagle small. Plus if he ran out with a fucking crowbar I doubt he did it just for food
Guys, I want to git my spoop on, but I can go innawoods because I live in Boston

What do?

Nice photo! It reminds me of the stories my dad has told me about the old buildings and whatnot in Cape Scott Provincial Park which were leftover from an olden days attempt at colonisation. I think they were Danish. The Canadian government promised to build a railway going up there but after all these people arrived it was realized that the weather, the rainforest, etc. was extremely dense and it was near impossible to get this promised railway built before the colony died off. The people were left up there to their own devices without proper supplies.

Anyways, back in the late 60s - early 70s my dad went all survivorman and lived in an old church that was up there. This is the middle of nowhere of course. He fished, grew potatoes, ate shellfish and whatnot. He has some pretty amazing stories about it, of course.

By the time I finally got up to the area(this is within recent years), the old church had been burnt down by some retard vandals.

There are still remnants of old farmhouses, various buildings and old roads. It's the strangest thing - you're walking for hours upon hours through this dense as fuck rainforest and all of a sudden come out on this GORGEOUS beach that looks all tropical - white sand and blue/green water. If you know where to look you can find the old graveyard, old farming equipment, etc. as well as the building remnants I mentioned. It's an amazing place but a little creepy when you consider the backstory.

Just happened to be thinking of this story the moment before reading this post, totally unrelated to thread.

>kicking a ball around in the road, neighborhood kids would congregate and play all the time
>we hear the clatter of a passing train
>nearest train station is 20 minutes away at least and is the end of the line
>everyone is like hmm, ask our parents later, parents are confused
>start new school a few years later
>pass random few feet of old railway on a patch of grass by the road near new school

I never used to either, it started outta nowhere. I can't even handle it at all anymore, I went from smoking at least an eighth a day, everyday for, hmm... 12 years or so? to nothing overnight because the paranoia and anxiety was SO fucking bad. It was brutal. And lame. I actually committed myself to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack on 3 different occasions before I realize wtf was going on("it was the weed! shock! awe!"). My mom and my grandma both said the exact same thing happened to them too and that's why they don't blaze anymore either :( I knew this about them but never thought it'd happen to me.

I still love the smell, my mouth waters when I smell it(which is often cuz I live in BC, lol) and of course I still appreciate pretty nugs but yeah. It fucking sucks.
Go to any of the easily accessible, relatively quick to travel to forests that litter New England like butts in a gutter, you dumb transplant fag
>Realize the pad lock for thge door was on the outside of the door.
>Think it might be some tard offspring dungeon
I would ask if you're fucking stupid, but I'd get a fucking stupid answer.
This past summer I kept hearing train whistles when I was outside. The nearest railroad in about 40 minutes away from where I live. Shits creepy, yo.
Fuckin bad post
People are the scariest monsters of them all. This is the only spoopy story ITT that I believe
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Hairless or ill animals scare the shit out of you guys so often, it's hilarious.
Sounds like a hairless fox/raccoon, image related.
Whoa! Thank you!
Glad to help!
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Bruh it was like 6 feet tall
"not tonight satan"
Favorite part of this whole thread tbh.
speaking of ghost vehicles, my buddy told me this story about how him and another friend were walking down a stretch of road at night because they'd walk back and forth between their houses, when they see this white car speeding down the road in their direction. As they're waiting for the car to pass by, it just takes a hard turn to the opposite side of the road their on straight into the forest and as it goes they can hear trees and shit breaking but they don't see any damage.
File: thrasher.jpg (117 KB, 926x574) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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not super spoopy but I'll share anyways

>be me
>be spring of 2013
>me and friend are bored and want to do something that reminds us of our childhood
>decide to visit this abandoned street that leads into the woods at the very back of my neighborhood
>street named Thrasher St.
>nope ass name
>get there
>have to cross a collapsed bridge
>reminds me of something from Fallout
>entire time friend keeps saying maybe we should go back and pussy shit
>want to tell him to grow a sac but resist because I kinda understand
>he has been jumped by niggers more than once and my neighborhood is notorious for niggers
>convince him to keep on going
>we begin walking down the street
>trees and plants seemed to have grown all over the street but you could still see the curb
>Me and friend find a culdisac branching off the street we were on.
>no houses just a big concrete circle on the ground
>the culdisac was very clean compared to the other street which was very strange.
>I was beginning to explore a bit more when I heard my friend say "oh shit.."
>"what is it"?
>"look anon"
>there was this guy wearing a hoody walking down the street towards us
>I began to panic because I realize I didn't have any sort of weapon and here was this guy walking towards us in the middle of the woods.
>We kinda moved out of his way when he came closer and he simply walked by us.
>When we walked by he whispered something like "i'm already dead anyways" or like "I just died" or something like that.
>turn to my friend and ask him if he heard it.
>says he didn't hear anything.
>we nope on out of there
>fast forward a week
>on facebook
>start seeing posts about how a dead body was found dead near thrasher a few days after we were there.
>fuckin spoopy
>talk to friend about it
>doesn't recall anything, not even encountering the guy.
>haven't gone back since

However, as of right now, me and some friends, including the guy who went with me before, are planning to go back at night.
be prepared to take pictures. bring a weapon. do good for /x/ anon
>>mfw he tried to kill and probably eat my dog
>No, you stupid fuck.
>>>mfw they found dead squirrels and small dog bones
>He probably ate them, you know... to fucking live.

Sooooo you admit he was eating other dogs...but OP was stupid for thinking the bum might want HIS dog?

Ya fail at logic, kid.
My friend got the same thing. He started getting horrible anxiety when he smoked so he had to stop. Said he thought he might die from it
Every time I see that picture's thumbnail I think it's a shot of a guy's thighs and balls
Have you felt like you were lost? Like everything around you in a dark wood just keeps repeating itself? Me and a buddy of mine deiced that after a graduation party we would walk back through the wooded area behind my neighborhood.
"Faster that way" he says.
"There isn't going to be enough light from your phone to find the trail all the way back, I know you know this place well but looking at the ground with just the light from your phone aint going to help" (this was back when you didn't have an LED on every phone there was.)
"It will be alright" he kept assuring me and i finally said okay. We started out our journey, it was about midnight at this point, the only natural light we had was the little bit bleeding through the tree tops from the stars. It didn't help at all.

About 30 minutes of walking the trail begins to thin out a bit and the brush keeps smacking us in the face and legs and arms. We are both cut up pretty bad just from constant kneeling and brush and thorns. Nothing fatal though. we give it about 10 more minutes before we both start to wonder if we are lost.
"I thought it was going to be okay?" I had said finding a nice tree to lean on to catch my breath
"It was. . . it still is, we just have to find a better trail i think. I remember about 5 minutes back there was a dip in the road, there is a branch to the left that should be the way we need. i must have taken the one to the right."
I shrug it off "alright dude lets do this then."

we get to where the dip was and notice there was water running through it now, it was murky and kind of a dark red color, or that's what i could make out by the light from his phone.
"Was that like that before?"
I shake my had "nope..." we go ahead and start down the left trail and he starts getting a little more excited
"Yeah! this is it. I knew we weren't too far off. should be just another hour or so walk from here." he said. It would have taken 4 to 5 through the city mind you
We walk for a solid 10 more minutes and came across something in the trail ahead of us. We stop to try to make out what it is.
I whisper "what do you think it is?"
"I'm not sure..." He tries shining his phones light at it and shouts a little "HEY!"
It was a few deer, they flee when they hear us and we just start to laugh a little.
That was when we heard something behind us... It laughed after we did. At this point i was starting to feel a little more lost than we were.
My friend looked at me and then back behind us "that wasn't you?"
"No I was fucking hoping it was you somehow"
He turns and without warning me bolts. I start running after him, seeing the light from his phone pass in front of him disappearing and then back behind him. I was keeping up but only for now. we run for about 5 minutes before he slows down. he checks the ground around him to make sure hes going the right way. He goes to run again "Hey! wait man! maybe we just heard an echo or something."
He looks at me and sighs "yeah maybe you are right" he looks back behind me, knowing he doesn't want to.
I look back with him to see if i can see anything. "go ahead and laugh again, maybe it will just help us calm down" i suggested. and he agreed. We both laughed kind of nervously. We dont hear a laugh but we wait just for confirmation... a minute goes by and we here crunching from the ground, small deliberate steps it sounded like. I nodded at him and we both darted. we ran and ran for a while stopping for short breaths. I never felt so afraid in my life. I couldn't tell how much time had passed and i wasn't going to ask my friend to check i just wanted to get out of those woods. We stopped one more time to get a deep breath and drink some water from a back pack we had kept water in. I took rest against a tree and cracked my neck

As someone with really bad vision: holy shit nope. I've been innawoods with broken glasses and it's pretty difficult just to walk. Can't see shit, can't see in front of me, have to go slowly so I don't trip. I had a guide for my blind broken-glasses self, so if I lost sight of him I'd have been screwed.
How do "sorta" get followed?
Buy a firearm and train, problem solved....
.....wind is so scary
"I'm glad I'm in some bit of shape, this shit is still killing me. I've almost tripped like 6 times." I had said
"At least you don't have tendinitis in the ankle, shits on fire right now."
I rest a few more seconds and then turn to get back on the trail. Hes got hiss phone out looking at the ground to find it.
"we should be close now. Hopefully the shit that we heard was all in our heads or just some more deer or something.." He looks up at me "found it" he looks past me a couple of seconds and squints his eyes. "what is that?"
I look back hoping he was joking... he wasn't. there was something standing in the trail a few hundred feet back, the night sky and tree line by this point was a little more clear letting more light in. I couldn't tell the exact height of the creature but it was taller than us. just a black object laid out onto the night sky. It laughed the same mimicking laugh that we had heard earlier. I couldn't tell if my friend was but I was frozen with fear. the creature had something in his grasp, it chucked it over us and made a terrible crash through the floor, knocking over a small tree in the end. I finally got enough courage to start back up, i turned around saw my friend frightened into shock. I grabbed his arm and yelled "RUN YOU STUPID FUCK!"

we started to run again and passed up the downed trees and saw that the creature had thrown a large deer. couldn't tell for sure by passing but It was safe to say it was a ten point buck. We ran screaming almost the whole time hearing the thing behind us running after what I was sure was its next meal. I had lost the water bottle I was drinking from but didn't care, Our feet were sore but we didn't care and I'm sure that we were not going to make it.
I saw lights coming from the road ahead and in triumph i shouted out My friend had kept up with me and it sounded like the creature was slowing to a stop. all we heard was the laughing, the mimicking laughter that still haunts my dreams... We made it home


Really anon?
and moon walk bro. and moon walk.
slow start but i like it.
>40mph gust from direction you're looking after still air all day and night
>for 30+ seconds
>stops when you leave area
>no wind rest of night

You must not get out in nature much. you don't fuck with shit that is... off.
Dude that's from pineapple express lol
no really
Sounds like you've had an encounter with the Hat Man. He's a somewhat common apparition that likes showing up everywhere and scaring people.
Not strictly woods but it might as well be given the location

>Have allotment
>Practically inside of a woods that have classic Devil worshiper stories
>Have one completely dilapidated shed at the bottom corner of the allotment and one newer one in the top corner, both decent size easy enough for 7 or 8 people to fit comfortably inside of
>Go everyday because of how much it needs cleaned up
>Middle of summer and hot as fuck
>Gf has accompanied me because why not
>Bottom shed is basically just 3 walls and a raised floor
>No door, no windows not even a roof
>Gf starts mooching around
>"Anon, what's this blood off?"
>Go and have a look because some people have fowl and foxes get them from time to time
>See blood all over the shed floor
>"Probably one of the foxes got a hen"
>"But there isn't even any feathers and that looks really fresh"
>Realise she's right
>Notice some of the floorboards are a lot lot looser than they were
>Start pulling them up
>Find a leather gym bag
>Somewhat gingerly pick it up
>Got quite a bit of weight to it
>Maybe it's full of money
>Open it
>No money
>Just a dog that's been cut in half
>Give up allotment next day
>Be me, 8 or 9
>Walking through woods with parents and dogs
>See bridge very deep into the area
>Walk halfway across it to see a face spray painted on it
>It resembles the scream
>Dad calls me back telling me it's actually haunted
>Spending rest of the summer wondering what else I might have seen there
>Grandpa is a farmer, some of his property is forested
>In the forest is a cabin that he and his father built
>Cabin is the go-to spot for family campouts, hikes etc.
>Everybody calls part of the forest "The Dead Forest," but nobody knows why, everything is pretty alive
>We used to build little forts out of fallen branches, only to come back and find forts that we didn't build
>Weird arrangements of broken branches high in trees
>One night, everybody is in the cabin playing cards
>Mom exits cabin to use the outhouse
>For some reason, the outhouse only locks from the outside
>Locking people in is a common prank, enough that people usually take in a branch to get out
>Mom has been gone for a while, we're too into playing Uno or w/e to bother locking her in
>Eventually she comes back in, angrily wondering who locked her in
>Simple latch lock, could not have locked itself
>A bit North of the cabin is a stone foundation, not even my grandpa seems to know about it
>Every now and then we find shattered deer skeletons in it
Despite the vaguely spooky stuff that happened there, the place never felt threatening, but after a certain point our family stopped going there.
Call anyone?
what if it was cartel pretending to be scary ghost witches?
That's some motherfucking scooby doo shit
sounds like a motherfuccking tree ent
Green text? fine fuckers.

>be young somewhere between 7-10 years old.
> we had a K.O.A. camps membership so anywhere you like went that had a k.o.a. sign, that membership got you in.
> we had a cool van back then that was like a mini mobile home. would sleep in there, use camp grounds.
>at the time i thought that was pretty dope and had lots of good family times camping.
> one of times im at a camp go to play in a playground installation.
> other kids playing, few others join having fun.
> its after dark and we're playing by moonlight. in the hills, it's bright.
> plane buzzes overhead in front on moonlight
> we all look up all quietly watching

it's one of those loud reeeeeer kinds

> passes
> playground is silent.
> look around everyone gone no kids suddenly.
> wtf??
> there were at least 3-4 other kids from different camps playing.
> get weirded out, go back to camp. never speak of it until this very moment
are you the homeless dude and just got your feelings hurt because that anon called you crazy?
To be fair, that guy does have a point. How did crazy old guy know the dogs name was Sam if he hadn't been stalking Anon/his family for some time already? Eating dogs isn't too uncommon when you're poor, but the entire episode is still rather creepy.
yeah I thought the exact same thing
80+ acres and she HAD to sell? why buy that much land if you arent going to be financially responsible for it wtf

Maybe she inherited it and couldn't pay the land taxes; sold some of the land to pay the tax?
Bigfoot is like a big person.
makes sense now
>17 years old, taking my GF for a walk out under the stars
>im so fucking smooth
>I walk in the woods all the tie, so I know where im going evn in the dark
>she doesnt so shes on my hip the whole time, fuck yeah
>we stop to take some pics of the stars and tress (she was one of those arsty girls. Fuck you im just trying to touch some boob)
>we're standing there, her head on my shoudler, enjoying the night air
>then a cellphone rings
>neither of us have phones
>its out into the trees, maybe 30 ish yards away
>rings a few times, then cuts off in mid ring. Like somebody was shutting it off in a hurry
>hair up on the back of my neck, senses get hightened
>if you go into the woods alot you know that adrenaline rush.natural instict of "I shouldnt be here, something is watching and Im in danger"
>I try to be brave and yell "WHO THE FUCK IS OUT THERE?"
>nothing. no responses
>GF is freaking telling my we shoud go
>Im freaking out to but holding it in to seem brave.
>we speed walk back up the trail. looking over our shoulders every few feet
>still dont here or see anything, whcih almost makes it worse
>get to my car, GTFO
>tell my friend about it and he's like "dude we should go investigate"
>lol ok
>go back in the daytime with my dads revovler and he broguth his crossbow
>thinking we're hot shit we strut in, still kind of paranoid but also curious
>get to the spot on the trial, then he marches into the trees
>wtf? you ballsy retard. now I have to follow
>get to whhere i asume we heard the phone go off
>find a creepy campsite. an old folding chair, some discarded food wrappers, porn mags, a few knives jammed into trees. some beer cans and needles too
>GTFO the same way I did the previous night
>never go back
>be me
>moved away from small town and onto a 86 acre farm just outside of that town
>be autumn
>friend and i go over to my property and decide to go on a walk in the forest
>i didnt know my property at all back then
>go along a field and towards the entrance to the forest
>cutting a corner
>medium patch of bush starts to rustle and something growls in the bush
>nignog friend runs off but i stay thinking it might be my dog
>call dog
>look in bush
me bro and i know we both heard it but have absolutely no idea what it could be. We live in Ontario south of toronto so idk what it could have been, maybe a badger.

still spooped us
Finally, innawoods threads are scarce now.
>staying with grandparents at their big summer house on an island in the archipelago
>friend lives across the island, have to go through thick forest to go there
>evening, going back from friends house to grandparents house
>younger bro is with me
>enter the forest
>giant moose male on the path
>small horns, young but would still be dangerous if they attacked humans which they normally dont
>stand completely still
>wat do
>i take one step back
>moose takes one step forward
>i take another step
>moose takes two steps
>bro is still
>moose takes a fourth step
>we start running
>not far to friends house, his dad saw and opens door
>all make it inside except one guy who got chased around a tree in circles for minutes until he could get inside
>moose charges at door
>doesnt break
>moose glaring through window
>one ear is cut, later start calling him Jack (means "cut" as a noun in swedish so its a pun)
>Jack walks away a bit
>make a run for it down to the boat
>take boat back to grandparents house
>on the way back we pick up a 5 year old girl who also almost got charged
>Jack terrorizes people on the island for almost a year
>island has facebook group, constant reports of him attacking children

recently there hasnt been any reports. no one knows if hes still on the island or not
p creepy dude. prolly homeless person, but with a cellphone? could be friend or someone over, or just bad priorities w money, but could be something dodgy if we believe
moose r 2 /x/ for me
That person locked up probably died thanks to you being a lil bitch. How's it feel?
I really shouldn't be reading this thread in the middle of a forest. God damn.
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I don't know if you guys can read arial maps well, but I'm 160 kilometres (100 miles) from civilization right now.

Now the skeletons know exactly where you are

Rip anon
Ghost vehicles? Got one.
>sister married
>her and brother-in-law moved to wisconsin near his family
>visit them one day (from NC fml, by car)
>looking for spooper shit we can do
>bro in law tells about a ghost car
Here comes the good part.
>he and friend driving to gated mansion bcuz hear its haunted
>if you press the button to talk to the gate guard, a ghost car chases you
>they press it
>soon enough, two headlights follow them
>they drive away
>no car supposedly, just headlights
>once they get out of the woods, they vanish completely
>they watch it the whole time
>didnt turn

why did no one shoot it?
Nah this was back in the mid '90s. I just left it in the bag and buried it inside the woods.
that was scary. i was once chased by a small goat.
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>>run back so fast usain bolt wud be jelly
Ironically I'm from NC haha. Ever heard of the Maco light?
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>Not really innawoods but whatever
>Like 10 years old
>Go fishing with my dad
>There's a Path that leads to a gazebo over the water with a pretty big and dark space underneath
>Decide to go under it one day for some reason
>A weird statue of some elephant-human thing with a lot of arms is sitting upright
>Bring it home and look it up with dad online
>It's a statue of Ganesha, some hindu god or something
>Put it in the attic to play show and tell with my friends later
>Go up in attic the next day
>Statue is in the same position and hasn't moved, only one of its arms is broken off and is nowhere to be found

Not that spooky but it was kind of weird. Here's what it looked like. I don't really remember what we did with the statue.
>>snap my head to my left to see a rock the size of a soda can bounce off a tree and land in front of me
>>rocks don't live in trees
He became so euphoric he transcended reality.
Damn yo, sounds like places where I live. What town you from? Im like an hour east of Toronto

Reminds me.

>woods behind an elementary school near where my bf at the time lived
>common to see people on the trails, led to a shitty creek, dirtbikes used them
>go offtrail because want to see why the ground is torn up in this area
>normally nearly flat in my state, this area had a bunch of pits and small piles.
>always assumed it was from construction, dirt being taken or dumped, dunno
>back behind some bush
>find tent set up
>chair, small laundry line, signs of habitation
>behind elementary school
>probably a pedophile or some kids playing camping
>go back a few times
>never see anyone, but site always looks fresh
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>be me
>on family road trip to Ohio because fun
>we drive from AZ in soccer mom rental mini van
>sun goes down and we're only around 2 hours from grandparents house
>my mom used to live here so she's like "lol I know shortcut"
>we take shortcut
>innawoods now
> after drivin a bit we see sign that says "Alfred, Ohio"
>I will nevar forget Alfred, Ohio
>going down dark ass road, trees on both sides and high beams on
>start seeing rackety ass shacks
>we see something in the road
>as we get closer it's a car
>on its side and in the middle of the road
>we stop
>in front of toppled car is a coulple of ugly imbred bucktooth hillbilly fuckfaces
>girl fuckface has a bigheaded creepy imbred baby in hand
>they just stare at us
>dad speeds up and drives over their lawn and gtfo

Not crazy story but scary when it happened
Probably drunk injun
ran away cause it thought you were gonna offer it work
If I were them, I'd try to be pals with him
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STAY OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE. Most astronauts want to leave this bitch.
What is a tree ent?
Go out near Amherst or out in the Berkshires
Not super creepy
>Grandparent's own a farm near Pittsburgh, PA
>Though it's diminished from its original size, there is still a relatively large swath of farmland and forest surrounding the house
>Be 14 [?] visiting with family
>Brother and I outside kicking a ball around
>Notice a figure moving about on the large hill across the way (house is near the top of a large hill, there's a dipping valley, and then there's another large hill still used for crops)
>It's black and on all fours, about the size of a young dog
>Point it out to my brother, "That can't be a fucking dog..." or something
>The thing is prowling
>Then I notice its tale, long and hung like a cats
>Is that a black fucking panther in the middle of Appalachia?
>Went in to get people to come out and see
>No one goes for it, no one believes us

The only explanation that makes any logical sense is that it was a cougar, but up until one was killed about a month ago, there weren't thought to be any cougars in PA. Also the cat was pitch black, in the middle of the day.
It's the Hat Man. An extremely common entity, from what I gather. I've read so many encounters with him in threads like this, and even elsewhere. He's so popular he even appeared in a game made before 4chan existed. Old PSX game called LSD Dream Emulator, he shows up randomly sometimes.
It's very likely just a homeless guy, but he could also be a pedophile. Don't know why you never called the cops, if he was a pedo, though. If he was just a harmless homeless guy he probably set up nearby because he figured the school was a good source of food or something.

Makes you wonder just how many tiny as fuck towns that get like no visitors so they have no choice BUT to be inbred and aren't on any major roads or anything. The thought of some settlers going out west and establishing a town that then got zero traffic, but still managed to survive. God that's some shit straight out of a horror movie.

I think he meant just a regular Ent.
>There weren't thought to be any cougars in PA
That's fucking propaganda. There aren't that many, but they like their tourists and people moving there so they just say there aren't any at all.
I believe you. I just can't get over how black this thing was.
No need for woods. Try storm drains, or a desert.
>or a desert
Do you want to call me an idiot or should I do it myself? Anyway, storm drains and abandoned buildings can be spooky.
Thanks for the heads up, anon. See you soon.
scary shit, thanks

thats cool
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How'd you expect him to incapacitate his food? A stick?
This shit happens all the time out at skinwalker ranch apparently.
Could you say that he is a big guy?

silver circle on hat?

you encountered a dindu.

>NSA was running down leads for a potential train bombing suspect
>One of their field guys was assigned to check your particular train based on data spat out by computer
>Computer system's predictive models are still buggy
>Instead of spending the night fucking his wife - on this night where she didn't have to go in the next morning, and his sister-in-law was willing to watch the kids at her house, he got called up at 11pm to go sit next to some train tracks at the middle of the night and see if some guy who matches the description of a Yemeni terrorist cell recruit is on the train
>so there he sits, in the cold Oregon weather, watching the train grind to a halt, and there's only one guy in the car apparently
>this is what he sacrificed a night with the woman he came back to after two tours in Iraq
>this is what he does now that he was recruited as a government field agent
>looking at a train for a guy who isn't there, and being stared back at
>he makes what would be eye contact with the lone passenger, if they could see in the darkness, and wonders what their life is like

secret military base

For you, yes.
But not that far from a cell phone tower it vwould seem
>insert Verizon wireless add
>hear about ol' nigger graveyard, where the Klan supposedly used to lynch black people in my town
>go there with friends in the middle of the day
>set water bottle down on top of headstone in the middle of the nigger graveyard
>wind suddenly picks up
>water bottle suddenly not where I put it
>oh, it just got blown off
>look for it and find it standing up by the entrance
>obviously a sign to get the fuck out
>friends have bright idea to return after midnight
>can't look like a pussy so I agree
>come back just before midnight
>entrance path nowhere to be found
>where it used to be, now was a bunch of trees
>friends insist we wait til midnight to go in
>clock strikes 12
>not one second later, a bunch of nooses drop from the trees
>can see a body hanging from one such noose, just twenty feet away
>we all nope the god damned fuck out
That was the first and last time I ever fucked with haunted shit.
Love you 4 chan. May you live forever.
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Here is a story from a couple weeks back
>be me
>friend owns farmland
>invites me over for a few days so we could explore the surrounding areas
>11 pm we head out down this trail
>it's really, really quiet.
>paranoia kicks in feel like we're being watched
>shrug it off
>we break away from the trail into the wooded area
>he faint whispering
>after another 5 minutes of walking we come across this strange area of shacks
>different animal feet hanging from the shacks, odd old photos and jars around a table.
>friend and I getting spooped decide to head back
>we see another area just over this small chain fencing
>fence has feathers and animal feet on it again.
> we quickly go over to it and see a pit where it looks like a fire has been
>it looked to be still smoldering
>didn't wanna be raped and murdered so noped the fuck back to the farm.
No idea who's it was but it was pretty spoopy, we didn't go back in the day incase people were around. Also I'm from Britian if that matters to anyone
you just had a run in with >>>/fa/

Skinwalkers seem to stay away from water in all the tales.
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>wow neat pic! can I save it?
Well, my story is perfectly explainable and real, there is nothing paranormal about it but it was far scarier than any of the shit on /x/.

I am a biology student from Brazil, My class was on a trip to pantanal, one of the most wonderfull jungles in the world, with an amazing bio-diversity, a true paradise for a biologist.

We were doing a study on the local population of jacarés on the rivers, we went at night to the bridges and used a flashlight to see their eyes in the darkness of the river.

When you flash their eyes, the eyes flashes a very deep yellow hue, if you see a green hue, it belongs to an onça, a huge large feline, one of the most powerfull predators in the world.

On the fourth bridge we stopped our group just started counting the jacarés, I counted 1, 2 , 3...

On 4 We heard a HUGE hoar coming from the jungle, we could not see it but it was clearly an onça, and just about 4-5 meters away from us!

I turned my head and noticed that everyone but me is already inside of the car safely!

I run and climb on the back, I turn around trying to see it but it is too dark, and people are just yelling GET IN, GET THE FUCK IN!

So I jumped in on my back and closed the door really fast and we got the fuck out of there!

The next morning we went back to the location to check it, we found huge onça footprints exactly where we were.

That was by far the most scary situation in my life, never felt such an adrennaline rush!
Here is a nice video of an onça attacking a jacaré.
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so you walked into it backwards?
probably just those wacky gyppos
not a lot of guns in sweden. some wanted to shoot it but either it was nowhere to be found or some pacifist moose-lover who had never seen it stopped em
>Be me
>College, cool friends, stoned
>roadtrip to uncles cabin
>smoking and partying
>find the cellar door open
>weird shit happens.mcpoops
>fucking journal or like demonic possession n shit
>bitchmccuntfuck reads entry
>fast foward few hours
>slutsmcfucks is horny as a dog
>her and jocksmallcock go out for fucking
>she runs back in blood
>not period blood, but like alot of blood
>fucking hilbilly zombies
>one gets me but I kill the fucker
>rekill imo
>find an underground elevator
>mfw her and I are in, what must be, Utah.
>long story short
>everyones dead, were smoking, and waiting for world to end
>mfw virginmobile does anal only
>mfw Im in a movie
This is kinda related I suppose. Does anyone remember the name of the trailer park full of like hardcore inbred people that like try to murder anyone random that wanders around the park? I'm very fuzzy on the story of it but I think the word "mountain" was in the name.

I think I read one where some guys got lost and pulled into the park to ask for directions or just to turn around, and as they went in, the road got blocked by some guys and then people started like coming out of their trailers one at a time. So they ended up just reversing and getting the fuck out. Any help would be appreciated, it's been bothering me all day.
First time posting a story guys. I hope it's good... creeped me out now that I emembered it so here it goes:

>Be kid...
>about 10-ish
>in the town I was living we had a big area where people go BBQ-ing
>near a dirt road, surounded by forrest but alot of people live there(eastern eu)
>Just faffing around when my mom calls me to follow her in the forrest
>"k mom"
>follow her up hill in forrest
>where's mom?
>all alone in forrest, no sounds
>creep out start running downhill
>the place is pretty big, just in a valley that goes for about 1-2 km
>been running downhill for too much
>shouting, crying scared shittless
>reach civilisation after a couple of tumbles and some cuts from the thorns
>mom sees me
>'what's weong anon?'
>explain her how i followed her in the forrest and then she dissapeared
>"What? I was here all along"
>thought i was looking for mushrooms so she didn't care
>got a weird feeling of not remembering if it was mom
>never thought about it till now. I was there loads of times when I grew older. not that far
>Go into woods to smoke
>fresh carton so smoke 2 packs
>meet kids and talk bout bigfoot
>autism kicks in and follow them since Im lost
>kinda following
>playing pokemon ruby and get to their car, but get lost on way to my car after feeling need to release my mejuice.
fucking kek
cabin in the woods?
Pedophile ghosts luring you out into the woods. Don't worry, Anon, it happens all the time. Just think of all those unexplained missing person cases and wonder just how many of them got killed by McBumfuck Rapist or something truly unexplainable.
greentext it fag
Daily reminder that greentexting killed proper storytelling.
anon you have never heard of skinwalkers?
Maybe. But a shitty greentext is better than four posts of needless fluff for three lines of spoop.
Another swefag here with a similar moose story.

>My grandma lived by herself out innawoods. >Big giant moose eating her apples in the garden.
>She really wants to keep her apples.
>Think it's a good idea to scare the moose away by clanging two pot lids.
>Moose gets fuckin furious and charge at her. She manages just to run in and shut the door as he slams into it.
>She goes to the kitchen window.
>Moose stands looking in on her through the window for almost an hour before leaving.
my grandma fed the moose that came into her yard in alaska. seeing them up close is something else i can you that.
>greentext it fag

How about you pick up a damn book and get some practical reading comprehension in, you uneducated nigger?
Was thinking that, they still might've raped us and or stole our shoes.
Damn i hope you don't have any patent on that because this is some A grade horror shit.
>Creepy woods are my specialty
What have you got on southern oregon? looking for a new place to adventure.
Yeah I have but I dont think it matched with either of the two versions. No rotten smell, no skin taking. Also no creepy Natives near by, or I assume because the ranches near by belonged to whites. Could be though, idk
>last sunday
>hiked up muddy as fuck hill
>only footprints besides mine were going down
>get to top, take a rest
>see shadow out corner of my eye
>turn and nothing there, nothing even to cast a shadow like that
Kinda interesting. Though I should note at that point I was the only person in the park
Top kek. I dunno what actually happened but your theory sounds good enough. I think I have another story though.... not a lot happened to me /x/ wise but í have a few

You didn't go help them? Their car got wrecked, dude.

>Don't know why you never called the cops

Eh? Because if it was just some kids camping I didn't want to spoil their secret fort by calling in the no fun allowed police.
>Laundry line
>Tent and stuff
If it was just some kids they would've just gotten told to fuck off and just set up camp somewhere else. If it was just a homeless guy he'd've been told to fuck off somewhere else. If it was a pedophile, and you just let him stay there, there was a chance that SOMEONE could have gotten hurt.

Me and some of my buddies went up to this cabin in the woods for a weekend where we became the unwilling victims in a reality TV show. In the end everybody died and we got crushed by a demi-god.
Story from the other side of the spoop.

>naturally very quiet and light footed
>always accidentally sneaking up on people and scaring the shit out of them, even when I intentionally try to be loud to alert them of my presence
>I don't want to say hello to the same person ten times a day, you know?
>scared the shit out of all my housemates this way
>I try not to, but it always happens
>love to go innawoods
>always try to stalk and sneak up on animals,especially deer because fuck deer, fucking assholes
>yes, have successfully stalked a group of deer in the local state park
>go to a state park in PA
>milling around just offtrail
>hear something, stop and listen
>see a dog
>owner appears
>they're on the trail checking out the lake
>I mind my own business, continue looking for critters in the area
>they stop near the lake
>would be awkward if I spoke now, just remain quiet
>poking a mushroom patch, trying to find spiders or frogs around it
>minute later, dog notices me. Just turns his head and sees me, looks, turns back to owner and is chill
>guy isn't leaving, is checking out a spot probably for fishing later
>been about three minutes now
>I'm done with this area, decide to leave
>emerge from brush
>need to walk by him to return to the trail
>about three feet away
>he finally hears and turns around, jumps about five feet
>dog didn't make a single noise
>say hello and continue walking
>guy collecting his bricks from out of his pants
I bet old people hate you.
>natural ninja
>be 19 yr old girl
>have friends over to go camping in my vast forest of a backyard
>tell friends to bring machete and other camping supply's
>go out and cut down some dead wood to build fort, set up tarp and sleeping bags (no tents that's for pussys)
>set up fire around night fall
>two friends S and Z share a bowl
>being the dick I am I start talking about how there's an old cemetery and well near by
>Z starts to get spooped and doesn't want to go
>S is up for anything reckless and dumb so we start plotting our adventure.
>walking on the old lumber trails in the forest our flash light starts to flicker
>Z asks if S brought more batteries, S shakes his head and says it's a full moon we don't need them.
>get to the arch of the cemetery, vines have grown over most of the tomb stones and fence.
>Z doesn't want to go in because he thinks a ghost will get him
>S says there's no such thing as ghosts, I just want to see something spoopy so I head in.
>btw were maybe 3.5 miles into the forest, so not really that far.
>it's a warm summers day but passing under the arch sends a shiver up our spines, pass it off as the breeze.
>flashlight still flickering, but no ones too worried.
>clouds are starting to cover the moon and we can only see through the little tunnel of light the flashlight creates.
>z nope.jpeg
>as we're walking past a small mausoleum when the batteries finally kick the bucket.
> Z shrieks like a little bitch
> I fetish scary things so I want to go further.
>the forest canopy doesn't allow that much of the covered moonlight through so you can barely see your hands.
>were still walking towards the well.
> S stops in his tracks and says we should go back to the camp (camp's a mile away at least)
>tell him he's just high and that all that's out there is rabbits or deer.
>we're pretty much at the well now and we here some small crackling.
>in the distance we see three small lights.
> Z and S wanting to go back
to be continue
That wasn´t even funny
>assure them it's only some other dumb kids out here because this place is supposedly "haunted"
> see the lights are getting closer and want to take it one step further.
> tell S and Z to hide behind the mausoleum with me so we can scare these new comers.
>waiting behind building as lights approach.
>it's not a group of teenagers.
>three adults wearing dark hoods covering their entire bodies.
> I had always heard of cultists in my town during the 70's but I was surprised to see three grown as adults out there.
> i inched further to the end of the wall and peered at the three individuals, one derobbed.
>Z and S and I gazed at his/her scorn body, I was motled with scars and decaying flesh (it looked like a real life zombie)
>Z whimpered at its sight, the zombie like thing was making groaning noises.
>I wanted to check it out to see if it was just a person who had been mutilated but my fascination with the other two kept me from doing so.
>the two hooded figures started to bath the individual, pouring red water over his body and chanting in hermonics rather than a language.
>Z and S whispered to me that they wanted to make a run for it.
>I TRIED to tell them not to, and wait for the ritual or whatever to be done, but they booked it.
>this sent the motled person twirling in their direction.
>the two hooded figured shouted at him in a foreign language.
>the decaying human just charged after my friend, bolting at them, he was fucking huge!
>worried about them I took off too, one of the hooded people ran towards me, shouting "filthy whore get back here." before ducking into a thicket i had time to glance at his face. to my surprise it was normal and he had glasses on.
>i ran through the lumber trails when i heard a loud scream, I assumed it was Z
>I saw the creature almost at their ankles, I was going to shout at it to see if i could distract it, but then the figure from before yelled at it.
>it swiveled its head and returned, almost like recalling a dog.
>we kept on running, we weren't even on the trail, we were just running towards any road we could find, we heard the interstate not to far off and ran non stop.
>eventually we calmed ourselves down, realized that they weren't chasing us anymore.
>Z was cursing at us and telling us that when he got home he was done hanging out with S and I
> S was freaking out about the thing that chased them, trying to explain it to himself in a light that made sense.
>when we made it to the interstate we tried to flag down a car but no one was out.
> we followed the road back to town and made a bline to S's house.
>we called the cops and told them that we saw cultists or whatever. obviously they didn't believe us.
> our town is really small so I always kept an eye out for the guy, but I didn't see him after that.

I have no idea what fucked up shit those people were doing but it scared the crap out of me.
I wish i had a picture of his face so i could find his whereabouts and track him down... alas I don't think i ever will.

I wouldn't worry about them
Friend of mine who lived on Dark Hollow Rd near Medford Oregon said he had all sorts of weird shit happen to him in the local woods. Check that area out.
Confirmed for Skinwalker
fucking this. It´s like people are becoming dumber by the hour. I can not grasp the concept of anyone able to surf the internet but unable to read a couple of paragraphs.
Thats' what a moonwalk is...
need moar
Well I know where you are now with that map, at least I think I do
Make up your own, then.
It's not ignorance, it's lack of congruency.
A couple of paragraphs in a sea of greentext is obnoxious.
A book or article has a flow to it, unique to the author's balance of decorative fluff and actual information. A couple paragraphs by anon on 4chin just don't compare.
I remember when "true stories" threads were free of greentext and no one bitched about things being "tl;dr" unless it was poorly written garbage. Maybe one day people will stop being lazy and tell stories properly again, though honestly my hopes aren't too high for that day.
Then don't read it and shut up about it already
It was a jaguarundi
>be me
>32 years old
>go in the redwood forest after a long road trip
>camp one night there
>keep food away from tent in car so as not to attract bears
>sleep soundly for 12 hours
>wake up in glorious redwood forest
>feel alive and awake and refreshed
>drive home
It had been there a while. No doors and no tires.It looked like they lived in the shack right next to the car.
Plus, if they'd wanted/needed help, they'd've flagged your car down. [spoiler]I would've kept driving even if they did flag me down, and I don't blame anyone who would do the same.[/spoiler]

Not too spooky:

>driving uhaul with crap ton of stuff
>very, very sleep deprived
>midnight mississippi
>decide to pull over for sleep
>get off on country road
>spoopy, don't care
>about to pass bridge
>notice weight limit sign
>screw it, I'm tired
>as i drive over, hear bridge audibly break
>look back and the bridge looks ok, but no turning back
>keep trying to turn back onto freeway
>only find more small bridges that won't support me
>stuck in backwoods crazy overgrown mississippi
>i swear I passed a sign that read something about my own murder
>stop and stare at it for 5 minutes straight
>cry sweat
>after 27 miles of sheer terror i make it onto the highway again
>mississippi still strikes fear into my heart
Saw a mountain lion in a place they arent supposed to live, that was pretty spooky.
I dub thee Tryhard the Edgy
Go to Southie with a black friend.
the hills have eyes?
Nah it's like an actual place somewhere, I can't remember where though. Somewhere in North America i think
Caught a deer but couldn't catch two dudebros.
My dad has a house in the mountains, right in a national forest. Besides for a few neighbors, its pretty secluded. There's lots of thick forests around and plenty of NOPEY spots. We have seen and heard most of the wildlife out there. Bears, mountain lions, coyotes, foxes, and other shit like skunks and snakes. One time we went up there, we brought my buddy with us. We couldn't sleep on the last night there, so we went outside for some fresh air. It was around 1 in the morning, and it was very quiet outside. All of the sudden, we hear a howling, high-pitched scream out in the forest to our left, maybe 25-30 feet away in the thicket. Ive heard bears, cougars while they're fucking, and all the weird sounds foxes and skunks can make, so i can say that what i heard WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Me and my buddy looked at each other dumbfounded, i said "Maybe its on of the neighbors dogs that got loose?" As soon as i say that, we hear the high pitched Howl/scream again. It was getting closer. By this point we were sure it wasn't a dog or coyote. (There are not any wolfs in the area of the house so it wasn't a wolf) The scream was guttural, yet high pitched. Not a growl or anything, it was a screeching howl. Continue?
Why do you faggots always ask if you should continue when you always know the answer will be yes?
Um, the Cartel will just kill people rather than Scooby Doo them
>Fuck you im just trying to touch some boob

ayyyyy kek
This is my current fear.

>neighbor's house is currently abandoned
>hear random furnitures moving and some faint voices
>the other day, the metal railing on the topmost windows suddenly disappeared.
>Railing was heavy as fuck
>Would definitely make a noise on the neighbor's house if it got removed.
>Would also take several men to carry it downstairs and outside the gates
>No noise from the night before it was stolen

We also have a huge dog (Alaskan Malamute) and my worst fear is the guys on the abandoned house would rob and kill us including our dog
It's just squatters. Squatters are usually harmless, but if neighborhood pets start going missing and kids start seeing weird old men hanging about, it's time to call the cops.
Me and my buddy just said " That's no fucking dog." I decided to try and answer whatever was out there in the thicket, so i yelled out in the best imitation of it that i could. I yelled "ARHHOROOOH!!" Not even before i finished it yelled back at me. Louder, and closer. Me and my friend decided enough was enough, and we ran inside and slammed the door. I stayed at the door with my ear right up against it, trying to hear anything. All i heard was the creature or whatever it was continue its howling as it kept moving past our house. It got even higher in pitch as it got farther away, we went outside again after a hour and there was nothing out there. Ive heard from the neighbors that live up there year-round that they have heard the howling too. One of them says shes seen a tall, black humanoid down a hill near our homes, and that her dogs were scared shit-less. And she has huge ass dogs. I think it was a Sasquatch, bigfoot, whatever. We think it just wandered through the area, because earlier that day, we were riding our dirtbikes and stoped by a creek were there were a bunch of cows just chilling, all of the sudden they look up a hill and just bolt in the opposite direction. It could have been anything, but there's some shit out there.
Trick question. literally anywhere that is woods has spookies here
>naturally very quiet and light footed
>always accidentally sneaking up on people and scaring the shit out of them

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I scare my friends/coworkers a lot because I somehow manage to get behind them without them noticing. I even told my friends that I have no presence at one point because it keeps on happening.
Monkey Mountain? I have a story saved from a while back. Not mine.

>be me, about 18 or 19
>one of very few things to do in my town is just drive around
>friend tells me he visited Monkey Mountain
>Monkey Mountain is a notorious little trailer park where the cops or ambulance won't even go in because the people there are so crazy.
>Tons of families living there on various properties, rumors of incest for years.
>Only one way in and out, so we'd have to do a u-turn to leave.
>"LET'S GO!!"
>Crappy weather, we're going at night, raining on and off
>We get there and it's pretty quiet. No one is out because of the weather, which I'm mildly thankful for.
>We pass the fourth or fifth trailer, see someone open the door and just watch us go
>This trailer is connected to a huge junkyard that looks like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake
>See a few other people watch us go by
>Remember my grandpa telling me that they call each other up when they see a car they don't recognize
>Oh lawd are we gonna die?
>Not really panicked at this point
>We reach the end of the park without incident and go on a back rids to turn around
>end up at an abandoned and dilapidated cemetery that has tons of booze bottles and trash and even a mattress near the entrance. Like they party there.
>We turn around and as we get back on the main road we notice a bunch of glass that wasn't there before spread all across the road.
>We just look at each other like "what?"
>Don't even hesitate, just floor it. Luckily, the car's tires are fine.
>Get the hell outta there
>A car ends up following us out and rides us for a long while until we reach the main town
When lights go out on the inside of a window and it's dark outside then you can see what's outside better. Not worse.
File: uyre.jpg (154 KB, 625x469) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Same thing happened to me once.
>climbed into a relatively large enclosure for animals that was part of a farm
>couple of sheep walk away through the brush and trees
>small goat comes out and tries to establish dominance by prancing or whatever the fuck it is that little power play is
>we're all around 10 so the notion of an animal attack still scares us a little bit
>turn and hightail it back to the fence
>my brother jumps clear, I tuck and roll over the old stone wall leaning up against the fence, feeling like indiana jones escaping the massive boulder
>cousin gets gored

>mfw satan let us off easy because we were just kids meddling in things we didn't understand
One of your family members accidentally sat on it while looking for something in the attic and it is now lodged firmly in their rectum.

Go to bed you have school tomorrow.
Sorry, I meant shithalf.
tip top kek
File: hue.jpg (134 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"not tonight satan"
File: 2RJN6q2.gif (1 MB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw two anons talking about a post they didnt even post, which was mine because I posted it on this posting thread on 4chan /x/
You sure are speshul.
Not greentexting hides a boring story.
fuck you and your passive aggressive bullshit
Yep can't agree more
>be me jogging at night
>have really powerful headtorch on 2000 lumem from China
>running at side of reservoir with old hamlet at the bottom
>start out fine 2 mins in wind changes direction and won't stop blowing in my face.
>keep going
>wind gets faster
>keep going
>faster still
>keep going
>coming up to a corner
>headtorch dims
>wind gets faster
>water in reservoir starts making splashing sounds in the wind.
>feel tingle in the front of my body
>nope nope nope so much nope
>turn the fuck around and increase pace
>wind drops
>headtorch returns to normal
>water stops making noise

could hear the water over my headphones when it was at its loudest I took them out when the nope intensified so I could hear shit coming for me. Haven't been back at night since. The area is in the UK and the part I run on is a well trodden footpath which is fine at daytime. The bit of land has been remodeled and regenerated artificially and the old swampy woods I get around me were not near me some of them give a creepy vibe just driving past them and they are some pretty Roman shit and seldom visited because it's boggy. Might post a story about driving through some later.
>decide to smoke a blunt
stopped reading there
>>before we even roll it, we hear this knocking on trees near by
Maybe you should've kept reading.
so many run on sentences :(
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