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Can we get a non-paranormal "nope"...
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Can we get a non-paranormal "nope" thread?
>inb4 faggots shit posting about thread being non-paranormal

Real life creepy crazy shit that isn't paranormal. Will deliver in a bit. On my mobile and it's hard to do a full greentext on here.

Innwoods, murders, rapist, thug encounters welcome.
nope threads should be banned
YOU should be banned.
Because you have to ask why.
Not really a nope but it's creepy the amount of unsolved murders that occur in the U.S as a result of cartel violence. To elaborate how easily you could be murdered, here where I live a women was kidnapped and killed, left in a field, she was driving the truck of an aquantice of hers who was also kidnapped except he was tortured and killed. This occurrences have become common, its the fact knowing that you could be murdered and no one would ever find out.
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>Be 16
>Be running at school track at 2:00 AM
>After about half an hour of running I see a car pull into the parking lot a ways away
>Group of 4 people all adult height get out of car and start walking to the track
>Can only see their silhouettes due to poor lighting
>okay, i will leave after I finish this lap
>they cut through the track (there is a football field in the middle of the track and i can see them now from football spotlights) and walk towards me
>they are all wearing black clothing and one of them is holding something in their hand and others have hands in their hoodie pockets
>They don't say anything but continue to walk towards me
>Get a real bad feeling in my in the pit of my stomach knowing that the track is far away from any residential housing and the entire school is deserted
>walk as quickly as I can towards fence without acting spooked
>round the corner of a relocatable classroom and then book it as quickly as I can
>Hear footsteps running behind me
>running on sidewalk as fast as I have ever ran before but already tired from track
>See car pulling quickly out of school parking lot
>it was their car
>Run as fast I can to the other side of the street
>Jump a fence into someone's back yard
>Jump over the next fence and run across the road to a parking lot and continue to run
>don't stop running for like 10 minutes straight until I am convinced that the car and the people on foot lost me
>I hide behind some building and then begin walking home taking the weirdest route possible in case they see me and stalk me to my home

The worst part is that my house was really close to the school so I had to backtrack a couple miles after the chase and pray that they weren't around the school.

They could have easily killed or kidnapped me. It was routine for me to go running at night so I am certain it was planned.

Pic related but spotlights were at about quarter brightness

(five people including a driver)
My hometown has a lot of stories of weird deaths, more than my friends' do.
>dead body found crammed in a suitcase at the train station
>man murdered, his arm eaten by the killer and other body parts scattered around a park
>man hung himself from bridge over busy road, rope snapped, he/his body fell and was hit by a car
>man hung himself from a tree on a roundabout
>woman jumped off a block of flats
Plus the ghost story at the ruined church about the woman who was buried alive after her students drugged her.
>be driving
>a car starts following me
>it keeps following me for a long time
>it keeps following me in uncommon streets instead of driving away in the main streets
>i decide to fool whoever was chasing me
>i use my right turn signal
>the car suddenly puts right turn signal too
>but at the intersection i turn left instead
>the car turns left as well
>fuckfuckfuck i'm really chased
>i keep on driving around, still followed
>i enter the parking lot of a supermarket and park
>the car enters too and park
>i pretend to be busy doing stuff before leaving the car just to see what happens
>a man gets out of the car and starts walking towards me
>i put my car in motion and run away before he can get again to his car and start chasing me again
The only actual spoopy thread on /x/ and it has no attention. Fucking roleplayers and tripfags.
>be 9
>mom dating some new guy for about a year
>i have severe childhood anxiety
>get afraid when mom sleeps over at boyfriend's house
>ask her if i can come and just sleep in living room
>do this often almost every weekend

>be one night
>im watching tv already kinda dozing off
>didn't even change into pjs yet because i was so tired
>wearing jeans and t-shirt from school
>hear mom's bf in the kitchen for a while digging through the cupboards
>mom's bf offers me a drink of minute maid
>get up, drink it for a bit
>literally wobble back to couch and instantly knock out
>half awake, I feel my hips being propped up on to the armrest of the couch
>my jeans are being pulled off me and it hurts
>the waistband is scraping on my thighs
>i remember those jeans were nonstretch and i was barely starting puberty so i was getting a little chubby
>next my underwear is being pulled down
>my eyes are fully open and for some reason, with my will that I want to stop or scream for my mom, i cannot
>my body is immobile and i am panicking
>my mom's boyfriend is fingering me
>I look at his face and his eyes are glossy, he usually drinks a lot on the weekends
>he looks nervous and keeps looking back towards the bedroom
>he does not stop
>i cant fight to stay awake
>i pass out

Apparently, after this, he was such a drunk mess that he came into his room where my mom was laying and told her, "Your daughter's pussy is so good." My mom freaked out, and ran out to the livingroom and saw I was still asleep. She thought he was "just drunk and fantasizing." I

I don't know if my mom just couldn't handle the truth of this. But she spent the rest of my whole childhood telling me that he did this to me because I was prettier than her.

My mom stayed with him until I was 14. I don't know if I just got too old for him or what. I had been trying to report it since then. But my mom always protects him and lies that he never told her that he did it.
>be 2011
>college is only a $1 bus ride away
>use it to save money
>it's fall
>i have a 7:30 am class, so I'm forced to take the 6am bus because it only comes once an hour
>daylight savings time comes in my area
>it's now pitchblack at 5:50am
>there's usually a freshman and her dad that come and wait for the bus with me so i feel a little safer
>this morning they are a little late
>im sitting at the corner of the street where the bus stop is
>this truck with two creepy men stops at the red light
>the man on the passenger's side looks at me
>he seems like he's on meth or something
>though I am 19 at the time, I was often told I look like a 15-16 year old
>I don't want to tell them where I am going, but I say "No thank you, I am not going home."
>He did not listen and they whipped around the corner where a parking lot is
>In a few short minutes the same guy comes walking towards me and he has a metal pipe in his hands
>he looks serious and occasionally is smirking at me as he comes near me
>he's playing with the pipe and practice swinging it, and gripping it tightly
>it feels so wrong
>im shitting so many bricks that tears fill my eyes
>i want to nope and run, but I feel like he'd chase me
>he stops right in front of me while I'm sitting there and looks at me with a smile
>looks like he gets an epiphany
>runs to the corner of the street and looks the other way
>starts shouting "FUCK, GOD FUCKING DAMMIT"
>runs, gets in the car, they speed off
>in seconds, the girl and her dad are right there chatting and talking as they get to the bus stop like normal

I want to cry and hug them. But I actually just cry and sit there. I don't know these people and never talked to them before, so they just continue talking to each other and ignore me. I think they saved my life.
Have family in Mexico, one of my cousin is a fuck up, one day a group of men came and took him away. Never seen again. Shit like this happens everyday
For what it's worth, I'm really sorry this happened to you.
>mom and I living in new apartment with new number etc.
>every now and then receive a phone call from the same guy who simply repeats "Hello" slowly several times then hangs up
>we are never home when it happens
>time passes, for various reasons we are sure it is no one in family or friends
>one day we come home late at night/very early morning
>soon as we get in door the phone rings
>its him
>"Hello.... You're late."
>no one knew we were to be out late that night as we'd decided to star gaze on a whim
>we live in a house in the middle of nowhere so its not like any neighbors are nearby to see us enter/exit home
>hear a series of banging upstairs after guy hangs up

still haven't figured out who it was or what was going on.
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YOU should be gassed
>Anonymous 12/18/14(Thu)00:10:00 No.155
Hitler pls, gas is expensive
So, to the people being followed/almost raped/things like that, are you guys people who are generally hated/have crossed paths with bad people? What kind of neighborhoods do you guys live in? I know a few of you were women, so the raping part from gross old men makes sense, but I'd still like to know anyway; this shit seriously scares the shit out of me, especially since I have made a lot of enemies in my town...

This. I only come to /x/ for the non paranormal shit.
>be 19, home for summer
>decide to go hiking
>live in town, but drive 20 mins and it's all pine and hills
>ignorant novice, so i look up trails online
>i find a close one but its 'advanced', w/e
>go alone because no friends and stupid
>hour on dirt roads, get to trailhead
>looks like a ranch (fences, runs), but there's no people, horses
>park by by barn, walk through overgrown field to treeline
>trail is pretty open at first but trees close in quick
>3-4ft wide path, kind of claustrophobic but it doesn't bother me
>no markers but there's no splits/turns
>just keep going for about an hour
>start to wonder if coming alone was a bad idea
>not sure why, but i feel like something's off
>im on the descending side of a small hill, can't see much because of trees
>pick up on a sound- couldn't hear it before because water bottle sloshing
>there's this low, muffled, thumping
>sounds like if you dropped a basketball and let it bounce til it rests
>the thumps are deep,last about 4secs, and occur about every 30s
>then, farther off, what sounds like a pheasant calling and flying off
>i guess it's a mating thing, but it seems too consistent
>in the time i've been trying to place the noises, i notice something
>i can feel a very gentle shaking in time with the thumping
>the thumps are low, repetitive, and powerful enough to (gently) shake a hill
>the shake is near, and clearly in time with the thumps
>the calls are far, and clearly a pheasant, and pheasants are small
>the calls and flapping always follow the thumping
>im struck with two equally retarded scenarios to explain what im experiencing:
>megapheasant on the loose scratching out trees like grass
>someone is hunting a pheasant with a fucking piledriver
>i jump up and down, but the hill feels solid
>still the thumping
>i decide to just keep going
>rest of hike is uneventful, did slip crossing a stream and soaked my boots
>same noises/vibrations on the way back, and hoofed it to my car

I just found it inexplicable and consequently unnerving. I've done some googling and checked maps but still can't seem to explain what it was. There used to be a gravel quarry a few kms away, but it hasn't been used in ages. There's some coal mining in the region, but way on the other side of the county. And even if that does explain the thumping, I don't see how it explains the pheasant noises. Or even the shaking? I tend to think it's something I just can't figure out on account of being a townie.
That is terrible. I Hope you get justice some day.
I know that I've had some Nope situations happen, but I'm having some trouble racking my brain for one...

I'm an anon that posted >>15586170
I live in a very quiet suburb about 30 minutes from Los Angeles. Los Angeles is dangerous, but my town is pretty nice. Very low crime rate aside from teenagers rebelling against their parents and a small bit of graffiti.

The only thing I've noticed that makes me a "target" (possibly?) is that I'm one of the few white-looking people in the area. Blonde, wavy-haired, blue eyed, semi-tan skin. I stick out here. Most everyone is hispanic or asian. Not to sound racist, but Hispanic creeps are the creeps I get the most attention from. The guys in my green text were hispanic.

I don't think it's from making enemies. I don't have a lot of enemies. Aside from a handful of girls that carried drama in high school. It's not like they'd have me raped. I haven't even spoken to any of them in years.

Despite my town being very good, what I suspect is that a lot of weird people roll through here on the main streets to avoid crowded freeways. Creeps don't hang out here, they pass through here. Which seems like a perfect spot to kinda just kidnap people and continue on their way.
>be 17
>waiting outside the barbershop that's connected to an alley in a somewhat bad neighborhood with my boys
>everyone decided to get their haircut that day
>talking about random shit
>heard a loud masculine yell
>freaked out at first
>the fuck lol
>talk about more random shit
>see a man walking really fast out the alley the barbershop was right next to
>this guy was obviously in some Hispanic gang
>tattoos all over face
>basketball shorts sagged low as shit
>knee high white socks
>just walking leaving the alley really fuckin fast crossing a Main Street without even keeping an eye out for oncoming traffic that can run him the fuck over
>friends and I shit bri/x/

That was all that happened pretty much, friends and I knew not to go in the alley to see what happened, we just sort of looked the other way. Anyone reading this that has lived in bad neighborhoods knows not to get involved into any gang related crimes especially if you're just an eye-witness
-be me
-be waiting to get picked up for church
-call mother
-answering machine
-call again
-no ring hear screaming
-gets picked up by father
-get to church and everythings normal....
>freshman in high school, dating "bad boy"
>things go well for 3 months
>he asked to come over for me to tutor him
> my mom works long hours so i snuck him in
> instantly pushes me to the floor, pulls my clothes off, pins arms under his knees, tells me how ugly i am
>violently rapes and scratches me, after tells me he just wants a baby
>starts following me home from school and pushing his way in the house
>finally break it off and tell someone after 8 months of being raped 2-4 times a week and several suicide attempts
>mom doesnt believe me, school doesnt do anything to keep him away because he took a special ed class
>he starts writing threatening messages to me, school does nothing
>follows me home with baseball bat, that i was going to be raped and beaten again
>principal and police show up and arrest him, principal says he was waiting for a good reason to call the police
>not just pulling over, getting out of the car and flashing your gun

I don't understand how there's people who don't carry 24/7

This is gonna sound weird OP but hear me out. I'm a guy and I was molested as a kid by a woman. I know I was molested because I'm awesome and someone wanted to destroy my self esteem by taking advantage of me. It is likely you were molested for the same reason. Because you have an inherent self esteem that someone wished to destroy because it threatened their own self image/it turned them on and, not knowing love within themselves, they decided to act on conditional love, sexual manipulation, ignoring boundaries and/or attacking them. You are better than them. The boyfriend and your mom both.

Ghosts ooo spooky.
Low-crime areas seem to be especially prone to people from the city coming out here to commit crime.
I live in the boonies (town population of 900) and the only things we have here are farms, some houses, a 7-11, and more farms.
A state road comes through my town and unfortunately is a straight shot to Baltimore, MD.
We used to have a PNC Bank branch here in town, but it got held-up at least 3 times in less than 2 years by armed goons from Baltimore so they shut it down.
The tellers got to the point where they were afraid to come to work anymore.
Now I have to drive fucking 20 minutes away to deposit my paycheck.

To contribute:
>neighbors just moved in to new house, guy was freshly married after messy divorce
>his ex-wife was psycho, she physically assaulted him and pepper-sprayed him one day
>he didn't like to talk about her much
>he got a restraining order against her before getting a divorce
>first weekend with new wife in new house
>hears garage door opening and vehicle leaving (garage is attached to house)
>him and his wife are both in bed
>he grabs some protection and investigates the garage
>window is smashed, door ajar, his truck is missing
>calls the police
>the next day his vehicle is found wrecked in a ditch halfway between here and West Virginia
>ex wife got a random guy to break in and steal it as revenge
I don't know what legally happened to her (super-uber restraining order?), but he's never had any encounters with her since.
It still terrifies me that a complete stranger broke in to their house to get revenge. What if she had accidentally given him my house number and he decided to butcher my whole family?
Funny how that works

/-x/ Non-Paranormal
So my friends and I go off base to chill at a hookah lounge last Friday, we went, we were there for literally about 10-15 min cause it was jam packed in there, no where to sit. We got bored as hell and decided to go back to base since it was still early and the clubs were gonna be dead at the time (2100). Got back to base knocked the fuck out. Nothing interesting happened until the following Monday
>be 18
>in the navy
>Monday night, tired cause of Pt and studying all night
>heard someone knocking on my door in the barracks
>wtf bitch
>opens door
>guy starts telling me I owe him money from Friday from the hookah lounge
>confused as shit
>guy honestly looks sketchy
He starts explaining to me how he was drunk and I left an unpaid tab of $60, even though I knew this shit wasn't fuckin true he was totally convinced as if i did this. I asked for his name, he said not to worry about it cause he didn't want to get into that, thinking this is really sketchy. He leaves. The following night
>heard my door being knocked on
>the fuck man
>around same time
>same mothetfucker
>do you have my money?
>told him fuck no cause there was no tab to begin with
>next day
>talk to the group of friends that went with me to the hookah lounge that night
>no one ordered shit
Fast forwarding later on same day (2200)
>door being knocked on again
>bro I spoke to everyone, none of us ordered shit, look I apologize you had to end up paying the tab even though it wasn't you, but that shit isn't coming out my pocket
>he says "alright bro"
>he walks away
>says "I asked you once already"
He hasn't knocked on my door yet today. Let's see how this goes. He finally gave me his name, but literally everyone I talk to doesn't know who he is, I've never seen him around or anything
>Original content threads should be banned
What kind of threads do you want on /x/?
I am so sorry this had to happen to you and your mother is the way she is. I hope you find inner peace and get the help you need
my mom gave birth to 20 kids including me
all of them got kidnapped but me
Here's another, from the POV of a friend:

>work at event center situated alone on 300 acres
>it's a beautiful place, I work there from doing maintenance and stuff, sometimes I'll work as event staff doing late shifts
>the owners live in a small house nearby and the son of the owners lives on an adjacent property
>3am, my friend is locking up after all employees have left
>she locks-up and leaves out of a side door
>cellphone finally gets one bar, text comes through
>it's from the owner's son
>"Anon, there's this dude pounding on our door yelling nonsense, stay inside the building, he's clearly on somwthing. The police are on their way."
>her heart drops, she literally just locked herself out
>looks up to the main entrance of the building, there's a man standing there under the light
>she isn't sure what to do, she has to go that way to get to her car
>she decides to just hide behind a tree for what feels like an hour in the pitch darkness
>police show up, haul the guy away
The guy got charged with trespassing and public intoxication and whatnot.
He wasn't violent, but still, my friend was terrified. You never know what people are capable of when they're not "there".

We get intoxicated people like that all the time roaming the property during wedding season.
One night this summer the owners caught a drunk woman IN the building around midnight stealing liquor from the walk-in.
A guy was also spotted in one of the parking lots trying to break into cars one evening during a wedding. The chef chased him off.

Fortunately, in case anyone tries to get violent, her boyfriend has a CCW permit and he picks her up from work ever since that first incident.
>so angry with the school
>he was immediately released with orders to see a pyschologist
>mom believes i just slept with him and lied and tells people this
>had to face him every day at school until he brought a knife and threatened me publicly
>6 years later and i still cant be alone in the house where it happened
>still feel his hands choking me and his hurtful comments
>cant focus in college or have a normal sex life
>decided to leave state to get a fresh start next month
You make it sound like any of the other threads on here are any better.
>be hiking with friend at Wakulla Springs in Florida
>gators everywhere
>keep hiking for a long time, making noises and letting the animals know we are there
>start to hear low growling
>continue walking for a little bit
>growling continues and is louder
>we think it's a bobcat
>run like fuck back
>nothing happened to us
>scared all the gators into the water on the way back
I'm from manteno... I call bullshit considering they closed that shit after people would go late and smoke.

- anon Class of 14.

Go to sleep. I hope finals went well.
based thread is based

>be me, about 15 years old
>be hanging out with first girlfriend ever
>summertime, around 9 pm in local shitty park in shitty small town
>sitting on bench
>two random girls i've never met before walk over to us
>they appear to be high school age and are obviously wasted
>they make small talk at first, but i'm very uncomfortable about the whole thing
>shortly, they start getting hostile and accusing me of having been cheating on girlfriend with someone else
>gf whispers to me not to do anything and points out that there's a truck driving in circles around the park
>do nothing and eventually the girls walk away to the truck, get in and ride away

apparently that's not the first time something like that happened at the park. the girls would find couples like that and try to provoke the guy into yelling at them so that their boyfriends in the truck could have an excuse to get out and beat him up.
> being ok with your government keeping you from being able to fend off a mugger, rapist, or serial killer effectively.

Guess not all of us live in faggot land.

> be me
> carry knife erryday in pocket
> buy beer and cigarettes in the ghetto
> went to hs in the ghetto
> live near the ghetto
> have never had a single problem with "urban youths" because I have a knife clip coming out of my pocket and a permanent scowl that exudes "fuck you nigger" while carrying myself like I have a gun
> 1 more year and I will have a gun 24/7 on my hip
> yay gunships state.
Just beat him the fuck up

Hell, invite 10 Buddies over, then go full blanket party on this fucker in a drunken stupor
See I live in a small town too, but I have only noticdd and heard of a tiny biy of that stuff. It's probably because my town has generally a lot of weird people and we're all white lol. Either way that's too bad about that stuff, y'all should move
how about cults and the folk who commit unspeakable acts in the name of "whatever inserted here"
>not luring the cat into a hive of gators
>under 21
>not considered an adult in burgerland
>implying said mugger, rapist or serial killer isn't going to be carrying a gun

your opinions are invalid and you are an idiot. It's because of dickheads like you people feel the need to carry to feel safe in the first place. stfu and let the adults talk. edge faggot.
It's obviously the megapheasants.
I really hope you make a nice new life for yourself, anon. What happened to you was truly horrifying and the people who defended your rapist are no better than him.
Some of us live in civil countries were you usually don't need to carry yourself a gun. We have good police and stuff.
Shoulda started a new thread for this. Maybe interesting developments happen.
>friend comes over to get really high with me and my roommate
>we were smoking fake bake, dumb, but we were high af
>this is rare for him, but he goes HAM when he wants to
>rips through the bowl on his own in 2 minutes
>we join, but roommate passes out after a thought loop spurned on by my friend.
>my friend looks at me and the conversations we were having seemed like he was telepathic.
>i've actually experienced this phenomenon with the drug before and navigate the situation in my favor
>friend agrees to go on a walk with me
>its 11:30pm, quite neighborhood in the middle of the hood
>friend is rambling to me about how cool it would be to jump rooftop to rooftop like ninjas, but we were all small like hobbits
>i just stare at him and tell him that that was what i dream t about last night.
>the rest of the events to transpire and then some were actually all dreamlike with a perception of deja vu
>friend is freaking out as we reach the neighborhoods main street
> he says "dude, what if theres some big muscley guy up here just waiting to like, jump us or something, i dunno, wouldnt that be crazy??"
>i tell him "we won't because we're not worth his time."
>we turn the fucking corner
> big muscley dude radiating hate is walking toward us, looking pumped for a fight
>friend shuts up as i tell him to just be cool and try to radiate respect and indifference
>guy passes us
>friend says "you were right-"
>behind us, dim car lights slowly illuminate our backs
>keep walking, no looking back
>house is within eye shot
>turn around
>no car
>noped the whole night as my buddy and i explored concepts of imagination, dreams, life/death, magic, and childhood.
>he doesn't remember the night. at all. i remember it in startling detail.
Unfortunately where I live you are not allowed to carry guns anywhere (regardless of having a license or whatever), I wish I could though.

>Implying I go to that school in the pic

I found the image on google when i searched for football field/tracks. It was merely for example. You new to the chans?
no shit. when I drive distances I take my gun and keep it on me regardless of where I am. fuck local ordinances, school zones, private roads, etc.

>driving across state
>take old, largely ignored highway instead of interstate
>come upon a group of fags (harley riders)
>they have no where to go, all day to get there
>stuck behind them doing well under the limit
>know straight stretch is coming up so I tailgate a bit in anticipation, mostly cause I'm pissed they dont use the pull-outs like theyre required to
>road lines change to dash and I pass
>midway through a small car comes over a dip, and I have to get back in my lane to avoid head on collision
>merge and cut the little biker fags in half
>theyre pissed the fuck off
>pull out again and pass them and speed off
>spend the next hour worried theyll catch up with me in the next town

since then I've carried my gun. never needed it, but will be glad I have it if something does actually happen.
just murder him. people say revenge doesnt make you feel better, but it does. you'll also have the satisfaction knowing you'll have spared X# other girls from being subjected to that psycho.
>hiking to swimming hole i've been to many times before
>~1/2 mile through forest, 1.5 miles through burnt out forest
>halfway through burnt out section and the wind suddenly starts blowing pretty hard
>wind blows through dead, scorched trees and makes a sound
>sounds like hundreds of people screaming in agony, but from a ways away
>happens for like 10 seconds then stops
>never felt the wind blow there before or after that time.
>Plus the ghost story at the ruined church about the woman who was buried alive after her students drugged her.
>sleeping on trampoline one night with younger brother one night in like 2003 or something
>staring off into space
>entire sky lights up like day for a second, dark again, then light for lik 2 seconds, then back to dark
>no sounds
>lay there wondering if i'm going crazy
>ask bro if he saw that too
>he confirms and asks what it was
>tell him I dont know
>next day we tell parents, other bro, no one believes us. dont see anything in the paper or hear anyone else mention it

several years later

>hanging out with friends in the middle of the night, little bro is there too
>talking about the stars and stuff
>friend says he was watching the sky one night a long time ago and it lit up like day
>ask him how long ago
>he doesnt remember, but several years previous - the same night
>tell him we saw it too

later I realize that he lives like a half hour out of town, so whatever lit up the night sky literally as if it were day must have been pretty fucking massive.
Sorry your mom was/is a useless whore, anon. Don't let this define you.
>Be 23 or 24
>drunk saturday night probably 3 in the morning
>freinds all pile in car and we head to local taco shop ( the part of town I live in is basically little mexico)
>in line at taco shop when dance club lets out next door
>fight breaks out in parking lot
>two mexican dudes fightins
>one pulls a knife and starts rapid fire stabbin other guy
>stomach chest neck all get it
>dude bleeds out right there in the parking lot
>people freak and murder guy runs off
>ambulance takes dead guy
>everyone goes in and starts ordering tacos like nothing happened
>I'm the only one not eating. totally fucked me up
another one
>be about 10 yrs old
>close to summer time
>3 houses down from me gets their door kicked in and robbed.
>week goes by
>2 houses down getts door kicked in and robbed
>another week goes by
>next door neighbor gets their door kicked in and robbed.
>anxiety is at maximum
>sleep with my baseball bat and a buck knife for the next two years
>would wedge myself into the corner of the bed and wall and try and make all my blankets just look like a pile of blankets and not a person. with a strategic peephole outta the blanket pile
that i could see my room from.
>never got robbed
>Be 15 in straya
>On 2 hour road-trip with older Bro to Mum's place
>Halfway on the journey we fuel up at petrol station and grab snacks
>10 minutes later driving down a relatively quiet
highway road
>see man stumbling across road, shoulders slouching like a zombie
>he's was barefoot, olive-skin looking guy with tattered jeans, red shirt and a raggy blue cloth just over his face
>Older bro slows down as we pass him
>calls out to him and asks if he was okay
>Guy turns around to look at us, still with cloth over his face and just stands there motionless
>After about 10 seconds we both get superspooked and speed off, wondering what that dudes deal was for the rest of the trip

All I got from a few years ago, sometimes I still get curious over that.
LA isn't dangerous. It's oblivious shits like you - who just sat there staring at a good old-fashioned bludgeoning striding your way - with no fight or flight instincts that keep yourselves in precarious situations by oozing victim.

Yeah, you and your ilk don't deserve whatever could've happened but it's not like you did anything but get lucky.

Stay safe.
Why'd he put a condom on to go to the garage? Was he that worried about having children too early into his new relationship?
>be 8
>staying with schizo uncle for the weekend
>registered sex offender lives in the area
>one night I can't sleep so I go to the kitchen for dat der milk
>notice shadow in the living room
>uncles probably being schizo again
>walk up to him and ask why he's awake
>the person turns around
>he's wearing a creepy old oriental mask
>run back to my room
>hide under the blankets cause I'm a pussy
>hear footsteps going to the room I was staying in
>he's standing just outside the room
>hear the door open and someone walk inside
>suddenly my blankets are thrown off me
>its crazy uncle lewis
>"why are you up so late? And why was the front door wide open?"
fuck dat. sounds like the kinda shit you run into out in west texas.
>driving thru west texas to visit a friend
> stop at gas station in the middle of flat fuckin nothin
>just me and clerk. clerk doesn't say hi or nothing.
>get energy drink and some snacks
>three biggest redneck country boys ive ever seen walk in
> stand behind me in line
> one says just loud enough for me to hear
"goddamn hippies" (I had long hair)
>his buddy goes "Yep"
>don't look back pay for my shit and book it outta there
>weird thing was there wasn't another car in the parking lot other than mine.
>how the fuck these three big bastards and the clerk got to that store without a vehicle is beyond me
>fucking nothing other than that store for as far as you can see
>wich is fucking far cuz west texas is flat as it gets
hory sheet thats one of my worst fears
tfw gas chambers where a lie and the holocaust never happened
nice bait you got there
Thank you.
nah pretty sure molesters don't really care about their victims' self-esteem
hey why this board move so damn slow nowadays.
did they all fuck off to some other chan? this board used to be middle of the road for post speed but now its like line at the DMV slow.
If there is any way that I have found to keep people the fuck away from me, and to keep them from messing with me, It lays to seem meaner, and crazier than everyone else.

I went to a school yo catch up on a year if highschool were Iiterally failed every course because I was depressed.

This place was were they sent the nigs who could not stop fighting and or killing each other.

They named me "Serial Killer", among other monikers.

I also helped them with their work.

I'm bit bragging so much as saying body language, a fierce state an a confidet "I fucking dare you, I'm a monster wearing a man's skin" stride can do for you.
This. most molesters would likely go for low self esteem kids. build em up and all that jazz


Literally nobody, not even a crazy person, will bother you after ten jacked up soldiers pulverize his entire body.
Sounds to me like you in oki
Tell us what happens bext
>jacked up soldiers
he said he was in the navy
Yeah but I don't split hairs.
>Be in CPS
>Be about 8 yo I think
>Forest is awesome
>With varied paths for wanderers and joggers
>One big river and small streams
>A few abandoned houses and cabins
>Teacher decides today we'll wander away from the normal paths

Weekly walks through the forest with the teacher/caseworker, whatever the word is for those people who take shifts taking care of us. Often go with this particular teacher, who's cheerful, popular and loves outdoor, and about five of us kids.

>But the ground soon becomes very uneven and slippery
>First I think it's fun, but it's getting pretty dangerous
>"Can we go back and take another way? I'm afraid of falling"
>Teens are pissed that the younger crybabies are complaining
>Teacher: "It's okay, you won't fall. Come on!"
>Other young kid (7 yo) is starting to worry too.
>The teens and teacher are walking faster. There are now deep holes in the grounds, leading to an underground tunnel.
>Can't keep up. Other kid starts crying (me too probably), I beg as much as I can for the others to stop.
>They shout angrily at us to keep walking or go back alone. They sound very serious and pissed, not like they're having fun at all.

At this point the two of us are nopeing to hard (even though teacher would be held responsible if something happened to us?). Water sounds from the underground tunnel are very loud. Cont
>Nobody is having fun, why are they doing this??
>We keep jumping from rock to rock as carefully and fast as possible.
>Hear *gasp* behind me.
>7 yo boy is not here anymore.
>Me: "He's fallen in the tunnel! Help! He's going to drown!" only one of the teens turns around and walks to me.
>Heroic teen: "Keep on walking, Anon. I'm taking care of this, shut up and walk."
>Keep on going, crying as hard as I can, thinking my friend is dead.
>The others are just walking as fast as they can, barely looking back, arguing angrily (?)
>Rest of the way is long and painful
>Can't remember how I made it, but eventually we're nearly out of the forest
>Me bawling like a bitch: "Where is 7 yo and heroic teen? Where aaaaare they?"
>Suddenly heroic teen and 7 yo are calling us, soaked with water

7 yo is smiling and tells me all about how he nearly drowned, ... Actually I don't remember the details of how he made it out and how heroic teen fell or swam into water to help him out. Sorry, memory's not perfect.

>Everyone else is quieter
>I'm so angry, I keep asking for explanations, why did they lead us there and didn't go back when it got dangerous
>Told to shut up, they just wanted to go on a cooler path, now shut up and don't bring this up again you crybaby
>Never found out wtf this was about

I'd think they saw something or someone scary, wanted to run away without frightening us any more than this? I would accept this as the truth if there hadn't been another incident with that teacher. This story still doesn't make sense to me. Whatever.
You should have ripped his dick off with your teeth.
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Was just riding bikes through the streets with a friend, finding a place to smoke up, stopped at a good spot bushes, streetlight. I had a weird moment and threw up. Friend rode off down the road while I packed a cone, strangely already feeling better. Just as my friend rides back up I hear a dial out tone. Shits weird, but I'm probably just hearing shit. Then I notice my friend moving to the bushes. The tone cuts out. We both stop, turn and look at each other, then lingered long enough to pack the bong up and tell em to get fucked. Then noped on up outta there.

Australia, you don't fuck with the weird shit.
That's fucking horrifying if it's true. Did they ever do stuff like that again that would put kids in danger?
They probably walked.
not that weird.
West Texas is strange though youre right. Lived there for 8 years.
Why are there so many females on /x/ of all places?
u owe me pesos
Kinda nope things. They were scary at the time and I'm still scared walking around at night because of them.

>Live in a town of around 30,000
>Walking home pissed from the pubs one night.
>Have my ipod with me, listening to music.
>I'm running and singing really loudly, feeling great.
>Someone shouts something at me, couldn't hear them.
>Dumbass that I am, I take my phones out of my ears, and look around.
>Two guys and a girl approach me
>Scummy looking, most likely meth heads.
>Without warning one of the guys punches me in the face.
>Other guy punches me in the stomach
>The girl says, "Deck the cunt! Deck the cunt!"
>I get a few decent swings in.
>Then they run off.
>I'm left wondering what the fuck just happened.

Another time

>At the beach with friends having a fire at night.
>Walk along the beach a bit, there are other people
>Friend talks to them, I thought he knew them, apparently he didn't
>We walk back to my car
>For some reason two of the people from the beach follow us
>I'm in my car with the window open trying to reverse out of the awkward beach car park
>Guy comes up to the window
>Slurs some shit about us scaring people.
>Out of no where he punches me in the face, knocking my glasses off.
>Dazed and confused.
>Punches me a few more times, screams at us to give him our pills (I'm 100% drug free)
>Eventually come to my senses and haul ass out of there.

My town has a big ice (meth) problem, as do a lot of rural Australian towns.

I can't walk around at night anymore without being paranoid as fuck. Even during the day I assume that someone walking towards me in a lesser populated area is going to hit me.
>just murder him.
thanks /x/
was the sky blue like daytime? this probably sounds retarded
>>cant focus in college or have a normal sex life
Boohoo sister, join the club.
Not really, it was definitely not a good place, but there wasn't any other life-threatening event caused by them. But the other incident with that teacher in the forest is still creepy and could have ended really badly (long story). This particular CPS teacher was one of the most well-liked, maybe something was wrong with him and he liked to create terrifying situations for the sake of it. I'll never know.

Theory time: Now that I think about it, maybe he told the teens there was an insane guy with a knife (or whatever made-up scary thing) following us and not to tell the younger kids so we wouldn't scream and panic. When my friend fell, the others were maybe too scared for their lives to look back and help him. Because otherwise I can't explain their near-indifference to it.
If having a gun makes you feel safe, it only makes you more vulnerable.
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>be high-school SC member me
>be alone at SC office after class when a socially awkward student came in
>"Yes, what can I help you with?"
>he was silent, staring straight to my face
>I jokingly repeat "Yes, what can I help you with?" with my eyes fixed at him
>he walks out
>few days later
>waiting at the quadrangle to go home with friends
>hear stern talking on the other bench
>our school teacher is scolding THE socially awkward student in our batch
>"What is happening to you!"
>"Your grades are getting worse in every test"
>"What do you mean you can't catch up?"
>"Then ask your friends for help"
>"what do you mean you can't?!"
>"don't you have-"
>the teacher realizes the situation and stops
>At this moment the kid was almost in tears, his eyes and nose are red in color..
>it turns out he came to the office to ask us for help on getting notes and handouts, we don't really do that stuff. He probably doesn't know then.
>out of nowhere I heard myself speak "I'm his friend!"
>to save my sudden action I followed with "w-well I can be, I'll help him catch up in class"
>the teacher asks me if I'm really okay with it, then told us to do well as she leaves
>that moment on me and the awkward kid meet up after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays to study
>he's now my friend
Not really a nope, but kind of weird.

>be with friend
>exploring innawoods
>come out of woods into what we figure must be the back end of the vacant lot by my house
>rubble all over the place
>big blocks of concrete and rebar everywhere
>probably a building here back in the day, nothing weird about that
>we then notice what looks like an old rusty hatch door
>definitely a hatch door
>looks like it'd be big enough for one person to crawl through if opened
>can't figure out why it would be there
>looks like it's set into the hill
>we debate on opening it but decide against it
>we both get a weird feeling and decide to leave
>go back to the same spot the very next day because we decided to try and open it
>100% sure it was the same exact spot
>hatch door is gone and more rubble over where it was

I still don't know what the fuck that was about.
It's a weird theory, though. TBH, it sounds like reckless endangerment to me.

>dude runs stop sign
>causes my friend to drive into a ditch near a parking lot
>I flip the dude off
>we pull into a parking space at a store we were going to
>dude boxes us into our spot
>comes to my window
>we get into it
>he starts cussing me in Spanish
>"Si, esta gringo habla espanol baboso"
>Dude replies in broken English,
>"Oh then understand this, I'm going to stab you in you throat"
>My dumb ass friend will not roll my window up, after rolling it down all the way in the first place like an idiot
>dude has knife below my door, i can see it in the mirror
>my friend is crying and hiding his face in his hands
>I apologize to the guy, profusely.
>he talks more shit about me turning into a bitch
>I tell him "You're the guy willing to kill someone over a hand gesture"
>he had no idea what I said, he barely spoke English as is
>I see him tuck his knife back into his jeans
>he reaches in the car
>makes a fist
>"Pound it bro, we both have bad day mijo"
>dude gives me a brofist
>he gets in his truck, drives away
>friend tries to give me shit about bitching out
>the guy who was a ball of snot and tears just seconds before
>I went total bitch mode to save our asses from being killed in a wal-mart parking lot

And that's the story of why I don't flip people off, and why i'm generally a lot nicer to strangers. And why I never hang out with that friend anymore. And why I carry a gun in my car.
I see you still have problems with English.
>Almost beaten to death because scared of seeming racist
My fellow modern whites are so retarded maybe we should just go extinct
>Be 13 and hanging out with my two friends
>Just walking through the woods doing kid shit because this town sucked and had no arcades
>Decide to enter by going down this dip on the side of a road's bend
>Trees must be 80 feet high, trash at the bottom of it, massive drainpipe sits nearby
>Too dark to go in, tons of graffiti around the walls
>Too chickenshit to check it out
>Go deeper into the woods
>There's a pile of gray fur just sitting there with a wallet
>One of my friends checks the wallet and keeps it
>Never told us who it belonged to
Dont let that shape your future. And if u get REALLY pissed about this, go to the law. Maybe u werent the first this fucker got his paws on.
>>15588155 #
haha nah man wish I was in oki, currently still in the states.
The fucker still hasn't knocked on my door yet, but I plan on shiting fury on him when he does, I'm just tired of being fucked with, but yeah I'll keep who ever is interested updated
Girls are very gullible and also want to believe they are 2unique4u. I know this is shitpost bait nowadays but two decades of pussy propaganda doesn't invalidate one of the oldest observances in mankind. This is also why you see multiple reading threads one page 1 sometimes.
.... Girls, start taking self-defence classes. Seriously. And dump those fuckers after the first attempt.
I learned a similar lesson by yelling at a college cop from a car (who are real cops remember that) but it's not at all creepy.

>be 15
>live in GA
>friends dad goes missing
>jet ski and car left out near a lake
>search for weeks to find him
>mom decides we should also join the search
>go to Red Top mountain

Now if we have any North Georgia fags in here, you can confirm that Red Top has a lot of satanic cults and ceremonies deep in the woods at night. I think it's not as bad as it use to be but it still happens.

>see road that leads to the woods that has been shut down for years
>road closed because several murders happened 5 years back
>"uh... mom... You do know why that road is closed, right?"
>mom ignores me and parks car on the side of main road
>tells cousin and I to move the concrete buckets and chain blocking the toad.
>realize my mom is serious about going down road
>listen to mom because I'm a dumb obeying child.
>mom tells cousin and I to walk outside the car and look on the edges of the woods for anything
>sun starting to go down
>road stops...
>"Hey, anon. You and cousin go down further because the car can't fit."
>still obey mom because retarded obedient son
>cousin and I start walking deeper into the woods
>hear something crack
>probably just a squirrel
>hear leaves moving and cracking...
>sound is following us...
>"anon... Something is following us"
>turn corner and see massive fire pit
>barefoot prints circling the fire pit
>almost like a trench
>see blood on the ground and pentagram
>something from our right and left start rushing towards us

Part 1/2
>it's two people!
>cousin and I running and in complete terror
>can hear two people chasing us back up the trail
>after what seems like an hour their gone
>find my mom sitting in her car
>rush into car and slam door and yell at mom to get the fuck out of there
>she laughes and acts like we are being little kids
>cousin in crying
>I start crying
>mom drives off and acts like nothing happened
>tells cousin and I to move the chain and concrete buckets back.
>refused to

Friends dad actually ended up going insane and eas actually in California because he wanted to leave his wife. Faked a "kidnapping".

I don't go out into those woods alone anymore. I always hike with friends and carry. Kidnappings do happen out there and countless missing person reports end up being solved at the bottom of the lake.

Part 2/2
>after 8 months of being raped 2-4 times a week
>8 months
Didn't figure out a way to stab the guy to death after all that time

Sympathy = 0, and btw I'm a grill. There's no excuse for not having killed him by then. None.
>Plus the ghost story at the ruined church about the woman who was buried alive after her students drugged her.
Kids can be assholes
But who was phone?
>implying its easy to kill someone

Its fun to pretend that we're bad ass gangsta's isn't it?
You must be the coolest cat in grade seven.
Nothing para here, and situation solved somewhat, but here it goes
> be me
> be around 20
> doing Urbex before it was a thing, more then 20 years ago
> exploring a quit woodland area near a small town, next houses are about 30 mins away
> half a dozen ppl, from 14 up to 20, me the oldest, would never be that stupid again, but then, i was young then. and stupid :)
> found a strange door in the side of the hill, leading down into a natural cave
> caving it is, about 2 hours before we encounter areas where we cant squeeze through
> on return, the door we left open is closed and jammed
> Batteries on torches nearly dead, this was pre-LED and Li batteries, younger ones pretty scared
> try to break down door, no tools no nothing. Door doesnt open, no lock on it. Must be jammed from outside.
> Yelling for help makes no sense, and its still some years till portable cell phones are invented
> Kick and jump for half a fucking hour against the door till it gives. Others cant help, me is the only one to have the mass and power to be of any use
> finally make it (somewhat bruised) , find door was jammed from the outside with a shitload of thick tree branches, little trees and shit.
> Older woman nearby, after 2 sentences from her we figured out she is mentally ill, she making no sense whatsoever with her sayings.
> Me pretty pissed, others calm me down, we get the fuck out
> Later found out she was something of a mental case, living still in her home because "she isnt a danger to herself or someone else" but requiring constant medication and shit.
(Yea, like shit she is)

Still doing urbex, but never again with underagers in the team. And never without a lifeline again (guy outside in case anything goes snafu). If u live, u eventually learn. Maybe.
Pensacola is a weird town.... by the way. Do you have my money bro?
>Gets called out
>Calls someone new in response
>/x/ in a nutshell

They close tracks after all sporting practice is done. Moron.
No they don't. The one at my high school was open at any time of the day. I used to run there at like seven and eight at night and sometimes later.
Key word seven or eight at night. Lights shut off and parking lots close before midnight
>sometimes later
I've ran on my school track late as hell before. And according to anon's post, he walked to the track so he wasn't parked in any parking lot. On top of that, at my school and all others in my area they only dimmed the parking lot lights after midnight, not turned them off. They were on a timer. Not sure why you are so hell-bent on trying to prove someone's greentext on /x/ wrong. You are autistic.
Go to the law anon, this is messed up and you didn't deserve it
>be around 13
>like to just walk around in the forest and the town just because
>walks in the dark
>not be to late, just winter
>walk down a smaller street
>out of nowhere be grabbed by an arm from behind
>woman - 40-50, glasses, reddish chaotic hair - with a strange stare holds my arm tightly
>something is held to my face... keys? a knife?
>just sure its metallic
>frozen in place
>woman speeks in raspy voice and very strange tone , making strange slow-motion movements
>"What are you looking at pimple face?! (just hit puperty and had my first ones)
>I shall cut out you eye bals... yes... send them in the mail for your parents, that's good isn't it?"
>she's rambling, still holding on my arm
>can't move away, and look away from her crazy stare
>can't remembered what happens than
>just running from one moment to the other, hearing her hissing an yelling somewhere behind
>don't stop running till home after 15 minutes running as fast as I could
>calming while walking up to our flat
>just going in my room, sitting down, don't telling anyone
>has still no idea what was going on

This has occurred like 10 years ago. It still gives me chills. I still like walking, as well at night. Though now I have m dogs with me, can fight and do jogging... so no strange crazy bitches can just hold me and tell me what they do with my body parts >>

I am also sure that she told me more, what she will do with my intestines and stuff but it's blurry between the eyes via mail thing and the running.
At my high school, it wasn't even *possible* to "close" either one.
>no parking lot fence
>athletic area fences were made with gateless openings
You could walk in at any damn time, 24/7/365, until some faggot vandalized one of the fields. Then they made the fence a tad higher and bothered to put a gate, which of course, anyone athletic enough to want to use the field could hop without a second thought.

Thank you all for support. I have been to the law, and they were not sympathetic or helpful. First, they asked why I waited so long to report. But I was pretty much under my mother's manipulation from this. Then they said "Why would we ruin a man's life only based on your word?" They mostly suggested that I was probably a young woman upset with her parents and didn't understand the caliber of this accusation. They said that if I couldn't come up with the exact date that this happened, they could not do anything to help.

After this, I talked to my dad about it. Confessed to him that this happened because he did not know. He was so livid that he called the police and came up with a ton of false accusations to my abuser. Saying that he also molested my sister, raped my mother. Said that mom's bf's brother molested me too. I don't know why my dad did this. I think he was just trying to not be ignored by the police, but it really just made everything worse and made my story look even more false.

The best thing I have done is get him on some sort of list of accused pedophiles that couldn't me brought to court. All the social worker told me was that he is now on a list of some sort.

My mom has turned all my siblings against me. When I told them, they believed me and cried with me. When they confronted my mom about it, they went back to me and said "We don't know what happened, but we don't want to be a part of it anymore." I don't know what my mom said to them, but it hurts badly.

The only family member of my mom's side that believes me is my maternal grandmother because she understands how deceitful my mother can be. Her and my mother's best friend (my god mother) who went through something very similar as a child and her mother reacted the same way.
Can you tell your mom that some random dude on the internet said she's a fucking shit cunt? Thanks.
>be 15 year old me
>always walk to city library after school
>library is closed, so I'll go to the park across from it
>sit in park gazebo to wait for mom
>random guy drives up and parks in a spot overlooking park
>don't really mind him, it seems pretty normal
>he doesn't come out
>maybe he has car trouble?
>stay there for another half hour
>what's he holding in his hands?
>takes me 30 minutes to realize he's pointing a fucking video camera at me
>slowly gather backpack and start walking across the grass to the fire station
>the car suddenly starts
>he's driving towards me
>he gets onto the fucking grass
>run as fast as I can with 3 textbooks and a laptop into fire station parking lot
>he's turning away
>I shouldn't be alive

There might still be footage of 15 year old me listening to music and walking around for half an hour...
Its because of those 'boys' in Chicago and at columbine that people feel the need to carry for
not to me but still think about it

>be me
>around 3 years ago
>2 friends (brother and sister) parents divorce
>their mother stays in town with the boy and father goes to the beach with girl
>father dies, girl stays with aunt in beach
>mother gets married again
>he´s a narco

inb4 bad thing happens

>friend hates him and always fight w him
>mother says nothing bc stupid
>man gets into trouble cause he consumes his own product
>cartel leader told him that if he didnt get the money they were gonna take his son
>my friend knew and told me and some friends in a party
>dissapears 2 days later
>1 month later sister in beach dissapears too

>MFW for some reason nobody talks about them or seem to remember
I live just outside of LA, what CC did you go to?
Sooo..... rapes, murders, kidnappings, etc don't happen in your country, at all?
Wtf man america is so full of weird shit i love it
Yeah, someone I know is lurking with the story of the real life Hunger Games that happen in Oregon. Shit is crazy... When I get to a computer later I'll post the sparknotes version.

No, they don't. I ran track and XC and was able to get work in all hours of the day and night.
> The best thing I have done is get him on some sort of list of accused pedophiles that couldn't me brought to court. All the social worker told me was that he is now on a list of some sort.

At last something.

That's... fucked up. But believable. I know a few people that do something similar.

The right look on your face is better protection than police, a gun, or a knife can ever provide.

When the seconds count, the police are minutes away.
It's obvious the hatch led down to an underground station controlling the island, but someone forgot to press a button every 108 minutes and the hatch blew up. Then, the island went through time to back before the hatch existed.


What are you, 12? That's not deep.
Oh shit
>he went there
>suddenly three guys lower the windows and fill you with lead.
Something was thumping and scaring the pheasants into flight, that explains that part.
I almost died on Halloween if that counts as spooky.
You went out with a guy in a special ed class?
Fuck thats spooky
Holy shit. Those guys are gonna get shot one day lol.
Das some spooky shit.
>Pull over, get out, flash gun
>Get arrested for brandishing a firearm
>Probably additional charges for making violent threats

Carry a gun, don't be a dumb fucking faggot about it. Don't pull a gun until you're in clear fucking danger, and don't fucking wave it around like a toy in an attempt to scare people off.
I did shot put and the 400 in high school. Mine didn't close the gates.

Yeah, my football team had millions in boosters (really nice field, special turf and everything, plus a giant training building) and we ran track and XC on it all weekend. I just showed up one Sunday with my GF for a science project to show IRL how displaced the solar system is on the football field.
>5:00 pm
>be 6 and live in a big brick house in PA
>I have a sister and a dog
>quiet town barely and crime
>my mom has to go to somsort of meeting 2 hours away
>hires a 13 year old to babysit us
>she's pretty cool, does her homework and lets us watch tv
>she makes grilled cheese for me and my sister
>"hey kaitlyn(babysitter) do you know about the blocks in our closet?"
>(mom worked in home daycare so we had huge foam blocks in a closet under the stairs)
>"no anon how about you show me after dinner?"
>yea sure
>we go into the closet
>barely big enough to fit in
>"hey anon how come there isn't a doorknob?"
>"oh yea make sure you don't close it"
>all 3 of us in the closet now
>"what I don't think so anon"
>she closes the door
>"what have you done"
>she tries to open the door
>oh no oh no
>little sister starts to cry
>I know there and then I am fucked
6:30 PM
>we scream and scream hoping the neighbors will hear us
>they didn't
>quiet sobs
7:30 PM
>at this point we are so tired out from all the screaming we can't even speak
>"I have to pee anon"
>well hold it
>sister pisses the entire time
8:00 PM
>we left the TV on
>every time a door opens we think it's our mom coming home
>it never is
>we hear another door open
>figure it's just the TV
>Kaitlin slams her hand on my mouth
>sister is asleep in back of the closet
>dog is going nuts
>footsteps continue
>gets closer and closer to the door
>tears going in my eyes
>hear bathroom door next to us open
>suddenly running steps
>up the stairs
>little sister forgets where she is
>lets out the biggest scream I've ever heard
>going down the stairs

Will continue mobile is dying
from what I hear, this is the best way to carry yourself in the ghetto

no one can look happy. You always have to look upset and aggressive so people don't mess with you. Black people are so weird

Lived with a few black guys in college, small sample size but this is what they told me:

At first, I looked pissed off all the time, like I wanted to go off at any second (I suffer from male resting bitch face). They stayed away for a while. After they got to know me they ripped on me for being emo, soft, etc. It was always funny to bring up that discrepancy.
File: Black People.jpg (237 KB, 600x409) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Black People.jpg
237 KB, 600x409
>Black people
No, he took a special ed class to avoid expulsion for other things. In this state there is laws about how much sped kids can be suspended/expelled. He crashed the whole school server

Click the numbers after "No." in someone's post to have their numbers instantly written in your reply
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Youre the reason nightcore exists

Yeah, you have no idea what you are talking about. I did this routinely, even during the summer.

Also, it's pretty logical to assume that someone isn't going to post a picture of their school, doubly so when they are talking about being nearly abducted. 4chan has always been about anonymity and is notorious for causing havoc to those who dox themselves. You are wrong, just let it go.
>be fucked up kid
>always used to go to same park with older brother
>every time we went there were a handful of coke cans that looked like they had been pulled out of the trash then stomped on
>would always toss the cans back in this trash
>for some reason this pissed me off to no end
>one day take a long nail from my dads toolbox
>go to park
>no coke cans on ground yet
>pull some coke cans out of the trash, like them up on edge of sidewalk
>place nail upright in the last one

Too days later my mom told me and my brother to be careful at the park because a boy down the street got a nail through his foot while stomping on cans.

What makes it weird:
>lurking a thread like this a couple years back
>see post about two brothers that would have a good time going to a park and stomping coke cans
>one time they found cans lined up, younger brother let his older brother stop the last can
>nail through his foot

Not even lying, I couldn't believe how fill circle it went.

>be young girl
>always argued with mom about wearing underwear
>she usually gave in
>go shopping with mom in a dress i put on my self
>look at cards
>guy bends over to look at cards near the ground next to me
>he pulls out his phone
>i see my cooch on his phone, hes taking photos
>walk away slowly
>always wear underwear after that
Lay off the fake bud, bud.
based GF is based
flashing a gun =/= pointing at someone you fucking retard.

Just placing your hand on the grip while it's still holstered already sends the message.
Since we're all blogging about rape... Not so much creepy as in spooky but creepy in a way like 'I can't believe this happens in my city' way.

>be molested by cousin for number of years
>under parents insurance, barely under 16 (minimal confidentiality)
>parents beat me when i ask them to put me in therapy
>finally go see a psychiatrist after years of panic attacks, anxiety, depression after i end up in ER after failed suicide attempt
>diagnosed with ptsd, bipolar 2
>parents dont allow meds, eventually force me to stop therapy
>go see family doctor for unrelated reasons, am 16 now (full confidentiality under law)
>family doctor sits me down and starts telling me he went into my files from my psychiatrist im an easy slut and 'experimenting' with my cousin was an important part of developing my sexuality
>doctor is friends with family
>start having a panic attack, tell doctor "no" then storm out sobbing
>after this trying to lock down/erase medical history
>barely any doctor can access them without tons of forms
>always have trouble getting treatment now because allergies to medicines and tons of basic questions

Life after assault is so fucked up
Everyone gets banned!
>tfw we have to go back ;__;
This shit happened to me last night, and I'm hoping it's not paranormal. Last night at about 2 AM I woke up from my dog growling and barking on the back porch at something. And not his usual "I'M A DOG, ARE YOU A DOG TOO? WE ARE BOTH DOGS! LET CELEBRATE BY MAKING SOUNDS!" bark he does when another dog in the neighborhood starts up, but rather his low, loud "Something is seriously wrong" barks. I go to check it out, and in between bouts of growling i hear something near the tree line saying "who's a puppy" in my fucking voice, but fucked up, like how it sounds when a bird imitates speech.

Now I realize that it was probably a raven. We have them all over the place and i say "who's a puppy" to the dog all the time in baby talk when i'm getting him excited to play, and ravens are smart enough to be able to relate the phrase with the dog. At the time though, I was in full skinwalker panic. Dog in the house, all exterior lights and spot lights on, guns loaded. I've calmed down now, but i'm still sleeping with a loaded shot gun next to the bed, 12 gauge slugs. I always thought skinwalkers were an over used and uninteresting internet version of an even less interesting native myth, but when you hear your own voice from the woods it's harder to be skeptical in that moment.
wow, thats... im sorry


>Now I realize that it was probably a raven.

Most likely, or a crow or magpie could probably do it. Have you ever seen any of them talk before? I'd love to witness this, but like you said, if I just heard a disembodied voice that sounded like me, or anyone else, I'd probably be creeped out too.
The 5-10-life law took care of 1/3 of them at least
> mfw harsh penalties for CRIME actually lower CRIME
> who woulda thunk it.jpg
I've never seen any wild ones imitate words before, but there is a mocking bird that imitates my neighbors laugh. This will have been the first time for full words or sentences.
Wild ones pick up phrases the commonly hear too. Did it sound like the mocking bird? Check out some videos of ravens talking on youtube.
I wish this was /b
I don't think mocking birds can do words. Mostly just other birds, insects, and even car alarms. My neighbor has a shrill laugh so i guess that is how it's able to do that. It sounded kinda like a raven, maybe a little clearer, like a parrot. I doubt it was a parrot though, since if there was an escaped one around it would have either left, died of the cold, or at least been noticed due to it's colors. I'm still betting on raven though because they are common near my house and they aren't afraid of people enough to fly away unless you fuck with them directly. So they hear everything we say outside i'm sure.

I'm still gonna give it a few more nights before i put away my 12 gauge security blanket though.
Anon is kill?
Sounds like a manga.
Same anon who posted this >>15590040 here.
Sorry for beng a rude cunt bro (>>15589643)
>be driving home at night
>get caught by a red light in an old downtown area
>no other vehicles around (very rare for this area)
>see a guy pouring liquid all around a small brick building
>he lights a match
>watch as the liquid begins to catch fire
>someone is commiting arson right in front of me
>green light, just keep on fucking driving
>nothing on the news, building's still there and undamaged
What did I see?
Couldn't find any mockingbird videos, but here are some ravens. Hard to find ones of them saying anything other than "hello" though.



>Guerrero, Mx
>43 studends disappeared by goverment
A similar thing happened to me a few years back

>live in quiet neighborhood outside a small town in northern California
>only me and mom are home
>sitting around, doing something on my laptop
>around 11pm there's pounding on the front door
>mom goes down to investigate
>shirtless, long haired guy is at the door
>screaming, crying, obviously on something
>mom starts freaking out, calls police
>guy is stumbling around outside of my house
>looking in windows and banging on them
>screaming about some girl (forgot name)
>thinks my mom is that girl
>goes around to the back of the house and gets on the deck
>guy sees my mom and starts banging on the glass doors
>mom is screaming and crying
>guy is screaming and crying
>guy leaps off deck (20 foot drop to lower deck)
>screaming and crying intensifies
>guy lays there and screams and cries for awhile
>miraculously gets up
>starts stumbling around in my backyard
>cop finally shows up and brings him to the front yard
>cuffs him and sits him down by his car
>cop is doing cop stuff and not paying attention to the guy
>guy gets up and starts running toward me and mom standing in doorway
>cop tackles him and sits on him (heavyset cop)
>continues doing his cop stuff while sitting on him
>finishes cop stuff and puts the guy in his car

After that we talked to the cop and he said the guy was at a wedding party down the road where his girlfriend broke up with him so apparently he got extremely drunk and started looking for her, the guy went to a few other houses before ours and did the same thing.
lol I love how you're trying to get people to ask you what happened to get attention instead of just telling the fucking story.

srsly, tho, no one cares.
>Be in Mexico
>Five years ago
>Mom and Dad take me to a big ass vacant lot on the outsides of the city to start teaching me how to drive
>After half an hour of teaching we decided to leave
>But then a guy all in black comes to our car
>immediately realized hes a cartel thug
>He asks Dad what we were doing there
>Dad explains they simply were teaching me how to drive
>Guy asks Dad to come out of the car to keep talking
>The sit down on the back of the car
>I turn my head a little bit so the guy doesn't notice and I see my dad showing him his credentials (voting id, driving license, i dont know if credentials is the correct word) and him showing my dad his gun
>Dad comes back to car and we get out of here
>For some reason I didn't get completely scared during that whole thing but my mom told me she seriously thought we were going to get kipnapped and killed
>Get home and order some pizza
Not a single student disappeared

It all a hoax created by AMLO
Maybe the cartel had bodies buried out there.
i live in kentucky and this shit happens. my grandpa told a story of him and a group of the towns menfolk going to the houses of people who beat their wife and the would beat them with switches about the size of your index finger. He said that if that man ever beat his wife again they would disappear and it was never spoken of.
gravel quarry means that the bedrock is solid limestone. this is why you could hear the thumps from the mine, i live about 30 linear miles from a quarry and can feel when they blast on calm days
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hey after that you and that beaner were family
I feel the need to share this with all of you since you all had the balls to share your stories I've never posted on threads just read through them so here it goes....
>Be sophomore in high school
>Get stoned all day everyday smoke cigs like a chimney cuz fuck life and sober self and emotions just fuck it all
>Tired of coming home just to be called a horrible son by step dad and how I don't take care of my deaf mother well enough.
>Tired of coming home just to be shoved against a wall or to be punched in the ribs and stomach or kicked in the face when I plead for mercy
>Tired of my mom not being able to hear it all and refusing to believe it when I tell her
>Try the new "Legal Bud" called K2 (now known as spice)
>Be doing it for a few months because cheaper and higher high.
>FINALLY...finally gain the balls to end it all after my step dad hits me in the face enough to break skin a bleed down my face
>Even when I ran to my mom to show her, step dad convinces her did it to my self.
>Walk slowly to my room
>Take out shoe laces
>Tie them together in a knot
>Tie one end around my ceiling fan
>Find my journal and pick out a suicide letter ive written them a thousand times over and over.
>Pick one that seems fit
>Set it on my dresser
>Bring over my desk chair (has wheels on it partially broken so wobbly)
>Set it under the fan
>Stand on it and tie the other end of the laces around my throat
>Look at my door and see my little sister peaking in
>only reason she can is because fram is chipped and broken from step dad kicking it in.
>Not give a fuck if she watches
>start leaning the chair
>start thinking to my self...
>This is it Anon your only chance to finally leave this place you will be so much happier I promise.
Everyone has that voice in their head right? ANYWAYS
>Finally kick the chair out from under me
>Hear my self start choking
>Can feel my lungs collapsing
>My head is about to pop
This happened last month, November 17th

>drinking with friends, making fun of klaus nomi videos and stuff. Eventually,
>Two friends crash, other friend staying with neighbor above me (He lives there off and on)
>Said goodnight to friend, made plans to see new hobbit movie and boardgame and stuff, everything's normal and he walks upstairs
>next morning, go out for breakfast with friends who crashed
>drive home for brief pit-stop in day, to grab a few things
>home for 5 minutes, about to leave
>policeman barges through my door without knocking
>yelling at me to cage my dogs, because ''he hates dogs, and will shoot if they attack him''
>I comply, cage dogs immediately
>"So... Can I help you? Do you have a warrant?"
>Don't tell anybody this happened, OK?
>He walks out, closes door
>I scream "WHAT THE FUCK"
>Hear him laughing to other cops
>I follow him, about to try to file a complaint or something
>Another cop walks up to me
>"Do you know ANON?"
>"Yeah, he's my friend. What did he do this time?"
>"ANON is dead"
>UNK cause of death, cops asking me a bunch of questions about him
>Found out he died 30minutes after he left my apt.
>Later found out he died of a heart attack/heart failure

This past month has been horrible

He probably would have gone eventually anon, looked to be a congenital heart defect/issue. Don't blame yourself. Be happy he got to bro out with his homies one last time..
>Exhale for the last time.
>Vision starts fading
>I feel so numb
>Everything goes black
>I see flashes of light
>They have a rythm
>FLASH.FLASH....Flash.FLASH FLASH.....flash........flash..............flash................FLASH.
>I wake up with my mom calling my stupid.
>I sit up
Turns out my older brother came to visit and walked into my room after my step dad got done saying what an ungreatful little shit i am.
>Brother stares at me then leaves my room and house without saying a word to me.
>Step dad tells my mom he should call the police
>Mom agrees
>I cut laces off my neck in a fast and swift mannor
>Sit down in the kitchen on a chair
>Police knock on the door
>Step dad double checks to hide his meth and cocaine
>Proceeds to open the door to let the 2 officers inside
>Hey Anon?
>I refuse to answer
>Step dad claims I hate him and im a trouble maker and I give my mother a hard time and he has no idea why
>my stomach drops even more and I sit there
>refusing to speak cops put me in their squad car
>Take me away.
>When I returned 5 months later mom told me not to worry about my step dad I would never see him again.
>A month passed when the services finally let me go
> My step dad was welcomed back into the house with open arms by my mother.
I got one I think...
>be 14 driving around with my sister (actually got along with my sis)
>we pull up to a busy street after chillin in back roads and eating mcdonalds
> get a strange tingly feeling from my brain
> reach over and grab my sisters leg that's holding down the brake
> "the fuck anon"
> pull her leg off the brake and we reverse down the hill
> literally 3 fucking seconds later a SUV slams into the telephone pole going through the spot where we just were
> sis stares at me
> I stare at sis
> we turn around and drive home like nothing happened
> still don't know what the fuck caused me to know that was going to happen
> still gives me shivers thinking about it.
You tried to kill the wrong person, anon.
You weren't even trying if you made a noose out of shoelaces.

Also K2 makes you retarded. They add so many untested chemical research drugs to that shit. It probably melted your brain.

Sounds to me like you're just an attention whore. If you're going to kill yourself, do it right next time
I realize that now.
not even have you even tried K2 you fuck and back in the day when it first came out NO ONE KNEW SHIT ABOUT IT... And trust me ill do it right the next time just not on my self.
Spider-sense was tingling!
You practically murdered your friend
not to mention kids and adults in jail hang them selves by their shoe laces all the time thats where i got the fucking idea you peice of shit.
Go home ya fucking yank LOL
Border state? It's even scarier when shit like that happens in, say, Minnesota. Ugh.
>not even have you even tried K2 you fuck
I did sample it, and after the main chemical jwh was outlawed, the chemical variations they created were horrible.

> and back in the day when it first came out NO ONE KNEW SHIT ABOUT IT...
>back in the day

Wow, are you 15?

>And trust me ill do it right the next time just not on my self.
Have fun lynching niggers with shoelaces, captain butthurt.
Please elaborate on the church story. Sounds uberspoopy.
Well, yeah, since there isn't a true crime forum really, and some of the spookiest shit ever has to do with crime. "Near-miss" stories really strike a chord with me; we've all had one probably, even if we didn't know it at the time.
My best friend went through this shit with her horrible mother and stepfather too. I'm so so sorry. I wish you luck in getting the asshole arrested. Please do talk to the cops about it. And, what everyone else said--don't let this define you. Take care of yourself, you're worth it.
I live in an LA suburb too. Things can be a little shady but there are nice pockets where the people are generally old/well off. As long as you're careful nothing bad should happen

Montebello here. Where you guys at?
God fucking damnit how did I not think of that well I gotta go post this with a comedic twist at he end now.
This thread has taught me the spookiest thing of all /x/. The majority of you have shitty/retarded parents
I think a lot of people don't understand how it's possible to become so terrorized by someone that you don't react the way you normally might. I hope you are able to make a fresh start, Anon. Take care of yourself, get therapy and any help you need.

And, if ANYBODY ever tries shit like this with you again, tear their face off with a boathook before you let them lay one damn hand on you. I mean that nicely. Good luck!!!
>Real life hunger games in Oregon
Extremely interested in this even if turns out shitty
Girls like that end up being Karla Homolka. Disgusting, I hope someone shoots them in the face someday when they're trying to pull shit like this.
>be walking home as usual after late library learning group meetup
>really late(about 10 PM)
>guy walking 20 m behinds me for kilometer
>damn he is creepy
>look at him couple of times, every time his eyes fixed on me
>da fuk
>remember there have been something about few people dying in my area on newspapers
>shit shit shit shit
Good for you.

I'm betting crime still happens, though. I've spent a lot of time in the UK in past years and oh hell yes crime occurs. One difference is that fewer criminals and most all private individuals don't own guns, and that's great if your spouse slips a mental flywheel and decides to shoot you. But humans are violent. He or she will doubtless find another way if there's enough determination there.

Anyway, there are something like 300 million guns in the US. Consequently, confiscating them all is a literal impossibility. Idiot libs who scream "just ban gunnnnzzz!!!" have not thought the situation through at all. Many LE agencies are already shorthanded. Where is the money to hire hundreds of thousands of people for the (difficult and dangerous) task of gathering up people's guns? Yeah, nowhere. Not going to happen. (And most people would not give them up anyway.)

So, adjusting seems the sensible course to me. Stuck living in an area with high gun ownership and high gun violence/crime? Going unarmed sounds like a retarded idea.

I'd still rather live in Ireland or similar, but that option isn't open to me. Consider these issues the next time you jeer at an American (or a Canadian for that matter) for carrying.
Jeezus. I wonder if they ever caught him. I saw something like that once too, in NYC when I was a kid. Guy got stabbed in the booth next to us at the Times Square Howard Johnson's. Lay there bleeding out on the floor as paramedics tried to save him and then whisked him away. I don't actually know if he died or not, though I think he did. My Dad was a cool cat, just finished his meal and spoke to the cops about the suspect. My mother's eyes were like saucers but she followed his lead. She was always a quiet type anyway. Waitresses had to step around the blood to bring people their food. It's so freaky to me now that they didn't close the place really, just kept serving.
>fuck up chem lab, have to do it again
>shit, it's already 10pm
>start walking, realize someone's ahead of me
>don't want to seem like rapist, just stay behind and not catch up
>keeps staring at me every so often, start to freak out
>read things online about people liking boipussi
>decide to be hard and stare back

checked newspapers the next day, there's obituaries as usual because people aren't immortal.
>be troll
>stalk young boys that cross over my bridge
>try to pray away the gay
File: hojo-checker-1986.jpg (925 KB, 1288x1012) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
925 KB, 1288x1012
Pic related. That restaurant is gone now, whole building torn down in the mid-2000s.
File: DSC_0111.jpg (499 KB, 1071x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499 KB, 1071x1600
oh, man.

>be about 10ish
>with daycare group run by neighborhood mom
>she took us on stupid-ass hikes in the woods and parks where we usually got lost
>following a shallow river, about 5-6 kids in the group around same age
>they start crossing the river to get to the next path
>see super old stone water mill or something up ahead
>a few of us start running towards it instead of crossing because hey look something interesting
>we get a few feet away from it
>this shady as fuck guy comes out of the doorway, staring right at us
>we all immediately yell and sprint across the river
>daycare mom's freakin out
>no one's there
>spend the next hour of hike paranoid that he'd jump out of nowhere and shank us

pic related, mill thing looked kinda like that
Have done the same. It works. BE the scariest, angry-looking, drooling, talking-to-self-about-da-dibbil person on the bus. The freaks will avoid sit next to some nice person.
the way the heroic teen told you to shut up and walk does give me the feeling that there was something worse going on they didn't want to tell you about.
This happened to me, but the victim is someone else.

>Be me, 13 years old.
>So I live in this country in south america where some people have tons of money, and the rest simply don't.
>It's shitty.
>Anyway, my family owned this lake house back in the day, and we'd go stay there every other weekend when my dad didn't have to work.
>It was all fun and games.
>The house wasn't left alone when we weren't there, my dad had contracted a local man and his wife to come clean up, take care of our plants, just regular maintenance.
>My dad's all about making worlds collide, he always taught us to be respectful and compassionate with those who had less possessions than us, he always said that it was our duty to help them, and that we should learn from them.
>My dad was very poor when he was younger, so it figures.
>Anyway, this one summer, we planned to stay for a whole month. The man my dad had employed, we'll call him Rick, was very nice to us, and a good worker.
>He had a daughter called, uh, let's call her Mary. That's not even close to her name. Nevermind.
>She was really quiet, always unnerved me with her quiet stares, but once she broke off her shell she was really fun to hang around with.
>The friends I had over never really cared for her, and I didn't either, so she almost never had the chance to actually speak.
>After my friends were gone, I agreed to go to her house to hang out next day.
>Her house wasn't a long way from ours, and my dad had taken us there in the past to share dinner with Rick's family, do some religious talking, stuff that good Christians do.
>Now, I had never been exposed to domestic violence before in my life, so I guess what's up next won't be much of a shocker to many of you guys. Thing is, it sure was to me.

yes. exactly like daytime. like someting out of the Truman Show. like the daytime switch was flicked on and off.

>It was getting dark, but I guess I had promised to come, so I did it anyway.
>Mary went on about how we should just slip to her room to avoid getting in her dad's way. I actually thought this was pretty odd, because she wasn't one to speak so seriously about anything, and Rick had been nothing but nice to us.
>We entered her house, and the contrast hit me hard. I had been there a couple times already, always announced beforehand, but this time, it was different.
>It was really hot inside, their house had this old oven that used wood, and I guess they relied on that for heating. There was a smell nothing sort of unpleasant coming from the kitchen, and the TV was on really loud.
>Mary's dad was sitting next to their little TV, I can't remember if he had been drinking, but I can only assume he was. He looked at us and seemingly ignored us, because I remember we went straight for her room.
>I just know that I wanted to go home as soon as I had set foot in that place. It just didn't feel right.
>Mary told me about her father, and how he looked up to my dad and strived to be like him, but as soon as we turned our backs it was back to complaining to his wife.
>As if the whole scene was unsettling enough.
>I remember that we stopped when we heard a loud argument coming from the kitchen. Mary told me to go and insisted on it, but I'm not sure what I said, I just know I stayed.
>She didn't look afraid, or at least that's how I pictured it. More sorry than anything.
>We heard Rick storm off the kitchen, his loud footsteps were coming in our direction.
>He opened the door and told Mary to pack up a change of clothes. I don't think he even acknowledged me, and now that I remember, he was definitely drunk. He had to be.
>Mary's mom came rushing over, telling her husband to stop making a scene. I remember her looking at me and telling me I should just head back home, that everything was okay.
>I was terrified.

None of this story makes sense to me. Are you saying a random townie just walked onto base and knocked on your door? When I was serving you needed military I.D. to get on any base.

If your 18 and wiped out after a little PT, the only thing you should be doing is MORE PT!

>They were arguing about something, I think it was related to a car. I know, it arbitrary, but that's all I remember about the actual argument, since Mary's dad yelled so much.
>He had grabbed Mary by the arm and dragged her off to the living room, spewing some nonsense, or rather, stuff that I can't make sense out of right now.
>I rushed to the door, I was crying. I stood in the doorway for about three minutes, watching the scene unfold. It seemed to happen really fast, but I do remember a couple things that Mary's mom said, stuff that burned in my mind a couple of scars.
>She was going on and on about Rick "touching his little girl" (I guess that'd be an accurate translation from spanish).
>I knew what sexual abuse was, but I had never really given it a thought. It was something completely absent from my mind and my life, it was almost completely new.
>But I sure knew that those words inspired a distinctive anger in me.
>Somehow, I understood the gravity of the situation to some extent. And it only got worse from there.
>In response, Mary's dad began beating his wife. Well, "hitting" may not be the correct term. It began with pushing, but he knocked her to the ground, I remember that much clearly, at least.
>I was ready to hit the road at this point. Last I saw of Rick was him dragging a screaming Mary down the corridor to where the bedrooms were.
>I kept running, made my way home. My mom immediately caught wind of the whole situation, she sat me down and told she'd call the police, while asking about what had happened.
>What little got through my crying must have been enough. My dad got home from wherever he was, and my mom took me upstairs to my bed. I could hear the noise from second floor, someone was talking, but I soon fell asleep.
>How? I've no idea. I shouldn't have been able to sleep after that.
>I woke up next day, and my dad sat me down. He told me that he'd get me all the help I needed.


>All the help I needed?
>I remember fighting tears, asking about Mary, but no-one would tell me anything. They all looked so serious, like someone had just died.
>No-one died, that's for sure. It would've made the news.
>Thing is, I never saw Rick again. I was told that the police had taken care of everything, but I needed to know what had happened to Mary and her mother. I felt immense amounts of guilt.
>Maybe I could have done something, but I just ran away.
>I saw Mary again a bit later, the police brought her to our house along with her mother. Everybody was crying, and I was happy that they were okay. I remember we all sat in our big couch in the living room, just resting our heads on each other's shoulders.
>I never saw Rick again, but my dad later on told me he did, and that Rick had been taken by the police.
>Mary and her mother moved to the city with us, and she's kind of like a sister to me now. Her mom is sort of like a nanny to us now, I guess. She takes care of my baby brother.
>Who knew, Mary used to be the quiet one, but now it's me who sits in that chair.
>I guess this story has a happy ending? Dang it, I'm sorry my life isn't as tragic as some of you guys'. If it helps any, I know this experience fucked me up big time. I had to go through countless hours of therapy to get through it. Sometimes, I even think it fucked me up worse than it did Mary. I mean, I used to have friends and be able to trust people.

Or maybe, maybe Mary's just stronger than I am. God, it makes me feel so terribly guilty to know that, deep down, I'm so jealous of her. Well, that was my traumatizing story for you guys. It's not much, but it certainly fucked me up for what remained of my teenage years, and it still haunts me into my twentieth birthday.
You saw a guy get drunk and push his wife down. I had to put a little girl back together after being hit by an 18 wheeler. Her and her mom died on me. My wife left and my fiancé had an abortion of our child and took off. I thought I was a pussy for drinking so much but goddamn grow a pair.

The little girl didnt have a face.
Interested in this!
Hey, I was a kid, 13. Never spent a day without my mom.

I'm still the same though... only now I browse /x/
My stepdad used to beat the shit outta me and my mom used to shoot up meth and would let her junkie friends babysit me for days on end.

Huh, so that's what it looks like from the outside in. Neat.
what is this, the sob-story olympics?
Interesting story, thanks. I would love to find a cave with an easy way in like that. Did you ever go back and check it out again? If you feel like sharing any urbex stories, please do.
Yes, I'm interested too!
WTFWTFWTF. Is there any way at all you can get that doctor? Legally or not? This pisses me off so much. Fucking perverts.

In any case...this is so fucked up. I'm really sorry.
Love your dog-speech lol.

Yeah I thought skinwalkers too. Although it's true that ravens can imitate humans. Still...
>go spelunking
>the cave is really nice, on a mountain, with some water flowing inside it, with a lake inside
>cave is also known in local folklore to have been inhabited by three sister witches
>witches used to be nice, but then one of them got killed or stuff, and the other two got angry and now they hate people
>so i'm in this cave, with guide telling this story
>we keep spelunking for a while
>after some time, we hear the most horrible and inhuman scream
>it start low and increase volume untill being painful for our ears
>we run out of the cave and away from the mountain
>talking with locals to understand what the fuck happend
>in the cave there's a siphon with water inside
>sometime air passes in the siphon pushing water away, creating the horrible sound
>it usually happen before a flood and we were lucky to have run away instead of drowning in the cave
I'm from frederick, what part of MD are you in?
Oldfag here

>Be me
>Be 8, male
>Hanging out in bowling alley during parents’ league night
>Teammate’s new boyfriend and I watching football
>He’s probably 40 or 50
>Commercial comes on
>”IBM says, ‘You make the right call!’”
If anyone remembers these ads, they were big in the 80s. Some uncommon rule of American football would be shown and people would try to guess the right officiating call.
>Anyway, I make the right call!
>Impress cool adult
>He kisses my hand and tells me he loves me
>Wishing I made the wrong call
>A series of come-ons and creep outs occur
>Don’t remember these details
>Just remember it escalated
>Escape to bathroom
>Didn’t escape to lanes where parents were bowling
>At adjacent urinals
>Pedo making comments
>I finish peeing first
>Nope out of restroom
>He escapes the facility as I’m telling mom&dad
>Girlfriend of pedo is mortified

I wonder how close I was to being kidnapped. I mean no adults stepped in and did anything when an innocent child was having his hand kissed and being flirted with by a grown fucking man in a crowded bowling alley. Would they have stopped him if he snatched me up? I kind of doubt it. I hope he never hurt anyone, but this seems unlikely. Whether he is dead yet or not, I would totally be okay with it being a horrible death. He only scared me, but despite my naivety I could tell I was in real danger.
>Not banking by smart phone app

Have you ever been in a situation where all you have is a gun? It's frightening but thats how the world works
To all the people telling you its your fault, or to toughen up--fuck them. It's not your fault.

I wish you health and happiness.
People that carry guns are much more likely to be victims of gun violence.

Not some anti-gun lib, just stating a fact.
Are we now telling each other how miserable we are?
Holy fuck I can not stand people who think they are the only ones who have pain, because it hits them subjectively worse.
>I'm cooler than you because I'm so fucked up

You're the one who should grow a fucking pair.
Fuck I hate liter-fags. Good work, anon.

Not sure if you're still here, but it was probably an exploding meteor. The same thing happened to me, and there was a meteor that exploded in the atmosphere like 100 miles away.

Here's a link to the one I experienced... Like you'll see, it's almost like daylight. I was way away from where this video was, so it just turned the night sky into day for about 5 seconds.

Holy shit anon, same thing happened to me. Whole room lit up like daytime one night every minute or so for a couple of seconds while in bed. Thought it might be lightning but no sound. Still don't know what it was
They happen, but they're still less common than in the USA.
And in my country we don't have at all crazy people running in schools and cinemas shooting at people for no reason. We don't have incidents involving kids who play with their parents guns. And in my country we don't have idiots like you who randomly flash their guns in the streets when they get paranoid.
Good. May he rot in hell. Get outta there as soon as you can and make a better life, it can be done.
dis is true, sadly.
lightning is noiseless
Only a somewhat nope story.
>Be me
>Hate spiders with a passion
>Walking to friends house to play vidya
>Hick ass road, large overhanging trees
>Directly in front of road when I walk into a massive web
>Assume my time is nigh and freeze in my tracks
>Some asshole in a truck immediately rushes past me
>Realize there was no way he could have stopped in time
>Realize a spider just saved my life
>Realize the spider wanted to kill me himself
And remember to always look both ways before crossing the street kids
Whoa. Not that anon, but I never knew about something like this. Interesting.
>Be me deep innawoods doing some late season hunting
>Been walking to my usual spot, but I haven't seen a single animal, even birds
>As I'm following a trail along a river I heard leaves crunching behind me so I stop and look
>Nothing there
>There's wind, but it's very light, couldn't possibly have made that noise
>I stay frozen and slowly examine the woods around me, but see nothing
>Continue on the trail, still following the river when I hear a bloop noise, like a rock thrown in to the river, but very soft like it was far away
>There's no ducks on this side of the river, or even fish because it's too shallow for them
>Figure it was a buckeye nut falling and carry on
>Once I get to my spot I climb up my stand and immediately hear more crunching leaves, but as I look around there's absolutely nothing
>I shrug it off and sit there for a couple of hours, not seeing anything, but the whole time I felt very uneasy, like something was watching me the whole time
>It started to snow a little bit and the temperature was dropping and I hadn't seen anything in over 2 hours, so I climbed down and started walking back
>About half way back I heard splashing in the river, but it was kind of far away
>I kept going until I the trail I was on split and one side sloped down to the river bank
>Right on the river bank I saw a bunch of marks in a patch of mud that looked like someone or something fell in to the river and tried to claw it's/their way out.
>Like I said, the river was only about a foot deep at this point, definitely nothing would have drowned, however whatever made the markings did it recently because they were fresh and very deep
>As I was trying to figure out what made the markings I heard a few twigs snap and more crunching leaves and I bolted back up the slope to see who or what it was
>It couldn't be a person because there's only one area to park at these woods (cause public hunting land) and I was the only person out there that day


>I also hadn't seen any animals all day and those markings were definitely weird, but there also weren't any tracks in the mud
>There were no bears or boars in this particular area, but coyotes were common alongside deer
>Whatever was crashing through the woods was too big to be a coyote though
>I start to get nervous, thinking some asshole is out there and going crazy, or somehow a bear or boar was nearby and I wasn't dealing with that shit with a crossbow
>I start walking faster toward the exit and my truck, but somehow I got disoriented despite knowing these woods well and ended up in a private cornfield
>I had to muscle my way through a thicket of small trees and overgrown bushes, only to come out in another field with tall grass, but I recognized the field and followed it around
>I came to another thicket and stopped to see if I couldn't figure out where I was
>I heard a loud snap behind me that sounded almost like a gunshot and, without even looking back, took off running through the thicket
>After what seemed like at least 15 minutes (even though it was more like 2 minutes) I came out on the other side of some thick brush and was right at the parking area
>I tossed my gear in my truck and sped the hell out
>Never going back to those woods
I know, but usually has accompanying thunder. I put it down to being a distant storm but the brightness was like it was the next street over
Ah yes, the valley, a guy I knew from high school got kidnapped and tortured cause of cartel related stuff or something, I don't recall if they ever got him back.
Another person down the road got kidnapped and killed, shit like this is normal occurrences now, feels bad man
File: images.jpg (12 KB, 273x185) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 273x185
story a friend told me, not sure if real shit but why would he have lied to me
>be him
>be in Tuscany little town, in Italy
>geto into car with friends
>what do?
>lets go to the abandoned asylum on the hill
>go there
>abandoned asylum is abandoned
>plants and dirt and broken windows
>suddently turn head
A man all dressed in KKK white outfit is staring at them
>run faster than hell

pic related, it's Villa Sbertoli, Pistoia
File: _MG_3963.jpg (159 KB, 1023x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 1023x682
another pic from the inside
Was probably some creeper taking pictures of you with the flash on.
I bet that painting is worth a lot of money now
tiene la concha hecha una cacerola tu mamá
He probably thought You probably dropped something
a-are you a qt sc girl?
Hola Santi.
>fucktards believing it isn't easy to kill someone threatening your existence

We're fucking bred for it, dumb fuck.
Absolute pussy. Bobcats are teensy and you were in a fucking pack.
>be 12
>at buffet restaurant with family
>weird guy that looks like bono at table next to us
>he's accompanied by an older chinese woman
>smiling creepy smile at me often
>chinese woman approaches me while im out getting food
>says they're from a modeling agency
>says her partner is very interested in me being a foot model for them
>she asks me to go to their car so she can take down some information
>all giddy and excited because i felt validated for being pretty
>tell grandparents they want me to be a model and i'll be right back
>grandma goes turns red as a beet and says "Where in the *hell* do you think you're going?"
>with no shame, she drags me to the man and lady and asks what he wants with me
>asks for a card or something
>they act like they never asked me to model
>grandma is mad and leaves back to table
>be walking around buffet more
>lady reminds me again that this is my last chance, and I shouldn't care what family thinks because I have potential
>be scared and say no
>they leave promptly
>bono guy is eyeing me the whole way out

My grandma swears their intention was to kidnap me. In retrospect, they kinda gave off that stereotype of those weird hentai where an older lady helps a pedo get young girls.
This has happened to me a few times too, always when I was with my brother.
>i can't into abusive relationships

trust me, they seem like and are the most illogical things in the world until you're in one. people underestimate just how easy it is to be manipulated.
what kind of shitty mother leaves her 9 year old alone for the weekend? Fucking damn...
Im the anon that posted that. been in and out of thread.

My mom has very severe bipolar disorder. She has her problems. She'd go through manic or hypomanic episodes and leave her kids in the dust to go out and club or date or whatever. When she wasn't like this or severely depressed, she was such a good, loving mom. But she lacked consistency severely. I always latched onto her throughout my young childhood. Like a honeymoon phase of a relationship. Just waiting for her to get better and come back to being a good mom. It seriously just fucked me up.

We lived with my grandparents, my older brother and sister. Despite them being there on the weekends to watch us while my mom would go out and do her own thing, I never felt safe because mom wasn't there. Then again, at the time, my sister was only 10 and my brother was 14. They liked it when my mom wasn't there because grandparents were very carefree. My sister was a hermit and still is. My brother got to go out with his friends all the time and now he's 27, never graduated high school, and a very bad alcoholic.

My mom has never confronted her behavior because she still does it. My brother and sister just forgive her for it instantly. But that's because nothing bad (that they want to confront) has happened to them. Mom's now a 50 year old that still clubs and gets drunk, has multiple partners, and generally lives life with the mentality of a 21 year old.

A few years ago, I found out that she still has casual sex with my abuser. That's why I am assuming she still protects him.
>>i use my right turn signal
>>but at the intersection i turn left instead
This is the funniest thing I've ever read on /x/ did you really do this? And, more importantly, you thought it would work? Hahahahhaa
oh god a kid fresh out of high school who is acting like he's 30something.
No excuse. I know people with Bipolar Disorder. I'm sorry for what you've been through. My sister and brother were raped by our father. I was probably next on the list and the thought of that haunts me every day. My brother is still fucked up over it, understandably. Just remember, you're not alone.
That type certainly should and will
File: 6eupahu.jpg (717 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
717 KB, 1000x750

Be a drunk American tourist in LONDON
stumble off the bus
walk into the middle of this

>Be at home cutting vegetables for stew
>Mom is in kitchen talking to me while I cook
>Hear back gate open and close
>This is normal, people are always coming to visit
>Ask mom if it is one of her friends, she says no
>Expect to hear knock on the door, invite friend in for delicious food
>Hear banging on basement door, dog starts freaking out
>Go outside to check it out
Walk down the stairs, turn corner, see guy standing at basement door, looks startled as shit when he sees me.
>"What are you doing here buds?"
>"Uhh, I'm looking for Fred, he said to come and knock on basement door."
>"Fred doesn't live here."
>"Is this {insert wrong address)?"
>"No, this isn't."
>Guy takes off in a hurry.
>Realize I just had this whole conversation standing there holding a knife

I seriously didn't even realize it was still in my hand. At first I was kinda shocked and thought the guy was trying to break in, then I started to feel bad for the guy since I must have scared the shit out off him. I'm a big guy, and I just came up on him with a big fuck-off knife in my hand. I hope he didn't just have the wrong address.
I can't see the funny, the guy behind him did the same thing. It's a faster way to know if you're being followed than taking 4 rights in a row (which is supposed to work too)
Oh yeah, I have another one, I've told it a few times before but, oh well.

>be at work, alone.
>in my office listening to music, shredding old documents, filing new ones etc.. been there all day
>phone gets low on battery, decide to turn the music off
>i'm supposed to be the only one at the office that day
>hear door open
>assume it's my boss, and he forgot something.
>hear them rummaging through the desk
>they walk into another room and start messing with shit
>I can see through the crack in my door it's a dude in a hoodie
>pull out phone to call the police
>phone's dead. Feel like im the retarded girl in a horror movie.
>He's digging through one of my co-worker's desk
>I sneak out of my office and up to the far side of the doorway
>can't get out without him seeing me
>pull out my knife that I had been cutting boxes open with
>decide to fight rather than run and get chased down
>wait on him to start back towards the doorway
>I see his shadow get close to the door
>I let out my battle cry
>which sounds like a 9 year old girl at a Justin Beiber concert
>My shrill screams of manliness put the fear of the gods into him
>I jump lunge into the room, knife raised up.
>dude jumps back and falls on the ground screaming for me to stop
>he takes his hood down
>i realize it's the window washer kid that my boss hired
>call my boss to ask if the kid needed to be here
>"Yeah, I told him his paycheck was in Anon's desk and to go get it, why?"
>"Oh...no reason!"
>help him find his check
>apologize numerous times
>dude walks out and he never comes back

And that's the story of how I nearly committed murder.

Happening London lol - apart from the bits the dumb ass murricans see on tv - it is a total fucking multicult shit hole.

Think east Europe 1950 with niggers and arabs
>be driving around with a friend at midnight, in the woods near a small town in italy
>take a dirt road for the fuck of it
>we wanted to find an isolated place where we could drink beers and talk
>suddenly front lights of our car illuminate a man standing on the side of the dirt road
>coat, hat, suitcase by his feet, looks like he's in his fifties
>completely still and silent
>oh shit
>my friend stops the car, we get out, ask the man if he's ok
>no answer
>we go closer, dude seriously are you ok
>no answer, he just stares into the distance but he's not ill or anything, he's breathing fine and looks normal
>we slowly go back to the car and drive away

man that kept me awake for days.
You sound like a tryhard faggot.
Get over yourself.
Killing for the sake of survival maybe
But plotting and then following through with a murder is a different story
Do you live in Kansas? You sound like a family member.
File: evil.jpg (61 KB, 450x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I first learned about Ben "the one man Auschwitz" Garrison when i was 10 years old and had a sleepover at a friends house. We were doing stupid kids stuff, running around, playing Ghostbusters with umbrellas etc.
It was allready late and my friends mom said we should go to bed and started screaming at us after we refused. My friend basicly said "fuck you" to her in some childish cursing language (can't remember), "you can't tell me when i have to go o bed" and other shit.
She stopped screaming and just looked him in the eyes and said "If you don't go to sleep now, i will call Ben Garrison!"
Never have i seen a kid so terrified, i didn't understand what was happening. He started crying and begging his mother not to call Ben Garrison, he took my arm and dragged me to our beds. He didn't tell me who Ben Garrison was and just said "Shut up! He can hear us!", whimpering all night in the darkness, i became afraid of his behaviour and of this mysterious Ben Garrison and couldn't sleep too.
On the next day when my mom picked me up i asked her about Zyklon Ben, she totally flpped out, began screaming at my friends mom, saying she can't raise her kids with such vile methods, they are too young to know about Ben Garrison. I wasn't allowed ever to go back to my friends house and i must never speak about Ben Garrison again.

>much more likely to be victims of gun violence
>gun violence
Define 'gun violence'.

>just stating a fact.
Without any source to support it.

>inb4 statistics padded with suicide deaths and accidents
>inb4 links to studies funded by pro-gun control groups
Nice pic
Tru, all the girls I've ran with who were into stuff like this were 2cool4 most other people
>home one night with siblings and mom
>brother is 3, I'm 5, sister 7
>dad is out with the orchestra
>brushing our teeth
>sudden loud crash
>alarm system blaring
>mom appears in a panic
>she ushers us downstairs and hides us under the dining room table
>heavy front door banging in the wind
>alarm still going
>terror in mommy's eyes
>says to my sister, "I'm going to go close the door. If you hear anything, I need you to take anon and your brother and run to the neighbours. No matter what you see, keep running. Tell them to call the police."
>I notice she is holding a knife, trying to hide it from us
>she leaves
>scariest minute of my life
>door closes
>alarm shuts off
>hear her on the phone
>knock at the door
>police have arrived to respond to the alarm being triggered

Years later, my mother explained the reason for her taking the situation so gravely. At the time, she was working in forensic psychiatry. She eventually quit because she found it so disturbing, but at that time, she had a paranoid schizophrenic patient with a history of violent offenses. In his delusion, he had fallen in love with my mother and had come to believe she reciprocated the feelings. A few days before the alarm incident, he'd left flowers on our doorstep, meaning he knew where we lived. No wonder she freaked out.

When you're a child, you believe adults, especially those who keep you safe, are in absolute control. It was terrifying to see that there are situations in which a grown up is just as vulnerable as a child, and sometimes even parents might not be able to save you.
>not believing in megapheasants
Man, your mom sucks.
And we are now officially reddit.
Nah, Reddit has better content than /x/ nowadays.
>inb4 faggots shit posting about thread being non-paranormal

I would agree with this, however it's a lost cause. People topic-policing have ruined /x/. r/creepy is officially better than this place now.
>going to church

>dating "bad boy"

This is where I lost all sympathy for you, idiot.
This happens so fucking much.
That picture is amazing. I love it.
don't blame the victim, faggot.
This happened earlier this week.

>sat idly in my flat just kind of meditating, not thinking of anything
>suddenly struck with the idea to move the furniture around in my flat (for the first time since i moved in 8 months ago)
>stand up and pace around, considering different configurations
>it'll need to be tidied first anyway and i'm tired so i go to bed
>next day, do a bit of tidying, decide where to move stuff and in what order it'll have to be moved
>get caught up in other stuff (4chan lol), don't get round to it
>next day, move furniture, everything sorted, place looks totally different
>suddenly remember i forgot to pay my neighbour for the shared internet
>text him, he's in so i go downstairs to pay him (he lives directly below me)
>his place looks totally different
>all his furniture is moved around
>says he did it a few days ago (same day i decided to move mine)
>it's the first time he's reorganized his furniture in about 4 years

I told him about my deciding to do the same thing when he did and he just kind of laughed and said "must be something in the air."

I now remember it was actually an inwoods /k/ thread. It was sheriff or park ranger that told us the story. Anyways...

>campers camping out in Oregon forest
>campers having fun time, drinking beer
>flare shoots out from the forest
>"maybe someone's hurt"
>campers shoot flare up in air too to give location if someone needs help
>*automatic gun fire*
>campers freaking the fuck out
>campers not having fun anymore
>one camper has handgun
>fires a few rounds in general direction
>after 30 mins gun fire stops...
>campers leave everything and hike back out of the woods

That was one story from some people he got a statement from. Here is some more...

>on patrol
>goes out to forest area because of missing person
>finds dead person with "I won" carved on the tree dead person is propped onto
>first dead person had camo and military style outfit.
>finds missing person a few 100 yards away
>was a jogger...
>making no sense...

After awhile stuff like this was becoming an issue (obviously). They finally figured out thay there is a club of people that literally get together out in the middle of the forest and hunt each other. Last man standing wins. No money is involved. Purely just for sport. Apparently this still goes on and it is starting to spread across the rest of the U.S..
Every time I'm out walking around after 2am, streets are totally deserted etc. and I see a young woman out by herself I think "fucking idiot, are you trying to get kidnapped?"

I want to follow them and make sure they get where they're going safely (I know a basic amount of martial arts and I'm a fairly big guy) but I'm worried I'd come off as the creep.

Even saw one girl walk down a pitch black alleyway for no apparent reason. I got a bad feeling and I was at the other end of the alley when she came out safely, which was a relief. Was stood there listening for a scream for a minute.

I cannot recommend martial arts (krav maga/jujitsu/judo are best) to women enough, AS WELL AS carrying a weapon AND observing common sense shit like not being out alone that late or in deserted areas, taking rides/drinks from strangers etc.

Stay safe ladies, there's only so much we heroes can do for you.
heart failure, realy nothing you could have done. too bad.
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