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Nope Thread
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Let's share some nope stories.
Doesn't have to be paranormal, just stories that made you fear for your life or when you knew you were in immediate danger. I'll start with a story my friend told me when she was visiting Colombia.

>Be her
>In cab with 3 guy friends
>Partying in the party district of some city
>1am decide to hail cab
She told me never to HAIL a cab but instead CALL a cab center for safety reasons
>learned this after the fact obviously
>they're all drunk and boisterous
>cab starts to drive opposite direction of house
>nobody but friend notices
>she doesn't know what to do
>her friend starts talking about how great it is here and shit
friend says this is a redflag when in this type of situation
>taxi begins to leave city

Just getting off work but will continue when i get home in about 30 minutes.. meanwhile, feel free to post some nope
finish the story faggot
Happened 5 years ago. Back when I used to live in a really rural part of the southern states.

>Be 17 y/o edge youth
>Edge Crew calls me up
>"Dude! M stole 2 kegs of beer from the liquor store in Anontown! come over!"
>Middle of the night, middle of nowhere
>Small ass town, everybody knows everybody
>We are the youngest people besides the kids, everybody likes us because we "bring life to the town"
>I love old folk man
>Sheriff is the father of my best bud and best friends with my dad so he lets us carry guns as long as we don't fuck around
>Grab my rifle because hog season is upon us
>Start making my way trough the dirt road, nothing but the moon to light my path, thick bush and woods on both sides of the road
>only things making a sound are my boots and some coyotes in the woods
>halfway to my friends house the road passes below the railroads. It looks like pic related but longer and without the gay faggot "bunny man" or whatever
>This bridge always makes me nervous at night so I start feeling the effects
>"Whatever m8, I got my rifle and I'm fully geared up. We are halfway there."
>look at the woods for a quick glance
>look back at the bridge
>there is someone walking slowly trough the bridge
>at this point im thinking "fuck man..I don't want trouble tonight.." but I remain calm.
>Whatever it is I can fuck it with my rifle

Cont in a bit
going to colombia in a few days. weirdly eager to hear the rest of this story
bumping for more glorious nope
>as the cab begins to leave city my friend gets extremely nervous
>she has no idea what to do and friends still haven't noticed
>driver has not said a single word throughout entire ride
>keeps looking at her through rear view
>she is too scared to call aunt (is supposed to be at friends house)
>at this point they are way outside the city with nothing but cornfields on either side for miles
>car goes silent for what seems like eternity
>friend nudges one of the guys and gestures toward outside
>others finally catch on
I forgot to mention that the bridge is the only thing illuminated on this road.If we pretend that I am standing where the guy who took the photo is the light would be on the other side of the bridge. This is important.

>about 40-50 ft away from the bridge
>shadow in bridge stops
>I keep walking towards it, no big deal
>Feel like a tough guy with my rifle on my back and it might just end up being one of my buddies or someone in need
>about 30 feet now and the thing is still there
>I raise my hand and wave
>"Hey man! you alright?"
>should have brought my flashlight
>street light suddenly starts flickering, making everything in the tunnel and the surrounding area pitch black
>kind of nervous now so I stop walking about 20tf from entrance
>"You alright man? It's hog season so its a little dangerous to be alone out here, I'm from X-town, I can walk you there if you want."
>no response
>"You are making me a little nervous man, say something. No tengas miedo amigo, hablas español? (Don't be afraid friend. Do you speak spanish?)"
>still silent, light is flickering for longer periods of time now
>slowly reach for my rifle as I take a few steps back, I am getting really fucking scared now
>called the thing several times, in english and spanish and it hasn't made one noise or even flinched
>I got my rifle in my hands now
>palms are sweaty, mom's spaghetti
>the thing starts walking again slowly, I start backing the fuck up
>I raise my rifle and take aim, not because he is walking but because it is doing this weird ass fucking breathing noise like the Regenerators of RE4
>I shit you not.
>"You better fucking stop that or I'll shoot you man! No te muevas o te meto un tiro carajo!"
>fucking thing is nearing the tip of the bridge
>I can't hold this anymore.
>Today, is the day I kill a fellow man.
>I take aim...

Cont in a bit

>I take aim
>I shoot
>Fucking light goes off right at the same time
>I fucking freak the fuck out
>I am a heavy breathing, trembling nervous wreck with a barrel in my hands
>I am fucking pointing everywhere around me, I can't be caught off guard
>suddenly light comes on
>There is nothing.
>Just me
>realize how fucking silent everything is
>I'm panicking
>I flinch harder than ever when I feel a buzz in my pants
>call from a friend
>"Dude where are you? we are already on the second keg and we are going for more but we need someone to drive while we loot the place! you think you can ma--"
>"Dude I'm in danger there is something in the woods, come to the fucking bridge and bring everybody NOW!"
>I wait for my friends to get there
>Most terrifying 15 minutes of my life, not even the coyotes are making noise.
>Not one single twig, or leaf is moving.
>Drunk friends come by and I fucking jump in the truck
>I love the country
>Questions, questions questions...
>Tell them everything
>"Borrow" a few kegs from a liquor store on the neighboring town later that night
>Drown my fears in cold beer.

It has become a tradition to tell my story whenever I go hunting with the boys or when we are hanging out at a town party.

Like I said at the beginning, this was 5 years ago. The old dirt road is paved now and there are lights illuminating the way. The thick forest is still there though, pridefully guarding both sides of the road. Even now, I don't dare cross the bridge ever again by myself at night. I still don't know what the fuck that was and I'm not sure I want to know.

That't it /x/, I hoped you enjoyed my raggedy ass story.
I hope OP didn't take a cab.

continue. Im interested
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OP plz,
File: bookstore.jpg (135 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's some OC, I have one more after this

>working at an old book store in my city
>store located in older area built in 1892
>it's closing shift for me and it's almost 9pm
>walks around store to check for customers
>sees no one there so I go lock the door
>something falls off the shelf as I lock the door
>thinks nothing of it and go to pick it up
>it's a history book about the bookstore
>the book has fallen open on page 13/14
>I read the page and it tells me about an old man named David who owned the store after his father and died while working here due to a robbery
>I hear my name "Anon!" in a loud whisper
>sounded like older man
>hairs stand up as I look around and see nothing
>the air is very cold and I feel cob webs that aren't there
>at this moment I am very spooked and quickly shut off the store lights and leave locking the door


>now I'm home
>still spooked I decide to take the edge off by masturbating
>pulls out ding-a-ling and goes to xvideos
>starts my session and forgets about ghost
>hears voice again "Anon!"
>I quickly put away my 4skin pp and turn around
>my dad's standing behind me
>I blush but at the same time I'm relieved that it wasn't the ghost
>dad tells me not to worry about it and that I should head to bed because we have a long day tomorrow and I have to wake up very early
>dad leaves
>I quickly pull out my rooster and
>big blonde SSBBW XXL does anal
>begins to cock my cock
>mid way through my session I hear again "ANON!" this time loud
>I turn around
>no one fucking there
>room gets cold
>my 4skin shrivels up into an 8skin
>I turn on my night light because of spook
>sleeping with 3 blankets because room cold from ghostly presence
>falls asleep
>has dream about old man stabbed in a storage room at the store which is now our staff bathroom
>in the morning I wake up remembering that I masturbate in that bathroom all the time

Is the ghost of David trying to tell me something? The hauntings continued for a week until I finally stopped masturbating in the staff bathroom. I would always hear my name being said while in the middle of my daily sessions at work and at home.
Have nope, will bump

When I was around 10 years old, I had a cousin named Dylan who I saw pretty frequently. Growing up, we were always at the same house/event and so on. Most of the time everything was normal like it should have been, I mean how weird can it get with a couple of young kids? But sometimes things would get really unexplainable. Whenever we would visit our grandmother's house, the dogs would always act strange and state at things or hide. Birds would land on the roof, deer would stand and stare at the house; just really odd shit. As we got a bit older, Dylan would start staring out the back room window into our grandmas woods. Not for a few minutes but for hours on end. He just sat there and stared. Finally I asked my grandpa if we could go back and explore and he said fine but if only if we wouldn't go to the very edge of the woods. He said it was near the road so it was dangerous. Obviously as young kids, we did. So when we were about halfway to the back, Dylan started to get extremely sweaty, like an asthmatic kid does at basketball camp. He sat down and told me to go on. Said he'd catch up soon. When I finnaly got there, there were rows and rows of disturbed earth, all different ages of digging, all about the same size with slight differences in size. I asked my grandma later and she told me our grandpa would go back and bury animals he killed way back in the day. Apparently, he had been diagnosed with psychotic tendencies and was medicated after she found out. Still don't know why Dylan would stare out the window. I don't plan on asking.
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Trying to tell you you're yanking on the joystick too often ffs

Reported, hopefully the FBI can quickly match your info with whatever hick ass place you come from and solve a cold case. :^)
She didn't think to be like "hey guys, this cab is taking us out of the city!"
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>be me
>working at renovated spiritual supplies store
>every once in a while a customer will ask me if we have an upstairs
>I always say no but some customers tell me that there used to be one
>I ask my boss if this rumour is true
>he tells me it's just an urban legend and that I should just forget about it
>after a few months I get curious about this supposed upstairs and I've noticed a rectangular attic entrance on the roof
>I go to boss one day
>/r/ a night shift because "doctors appointment"
>I get it
>2 days later I'm working closing
>only go- I mean guy in store
>I make a fake sign saying "closed early today due to short staff" and close the window blinds so no one can see inside
>grabs ladder and goes to closed roof opening
>it's an upstairs
>contains book shelves and racks
>I get up there and I see dried blood on the floor that leads to a dried puddle of blood
>I hear our back door open
>I quickly try to close the seal and get down the ladder but my boss catches me
>he tells me in a lower and more suspicious voice "you're not supposed to go up there"
>he starts slowly walking towards me
>I get scared when all of a sudden I hear the front windows break
>black rioters shouting "Justice for Mike Brown!"
>I get the fuck outta there
>store gets looted hardcore

Did I just get saved from being kill?
"Gee, this guy is gonna take us out to the woods and kill us! But I definitely can't let my aunt know in not where I'm supposed to be"
>risking being grounded
>risking having to hear a boring ass, stupid lecture from an old fart
>being so beta you know nothing about how to upkeep a social life

Fucking fag.
Hands up, Don't shoot?
>you can feel the nope in the air now as everyone knew something was up
>the taxi driver shifted around in his seat
>her one friend broke the silence
>"hey man I think we're going the wrong direction.."
>the driver looked at my friend through the rear view again
>no response
>another guy speaks up
>"yo the city is back the other fucking way buddy"
>the driver reaches under his seat and pulls out a gun
>before anyone can anything he stops the car (just stops doesn't pull over to the side or anything)

Finish your fucking story and stop giving it to us in ten sentence segments.
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NOPE story from /x/
so you and your buddies polished off multiple kegs of beer by yourselves? I find that harder to believe than you gunning down chupacabra.
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>be 11 year old me
>studied in school that was built on chinese burial ground
>bored as fuck in class
>try to balance coin on a plastic bottle
>coin falls off after 5 seconds
>try again
>falls off again despite being perfectly stable for 15 seconds
>call a friend and ask him to look
>tries again
>falls off a third time
>coin is flung to the back of the class by an unseen force
>friend screams
>class screams
>went to the back of the class to take a look at the coin
>coin starts vibrating
>flung to the front of the classroom again
>everyone screams and runs out of the class
>fucking poltergeist
>suspended for 1 month and received a two hour long lecture from the principal about not disturbing spirits
>why did you build the school on a fucking graveyard anyway
what is this supposed to be?
didnt even read past the 2nd paragraph..
oh man this is taking so long op
op is obviously kill
File: 1416969884451.jpg (98 KB, 341x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Colombian here. I have a few stories if you want. My family was composed of sailors, and my grandmother remembers a lot.
If anyone's interested, I can provide.
nah we're good, thanks anyway thoguh.
a stereogram. i cant see anything important in any level of it

Learn to 3D
Upgrade your brain
gg 10 sentences an hour
Dude.... you have to ask him
come on than, show us hat u got
>never mentioned how many we are
>never said we emptied all of them

Just happened last night.

>Be at friend's house
>browsing on my older laptop
>Folder appears sometime while browsing on desktop
>foldername is in binary, put through translator
>returns some shit about a codec
>open oflder
>mp3 file, binary filename
>run through translator
>"codec to Vosto"
>Probably windows fucking up, hard drive's pretty old (using Inspiron 1150, circa 2004)
>Try to open mp3, no luck
>says file is not an mp3
>lol aight
>try to open in notepad, disable internet connection
>"Access Denied"
>I'm an administrator
>Suck a dick, access denied
>keep trying to open file
>Friend gets email
>Subject is "UVB-76", mp3 attachment
>Filename is also in binary
>put it through translator
>returns "Vosto"
>Oh shit son, now the codec makes sense
>Listen to mp3, really ominous sounds over a man speaking.
>Google subject, might return something useful
>Find UVB-76 on Wikipedia
>Shit is some kind of vacant AM Shortwave station from Russia
>Shit just keeps getting weirder
Haven't listened to the "Vosto" mp3 all the way yet, kinda scared to.
>Friend gets another email

cont, hold your breath
lol, what kind of imbecile washed out place do you come from? Suspended for ONE MONTH for "disturbing spirits"? What the fuck m8
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96 KB, 1024x768

>Friend gets another email while trying to get help from /g/ about the binary folder
>Has two paragraphs of binary with an mp3 attachment
>First string of binary is coordinates to Harrison Nebraska
>Specifically the end of an unmarked road to a piece of land my family owns up north
>mfw none of my friends know about that
>why would anyone in my family know I was with the bro last night, and have his email
>Run other string of binary
>Shit is a url to a jpeg
>Picture is of a deer

This is significant because my friends and I have been having dreams and incidents related to deer in the past year or so, mostly 2spoopy in nature.

Haven't listened to the other MP3 yet, too scared. Will upload both when I get home and share w/ screens

Pic related, first screen I took when I thought this wasn't nothin but a /g/-thang
>be about 15
>live in a very old two storied house
>cousin is living with my parents and me because her parents have some issues
>loves to read/write
>she's writing a poem for a writing competition in her school
>one evening we're all sitting watching tv
>cousin enters the room and says her poem is finished and wants to recite
>dad says 'sure, cool, go on' and turns tv off
>quite long poem about winter
>at the very moment she finishes and before we can say anything, we can hear 3 claps
>the sound comes from upstairs
>too afraid to even move
>dad gathers courage and runs up the stairs yelling 'I'll break you son of a bitch, I swear to god I'll break you'
>mom, my cousin and me are staring at each other
>dad comes back after a few minutes, says he found nothing

I have a couple more, I lived in that house for several years and weird things happened there
Finish the fucking story OP.
File: Screenshot (29).png (734 KB, 1366x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Screenshot (29).png
734 KB, 1366x768
If have more stories on the house please continue!
File: 1417558564018.png (52 KB, 360x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This happened about a year ago.

>move into a new home with wife
>house is about 5 years old
>live there for a few months and we start to notice a foul odor in the basement
>ignore it for a few weeks
>middle of summer, basement gets sweltering
>odor turns into a stench
>noticeable throughout entire house now
>finally decide to check it out, figuring a raccoon died or something
>looking around, following the odor
>find the source, something under a pool tarp
>hair on arms stand up as I go to remove the tarp
>remove tarp and almost pass out from the smell
>a hobo died and rotted in our fucking basement
>police were called, dead hobo was removed
>basement still smells like rot in the summer

That was the spookiest thing to happen in my home, I got some innawoods if anyones interested.
File: 2121121.jpg (8 KB, 290x174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I would be interested in your innawoods
now what creepypasta did you lift this from son
Were they slow claps or normal claps?
You ignored a could odor why?

You could have prevented the whole house from smelling if you had investigated immediately.
well, if I had to choose, I'd say they were slow. It wasn't as when you go watch a movie and people start clapping, they were a bit slower
File: 1951 Ford.jpg (175 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1951 Ford.jpg
175 KB, 640x480
Right on, don't know how long this will be, and typing it by hand, so bear with me.

>be 26, hungry for some outdoors after living in the city for so long
>decide fuck all, going camping
>too much of a pussy to do it myself, so get a friend from work to come along
>wife doesn't into camping
>load up a bag with more shit than I'd need
>buddy is bringing tents, etc, he's done it a lot
>we meet up early in the morning, around 5 in the morning
>buddy drives while I drink coffee and watch youtube on my phone
>telling me that we're going to his favorite spot
>tells me there's a 2spooky house nearby that's abandoned
>get to site, it's quite a bit off the beaten path
>enjoying the nature because holy shit I haven't touched a bush since I went to a strip club
>we get set up, buddies slamming some beers, I'm just wandering around enjoying myself
>buddy comes up to me and asks if I want to go see the house
>nah, I wanna chill
>fast forward to about 7PM, we build a neat fire
>roasting some hotdogs and shooting the shit
>buddy is thoroughly drunk by now
>won't shut up about the house so I decide to go with him to it
>we tread for a bit with maglites, nighttime woods be awesome, son
>eventually see a burnt out car, looks like its from the 50s or so, pic related
>look around, its been there for quite some time
>look up to the house, it almost looks burnt out
>windows boarded up, etc, generic haunted house theme
>he insists on going inside, but the doors boarded up, so he kicks it down
>almost thought the whole thing was going to fall apart
>walk in and get this sinking feeling
>buddy is on cloud 9 at this point, he likes his urbex and shit like that
>the house is pretty empty with some torn up chairs and a couch, everything's dusty
>explore a bit, go to the 2nd floor and find a lot of empty liquor bottles, recently placed
>figure there were teenagers or a similar form of nocturnal creature lurking about

cont. soon

you were saved by niggers :')
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lil mak.jpg
1 MB, 3648x2736
One thing is my wife and I were swamped with work, so we barely had time to sit for dinner most nights, and on days off, we didn't exactly care since it wasn't so bad.

You don't wake up in the morning and expect some shithead to die in your basement.

>move to the bedroom, find condoms, more bottles etc
>buddy is looking through the drawers and just messing around with shit like a maniac
>suddenly hear a cough from the hallway
>we literally both freeze
>we look out to the hallway and see a shadow moving in the moon light in the room across
>draw my CC'd handgun, friend is nofuns so he normally freaks out, but he kept his mouth shut this time
>we're deciding if we investigate or fuck off at this point
>both agree to fuck off, but we need to pass the door to get to the stairs
>we splinter cell the shit as best we can but unfortunately I kicked a beer bottle
>that bottle rolling on a wood floor at the moment was literally the loudest sound I ever heard
>the bottle hits the wall, making an almost deafening cling
>hear lots of movement in the room
>then stomping
>bolt down the stairs and out the door and stop to catch our breath outside
>I look up and lo behold, I see it
>fucking fat naked dude wearing a gimp mask and holding a crowbar
>I screamed so loud it echoed through the woods, and pretty sure scared any poor shits out there if there were any
>we bolt towards our camp and, while scared we stop there and kind of start laughing at how fucking absurd that was
>pack up camp and leave, never to return

I laugh about it sometimes but, I feel like if we didn't leave when we did, we'd probably be Bubba's new fleshlights.
Why do you start a story you dont finish and use so long time to type out? I find this highly disrespectful.
>lectured for disturbing spirits
Holy shit I spit my water out
all I could think of was this

Shoulda shot his ass through the window
>>fucking fat naked dude wearing a gimp mask and holding a crowbar
Nigga you should have gone Bayonetta on his ass and shoot him while doing a catwalk
That happened to me also, I was with two friends and we had out backpacks.
Taxi Guy took a wild detour from out gps route and began saying stuff like "you have no Idea where you are right? Have you surrended your soul to god?"
So, in The middle of nowhere there was a crossroad with lot's of trucks, so we took the chance to get off.
The driver actually drove after us, but we runned offroad so eventually He gave up.
We got to a highway and hitchhiked out Way to The airport.
You fuking did it captin
>brings friend
>brings gun
>is drunk
>gets scared of some fatass wearing a mask

Wow, you really are one sheltered little fag aren't you?
File: Shameful.gif (1 MB, 305x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 305x239
Casually robbing liquor stores.
Thats the one part of the story I actually believe.

You've never been to the south have you? We drink like fish.

A couple kegs is nothing between 10 people down here.
>takes selfie
>friend notices something in background
>zoom in crop and enhance image
Ghost baby
>Photo quality may be shit may have to upload clear pick as reply
Wow! It fucking nothing!
if one crosses their eyes the other way it looks like prolapse
what does this mean?
File: bush.jpg (25 KB, 330x336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 330x336
>two hour long lecture from the principal about not disturbing spirits
>enjoying the nature because holy shit I haven't touched a bush since I went to a strip club

C'mon nigger finish it.
slowly making shit up as he went along in an effort to bump his thread
File: The Watchers.jpg (3 MB, 712x8069) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Watchers.jpg
3 MB, 712x8069
Yeah I figured when I realized his last post was at 1:49pm...
It's a shame, fake or not I wanted to know what that taxi driver did with them (knowing at least one of them survive to tell the story).

>I'll just bump with my favorite pasta. It's not nope but at least it bumps the thread.
File: image.jpg (19 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 225x225

Sorry here's the end

>The car is stopped, everyone is in shock except the driver. His face is one of a man that is going to get laid.
>He tells everyone to get out of the car and put their hands on the car.
>He then lower his pants and starts to jerk his 17" cock with the hand that his not holding the gun to his hostages. His cock is so big it takes almost a minute to jerk it once with one hand.
>One of the guy, Bob, tries to disarm him but the taxi driver shoot his brains out before he can do it.
>The taxi driver then say "Hijos de puta que va a conseguir embestida profunda en el culo y el coño, cabróns"
>My friend feels her pussy dripping with anticipation (she is a big fan of rape like most women)
>My friend simply cannot control her dripping cunt so she turns to face him, lift her skirt and say"No me jodas como lo que significa maricón"
>The taxi driver then shove his 17" dick inside the horny cunt of my friend and instantly she squirt a gallon of female cum.
>All the other friends (the ones still alive) jerked their cock and pussies like animals.
>After 79 hours of fucking the taxi driver came in the soar cunt of my friend instantly making her pregnant of 6 pairs of twins with his 89L load of cum.
>All the others came over the body of their dead friend. Then they buried him in a shallow grave and got back in the taxi.
>The taxi driver asked the group "Adónde vas?"
>The group answers in unisson "Dondequiera que haya puto duro participar!"

Then he drove them home

>The end
File: image.jpg (43 KB, 540x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Mfw I thought for a second this was the real OP and he was finishing the story.
This. Faggot wrote himself into a corner.
File: EDC.jpg (104 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 1024x683
Every time I read a nope thread, I wonder why none of you faggots carry

1) a flashlight

2) a weapon.

If you get spooked by a "skinwalker" (ie... raccoon pillaging your garbage) just illuminate with a Surefire and dump some .45 into it.

Then take pics so we can believe your bullshit stories.
Best advice anyone on /x/ will ever get. Too bad they're mostly all for the Feds taking away the 2nd amendment. Stupid punk bitches
>everyone just started screaming, even the taxi driver
>he's busy waving the gun and motioning for us to get out of the car, but everybodies too noped out to listen
>after a bit one of them piped up "what the fuck you want with us?"
>eveyone shuts up
>the driver, stares at them
>he then reaches under the other seat, pulls out a laptop and says
>"I was being a massive faggot and making up stories on /x/ to impress strangers, I've got writers block. Help me finish or die"
>nobody had any good ideas besides rape or killing women
>All the women were killed
>and raped

Finish the fucking story OP
shit myself
Start sleeping in a faraday cage or you are be killed
>basketball americans looting a book store

Ghosts I can believe in, man, but come on.
>I work maintenance at a venue that hosts many different events
>the building is well over 3,000ft2 (900m2), four stories tall, and sits alone on 300 acres
>the main building dates back to the early 1900's
>a large addition was built in the mid-90's and crude tombstones and bones were uncovered during excavation
>Prius driving pajama-boys always tell me the place is scary
>k thnx
>coworkers and I joke about the *Anonomyous-venue-name* Ghost being responsible for the weird goings-on around the place after the owners said they have seen apparitions in the building
>In all seriousness I've seen numerous shadow people in the basement running in my peripheral vision, but that isn't conclusive evidence of a ghost
>anyway, events usually run late, sometimes I'm on the clock until 2am
>around 1am one night, I'm in the basement service hallway shutting off lights after the guests have gone
>I am alone on the entire floor
>I move into the basement kitchen to shut off the lights in there
>as I step through the doorway a water glass FLIES horizontally off a shelf across the room and smashes, with pieces hitting my shoes
>the shattering glass in the dead silence initially startled me more than the odd way the glass "fell"
>the floor is solid concrete
>the shelves are metal, bolted to the floor, and they even have a lip on the edge to keep things from falling off
>how did that happen?
>I stood there in disbelief for a second, then cleaned up the glass
>as I thought about it, the glass looked like it was swatted/tossed off of the shelf (I mean, there's no way it could have slid off)
>I realized how bad-ass it was to have a glass thrown at you (presumably by a spooky spectre) and I happily nope'd upstairs to go tell the other guys on my shift what happened

I haven't ever felt threatened by the "ghost", but I do get the feeling I'm being watched sometimes, which makes me nervous.
I certainly welcome any playful paranormal activity because it makes for good ghost stories.
>working on state's education secretary
>secretary moved to old building downtown
>building was a hospital
>my office was the intense treatment room
>everyone jokes about ghosts
>nothing happens
>at daylight nothing happens
>things moved in desk by night
>one guy finds 5 text markers opened and dumped on his jug of water.
>people hear moans and someobe walking scraping their foot on the floor in the hallway
>people complain about our room bad vibe.
>director of our shit in room in front
>says she doesn't feel shit
>her office is a mess of religious symbols, she has a 1,5m crucifix on the wall
>12 years old, liked to play by myself in the woods all day
>used to climb trees as high as i could and just stay up in them and watch the woods below
>one day accidentally fell asleep on a limb (luckily wasn't up too high)
>slipped out of the limb in my sleep
>fell flat on my back on the pine straw-covered ground, knocked the breath right out of me
>honestly thought i had punctured a lung or something
>writhing on the ground trying to breathe
>finally sit up and right ahead of me about 10 yards was a man just standing there, mouthing words but no sound
>he was dressed in dark pants and a white button down shirt, sharp-looking guy
>still can't say for sure what he was saying but for some reason i always thought it was "little girl, little girl"
>scrambled to my feet and ran my ass out of there
>kept looking back, he didn't follow, just stood there smiling
It's a spiritual supplies store we have a lot more than books
OP is dead the skellington of the cab driver popped out and came through his computer and raped him to death
There is always that hope that maybe the guy is just fucking stupid. If you honestly thought he was going to kill you, I think attempting to strangle him or otherwise fix the situation would happen before any phone calls were made.
A fatass out in the middle of nowhere in an abandoned house.

He probably eats people, and that's why he's so fat.
Predictable ending

> built in 1900s
> automatically haunted

hardest thing to believe is you running xp and not some gnu plus linux an still visit /g/
File: image.jpg (3 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3264x2448
>over the summer
>spent the night at friends house but left in morning to do something
>around noon and called him to head back over
>doesn't pick up, decide to drive around
>see area over railroad tracks that I've never seen anyone go into
>has two visable roads, one that has a "road closed" sign and one that's off-road
>cross tracks to turn around
>notice a paved road hidden in trees, not visable when approaching
>wide enough for one car only (picture from when I was there)
>fuck it lets go down it
>road starts to slip on sides to make it hard to turn around
>pass a sign saying "no trespassing" and one that says purple stray painted trees = no trespassing
>500 feet on purple trees
>keep going because can't turn around
>road swerves back in forth in the woods
>finally find place to turn around
>still takes me 2 minutes
>on way back, notice all black suburban with tinted windows approaching
>this is how I die
>pull over to the side to let him pass
>he slows down when approaching me
>afraid he'll ask me wtf I'm doing back here
>drives on by
>Nope on out of there

Never been back or figured out where the road ends
Typing it by hand

How the fuck else would you type with your dick ? Op

Can't argue there. It seems incredibly difficult for people to light up whatever they draw for and then put enough holes in it that even Jesus gets jealous.
I'll tell you what you need is a fatty boom batty blunt, and then I guarantee you'll see a sailboat, an ocean, and maybe even some of those big-titted mermaids doin some of that lesbian shit!
File: 1417116785182.gif (2 MB, 200x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 200x150
This pasta is God tier. Read it like 3 times now.
Not everyone is american here. Most people don't carry weapons.
File: SPOOKY.jpg (421 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>visit the interweb
>find this picture
>recognize the background
>obviously photoshopped
>still shit bricks
>working taking care of the severely mentally disabled
>night shift
>the clients always made spoopy sounds when they sleep, so it was usually nothing to worry about
>been sick but needed money, show up anyway
>finish my janitor duties and sit down to read
>hear the sleep sounds of the clients behind me (the chair I was sitting in had its back on the wall about a foot away from the archway to their residential hallway, facing a TV in the living room which is always on, a client can't sleep without hearing the distant sound)
>eventually nod off for about 5 minutes and then jump up to wake up because I don't want to lose my job
>notice TV is off
>all clients totally quiet, which means they are all up
>immediately spoofed and worried because that means a client is roaming
>look in their rooms (only 3 clients at the time)
>the first 2 communicated that they needed to use the bathroom
>take them before I check the third room
>he is gone
>look outside and in the kitchen/bathrooms
>he was sitting with his legs crossed on the floor staring at the blank TV, I had walked past him at least twice, or he was somewhere else and settled there
To this day, I don't know why all the clients woke up, nor do I know who turned off the TV. My best guess is a coworker. Needless to say, I was no longer tired.
I have some other tales from the adult training facility if anyone is interested. I actually quit partially because of how unsettling the facility is. I'm new to green texts, so I apologise for shitty structure/missing details.

I'm the guy who posted that. I'm not American, either. (Canadian) but I always carry a flashlight, and a pocket knife. When I'm deep in the woods camping or hunting, I have a rifle or shotty.

Even serfs in the most socialized of Euro nations can have a maglight in their purse.

Be able to Illuminate your environment. Be able to defend yourself if necessary. Don't be such an easy target, and maybe you'll be left alone.
much of murrica was still building at that point
and just about the entire place is indian burrial ground
Even so, a europoor's first reflex isn't to grab a weapon. We usually try to understand what's going on before we think about defending ourselves.
It's an evil smiley, man.
Ever heard of Pinnochio? That smiley is a reference to it, with a long nose.
It basically means someone is lying.
File: Tom Cruise.jpg (19 KB, 459x278) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tom Cruise.jpg
19 KB, 459x278
Are you stupid?
Can't you appreciate a good joke when you see one?
Fuggin lol
File: ohlooknoteurope.jpg (66 KB, 600x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 600x399

Thousands of years of your history really suggests the opposite, you smug cunt.

But if that's really what you want to believe... North Americans are descended from the people who, quite recently, ventured into a dark and unknown continent, and carved a society out of a hostile wilderness. Enemy tribes were often a problem, animal attacks were, and still are, a possible threat.

How many Parisians or Londoners get attacked by wolves or dragged off by bears, do you think? That's still occurs in Canada, and many of the States. Ever wake up to a polar bear in your kitchen? Have any of your metro Euro friends?


I know people like you think that differences in these reactions are a result of iq , and not environment and experience, but someday you'll stop being 12 years old, and that'll change.
>A couple kegs is nothing between 30 people down here.

The clapping noise of someone masturbating too aggressively
File: morenoteurope.jpg (46 KB, 722x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 722x414




If you have a problem in most of this continent, you can't call for the a Anti-Bullying Multicultural Therapist Task Force, Pablo. You have to deal with it yourself.
I'm calling bullshit
pick one
quote from wiki about agriculture in columbia:

The primary agricultural products of Colombia are coffee (fourth-largest producer of coffee in the world), cut flowers, bananas, rice, tobacco, corn, sugarcane, cocoa beans, oilseed, vegetables, fique, panela, forest products; and shrimp.
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Alfreb Einstime.jpg
70 KB, 500x403
Get a load of this guy
Stinking anarchists

I think you must be the first person in the history of like, FOREVER to actually admit/own up to this truth.

....I'm speechless that this level of stupidity manages to exist past the age of, oh, idk, like 3?
Gotta admit, you're the first one saying that who is actually americans.

And while I don't know enough about american culture to judge if you people are really bloodthirsty, I agree with what you said about the "what if society collapsed" threads.
>not paying attention to being kidnapped
>afraid of a handgun

Ok, buddy
At least they're not Mexicans.

What happened was just insane and sick.
Oh? You can finish OP's story then?

By all means, proceed
Colombian here

No corn near any major city, no farms at all unless you go really far. Unless they went to a really shitty place in the middle of nowhere, it is bullshit
>The taxi driver actually located OP and is currently raping him

Fucking finish the story you niggershit
I don't think so, I wasn't referring to some shitty creepypasta, but rather to real events really happening.
Considering the history of the Medellin cartel, I'm not entirely sure Colombia has a solid claim to moral superiority over Mexico
Never heard of 43 students disappearing in Colombia.
In Mexico, however...
Another anons post in this thread reminded me.

>be me
>be working at Friendlies as a janitor
>Be cleaning up after hours, alone
>Almost done
>Fork zips past my head
>Nothing else happens
>Finish up, put fork in the dirty dishes
>Go home

Nothing else strange ever happened there, but I still remember it flying past my head like it was thrown, not dropped.
Are you going to give us a clue about what you know Mr mystery man?
Then you aren't very aware of history. While the Medellin cartel never got rid of 43 protesting students at one go, they did control the government through assassinations and bribes.

A great many people disappeared.
Here's one for you, not paranormal but interesting all the same.

First off, I'm a girl. Let's get that out of the way.

One day during my freshman year in high school I got a hall pass to go to the bathroom. When you walked in, you went around a corner and the first thing you saw were the mirrors and sinks, with the reflection being of the stalls along the opposite wall.

I walked in around the corner and there was a woman, maybe or sub or something because I never saw her before or since. She was standing in the last stall with the door open, facing the mirrors with her dress hiked up and her hands in her underwear playing with herself.

I didn't know what to do so I ducked into the first stall. I did my pissing and was listening for her to leave. She never moved that I could tell.

After I got tired of waiting, I busted out the stall and focused my tunnel vision on the sink in front of me and headed for it. She was still standing there but was no longer taking care of business. I turned off the water and she said in a monotone voice, "I'm sorry you had to see that." I told her it was ok and busted ass out of the bathroom.

She was dressed all high class and like I said, it was the only time I ever saw her in my life. It was seriously weird.
Any building can be haunted regardless of age. Land itself can be haunted.
The paranormal events didn't start happening until the 90's during construction after the two graves were uncovered.

A housing development 30 minutes from here is still under construction and already it has made the area's "Haunted Places" list. As the population there is increasing more and more little kids are drowning in the lake.
My neighbor's stepdad who loves urban/rural exploration lives there and says he's seen orbs far out in the woods (and others have seen them too).
There was even a 5-person murder/suicide in a house there in 2010.

Events make the haunting more so than age.
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Decoy - 300.jpg
224 KB, 1416x1028

Not American. I'm Canadian. That story I posted (where the polar bear was in the guys kitchen) happened in my province, several towns away from me.

Typical /x/

> a skinwalker stalked me but I escaped by focusing my chaos magick which was taught to me by a shadow people.
> Wow anon! pics plz!

>Sometimes animal attacks occur.
> Total bullshit! Fuck off, lying NRA shill!
That's a dog you fucking dumbass, not a polar bear.

>black bears
>same as grizzlies or polar bears

Okay buds. Is Connecticut nice?
10/10 loved them
Grizzlies and polar bears are rare. They don't cover all of north america, requiring everyone to constantly be drawing guns. The people if the greater US and Canadian geography in the vast najority will never see either outside of a zoo in their lives. So using them as an explanation for people tyere geing gun happy is pretty fucking retarded.

But they do occur in the places I've been talking about, the fringe wilderness places, where it's a good idea to have access to a weapon.

You know. The ones I've been talking about since this argument started, even though fags keep derailing it.

Colombian here too. It is true, no cornfields near major cities here. So I call bullshit too. I'm sure you'll do better next time OP. Fegit
CT is terrible.

Source: am Masshole
Oh for fuck's sake, I haven't seen a Nope thread get derailed with this much shit it a long time. Just let this one die and start a new one.
/x/ would be great if it weren't for you disgusting piece of shit making jokes about rape. rape isn't a joke. i'm sick of it. grow up.
I like how only this cock mongler's posts aren't been deleted.
I post this one every once in a while so sorry if you've seen it before

>Young and at summer camp in upstate NY
>Summer camp is basically a patch of woods/fields where everyone I knew and extended family from my school would bring their trailers and hang out
>Tell campfire stories, spooky tales and whatever
>Trailers nearly everywhere, relatively safe
>For all these reasons it's not uncommon for people to let their kids wander around after dark (within reason)
>Make up a story with some other kids about a shadow man that lives out in the woods
>Claim we saw him on an old dirt road that goes through the campsite and meets with the highway
>Dirt road is fenced off where it meets the highway and parents tell us to stay away
>Hysteria amongst the kids eventually gets us all to form a posse and investigate, start to believe my own story from stories other kids tell me
>All of us gather flashlights and head out on the dirt road one night
>So dark it's hard to see
>Eventually hit the road fence, someone screams and we all bolt
>When we get back to camp and have calmed down, we notice someone is missing
>One of the girls that came with us didn't come back
>Parents are mad as fuck but go out looking for her
>Never found her

Her body wound up in a storm drain halfway across the state. Apparently she got lost when we ran and some trucker picked her up, raped/murdered her and dumped her body.
Biased mod much?
That's a really sad story, but that isn't either NOPE nor paranormal. Sounds more like a case of mass hysteria that ended up as a tragedy.

I'd say it's pretty nope. A lot of good stuff posted on /x/ isn't paranormal, like mystery threads and conspiracy threads. Sure beats the derailed status this thread had five seconds ago.
It was on topic.
Blame the moron who complains about people being never armed.
It didn't really helped during the ex-marine story anyway. They shot at it and it did nothing.

Can a weapon even hurt a supernatural creep?
This reminds me of another story, basically kids playing hide & go seek and then the same thing happens. A little girl dead in a storm drain across some woods.
That rings a bell here too. Kids go play hide and seek, narrator says he sees the girl moving weirdly, find the body the following day, understand he saw her being raped.

The first comment doesn't ring a bell but the second one definitely does. The second one is where they're playing hide and seek and the kid runs through the woods and hides, turning off his flashlight right? And the killer (or whatever it was) chased him with a flashlight? It was a good one, if anyone has it they should post it.
>>15551507 here. In the story I read, I don't remember anything about a flashlight. The narrator was witness rather than being chased. Wouldn't be surprised if it was a common story though.
The one I saw had the narrator being chased first, then things are fine until a girl just heads into the forest.

I think the one you're thinking of is the one I mentioned, with the flashlight. If anyone had it to post it I think I'd be right

Orgasms release an awful lot of energy. His ghost is likely feeding off it and using it to try to talk to you.
no such thing
Current marine
Just posted in another thread but whatever. This happened last night.

>be me, 19
>laying in bed after coming home from a bulls game and a night out drinking
>Its about 3 am
>I'm just laying in bed thinking about life and shit >suddenly I feel someone in my room
>I open my eyes, trying to make out what's there
>it's pitch black, but I can see the silhouette of a girl at my door
>she's just standing there
>a sudden feeling of dread comes over me
>she takes a step towards me

At this point I'm not sure what happened to my thought process. I can't explain my actions to be honest and I'm confused as to why I even did what I did. The best I can explain it is just complete confusion and a disoriented head.

>get the feeling she's going to kill me
>fuck her, I'm not letting her
>get up from my bed and grab the nearest item on my dresser
>it's a fucking textbook
>whatever, decide I'm going to defend myself with it
>suddenly she turns around and walks away
>I'm relieved until I realize she's walking towards the stairs
>my family is upstairs
>chase after her, catch her at the base of the stairs
>grab her by her shirt and throw her down
>I have my foot on her stomach to keep her from getting up
>I don't know what comes over me but I reach for my phone in my sweatpants
>I'm going to use the flashlight
>I NEED to see her face
>as I'm struggling for my phone she has her hands up, waving
>she's making the eeriest sounds of struggle
>something like "heeehhgg" "ahhhhh" ...but she's almost laughing
>don't know what happens next, it's a blur
>she pushes off my foot and I fall on the stairs >she runs off and turns the corner into the kitchen but when I get there she's not there
>head to the living room and turn on the tv, relatively calm
>sit there until I fall asleep from exhaustion
>nightmares all night, I don't wake up
>wake up this morning
>completely terrified
>scared to fall asleep tonight

What do /x/
File: lol mooted.gif (4 MB, 400x376) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lol mooted.gif
4 MB, 400x376
>>enjoying the nature because holy shit I haven't touched a bush since I went to a strip club
Punks used to care about freedom. Now they're all commies...
>I laugh about it sometimes but, I feel like if we didn't leave when we did, we'd probably be Bubba's new fleshlights.
You coulda just shot him. He would have given you food for days.
File: 1395798530050.jpg (43 KB, 353x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 353x480

ayy baby wana skype talk about ghosts n shit?
>Only cops and the gubmint should have big evil scary guns!

You must really love the taste of shoe polish.
Rapityraperaperape. Go back to tumblr.
Did somebody ask for rape jokes?

OP here to finish story...
got too high and typing on the phone is a bitch

>cab is stopped in the middle of the road
>driver looks into rearview at friend again
>before anyone can say anything motorcycle pulls up behind taxi
>dont know who the fuck is on motorcycle
>friend realizes now's her chance to nope
>she opens door and bolts, hears the taxi driver yell something
>doesn't even look back to see if friends are following
>just keeps running down road
>about 10 minutes of sprinting later they begin to slow down
>still in middle of nowhere
>taxi/driver not pursuing
>finally begin to see outskirts of city when sun is coming out
>go home
>never told anyone story until she told me it

dont hail cabs in other countries
This guy is right:
Events make a building or place haunted. However the older something is, the more likely it is to be haunted. That being said it's entirely possible for a 500 year old castle in yurop to have no spooks. It's more likely to. It's also more likely for a hundred year old building to have spooks than a 20 year old building. But say some murder or suicide or something happened in 20 year old building, could be spoopy.
>subhuman city dwelling colombians have never seen corn in their lives
>this must mean there is no corn in colombia
>CT is terrible
Can confirm.
Source: am Connecticunt
File: worst.jpg (61 KB, 490x578) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I have one
>Be me
>Around 9-10 yrs old
>Recently moved into new house, find out girl hung herself in one of the rooms
>My room
>First night there, shitting myself, thinking the room is haunted
>Ceiling fan starts creaking, like it's giving under pressure
>Nope the fuck out of there
>Tell my mum
>Say I'm imagining things

Pretty scary
File: slab.gif (494 KB, 350x260) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
494 KB, 350x260
Got at least 50 of these /x/ so stick around, will hop to another thread if this one 404's.

>Be 20
>Staying out at uncle's place in the country
>Place is at least 90km from any towns and is not situated on any major highway because ausfag
>Sitting out by the lake with uncle, sinking brews, chilling maxing relaxing all cool
>Uncle goes to bed at about midnight
>Still too awake myself to go to bed
>Decide to go for a little walk up the road and smoke a spliff
>Grab jacket and headphones and head out
>Pleasant night, nippy but not terribly cold

here's another nope story that happened to another friend

>be friend
>solo dolo bar hopping, waiting to meet up with friends
>friends lag
>almost 2am
>ditch bar operation find weed
>phone dies
>goes to 7/11 out of the downtown area
>pay phone is fucked
>asks guy thats filling his car up for a lighter
>sparks up cigarette
>piece cig with black guy
>asks black dude "got any trees"
>"yee mayne i can get u some dro"
>black man says they would have to go pick it up tho
>friend agrees, too drunk just wants weed
>gets into car
>guy begins driving
>no one is talking
>gets bad feeling
>been driving for a good 10 minutes now
>"hey where we picking up from"
>"my homie don't trip"
>friend realizes they are going towards really ghetto part of town
>friend decides its time to bail
>"Hey can u pull over i gotta piss real quick"
>"nah man we almost there"
>car reaches end street
>2 niggas with baseball bats 1 with pipe posted at the end of the block
>black hoodies and masks
>friend pulls out his CC pistol (idr what kind)
>"stop the fucking car"
>nigga stops car about 300 meters from group of hoodlums
>"almost caught u slippin bruh"
>friend opens door and bolts it down the street
>looks back and 3 niggas are getting into the car and he see's the reverse lights come on
>hops a few fences and gets away
>has to find his way home from ghetto part of town at 3 in the morning
Another one
>Going through edgy phase, ripping cones, on the piss
>Walking around friends neighborhood, chilly night, urban area
>Very quiet for a saturday
>We fuck around for a bit, graffiti a few parks
>Turn around walking away from park
>Little girl, just standing there, back faced to me
>She could only be about 8, so being concerned as fuck, decide to talk to her
>Me and friends walk closer, I ask where her parents are
>Girl turns around
>Eyes are bloodshot red, bruises and cuts everywhere, very pale skin
>Says my mummy told me not to speak to strangers
>Noped the fuck out of there
Still scared of that park, everytime I go near there, I get a real cold feeling

>Walking down the gravel road listening to a mix I made that day
>Absolutely pitch black due to the lack of street lights so use phone torch to see where I'm going
>After turning a bend I notice a car up ahead with its hazard lights on
>Think it's just some poor sod who has broken down
>Keep walking, reach the vehicle about two minutes later
>Dashboard lights on, all four doors open, boot open
>Think the driver might've just pulled over for a piss but doesn't really explain why every door plus the boot is open
>Shout out "Hello?" to see if driver is nearby
>Peer into car
>An assortment of strange items in the back seat - paint cans, a cricket bat that looked like somebody had scribbled all over it with a sharpie for no apparent reason, large reels of fishing wire, an old radio, blankets with dark stains all over them
>hear weird moaning noise coming from the woods to my left
>Sprint back down the road to my uncle's
>Walk in through back door, uncle is brushing his teeth
>Asks why I'm sweating and out of breath
>Tell him I was chased by a dingo
>Drive past there two days later
>Car is no longer there
When I was raped by a police officer I was so sure he was going to kill me. He threatened to enough times, and we were right by this huge fucking forest and I'm just thinking he could dump me in here, and nobody would ever find me.

He didn't, though. I don't know why he didn't, when he was done he just drove off.
This next one happened about six weeks ago. I work the nightshift at a petrol station near where I live, so I have the pleasure of seeing the sort of fucked up people who are often out at that hour.

>Be 2am on a Wednesday morning
>Nobody has come in for the last two hours
>Sitting in the back room watching docos
>Buzzing noise sounds to alert me that somebody is standing at the door (we have to buzz people in after midnight as an anti-robbery measure)
>Get up, head to the counter area to let the person in
>Nobody there

For a bit of back story before going into this:
>be 16
>move with my mother to Kansas
>end up in a small rural town about 40 miles north of the Oklahoma/Kansas border
>boring as fuck
>don't fit in with anyone
>neighbor lady, lets call her Wally, is an old German woman
>pretty based
>obviously disgusted by the degeneracy of her grandchildren, one of whom I was just a year ahead of
So... Here it goes
>Wally develops some sort of cancer
>Stop seeing her around first couple of months of my Senior year
>Eventually completely stop seeing her
>Her family of vultures comes around with Realtor people and appraisers and shit
>Storm comes around
>Town tornado sirens go off
>Her house was the closest with a storm shelter
>Get stuff and go down there
>Just myself because my stepfather was working and my mother went to the store
>the door moves like someone is trying to open it but struggling
>think that it's one of the little ones or something
>open it
>no one top side
>write it off as the wind
>Sit back down and pull out my phone
>The sounds outside of it touching down just right out of town
>scary as shit
>"Thank you"
And then the storm died and the siren stopped.
I have one that happened to me a few years back. I was first learning witchcraft and decided to learn Persian black magic. Picked up a grimoire after much research. How ever I was not prepared for what I was getting into. This grimoire was particularly gruesome and very evil. I wont even speak the name for fear of incurring its wrath once more. And no it was not the Necronomicon. (Cont.)?
This still haunts me in the back of my mind
>be 14
>time is summer
>be home alone because mom is at work
>be sitting alone playing pikmin on gamecube
>dog walks in
>dog sits on the floor and looks at the ceiling
>dog cocks head as if interested in something
>lowered tv volume and listened
>hear footsteps in the attic
>freak out and raise tv volume to make it look like i didn't notice anything
>slowly go to parents closet
>get dad's 8 iron because the gun was in a safe
>hear footsteps in the attic
>mystery person is walking from above my room into the garage
>have fold-able stairs that lead into the attic in the garage (house connected to garage)
>call police
>sneak out a window
>run to the garage side door
>the light switch for the garage light was connected to the lights in the attic
>lights in the attic are blindingly bright
>wait till footseps were in the garage again
>flick the lights really fast like a strobe light
> hear and I quote "Aw SHIT *thump noise* F-fuck!"
>huge muscular bald man falls through the ceiling of the garage
>skin head thumps on the concrete
>guy looks hurt but tries to get up
> I screamed in fear and anger and charged at him
>furiously beat with golf club until bloody and not moving
>think I killed the guy and cry
>police arrive
>police take away the unconscious man
>police say that I stopped a burglary
>The guy was scoping out a way to break into my house without busting the doors
>still have nightmares of almost beating a man to death

>Assume it was just a possum or something that tripped the sensor
>Go back to the back room, resume the chills
>Buzzing sounds again
>Jump up and head to the counter area
>Nobody there again
>Stick around for a minute to see if anybody came back to the door
>Get frustrated and return to the back room
>Pissed off at this point thinking that it was probably a group of kids fucking with me
>Literally storm out of the room ready to give these litttle shits a piece of my mind
>There is actually someone at the door
>A woman, appears about 60 with frizzy hair and a green trenchcoat

Not spooky, unless he was a ghost? Was he a ghost?
Especially if you look at it like, a twenty year old house has had say three different inhabitants. One was an ordinary, happy guy, one was an unhappy family with domestic violence, one was a crazy guy who murdered someone and buried them in the basement.

That's not a lot of good energy to counteract the evil vibes. Whereas a 100 year old home may've had some deaths, etc., but also many many happy, ordinary people and moments. There will probably have been more good than bad, and the bad would have to have been extremely potent to still be lingering.

Lesson, newer houses can be monumentally fucked up places.

>Press the button to let her in
>She shuffles into the store
>Say "Hi, how are you?" because I'm a polite bastard
>No response
>She heads to one of the far aisles of the store and out of my line of sight
>Takes a while
>Look to the security camera feed to see if she's stealing anything
>She's furiously moving her hands around in her pockets
>Shout out "I can see what you're doing, return the items and leave before I call the police!"
>She takes absolutely no notice of me, keeps rummaging through her pockets
>Leave the counter through the side door and go over to confront her
>She looks up and notices me when I'm about a few feet away from her
>Lets out an agonizing scream and sprints out of the store
>I chase after her for about 50m but eventually give up, she was fucking quick for a middle aged overweight woman
>Return to the store
>Notice that she had left her trenchcoat on the floor which I had completely missed due to the heat of the moment
>Put my hands into the pockets to fish out the items she was trying to steal
>Feel a sharp sting in my index finger
>Pull it out and see a deep cut, bleeding profusely
>Peer into the pockets
>See an assortment of sharp objects like syringes, shards of glass, razor blades, box cutters, pen knives, scalpels
>Tell my manager the next day what happened
>He freaks out a little, calls the cops
>Cops come to the store, take the jacket
>Asked me to provide a detailed description of the woman and asked to see the CCTV, I wondered why because I was pretty sure at this point it was just some mentally ill homeless woman who carried around sharp things
>Apparently there were three stabbings around that area that night of random people who she attacked for no apparent reason
>Still gives me chills to this day thinking about what would've happened if she attacked me too
did you get aids
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>> find a lot of empty liquor bottles, recently placed
> similar form of nocturnal creature lurking about
Got a HIV test last week and it came back negative. Fortunately the pocket I stuck my hand into didn't have any syringes in it, only razorblades and glass.
Not denying it happened, but i'm curious how you stole a keg, let alone several. In most cases, kegs are filled by a shipping company, not by a liquor store. I've ordered many kegs, and worked at a liquor store. Kegs are in the liquor store for tops an hour or so, to keep the shit fresh. How did you make off with kegs? I guess I should ask how big they were.
no syringes?
are you
Wouldn't matter if there were because the test came back negative. Also the cut mark was far too wide and long to have been caused by the top of a syringe.
cmon man I worked hard for that pun

I had a little giggle when I read it if that makes you feel better.
more than you an imagine
You Home Aloned that guy.
What the actual fek
>Make up a story with some other kids about a shadow man that lives out in the woods

Immediately thought of this:

>Be 13 living in trailer
>Small town lots of forest area. Im living down a back road in the woods. Very calm.
> Trying to sleep one night. Room has a clear view of the dining room.
>Feel uneasy like something is watching me.
> Grab a flash light from a draw in my room and lay back down.
>Room into the dining room, feels like something out of place. Must be me close my eyes.
>few minutes later, still uneasy; WTF.
>Shine light at dinning room *Cus creepy place*.
> Four glinting lights, Like I had shined it at an animals eyes.
>WTF! Okay, Its probably some metal or something on the chairs.
> Il get up and look, then this will be over and I can go to sleep. Its all in my head, Il have a laugh afterwards.
>Get out of bed, flashlights on.
>Feel the pit of my stomach, feels like something isn't right. Something is out of place I know it.
> Walk towards the table.
>Get to where the glints were.
> Nothing... Ha, ha ha ha what a fool I am.
> Suddenly right between myself and the was only about two feet behind me I feel something swoosh by quickly.
> Didn't get to see what it was but damn it was fast.
> Heard the feet fast like a machine gun roll.
> WTF meter is reached. What ever it was ran past me and into the room behind me.
> I quickly shut the room door and backaway.
> I hear something moving around in there.
> Stay awake watching the door until day light.
> Sounds stopped a few minutes after I shut the door. but didn't want to take a chance.
> Morning is here, look in room. stuff is moved around. no sign of anything there.
>Still warreds me out to think about it.
I have one. I used to live in some safe-ish area of Detroit. Got robbed a couple of times but they just took our stuff in the garage. Anyway here's the story.

>11 years old
>love to read
>there was this bookstore right by our house and I went there everyday after school
>most of it was cheap but me and the owner were best buds
>he lets me take some books for free
>at some point I read most of the material in there minus the smut
>re-reads stuff for a couple of weeks until he finally takes out this huge smelly leather back book
>I mean it smells
>like rotten eggs and shit
>but I'm in need of something different to read so I don't give any fucks
>sewn on the front it says "Memento Mori"
>I don't know Latin obviously
>find out later in life it means "Remember you will die" or something like that
>he says I can have it for 50$
>stick with reading the same things
>this goes on until school is about to let out until i finally crack
>take money from dad's hiding spot
>nigga hides his money in a lose outlet that isn't functional
>cash dolla get
>next day I pay him and get my smelly book
>before I start opening it he quickly grabs my hands
>says "Don't you ever and I mean ever read that front page."
>yeah okay whatever
>get home
>start reading
>is some philosophical book on religion
>when I get to the end there's a flattened dead rat
>I guess that's why it smelled so bad
>throw it out
>I get sick later on
>I'm sick for most of the summer
>my dad also thinks my older sister took his money to buy weed
>after I finally come over this sickness that had my parents flip there shit due to it staying for so long I decide to throw the book away
>I wasn't very bright
>that's why I was throwing away a fifty dollar book
>before I do so I realize I never got to read the front page
>don't care if I was told not to
>I get sweaty
>butterflies in stomach
>don't do it
>throws it away

I'm not done
Did you come across death again?
I forgot to add that it was a kinda recent book just pretty beat up

>two days before pick up I decide to phish it out of there
>I work up the nerve to read the front page
>I slowly pull it back then quickly jerk it open
>on the front page it says
>MSRP 7.99
>I haven't been around the store in awhile so when I start running to it I see an empty building with a sign hanging saying "FOR SALE"
>he left

Scariest year of my life
Maybe they were animals anon?
Probably squirrels
Anybody got anymore stories?
Yeah that's what I wrote it off as. I still haunts me though its foot steps sounded too human. But I still chock it up to a raccoon or something.
Wow. That is some luck that you also have lights in your attic, that they're so bright, and you were 14 and old enough to have a reasonable amount of strength to swing a club.
Yes but only with name

One but not sure if I should share it. It has to do with experimenting with Persian black magic.
It's alright man, go ahead and share
Are you >>15551896 ?

If so then no.

Really? That's odd, liquor stores over here keep them in the big fridges for a long time. They where not huge kegs, they where 5 gallons only though, pretty light.
what's a hog, /x?
I have never been to the country before, grew up in a huge city
a hog is a pig

some biologyfag will probably come and blow me the fuck out with a superior classification, but that's an answer
I'm looking for that book, do you still have it, don't write it's name here, I will pay you handsomely
>Be me moved from old house in wooded area to a small cult sack. This time I am living in a single wide.
>The trailer was a rental and had a few tenants before we moved in.
>Unknown to us one of the tenants murdered someone in the back room.
>probably why the rental was dirt cheap
> Parents were always working. So I spent much time at home by myself at night.
> Mostly playing roller coaster tycoon or surfing porn.
> start to notice out the corner of my eyes a small dark shadow bolts randomy between door ways.
> Im probably tired
> Stop play and decide to watch history channel.
> Suddenly I hear a rustling noise.
> probably trailer still settling after shitty florida weather.
> what ever.... rustles sounds again.
>The fuck.
look through the kitchen to the small hallway to parents room.
>see shadow bolt by
>Yep... Nope leave house and walk around out side chilling and smoking a cigarette.

No I got rid of it. and you'd be smart not to search for it. I was a fool for fucking with something like that. Only the foolish and arrogant believe they have power enough to fool with something so malicious. If you seek the darkness. it will find you.
Yes please
> be me, sleeping in cause I work night shifts.
> Mom wakes me up
> Tells me she was stopped at an intersection in the left turning lane.
> light turns green, but she hears something along the lines of, "Dont Go," whispered into her ear.
> my mom decides to wait a moment.
> a car going around 85 in a 50 mph zone runs the red light at the intersection.
> if my mother didn't hesitate, the car would have broadsided the driver door, most likely killing my mom.
You don't know who I am, you think I am merely an anonymous poster? You know I need the book we need it! The book calls for its rightful owner, and I intend to recollect all of my copies, tell me where it is
> Couple hours go by, decide to go check out the trailer.
> Everything is fine inside
> turn history channel back on. watch for a little while.
>rustles sound again. Im a little annoyed at this point and look back there.
> Nothing there. What ever, back to history channel.
> More rustling a little louder this time.
> Feeling kind of nervous now.
> pretend I didn't hear it.
> Cabinets fly open and shut.
> Nope! im done.
>Hang-out outside smoking and waiting till someone came home.
> strange stuff like that was normal.
> Father was a cheap skate and always found places to rent that had bad history ect.
>Tons of shady experiences. Facets turning on by them selves, shadows going by, cabinets open ect.
wow, 4chan has been so shit lately that I read "cult shack" as "cuck shack"
a wild pig. also a boar

I gave it to the four wind to scatter at the cross roads and never looked back. You cant gain power from the book. Its gate, you think you gain power. but its just a way to get you closer the what is outside. then they attempt to take you.
i heard creatures made entirely of ping pong pong balls exist and terrorize the azan communities
i also heard chicken is healthy if pursuing basketball or rapping dreams
i heard theres indians and middle easterners that dont smell like they havent showered in a year
I'll pay double and I know cultists that would pay TRIPLE. My mother is a voodoo master and I've seen some crazy shit like telekinesis and the binding of souls to objects. I understand about malevolent spirits and how dangerous they are. Almost got seriously hurt the first time invoking a non benign spirit.

captcha: the watchare
naw thats not real
don't listen to him give it to me so I can bind it
You don't get it, this shell I use to write has no life, I am from that boundary, the book is flawed, it must be returned, I know you didn't destroy it, you remember what I do, how we are, destroying the book isn't so easy
i heard theres nazis living in america and canada
i heard african kids love egg shells for dinner

I no longer have the book. I scattered it to the four winds at the cross roads, and did not look back. I know magick, I understand invocation and spirits and non human spirits. This is on a whole-nother level. Don't search for this book, there is nothing of value to gain from it. No transcendence, no powers. Its a trap.
i heard triple baconators are disgusting
i heard cars dont have alarms its all my imagination and dont lock either

I scattered it to the four winds at the cross roads. I don't know where it is now. could be anywhere by now.
You guys are expecting him to give up an unholy book so you guys can become demon Hitler.
i heard notebooks and all books are to decieve you and shouldnt be read ever
i heard hitler likes anal
I know you gotta bind that shit to another book, bind the said book to another book, and hide all three so you gotta have all to unlock the final evil one, thus making it near impossible to re open
This isn't something that happened to me, but something that had happened to my step-sister, and something that scared her for quite some time.

> sister staying at friend house in Point Loma, CA
> some houses in that area have supposedly been there for some time (unknown to me)
> after their day of chillin, they head off to sleep.
> sister is sleeping on the floor of her friends room.
> she wakes up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water.
> when shes quince her thirst she returns to her make shift bed on the floor.
> says she feels as if someone is watching her.
> tries to ignore it, but she can't lose the feeling.
> she opens her eye's and she sees a bald woman looking down on her.
> said woman was wearing a white night gown that covered her feet.
> she lays there staring at the woman in fear.
> doesn't want to wake friend and sound crazy.
> so then proceeds to throw covers over her head and fall asleep in fear
> she wakes up the next morning an ends up telling her friend.
> friend tells her she has seen the woman too
> sometime see's the woman walking down a hallway or in a room before disappearing.

What really stood out to my sister after this experience, was that when she saw the ghost of the woman, she explained to me that there was like this white aura that radiated around the ghost. It was a type of illumination she never seen before, and is one of those images thats burned into her mind.
lol that's predictable but still fucked, good thing they didn't catch him slippin'
i heard you semen is good for your eyes
i heard sisters are for sex only and impregnation and to be murdered after to give thanks to god
i heard sister are for consentual sex and for raping also
No, this must be a different book, it's name? My children would not succumb to such a weak ritual, tell me the name! You know the power I hold even in a vessel, you know what I can do to you! Give me the name and you will be spared. If not, your suffering shall be thrice as great as those we pluck, and many cycles longer, just give the name, and all of the kingdoms of the world I shall give unto thee.
i heard cameras are for recording sex with sisters and for internet stripping shows to make money and not donate to the needy

Look all I remember was setting up the ritual.
It was pretty bloody
> I used a black mirror
> Incense
>flour for the writing
> Then I used black onyx as a grounder
> chanted the verse just as it said to
>lights went out
> I felt like the pit of my stomach was turning.
>fear rose up in me.
>I was in a cold sweat.
> then it was as though I could see in the dark.
The trailer was small but I could hear something running to the room fast.
>OMG I was scared.
> I was breathing heard
> The door nob turned
> Chuthulu Walked through the door
>Got on the floor
>And did the dinosaure
dean kenwood
Either way he's probably going to send you into a Hell pit

Please don't hurt me
maplehurst jail
I guess I really am just burnt the fuck out on horror from so many years of using it. I'm on something that makes you paranoid as fuck and extremely susceptible to suggestion and not a single god damned story in this thread gave me the heebie jeebies
i heard heebie jeebies is another name for teenage lover
i heard middle eastern turban lovers love turbans
i heard ears are not important
i heard food is not needed and you can survive off air
i heard soap gives you lung cancer
i heard ping pong is an extreme sport practiced by asians for the purpose of producing children
You, I can offer you riches most glamorous if you find a copy, spread the word, do not defy me or pain surely will find you
i heard soap gives you lung cancer
Here is a story from about 4 years ago that happened, not too sp00ky but definite nope story
>be me 14
>live innamountains
>go kayaking 20 miles for 8 hours solo one day
>middle of nowhere down a shitty shallow river
>silent as shit for 3/4 of the time to the point where it is no longer weird as it is eerie
>no fucking sound except water quietly trickling
>not even animals or cars (I passed over 3 bridges and paddled by a trailer park for about 30 minutes)
>One part where there is a deep as fuck lagoon pit of fear, don't notice it until I'm in the fucking middle of it because staring at clouds
>I get near the part where it slopes back up and I spot something like a bone sticking out of the grime seeping down to hades
>looks like a femur
>well. Shit.
>dead animal remain most likey, but sure as fuck set the mood
>paddle on
>1/2 an hour later see a trash bag in the riverbed
>not too deep so pick it up with my paddle because curious George told me to
>bungee it to the back of my kayak
>go to a sand bar to eat
>open up the bag
>contents are a large rock, an empty velcro wallet and slip on shoes
>confused the get really troubled
>inspect the wallet, you can see where stuff like cards and coins were rubbing against the wallet
>start thinking up the worst scenarios
>assume it was a kid's shit he left
>leave it and get the fuck out
>paddle for another 4 1/2 hours, dead silence with that fucking lagoon pit and bag rolling around my head
>ramble to myself
>almost go apeshit mental over it
>night is falling
>wasn't prepared for this
>pull up next to a marsh and cover kayak in brush, grab stuff that I need and climb up the bank
>stumble into a farm
>owner turns around towards me and just stares at me
>wave and walk towards the road feeling like an asshole
>borrow a friendly old man's phone to call my friend
>go back the next day and get the kayak
Wasn't much but I would gladly take getting burned to death over being alone with my thoughts for that long again.
i heard canadians are the smartest people on earth in history of man and always will be

Theres no book dude, the baits used. its done now. you can move one from here.
i heard airplanes are not real and theres a giant plasma screen in the shy projecting these images and sounds
i heard every person that starts typing heres astory is a proven liar
iheard food isnotreal
i heard a mental institutions are no longer needed
i heard guns are for helping people feel good
i heard bridges and tall buildings are for practicing diving for the olympics
i heard theres a womens weight lifting event happening at the end of my driveway and tim hortons on neyagawa road in oakville ontarion canada
>Working in restaurant
>Everyone hates the manager
>Cook jokes, "If she's here, then who's running Hell?"
>The instant he says that, a tray that was laying flat in the center of the prep table suddenly flies off the table and crashes to the floor
>Everyone freezes, obviously freaked out
>Awkward silence for about thirty seconds
>Cook finally says, "do you think she heard us?"
>We all crack up and get back to work
i heard this girl michele likes me i saw her at tim hortons and i really want to finger her pussy till she bleeds
Maybe your lack of self-defense is why you eurofags coming crying to 'murica every time you bitches get into a spat.
Buy condoms and a crucifix.
i heard chinese people like ping pong and would kill you if you said anything bad aboot it
i heard jesus was molested by multiple sexual offenders
i heard jesus commited suicide after having his bum ripped open god told me
It's because he's right, eurocuck.

Don't you have a state-mandated Muslim assrape to receive?
i heard theres memorial websites dedicated to jesus ass ripping
i heard jesus enjoyed having his ass ripped open and came multiple times throughout the ass ripping
i heard hitler was canadian
i heard jews are to be whipped by hitler like horses on a farm
i heard raping people much younger than you is ok and should be encouraged
i heard rape is the best
i heard rape and starvation is so much fun
you left some beat to shit kid alone in a park?
i heard not doing anything is fun
lel you're supposed to call the police for that sort of thing m8

she probably got abducted and is in some serious trouble with ghost pedos
dunno why, but i laughed at the thought of a teenager warcrying with a golf club. thanks, anon
or 50 euros or whatever currency they had in belgrade serbia between 1995 and 1998
i heard basketball is the second greatest sport on earth but only when playing on gravel with a flat basketball
i heard epilepsy is when you projectile shoot period blood everywhere
i heard artery infections are not a health concern and you dont need a doctor for that
i heard the tooth fairy is evil and lives in tibet
i heard we live in the matrix and morpheus is my dad
i heard IDs (such as those locatable on /b/) are the best deterrent for annoying samefags.
i heard my dad can fly
i heard i have a daughter and she lives in the year 1598
i heard supermario is not only a video game for children is a dimension accesible by richard simmons and leonardo dicaprio only
i heard IDs comment isnt my comment but a comment by michele the gir i love who i saw at tim hortons
i heard the winner of womens weight lifting is a three hundred pound ginger
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I got one. This story's probably the reason why I really don't go out for Halloween anymore. Pic is related, son of a bitch was this for Halloween.

>17, dorky pimply kid that was a little too obsessed with music (metal), horror movies, and creepy shit
>Halloween night, at friend's nice ass house in the suburbs, drinking like it's the end of the world
>Get bored of this shit and decide to cruise around in the adjacent town which is past city limits, and even more depressing, static suburbia
>decide to go to the spot in that town that is supposedly "haunted", a tunnel where kids supposedly hung themselves cause hurr duurrr spoopy
>cruising around and about to get there when we see a dude walking on the side of the road dressed as this motherfucker

File: steveohhh.jpg (77 KB, 450x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fukkn lol'd

>positively flip out, Eddie from Iron Maiden! This guy has GOT to be cool
>pull over and try to chat with him
>guy doesn't speak at all, we think it's some dude who would drop the charade after a while of hanging out with us, invite him into the car to the haunted spot
>he gets in, without a fucking word
>im riding shotgun, and i glanced back at this guy
>he's like abnormally skinny, and is only wearing the Eddie mask, and skintight black jeans and a dirty ass Mayhem shirt. like rolled around in the dirt for a bit. Whatever, the metalfag's trying
>get to the place finally, high spirits, this motherfucker still hasn't said a word
>friend parks car a couple of hundred feet in a safe spot a little of the road, so we walk there to build up the spoops
>get out of the car and he follows us wordlessly
>this is the part where shit gets really fucking weird


>it was at this tunnel where us, me and my 2 other friends, are challenging the spirits of the dead kids to come out and fuck with us, 'cause it's ok Eddie's here
>notice that this Eddie fucker is breathing a little too hard, like that weird ass kid from Hey Arnold
>also keeps doing this thing where he like gets up right behind somebody really quickly, as if to do something with our backs turned, but stops when we notice
>we start getting anxious when friend goes to pee on opposite side of tunnel and he follows.
>I call out, Hey Eddie, he doesn't like being watched when he pees (cause needledick).
>dude stands there about halfway, and does this thing with his left arm like he's trying to scratch his back
>i keep my eye on him with my hand in my pocket, trying to send a message (i was gripping twix)
>friend comes back and is behind Eddie guy, looking at me like "why are you having a standoff"
>motion him over for us to go
>idiot friend invites Eddie back to the car
>tell driver to ditch this motherfucker wherever, he's weird
>friend agrees, because "instinct"
>we all get back to car, Eddie is hanging back a bit.
>with all of us inside, sobering up cause of weird Eddie, we turn on the lights inside the car

almost finished! cont.
last one

>idiot friend who invited Eddie dude is riding in the back with him, and I'm gripping the icebrush the driver keeps at the feet of the passenger seat, cause this motherfucker's just not right
>when idiot friend recounts the story, he said Eddie was leaning a bit forward, gripping the middle of his back with his left hand
>kept his eye on him, and Eddie and him pretty much stared each other down the whole way
>we approach the boulevard, and see a gas station we can tell this guy to fuck off at
>we pull over and are like "well, it's been real eddie but we have to go! have a happy halloween
>guy just sits there, breathing
>driver and me, almost in unison, just start yelling at this motherfucker to get out
>he makes a motion as if he's about to do something, but stops
>slowly gets out of car
>doesn't head to the gas station but instead passes the front of the car and crosses boulevard, towards a dirty ass field with tall grass
>well shit, horror trope averted
>driver gasps as he crosses, but doesnt say anything
>drop off idiot friend, then he drops me off
>i confront him about why he gasped
>said that when Eddie passed the front of the car, he saw the handle of what was clearly a machete tucked behind his back
>never mention the story for a bit

a few days later we hear word from some friends from that town that a kid they knew was murdered the night of Halloween. He decided to hit up a party by walking there and the theory is that he got murdered along the way. Multiple stab wounds, dead on the side of a quiet road. Lo and behold, he was dressed up as Eddie from Iron Maiden, and while a bit on the pudgy side, was listed missing as wearing a Mayhem shirt. Mfw we basically hung out with his killer, and he tried stabbing us one by one and failing, and to make it worse, we gave this motherfucker a ride. Fuck Halloween
2 kegs with 10 people is only 16 beers per person. Not including all the beer that's wasted from foam, pouring, etc. Also, almost any of my friends can easily put down 16 beers.
trips dictates the truth
bump cause fuck /pol
Please continue.
>ripping cones, on the piss
u wot
Oh, ffs how I hate thr Murican freedum Vs. Europoors.... Muh guns, because we defend from bears
Well I live in an area with bears, wolves and even worse than niggers, gypsies
File: 1415271778993.png (775 KB, 717x797) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Gypsies, bears, wolves, tweekers, and lumbersexuals here too. But they dont mess around bcos u know, muh gunz
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That much edge seems like it might be dangerous. Have you ever accidentally split the atom?
There's nazis everywhere, Anon. A lot of them are disguised as normal people so you don't notice.

There are almost as many nazis as there are spooky skeletons, it's just the latter have better disguises.
I heard someone might be trying to derail this thread.

You don't by any chance know who they are, do you anon?
come on m8, never played halo either? its a pig
Know why we don't have a gyppo problem, bud?
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Why George.jpg
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>no trigger discipline
Go for it champ, bateman has blessed you
I heard if you derail a nope thread it will die.
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k builds a house.jpg
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Here if you want some ideas.
were you in se pa? at the time?
This is one from a few years back when I was around 15. I lived in a town that had a huge bike path going through it. The thing cut through this forest that was in the North part of the town. In the forest, there were multiple trails. One of these trails led directly to a camp that I worked at. I lived in the South part, at the tail end of the bike path. One of my good friends in the North, past the forest. This was before I could drive, so the bike path was how I used to get around.

>One day, my friend, lets call her J, calls me up and asks me to come over along with the group of friends I associated.
>Of course, I accept, due to the fact that one of the girls in this group of friends was the girl I liked.
>This girl, lets call her A, lives in my neighborhood.
>I get on my bike, and I begin the long ride to J's house.
>I meet up with a bro who is going to J's house as well.
>We chatted to pass the time, and soon we arrived at J's house.
>We were one of the first few people to arrive, but soon everyone was there.
>The party itself was very fun, however, we lost track of time and it got dark.
>A decides it is time for go home, and I go with her because it is going to be a long ride back and I wanted to make sure she got home ok.
>We get to the bike path, and begin to set out.
>It is about 9:34 when we leave.

I'm sorry about what you went through, but your pasta has a humorous tone throughout it all. I was kind of laughing a bit until the end. Sorry

Here is where things begin to get freaky.

>Making small talk with A.
>Things are going good until we get near my camp.
>The bike path was illuminated, but a lot of the bulbs in the street lights had been broken by people throwing rocks at them.
>We going at a good pace, when she stops suddenly.
>"Anon did you hear something?"
>"Well I thought I heard something, like a rustling of sorts"
>Suddenly, there actually is a rustling sound, coming from a little ways ahead.
>We both freeze and keep quiet.
>We are then hit with a very foul smell, like dead animals.
>I grab my flashlight and turned it on.
>I scanned the tree line and caught sight of a pair of eyes.
>I stared at these two beady things for a couple seconds until it dashed out onto the path.
>A screams and so do I.
>What ran onto the path was unexplainable.
>It appeared to be this humanoid thing, but its arms and legs were a little bit longer than they should be.
>It sat in the middle of the bike path, looking at us.
>I tell A to go back and head down the path to the camp.
>I soon follow her, but keep looking over to see whatever was there wasn't following us.
>It was just sitting where it was the last time I saw it.
>We head to the camp, and knock on the house where the owner lived.
>They let us inside and we told them what happened. They ended up letting us crash there all night.
>Me and A barely got any sleep and didn't talk much about what happened.

I have another story about my adventures with her that happened almost exactly a year later a year later. I would be very glad to tell it if you guys would be interested.
Please do.
NOPE that starts with me being an idiot

> be in college
> have class about state history and bullshit because history minor
> last day of class talking about state legends and shit, big foot, turnpike killer, green man ect
> talk about local stuff
> be bored decide ill go try and find the " lady in white" take friend cause ain't doing this shit alone
> drive up mtn she supposedly "visits"
> nothing
> turn around drive back down
> well shit theres a woman walking down the mtn white dress and all
> be dumbass stop car
> offer her a ride down mtn cause dark and wind
> she accepts and opens door gets in back
> damn she's beautiful
> ask where i can drop here off
> "just down the hill is fine"
> look in mirror can't see her
> turn around she's still there
> wut
> friend just kinda staring at mirror talking to her about shit
> friend gets phone call and nobody talks for a few minutes
> "heres fine"
> turn around backseats empty door never opened look around nobody around
> NOPE our way back to apartment
>getting into a random nigger's car
this attitude will get your friend killed sometime
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