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Okay /x/...
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Okay /x/...

I want to ask your advice on something, especially those of you who know symbols.

But I guess this requires some context...

Between 2008/2010 I was dating this girl. We had a great relationship. That cliché "best friends in love" shit. However, there were some... Things about her. She had a lot of shit happen to her when she was little, mostly involving rape. This, obviously. Really fucked her up a lot mentally. She was very socially reserved apart from our close group of friends.

But she was happy.

She started becoming more and more distant. Became obsessed with the idea of possession. Started lying to both our friends and myself a lot.

It finally reached a head when she told our friends that I tried to rape her. Which lead to them calling the cops on me - I was let off, there was obviously no proof.

I broke up with her after that. But kept close to her. Because I knew she was pretty bonkers at this point - but I still cared about her. A lot.

After about six months. She came to me saying she still loved me, apologized and gave me some story that for some reason I believed.

>So we started dating again

Skipping all the filler - she ended up cheating on me with about 8 different guys while lying to me about who she was with.

I called her out on this, even our friends backed me.

I told her (And I am honest about this) I wasn't mad. I was worried about her. Because this wasn't right. She broke down into tears and asked to speak to me alone. So our friends left.

We spoke for hours in a park near her house. I left her by saying I wasn't going to be there to save her ass anymore, and that loving her is too painful. I tried to convince her to get some help. And she agreed. We said I'd take her the next day to see a doctor.

>Now it gets paranormal

She killed herself that night. But not just in some stupid way. Oh no.


It's about to get paranormal I swear.
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She cut off her eyelids, she cut off her ring fingers. She wrote these symbols all over her mirror. She bit off her tongue at some point. And was surrounded by this weird writing

The most common one was this circle with a line going down into a triangle.

Anyway, here's where it gets weirder.

Starting in about 2012 I started getting these packages at my house. All of which were sent from her house - which has now been demolished. And whenever I try to send them back they come back to my house in a week.

Usually it's just stupid shit like dirt, hair, freaky junk.

But recently they've been getting weirder.

I got this music box in a package from her house. It plays "Yesterday" by The Beatles when turned. But while I was looking at it, I noticed on the cylinder there was a piece of paper sticking out of it. So I took the thing apart.
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And I found this piece of paper rolled up inside of it.

It has a lot of the same symbols that she wrote all over her body and on the mirror.

The paper feels like leather and smells like fucking sewage.

So what I want to know, /x/, is what the actual fuck is going on.

I'm dead serious about this. Believe me or not, but I just want some help/advice.
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This is the back of the paper
What does it says, Pad Stone or something like that?
Any ideas here are welcome.
It says my name.

Did you use this name when she was still alive or is something more recent?
Always been my name, Literally. It's just a unique name.
You're fucking lucky, i wish i could mantain a nick like that
Dude, it's legally my name. As far as nicknames go - "Dak" "StoneDak" were popular in college.

Also, I'm actually finding it hilarious that you're more interested in my name than this.
If it was something happened after her death then it would be sure someone is fucking with you.
Maybe It's not paranormal but somekind of schizophrenic stuff, who knows.
If so, maybe she didn't cheat on you, but lied for keeping secret something else. But there sure are anon more into this stuff than me, this board is just slow during europe morning
Have you tried googling some of the symbols?
>She cut off her eyelids
jesus fuck op
ill pray 4 u that this is 1 of her friends fucking with ur bitch ass
if not ur prob dead rip
Yeah I've tried asking/looking into anything. I can't find anything really similar to it.

As far as someone fucking with me. I called these packages into the cops when I started getting them. The packages ARE sent from her house, otherwise a post office would stamp them wherever they were turned in. Cops have yet to ever find someone on the land that used to be her house.

And trust me, I want this to be some fuckhead trying to fuck with me.
Is her house empty since then? not even her parents?
The house was torn down and turned into an empty lot. I think it's a parking lot now.

Her father died of a heart attack a few months after she killed herself. Her mother was been missing since she was young. And her brother is a bit of a mystery to me? I know she had a brother. She'd mention him a lot. But I never met him, I only ever spoke to him on the phone. He lives in Europe.
Me too, do you know what part of europe?
Last I knew - Switzerland.
Which is right above me
I guess i'm asking too much if i asked you to tell me which Canton
I used to go in Ticino and Grigioni

I see "did you" in the middle of the note.

I think you're creating a fiction here.

But if not, use rubber gloves, bag it, get it analyzed by popo. They can lift latent prints using cyanoacrylate, analyze ink and paper composition, and sniff for decomposition products.

Oh, and if you're lying about a suicide, you're about as useful as a cock-flavored lollipop.
I don't have a lot to contribute to a solution, but I wanted to convey my condolences, OP. For the whole situation, I can't imagine how rough it was to go through that.
> The packages ARE sent from her house, otherwise a post office would stamp them.

Nonsequitur. Everything has a postmark unless its hand delivered, in which it's easy to catch the perp, just get a camera.
I have no idea about that. I knowledge of him ends at "Switzerland"

These pictures were taken earlier, and I have now called police about the letter(s).

The suicide is truth. Like I said, I'd rather this just be someone fucking with me. But jesus it's been going on for ages now without fail. And cops are starting to get annoyed with me about it. It even follows me when I move (Even outside the country)
it is quite easy to have time delayed packages sent by a third party she probably made more than one of them sent.

i have seen much worse than this before, the problem is the english language is kind of crap for explaining what happened but here is the jest.

someone got to her an put a seed thought inside her, it was never fully addressed so it was allowed to take hold, this was her minds reaction to trying to cope with the idea.

what ever happened to her was allot worse than rape, but she was also deeply ashamed of it, likely some combination of humiliation and extortion (for instance, not saying this happened someone made a video of her and began compelling her to do things unless she complied)

in a case of utter hoplessness she began trying to find alternative means to effect her situation and to harm the people who were causing her problems.

she did not know what she was doing in that she had not formed a coherent system.

i would not take this seriously but you should not keep any of the things she sends to you, thats music box in particular you need to get rid of immediately, preferably before you listen to it so the song does not get anchored inside you.

im sorry to hear what happened, but it sounds like she was deeply humiliated by something and unwilling to admit to it, but if you dwell on this you could become as messed up as she was.

make no mistake im not claiming any supernatural bullcrap here, this is all internal to the individuals mind and their own delusions, but you were exposed to someone who was willing to hold perceptions of the world that were very dangerous, if you let those ideas become your own you may go down the path they did.

if boxes appear in the future, open them look at them, if their are papers take a very good look at them them, see them for what they are them remove all of it, packaging included from your house and throw it all away, dont avoid it but also let it pass through and dont dwell on it.
I have cameras outside my apartments and I have even requested footage pulled when the letters show up. No one is ever there.

The most I ever got was about a year ago there was a few seconds on the recording that looked like someone was in the living room of my apartment. But the camera never picked up anyone going in or out. And the packages are always inside my house.

The only thing on the packages/letters is her address and my address. Nothing else.

I have turned in five different packages to police/private investigators to try and find the source. And I have yet to ever get anything back. The packages only have my prints on them (From when I pick them up)

The only weird thing was dirt all over one once, and dried blood.
Can i ask you her Surname? I guess it will be the same as her brother

Also, if it's someone, as i imagine, then could be one of your "friends", or someone who can get informations about you very easily

It would require a nice level of autism, other than a lot of money to actually stalk you wherever you go
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