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Innawoods thread. i'll start.
>be me and friend, probably about 7-10.
>derping around in this swampy forest area outside my house
>hear rustling in bushes
>we look up and this black figure walks out of the bush and looks over to us
>we run as fast as we can into the house
it's a pretty crappy story but it was still still spooky.
I dont want to go into detail because this is a sensitive topic for me but i was raped in the woods
Post greentext
I've never been innawoods; I've lived in cities my entire life. I always wonder what's out there, though.
What the fuck.. Where do you live?
I live in a woods, far far away from towns, most of which are small, and we're surrounded by several small swamp-like bogs.
Not mine
"Hey so my night went from bad to worse when we came across a cabin in the mountains last night and we noticed this thing stalking us around the woods"
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Belanglo State Forest
Is this paranormal? I can only find stuff about Milat and another skeleton found. I didn't look very hard, figured I'd ask you instead.
cows. lots of cows. be particularly wary of the bavarian forest cow, which ate bono's luggage
This isn't abnormal, he probably doesn't go out much.
I've been innawoods but it definitely wasn't while I was in the city.

David Paulides has been spearheading an investigation into all these strange dispperances inside national parks that seem to go unnoticed. Even the National Parks departments won't say anything . Read about it, listen about it, shit your pants.
I'd love to feature your story on TotseRedux. Can you elaborate a little? Possibly turn the story into a paragraph?

Consider my pants shitted sir. ty.
You're welcome. The more you learn about it the more pairs of pants you will shit. Fucking nuts
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Do you guys remember the summer of 2013?
Some guy made a thread about him, he was a writer or some shit and he said he took vacations at his dad's cabin, far in the woods, one winter. There, for several nights, some kind of creature stalked him and scared the living shit out of him. I don't remember the rest but dude had a gun and the story was pretty spoopy. He made a thread about it.

Damn, I don't know if it was OC, but if it was, it was some good OC.
holy shit. probably one of the best videos on /x/ I've seen in a long time
Belanglo State Forest ???
jesus, what a fag.
yeah it looks more like a retarded tattoo that would be on a cartoon biker. goddamnit you people that actually believe this shit
was it the one where he saw a random ring of mushrooms in a clearing in the woods? and when hed leave out a bowl of milk for stray cats, itd be empty by the morning with what appeared like offerings right next to the bowl? he also would constantly hear rustling coming from the trash bags he would leave out on the side of the house.
cause that story 2spoopy4me

Chills, but hey, an AR-15, a Bible and a fear/love of God, you can conquer just about anything.
fellow NYC fag here. we have woods in this city, specifically in queens, one of which has the oldest tree on the east coast I believe
I have a story kind of spooky but not too spooky idk

>be me maybe 17 years old with friend who is 16
>be in park next to woods
>around 11 pm, warm, beautiful summer night
>playing frisbee, no one else is around
>sick fucking tricks
>behind the back hella dope
>as I'm about to throw the frisbee I see a little glint of light so I pause and I shift my position
>around the edge of this short stone wall there's a person crouched or sitting down I can't tell
>call my friend over and we get a better view
>dude in wheelchair with a camera around his neck
>fat, long white hair, big beard, probably 60+ years old
>I say "what's up" in a really confused fucking tone
>doesn't say anything
>we kind of walk off but keep a view on him but he wheels behind the wall completely
>we follow and we just two wheels tracks leading into the woods
>follow them to the little path but it seems impossible to traverse in a wheelchair
>fuck off to our car and head home

yeah pretty creepy and weird
You guys don't even know the meaning of being innawoods.

>be 16 and living in alaska
>Going to school one morning
>Wake up and attempt to turn light on
>Power is out again
>Not really that uncommon of an occurence
>Grab the flashlight that I keep on the nightstand and make my way across the hall to the bathroom
>set the flashlight down and start doing the stuff that people do in the morning
>look in the mirror as i'm brushing my teeth
>Think I see something move behind me
>scared shitless so I turn around slowly and shine the flashlight at the wall
>wow, it's fucking nothing
>Decided i'm just being paranoid and go back to brushing my teeth
>Grab my coat and head out
>It's windy and snowing
>Everything is dark.
>All the streetlights are out
>Only source of light is my trusty flashlight
>Nothing really happens during my walk there
>Get to the bus stop
>Streetlight comes back on so I put away the light
>see moose about 30 feet away.
>Ignore it and just stand there
>It doesn't go away. It just stands there for a minute or two trying to figure me out
>Suddenly the light goes off
>Fumble around for my light
>Suddenly, feel a cold chill. It felt like I wasn't wearing a jacket or anything. Like I was just standing there in the cold.
>Finally get the flashlight and turn it on
>shine it on the moose
>Its nostrils are all flared and it's jittering around like a horse that's been spooked
>Streetlight flickers and turns on again.
>Suddenly moose is gone
>Tons of blood in the snow
>I'm shitting my pants at this point
>There's no footprints or anything in the snow
>It's like the moose just vanished
>The school bus arrives
>visibly shaking as I get on the bus
>sit down and friend asks me what's wrong
>I just say i'm fine and put in earbuds
>look out window at the spot where I was standing
>There's a completely black figure standing underneath the streetlight which is now on
Should I contine?
aww shit yeah bud
are you fucking retarded?
Go on
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Continue please
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Posted this ok /k/ innawoods thread, but I think /x/ is more suitable.

I was 23 years old driving with my girlfriend from the beach. We were on our way home from the coast and it was a 3 hour drive home. We left after sunset, I was driving and she fell asleep after we got on the highway.

We were the only ones on the road. The area was pitch black with zero street lights or house lights. I was getting fatigued so I drank a Red Bull I kept in my glove box incase I ever needed it.

After an hour I was feeling better, I wasn't as tired as I was before. I had to go to the bathroom though so I tried to find a rest stop.

After 30 minutes of driving I could not find one, so I decided to pull over and just pee on the side of the road. My girlfriend woke up when we ran over the bumps on the shoulder of the road that are meant to wake up sleeping drivers. She asked me if something was wrong and I just told her I needed to answer nature's call. She laughed and I stepped out to take of business.

I went in the bushes just a few yards away from the car. When I walked back to my car I noticed something dripping from under the car and a strange odor. I thought maybe my car was leaking oil or engine fluid. So I shut off the engine and took out a flashlight to check.

It was blood dripping from a mangled animal under the drive shaft. I couldn't make out what type of animal it was because it's body had been torn and tangled in the drive shaft.

As I got up to get back into the car I noticed two eyes blinking to the reflection of my emergency lights. It was about 10 car lengths away starring right at me. When I looked into my car through the back window at my girlfriend I saw her looking right at the eyes then at me. She had been starring at the eyes while I was inspecting the car.
Yes, please and thank you
File: 1377991.jpg (392 KB, 2048x1365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
392 KB, 2048x1365

I shined my flashlight at the animal and it looked like a moose, except it only had 2 legs. It's head went down and began licking the ground. I kept watching it from afar and noticed it was licking the ground once then taking a few steps towards us then licking the ground again.

I realized it was licking the blood that was trailing from the mangled animal under my car.

I was scared, and in shock. I couldn't move. I looked at my girlfriend and she was in the same state.

When the moose came within 5 car lengths away I noticed it only had 2 legs, no rear body and a slightly longer neck than usualy. It's body was more human. It had a chest and hips but I couldn't see any arms.

Then after one last lick on the ground it paused and starred at us. Suddenly it let out a howling noise. Like a scream. Off in the distance we could hear the same sound coming from the trees.

The animal started sprinting at us! I finally got the nerve to run into my car, but the moment I closed my door we felt a jolt come from the back. The thing rammed it's antlers into the back of my trunk. My girlfriend began to scream and I started the engine.

Suddenly the back window shattered and it's head was through the rear window. I slammed on the gas as the animal started biting.

The last thing I saw in my window was the animal running after us.

When we reached the next town my girlfriend and I got out of the car at a gas station and looked at the damages. The trunk had a few scuff marks and there was broken glass all over the back seat.

We didn't know what to tell people what we saw or if they would have just thought we were crazy.

To this day I still remember that animal. I have come to realize whatever I saw that night was not a moose, but something to the likes of no animal I have ever seen.
Last summer I was out hunting for treasure, this time old bottles. I find old foundations of homes in the woods and poke around, dig a little, and I'm usually alone far from people and established trails.

>summer evening coming on
>success in days mission to map new area
>kind of creepy because old rusted swing set still standing in what must have been lawn
>kicking leaves around as I'm heading out, looking for anything interesting
>third sweep of foot reveals small quarts crystal
>perfect shape but cracked all to hell
>chuckle thinking maybe the kids that used to live here forgot it one day long ago
>pocket the crystal and hear voice bark 'HEY!'
>so startled I just freeze
>sounded like a young girl and she sounded annoyed
>look all around, I'm on a rise in the land and can see for at least 100 yards in any direction
But sometimes things could look very fucked up in the dark. How was is sprinting? Like a human or more like gallopping?
I live in a town in Ireland about 50 miles away from any city. Literally nothing but wooded areas round here. Haven't seen much spooky shit, though!
I've never lived in a city; I've been living in a house on a field surrounded by woods my entire life. I always wonder what's it's like to live in a city.
Not even kidding.
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what does innawoods mean ?
File: 587.jpg (30 KB, 365x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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in the woods
It means you go innawoods and it's 2spooky innawoods so then you run outtadawoods and nope nope nope allaway home.
Going hunting tomorrow before it gets light. Even if it's not spooky, woods are really amazing, especially in early morning.
In 1992 and 1993, seven skeletons were found in the forest, in what was described by media as The Backpacker Murders and was considered to be the work of a serial killer. Eventually, Ivan Milat was convicted of the murders in 1996 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

On 29 August 2010 trail bike riders discovered a human skeleton in the forest. Media reports at first linked the killing to Milat, but later forensic work looks to disprove this theory as evidence suggests that the remains have been left there at a later date.
you got pictures i am pretty horny right now
damn good ending
File: Allow.gif (1 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nice ending.
shit i really wanna hear that, someone got this?
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>be innawoods
>walk around
>run into a boar
>he growls and moves out of the way
>go back home

Well that was fucking nothing. Woods aren't scary.
I wanna go camping someday, but now that it's almost winter, it'll be hard. I could always try spring break
Well that sounds great, probably a lot more tame than the city
Surprised from what I've heard in these threads, you've never bumped into anything
You're not missing out. The people are pretty rude, it is polluted and usually pretty noisy and crowded
Did you give the girl her crystal back?
I don't even know what happened to it to be honest. It wasn't in my pack or pockets when I got home, I remember looking. I have so many other crystals and rocks from other searches that I can't be sure that it didn't get mixed in or simply dropped. I still go to the spot and have a much large area mapped now, looks like I started at the house foundation and then I found what could have been barn and two other buildings. Weird place, half rotted rowboat in a man made pond too
Take a new crystal back and give it to her.
That's a pretty big generalization, anon. Which noisy polluted city do you hail from?
where is that place in the pic? I wanna live there
> Be me, about a year ago
> Be about a quarter mile behind my house
> Walking next to creek on my way home
> Suddenly freeze out of fear
> Most afraid I have ever been in my life
> Can't see or hear
> Completely numb
> Only thought going through my head is "I don't want to die" over and over again
> Begin to hear a thumping noise, realize it was my own heartbeat
> Start to hear a second thumping noise, getting faster and faster
> Regain some of my senses and find out I'm running, I'm also in tears
> I'm about halfway to my house
> Finally calm down when I get to my porch

I have never felt a stronger fear in my life and I have no clue as to what caused it or any recollection as to what happened between when I froze and came back to.
File: innawoods.gif (984 KB, 500x211) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
984 KB, 500x211
anom, wy u can do me lik dis? 2 much crepi.
File: DSC02359.jpg (678 KB, 1118x839) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Found this out in the forest in northern cali
>be me
> around 12
> my friend who recently moved out of town is visiting.
> me, my visiting friend, and some kid on the block decide to go explore the woods near our houses.
(we live in a rural area of Florida, and it's slightly swampy)
>we ride our bikes to a type of entrance to the woods
> muddy as fuck
> get my shoes all gloopy
> we wander in
> kid on the block is stronk, and he starts shoving over very small rotten trees
> at the time I thought it was to mark the path, but it could've been for no reason.
> We stumble on tire tracks from some construction vehicle
> We walk along it for a little while
> hear a deep growling noise
> ohshit.jpg
> we all snap our attention toward the general direction were it was coming from
> we wait for a minute
> nothing
> we thing it could've been a boar and we shrug it off
> we walk along this endless fucking track
> we hear the noise again
> look ahead we all hear an inhumane growling
> we hear bushes rustiling, and twigs snapping
> this fucking two legged huminoid thing bolts across the track around 20 ft infront of us
> nope.gif
> we nope the fuck outta there, running blindly into the woods
> my goopy shoes cause me to trip
> ohshit.jpg
> climb to my feet like someone hopped up on meth
>continue running blindly
> get lost
> shit
> we aimlessly wander around for around an hour
> it starts to get dark
> we're noided and checking around us constantly for the thing

forgot to mention the area we were around was close to the ocean
> stronk kid on the block faintly hears the sound of the ocean
> we all wander towards the ocean
> finally reach a road around dusk
> stronk kid know where we are so we follow him
> eventually find our bikes, and we hop on
> i look around to make sure bigfoot ain't around
> jackshit
we left, and never spoke of it again.
Probably just some edgy teens
trees. more trees. a few more trees. also, deer. possibly some trees. sometimes ginseng. also trees. the occasional pack of asshole turkeys. trees. sometimes a pig. rednecks. there are trees too.
not really the scariest thing, but still a bit unnerving to recall:

>last year
>decide I want to get back into outdoorsman ship after not being /out/istic since I was 15 or so
>teach gf some basics, and pack us up some bobs
>head out to a middle of nowhere trail in Appalachian Ohio.
>backpack for about half the day
>pleasant; no one on the trail with us, but such is predictable since were in the middle of absolute no where.
>break camp @ around 1700 or so
>chill until dark popping popcorn and just relaxing together
>darkness falls
>go Inna tent ready for sleep after a good long day outdoors
>get to sleep east because exhausted
>wake up @ ~0230-0300 or so.
>feel like some things about to peer into the tent via the roof vent
>chalk it up to paranoia, roll over, confirm gun is where I left it, and try to get to sleep
>insomnia time!
>about 15-30 minutes after I wake up, start hearing what sounds like someone chopping wood or else beating a thick stick against a log
>wait...this is the middle of nowhere. as in NO ONE should be here right now.
>freaked out
>convince myself that its acorns dropping so I can get back to sleep.
>know in the back of my mind that its too loud and distant for acorns...

we left at dawn as planned and acted normal about it. a few months later (at the height of summer), we went out to the same spot and tried to go further in, but gf had a heat related injury and we left in order to stay safe.
after we get home and she gets all recuperated and all, she confides in me that she's glad we left because last time she didn't sleep at all because she felt like the trees were watching her or that something was "out there".
in lieu of my " wood chopping", the whole thing just sort of spoops me a bit. makes me wonder what was out there...
Skunk ape? :O Did you notice a smelly smell around the time you heard the growls?
N.E.Ohiofag here

Have lived in country, city, and suburbs.

City has black gangbangers that will kill you.

Suburbs have white meth heads that will kill you.

Country has white hillbillies, cougars, and bears that will kill you.

Life lessons that I learned from this? I have two knives and a gun on me at (almost) all times.

> be me
> walking alone
> Hey man, I don't want no trouble
> give wallet to swarm of yellow jackets
> two hours later
> tell bees the yellow jackets already robbed me
> get stung
No not really. We all just looked ahead and saw some two legged brown blur rush across the track around 20 ft ahead of us. It might've smelled weird but we were basically inaswamp at the time so we'd think nothing of it.
I've lived in Alabama my whole life and never gone innawoods because I've never lived near woods and I'm ml redneck.
I'm interested to hear this story
Fuck I need to hear this now
> Be me 17 or so friend and I want to go shoot off my .22
> Gun range is closed
> Ok so we'll drive a couple miles away from the city I know this exit off the highway no1 hardly takes and theres a bunch of woods
> Get there park under the overpass on a wide shoulder I think semi's rest there
> Starting to get really dark "I dunno probably too dark to shoot"
> Fuck it we came all the way here lets just blow a few rounds into a tree or something
> walk off the road into this kind of contruction area nothing built just a bunch of trees and weeds cleared out with big tire tracks
>" Dont think there will be people here its too late to see anything no signs of life"
> Hear people shouting turn around people up on the road looking in our direction they are lit by the streetlight we are in total darkness wearing dark hoodies no idea how they see us
> Go further into woods dont want to walk up there with a gun in hand to confront them
> No fucking way they can see us can hardly see my own hand
> See 3 of the figures jump down from the road and behind running towards us
> Nope.jpeg
> Circle around and leave people are gone
> Best true story I have.
Holy shit dude. Has anything similar ever happened to you before that or since?
File: Cabin Memories.png (1 MB, 1840x6060) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cabin Memories.png
1 MB, 1840x6060
You're in luck today, my friend,

because I know
File: 1416231109510.jpg (717 KB, 1336x4460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>That swamp
Holy shit! Does anybody know if there's any follow up to this at all?
Seriously, this pic cuts off mid post.
Where's the rest?
Where's the /x/ archive located? I'll try to look for the thread.
Found thread.

you motherfucking fuck
>Be me
>Be 14 tough shit carrying a recurve bow (50lb tensile)
>Take some visiting cousins into the woods near my home
>A shitload of bamboo
>It's about 5 pm and in the summer, so plenty of light and hot as balls
>Take cousins out to see an abandoned house.
>Take them on the grand tour
>Friends and I busted out a window and kicked the back door in
>House abandoned since 1995 (There was a calendar on the wall)
>Talk tough shit about scaring off animals and storing weed and cigarettes in house
>Hear a loud bang from back bed room
>Knew a very large angry opossum lived in there
>None of us would fuck with it.
>it had scratched one friend to the point he needed stitches
>Think opossum is just mad we're there
>Cousins are freaked and I explain opossum
>More loud banging, this time from hallway
>Go to investigate
>Opossum is dead and splattered all over hallway
>Immediately tell everyone we are leaving
>Step out of back door looking for adults (not supposed to be in woods)
>coast is clear, let's boogie
>Hear rustling as soon as we all leave the house
>Draw bow back to take on whatever
>Bushes rustling off to right
>Fire bow and hear screeching
>The most inhuman noise I've ever hear to that point
>Everyone runs back into house
>Cousin screaming about grey skin man crawling on all fours
>Immediately assume it's the rake
>Finally open front door and haul ass out of house
>Trees and bushes crashing behind us along with screeching
>Nope all the way home.
>Agree never to say anything again
>Next morning, bloody arrow jammed into tire of dad's truck
>Occasionally hear the screeching for years
File: 1342637125840.jpg (49 KB, 400x505) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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How the fuck do you post that and not follow up?
Nigga I just moved up here from the deep south and I promise you you won't find real woods unless you go upstate.

Jersey has some real ass woods, but all the northern woods are way different.
File: 1342661280595.png (307 KB, 640x610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>and when hed leave out a bowl of milk for stray cats, itd be empty by the morning with what appeared like offerings right next to the bowl?
Sounds like a well mannered monstrosity. Let that nigga in from the cold and feed him.
Nigga I live in queens, those are not fucking woods, it doesn't matter if it has the motherfucking Yggdrasil
That's.. pretty goddamned creepy
>woods literally 20 feet behind my house
>past the woods a ways is a lake
>next door is a sweet old lady who feeds the neighborhood cats
>of course if you feed cats there's going to be fucking cats everywhere
>one night, many years ago when I was still in high school
>be 15, bored as fuck, middle of nowhere, nothing to do
>walk into woods with 13 year old cousin
>get close to the lake
>find tents and dirty mattresses and broken wine bottles
>look in tents, used condoms
>"oh must be a hobo clown"
>keep looking
>smell something weird
>look in a tent where the smell is strongest
>many dead cats inside with bites taken out of their bellies
>fucking pile of cats
>before my cousin sees I grabs her hand and RUN back to the house
Don't know if it was a crazy hobo or fucking what but
>never been in the woods

Pick one...
You sound like you're still 14... and lying.
File: 1415953102488.jpg (12 KB, 261x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 261x194
holy fuck what.
Good on protecting your little cousin, bro.
Such is Ohio life.
Lol shut up fag
Looks like a dolmen. I don't read Russian, but I'm a bit of a Eurasian archaeology enthusiast. This isn't a great picture, though, so I can't tell for sure. There are more in, like, Ireland or Korea, but they have at least a few in Russia. The little spiral on the side is interesting, though. I've never seen a decorated one before.
File: MOTHER FUCKER.jpg (28 KB, 563x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 563x302
Nice story, the thing is pissed but it's wary and knows not to fuck with ya
>Bitching about FOIA
Every time.

>They want an insane amount of money for every missing person case in the parks over the past 100 years! They can't do that!
Yeah, okay buddy.
>There is no initial fee required to submit a FOIA request, but the FOIA does provide for the charging of certain types of fees in some instances.
>For a typical requester the agency can charge for the time it takes to search for records and for duplication of those records. There is usually no charge for the first two hours of search time or for the first 100 pages of duplication.
Well would you look at that.

>I'm a published author, they have to give me a waiver!
Self published, not widely known.
>You may request a waiver of fees.
>Under the FOIA fee waivers are limited to situations in which a requester can show that the disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to public understanding of the operations and activities of the government and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester.
>In addition, a requester's inability to pay fees is not a legal basis for granting a fee waiver.

His work is interesting, but he doesn't have anything substantial enough to warrant dropping the fee for duplicating thousands of missing person files for his personal investigation.

His issues with FOIA could be solved if he bothered to look at the agency's FAQ page.
FOIA is still bullshit tho. I get that it is a lot for the goverment, but there is no reason for why it should take as long as it does. I have been waiting for one since october snd it will only arrive june next year.
All terrain gridstone cripple tires my friend.
Lol wondering how many fellow NYC residents are lurking this thread right now..
Why do people say >be me it is so fucking stupid and if you are telling your age then there is no fucking reason to >be me. Good story but you sound underage and you wrote be me so you're a huge faggot now
tits or GTFO
Meant to "no" instead of "ml."
File: -samsquanch-98971.jpg (38 KB, 403x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 403x302
So weird that I've lived in a rural area most of my life and have gone into woods and swamps with my friends numerous times and never had anything paranormal happen.
Louisiana-swamp-redneck family guy here
Ive bascially lived in a forest/swamp my whole life
Theres so many stories, but heres one from my childhood
>be 10
>have dog, shelty, really dont know why we got a shelty of all dogs
>dad goes out to city, pick up all food and stuff
>gone for about 1-4 hours every time
>shelty suddenly books it 1 hour in
>he runs into forest
>barking like mad
>try to follow, but I just hear barking
>hear him cry/whimper
>hear the fucking scariest roar ive ever heard, it sounded like a lion and t-rex
>dog suddenly cries REALLY loud
>the roar happens again, loud, sound nothing like any animal Ive heard
>run home
>dad arrives
>finds dog
>dog acts really strange
>nothing like our dog, dosnt even come to his name, doesnt seem injured
>10 years later, shelty runs away, never see him again
>all throughout that time the dog had the fucking nastiest smell
>his bark was never the same
Its like we had a whole new dog, I feel so bad for him
KEK, you had a skin-walker for a pet for 10 years.
skin walker ate your dog and stuck around for 10 years, Your lucky it seemed to like the attention you were giving it in its dog form, living a cushy life until it decided to go home.
File: image.jpg (136 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 500x500

Is that you john ?
whatever you say, retard.

Queens here too :)
thats not me
Lurk more bitch boy.

It's a "tradition"
Same here. I feel fucking left out.
I'm so sorry that happened to you. Love from a femanon.
I hope he was your first so you never forget.
Oh and get some Barbed Arrows or search for some native arrowheads then place them onto your Arrow shafts, Indigenous people have been fucking this type of turds up for centuries,
learn from it. Also if possible get arrows blessed or at least get a bottle of holy water and douse arrowheads while saying the Lord's Prayer, both will require a donation to a church but probably worth $50- $100 bucks. Barbed or Indigenous Arrowheads, ya might ask, it's a way of paying back the fear and pain to the Filth so they know never to Fuck with you or your loved ones.
>lived in the country nearly whole life
>camp and hike frequently
>hunt too
>climbed and mountaineered for years
>backpack by myself on occasion
>never seen anything spooky
>been doing this for years

The wood has scary shit like bears and cougars, which are not paranormal crap. I feel safer "innawoods" than I do at night in a city.
I don't have a proper innawoods story of my own, and am currently feeling too lazy to make one up, but here's one from my dad:

>Be redneck ass teens living in central Florida
>Befriend group of "hippies" from the nearby university (read - drug dealers)
>dad and brother tell them stories of swamps and spooky spooky injun burial mounds
>well known in the area: stay away from and don't fuck with indian burial mounds
>hippies are intrigued, wish to see and fuck with indian burial mounds
>dad and bro refuse, but after much cajoling they agree to take these hippies to see the mounds
>head out in "swamp buggy" (essentially a modified volkswagen)
>deep in swamp, park buggy and proceed on foot
>the burial mounds are found and many laughs are had, likely peace pipes smoked
>Darkness is coming, time to return to buggy
>Buggy is crushed, as if from some tremendous weight. Entire roof is caved in
>no marks on the car
>no footprints apart from their own leading away from the car
>no trace of any cause
>fuckin had to walk home after that mess.
Gotta disagree on that, City is chaos and random, but innawoods there's something that "targets" and takes offense to U
Anyone remember "The White Man" story? It was posted about 6 months ago, about a guy who was followed and interacting with throughout his life by a white creature.
monkey see monkey do?

ahhh bumping for the love of Innawoods threads /k/ommandos!
Sounds like a severe anxiety attack. You should see a neurologist.
this is why we need feminism in the woods
>be me and friend, probably about 7/10
>derping around in this curly forest area outside her pussy
>having sex in the bushes
>I look up and she is this black figure from the bush and looks over to me
>I run as fast as I can into the house
it's a pretty crappy story but it was still still worth it.
u remind me of my little cousin who always tells me bullshit stories about traveling and gfs even tho hes 12
i remember this one but i dont have it saved. i think he drove into the woods to kill himself but something was stalking him and he drove back to the cabin and it was around his property for a while
She was shadow person?
Then who was friend?!
The people who come to this site jut get younger and younger
Great odins ravens! whoever thinks there is woods in NYC must be dumb as an ice giant.
I knew he was a dude, I wanted some dat bitch tit action
It's all in your head pussy.
Anyone remember the guy who would go around living in the woods for months at a time hunting and trapping animals and he comes across this creature who leaves a food offering to him and everyday they would leave each other food they hunted?
Seems fitting in their lore.
File: 1.png (200 KB, 959x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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posted this in the appalachia thread but seems like it belongs here too
File: 2.png (211 KB, 1020x641) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 3.png (141 KB, 1023x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 1023x367

And then you shoot them. Right in their faggot faces.
also if anyone has any idea of what I encountered, that'd be cool
>Getting item blessed
>Requires donation to the church
I've never been charged for a blessing

>Holy water
>Requires donation to the church
No. I'm pretty sure you can just get a bottle from a baptismal font.
>it sounded like a lion and t-rex
>sounded like a t-rex
How the shit would you know?
Bamp plz no leave
File: 127888231438.jpg (322 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shorts status: WET

It's a pity since they're my favorite, but thanks for the spooky shit.
File: P1050378.jpg (2 MB, 2048x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2048x1536
>be a hunter in south-eastern Germany
>go hunting in an area close to the Czech border
>lot of drug trafficing going on, tend to ignore it
>has also a lot of folklore about people disappearing and wandering ghosts
>fell asleep on the hunting stand, it's well past midnight when I wake up
>see a single person walking acorss the field in front of me, for some reason carrying a lantern
>don't care, climb down the ladder, slip and hurt my ankle, cursing out loud
>turn around, see the person looking at me, standing still
>person starts shouting lound and slowly "Hey, hey, hey, hey!"
>dumbfolded, don't answer, person disappears behind the only bush on the field, light of the lantern vanishes
>stroll towards the bush, nothing there

I didn't worry much about it until someone gave me a book on local folklore as a present. It had several accounts of so called "hey-men" (Hoimänner or Heemänner) - ghosts or demons that walk around the forest at night shouting out to wanderers. If you answer them, they rush at you and beat you up. In a region some kilometers away they are said to tear you apart, though.
>Person calling out to you after you seem to have hurt yourself
>Don't respond
Are all Germans this rude?
It was the way the person was calling. I though he was either drunk or making fun of me.
LMFAO DUDE thats great!!
>I though he was either drunk or making fun of me.
So... yes?

Any more stories of the German woods though? Germany is a place I will likely never visit (poorfag amerifat) but sounds like a pretty cool place.
Any stories?
Definitely something of the fae origin.

neither of you are right or wrong, and you can in your head argue both sides correct by choosing a different standing, thus you must reach understanding of how arguing about this is pointless.

epic meme
Pics or it didn't happen

>screencapping your own posts
In that case then, yes.
Sometimes I like to screencap my own posts and masturbate to them while I think about how clever I am
File: Mystery Machine.jpg (132 KB, 1053x1061) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mystery Machine.jpg
132 KB, 1053x1061
File: Camping.png (171 KB, 938x790) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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sorry, wrong one
Jurassic park sound i'm sure he means, which is a mixture of loads of normal animal roars with altered pitches and shit
File: barry.gif (777 KB, 400x165) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You're obviously a pussy and you've obviously spent very little time in the woods. There's is rarely, if ever something "Targeting" you. You're probably schizophrenic, if you think so, pussy.
I wonder, what is the difference between Wendigo and skinwalker?
File: wild-boar-hog-NC.jpg (114 KB, 533x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll share one that happened recently
>be innawoods hiking late in the afternoon/early evening
>sun is really going to start to trek back
>get halfway to the start of the path i was on
>here some rustling in the brush to the left of me
>heavy breathing
>look back
>Its a god damn WILD BOAR
>forgot we have actually have these things out here
>i run for nearly a quarter mile straight until the thing fucks off and gives up

Now before anyone says "lol it was just a pig", yeah a type of pig that can rip huge chunks out of a person even my size with ease and won't go down without a fight. I had forgotten how common they can be out here. Not paranormal but scared the fuck out of me especially at how long it kept after me.
You're the first person who mentioned a boar like they are scary. I don't know why the others were like "lol, just a boar."
How so?
is that crudely drawn flames on the barbie vag bc if so we shall all collectively name that doll firecrotch
Go ahead and do that, bud.
thanks mom
It's a Dolmen with a door photoshopped to it.
Lol shut your dick eating mouth, fucking queer.
Shit m8, we have fucking boars and coyotes where I live.
>every year they become "pests" at least twice
>sheriff pays people for every boar and coyote killed
>very small country town, everybody owns guns
>every night me and my bros go on the hunt
>3 dudes, rifles, a 4x4 truck, beer, and tons of ammo
>nothing but wielderness for hundreds of miles

It gets crazy since our only light is the moon and the stars. The "city" is miles from where we are and everything is dead silent. You know the coyotes are hungry, you can hear but you can't see the pack moving in circles around you waiting for the trio to make a mistake or split up. You also know that finding a boar will be war since they are usually in a small group. And you best hope to god you don't step on a snake..
The fucking rush man...
native american demon that is created when a man resorts to cannibalism. stalks the woods and eats people but never gets satisfied.

Navajo witch who curses rather than heals. often uses animal skins to shape shift

>4chan skinwalker™
a weird demon that stalks people in the woods, mimics humans and smells like bloody decay. a wholly modern invention/phenomena.
That isn't what a T-rex sounds like. A T-Rex sounds like the altered pitched of a train stopping. That is what he meant. I know because I'm right.
>TotseRedux 11/25/14(Tue)22:13:22 No.15512313▶>>15512800
>>>15510921 (OP)
>I'd love to feature your story on TotseRedux. Can you elaborate a little? Possibly turn the story into a paragraph?
ive told u once and ill tell you again you fag
join irc.rizon.net #barkeep2 so i can talk to you in person holy FUCK

if you dont know how to use irc ur retarded
Fucking hell now I regret for not having sticked to this thread til the end.
There's one where anon and his friend go exploring in the woods and come across a creepy cabin. Their dads come along to camp out in the cabin, and spoopy stuff happens. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
I was the poster who said there's woods in Queens.

I still stand by that. There's plenty of woods in the suburban Queens area (past train lines). No spoopy shit has happened whatsoever in my time going in and out of them, aside from that one time that homeless guy chased us with his dick hanging out of his fly. But I do recall a bunch of trees hiding a group of dumbass Queens kids dragging kegs and getting drunk, so yes, there are woods in NYC.
Omfg, that's fucking horrifying
Omfg, that's horrifying too.
That has to be the worst shit post I've seen all night
>Nothing is targeting you
>It's all in your head
>Follow my voice into the woods
Nice try Skinwalker.
File: navi1.jpg (20 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1416276630850.jpg (85 KB, 991x687) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 991x687
File: 1416274298029.jpg (23 KB, 630x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm gonna go ahead and guess you are a DM for DnD?
>pay 100 gp for a blessing,adding good to your weapon's damage type
>Use barbed arrowheads for +1 to damage rolls
>clear the dungeon and save the village
>also prayers and blessings mean a fucking thing
You stop just short of suggesting they multiclass into a shadowdancer to better control the encounter.Good advice,but impractical.
Not really that scary but I remembered it
>Be about 5 living in a really swampy/woodsy part of Florida
>Playing in the creek all day with my rain boots on
>Run inside for dinner
>Leave boots by the creek
>too dark to go back to the creek to get boots
>wake up later that night and look out the window and I can see my little boots outside
>something keeps touching them and picking them up
>it is just black and tall and keeps messing with my boots
>end up going back to sleep
>boots are gone the next day didn't really care
I just always thought it was weird. it didn't look like an animal
File: Rorschach_blot_06.jpg (194 KB, 772x570) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194 KB, 772x570

Found it: http://4chandata.org/x/Hunter-Hunted-a640113

Sorry guys, it was shit.
Very interesting. The woods have always given me a weird "feel".. Back when I was a kid (12-ish) me and my friends would always go out in the woods, we would spend entire days just walking around, we had even created a sort of map from what I remember. We would sometimes sneak out at night with the intent to go in the woods, but always ended up going right back home after about 5 minutes, it just didn't feel right. I've always written off those feelings to being just a spooked out kid at the time, but I guess I should consider myself lucky after listening to this..
>too dark to get boots
>looks outside and sees black figure messing with boots
>too dark
>black figure
>see boots
Whatever faggot. Enjoy being a pussy suburban shit.


This, been a while since I've been spooped all night.

I go hiking for miles in the wilderness alone, sometimes getting back to my checkpoint by night.
When i was a kid, us country kids would go out in the woods for miles, we knew where home was by following a huge tree by my house. We thought we were heroes, cutting dead branches like monsters. The oncoming night was creepy, like It was chasing you. The night felt like the earth itself was changing.

I've been homeless in the wilderness and on a remote beach for 3 months. One night something big was breaking branches and i ran, but i think it was a racoon.

This is sort of a wake up call for me. Feeling lucky. Spooky ness aside, if you come across a drug dealer smuggling or growing, or just someone taking advantage of their power and awareness, you can be Swept up or whatever.

There's a lot we don't know about the world, since we don't explore it for ourselves. We don't know much about the night either.

I had a friend that once said he saw a humanoid ape like creature with grey skin looking in a suburb dumpster.
Not the clearest memory, but here goes.

>be 10
>Summer of '96
>huge heat wave where I lived
>Couple friends and I decide to go chill at the river that runs behind our neighborhood
>let parents now, peace the fuck out
>river is banked by dense trees, kind of woodsy
>usually hang out in the thinner part, just so we can see houses from the river bank
>less trees so more sun
>it's fucking 105F outside
>we go a mile up the bank where there are trees blocking the sun
>can't see neighborhood anymore
>friends and I chill in the river all day
>shit was so cash
>we're supposed to be home by now
>friends and I take our sweet time gathering our towels and squirt guns and shit
>turn to leave
>friend said it'd be quicker to cut through the woods to someone's yard instead of going around like we came
>fuck it, let's go
>woods are more dense than I remember
>cicadas still buzzing, owls hooting
>Think we see the neighborhood, can make out a person in the distance
>begin moving a bit more quickly, all of us kind of spooked despite it only having been like 5 minutes
>get to where the person was
>nobody there
>neighborhood up the next hill
>was just a clearing
>weird ass wooden nest looking thing made out of long ass branches
>has a diameter of about 6ft
>friends and I run past this thing and get up the hill and into some peoples' back yard
>dropped towel or something so I look back
>see "person" standing in clearing again
>fuck the towel,I'm out
>run home
>slept with a blanket on 80+ degree night

It was pretty fucking creepy. Been back to the woods as an adult, whatever that thing was, it moved on to greener pastures.
Yeah well the original thread was posted during the summer, not in October, it was way cooler, but whatever, thanks, man.
So skinwalker is technically just a human that can shapeshift right? So why everyone thinks it is scary like wendigo, which is more like a possessed beastman?
>Out at grandparents house, visiting
>Their property has a lot of woods
>Dirt trail goes in for maple tapping
>Follow it out and go deeper into woods, exploring and passing time while adults chit chat
>Find some lesser maintained trails
>Remember that Grandpa sometimes cuts trees here and there for firewood
>Follow them as best as I can
>Mid afternoon
>Hear something, stop and listen
>'Anon, come on'
>Must be time to go home, walk towards sound not really paying attention
>Hear my name a couple more times
>Stumble over broken fence
>Realize I'm standing at the edge of the woods, corn field in front of me
>Look around, realize I've been walking away from Grandparent's house
>Lost as fuck now, never been here
>Look around, hear name again, starting to feel uncomfortable
>See kind of thin spot in woods a short distance away
>Walk in that direction, reach the road
>Uphill from Grandparents house
>Stay on shoulder while I walk back
>Don't hear anyone calling me anymore
>Get back, no one is outside
>Go in, adults are all still chit chatting
>Ask about the corn field
>'Oh yeah, that's [Neighbor's] field, kinda far outside the property line, try not to go out that way'
>Decide not to say anything about my name being called

I still sometimes go in the woods out there, but I don't head out there alone anymore.
I think 4chan skinwalkers are called fleshgaits now.
Stop. It's not going to happen, anon.
all that for nothing, that asshole never followed up
The post is not even 2 months old.
If it's legit and everything said is honest, it may be a while before there's a follow up with new info.
If not, he couldn't work up a conclusion and pussied out like so many others.
>Skeleton found.
>Is this paranormal?
Well... Yes, skellingtons don't even exist.
I cant stand this and I hate it when people go overboard with the >lolimakefilename.jpg/gif/png crap. Annoys me to no end
>be 14

Was The Rake around 4-5 years ago? If not, poster is underage.
Fuck that was scary good job
I have seen this response in almost every single innawoods thread posted in the last year.
It's been around since 2007

It's a true /x/ classic
The Rake is 2006 era shit.
That puts poster at 22.
>Early rthis year camping with some mates in a national park
>By the third day one of the girls must go so my cousin takes her to the entrance of the park (Something like one hour trail walking)
>Night is gettin closer
>The best mate of my ciousin decides he will go and look for him
>I see him and since my girl is asleep I grab my flashlight and go with him
>I had broken my glasses a couple days before, so I can only see for one eye.
>Start panicking because there are noises all around us and specially behind all the time and my sight was impared
>After half an hour we decide to go back to camping site and that my cousin should had taken another path.
>When we get to the camping he is already there drinking and joking.
>I refrain my feelings of punching his face and sit there too.
>"Anon what happened to you?"
>"Why?" I ask
>Look at your back.
Every bit of exposed flesh in the back of me is filled with scratches and cuts, got my shoulders bleeding as well the back of my legs, Drink myself to sleep and don't wanna think what the hell was behind us.
Until you lose your way. I did it once. I was too busy exploring and climbing a bit then it got dark and I didn't recognize shit. I yelled and yelled until I got lucky and found a river and just followed it back to a familiar place.
Was the wind blowing? Sometimes 2 trees will slap each other and make a loud as fuck sound.
So interested in this
So, your car was attacked by a moose?
You live in Alaska, you should know they're aggressive and highly territorial
You know what, I'm gonna drop a theory with a bit of a different premise.

The skinwalker name is shitty first of all, since the 4chan skinwalker has nothing to do with the actual Naaldlooshi of the Navajo. But, I'll stick to it anyway.

Usually there's three common patterns to these encounters. There's mimicking of human speech, a.k.a "parroting", that's imperfect since the skinwalker's voice box clearly is different. The second is the dead animals, many times strung up in or around the camp site, and a lot of the times it's disemboweled and/or skinned. Lastly, the third is the actual encounters, the direct ones.

So, let's assume that the skinwalker is relatively intelligent, but still wild/uncivilized, I think that's a fair assumption. The thinking produced as an adaptation to that kind of hunter/gatherer lifestyle is simple, since the needs and ways of addressing those needs are simply. So even if the creatures are as or even smarter than us, their everyday lives don't encourage much in the way of higher cognitive functions.

So we'll use a simple perception of things when trying to look from the walker's perspective.

The mimicking in imperfect, and clumsy, and doesn't account for dimensions of linguistics such as pragmatism (the context needed to understand the actual meaning of a statement), so we can assume it's not specifically there just for the benefits of our spooky feelings. Human's try to mimick animal sounds all the time to attract them, so the idea that another animal does the same isn't weird. So let's file the speech thing away not as a spooky "I'm gonna become you" thing, but rather just a useful kind of bait. Note, that the use of this might not be entirely voluntary, and it might be instinctual to mimic those sounds to camouflage themselves.

Let's look from the walker's perspective: there's this ape things that are kinda similar, but not the same as me. They're fucking everywhere, and they pretty much steamroll over whatever gets in their way.


A small group of them comes into my territory.


Second, the leaving of the corpse is usually interpreted as a warning. However, when given a warning, animals tend to do that in other ways. Mock charges, growls and different, instinctively threatening sounds. If they would leave dead animals as warnings, why leave the entire carcass, the edible parts included?

Why would they come here? Questions are answered by logical reasoning, drawing upon your mental schematas and memories of things. Walker doesn't understand shit about humans as a human would, so goes through mental checklist from what a walker does. And since that is a pretty short list, it removes looking for mates, which leaves two possibilities. Looking for new territory, or looking for food. The first one is unlikely, but possible, so it keeps a watch on you, and mimics your speech, trying to fool you into thinking this spot is taken. It also gives you food, sometimes gutted and skinned for your convenience, so you don't have a reason to stick around.
Now, the third. Direct encounters, what stick out to me is that the creepiest parts are the ones that are when the walker's display human like qualities, but not quite human. Because it makes us think they're like us, but more dangerous. That's kinda the point of mimicking though, so that I'll chart down to well adapted survival traits. Two things in that arsenal sticks out, laughter and smiles. The walker often laughs when tracking the people, in between mimicking them, and when seen directly, it smiles; sometimes it tries to keep it's back to you, and it would be a fair assumption to say the reason for that is because it is on some level aware its camouflage is far from perfect.
Laughter is a discharge of volatile emotions, and a lot of primates does it for a variety of reasons. But the core of it is that it happens when we're excited, and a walker encounter is an exciting thing for both parties I think we can all agree on.

So, smiles. Once again, looking from the perspective of a civilized human, a humanoid monster wearing skins smiling at you would be fucking terrifying, because it is interpreted as joy at hunting you, the sadism of another primate apex predator that is better suited for the primal parts of nature than you are.
From an animal perspective, a smile is a warning, a barring of fangs. So what does a walker do when facing a member of this planets ruling species? It does the same thing any predator does, tells you to back off or it'll fucking bite you.

So, that only leaves the whole skinchanging bit left. Which I'm gonna call bullshit on. Because just skinning you and putting it on like some kind of suit is just ridiculous, and the walker's aren't incorporeal spirits that possess you either. But still, the stories are mostly consistent around two things: one, they're grayish, longer-than-humans-limbed, fur-less beings that most are either carnivorous or omnivorous because of fangs; and two, they skin and wear their prey, giving them a mishmash look, Frankenstein-ish look.
Since the walker's seem to stick around in the northern hemisphere, and according to some stories are ghoulish looking humanoids, then skinning animal and wearing furs is kinda necessary. We did/do it too you know.

Anyway, just my two cents after going through a bunch of archived spoopy stories from /x/ and /k/.
Just yesterday I seen some creepy motherfucker in my woods.
File: 1415534441102.jpg (114 KB, 554x681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 554x681
Oh shit
>camping in spring

yeah, go ahead. if you want to get spooped out by a bunch of mating animals and their spoopy mating sounds.
plus; weather is unpredictable and if you get lost there's no edible food yet. good luck my friend
File: 1416923406606.jpg (107 KB, 638x636) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh, you've been to the woods before?

Please, tell me more
thats oc... that hair/sharpie isnt dirty or worn down at all. nice fetish
What is that symbol?

I've seen it before
worked as a deputy in a rural Georgia county, I have been on a call in which some old lady lived alone in a cabin and called us because some big black man was knocking on her doors and howling. I was the nearest squad car by the scene and I was expecting a local drunk black guy to have just wandered onto her property, I got out of the car and smelled a faint odor and walked to her door and knocked
Knocked on the door and declared I was the Sheriff department and started to hear knocking from the woods, I unholstered my duty weapon and she opened the door to let me in and we talked and she told me that she didnt want to press charges against the guy, I walked out and proceeded to walk toward the last sighting of where she saw this man, I unholstered my pistol and turned on my flashlight and declared myself and saw a huge man in the woodline, I asked him to put his hands up and come out slowly, i noticed thatr this "man" was taller than me and I am 6'3 and it was about 8 feet tall, I proceeded to back away slowly and it came closer and I fired my weapon into it, it did nothing (LOL only 9mm) fired again saw some blood and heard a blood curdling roar from the creature and next thing I know im screaming need back up and firing my weapon toward the creature while listening to this blood curdling scream. Then I felt a limb make contact with my face and then it went black, I woke up to tw0 deputies carrying me to a squad car and them screaming officer down. Needless to say, I told them I was at the woodline and someone snuck up on me and knocked me out. The old lady told a different story but the official one is a guy snuck up beat my ass and left me there.
The Leviathan Cross.

Used here by edgy teens who probably don't know what it means. Classic.
Yeah. Dude was wearing a black hoodie and black jeans(?)
>this bitch gets spooked by some guy wearing black clothes

What a fucking retard
The fact that he was on my land just inside the woods was what spooked me. He was probably wanting to break in and rob me.
Or maybe he was just an explorer who didn't know he was trespassing.

I know what you mean though.
plz go into detail
Man the guy being interviewed is just off. I swear people talking about shit like this always seem fucking off.
Nice hypothesis. It almost makes you feel like their existence is something quite feasible.
Were you able to see that thing's face?

>man loses kid in a forest
>fbi takes the case
>a child is hiking with his parents, sees a bear in the distance
>'honey, I don't think that's a bear'
>years later man speaks with family
>'did you know the man we saw was wearing something big on his shoulders?'

fuck, my pants
File: url.jpg (9 KB, 204x204) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I miss old /x/, I was looking forward to more input and development of the idea. Fucking tarot threads.
Wasn't FBI involvement because the area he went missing in was close to the state border and they may have had a kidnapper crossing state lines?
Interstate crimes are Fed territory.
And this is why I avoid the West Coast
I'm not sure but the fact that another family could have seen the kidnapper carrying the child is creepy as fuck
is it aliums or barefoot?
Or demons, fae, goblins, gnomes, serial killers, chronic stupidity, kidnappers, government agents, mad scientists, dimensional portals.
The possibilities haven't been narrowed a whole lot.
The Rake is older than Slendy?
When I was in my early teens my friends and I loved the thrill of the forrest at night. So we often organized sleepovers at one of us who lives directly at the forest.

At night we took some flashlight and sneaked out and went thru the forest and of course we encountered thing that - to that time - seemed soooo supernatural.

One night we didn't have to sneak out, since the parent of my friends where having a street...part thing with other neighbors and very chill and maybe a bit tips already. SO they did allow us to just take a walk, it is a small city with nearly no crime, so it's not too strange.

So that night nothing strange happened and we we already on our way back. Our flashlights penetrated the night up to a bike slow down, which was randomly placed on the nearing end of the forest (These metal things you have to push your bike thuh so you don't just drive so fast... or whatever)

As we heard a LOUD and really scary scream. It came form in front of us. And was a bit behind the bike slow down. We froze mid-walk, No one said a word. there was silence. And that was it. We faced each other and slowly started to talk lowly and decided it was just a cat fight or so. We where like 5-8 meters away from the bike slow down than.

So after a few more seconds we laughed it of and walked on. After just a few stepps the scream is there AGAIN. louder and even stranger this time. AND coming toward us.

Of course we screamed and everyone run. BUT first we just run stupidly... and panicky. I nearly hit a tree. We did not stop until we where between houses and out of the woods. HElla scary.

Nowadays I am sure we just scared something of and stuff, but back than we all agreed that we call it a harpy. It was just our lable to the strange sound since it came from in front of us, in our direction but also kinda from up going down... probably a bird of prey ;P

Scarier now is that they found a dead boydead there, after he was missing some time on a route we often used Oo
phone was friend.
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>thrill of the forrest at night.
so autosage or what?
are aliums and barefoot the same thin?
UFO sightings and Foot are seen quite often in the same area during the same time periods.
Pffft - sure I will giggle the next time I enter the forest, thinking of this pic XD *nearly wrote forrest again* *not a native speaker* thanks anon
does barefoot have double row of teeth?
Not sure.

guy ants...
File: 1374351775828.gif (429 KB, 260x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I've lived in Alaska my whole life, and I've seen some shit that just shouldn't have been there.

>stepdad has house/cabin on 6 acres of backwoods up by the mountains.
>sisters and I live in the cabin while the rest of my family lives in the house.
>one night hear really loud grumbling and pacing all around the cabin at around 2am, woke us up.
>first thought is "Fuck, there's a goddamn bear outside, everyone shut up."
>I don't hear my dogs (have 5 of them, big mastiffs)
>Hear it move to the porch and it starts growling and scratching at the old wood. We're talking really deep, growling, not grunting.
>shit scared of bears, it sounds really big.
>Hear howling off in the woods behind my house, kind of a sharp sound, followed by long droning sounds.
>figure its just wolves, but I haven't heard them being in this area, and so close to people.
>being the oldest, I've always had to be the bravest, so I get up out of bed, and move the curtain a fraction of an inch from the window to see the front door and the porch.
>Heart pounding, cause I can still here the scratching and groaning. Fucking terrified that whatever it is is going to see me.
>Sound stops as soon as I pull the curtain away.
>Nothing there.
>No scratches in the wood. Nothing on my porch.

nigga looks like mr. popo
>I pull the curtain back down and get back into bed.
>Sound starts up again, and we sit in the pitch black cabin while this goes on all night.
>Scratching, splitting wood, growling. All. Night.
>Too scared to do anything, and this was before everyone had cell phones, so calling for my stepdad wasn't an option.

I've always had this gut fear of being on that property. Everyone in my family has a story about that place.

This one is my stepdad's that he told me happened to him years ago, before he met my mother. He has always been into the paranormal, aliens, shamanism, etc.
>be outside having a beer by the fire with a few friends.
>start seeing strange lights in the sky down one of the back roads (this road was a dirt road that turned into a really long overgrown forgotten path)
>grab old ass VHS camera and head up the road with friends.
>get closer to lights, two or three of them moving in the sky.
>aim camera at them, and film for a long time while they move around in the sky.
>lights vanish
>go home and watch video.
>nothing but static.

A few times I've seen things looking into my windows at night, and one time something actually got into my closet and another under my bed. But those are more "nope" stories.

>be out in the woods riding my horse through the path through the dense trees (still to this very day I don't know why there was even a path back there, or even where it lead to, was always too scared to follow it completely.)
>come to a small fallen log across the trail.
>horse stops dead. Absolutely refuses to walk over it.
>Get off the horse and move the log.
>As soon as I throw it off to the woods, my horse bolts back to my house, leaving me about a half mile in the woods alone.
>horses are assholes.
>Start the trek back home.
>start to feel really uneasy, like I'm being watched.
>the forest is nice enough, there's moss making everything look like it belongs in a fairytail movie.
>start to panic.
>I don't want to look behind me, or to the side, so I keep my vision firmly on the path, straight down.
>start running through the woods, and at this point I have to look up.
>ignore everything around me, just sprinting home.
>Get back up to a small cliff that's a shortcut back home and start climbing.
>reach the top and turn around.
>dark figures move behind the trees as soon as I look.
>Like, long spindly things, some short, some tall, and it's the tall ones that scare me.
>I get back home to my mom and she was scared cause my stupid horse came back with no rider.
>I tell her everything that happened.
>She goes on to tell me that the man who owned the property had been a shaman. He kind of went insane and opened a "portal" in the back of the property. He also jumped off the roof of his house and broke his leg because he thought he could fly.

I also realize that I wrote a few mistakes in my previous stories.

>nothing but static.
I meant to say that it was static every time he turned his camera to the sky. He was filming his friends just fine.

>too scared to do anything...
I guess I didn't really end that well. I just don't like to talk about this shit.
>we got up the next morning, and went outside and after all that noise of splitting wood and scratching, only ONE board was pulled up.
It kind of makes me want to go back there and find out if there was something hidden under my porch or something.
I will probably be going back to that property this summer, just to find out exactly where that path lead, but I'll be bringing friends and a dog and a camera.
That place has been a huge mystery throughout my childhood, so once I go back, I will probably start a blog about it with pictures and post it on /x/ so keep a look out! It will be very interesting. I'm sure.
Thank you for your service, Officer Wilson.
I really enjoy your hypothesis, Anon. It seems like you put a lot of work into it.
Hey, but skinwalker is human!! They are not beast or demon like wendigo, but human that can shapeshift!!
damn nature you scary!
>not wanting to have to fucking write it out again every time it's relevant to a thread
probably just PETA getting ready for a documentary shoot.
...me :/.
One of the best reads on /x/, hands down.
>seriously fucking thinks coyotes will attack you.
He is talking about 4chan skinwalkers, not the Navajo shaman ones.
where do you live in Alaska?
I live in Anchorage right now, but this was out in Palmer.
Would you say its a touchy subject?
Here's one from not long ago
>Be me
>Enjoy exploring, climbing trees
>Like to stay out and watch sunset from the trees
>One day be on a hike in some new woods
>Don't see much other than trees
>One cement wall still standing from who knows, covered in graffiti
>Stop to read it
>Wall says typical edgy stuff - people calling each other retards, making threats, etc
>Day goes on, climb up a tree, chill out
>Enjoy sunset
>Sun is totally gone by the time I climb down
>Kinda lost. Whatever. Forest isn't big and this makes it more fun.
>Walk straight for half an hour
>Getting worried now
>Saw other people out there earlier, so try calling out
>My own voice calls back, "...hello?"
>Wtf a forest shouldn't echo
>Keep walking
>Find the wall again
>At least I have an idea of where I am now
>Suddenly hear behind me, "Hello?"
>That wasn't an echo...
>Someone is mimicking my tone, not in a friendly way
>Can't see them
>Staying quiet, trying not to move
>A different voice screams at me from behind the wall
>Have to instantly clench my sphincter to save my pants
>Can't be sure what it said
>Too scared to move now
>All I can do is squeak out, "hello?" before the voice violently screams out again,
Meth. Lots of meth. Skinhead/WAR training grounds, too.
I live innawoods. You get used to strange sounds and shadows all over the place. It's not a big deal.
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fucking asshole of a horse

do they not realize that they are fucking enormous and can kick the living shit out of almost everything and outrun everything else?
Sounds like you might have blocked oht the memory of the trauma. Try to think long and hard about it, maybe see a hypnotist.
Google red fox scream. I hear that all the time at night. My family freaks out and I make up stories about the woods being haunted
I believe this might've been a lyrebird. This type of bird is known for its ability to mimic well many sounds.

Or maybe not. That's just my best guess, though. If not a simple misunderstanding, then that's a pretty spooky story.
if we were to extrapolate this even further since removing the skin-changing aspect of things, could it even be possible that the 4chan skinwalker is simply a feral human?
My memories are not 100% sure since thats over ten years since it happened but dear lord, if it was that I know why we freaked out like that. That scream - at night = scary as fuck, thanks anon!!

(Since we plan to do a night walk thru our forest this moth - to re-live the fun of out teens XD - knowing about this sound prevents to freak out when heard. And we have actually a LOT of red foxes in this part of the Sachsenwald)
File: heheheh.png (34 KB, 194x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Hear a loud bang from back bed room
I have no idea what kind of animal it could have been.
but it sounds symptomatic of furious rabies (rabies manifests itself as either furious or confused) from the blood licking to the bashing. Rabies is really the stuff of nightmares.
Depends on how much of the accounts are exaggerations. /x/ wants it to be spooky, so it's very likely they take every opportunity to turn a mundane, but still scary, situation and make it all about the spoopy-bump-in-the-night things. Otherwise, we're dealing with a species that belongs in our family tree somewhere. Which isn't that unthinkable, the legends of gorillas were treated as nonsensical folklore too.
File: The Ugly.jpg (11 KB, 202x201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The Ugly.jpg
11 KB, 202x201
Holy Shit!!
Gotta agree with ya there horses are Cunts of an animal, Biting, Stomping etc
File: 1410761180388.jpg (13 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you shot bigfoot

>go to a wooden area with some friends to hike and spend some time taking pictures
>pic related, said area in my country
>almost winter and cold as fuck so there's nobody outside
>stop to have a snack and some rest
>suddenly we all look at each other
>forest is dead silent, not a single sound
>this goes on for like 30 seconds or so
>then birds tweet again
>sudden noises far in the distance
>the sound trees make when they fall, like a long rustling or creaking
>cant be trees because chopping trees is forbidden in the area
>noise stops after some good 5 minutes, coming from the same spot all the time
>we are all weirded out but nobody says anything
>decide to keep walking
>about an hour later we stop again to see the pictures we've taken
>we're all pretty happy with them
>we can hear that sound again, like falling trees
>not sure if it sounds closer than before
>there are no big animals in the area but we decide to go back because we're pretty tired
>half an hour later, it's getting dark pretty quickly since it's late autumn
>we reach the lower part of a big hill, the track keeps going up and then goes down to where we left our car, so it's about 45 minutes away from where we are
>one of my friend stops and she says 'hold on'
>we all stop and look towards where she's looking
>can see a person in the distance, standing on a clearing in the forest we left behind about 20 minutes ago
>he/she is wearing a bright yellow coat and jeans
>squint my eyes to figure out what he/she is doing
>it's a man, he's waving at us
>my friend waves at him
>another guy picks up his binoculars
>says he is pointing at something behind him and waving at us
>we all decide to go and see if he needs help or something
>keep track of the man as we walk towards the clearing
>as we come closer to the woods, it's difficult to see if he's there, but we can still see the bright yellow coat

>when we enter the forest we completely lose sight of him, but he should be about 200 meters from us
>reach the clearing, the man is nowhere to be seen
>walk around the area for a bit to see if we can find him
>it's almost dark now
>we're worried because if we keep looking for him, night would fall on us, but we don't know if he's injured or someone he's with is injured
>after some searching, decide to go to the car and contact the police
>we all turn our flashlights on and head back towards the hill
>we're walking quickly, almost running at some points
>the sound is back again, but comes from the trees we had just left
>we don't even know if the sound and the man are related, but it's getting very creepy
>reach the top of the hill, it's completely dark now
>all that's left is a 15 minute walk down the hill and we'll reach the car
>we all freeze as we hear a new sound
>it's something like a long scream
>later, I'd describe it to my friends as if a mentally retarded man would scream at the top of his lungs
>some of my friends say it sounded like a roar
>lasts for a good 5-7 seconds, stops and goes on again for about 3 seconds
>get the fuck out of there and contact the police
>they say they have no reports of missing people in the area but they'll be aware
>they try to calm us down saying whoever he was, he's fine and probably went back

That was not the first time we went there and we came back several times after that. We heard the same noises a few times (the falling tree noises, not the screaming).
>go back to the area, we're 3 people now
>having something for breakfast in a cafe
>some man is speaking with a young woman about forests and stuff
>friends walk up to him after they finish their talk and asks if he has seen something weird
>tell him about the noises
>says he's heard them in different parts of the park and he's talked with other people who has heard them too
I really want to know what's going on in that forest. I'm scared but I'm curious
I would like to open this discussion back up. I like your theory. Im not one who exactly is super superstitious, but shits out there. I think skinwalkers (fleshgaits -_-) are just animals that are humanoid and super intelligent. They are doing animal things, but as people who dont know much about them, we are scared because of our fear of the unknown and jump to conclusions. Even though they probably are scary as fuck.
Crater Lake? thats my neck of the woods... shit.
Mt. Shasta too?!? shit nigger, why so much in Northern California and Oregon?
Was it a samsquanch? Greasy fuckin cocksuckers
But samquatch told me it wasnt him when he came over for brunch this afternoon...
He's lyin. He gets off by spooking you then pretendin it wasn't him.
that faggot...
If it's a sensitive topic why would you even mention it in the first place? And even on 4chan at all? You're fucking retarded.
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You forgot to mention the smell
>200 people in a graduating class

Nigger my school had 24
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