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i'm tired of not being able to get a...
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i'm tired of not being able to get a good stories thread, Stories general, innawoods, public or whatever, no fake stories, and they don't have to be paranormal.
>no fake stories
Welp this sucks.
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>be me, 8 years old
>parents force me into a woodsy girls summer camp, forced to go in lakes and touch trees and all that garbage
>last day of camp we go on a REAL camping trip
>sneaks gameboy color
>begins to rain as SOON as the tents are up
>everyone is bored
>game HARD while other kids moan and groan
>camp counselor A goes out to unlock the camp building and set up a space for us to sleep, grabs umbrella because it's raining hard
>15 minutes later
>we hear her walking outside
>she has trouble with the zipper so we unzip it for her
>she's SOAKED, no umbrella
>head counselor B is concerned, asks her is she's okay
>"fucking lock"
>some kids do that oooOOOOO thing, most just stare
>she repeats it, same tone of voice and everything
>hella weirded out
>B decides to walk us back, puts a blanket around A and holds her to keep her warm
>wake up the other tents and set off
>we walk back to the camp, A occasionally murmurs incoherently, B is clearly worried
>the lights are on in the building
>door is unlocked
>A collapses, head counselor catches her and the others hurry us inside
>"you're back already?"
>it's A, walking in from the other room
>loud noises from outside
>B is bolting after "A" in blanket, the other counselors are FLIPPING THEIR SHIT
>watch B chase it, then give up,walk back
>B hasn't seen A yet and freaks
>we lock the doors and call 911
>we aren't allowed to hear the conversation
>everyone is scared/bored
>i still have gameboy color
Be around 13 or 14 Wake up to tapping on window. Scared shitless go get parents on other end of house. The the time my mom and I get to the hall it has turned into banging. Can hear it all the way in the hall. We turn around and go get dad.he goes outside with gun. There's no footprints or anything. There's no bushes or tree limbs to cause noise. Happens again almost a year later except it's just barely tapping this time. Scared shitless again. Realized my dad didn't check the side of my house to my knowledge for something to have climbed down. I get scared when I think about it to this day
>about a year ago
>laying in the grass with my qt3.14 gf outside her house
>looking up at the sky, cuddling, best bf evar
>see a light moving across sky
>looks like a far away plane
>too far to be moving that fast
>light starts going up and down while traveling horizontally
best way go describe it is like a sinus wave
>ask gf if she sees it, she does
>light blinks out of existence.
>get spooked, go inside nd fuck

that's the only story I have that's even remotely /x/ related

yay4 alliums

>sinus wave
> Be me, girl of 7yo
> Cousins come to the island
> They stay near the woods
> We play in the woods everyday
> One day it gets too late
> It's dark
> Me and my 7yo cousin, the little one is not here
> We walk to the house
> We get lost
> We hear something cracking
> I look back and I see him
> Black hood, black face, jeans, in the bush
> It looks at us
> I tell my cousin
> She can't see him
> He's coming
> I get scared as hell
> I convince her to run away
> We get home
> We look through the window
> I see him looking at us
> Two hours later I have to go home with my parents
> Get in the car, everything normal
> We go to the road
> See him waving in the woods
Everytime I see a person with black hoods at night since that day I get fucking scared. Even now writing it I feel weird and a bit scared.
Believe me or not.
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>Sinus wave
Racist ):
He was not a nigger, he was literally black...
theyre all fake. Every single one of them
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Goatman's Anansi story

>live in forest
>happy, but pretty lonely
>some kids come to visit
>try to follow them but they run away
>feel bad, maybe scared them?
>hang back watching for a day or so, looks like fun
>build up courage to approach again
>hang out, bad vibes going on
>people sniffing and commenting on bad odor, get VERY self conscious of bad body odor
>not very social, try to blend in, have some hotdogs
>try to talk to girl, she freaks out
>everyone runs away from me
>feeling very self conscious, hide again
>next morning still some stay, maybe it wasn't me anyway?
>play it cool, stand by fireplace outside
>tells me to come inside, get super happy, laugh
>kids get weird again and wont let me in not sure what to think
>older dude shows up
>nice guy, walk with me for a bit
>leave him before he gets to cabin, don't want things to get weird
>they stay in cabin, again try to build up courage
>knocks on door, ask them to let me in no answer
>not sure if they hear, maybe cant understand me keep trying
>start looking for other ways in
>someone fires a gun! get real freaked out
>try to shout at gunman in forest to stay away
>no more gunshots, must be safe
>climb in to cabin
>friends relaxing and laying around, can tell they respect me now
>hang out with new friends, almost giggling
>see friends leaving next morning, hope they come back

Even if it was a nigger, i'd still be spooped the fuck out by someone creeping around in the trees in the dark and Im a grown man

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Thread images: 8
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