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Okay /x/
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Okay /x/
I need your help with something.
I wont lie, i do know a few things about demons and other paranormal stuff. but my knowledge is very limited. But lately some shit has been going down, and i am very worried.

My girlfriend lives far away from me right? and she lives in the kind of family that does not believe in things like spirits or demons. However something has been going on with her. According to her, she keeps having this dream. its a re-occuring dream. that she gets.

Pretty much in her dream she is in these ruins and her brother pushes her into a cave filled with awful beasts..with crystals around the opening. she said when she went in there that she saw what looked a lot like the creature from the famous "the rake" creepypasta. raping and eating a disemboweled dog that still alive.
At first i thought it was your basic run of the mill spooky dream but the more she tells me about it, the more i begin to realize it could deffinately be something more.

Her brother is wiccan, but not wiccan in the sense of knowing what he's doing. think.. the stupid edgy fatass kid who tries black magic because he thinks its cool and edgy.

She told me the last time she had that dream was when he was playing around with it. a year or two ago.

but here is the real twist. In her dream.. each time she has this dream.. when she goes into the cave.. she see's the bodies of her. from all the previous time she has had this dream.
And she has been telling me that she is beginning to see these things in real life now.. out of the corner of her eye. We do not know if her brother is playing with black magic or not this time. But, whatever this is.. i sense its really bad. I told her everything is going to be alright. and if she see's anything. to not acknowledge anthing she see's.

I can tell she isn't fucking with me, or pulling my leg. I can tell by the tone in her voice that she is deeply horrified. if she tells her parents that she lives with, they will laugh at her.
Kill her brother. Problem solved.

I honestly, have now idea what's going on. But i know its bad.. I've been sending her good energy and picturing myself there. and shit. and lighting white candles for healing and protection. but i dont know if that works if she is 700 miles away from me.

According to her, its gotten to the point of her waking up with scratches on her.
and feeling like something is grabbing her leg.

Does anybody know what this is? what it could be?

and how i can be of any help to her from this far away?

I am deeply worried for her.

and sorry for TL;DR
Go visit her. It'll boost her spirit and you can do some snooping to figure out exactly what her brother has gotten into. If what you say is true, she is in trouble. I know from a similar experience.
Im doing everything i can to protect myself. because sometimes spirits can cling to people and go through electronics and shit

So i just smudged my house.
and im offering her as much support as i can do.

Sadly, my bus reservation is not until some time in december..
so.. shit

I guess i can give her tips, and shit about this stuff
Something she could try on her own ...

First reach a calm state, close your eyes, deep breaths. Imagine your energy tethered to the earth, and draw strength from it. Feal your center of gravity.

Now imagine your energy as is moves through you, up and down your core. That is yours to wield by force of will.

Will the energy to shield you. Picture it encircling you. It is yours, and you decide that the spirits may not siphon it... it negates them.

Now the tools that worked for me were a small hot iron skillet which I placed sage upon. You CAN just use a bundle of sage and burn the tip of it, a smudging stick, but some spirits and demons are supposed to be repelled by iron as well, an added bonus.

She must waft the smoke about in each corner of the room, commanding the thing to leave. She should project her energy outward as though forcing other energies from the room. She must not allow herself to feel fear, as they feed off fear, and fear weakens one's projection of will.

Afterward she should take a container of sea salt and outline the boarders of her room with it completely. She must believe nothing can cross it uninvited. She must be sensitive to the energy of the space. If it feels heavy and oppressive, it needs cleansing. The same method as above can be repeated. Generally not indulging one's self in too much negativity helps. Depressive or angry people are easy prey. I don't know how much truth there is to the power of materials like stones and metals, but it can't hurt to try... Keep the iron skillet or other rough iron objects in the room. Carnelian is supposed to have the ability to cleanse energy on it's own. It's a very cheap stone, too.

I've also heard that real demons hate dragons blood. It's the resin of a very unusual plant that only grows on a single island off the coast of Africa. It was held sacred in ancient cultures. It has to be authentic, though, not just headshop junk.
That is great advice
and yes
she is exposed to much negativity
her whole family treats her like shit..

I fear that if she burned sage.. or did anything noticeable that her drunken dad would be all
"UR SMOKIN IN HERE THIS IS DUM" and like.. beat the shitout of her or something

I hate to wander off the topic of paranormal into personal affairs

but are there any cheap and non noticeable ways to do so? because burning sage is pungent as fuck
Most of the things that vanish at these simple acts of incense burning, chanting, and whatnot are small fry. The tougher ones... they'll laugh and rip you apart. My dad nearly lost his mind fighting one. I've had my share of bouts with them as well.
Honestly, it sounds like the shadow that was dwelling in our basement. It started feeding off a friend who had a room down there and was really depressed...

We had known something was there before but it was pretty passive until this friend moved in.

Anyhow, this got rid of it surprisingly easily. I'm hoping it's just some minor thing her idiot brother attracted, or that wandered in because the family was producing so much food for it.

At the very least if she can manage to close her energy off from spirits who try to feed on her, it could help.

Hmmm... How old are you two? Her family is physically abusive I take it? Any possibility she could seek emancipation from them?

Well, I do think one's own focused will is the strongest factor in dealing with spirits. Would her parents freak out if she was just burning a scented candle or incense for the pleasure of the aroma? That's considered pretty normal, after all. Maybe you can get some dragon blood extract over the internet, and she can heat it over a scented candle. They'd never know. She just has to be as sneaky as her brother must be if he's getting away with trying black magic bs.
Well her and i do have a slight age gap

im 19 and she's 17
frown upon but still techically legal considering the age of consent in both our states is 16

and yeah, her family smokes pot too
so while her family is busy getting high she could throw some sage over a flame.

i've heard pure tobacco also works the same way sage does.
Burn the sage as a precaution, but you need to figure out what this thing is in order to truly remove it.
Nah, that's not weird, 3 years isn't that big of a gap once people get into late teens-early 20s.

Ah, ok. Hopefully she can gather her strength and banish it. This was just advice for her room, but maybe when her folks aren't home she can do the whole house if need be.

Honestly even just small gestures around the rest of the house to 'take back' the space could help. Some theorize ritual is often just psychodrama to convince one's self of one's own power.

Keep us updated. Good luck.
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