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/x/ I think I've lost my ability...if...
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/x/ I think I've lost my ability...if I ever had it at all.
I used to have limited, what I would call for lack of a better term, psionic abilities. I could
-sense and identify auras at a distance
-sense non human entities
-repel non human entities
-have completely chaotic precognition, mostly via dreams. I would dream sometimes hours that would occur days, weeks, or even months/years later to then realize via massive deja vu/vertigo I've forseen what is happening. Almost always this would be events of no significance, just foresight? I guess?

I seem to be losing it. For some reason it's much harder and it feels like I can't accomplish it at all, especially sensing things. Why would that be? Is it because I'm older? More stressed?

>inb4 derp your chakras are out of line bullshit
>pic unrelated

Your medication is probably starting to work.
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fluoride, chemtrails etc
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Goddammit /x/ Summer is over
That is called ESP. And the person who posseses ESP are called Esper. In your case it would be, more or less, autism. Stop watching shitty anime and movies.
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I thought i had powers too when i was 13. Then i realized autism wasn't the life for me
Yeah you might just be stressed with work etc. one or two weeks camping and relaxing would get you back to where you were at.
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Greetings, OP. I'm Genora. I'll be your guide for this thread.

The phrase "Use it or lose it" is commonly applicable to those with psychic abilities. If you're not actively training or focusing on your abilities then they will fade. Try to spend at least 30 minutes a day meditating, focusing on sharpening your skill set. Set an alarm to remind you do to it, if you need to. The more you practise with your abilities, the stronger they will become.

For your aura ability:
•Train using a friend or, preferably, a stranger, on the subway or at work, etc.
•Get physically close to them to start out, within a few inches if you can manage, and gradually get farther away, until you can see them from a larger distance.

For sensing nonphysical entities:
• Work on heightening your physical senses. The first to train is hearing, then sight, touch, smell and lastly, taste. The heightened physical senses will translate to the spiritual senses as well.
• Meditate with the thought of being surrounded by spirits and their energies.
• Even when you're not meditating, constantly remind yourself that you're surrounded by spiritual energy. Get into the habit of thinking about the nonphysical and eventually you will begin to feel the nonphysical.

For clairvoyance:
• Instead of your basic meditation, try guided meditation for lucid dreaming. You say that your seer abilities occur mostly while dreaming, so you should focus on remembering your dreams.
• As for guided meditations, I recommend this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTAwdgf1nZE
• Keep a dream journal as well, next to your bed. When you wake up, record what you remember, even if you only write a few words per dream. This will train your ability to remember your dream and ultimately your visions.

And remember: be patient. Getting frustrated is natural, as long as you don't get discouraged. If you truly believe that you possess these abilities, nothing can stop you.

Good luck, OP. I wish you the best.
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Also, don't try too hard. Forcing your abilities will only make you fatigued and they'll become weaker than they are now. Not to mention you'll gradually give training your abilities a negative connotation, and you'll eventually give up. You don't want that.

As others have mentioned, give relaxation a go; you'll be surprised at the wonders a clear head and a serene body can do. Try going to a spa and getting a massage or other treatment- they're not just for girls.
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